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Issue 7

Issue 7
Skavenblight Gazette
Voices from the dark
Skaven Lord Vinshqueek, Clanlord Trask
Contents Greet-greetings dear reader, The Painting & Hobby moderators at the Under-
Empire are planning a ‘Prepare For War’ week in
Whether you are currently reading this editorial which members are going to build and paint a 1000
Proofer Ask Seer Squeek pg 3 on the screen of your computer or from a printed points army (for any game system and any army). I
Demagorgon Seer Squeek version, before you is the (already) seventh issue suspect a fair few Skaven armies ending up on the
of the Skavenblight Gazette web magazine. It has list. I am still wondering whether I will include my
Skavenblight Cup pg 5 been quite the journey up to this date, though a Skaven army (it really needs a re-paint) on that list.
Clanlord Trask, Matthew Lee, Morgoth,
Pinapple Skitter, Seer Squeek, Skaven Skaven Lord Vinshqueek very interesting one is to come for every Skaven I hope the new army book will persuade my notori-
Lord Vinshqueek. Warlord and Grey Seer with the 7th edition Skaven ously slow painting speed to give it a go. *grins*...
Book Review: Grey Seer pg 9 army book scheduled to be released in November.
Artwork and miniatures Matthew Lee This new issue has a fair stack of articles. Seer
Craig Lee, Curseofbeers, Cyanide Studio,
While I have become much more of a Blood Bowl Squeek once more graciously enters to share his in-
Demagorgon, Ganymede, Pinapple Skitter,
UnderEmpire Get pg 10 coach then a Warhammer Fantasy general these finite wisdom, we also have an Assassin Adept with
Shadowklaw, Skaven Lord Vinshqueek,
Trag Sifarin. Together Report last few years (I play about five games of Warham- a diary of his forays into Mordheim, an overview
Skaven Lord Vinshqueek mer Fantasy on average in a year), the new army on all-Skaven leagues for Blood Bowl, a review of
Cover book will most certainly have its effect on me. It the Black Library novel Grey Seer and much, much
Demagorgon and Clanlord Trask The Underdark Campaign pg 13 gives me enough reason to get my army up and run- more. Simply said, it’s a full issue!
ning again. Of course, the editors are always looking for input,
Clanlord Trask
Diary of a Mordheim pg 14 feedback and (more) articles. So, if you wish to
Warband I have been collecting, building and playing my contribute to the Skavenblight Gazette, contact
All material appearing in Skavenblight Morgoth Skaven army for over a decade now, and while the either Clanlord Trask or myself on the UnderEmpire.
Gazette is copyright of its author or
creator. Reproduction in whole or part in
expansion of my force has somewhat diminished net communities and we will gladly listen to your
not permitted without permission.
Fall of Clan Mawrl pg 18 the past few year (not that surprising, considering messages. Other then that, enjoy the read.
Clanlord Trask it is already over 6500 points), there is still more
Opinions expressed herein are not then enough for me to paint. What better reason is
necessarily those of Skavenblight The Horned One Finds pg 20
Gazette, The UnderEmpire, Supporters
there to start than with a new army book release!
or the staff. Information is published
Work For Idle Hands Skaven Lord Vinshqueek
in good faith and we do not accept any Pinapple Skitter
Editor, Skavenblight Gazette
responsibility for damage that may arise
from any possible inaccuracies. All rights
reserved, none of the contents may be
used in any other media without prior
consent of its creator.
Warhammer, and associated intellectual
property, is copyright of Games
Workshop. A full list of Games Workshop
trademarks can be found at
All complainers will be fed to the Mutant
Rat Ogre.
by Seer Squeek
Ask Seer Squeek

