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ENGLISH – `≥Å∞QÆ∞ – u“ãty Rs.5/-

Perundevi Thayar of Kanchipuram, Varadarajaswamy Temple

HÍOpѨÙ~°=Ú ÃÑ~°∞O^Õq J=∞‡"å~°∞, =~°^~Œ å[™êfiq∞ ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞=Ú
Vol. 20 MARCH – 2019 No.3
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N ~°∞H˜‡}© ã¨`«ºÉèÏ=∂ ã¨"Õ∞`« N"Õ}∞QÀáêÅ™êfiq∞ "åi

ã¨xflkè (ã¨iH˘O_» „QÍII, =∞ǨÏ|∂Éò#QÆ~ü lII)Ö’ N áêOK«~å„`åQÆ "≥∂HõΠѨOKåÇ≤ÏflHõ
„|Ǩϟ‡`«û==ÚÅ∞ ã¨fiã≤ÎN qÅOa<å=∞ ã¨OII~° áêÅ∞æ} â◊√II `«kÜ«∞ â◊x"å~°O
`Õk 09–03–2019 "≥Ú^ŒÅ∞ â◊√II J+¨ìq∞ QÆ∞~°∞"å~°O `Õk 14–03–2019 =~°‰õΩ
`Õk L^ŒÜ∞« O ~å„u
12-03-2019 ''HõàϺ}À`«û==Ú—— ''~°^Àä `«û==Ú—— qâı+Q¨ À+≤ª
=∞OQÆà"◊ å~°=Ú
13-03-2019 ™êfiq∞"åiH˜ Jaè¿+HõO, J~°Û#Å∞ =∞iÜ«Ú náÈ`«û=O, Jâ◊fi"åǨÏ#O ''ÅOHÍ^ŒÇϨ #=Ú——
|∞^è"Œ å~°=Ú N PO[<ÕÜ∞« ™êfiq∞ "åiH˜ =∞Ǩaè¿+HõO Jf+πÉÏl, ÉÏH±ã"¨ åi
14-03-2019 ѨÓ~å‚Çï¨ u K«„Hõf~°O÷ ѨÙ+¨ÊÜ«∂QÆO, ^•fi^Œâ◊ P~å^è#Œ , ^Õ=`å qã¨~#˚° O
QÆ∞~°∞"å~°=Ú |O_»∞¡ „uѨC@ ^èfiŒ *Ï=~ÀǨÏ}=Ú ã¨áêÎ=~°}=ÚÅ∞,
âı+"¨ åǨÏ#=Ú, =¸QÆ|e, Ѩ=oOѨ٠¿ã=
N "Õ O Hõ > Ë â ◊ fi ~° ™ êfiq∞ „|Ǩ Ï Ÿ‡`« û ==ÚÅ∞
^Õ=Ùx Ѩ_»HõÖò „QÍII, `«ÅH˘O_»Ñ¨e¡ =∞OII, ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡
ã¨fiã≤ÎN qà◊Oa<å=∞ ã¨OII~° ᶠê Å∞æ } â◊ √ II K« ` « ∞ ~° Ì t `Õk 20-3-2019 |∞^è Œ "å~°O #∞O_ç ᶠê Å∞æ } |II
ã¨Ñ¨Îq∞ |∞^èŒ"å~°O 27-3-2019 =~°‰õΩ `«ÅH˘O_»Ñ¨e¡ =∞OII ^Õ=Ùx Ѩ_»HõÖò „QÍ=∞OÖ’ N ™êfiq∞"åi ã¨áêÎÇ≤ÏflHõ
„|Ǩϟ‡`«û==ÚÅ∞ [~°∞QÆ∞#∞.
24-3-2019 Pk"å~° = Ú LII u~° ∞ Hõ ¯ àϺ}À`« û =O ™êII QÆ [ "åǨ Ï #O ¿ã=
25-3-2019 ™È=∞"å~°O LII =∞Ǩ  aè ¿ +Hõ O , x[~° ∂ Ѩ ^Œ ~ ° ≈ #O ™êII ~° ^ ä À `« û =O
26-3-2019 =∞OQÆ à ◊ " å~° = Ú LII ™ê=¸Ç≤ Ï Hõ ‰õ Ω O‰õ Ω =∂~° Û #Å∞ ™êII ÅOHÍ^Œ Ç ¨ Ï #O
27-3-2019 |∞^è Œ " å~° = Ú LII K« „ Hõ f ~° ÷ O ™êII NѨ Ù +¨ Ê Ü« ∂ QÆ O
|ãπ ~ ° ∂ \ò : ÃÇ· Ï ^Œ ~ åÉÏ^£ , Hõ _ ®Î Ö ò , Hõ Å fi‰õ Ω iÎ , ëê^£ # QÆ ~ ü #∞O_ç ^Õ = Ùx Ѩ _ » H õ Ö ò ‰ õ Ω |㨠∞ ûÅ∞ Hõ Å =Ù.
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Editorial ................... 3
Ahobilam and Ahobila Mutt - 75 ................. 14
Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranamam-216 ....... 4
N~å=∂#∞Ax Hõj‡~°∞ âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° Ü«∂„`«-19 .. ............ 16
ã¨Oáê^ŒH©Ü«∞O ................ 6
Ramanuja's Journey to Sharada Peeth-xix ......... 18
q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o–216 ................ 7 News ................. 20
ÃÊúÁtN˛yÆ ............. 10 Devotee's Experiences ................. 26

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March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 3 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
EDITORIAL... ✍ Second wave of Bakthi movement required….

