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UA SUPERIOR COURT OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF SAN FRANCISCO, Document Scanning Lead Sheet Nov-06-2017 12:07 pm Case Number: CUD-17-660219 Filing Date: Nov-06-2017 12:04 Filed by: NEYL WEBB Image: 06093776 COMPLAINT TENDERLOIN HOUSING CLINIC, INC. VS. DONALD WILLSON 001006093776 Instructions: Please place this sheet on top of the document to be scanned. Cc 3 SUM-130 SUMMONS (wou Pana noo. cone (CITACION JUDICIAL) UNLAWFUL DETAINER—EVICTION (RETENCION ILICITA DE UN INMUEBLE—DESALOJO) NOTICE TO DEFENDANT: (AVISO AL DEMANDAD( Donald Willson YOU ARE BEING SUED BY PLAINTIFF: (LO ESTA DEMANDANDO EL DEMANDANTE): Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Inc. ‘You have 5 CALENDAR DAYS afer this summons and legal papers aa served on yout fe a writen response alts cour and hav ‘served on the plant (To calculate te fve days, count Saturday and Sunday, but do rol count othr court holiday. the last day fale on @ Saturday, Sunday, or a court holiday then you have the next court day to fle a vnton response.) Alter or phone call wil not protect you, Your \wlen response must bein proper legal form if you wan the cout to hear your ease, There may be a cout form that you can use fr your response, ‘You can find these court forms and more information alte Calforia Courts Online Sel Help Canter ( govsolelp, your county, {aw library, or the courthouse nearest you. if you cannot ray the fg fe, ask the court lark fora fee waiver for, you do not fle your response on ‘ime, you may ose the case by default, and your wages, money, and property may be taken without further waming Wom the cout “There aro otha egal requirements. You may want to call an atomey Aight away I you do not know an atorey, you may want fo call an atiomey ‘eferal service. you cannot afford an attorney. you may be ellie fr fae logal services from a nonprot legal services program. You can locale {hese nonprft groups a he Calfomia Legal Services Web so ww. lawhelpcalfomia.or), the Calfomia Courts One Se Help Canter (on gov/solfetp),o by contacting your local court or county bar association, NOTE: The court hes @ elaltory len for waived fees and ‘costs on any setement or arbitration award of $10,000 or more in civil case. The cours en must be paid before the cour wil dismiss the case, Tione 6 DIAS DE CALENDARIO después de quo le entroguen esta clacin y papeleslogals para presenter una respuoste por aseto asta corte y hacer que se entregue une copia al damandante. (Para calcula los cinco des, cuento los sdbedos y os domingos pero no los ates des feriados dof cot. Sia timo da cae en sAbado o domingo, 0 en un dia en quo la carte astécorade, tone hasta of préximo die de corte pare _resentar une respuesta por escra). Une cata 0 una llamada telfénica nolo prtegen. Su respuesta por escrito tone que estar en formato legal Cameco si desee quo procesen su caso en le cote. Es posible que haya un formula que sted puede user pere su respuesta, Puede enconier {sts formulerios de a corte y més informactén on ol Cetro de Ayuda do las Cortes de Calfomia (www gov), on a biblotec de loyes Jo ‘4 condedo o en la corte que le quede ms ceca. Sino puede pagar la cuota do prosantacién ida al secretaro de la corte que fe dé un formulaic . [1 Plaintiff has complied with the fictitious business name laws and is doing business under the fictitious name of (specity): 3. Defendant named above is in possession ofthe premises located at (street address, apt. no. city, zp code, and county) 770 O'Farrell Street, Room #046, San Francisco, CA 94109; San Francisco County 4. Plaintif's interest in the premises is [—] as owner CZ] other (specify: lessee of owner ‘5. The true names and capacities of defendants sued as Does are unknown to paint, 6. a, Onor about (date): 06/01/2016 defendant (name each): Donald Willson (1) agreed to rent the premises as a thtenancy [—] other tenancy (speciy): (2) agreed to pay rent of § 452.00 monthly [—] other (specify frequency): (@) agreedto pay rent on the [J first ofthe month [—] other day spect): b. This written [—] oral agreement was made with (1) 2 plain (3) [2 plaintits predecessor in interest. 2) CZ plaints agent. (4) other (speci): ‘NOTE: Do not use this form for evictions after sale (Code Civ. Proc. § 11618). rentats "Sipe coma eat ‘COMPLAINT—UNLAWFUL DETAINER ome to Pinane eb Bch aay "srs go