Skavenblight Gazette’s very own Agony Uncle answering your questions. Oh most powerfull seer,
My clan owes Skryre much warpstone for many many ratling guns,
pesky toad-mage keeps zapping gun with magic. Slaves fail to block
LOS (counts as a large target when casting only), I offer much much
warpstone if you tell me how to get guns into range other than dispel
Dear Seer Squeek, scrolls which need-need for comet spell and clan not have many wizards
Last night I dreamt I was a butterfly, today I woke, in my usual skaven for dispel dice (grey seer and 1 warlock).
form, and a question dawned on me. Am I a skaven, who dreamt I was a Thank you most blessed one.
butterfly, or am I butterfly, dreaming that I’m a skaven?
Your Humble Servant,
General Vor
Dear unknowing one,
A wise old Warlock once told me: If you can’t get your guns within
Dear Sleepyhead, range of your enemy, make sure you get the enemy closer on their own
At times, it is most certainly refreshing to stop and think of our role initiative. (Unfortunately, an enemy with weaponry that had longer
here beneath the lands of the man-things. However, as you awoke as range thought the same thing, so the warlock is no longer around to
a Skaven, I am fairly sure that you are not a butterfly. Next to that, I tell the tale).
do believe that there do not exist butterflies that either have fur, or I think that for a large part, you’ve already pointed out where the
long fleshy tails. Of course, since a colleague of mine has pointed out problem lies. Your opponent out-magics you and your own Seer and
the existence of a nine-legged human-skinned frog, I guess we might Warlock do not have enough dispel scrolls to counter every magic spell
eventually still find one eventually... With the imagination of those thrown in your direction. If on top of that the opposing toad-mage in
weird rats up north in Hell Pit, you never know what to expect. question can see your weapon team due to counting as large target
Keep on dreaming, when casting, then the most direct solution available would be to (i)
make sure he is FAR out of range to target your weapon team, or (ii)
Seer Squeek just make sure he has no way of seeing your weapon teams.
Despite the fact that various lores of magic have spells that do not
require line of sight, there are still many more that still fall under
that rule. As such, playing a game of ‘peek and boo’ (apparently quite
famous amongst the young man-things, although they use a name that
has more to do with hiding and seeking) seems to be the most easiest
way of keeping them relatively untouched... While this might mean
that you also hit less, it serves a nice purpose of keeping your flanks
clean, as no unit possible can march around a piece of scenery and
directly charge you.
All the best for your next battle... As you’ll be paying me off for quite
some time.
Now where’s my first payment?
Seer Squeek
i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 
Many greetings wise and carbuncular Seer, Greetings-greetings mighty Seer Squeek,
Forgive me for sending this rather tattered parchment... Circumstances I have recently-recently discovered a stash of Sykoteen, a drug-drug that
urge me towards being discreet. It seems my enemies have gotten has a death penalty ordained by the holy Inquisition of the Horned Rat
rather too powerful of late, as such I send this in sharp-haste... Oh for possession of it. It was found in a part-part of my lab that I rarely
please Horned Rat, don’t let them get me... Intercede for me, please use, and I have no idea-idea how it ended up there.
Seer Squeek... There’ll be many warp-tokens in it for you; well, what little
I suspect a trial Moulder is attempting to frame-frame me, but I have
I have left - I’m sure you can appreciate.
no idea who, and I don’t know what to do. Any advice-advice, oh mighty
I spent all of them financing that thrice-poxed clan Skryre... Their infernal one?
mechanisms have nearly cost me my life, and my stash. I am quite sure
they plot against me - just today a warpfire cannon, or whatever you call
those damned things nearly blew my tail off... needless to say, I now
fear-fear for my life. This is most definitely an attempt on my life. Grey
Dear ‘high’ and (apparently not so) mighty Killfang,
Seer, please, divine what the Horned Rat believes necessary for me to
do in order to escape their blasphemous machinations. Yes, I too suspect that another Moulder is out to get you and
attempting to get you framed, cause we Skaven are absolutely known
A thousand curses upon that most usurious clan,
for our tendency to play fair. (He said with a strong undertone of utter
Chieftain Snikitch of Clan Kazan sarcasm). Seriously, if you manage to let another Moulder enter your
laboratory, plant a stash of some sort of drug, get out without you
noticing and have the Inquisi-Rats find it apparently without trouble,
Dear sniveling Chieftain, then either it is a sign from the Horned One that you need to step your
game up, or you are really a too easy target for the Moulders around
When a Warp-Lightning Cannon from clan Skryre nearly blows your
you... Of course, in both cases, I would try to go for a less obvious
tail off, I would say it’s pretty obvious what path the Horned One has
excuse to make others believe that the stash is not yours.
deemed worthy for you and you honestly wouldn’t need me to figure
that out, now would you? However, if you want me to give you a hint, it A “He/ she/ it did it” comment will sound to everyone like an excuse,
involves yourself and an eternal debate with the Horned One in person though if you believed it would worked, by all means continue to do so.
whether his dominion is a worse place to be in, then the line of sight Nature tends to deal with such an amount of naivity in its own ways,
of the Warp-Lightning Cannon in question that brought you there in the or otherwise a Grey Seer that performs your trial will... In the end, the
first place. As the so-called hip man-things in the area of Marienburg only thing that would work for you would be to attempt and convince
tend to say, “It’s a karma thing.” those that put you in trial how the stash of Sytokeen was basically
evidence to ‘mob up’ the larger fish, namely the one that provided the
Now apparently, the Horned One is not pleased with your actions. But
drug to you. You’re a Skaven, so turning others in to save your own
be glad you appear to have come out of his wake-up call relatively
hide raises less of an eyebrow.
unscatched. I can assure you, the moment you wake up with a large
Rat Ogre guard looming over you, while muttering “Is it breakfast time Next time you’re in a rehab meeting, make sure it’s an anonymous one,
already?” you’d rather appreciate the things you see coming your way.
Seer Squeek
Still, when you do need to get into the good graces of our deity again,
the one simple thing to do is being sneaky and cunning. Make sure that
whatever wrath and havoc your opponents are causing on your forces,
you pay them back double. Use market places to sell broken Clan
Skryre equipment to your enemy for a cheap, CHEAP price. They might
be a bit wary, but greed is one of the most common traits within a
Skaven, so usually your enemy ought to fall for that one. All you usually
need to do then is to sit back, have your minions provide you with
enough popcorn and SkavenAde at all times, and enjoy the fireworks!
Can’t wait ‘til it’s New Years eve again,
Seer Squeek

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 

The Skavenblight Cup:
By: Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

House Rules for All-Skaven Leagues

After the collapse of the NAF
in 2490, many teams were CLAN PESTILENS The following house rules are
based on an old Citadel Journal
disbanded due to a lack of funds, Beyond the great ocean that article, which allowed you to
while others were forced to sell separates the empire of the man- play an all-Skaven Blood Bowl
their stadiums and go on the road, things from Lustria lies the domain league. (This was later repeated
playing Blood Bowl teams where of Clan Pestilens. Having been at for the Dwarves in a Blood Bowl
they found them, whenever they war with the Lizardmen for many Magazine article). These have
found them. centuries, the two races grew been revised and somewhat
For Skaven, this has been a hard to be fierce enemies and have adjusted to fit more in the
period. Not only are they are a continued their feud on the Blood current edition of Blood Bowl.
nocturnal race that spends most Bowl pitch as well. Over the years, Enjoy!
of their lives in underground however, this has led to many
caverns, but many of the zealous amongst their ranks remaining
men of the Empire have a hostile within a certain battle frenzy, thus
stance against what they consider becoming harder and harder to
to be ‘creatures of Chaos’. coach for those that dare to cross
the great pond and try their luck
Many returned to Skavenblight, in Lustria. Despite the ease to
the capitol of the Skaven empire. lure them onto the pitch though,
After a season of relative ease, the Clan Pestilens teams remain
some very business-minded to be one of the most feared. Not
Skaven (whose names have been for their offensive play, but due to
forgotten) decided that it might be their bad smell as well!
worthwhile to have the many Blood
Bowl teams that now resided in 0 – 16 Plague Monk 6 3 3 7 Frenzy, 70k G APSM
Skavenblight play one another. Foul Appearance
So it didn’t take long before the 0 – 2 Thrower 7 3 3 7 Pass, 70k GP ASM
Skavenblight Cup was called into Sure Hands
life! Since then, many teams
have fought their way to victory 0 – 2 Censer Bearer 4 7 3 7 Ball & Chain, 90k S GAPM
in all sorts of shapes and forms. No Hands, Secret Weapon
However there are a few setups 0 – 8 Re-roll counters: 70,000 gold pieces each
that remain to have a dominant
presence in the matches for the Star Players available for Inducement: Fezglitch (80k), Skrag the
Skavenblight Cup. Unclean (100k), Hakflem Skuttlespike (200k), Split Tendoncutter
(230k), Headsplitter (340k)
i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 
Situated within the lowest reaches Hailing from the far north of the
of Karak Eight Peaks lies the lair Skaven empire, Clan Moulder
of Clan Mors. One of the more teams are best known for their
powerful warlord clans in the extravagant mutations. Both in
Skaven empire, they are renowned their effect on the field, as the
for having a large number of the sheer quantity of them. Since
black furred Stormvermin amongst they are situated near the Chaos
their ranks. Together with Wastes, the warpstone is most
combat-orientated training potent there, leading to many
this has created a very players growing additional legs,
offensive set of teams. arms, heads, tails and so on.
They know how to hit their While this hasn’t always led to
opponents and they know how starplayers, the teams are most
to do so well. All that remains certainly hilarious to follow,
is an improvement to their even if it’s just for the on-pitch
passing game and the Clan Mors discussions between the two
teams will become a force to be heads of a blocker that is about to
reckoned with in the open circuit be pummelled by an opposing Rat
of tournaments as well. Ogre and as such, Clan Moulder
teams always have a large
fanbase that follows them around.

