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Email to Vice Chariman Alan Doane -

Vice Chairman Alan Doane and distinguished members of the STRIC,

Please accept my resignation from the committee at this time. This decision was not taken
lightly. A lot of things come up in my life. Referring to my new job as the Chippewa Cree Tribe's
THPO (tribal historic preservation officer). My tribe asked me to take on this for the tribe, and not
only has it been a huge learning curve, but the workload has been tremendous. Some of the
issues I'm dealing with is time sensitive.

All next week, I'll be in Indiana doing possible NAGPRA (native american graves protection &
repatriation act) issues. This is only one example.
At the moment, my office is shorthanded with the hopes of expanding soon. Not knowing what
my schedule looks like in the next 6-9 months. My focus and prioity is with my work and my
tribe at this point in time,

Thank you for the opportunity and confidence you've given me to serve as the chairman of this
much needed committee. My hat goes off to the tremendous staff, Hope Stockwell, Laura
Sankey and Laura Sherley. The 16 years and many interim committee's I served on this winning
combination is second to none.

Respectfully submitted,

Representative Jonathan Windy Boy HD32

Email to House Speaker Austin Knudsen -

House Speaker Austin Knudsen,

After the 2017 Legislative session, I got hired by my tribe as the THPO (tribal historic
preservation officer). Since then, my schedule has been so hectic and demanding of my time, to
retrieve some of our items under the NAGPRA, NHPA section 106 and many other items of
cultural significance. Example, at our next meeting next week, I had the choice of attending the
interim committee and the retrieval of some of my tribe's ancient artifacts under the NAGPRA
law at the University of Indiana.

With this in mind, my decision to resign from the Interim committee was not taken lightly.
However, I want to thank you Mr Speaker and Democrat Leader Jenny Eck for your support and
giving me this opportunity to serve on this Interim Committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Representative Jonathan Windy Boy HD32