The innate potential of Hinduism produced the mystics and saints, philosophers and poets,
to inspire people through their God-intoxicated lives and to teach the people to cast aside the
heavy burdens of rituals and customs, hair-splitting logic and vain polemics, and to simply and
wholly express their overwhelming love for God.
The nectar of Bhakti or devotion not only flowed from the devotee towards the Lord,
but also flowed into the hearts of millions of Indians down the centuries. Right from the seed of
Bhakti in the fervent prayers of the seers in the Vedic period to Vedic gods, through the more
articulate conception in many upanishads such as Shvetasvara Upanishad, Taittareeya Upanishad,
Chandogya Upanishad etc., the emotion of Bhakti coursed through the centuries of Indian history.
It went on widening its influence through the epics like Ramayana and the Mahabharata,
deepening its intensity through the Puranas like the Bhagavata Purana and the Vishnu Purana,
and rationalizing its approach through the works like Narada Bhakti Sutras and Sandilya Bhakti
Sutras. Although the flow seemed to have ebbed, the passion of love can never dry out of the
Indian heart. Thus arose a great movement in the religious and cultural history of India—the
Bhakti Movement or the Bhagavath Movements.
The most profound influence and contribution of the Bhakti Movement to the Indian
Culture is in composing of songs and poetry and in revitalizing music and group singing. The
intertwining of Bhajan and Bhakti, song and devotion, is largely due to the fact that the path of
Bhakti from its very beginning was preached through songs. The intense emotional attachment
the Bhakti saints had towards their Divine inspired copious volumes of excellent religious poetry
and played a major role in propagating religious aspirations and sentiments through these songs.
Throughout India, the temples began to function as the nucleus of religious life and
social congregation. They became the seats for disseminating religious and cultural values through
discourses and discussions and acted as a stage for evolving collective dance and music art
forms. It was in the temples that the Hindu ritualistic practices and theistic devotional aspirations
met and achieved confluence thereby integrating Vedic traditions and Bhakti aspirations.
Right from the Alvars and the Nayanmars, the Bhakti saints showed through their lives
that saintliness and devotion is not dependent on caste or birth. That the so-called untouchables
like Tiruppanalvar, Nandanar, Ravidas, etc., sinners turned saints like Vipra Narayana
(Tondaradipodialvar) and Arunagirinathar, ‘uneducated’ Kabir, Nanak or Tukaram, divine women
like Bibi Nanchari, Meerabai, Karaikal Ammaiyar and Akka Mahadevi could turn into saints following
the footsteps of divine consort Andal. That these saints were revered and followed even by the
orthodox sections of Hindu society showing that saintliness was given more importance than caste,
birth, education or gender.
Ramanuja, through his doctrine of sharanagati (self-surrender to God), which is special
Bhakti yoga state discovered that the gates of salvation are open to all, even to the lowliest
and the meek, and reinstalled confidence and dignity in their social living. India’s spiritual culture
regained its strength to resist pressures from socio-political forces from abroad and the decadent
atheistic reform movements within the nation, and marched on with its unparalleled adaptability
to the needs of time and to inspire generation after generation to regain faith in their religion
and spiritual heritage that was rightly theirs.
There is a strong need to revive the Bhakthi Movement through Bhagavatha and Bhajana
Samprdaya in the rural areas and to promote the artisans who have been tirelessly protecting
the same for centuries. This action will help strengthen our masses towards Devotion to Sanatana
Dharma. Chilkur Balaji Temple and Temples Protection Movement will surely play an active role
in this. !
There should be no regional boundaries for temples.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 4 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama - 216