0 – 4 Skaven Slave 6 3 3 6 Stunty 40k G APSM 0-16 Linerat 7 3 3 7 60k GM APSM

0 – 12 Linerat 7 3 3 7 60k GS APSM 0- 2 Thrower 7 3 3 7 Pass, Sure Hands 70k GP ASM
0 – 2 Thrower 7 3 3 7 Pass, Sure Hands 70k GP ASM 0- 2 Rat Ogre 6 5 2 8 Loner, Frenzy, MBlow, 150k SM GAPM
Tail, WAnimal
0 – 4 Stormvermin 7 3 3 8 Block 90k GS APM
0-8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
0 – 8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
Star Players available for Inducement: Shisk Four-Arms (130k), Rasta
Star Players available for Inducement: Slart Smashrip (140k), Glart
Tailspike (140k), Hakflem Skuttlespike (200k), Split Tendoncutter
Smashrip Jr. (200k), Hakflem Skuttlespike (200k), Skreet (210k), Split
(230k), Headsplitter (340k)
Tendoncutter (230k), Headsplitter (340k)

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 

From the east of Skavenblight, Known as the engineering clan
over the World Edge Mountains amongst the Skaven, the teams
and beyond the Dark Lands lies from Clan Skryre shine in the
the mystical nation of Cathay. deployment of just about every
It is here that Clan Eshin has its secret weapon known to Skaven.
base of operations, having While it leads to many players
spied many centuries upon being sent off during a season,
the warrior monks of Cathay the fans love the players that have
to learn their martial arts and the dubious honour of carrying the
improve their agility towards the weapons onto the pitch. Each time
point of perfection. Their Gutter they do so, mayhem is assured,
Runners have found a way into as explosions are a common
just about every team, though occurance in the matches of Clan
there are also many Clan Eshin Skryre teams, which their fans and
teams that field a larger number those of their opponents love at
of the runners together with all occassions.
apprentices from the clan that
wish to improve their skills in
swiftness. Where else to do
that than on the brutal learning
grounds that are the Blood Bowl

0 – 12 Verminkin 7 3 3 7 60k GA PSM 0 – 16 Linerat 7 3 3 7 50k G APSM

0 – 2 Night Runner 8 3 3 7 Stab 80k GA PSM 0 – 2 Thrower 7 3 3 7 Pass, Sure Hands 70k GP ASM
0 – 6 Gutter Runner 9 2 4 7 Dodge 80k GA PSM 0 – 1 Marauda-Rat 7 3 3 7 Chainsaw, No Hands, Secret Weapon 60k G APSM
0 – 8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each 0 – 1 Globadier 7 3 3 7 Bombardier, Secret Weapon 60k G APSM
Star Players available for Inducement: Shisk Four-Arms (130k), Skitter 0 – 1 Jezzailier 6 3 3 7 Hail Mary Pass, Pass, Secret Weapon 90k GP ASM
Stab-Stab (160k), Hakflem Skuttlespike (200k), Split Tendoncutter 0 – 1 Pogoer 7 3 3 7 Leap, Dirty Player 90k G APSM
(230k), Headsplitter (340k)
0 – 1 Doomwheel 4 7 1 9 Loner, Break Tackle, Dirty Player, Juggernaut, 140k S GAP
Mighty Blow, No Hands, Secret Weapon, Stand Firm
0 – 8 Re-roll counters: 60,000 gold pieces each
Star Players available for Inducement: Breet Braingulper (110k), Skitter (120k), Hakflem Skuttlespike
(200k), Split Tendoncutter (230k), Headsplitter (340k)

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 

After each season, the
Fezglitch Clan Pestilens 80,000 4 7 3 7 Skavenblight Cup hands out its
Loner, Ball & Chain, Disturbing annual awards. Some of these
Presence, Foul Appearance, No are renowned within the empire
Hands, Secret Weapon of the Skaven, though some are
Skitter Stab-Stab Clan Eshin 160,000 9 2 4 7 a ticket towards the main Blood
Loner, Dodge, Prehensile Tail, Bowl circuit, where players get the
Shadowing, Stab chance to shine in the (in)famous
teams, such as the Skavenblight
Glart Smashrip Jr. Clan Mors 200,000 7 4 3 8 Skramblers, or the Warpstone
Loner, Block, Claw, Juggernaut Wanderers.
Hakflem Skuttlespike All Skaven clans 200,000 9 3 4 7 The Skavenblight Cup: 200,000
Loner, Dodge, Extra Arm, Prehensile gold pieces to the winner,
Tail, Two Heads 100,000 gold pieces to the runner
Headsplitter All Skaven clans 340,000 6 6 3 8 up and 20,000 gold pieces to the
Loner, Frenzy, Mighty Blow, number 13 of the ranking.
Prehensile Tail The Skavenblight Cup MVP
Skitter Clan Skryre 120,000 7 3 3 7 Award: Fan Favourite for one
Loner, Sure Hands, Pass, Strong season for one player.
Arm, Accurate Hell Pit Herald ‘Mutant-
Shisk Four-Arms Clan Eshin , Clan Moulder 130,000 9 2 4 7 Monstrosity’ Award: Pro for player
Loner, Dodge, Catch, Extra Arm with most mutations.
Skrag the Unclean Clan Pestilens 100,000 7 3 3 7 The Eshin Dagger Award: Dirty
Loner, Pro, Foul Appearance Player for the player with the most
Breet Braingulper Clan Skryre 110,000 7 3 3 7 fouling casualties this season.
Loner, Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, The Skavenblight Gazette ‘Proper
Pro Skaven Play’ Award: A free bribe
Rasta Tailspike Clan Moulder 140,000 8 3 3 7 per game for the whole of the
Loner, Catch, Extra Arm next season to the team with the
most sending offs throughout the
Split Tendoncutter All Skaven clans 230,000 8 3 3 9 season.
Loner, Block, Dodge, Leap, Pro,
Sure Hands
Skreet Clan Mors 210,000 7 4 3 7
Loner, Block, Dodge, Leap, Guard
Slart Smashrip Clan Mors 140,000 4 4 3 9
Loner, Block, Claw
i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 
C.L. Werner
by Matthew Lee

