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Em7 G
Today is gonna be the day C9
D4 And all the roads
That they're gonna D Em7
A7(4) We have to walk are winding
Throw it back to you C9
Em7 G And all the lights
By now you should've somehow D Em7
D4 A7(4) That lead us there are blinding
Realized what you gotta do C9 D
Em7 G There are many things that I
I don't believe that anybody G D11/F# Em7
D4 A7(4) Would like to say to you
Feels the way I do G A7(4) A7 (normal)
C9 D4 A7(4) But I don't know how
About you now

C9 Em7 G
Em7 G Because maybe
Backbeat, the word was on the Em7
street You're gonna be the one
D4 A7(4) C9 Em7 G
That the fire in your heart is out That saves me
Em7 G Em7 C9 Em7 G
I'm sure you've heard it all before And after all
D4 A7(4) Em7 C9 Em7 A7(4)
But you never really had a doubt You're my wonderwall
Em7 G
I don't believe that anybody
D4 A7(4)
Feels the way I do
Em7 G D4 A7(4)
About you now