Dr. V.S. Karunakaran B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D

As per the preagreement Arjuna had to set The Brahmin said, “No my dear! Our Pandya
out for a one year long Pilgrimage as explation king always takes care of the welfare of all his
for having accidentally seen the romantic Dharmaraja subjects. He will ensure that you stay safely till I
and Droupadi. During his one year pilgrimage Arjuna return from the pilgrimage!”
had visited the Azhagar hills and other holy places The Pandya king, who had come for rounds
in Pandya Desa of Tamil Nadu. In the course of in disguise, had sat for a while outside their house.
this part of his pilgrimage, he came across He also happened to listen to their conversation
Chitralekha the pandya princess. and felt elated. “This citizen has placed a lot of
Captivated by her beauty, Arjuna proposed faith on me! I should stand true to it!” said the king
to marry her. He expressed his desire to Chitralekha. and went back to his palace.
Chitralekha directed Arjuna to her father to get his The next day onwards, the king used to
permission for their marriage. visit the house of the Brahmin every night in disguise,
Her father laid down a condition that if Arjuna and would ensure that the lady was sleeping safely.
marries Chitralekha, he should not take the child A month passed by.
born out of their wedding with him. He should hand The Brahmin returned home by a late night.
the child over to Pandya Desa. He was speaking with his wife regarding his
Arjuna was puzzled by this weird stipulation experiences during the pilgrimage.
ordained by him. He met Chitralekha again and The king who came to inspect the house
made fun of the peculiar proviso of her father. “Your heard some voices from inside and suspected that
country has got strange laws it seems! How can some strangers had entered the house.
a father give away his dear child to his father-in- “Oh my God! That Brahmin had placed a
law? Does this sound good?” he asked. lot of trust on me and my protection and left his
Chitralekha replied, “Please don’t make fun newly married wife alone! I should stand true to
of the laws of our country! In this Pandya Desa his trust!” exclaimed the king and knocked at the
which is ruled by Goddess Meenaakshi, the rulers door.
will beget only one offspring. If that offspring is a “Who is that man knocking the door of my
male child, he will become the next king. But if house at midnight?” shouted the Brahmin.
it is a female child, before giving her in marriage, The king realized that the voice was not
the father will lay down a condition to hand over that of any stranger but the Brahmin’s and silently
her first offspring to the Pandya Desa itself so that left the place.
he can be coronated as the subsequent emperor!” The next morning the Brahmin went to the
She added, “Our ancestors, the great Pandya king’s court. “Revered king! Last night an anonymous
kings, evinced keen interest in ensuring the safety person had knocked at my door. I want to know
of each and every citizen of the nation. They were who that person is. More specifically, since I had
ready to sacrifice anything in order to abide by been away from home for the past one month, I
the laws. Do you know about Porkai Pandian?” want to know whether he had come to my home
“Who is that?” asked Arjuna. in that period!”
Chitralekha narrated the following episode: The king said, “I am extremely sorry to hear
— that somebody has caused disturbance at midnight
Long ago, a Brahmin living in Pandya desa to a couple in my country! Can you tell me what
wished to go to Kashi on a pilgrimage. He told kind of punishment you wish to give to the person
his wife, “Darling! Be safe! I will complete my who knocked at your door?”
pilgrimage and return within a month!” “The hand which knocked at my door should
The young timid woman politely told him, be cut!” said the Brahmin.
“Hardly one month has passed since our marriage! The king immediately pulled his sword and
How can I stay alone in this new place, new cut off his hand. The Brahmin was shocked.
atmosphere and new surroundings?”

q[Ü«∞O ™êkèOK«QÅ
Æ =∞<Õ qâßfiã¨O L#fl"å~°∞ q[Ü«∞O ™êkèOz f~°∞`å~°∞.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 5 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
The king then explained that to be true to brothers were appreciating his prowess on Marine
the trust placed on him by the Brahmin, he had Biology also, Dharmaputra said, “All credit goes
visited the Brahmin’s house every night in disguise to Arjuna, who narrated me the episode on the fish!”
to ensure that his wife was sleeping safely. But After the epic battle of Mahabharata, while
since he heard some voices, he knocked at the Bheeshma narrated the Vishnu Sahasranama to
door on that day. Since it had caused disturbance Dharmaputra, as the 216th name ‘ANIMISHA’ came,
to the couple, he accepted the punishment Dharmaputra looked at Krishna and smiled at Him
prescribed by the Brahmin. because Krishna was always agile and alert in
The Brahmin then pleaded apology from rescuing the Pandavas and is rightly referred to
the king. The king then made a golden prosthetic as the Sleepless One.
hand as a replacement for the cut off hand and In the 215th name NIMISHA, Veda Vyasa
came to be known as Porkai Pandya – the Pandya explains that the Lord sleeps in the case of sinners.
with a golden hand. In the 216th name ANIMISHA, Vyasa explains that
— the Lord is always alert and awake with regards
Chitralekha, who recalled this anecdote, to rescuing His devotees.
told Arjuna, “Our kings used to follow the governing These days, we see a logo in the
laws with this much sincerity! So don’t make fun advertisement for soaps that reads, “Hard on Dirt,
of our laws!” Soft on Clothes”. The Lord is Sleepy for Sinful and
She added, “The Lord incarnated as fish Agile for Devotees.
in our Pandya Desa. We worship that Lord Matsya Among all creatures, fishes are said to have
who is called ANIMISHA – the One who never sleeps. no sleep at all. The mother fish would nurture its
By the grace of that Lord, our rulers also render offspring my her mere sight itself.
justice to people without sleeping. Since the species Since the Lord is also ever agile and awake
of fishes resemble the Lord Matsya called Animisha, and always intent on rescuing His devotees, He
fishes also came to be called as Animisha in Sanskrit is called ANIMISHA.
dictionary.” Nirukti summarizes this as:
Arjuna, after completing his pilgrimage, told
all these to his elder brother Dharmaputra. øqmz \ÁTøN˛: À™w o Áz ÿuåu™ ≈Y Ã:@
Later on, in the Yaksha prasna episode, Those who want to get the divine glances
in one of the questions, the Yaksha asked of the Lord always, can meditate on the form of
Dharmaputra, “Who doesn’t sleep?” VISA Balajee at Chilkur and chant
“The Fish!” answered Dharmaputra. "OM ANIMISHAAYA NAMAHA"
After answering all the questions put forth !
by the Yaksha, he saved his brothers. When his
@@HÂ Euåu™ ÁÆ å™: @@