It has taken a long time, but finally With it they believe the skaven The rest of the cast is an The Wormstone itself is a
the master race gets the novel could finally destroy the hated interesting mix of skaven and fascinating, and slightly scary,
it deserves. Mad chittering will world above. Skaven domination humans. In typical skaven fashion, item that propels the story along.
issue forth from the very depths of is nigh! there are multiple factions all It is interesting that the main
the earth as Grey Seer is hungrily vying for the Wormstone and focus of the characters is not only
With a plot that is pulled in many
lapped up by the skaven masses. baying for Thanquol’s blood. a source of power, but also the
directions, thanks to the various
Thanquol’s hour has arrived! The skaven from Under-Altdorf bringer of almost certain death
parties after the Wormstone,
are an interesting collection to any who possess it. But this
Grey Seer is written by C. L. Grey Seer is a thrilling read set
of characters, and they give a doesn’t stop everyone trying to
Werner, who also wrote Runefang on a backdrop of mystery and
pretty good insight into the layers take ownership of it.
and Mathias Thulmann Witch deception.
of skaven society. Because of
Hunter, as well as the Brunner The story is fairly easy to follow,
As a central character Thanquol Under-Altdorf’s close association
the Bounty Hunter trilogy. He is but it is still an interesting tale
is interesting and fallible enough with humans, they have picked
certainly a prolific writer in the of danger and death set in the
to be a believable individual. up some human characteristics,
Warhammer world setting, and Warhammer world. While there are
While he has a skaven’s disregard and what Thanquol thinks of these
an excellent choice to bring the multiple threads of intrigue it is all
for his fellow rat, his internal almost heretical leanings gives a
life and schemes of Grey Seer presented in a way that makes it
monologue and logic really helps good impression of the skaven’s
Thanquol to the page. easy to follow. The locations are
you to understand the skaven overall view of humanity.
interesting, and it is especially
The book revolves around an sensibility and morals. You get a
While the skaven characters good to see the intricacies of the
artefact from the Second Plague good sense of what Thanquol is
include some of the high hitters world beneath explored in more
War of the skaven, a mysterious about, what motivates him and
in the Under-Empire, the humans detail.
object called the Wormstone. how he has managed to elude
are the dregs and criminals.
Thought lost for hundreds of death so many times. Overall Grey Seer is an enjoyable
Most of the action from the
years, its sudden reappearance read. Those interested in skaven
Don’t be mistaken though, humans’ perspective occurs with
heralds intrigue, mystery and will be able to pull delicious
Thanquol is still one mean piece characters from and in the slums
death in both the human city of titbits of the ratmens culture and
of work. A rat on a mission, he and docks of Altdorf. The men are
Altdorf and the skaven stronghold personalities from it that they can
has no second thoughts about almost all desperate criminals
Under-Altdorf. further use in their own projects.
lying to, stealing from, or deceiving and lowly scum, meaning that they
Everyone else will get an excellent
Fresh from a series of all he comes across. Ally and foe are nowhere near equipped and
novel that moves along at a good
misadventures, Grey Seer alike are butchered and destroyed, trained to deal with an attack by
pace and is entertaining to read.
Thanquol is despatched by the all for the glory of Grey Seer monsters that should not exist.
Council of Thirteen to retrieve the Thanquol. They do have some help though, in Somehow, though, I don’t think
Wormstone. It is believed to be a the form of a mysterious stranger this is the last we have seen of
weapon of immense power, and whose network of informants and Grey Seer Thanquol.
the Council does not want it to fall servants stretches the entire city.
into the wrong hands.
i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 
written by: Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

UnderEmpire Get Together report pictures by: B

 odacious, Warlord
Stinkhair and Skaven
Lord Vinshqueek

For the third year in a row, the Having the date set usually somewhere Still, arriving late in the evening, we were community recently during the last two weeks of August, shortly introduced by Dan to dominating
had its very own annual (European) Get the UE GT has so far had fairly good the world with the French in Total Empire,
Together. What once begun as an online weather each year. Where the weather which shortly before had been installed
joke on ‘who of the community you would in Antwerpen allowed us to have a on a newly built computer. The game
like to play against in real life’ ended up dinner of spaghetti in the garden and the would certainly make its presence known
as a week in Antwerpen (Belgium), where weather in Nottingham somewhat forced during the week with the various accents
seven members from the Netherlands, us to enjoy the comfort of Bugman’s coming out of the speaker, commanding
Belgium, the United Kingdom and Bar at some (very) rainy occasions, the to charge, hold, or beat those that
Canada met up with one another. The weather in Norwich brought us mainly weren’t French (or Swedish, later on).
following year, the event moved towards bright sun and humidity. As most of the
Nottingham, the headquarters of all gaming occurred indoors, this meant that As mentioned earlier, the Get Together
things Games Workshop. This year, curtains were closed before noon and had become less of a tournament then
however, saw a somewhat less occupied windows being put wide open as long as the previous year and more a set of loose
The hord e’s all here ! version of the Get Together, as some of the sun shone. games, including Xbox and Gamecube
the regular participants could not attemd. games. It became clear quite quickly that
Both Bodacious and myself arrived I was severely outclassed by some (read:
As such, the Get Together became on Saturday the 16th of August, after just about everyone) in games like Halo
somewhat more of a get together again, a boat trip from Hoek van Holland or Monkeyball. Of course, the advantage
in comparison to the extremely well (the Netherlands) to Harwich (United of having multiple gamers in the group
organized tournament of the previous Kingdom). In total, the whole trip took us meant that enough controllers were
year. Hosted at the house of Warlord about twelve to thirteen hours of which present to ensure multiplayer games to
Stinkhair (Bob) in Norwich (which the half was taken up by the ferry itself, but run in which people got blown up in the
British kept pronouncing as Norrich, for compared to the (long) train trip of the most spectacular fashions possible. All
some reason), the event was visited by previous year, it was most certainly a lot in all, a way to keep everyone occupied
Akai-Chan (Red), Underlord Burrows more comfortable. for hours.
(Dan), Glod-Unbaraki (Olly), Tom (the
house mate of Bob), Bodacious (Daan)
and myself, Skaven Lord Vinshqueek

