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As your Teen Queen Delegate number 5, I want to bring awareness to climate

change as well as to find ways in which we, on St. Maarten, can reduce the
effects of such a change.

01| What is
climate change?
Climate change is a drastic
02| How does it occur?
Climate change occurs because
change in the weather patterns of global warming which is an
of the world which last for an accumulation of greenhouse
extended period of time. gases in the atmosphere.

03| 04|
How does St. Maarten
contribute to Climate What are the effects of
Change? climate change?
On St Maarten, the landfill and The increase in the earth’s
motor vehicle exhaust play a temperature which affects
vital role in air pollution which agriculture by destroying crops,
leads to climate change increasing rainfall, causing the
extinction of some species, rising
of sea level and causing health
problems for many people.
As an advocate for bringing awareness to climate change and its effects,
I will conduct:
• A radio interview to educate the public about climate change.
• A recycling programme at my school.
• Use my social media platform to post informative messages about climate
• Use my talent segment of the show as an opportunity to educate the audience at the
pageant about climate change.
If I am crowned Miss Teen St. Maarten Carnival Queen 2019-2020, I will ensure that I:
• Continue to work with the Meadowlands N.V. in order to put recycle bins in other schools.
• Conduct interviews on different radio stations about climate change.
• Continue to inform my followers on all of my social media platforms by posting new
discoveries and information about climate change.
• Encourage the Minister of VROMI to put more recycle bins around the island.
• Make public appearances to different schools to educate the children about climate change.
• Launch a webpage or blog that will inform persons in St. Maarten and the world at large about
climate change to reduce the impacts or adapt to the changes of this phenomenon.