N˛Á™z æ Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™ÁÆ N˛Á™úÁ¬ÁÆ N˛Áu™åz @ D â’¡HÍxfl 㨇iOK«O_ç. Chant 28 times

å™: N˛Á™uƒ“Á∫ÁÆ N˛Á™øúá∫ÁÆ Y@@ =∂ ÃÑo§ [iy# H˘xfl <≥ÅÖ’¡<Õ PÜ«∞#`À q_®‰õΩÅ∞ fã¨∞HÀ"åÅx
HÍ"Õ∞â◊fi~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∂Ü«∞ HÍ=∞áêÖÏÜ«∞ HÍq∞<Õ I x~°~‚ ÚOz# ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÃÑ· â’¡HÍxfl zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ q#_»O [iyOk.
#=∞ó HÍ=∞qǨ~åÜ«∞ HÍ=∞~°∂Ѩ^~Œè åÜ«∞ K« II ~ÀE 㨇iã¨∂Î<Õ L<åfl#∞. Pâ◊Û~°ºHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# suÖ’ =∂ =∞^茺
Kaameshwaraya Kaamaya Kaamapalaya Kamine J=QÍǨÏ# ÃÑiy KåÖÏ J<Àº#ºOQÍ LO@∞<åfl=Ú.
Namaha Kaamavihaaraya Kaamarupa dharaayacha
Marriages get finalised by Chanting this Sloka. Also XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞, =∞OQÆà◊yi
this sloka bestows intimacy, mutual affection and =∂ J=∂‡~ÚH˜ 38 Uà◊√§. Z<Àfl ã¨O|O^è•Å∞ =zÛ<å ÃÑo¡
trust between couples.
‰õΩ^Œ~°ÖË^Œ∞. J~Ú`Õ D â’¡HõO K≥Ñ≤Ê# H˘xfl ~ÀAÅÖ’ =∞Oz
q"åÇ¨Ï „áêÑ≤Î, ÉèÏ~åº Éèí~°ÎÅ #_»∞=∞ „Ñ‘u, SHõ=∞`åºxH˜ =~°∞_ç`À ÃÑo§ ‰õΩkiOk. XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åÅ∞,

=„[O ÖÏO\˜ â◊s~åxH˜....... –j ∆∫y∫ Nz˛ u¬L Chant 28 times

FO #"≥∂ <å~°ã≤OǨÜ«∞ =„[^ŒO„ëêìÜ«∞ =„l}ËI =„[^ÕǨÜ«∞ =„*ÏÜ«∞ #"≥∂ =„[ #MÏÜ«∞K«II

H å™Áz åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ÁÆ ƒ\¿ t Ê … b~ Á Æ ƒu\~ m z @ ƒ\~ t z “ ÁÆ ƒ\~ Á Æ å™Áz ƒ\~ åQÁÆ Y @@

