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ENGR 002:

Students in this course are introduced to computer-aided drafting & design through the
use of the Solidworks software system. Topics begin with CAD fundamentals and
proceed through the production of three dimensional geometry including extrusions;
rotations; patterning; lofting & sweeps. Also addressed are engineering drawings for
production and current standards for dimensioning and tolerancing.

Engineering 002 Solidworks Syllabus Spring 2011

1/28 2D Geometric Construction Jensen pg70-71&Ch2
Relations Musto 1.4
2/4 Symmetry, Patterns & Repetition Handouts
Fasteners & Piping Jensen pg270-285
2/11 Reverse Engineering Musto 331-7
Sprockets & Gears Jensen pg717-720,730-734
2/18 Orthographics & 3D Shape Description Jensen Ch 6& pgs484-489
Musto pgs 3-4
2/25 Adv Ortho & Auxiliary Views Jensen 132-137
3/4 Section Views Jensen pg 99-105, 270-287
Pictorials Jensen Ch15
3/7-11 Spring Break – No Class Read Ahead!!
3/18 Midterm Week
3/25 Basic Dimensioning Jensen pg177-190, 192-195
4/1 Tolerances Jensen pg195-201
Dimensioning & Datums Jensen pg510-516
4/6 Last Day to Withdraw
4/8 Geometric Tolerances Jensen pg517-524, 595-597

Surface Texture Jensen pg208-212

Reading Geometric Dimensioning Jensen pg540-546

Datums pg537-540
Geometric Tolerancing with Datums Jensen pg549-553

4/15 Working Drawings Jensen Ch 14

4/22 Advanced Working Drawings Jensen Ch 12,13
4/29 Last Day of Classes && Official by-the-book Duedate for Term Project

Graphs & Charts // Lecture Review

5/6 5:30-8:30 Final in Votey 246

Engineering 002 Syllabus Spring Semester 2011

Mr. Victor Rossi (656-8490)
Computer Facility
Office at 235 Votey Building Please do not call at home.

Lecture & Lab

Thursdays: 5:30 -8:30

Room: 246 Votey
I am not available during the hour preceding class.

Note your lab designation[Z1] and mark on anything handed in.

Always bring notes and your textbook to lab!

Help Session Hours

Email for appointment:

Required Purchase
Engineering Drawing and Design 7th ed. by Jensen, Helsel & Short
Isbn978- 0-07-352151-0
Solid Modeling Using Solidworks 2010 by Howard & Musto
Isbn 978-0-07-3375434

Optional Purchases
cdr or memory stick
page flags

lecture quizzes 05%
lab assignments & homework 50%
midterm examination lecture 10%
midterm examination lab 10%
final examination lecture 10%
term project 15%
Notes on Grading
All assignments and quizzes are on a 10 point basis.
Midterm & Final Examination are on a 100 point basis
Rossi mail box is located in Votey 301 - MailRoom