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The scientific


What is the scientific revolution

A time of great advancement in science in

europe from 1550-1700 and revolution means a
time of great change
Discuss the important scientists and their contributions

Geocentric theory the sun and stars revolve

around the earth this theory was supported by
the church

Heliocentric theory the sun is the center of

the universe planet

Backed up the work of capernicus made a

homemade telescope his work was rejected by
the catholic church.

Kepler supported the heliocentific


Bacon he created the scientific

methods, and they are observe,
hypathesize, predict, test,modify.

Create the laws of gravity and

How did the roman catholic church feel about the ideas that
were spreading during the scientific revolution.

New discoveries proved many catholic

church teaching about the natural
world wrong church teachings based
on faith and tradition scientific
discoveries based on reason.
Name 2 events that were insied by the scientific revolution

The enlightenment
Define enlightenment

Teh enlightenment was seen as an

intellectual movement of the 17th and
18th centuries which sought to “reason
understand and improve society.
What events inspred the enlightenment

Enlightenment philosinspired
to use reason to study and
improve human societies.
What type of government did most european countries
have before the enlightenment

Unlimited government
Disscuss the important philosophers and their contribution
Lock.e,social contract, natural right

>violence was not natural humans

are born with natural rights which
include the right to life liberty
and contract an
agreement between citizens and
their rulers consent of the
government gets the right to rule
Thomas hobbes

Author of leviathan life is

nasty,brutish,and short.humans are
selfish and violent people cannot be
trusted to make decision on their
own people need a strong leader to
make decisions for them.
rousseau(purpose of government)
Agreed with john locke on many
points people from governments to
protect private property with a
social contract people agree to be
ruled by “general will”. Disagreed
with the belief that thinking should
only be eqully based on emotion and
Montesquies separation oof powers

Preferred limited government

recomended having three branches of
and judicial.Three branches ensured
the seperation of powers.

>focused on civil liberties

>freedom of speech
>freedom of religion
>separation of church and state
Which united states government documents were
influence by enlightenment ideas (name at leasts 2)
The declaration of independence
Bill of right