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Sophia Marie D.


Reflection: Chapter I

1. In which instances of life did you experience the so-called “divine longing?”
For me, divine longing is when the time I’m in dire need of Christ’s presence. It’s
unavoidable for me to become busy because of the school works and etc. And because of
that, I didn’t have any time to spend and thank the Lord. Also, in times of temptations, I
need the presence of the Lord in order to lead me to a good way.
2. Do you think it is worthwhile to endeavour painstakingly in studying a mysterious,
invisible God? Why or why not?
Yes, I think it is worthwhile because having a God that you worship makes you a road
that you would journey in your life, with a direction. You may not see, but with faith, you
could feel Him.
3. If you are to envision yourself as a person of mature faith, what qualities would
characterize you?
If I am to envision myself as a person with mature faith, I think the quality that should
characterize me would be a person who would not question God and continues to believe
in Him in spite of the problems that would occur into my life. In having a strong faith, I
need to do good deeds like what Jesus did when He was living on earth.
4. How can studying theology help you in your college life? In your future professional
Theology is studying about God. It helps me in my college life by strengthening my faith
and that I should never give up no matter how hard the courses I need to study and
surpass. In my future professional practice, it would be the same. World is full of
problems. I just need to find the solution with the help of God and his ways.
Sophia Marie D. Ferrer

Reflection: Chapter II

1. Were there times in your life that you were so sure that God was telling you
something? How did you know that the message was really from God?
I think there was always a time when God told me something. I wouldn’t not enumerate
that experience but I am sure that it’s God because He’s telling me to do the right thing
and understand the situation of the other person, which is my dad.
2. What is your attitude towards reports of apparitions of our Lord, of the Blessed
Mother or of angels and saints? Do these help you grow in faith
At first, I really doubt it. Because we should only worship one God. But then again, I
understand that they’re just helping us to strengthen our faith and believe in God. The
values and experience of the saints helped me to become a good person and that God
would help and forgive us even if we have sinned against Him.
3. Do you think the traditional teachings of the Church are still relevant of have they
become anachronistic?
I think it’s still relevant. Some may not be applied in the modern days but some are still
valid and are continued to be believe by many faithful believers.
4. What is your opinion about the “bible alone” position of non-Catholics?
All I know is that everyone has their own God but they are just called differently by
people. Maybe non-Catholic believers would call our Bible a message of our own God.