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 10

Of course, there was also some non- After a long match of all-out battling in We’ve also had two multiplayer games.
computer related gaming going on. Olly, order to gain the upper hand, the score The first one was a four-way thousand
Dan, Daan and myself managed to create ended up with 3-0 in my favour, whereas points battle with each army having to
a four-hour long, four-way Mordheim Olly had the favour on the casualty count collect a single objective and be the
game in which the goal was to kill a Rat with 2-1 (with both being pure kills, which first off the board to win the battle. Both
Giant (with thirteen wounds no less. Silly he probably will find quite amusing to see myself and Underlord Burrows managed
us.) surrounded by a group of twelve me saying that)... At the same time, Bob to confirm the UnderEmpire myth that
Rat Ogres, whom on various occasions and Daan were fighting a 2k game, which Clan Skryre warriors and equipment
just walked straight into stone walls. ended up as a draw that had about 160 are very prone to misfiring and showing
This game went on for quite some time, points in Bob’s favour. spectacular ways of exploding, as both
most of us were attempting to evade one our Warlock Engineers blew themselves
another, though we eventually had to lock In the evening, we decided to watch a up, with various other Skryre tools
horns in order to attack the giant. Thanks movie. Our choice ended up with Flash following their lead. Underlord Burrows
to some very lucky dice rolls and a larger (A-haaaaaaaaaaaaaa) Gordon, the old everntually won the game, as a lucky
(then the rest of us) amount of slings, 80s movie which people might recall shot destroyed the unit of Rat Ogres
Dan managed to claim victory and run from the Queen song and Briaaaaaaaan guarding his objective and let him escape
off with many experience points, not to (Gordon’s alive?) Blesseeeeeed. It was from the board with his prize..
mention a serious amount of loot. brilliant fun to watch the outdated special
effects, the strange fight scenes (taking The main game of the week however,
To include even more of the Specialist down guards with a ball. Pure brilliance!) continued the story line set at the
Games, there was also a game of Blood and the larger then life characters. In megabattle of the UE GT in Nottingham.
Bowl between Olly and myself. I managed general, moments like this make it quite During that battle, a renegade clan
to bring my Underworld Creepers team fun to have a somewhat less Warhammer was after various carts with warpstone,
(a mixture between Goblins and Skaven) battle orientated week, as it gives you the wishing to use those in order to gain
onto the pitch, whereas Olly showed up time to hang out and laugh with movies power, much to the annoyance of the
with a Mercenaries team. All in all, luck that you really, REALLY don’t see that Council of Thirteen. They eventually
was not on my side during the early few often on TV any more. dispatched Clan Mors (with Warlord
turns of the match, as my Warpstone Troll Queek Head-Taker as the one in overall
got killed during a block he was making. Along with that, we also began our command) to destroy the rebels. While
Of course, he failed to regenerate. Still, own version of Mythbusters, as during the fight was quite close for a long time, Bloo dbow l in full swin g.
this wouldn’t last, as I managed to claim the week a few things became quite a final push eventually gave the rebels
apparent. Clan Skryre weaponry is very
a touchdown, soon after followed by enough carts to win them the battle, not Wh ere ’s the che ese ?
more. prone to misfiring when playing against only to the annoyance of the Council,
Daan, and myself still not having lost a but also of the players fighting for their
single game of Blood Bowl during the UE cause.
GT. We are still gathering more myths to
test, but all in all, another annual activity
in the making.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 11

Now Bodacious was one of those that Eventually, the game ended a little after
fought for the rebels and we devised a midnight (when we already were going
new megabattle where his army (4000 on for about ten hours), when yours
points) would be in the middle of the truly foolishly charged into the flank of a
field on a massive hill, with four armies Stormvermin unit (carrying an objective),
of 2000 points each (two from the which won the combat and ran into Dan’s
rebel camp, going after Daan’s army for Clanrats. As such, being the last turn,
claiming so many warpstone carts and Daan did the ‘honourable thing’ (and he’s
two from the Council’s forces for obvious a Skaven?), letting his Stormvermin (then
reasons) against him. The goal for each carrying two objectives) flee and leaving
player was to end up with two of the four the objectives out in the open where
deployed objectives. everyone could just not fully reach it,
letting no one truly win the game.
In the beginning, when some of us still Th e Me ga Ba ttle .
felt a bit of pity for Daan having to face The final ‘main’ game of the week was
off against double the amount of points an evening of Paranoia, an RPG from
of his own army, progress towards the Mongoose Publishing. In this game,
centre went somewhat slow and we were we were all clones working for Friend
taking potshots against not only Daan, Computer, trying to forfill personal goals
but our ‘allies’ as well. Of course, this while carrying out missions given to us by
didn’t go on indefinitely, and after turn Friend Computer. Various things occurred
three units began to reach Daan’s lines. during the game, such as Red blowing up
We noticed that in some cases his not a nuclear reactor, Bob driving hovercrafts
fully depleted units were tougher then into oblivion and Olly setting off house-
expected (standing on a hill, while making sized war robots. All in all, a brilliant
yourself a very easy target, does have game with lots of laughs and most
its advantages). So, all hell quickly broke certainly one that is advised to all.
loose, as we were trying to bring down
Daan’s army, while at the same time So, after a very relaxing week, all of us
trying to outmanoeuvre the other armies went home again. I would personally like
coming our way. Unique moments such to thank Bob for hosting the event and
as a Vermin Lord being vanquished in being a good cook to all of us. Where
combat, or Tunnel Runners going through next year will take us all, no one knows,
various units due to well-placed rear but it will certainly be visited by a fair few A sk ave ns vie w of
the Me ga Ba ttle .
charges occurred one after the other. of us again!

Burr ows and Warl ord Stink hair.

Skav en Lord Vins hque ek, Unde rlord

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 12

The Underdark Campaign
presented by The UnderEmpire Forum

If it could be called a home. The UnderDark Campaign is While the campaign is largely
Barren it is, yes, and desolate. the’s latest driven by the fight for wealth
You won’t see much out here, campaign, and our second after and territory, this is a skaven
and be thankful that you don’t. the epic Civil War campaign, which campaign after all, so the plotting
But underneath our feet, deep ran for just over two years. Set in and politics of skaven culture
beneath the rock and sand, the underground tunnels beneath has to be very much a part of the
things are rising to a fever pitch. the Dark Lands, the campaign is game. The UnderDark Campaign
You wouldn’t know it by what you a tangled political tale of warring also includes mechanisms
see here on the surface, but it’s generals striving for supremacy to encourage backstabbing,
pandemonium down there. over enemy and ally alike. Bringing sabotage, trodding on underlings
them to this battlefield is the and treachery: with four factions
Armies mobilising, forges ringing
rumour of an untold hoard of (for now) and the loosest of
with hammer blows. Something
warpstone, but that is only the allegiances, as much of the war
has stirred the skaven to a
beginnning. will occur in secret talks and
frenzy, and even amongst the
around negotiation tables, as it
hordes you’d see many warriors Unlike most forum campaigns
will occur on the actual field of
of other races come to join the which run for a set number of
fray. Something’s gotten them intense and excitement-filled
all worked up. Word on the wind months, the UnderDark Campaign With its uniquely convoluted
is that it’s warpstone, more is a slower-paced game that will system and indepth story, the
warpstone than has ever been run indefinitely for a year or two, UnderDark Campaign promises
found in one place for many with each turn lasting 2 weeks. that you will be fighting a war as
centuries. This way, players can immerse has never been fought before.
themselves in the backstory and
This is the Dark lands, that barren But that can’t be all, can it? Visit to learn the
gradually develop their game
and blasted desolation that lies Warpstone may be what it is, but rules and sign up today.
characters, and also even the
east of the World’s Edge. Few it’s still just warpstone. The way
most casual players will have
things can live here; the land is things are going, this is a emnity
ample time to plot their moves,
dead and haunted, polluted with that runs deep and a war that is
negotiate with allies and enemies,
tar and ash, tainted by chaos. long overdue.
and write their tales of conquest.
The greenskin tribes, the chaos And it’s beginning now. Not much is needed to participate
dwarves, skaven, ogres, beastmen besides a working knowledge of
and worse things even, many dark the rules; players are not required
creatures make this place their to sign up as the army race they
home. own or even to play games on a
regular basis.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 13

