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Young Talent Architecture Award Young Talent Architecture Award 2016 The graduation project carried out by Alvaro Siza in 1965 consisted ofa set of four single-family houses located in a village on the Portuguese north coast, He used two different colours of ink to draw by hand the design of the urban planning of all four houses, developing one of them to its precise construction details. Fifty-three years later, representation techniques in architectural design have changed radically. Does this also apply to the essence of today’s graduation projects? Which topics are addressed, and which objectives want to be achieved? What do architecture students design today as their last academic exercise? Is the graduation project a solution to a reality or a commission dealing with an urban conflict? YTAA 2016 received 211 graduation project submissions from over 100 Schools from 86 European cities. The jury, formed by: José Luis Vallejo, principal at Ecosistema Urbano, Madrid (Chairman); Inge Beckel, editor at the eMagazine, Zurich; Michal Duda, curator at the Museum of Architecture, Wroclaw; Juulia Kauste, director at the Museum of Finnish Architecture, Helsinki; Triin Ojari, director at the Museum of Estonian Architecture, Tallinn. The jury reviewed all these designs and made a shortlist of thirty. Nine became finalists, from which three became the winners of YTAA 2016, Within the frame of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia, the YTAA 2016 granting ceremony took place at Teatro Piccolo Arsenale in Venice on October 28th 2016. This publication presents the art designs, a collection of photomontages, photographs of models, collages and drawings, illustrating proposals thought for and located in different geographic and social contexts. A variety of approaches to designing and understanding emergent urban challenges that must be met, is a common aspect that the jury highlighted. ‘Twenty-one years after presenting his graduation project, at age 53, lvaro Siza finished building the Borges & Irmao Bank, winner the first European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture - van der Rohe Award (1988). Since then he has built all over the d and has also shared his knowledge with the younger generations ‘universities, including the Porto School of Architecture. In 2016, ig Talent Architecture Award was created to support the talent of graduated architects, urban planners and landscape architects, be responsible for transforming our environment in the future, emerged from an interest in the initial stages of these architects’ itand a desire to support their talent as they enter into the world. 13 18 22 24 26 28 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 68 72 78 82 86 90 94 100 106 110 140 142 156 164 Contents New Teaching and Learning Methods SC eac ‘Sand Motor in Costa Brava Sacred Borrowed scenery: Miyato salt farm onsen Butterfly landing Dialogues between city and landscape CHT-AHM Carp fishing in the market of Tokyo ‘Storm surge zones - an architectural intervention The reuse of neglected areas and the rebirth of the city Greenwich archipelago village Acity of opportunities - opening up to refugees as a trigger of urban regeneration Vallecas 2048 Linear landscapes Bagwall handbook ‘Las Delicias’ Centre for the Elderly Little Hamburg hybrid housing Radius AA theatre for La Fura dels Baus The Munch atelier: common ground Revisited waters The English mall // The commercial garden Winners and Finalists} ‘Subversions Minhocao A symbiotic relation of cooperative social housing and dispersed tourism in Habana Vieja Living in offices. The living triangle of Bordelongue Death and life of a small French city Living in a cultural environment Genesis of a place towards the project S'lowtecture: housing structure GeoFront Brewing democracy: the Assembly of Le Balai Citoyen Nominate REE Four Houses in Molédo do Minho Malevich's Tektonik NTAA 2016 in Figures} OES) José Luis Vallejo, Chairman Daniel Mira Garcia Pia Mendaro Larramendi Shenpei Ha Maria Cerda. Matteo Cervini, Eleonora Loca Almudena Ballarin zaskun Gonzalez Alexis Damian Fabrizio Furiassi loana Gherghel Francesca Esposito, Violetta Gambino Erika Mazza, Roberto Bonutto Silvia Lucchetta Andrea Chiabrera, Attilio Delucchi Baroni Blanca Gémez Galvez Michal Sapko Julian Meisen Ivo Oberholzer Vincent Francois Joao Verissimo Miriam Alonso Barrio Laura Abbruzzese Iwo Borkowicz Jautret Barrot, Cinthia Isabel Carrasco Alix Sportich, Alice Villatte Claudia Carreras Oliver David Gongalves Monteiro Tomasz Broma Policarpo del Canto Baquera Lorenzo Perri Alvaro Siza Zaha Hadid