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Third Quarter
November 2018 – January 2019

I. Basic Information
Name : Larenzo Rylei M. Isabedra
Learner’s Birthdate : September 16, 2009
Age : 9 years and 4 months

II. Report

Dividing numbers using short method

In dividing numbers, Larenzo still encounter difficulties but can divide basic
numbers with assistance

 For Larenzo to do the division, (15 / 3). I asked him to skip counting by 3 until
he reach number 15 and count the number of finger the he used in skip

Dividing numbers using long method

- Larenzo find it hard and confuses in using the long division method.
 Aside from guiding him, figure 1 was used in order to serve as a guide to him
where to put different numbers in the long division method.

Problem solving using division

- Since Larenzo has a knowledge about problem solving, he was able to answer
some elements of the problem solving but still needs assistance in solving the

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Identify odd and even number

- In identifying odd and even numbers, a list of odd and even numbers was
presented to Larenzo before answering
 If there are more than 2 digit number, Larenzo was reminded to encircle the
last digit for him to distinguished if the given number is add or even

Recognize fractions

- Larenzo can identify the fractions (numerator, denominator, number line)

- Larenzo was good in identifying fractions ( Writing the fraction form or Shade the
fraction given )
 The technique he used was he count first the shaded part the count the
overall number of fractions
o It will be beneficial if the number line was written already.

Identify the fractions if it is improper, proper or mixed number

- Larenzo can identify it, given that the strategy below was presented

 Using number line, dot and arrow helps him to distinguished the given

Identify Similar and Dissimilar number

- In identifying set of numbers, sometimes Larenzo just guess for the answer that’s
why I always asked him to encircle first the denominator before answering

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Identify the different concepts how hereditary affects human, animals and plants
- Larenzo did well during this topic. Minimal support was used but in general, He
can work alone.
Enumerate the basic needs of humans, animals and plant
- Larenzo was able to enumerate the different needs in the given situtaions
o There are times need to ask him question such as “When you are
thirsty, what do you need?
Identify the concept of the reference point
- Larenzo can understand the different concept in reference point but often ask
assistance when it comes to illustrating the given statement
 Encouraging Larenzo to work alone or to ignore him while he is asking for help
allows him to work independently

Identify how each objects move

- Larenzo can identify the different ways an object can move thru showing him a
real example of it
 Paper Clip – I asked him to blew the paper clip and ask him if it moves
 Table – I asked him to blew and to push it and ask how it moves

Distinguished different movements of different motion

- In distinguishing different movement of the object, Fig 2 was presented in order
for him to relate the movement and the figure
Compare and Contrast the different movements
- In comparing the different movements, real example and videos was
presented in order for him to distinguished fast and slow movement
 Asking him with “ Turtle or Jaguar , who can run faster?”

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Learn to summarize the given story

- In summarizing the story given, Larenzo still needs assistance in order for him to
summarize it.
 Asking question and taking down notes and used it as an outline during the
reading of the story serves as guide to him to recall the story and summarize it
with the help in sentence construction.

Understanding the plot of the story

- Larenzo still needs assistance in knowing the plot of the story, but sometimes he
was able to identify that are the characters of the story and the place where the
story take place.
 Highlighting the important events and parts of the story helps him during the
scanning of the story.

Identifying root words

- Larenzo was able to identify most of the root words of each word specially when
they are common words
Starting Starter Started
Beautiful Beautified Beauties
 In the first example, I just ask Larenzo to encircle the words that are the same,
while on the second example, sometimes there are words that the root words
are not written completely but he can still recognize it, but sometimes I need
to assist him also.

Adding suffixes in root words

- In adding suffixes in the root words, Larenzo find it easy if the words are familiar to
 There are times that I choose not to give him choices because he tend to just
guess what is the rootword that is appropriate to that word, but when there is

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no choices he can identify what should be the appropriate suffixes for it
through saying the new word.

Identify word being describe

- Larenzo can able to guess some of it independently if the thing is familiar to him.
 There are times that I need to simplify the choice of words in describing the
objects or giving him information about it for him to guess it.

Identifying demonstrative pronoun
- Larenzo can recognize the demonstrative pronoun in the sentence but needs
assistance when it comes in applying it

 The figure below was used as a guide to Larenzo

Using personal pronoun
- Larenzo needs assistance in using the personal pronoun
 Explaining him the situation helps him to identify the appropriate personal
pronoun to be used in the sentence
You and Me are talking __________ is your pencil.
In using the demonstrative pronoun the list of table of it was presented to him and his
task is to identify the pronoun to be use in the sentence.
- Absence of the list makes Larenzo confused
Identify the personal pronoun
- In using personal pronoun, Larenzo can identify the use of she, he and it but
needs assistance in using I, they etc.

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Identifying the adjectives in the sentence
- Larenzo can identify the adjectives in the sentence with assistance
 In orde for Larenzo to know the adjective, I ask him several question
The boy say on the green chair.
What is the color of the chair?
Pagtukoy sa magkasingkahulugan
- In identifying the synonym words, there are times that I use pictures as guide to
Pag-unawa sa kwentong binasa
- Using highlighter to highlight the important details in the story helps Larenzo to
answer the given questions related to the story.
Pagsunod-sunod ng mga pangyayari sa kwento
- Outlining while reading the story helps Larenzo to easily understand the
sequence of the story
Pagtukoy sa lantay, pahambing o pasukdol
- In identifying lantay, pahambing and pasukdol, giving follow up questions help
Larenzo to easily identify it.
1 – Lantay 2 – Pahambing 3 or more – Pasukdol
Mas / Higit na etc Pinaka
1. Mas mabait si Abi kaysa kay Lourdes. “Ilan ang kinukumpara?”

Pagtukoy sa angkop na kaantasan ng pandiwa

- In identifying the antas ng pandiwa the table above was used in order to serve
as a guide to Larenzo.
Mother Tongue

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- In identifying the different parts of the newspaper, Larenzo used a real
newspaper while answering in order for him to identify the parts of the

- Larenzo shows mastery on their computer class this quarter.
 Since most of their activity in the computer was a hands on activity, Larenzo
was able to perform well, as he manipulates the computer and used the
Microsoft word.
o I’ll just show him the different buttons that he needs.
- As their lesson become more complicated, the activities and seatworks
presented has modification and accommodation
 Using lines helps Larenzo to identify the answer on the given statement
 Asking Larenzo to illustrate instead of to write sentences
 Giving choices or eliminating the distractors.
- Just like the previous quarter, Larenzo find it hard in the different topics in the
Araling Panlipunan.
o During their topic on different ethnic groups, instead of just presenting
different facts about the given ethnic groups, sample pictures was
presented in order for him to visualize it.

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