Diary of a Mordheim Warband
by Morgoth

Writing. What a waste. Swords and

Throwing Stars are my tools of
trade, not feather and ink. But the
Nightlord has ordered me to keep
tracks of my progress. Maybe
others can save some errors, he
said. Like I make errors. Bah.
Right-well. Let me start by
presenting my crew.
In front (since we are just posing
to look good and not in combat)
myself, Assassin Adept Chi-
May, in highest fashion of black
with a deadly set of Weeping
Blades. Sadly I was not allowed
to bring them to Mordheim, as
the Weaponmaster wanted to
save them for a more experienced
adept. Pah! Instead I have two
mundane swords and throwing
stars, for striking at distance. On my other flank we have Leffe. A The two behind Bino, packing The last three fools are ‘The
Black Skaven I expect a lot from. slings, are our rookie Weepers’, a unit of Verminkin with
Next to me is Grolsh, the sorcerer.
Wielding a sword and throwing Nightrunners, Orval and Achel. swords and clubs. Yes they have
He is armed with a sword and also
stars, I hope he quickly gains They each have a sword too, in names, but who cares what they
has a sling. He is not supposed to
some skills. This goes too for his case they see paw-to-hand action. are? Let’s see them survive first,
get into too much combat. Still, an
albino brother standing next to I prefer them to back off a bit for and if one should show talent,
occasional stone can be worth a
Grolsh. Bino carries fighting claws starters. They need to survive then I might learn his name.
lot. His magic staff looks unevenly
and is shaping up to become a in order to learn some valuable
balanced, but strangely he carries Three Giant Rats forming ‘The
close combat monster. skills.
it as if it weighs less than the Squeekers’ will round off the
brain of a Giant Rat. team, but they had not been
delivered from training at the time
of the picture.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 14

Hard Facts Then I maxed out on the amount Again, I chose another path.
of allowed heroes, as the team is Some Giant Rats were, after
Following are my reasons why
meant to grow in experience. If I consideration, bought mainly as
I have taken what I have in
should play a one-off game, the fodder and living shields for the
this 500gc starter team. I am
Nightrunners actually have lesser advancing heroes. And they are
definitely an inexperienced
stats compared to Verminkin, so fast too.
player, so by no means take this
two henchmen will be a better
as the true one path to glory in Another special thing about
choice for those sorts of games.
the City of the Damned. Mordheim. Although a group
I also took some ranged of henchmen has to evolve
Assassin Adept w/ 2 swords,
equipment, as skaven like to together, they still don’t have
throwing stars
fight without getting themselves to work as one unit in game.
Eshin Sorcerer w/ sword, sling into too much danger. Then So using them spread out I can
again I do not want a ‘Sling line’ make three packs, each with
Black Skaven w/ sword, throwing warband, just attacking from a a Verminkin and a Giant Rat
stars safe distance. So the first group as expendables to protect my
Black Skaven w/ fighting claws of Verminkin only have close heroes.
combat weapons.
Night Runner w/ sword, sling What of armour? It is generally
One of the Black Skaven has considered not worth it, at least
Night Runner w/ sword, sling fighting claws because they for skaven. Later when the gold Map Key Wood: 2nd floor
3 Verminkin with sword and club allow safer climbing, and are starts rolling in some might Brown: Ground Gray: Higher level buildings.
cool and in character. I like get a shield to protect against Lighter is higher
3 Giant Rats the idea of letting the heroes arrows, but usually I will count Green: Ground floor of houses,
specialise in various skill sets. on charging from the shadows. wells, small ruins White: Stairs
I started off with the main
character, one Assassin Adept. Some in ranged warfare, some Therefore, more attacks are
Of course, I equipped him with in sneaking around and others in better than protection, in order
Weeping Blades. Later I had to close combat. to beat down enemies before So, for the first time, I brought No Warpfire, no Black Fury. And
alter this due to the high cost, they strike back. A helmet could my team into the Damned City. the fool only brought forth one
I dislike the standard dagger, In the dusk we discovered some rat. Sheepishly he told me that
and the fact that besides having also come in handy, as it gives
as they give opponents +1 in faint glowing from the remains of a it brought our numbers up to
the poison ability, Weeping you 50% chance of treating a
armour, so it is swords for all house, in a temple of some kind, thirteen. That had to be a good
Blades are not superior to two stunned as knocked down.
who can carry them. Some and also on top of a surprisingly sign! I still remained skeptical.
swords. players would probably just buy intact tower. Then it turned out
an additional cheap weapon, that the only spell Grolsh had
like a club, and go for many actually mastered was summoning
Verminkin and the good old of Giant Rats.
Strength in Numbers tactic.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 15