ã¨=∞Ü«∂xfl ã¨iQÍ qxÜ≥∂yOK«∞‰õΩ<Õ "å_çH˜ q∞QÆ`å =∞Oz JÅ"å@∞¡ ‰õÄ_® "å@O`«@"Õ =™êÎ~Ú.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 6 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
© ∞« O✍ =∞~˘Hõ ÉèíH˜Î L^Œº=∞O ~å"åe....
Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ^èŒ~°‡OÖ’#∞#fl ã¨Ç¨Ï["≥∞ÿ# â◊H˜Î ™ê=∞~å÷ºÅ∞ D <ÕÅÃÑ· P^蕺u‡Hõ"Õ`«ÎʼnõΩ, `«`«fi"Õ`«ÎʼnõΩ, Hõ=ÙʼnõΩ [#‡xKåÛ~Ú.
`«=∞^≥·# s`«∞ÅÖ’ "≥·nHõ"≥∞ÿ# ÉèíQÆ=^ŒÌ`«"≥∞ÿ# "åi rq`å^Œ~å≈Å`À „Ѩ[ʼnõΩ ÉèÏ~°=ÚQÍ =∂i# PKå~° =º=Ǩ~åÅ∞, â◊√+¨¯ `«~°¯-
q`«~å¯Å∞, q_çzÃÑ\˜ì ˆH=ÅO ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞xѨ@¡ `«=∞‰õΩ#fl ÉèíH˜Îx ã¨~°à◊OQÍ Jaè=ºH©ÎHõiOK«_®xH˜ „áÈ`«ûÇ≤ÏOz# HÍ~°}[#∞‡Å∞ "å~°∞.
ÉèíH˜Î „â◊^ŒúÅ<Õ J=∞$`«O ˆH=ÅO Éèí‰õΩΊǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂Å#∞O_ç Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ =^ŒÌˆH HÍHõ, ÅHõ∆ÖÏk ÉèÏ~°fÜ«∞ ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂ÅÖ’
â◊`åÉÏÌÅ #∞O_ç á⁄Oy-„Ѩ=Ç≤Ïã¨∂Î<Õ LOk. "Õ^Œ "åV‡Ü«∞OÖ’ JÅ<å\˜ |∞∞+¨µÅ∞ ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x Ü≥∞_»Å ZO`À L`åûǨÏO`À QÍ#O
KÕã≤# ÉèíH˜Î c*ÏÅ∞ `≥·`«sÜ«∞, KèåO^ÀQƺ, âıfi`åâ◊fi~° `«k`«~° LѨx+¨`«∞ÎÅÖ’ =∞iO`« ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# J=QÍǨÏ#`À, Jaè=ºHõÎ=∞~Ú
â◊`åÉÏÌÅ∞QÍ ÉèÏ~°fÜ«ÚŠǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂ÅÖ’ ÉèÏ=ÙHõ`«`À ѨšqOKåÜ«∞x D^Õâ◊ K«i„`« `≥eÜ«∞*Ë™ÈÎOk.
D ÉèíH˜ÎÉèÏ=O ~å=∂Ü«∞}-=∞ǨÉèÏ~°`«O =O\˜ =∞ǨHÍ"åºÅ ^•fi~å =∞iO`« q™êÎ~åxfl ã¨O`«iOѨ*Ëã¨∞‰õΩx, ÉèÏQÆ=`«
q+¨µ‚, ѨÙ~å}ÏO=O\˜ „QÆO^è•Å`À Ö’`«∞#∞ ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°∞Û‰õΩOk. <å~°^Œ, âßO_çź ÉèíH˜Î ã¨∂„`åÅ`À D ÉèÏ=O `«~°¯ã¨=∞‡`«OQÍ
PÖ’zOKÕ ^Œ$+≤ìx ™êkèOzOk. HÍÖÏ#∞QÆ∞}OQÍ D „Ѩ"åǨÏO HÍã¨ÎO`« H©∆}˜Oz#@∞¡ JxÑ≤Oz<å, ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞xѨ@¡ '„¿Ñ=∞— J<Õ
ÉèÏ"å"Õâ◊O ÉèÏ~°fÜ«∞ ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂Å #∞O_ç Z#fl\˜H© ZO_çáÈ^Œ∞. nx P^è•~°OQÍ<Õ ÉèÏ~°fÜ«∞ ™êO㨯 $uHõ ^è•i‡Hõ K«i„`«Ö’ XHõ Q˘Ñ¨Ê
