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Name: Ludovic NDOUTOUMOU MBA, Birthday date: 1989-08-19

Phone number: 02285815/04457113, E-mail:

ONE Number: 77550

 Building and control of works in conformity with civil engineering rules.
 Making up of Budget and building steps.
 Management and control of delays, budgets, and working staff of the site.
 Planning of delays and cost of site activities (GANTT, PERT, MPM).
Useful software: MS Project, MS Excel.

 Dimensioning of structural elements in reinforced concrete (Post, Beam, Foundations…) Norms:
Bael91 modified 99, NF EN 1992-1-1 EC2.
 Dimensioning of structural element in steel building (Post, Beam, Bolted joint, Welded joint, Spatial
and Plan Portico and metal net) Norms: CM66, EC3.
 Geotechnical studies:
- Deeper and superficial foundations Norm: EC7 and fascicule2 tit 5.
- Settlement, consolidation, vertical drains and sand filters.
- Conditions of soils usefulness in embankment and foundation layer.
 Making of studies in dynamic fluid (Pressure, Pumping rate, lost pressure).
 Concrete formulation.
Useful software: Robot Structural Analysis, MS Excel, my own software (Concrete formulation, Site
expenditure manager…)
Known norms: Series NFP…, XPP…, DTU...

July 2017-January 2018 Work/Studies Engineer Arsenal BTP
- Management of earth moving embankment
(Planning, budget, Control) of a 600 meter road
- Study of 40 villas (Structure, plans and Planning)
November 2017-May 2017 University Teacher USTM (Gabon)
- Software VBA
- AutoCAD 2015
September 2015-March 2016 Internship as Civil Engineer COLAS (Gabon)

- Site: earth moving, excavation

- Geo Laboratory: soil test and usefulness
- Project manager: Organization and expenditure
tracking of the site
July-September 2014 Internship as Civil Engineer SOCOBA.EDTPL
- Assessment of site needs
- Dimensioning reinforced concrete element
 Civil engineer in July 2016
 Baccalaureate of science ( Mathematics, Physics, Biologics) in summer 2010

 English (Written, Spoken); French (Written, Spoken)

 Development of software(VBA, C++), Reading innovation, Karate do