We spread out into three A blue-clad man-thing tried to
teams, each with a Giant Rat climb up behind a stair to the
and a Verminkin for fodder, and entrance of the tower, but failed.
advanced toward the glowing. Too bad he didn’t come out in the
Leffe & Achel went north, directly open, as my stars longed to draw
towards a glow on the second floor blood. Further to the north we saw
of a building. Grolsh & Orval went several shadows on their way to
towards what looked like a good the temple, and I signalled back a
firing spot covering the temple and warning.
a square. Finally myself and Bino
Achel proudly descended with his
advanced east, keeping in cover.
taking while Leffe quickly entered
Movement was detected from the the temple, aiming for the glowing
north-east. Man-things! item on a tall alter. A Giant Rat
covered the northern hole in the
Achel easily climbed up and
wall, while the panting Verminkin
collected his loot, while Grolsh
had only reached the stairway.
had difficulties ascending to his
Orval and Grolsh positioned
intended position. Leffe and his
themselves, peeking out what
Giant Rat, along with the one who
remained of a window. The
didn’t climb up with Orval, went for
Verminkin accompanying them, Map Key
the temple. A Verminkin hid behind
along with the Giant Rat, joined Circle with dot: Giant Rat Circle #1: Adept/Captain
the well. My brothers and I kept in
those in the temple. They hid
cover, while my first lesson sank
behind some bricks, as the stench
in. Verminkin and sorcerers are Bino, ducking in and out of the With glee, Bino knocked down
and noise of humans became
slow. Not as slow as man-things, shadows, ran underneath some one of them. I took over Bino’s
but the idea of having three fast strange ruins, the direction where spot at the ruin, but couldn’t find
teams needs reconsidering. As we the bolt had been fired from. I a safe way to sneak-surprise the
scouted, a crossbow bolt suddenly stayed in the ruin just south of the crossbowmen.
whizzed just past the Giant Rat in tower, while the Giant Rat watched
front of me. We were discovered. At the temple, three man-things
the tower stairs. Unfortunately two
and a fool wearing a fancy hat
humans appeared from around the
and pistols left their cover and
corner, engaging the Giant Rat and
began fighting the adepts at the
easily taking it out. This allowed
entrance. By the way the fool
a human, carrying a bow, to enter
was ordering the others about he
the tower. Bino and one of the
was obviously a Captain of some
Verminkin charged the remaining
kind. Stupid humans, making
two man-thing so suddenly that
themselves such obvious targets
the nearby crossbowmen didn’t
with their ridiculous flamboyance.
have a chance to fire.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 16

A Verminkin was stunned, and the
summoned Giant Rat was killed Game lost, due to failing a rout Selling warpstone (two for above
right away. So much for magic. test. When 25% of team is Out dice rolls and one found) yielded
While Leffe failed to reach the Of Action, you must roll 2d6 at 60gc. This is also determined
warpstone, his Giant Rat made an the start of any remaining turn. by the number of warriors in
impressive jump out of the hole If the roll is higher than the warband. I spent the income on
and entered the fray. In a stroke leader’s Leadership, then test two Verminkin with clubs and
of luck the Giant Rat saved the is failed, and you run for it. This slings, bought slings for Chi-May
stunned skaven from being killed means, game lost. and Leffe, and got clubs for the
outright as he lay motionless on two Nightrunners.
Experience : +1 for all surviving
the ground. Achel now took cover heroes or henchmen groups. I have to admit that the limited
behind the well. That idiot should Giant Rats are animals and range of the throwing stars
have escaped with his catch do not gain experience. Achel resulted in me not using them in
instead. got additional +1 for taking 1 this game. In Mordheim, skaven
Again Leffe failed to climb. Moron. enemy Out of Action and +1 for cannot shoot into combat. So
Achel advanced as the captain grabbing a shard of warpstone. now I have seven slings in a
raised his pistol, slinging a stone This gave Achel an Advance Roll, warband of thirteen (twelve,
with precision. Smack. In a which resulted in +1I. while Bino recovers). That is one
spray of blood, the Captain was more than half of the team, so
Income: 1d6 for each surviving
taken out of action. Alas, that I actually have one more than
Grolsh shouted something and I At a safe distance I calculated our hero +1 more if I had won. If a
was almost the only thing going I aimed for. I must get more
saw him wave a box of some kind. gains and losses. The warpstone double, triple etc. is rolled, an
well. Another supporting rat got fodder.
He must have found it in the ruin. would be a nice reward, giving us unusual item is found. This is
taken out, and the knocked down how I found the duelling pistols.
A bolt embedded itself in the wall the possibility to get equipment
champion at the tower picked
right next to the sorcerer, and and reinforcements. The box
himself up. Surprisingly, Bino
the bowman shouted to his fellow contained a brace of fine duelling
failed to take him down again.
man-things while pointing at me. pistols. Too bad none of us know
The champion did not waste his
That did it. how to use them. Yet, I was
chance, and to my horror my
impressed by Achel. He collected
expensive Black Skaven was hit in “RETREAT” I yelled, tactically
the warpstone and knocked down
the head with a great weapon. The deploying smoke bombs to cover
the man-leader. And he has only
bowman had made it to the top our escape. We managed to
been under my wise command
of the tower, pocketing the prize. pick up Bino and drag him along
and skilled training for a few days.
Somehow, he spotted me. Bah! I with us. Back at the temple, the
Bino is going to need some time
was far away, and in cover. Or so I humans were useless without their
to recover, and will have to be
thought. fancy-hat Captain to lead them.
left behind during the two next
This allowed all the Verminkin to
Suddenly my head was pulled raids. Apart from one Giant Rat,
escape safely too.
backwards as an arrow ripped none from the team was killed or
through my hood. That was too maimed. All thanks to my perfectly
close. timed, clever tactical retreat.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 17

by Clanlord Trask
The Fall of Clan Mawrl

During the Skaven Civil War the Armies

mighty Clan Pestilens bestowed
Both armies are chosen from the
a gift upon one of their supporter
Warhammer Armies: Skaven book.
clans, Clan Mawrl. The Wormstone
Around 2000 points in size is
was said to be a powerful weapon,
recommended. One player takes
and Clan Mawrl gladly accepted
command of Clan Mawrl, and the
the favour.
other takes command of Clan
Clan Marwl’s greatest opponent Skryre.
was the local faction of Clan
Clan Mawrl must take at least one
Skryre. For years they had battled
unit of Plague Monks, and cannot
in the tunnels beneath Altdorf,
take Warlock Engineers, Weapon
locked in a desperate struggle to
Teams, Globadiers or Jezzails.
command the resources from the
city above. This new weapon would Clan Skryre must take at least one
surely tip things in their favour! Warlock Engineer, and cannot take
Plague Priests, Plague Monks,
Hearing of this Clan Skryre quickly
Plague Censers, or Plague Rat
mobilised, putting all their might
into a push towards the centre of
Clan Mawrl territory. If they could Neither side can take Assassins,
destroy the central command, Warplightning Cannons or Special
then the rest of the clan would Characters. Clan Eshin is keeping
quickly fall. their hard hitters away from
such a delicate operation, while
It was a gamble, but Clan Mawrl’s
Warplightning Cannons have not
new found power had left them
yet been invented.
cocky. Clan Skryre’s intense
attack took the clan by surprise,
and a large number of enemy
troops made it through to the
centre of Clan Mawrl’s warrens.
As Clan Mawrl scramble to escape
the assault with their prize, Clan
Skryre readies one of its terrible
weapons of destruction.