L^Œº=∞O TÑ≤iáÈã¨∞‰õΩ#flk - J^Õ ÉèíH˜Î L^Œº=∞O.
ÉèÏ~°fÜ«∞ ã¨O㨯 $uÃÑ·# ÉèÏ~°fÜ«∞ ÉèíH˜Î L^Œº=∞O K≥ѨCHÀ^Œy# „ѨÉèÏ=O Hõ#|izOk. JO^Œ∞Ö’ K≥ѨCHÀ^Œy#q -
ã¨Ow`«O, ™êÇ≤Ï`«ºO! w`åÅ#∞ „"åã≤ ã¨Ow`« ÉÏ}©ÅÖ’ á⁄O^Œ∞Ѩ~°K«_»O ^•fi~å ã¨Ow`åxH˜ ™ê=¸Ç≤ÏHõ w`åÖÏѨ#ʼnõΩ |ÅO
KÕ‰õÄiOk. Éèí[#-ÉèíH˜Î w`«=Ú P~å^èŒ#Å#∞ Ô~O_çO\˜h HõeÑ≤ ÃÑ#"≥Ü«∞º\ÏxH˜ HÍ~°}O, ÉèíH˜Î J<Õ ã¨<å‡~åæxfl "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ ^Œâ◊#∞O_ç
ã¨Ow`« =∂~°æ=Ú ^•fi~å<Õ É’kèOK«_»"Õ∞! ÉèíHõÎ Hõ=ÙʼnõΩ `«=∞ P~å^茺 ^≥·"åÅѨ@¡ LO_Õk Jáê~°"≥∞ÿ# ÉèÏ"å"Õâ◊O`À ‰õÄ_ç# „¿Ñ=∞
|O^èŒO! D |O^èŒO =Å<Õ "å~°∞ ѨÙOMÏ#∞ ѨÙOMÏÅ∞QÍ ÉèíH˜Î`À ‰õÄ_ç# Hõq`«Å#∞, w`åÅ#∞ ~°zOKå~°∞. D w`«, ã¨Ow`åÖË ÉèíH˜Î
ÉèÏ"åÅ#∞ ÃÑOá⁄OkOz, „ѨKå~°OÖ’ `Õ=_®xH˜ |Å"≥∞ÿ# ™ê^èŒ<åÅ∞QÍ LѨÜ≥∂QÆѨ_ç<å~Ú.
ÉèÏ~°`«^Õâ◊OÖ’x ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Åhfl ^è•i‡Hõ rq`åxfl #_»∞ѨىõΩO@∂, ™ê=∂lHõ ã¨=Ú^•Ü«∂Å∞QÍ ã¨g∞HõiOK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ
K«Hõ¯x "ÕkHõÅ∞QÍ LѨÜ≥∂QÆѨ_»@O "≥Ú^ŒÅ~ÚOk. =∞Ok~åÅhfl ^è•i‡Hõ, ™êO㨯 $uHõ qÅ∞=Å#∞, „ѨKå~°O K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ K«Hõ¯x
Ñ‘~îåÅ∞QÍ LѨÜ≥∂QÆѨ_»∞`«∂ =KåÛ~Ú. „Ѩ=K«<åÅ ^•fi~å, K«~°ÛÅ ^•fi~å nxx ™ê^茺Ѩ~°K«_»"Õ∞ HÍHõ, ™ê=¸Ç≤ÏHõ #$`«º, ã¨Ow`«
Hõà◊Å∞ L^ŒƒùqOK«_®xH˜ ‰õÄ_® ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Å∞ =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ# ˆHO„^•Å∞QÍ ~°∂ѨÙk^Œ∞̉õΩ<åfl~Ú. D ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂ÅÖ’<Õ Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ Hõ~°‡HÍO_»Å`À
Pã≤ÎHõ"å^Œ ÉèíH˜Î ÉèÏ"åaèÖÏ+¨ ã¨OQÆq∞OK«_»O ^•fi~å "≥·kHõ PKå~° - =º=Ǩ~åÅ`À ÉèíH˜Î ÉèÏ"åÅ ã¨g∞Hõ~°}O [iyOk.
PàÏfi~°∞Å =∞iÜ«Ú <åÜ«∞<å‡~°∞Å HÍÅO #∞O_Õ ÉèíHõÎ Hõq„âı+¨µªÅ∞ `«=∞`«=∞ rq`åÅ ^•fi~å ™ê^èŒ∞`«fi=¸, ÉèíH˜Î ÉèÏ==Ú
J#flq Z=i ‰õΩÅO - [#‡ÅÃÑ·# P^è•~°Ñ¨_çÖË=x x~°∂Ñ≤OKå~°∞. JO@~åx"å~°∞QÍ P<å_»∞ ÉèÏqOz# ‰õΩÖÏÅÖ’ [x‡Oz#
