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IN THE COUNTY COURT IN AND FOR MANATEE COUNTY FILED IN ‘TWELFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT, STATE OF FLORIDA ‘OPEN COURT STATE OF FLORIDA JAN 2.82019 vs. CASE NO, 2018CTOOSSS14x ZACHARI AILIN BROCK CRIMINAL TRAFFIC DEFERRED PROSECUTION AGREEMENT {tis alleged that you have committed a criminal traffic offense or offenses in violation of the Florida Statutes. After en insvestigaton of the criminal traffic offenses) and your background, it appears thatthe interests of the State of Florida and your own best interest will be served by putting you on deferred prosecttion. ‘During this period of deterred prosecution, I, the undersigned, agree to comply with the Following conditions: 1, shall not violate any criminal laws. In the event of an arrest or criminal traffic citation while in the Div ersion Program, the State Attorney may exercise discretion on a case by case basis with regard tothe types of charges which will result in dismissal from the program. Should the State Attomey determine during participation in the program that T did not qualify for the program, I will be subject to automatic dismissal from the program, 2 Tshall pay a total of $230.00 in program fees The payments may only be made by cashier s check or money order and must bemailed or hand detivered to the Office of the State Attorney, Twelfth Judicial Circuit, P, O. Box 1000, Bradenton, FL, ‘34206. I shall provide two separate payments: $180.00 made payable to Comptroller, State of Florida and $50.00 made payableto Crime Stoppers of Manatee County, Ine. All Fees mau be paid within 2 months 3 Lal ality, tin a ald hive cmt the Depart of Highray Sey and Meter Vices of ry on ‘months, gene U)-4F0D-O65C ‘DURING THE PERIOD of deferred prosecution, the State Attomey may revoke or modify the conditions of the Program by: ‘THE PARTIES stipulate and agree that this agreement i a deferral of prosecution and net 2 contract of immunity. Should the defendant be terminated from the program or fail to med the conditions of this Agreement within 6 months, the Agreement shall ‘be void and all fees forfeited at the discretion of the State Attomey, without notice or hearing, and prosecution may then be instituted. ED BRODSKY, State Attorney, Twelfth Judicial Circuit, by and through hishher undersigned Assistant, hereby warrants and agrees that provided the Defendant fully meets the conditions of this Agreement, as determined by the State Attorney, the charge(s) referred to herein shall be dismissed. It is stipulated and agreed thet the State Aitomey’s decision regarding full compliance in this regard shall net be reviewableby any Court. By signing this Deferred Prosecution Agreement, the Defendant withdraws and/or waives hishher right toa speedy trial in this ‘case, under the constitution and laws of the State of Florida and the United States. This prosecution is being deferred for a period of ‘S_ months, fresn the date of signing this Agreement by the State Attomey or his Assi¢tant. ee \ kee? we none SSI TE ATTOI ‘COORDINATOR