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Address: 12 Appleyard Drive, Leeds, LS22 1KP

Tel: 01234 567 8901 Email:


University of Leeds: 2014 – 2018

BA Communications and Media – Completed Year 1 with a 2:1
Modules including: Visual Communication; Media Policy; Introduction to PR; Power, Politics and the
Media; The History of Communication; Introduction to Cinema

Main Street High School for Girls: 2007 – 2014

A-levels: English Literature and Language (A*), Media Studies (A), Maths (A)
6 at A*, 5 at A, 2 at B grade
Including Maths (A*), Double English (A*, A), Triple Science (A*, A*, A) and ICT (B)


Interpersonal Skills
 Contacting stakeholders and working with a team of 4 other interns as a Communications &
Marketing Intern has given me enjoyable experience in a professional career-related
 My diverse employment history has improved my people skills through customer interaction.
 Becoming student representative for my course during first year encouraged me to develop a
relationship with my course mates and school staff in order to fulfil my role to a high standard.

Team Skills
 I have often worked a team throughout my diverse employment history to ensure I worked
efficiently, and learnt to communicate in a mature, professional manner.
 During my year in upper sixth as a prefect, I worked with 11 other prefects to ensure we
worked effectively as a group. I was elected for this role by peers and staff.
 I am currently the treasurer of CommSoc, my school of media and communications’ society
and I work closely in a team of 5 to create and run events and coordinate school events.

Ambitious, “can-do” attitude

 I organised a sports day event in aid of a charity I love, WaterAid, as well as producing
promotional materials and publicising it. This shows my nature as a self-starter.
 I was momentarily unhappy with how my society was being run so I went above my treasurer
position to endeavour to create more regular and more interesting events.
Creative Skills
 I created newsletter for Leeds Halls theatre during my work experience, learning to tailor it to
their wide audience and communicate business objectives.
 Creating my own design project for a client using relevant software to express my own
creative vision during work experience at The Big Idea web design and marketing company.

Time Management
 I have always managed my time effectively, evident in my balance of active participation in
university life, studies, part time work and social life whilst achieving good grades.
 I have now taken on a part time Communications & Marketing internship alongside studies,
and with my ability to prioritise, I never miss a deadline.

Passion for Media

 I constantly immerse myself in all dimensions of media and broadcasting. This is from a variety
of television including intelligent drama and humbling documentaries, to cinema, exemplified
in my reading of critical works and discussion with friends.

Other Skills
 I can confidently use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Office and Excel. GCSE I.C.T. confirms this
to a good standard. I also have basic Photoshop skills.
 Completing English A-level gave me excellent communication and written skills.


 Communications & Marketing Intern – Zimbabwe Educational Trust (2015 – present)

 Barista – The Hidden Café (2015 – present)
 Front of House – The Wallington Arms (August 2015 – December 2015)
 Sales Assistant – Debenhams Fine Fragrance dept. (2013 – 2014)
 Work Experience – Fairfield Halls (July 2012), The Big Idea (July 2014)
 Voluntary work – Oxfam (April – September 2012)


 Avid enjoyer of film, I frequent Hyde Park Picture House in Leeds to see films from Gone Girl
to Force Majeure as well as using my own projector at home to screen my favourites.
 I also enjoy writing creatively in my spare time.
 I like to travel. I have visited a range of different places with varying cultures, including Iceland,
Switzerland, Croatia and various places in the US.
 I have a strong interest in feminist issues, and took part in a campaign video for Everyday
Sexism. I watched the views increase to almost 300,000!


Available on Request