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Annex- 11.1
Responsibility Matrix

Impact: Critical Comply (Yes/No):__________

Responsibility Responsibility
Sl. No. Item & description
of Robi of Supplier
1 Equipment (SW) delivery
Complete solution delivery including
platform hardware specification, platform
1.1 S P
software and related 3rd party software (if
Transportation and delivery of all software,
1.2 P
documentation and test equipment to site
Harden all servers (web, application & DB)
1.3 S P
as per Security Guideline of Robi.
Install and configuration SSL certificate
1.4 S P
(SSL certificate will be provided by Robi)
2 Installation and commissioning
All sort of implementation work including
2.1 S P
SW installations
All sort of integration work including
2.2 S P
integration with external nodes
Functional Requirement Specification
3.1 Preparation of FRS and Mapping with RFQ P
3.2 Workshop for FRS Walkthrough P S
3.3 Review FRS P
3.4 Signoff of FRS P S
4 Acceptance & Testing
Provide test cases for PAT and UAT to fulfill
4.1 all the functional requirements as per FRS( P
with RFQ mapping)
Review and approve proposed procedure
4.3 P
for Acceptance and Testing(PAT and UAT)
4.4 Equipment Factory Testing P
4.5 Provisional Acceptance Testing(PAT) P S
Issue Provisional Acceptance
4.6 P
4.7 Final Acceptance Testing P S
4.8 Issue final Acceptance Certificate(FAC) P
P=Primary role, S= Supporting role