u~°∞áêÊ}ÏàÏfi~°∞, #O^Œ<å~°∞, ~°q^•ã¨∞Å∞† `«Ñ¨CÅ∞ KÕã≤ ã¨ik^Œ∞ÌHÀQÆey# q„Ѩ<å~åÜ«∞} (`˘O_»~°_çá⁄Ê_ç PàÏfi~°∞), J~°∞}yi
<å^èŒ∞_»∞† q^•ºQÆO^èŒ"Õ∞ÖËx Hõc~°∞, <å#H±, `«∞HÍ~åO, k=º J=`å~°"≥∞uÎ# PO_®à◊√ Éèí‰õΩÎ~åà‹·§# g∞~åÉÏ~Ú, HõÔ~·HÍÅ J=∞‡Ü«∞~ü,
JHõ¯=∞Ǩ^Õq=O\˜ ZO^Œ~À =∞Ǩ#∞ÉèÏ=ÙÅ∞ ™ê^èŒ∞ã¨fiÉèÏ=ÙÅ∞QÍ, ™ê^èŒ∞fiÅ∞QÍ Ñ¨i}u K≥O^•~°∞. g~°O^Œ~°∂ ZO`«\ ˜ =∞Ǩ#∞ÉèÏ=ÙÅO>Ë,
™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∞|^Œú"≥∞ÿ# Ç≤ÏO^Œ∂ ã¨=∂[OÖ’x „Ѩ=ÚY∞Å∞ ‰õÄ_® gix Q“~°qOz, P^ŒiOz, J#∞HõiOz, ã¨^Œ∞æ}ÏÅ#flq,
™ê^èŒ∞ã¨fiÉèÏ==∞#flk =ÚYºO `«Ñ¨Ê "åi ‰õΩÅ-=∞`«-QÀ„`åÅ∞ QÍx, "å~°∞ „ã‘ÎÖÏ-ѨÙ~°∞+¨µÖÏ J#fl ÉèË^ŒOQÍx ZO`«=∂„`«=¸
ѨiQÆ}#Ö’H˜ ~å=x x~°∂Ñ≤OKå~°∞.
~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ `å=Ú „ѨuáêkOz# 'â◊~°}ÏQÆu— `«`«Î fiO ^•fi~å "≥·nHõ ^èŒ~°‡s`åº JO^ŒiH© =ÚH˜Îx á⁄O^Õ JkèHÍ~°O
LO^Œx x~°∂Ñ≤OKå~°∞. "å~°∞ ZO`«\ ˜ Ç‘Ï#∞Å~Ú<å, ÉèíÜ«∞ã¨∞÷Å~Ú<å 㨈~, D â◊`«~°}ÏQÆu `«`«Î fiO ^•fi~å "åiÖ’ P`«‡qâßfi™êxfl
xOÑ≤, ã¨=∂[OÖ’ "åiH˘Hõ ã¨=Ú#fl`«"≥∞ÿ# ã¨=Úz`« ™ê÷<åxfl JOkOKå~°∞. ÉèÏ~°`«^Õâ◊Ѩ٠P^蕺u‡Hõ ã¨O㨯 $u uiy |Ö’¿Ñ`«=∞~ÚOk.
^•x=Å# ~å[H©Ü«∞-™êOѶ≤∞Hõ q^Õj ^•_»∞Å#∞ `«@∞ìHÀQÆeˆQ â◊H˜Îx =∞~°Å ã¨=Úáêi˚OK«∞HÀ=_»O`ÀÉÏ@∞, xã¨ûO^ÕǨÏOQÍ =∂~°∞ÊÅ∞-
KÕ~°∞ÊÅ∞ KÕã¨∞‰õΩO@∂ XHõ `«~°O `«~åfi`« =∞~˘Hõ `«~åxfl ã¨∂ÊùiÎ=∞O`«O KÕã¨∂Î, ~åÉ’ÜÕ∞ `«~åÅ"å~°∞ `«=∞^≥·# P^蕺u‡Hõ "å~°ã¨`åfixfl
H˘#™êyã¨∂Î, =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ ™êQÆ∞`ÀOk.
D<å\˜ Ѩiã≤÷`«∞ÅÖ’ =∞~°Å ÉèíH˜Î L^Œº=∂xH˜ TÑ≤i á⁄Ü«∞º_®xH˜ „QÍg∞} „áêO`åÅÖ’ Éèí[# ™êO„Ѩ^•Ü«∂Å Pã¨~å
fã¨∞HÀ=Åã≤# J=ã¨~° ZO`≥·<å LOk. „QÍg∞} „Ѩ^ÕâßÅÖ’ rqOKÕ HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å∞ `«~°`«~åÅ#∞O_ç `«=∞ "å~°ã¨`«fi ã¨OѨ^ŒQÍ
â◊`åÉÏÌÅ∞QÍ g\©x Ѩi~°H˜∆ã¨∂Î =ã¨∞Î<åfl~°#flk =∞~°=ÖË=Ú. D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O ™ê^è•~°} „Ѩ[ÅÖ’ =∞# ã¨<å`«# ^èŒ~°‡O - ÉèíH˜Î
ÉèÏ"åÅѨ@¡ L#fl Q“~°"åaè=∂<åʼnõΩ =∞iO`« â◊H˜Îxã¨∞ÎOk.
D =∞Ǩϟ^Œº=∞OÖ’ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O, PÅÜ«∞ Ѩi~°Hõ∆} L^Œº=∞O `«Ñ¨ÊHõ áêÖÁæO\Ï~Ú.!

