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Se eect Wire ste ee ee ee eee ee UABB 2015 150 NETWORKED URBANISM ecosistema urbano ‘Networked Urbanism’ installation by ecosistema urbano demonstrates a working method and an overall strategic vision that relies on short-term, punc- tual, and powerful interventions in urban space. Oriented toward specific and emblematic sites, this strategy contrasts with conventional planning strategies that require long-term development and a large investment of resources. By working quickly and economically, ecosistema urbano's projects empower people and engage citizens in the tangible transformation of the places where they live. The installation displays a selection of pilot projects exploring urban improve- ment in both a physical and immaterial sense. Taken together, the selected pro- jects form a critical catalogue of diverse urban contexts. Networked Urbanism ‘embraces urban complexity and the new tools developed to address it. ‘Networked Urbanism’ thus reflects the approach of ‘Urban Social Design’ developed by ecosistema urbano, a group of architects and urban designers operating within the fields of urbanism, architecture, engineering, and sociology. The group’s work is characterised by attention to the urban context, social factors, and design understood as an action, an interaction, and a tool for transformation. Based in Spain, Ecosis- tema Urbano has completed research and design projects in Norway, Russi Paraguay, China, Ecuador, Honduras, Bahrain, and Italy. They have also devel- oped digital tools to facilitate collective creative exercises and visualize data, promoting participatory urban design processes. Credits: Principals: Jose Luis Vallejo and Belinda Tato ‘Team: Antonella Milano, Marco Rizzetto, Jorge Toledo, Luisa Zancada, Julia Casado, Alice Clementi, ‘Alessandro Benedetto, Carlos Le6n, Pascual Pérez, Luis Mauricio Franco, Bingyu Guan, Francesca Savio, Clara Medina, Antonio Diaz