i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 18

Length of Game Bomb: The unit carrying the Bomb
cannot march, but can charge as
The battle lasts six turns or
normal. The Bomb can be dropped
until one player achieves their
during the movement phase
allowing the unit to move freely
again. Any unit that moves through
Special Rules the Bomb picks it up, which
means they can no longer march
Wormstone: The Wormstone move from that point on. Units
grants the unit that possess it carrying the Bomb drop it when
Poison Attacks, Stubborn and they flee. Units pursuing units who
Immune to Psychology. The unit held the Bomb, or pursue through
cannot march with the Wormstone, the Bomb, do not pick it up. A unit
but it can charge. The Wormstone can plant the bomb by standing
can be dropped during the within 1” of the stone column for a
movement phase allowing the unit whole turn and neither moving nor
to move freely again. Any unit that attacking. At the beginning of each
moves through the Wormstone subsequent turn roll a D6. On a
picks it up, which means they 4+ the bomb has exploded.
Battlefield 2) O
 ne of Clan Mawrl’s ranked can no longer march move from
units is nominated by the that point on. Units carrying the
The battlefield is inside a large Wormstone drop it when they flee. Victory Conditions
Clan Mawrl player to start the
cavern that acts as Clan Mawrl’s Units pursuing units who held the
game with the Wormstone. The If a Clan Mawrl unit carrying
main den. There are three Wormstone, or pursue through the
Clan Mawrl unit carrying the the Wormstone moves off any
deployment zones, two along one Wormstone, do not pick it up. At
Wormstone is deployed 1” from board edge, Clan Mawrl wins the
long board edge and one along the the beginning of each turn the unit
the central column. game. If the Bomb is successfully
other (see deployment illustration). carrying The Wormstone suffers
planted and explodes, Clan Skryre
The rest of the board edges count 3) T he players dice off to see who D6 S3 wounds with no armour
wins the game. Any other result is
as Impassable Terrain. In the deploys next. Whoever rolls saves. Any unit who no longer
a draw.
centre of the battlefield is a stone highest may choose to deploy holds the Wormstone suffers D3
column. in Area 2 or 3, and can then S3 wounds with no armour save
choose to deploy before or after per turn. Distribute hits as if it
their opponent. were shooting.
1) C
 lan Skryre can keep up to 1/3
Who goes first?
of the army aside to deploy in
Area 2 or 3. The rest of the The player who lost the
army is deployed in Area 1. The deployment area dice off can
ranked unit nominated by the choose who goes first.
Clan Skryre player to carry the
Bomb is also deployed in Area
i Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 19
The Construction Warrens

The Horned One Finds Work For Idle Hands

by Pinapple Skitter

I’m a great fan of GW models, Step 1 Step 2

and have a great time assembling
Background and rules Visualisation
skaven in a variety of threatening
poses, ready to slaughter all Before you start cutting things Try and picture the model in
before them! However, I don’t up, it’s important to check what your head. When I think of a
like metal models as their the unit you are converting Plague Censer Bearer I picture
positions are fixed and there’s is supposed to armed with, a rabid rat running forwards
no posing involved. When it so your conversions are while frothing at the mouth. He
came time to put together my representitive of the weaponary has both hands wrapped around
Plague Censer Bearers I decided used. For Plague Monks the a weapon that most humans
that, rather than buy blister important points are that they would struggle to wield and Step 3 noticed the two-handed spiked
packs, I’d build them myself and are skaven, they have no armour, is about to lay some serious cudgel and realised they would
Choosing parts
walk anyone who is interested they are frenzied and possessed smack-down with it. look pretty cool as the censer
through the process. by hatred and they wield a giant, Now you have to decide what handle. Only an insane member
Bearing this in mind, I decided bitz to use in your conversion. of Clan Pestilens would wield
two-handed plague censer.
to use the Plague Monk body After visualisation I had decided a weapon that consisted of a
as the base, while the flail that on a Plague Monk body and heavy grip that’s chained to a
comes with the monk sprue using the flail as a censer, but I spiked piece of wood, that’s
makes a great head to a plague needed a two-handed weapon chained to a large metal ball,
censor. Unfortunately the flail is to affix it to. I was assembling that spews poisonous gas into
one handed so. That would need some Nightrunners when I the surrounding air.
to be altered...
Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 20
other projects
These are the Jezzails that I am currently working on. The arms and rifles are taken from the
kroot sprue and attached to Nightrunner bodies. I cleaned and sliced apart a plastic butter
Step 4 the arms could be attached glue was almost dry (but weak tub, glued two pieces together, and used this to make the pavises. Each pavise was cut into
Chop-shop time pointing upwards. Thankfully enough that I could reposition an appropriate shape, and skaven runes also cut from the butter tub were added.

This part is the hardest the that was the only work needed the arm if it didn’t reach) I stuck
I like the Rat Ogre models,
first time. I’m always careful to allow everything to fit the supporting arm in place. and I needed another Ratling
with things I own and there together. When you come to Gun. Thus the ‘Ratling Ogre
is an innate wrongness with convert something, make sure Step 6
Gun’ was born. The right arm
is the Rat Ogre mini-warpfire
dismembering a finely crafted that when two pieced are joined Celabrate! thrower arm with the addition
weapon to complete a they have a flat edge so there’s of a tau burst cannon and
Your model is complete! Well, kroot rifles.
conversion. no gap.
almost. Last you’ll base your
In this stage you have to decide model and paint it. I fail at
what parts to lop off the original Step 5 painting, sadly. However, I hear
model to make the new bits fit Assembly and cleaning that there’s a handy publication
together. I removed the flail’s Assemble the model, and then called Skavenblight Gazette that
shaft so that only the head, use Greenstuff on any cracks. may be able to help me with
chain and the plastic attached to I glued the monk body to the that. If only I could find it...
the other end of the chain were base and, while the glue dried,
Anyway, congratulations, as
left. glued the flail to the cudgel.
you’re model is assembled! Now
Once dry I glued the arm that I hope I’ve given you something
I also shaved off parts of the to get back to assembling those
held the flail to the body and to think about, and please, post
monk’s robes where they rank and file Clanrats.
attached the head. After the anything you make online!
overhung the shoulders so that
Skavenblight Gazette Issue 07 page 21
This issue was made
possible thanks to coffee,
determination and Roots new
album Surface Paradise. NEW ALBUM ‘Surface
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hottest garage punk poet band
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yourself and enter the annals breakdown of a man as he converts questions to Seer Squeek at
contribute or die, man-thing! of skaven history.
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trying to lead a normal life. and look for his response in the
next issue of the Skavenblight

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