XHõ =ºH˜Î ZO`« L#fl`« ã≤u÷ x KÕ~∞° H˘O>Ë J`«_O» `«\˜ f„=`«~° Hõi#î ѨsHõÅ
∆ #∞ JkèQqÆ ∞Oz =ÙO\Ï_»∞.
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q+¨µ‚ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ QÍ^ä•=o – 216

POQÆ¡=¸ÅO : _®II q.Ü«∞ãπ. ‰õ~°∞}ÏHõ~°<£, B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. J#∞"å^ŒO : _®II ã¨∞=∞<£Å`«
áêO_»=ÙÅO^Œ~∂° ™ê=¸Ç≤ÏHõOQÍ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ#fl x~°Ü ‚ ∞« O `«=∞ ~å[ºOÖ’x „Ѩuáœ~°∞_ç Éèí„^Œ`«ÃÑ·# ^Œ$+≤ìx xeáê~°∞.
„ѨHÍ~°O ^è~Œ ‡° ~åA, „^ÒѨk UHÍO`«OÖ’ LO_»QÍ J#∞HÀ‰õΩO_® x|O^èŒ#Å#∞ Ѩi~°H˜∆OK«_®xH˜ "å~°∞ ZO`«\ ˜ `åºQÆ=∞~Ú<å
"åix K«∂_»@O [iyOk QÆ#Hõ J~°∞˚#∞_»∞ XHõ U_®káê@∞ K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ ã≤^ŒúOQÍ LO_Õ"å~°∞. g∞‰õΩ 'áÈÔ~·¯ áêO_»∞º_ç—
f~° ÷ Ü « ∂ „`« Å ‰õ Ω |Ü« ∞ ÖË Ì ~ å_» ∞ . P<å\˜ áêO_» º ~å[ºO (|OQÍ~°∞ KÕu áêO_»∞º_»∞) QÆ∞iOz `≥Å∞™ê?——
(`« q ∞à◊ < å_» ∞ )Ö’ L#fl Jà◊ Q Æ ~ ü Ѩ ~ ° fi `« „áêO`åÅ#∞ ''Z=~°∞?—— J#fl J~°∞˚#∞_ç „Ñ¨â◊fl‰õΩ ã¨=∂^è•#OQÍ
㨠O ^Œ i ≈OKå_» ∞ . `« # D f~° ÷ Ü « ∂ „`« Ö ’ J~° ∞ ˚ # ∞_» ∞ D „H˜Ok QÍ^äŒ#∞ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã≤Ok.
áêO_»º~å‰õΩ=∂i z„`«ÖËY#∞ HõÅ=_»O `«@ã≤÷OzOk. ---
z„`«ÖËY JѨÓ~°fi ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜ =ÚQÆ∞ú_»~Ú# KåÖÏ HÍÅO H˜O^Œ@ áêO_»º ^Õâ◊OÖ’ x=ã≤OKÕ XHõ
J~°∞˚#∞_»∞ P"≥∞#∞ q"åǨÏ=∂_®Åx JaèÅ+≤OK«_»O, P"≥∞ „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ HÍjÜ«∂„`« K≥Ü«∂ºÅx ã¨OHõeÊOKå_»∞. PÜ«∞#
=ÚO^Œ∞ `«# =∞<ÀQÆ`åxfl LOK«_O» , P"≥∞ `«# `«O„_ç J#∞=∞u `«# ÉèÏ~°º`À „¿Ñ=∞QÍ ''#∞=Ùfi *Ï„QÆ`«ÎQÍ =ÙO_»∞. <Õ#∞ <å
fã¨∞HÀ=∞x ã¨∂zOK«_»O [iyOk. HÍjÜ«∂„`«#∞ =ÚyOK«∞H˘x XHõ <≥Š֒ѨÙ# uiy=™êÎ#∞——
z„`«ÖËY `«O„_ç XHõ x|O^èŒ##∞ qkèOKå_»∞. J<åfl_»∞.
J~°∞˚#∞_»∞ `«# ‰õΩ=∂Ô~Î#∞ q"åǨÏO KÕã¨∞‰õΩ#flѨÊ\˜H©, "åiH˜ P Ü«Ú=u HÍã¨Î ã¨OHÀzã¨∂Î WÖÏ JOk, ''<å^ä•!
[x‡OK« É ’ÜÕ ∞ 㨠O `å<åxfl =∂„`« O J`« # ∞ `« # "≥ O @ =∞# q"åǨÏ=∞~Ú XHõ<≥Å ‰õÄ_® HÍÖË^Œ∞. H˘`«Î "å`å=~°}O,
fã¨∞‰õΩáÈ~å^Œ∞. áêO_»º ^ÕâßxˆH JѨÊyOKåe. H˘`«Î „Ѩ^Õâ◊OÖ’ XHõ¯^•x<Õ ZÖÏ LO_»QÆÅ#∞ K≥ѨÊO_ç?——
D+¨~`° ∞« #∞ q#fl J~°∞#˚ ∞xH˜ JO`å JÜ≥∂=∞Ü«∞OQÍ ''h=Ù U=∂„`«O ÉèíÜ«∞Ѩ_»#=ã¨~°OÖË^Œ∞. =∞#
JxÑ≤OzOk. JO^Œ∞ˆH J`«_»∞ z„`«ÖËY#∞ =∞~˘Hõ™êi Hõeã≤, áêO_»º~åA `«# „Ѩ[ÅO^Œi =∞Oz-K≥_Ť» #∞ KåÖÏ *Ï„QÆ`QΫ Í
P"≥∞ `«O„_ç qkèOz# D qz„`«"∞≥ #ÿ +¨~`° ∞« #∞ HÍã¨OÎ `« ¿ÇÏà◊# K«∂ã¨∞‰õΩO\Ï~°∞. <Õ#∞ uiy =KÕÛ=~°‰õÄ, h Éèí„^Œ`«‰õΩ PÜ«∞#
KÕã∂¨ Î WÖÏ J<åfl_»∞ - ''K«∂_»É’`Õ g∞^ÕâO◊ Ö’ U"À qz„`«"∞≥ #ÿ ÉÏ^茺`« =Ç≤Ï™êÎ~°∞!——
xÜ«∞=∂Å∞ L#fl@∞¡ HõxÑ≤™ÈÎOk. U `«O„_çÜ≥ÿ∞<å `«# =∂~°∞"Õ+O¨ Ö’ `«# „Ѩ[Å Hˆ =∆ ∂xfl `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ
ã¨O`å<åxfl `«# =∂=∞QÍiH˜ WK≥ÛÜ«∞ºQÆÅ_®? Jã¨Å∞ =zÛ# áêO_»º~åA P ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ J#∞HÀ‰õΩO_® "åi
W^Õ=∞<åfl ÉÏQÆ∞O@∞O^•?—— WO\˜Éˇ·@ ‰õÄ~°∞Ûx LO_»@O =Å# gi =∂@Å#∞ q#_»O
z„`«ÖËY ^•xH˜ ã¨=∂^è•#O Wã¨∂Î, ''^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ =∂ ã¨OÉèqí Oz, ZO`À P#OkOKå_»∞. ''D áœ~°∞_»∞ <åÃÑ#· ZO`À
~å[ºxÜ«∞=∂Å#∞ ¿ÇÏà◊# KÕÜ«∞HõO_ç! g∞<åH˜∆ J=∞‡"åi qâßfiã¨=ÚOKå_»∞. <Õ#∞ ^•xH˜ `«y#@∞¡ LO_ç, J`«_ç =∂@Å∞
^ŒÜ«∞`À ѨiáêeOKÕ D áêO_»º~åAʼnõΩ ˆH=ÅO XHõ¯ ã¨`«º=∞x x~°∂Ñ≤OKåe!—— Jx ÉèÏqã¨∂Î, P~åA `«# HÀ@‰õΩ
ã¨O`å#O =∂„`«"∞Õ HõÅ∞QÆ∞`«∞Ok. Ѩل`«∞_»∞ [x‡¿ãÎ ã¨ÇϨ [OQÍ<Õ, uiy "≥àϧ_»∞.
J`«_»∞ "å~°ã¨`«fiOÖ’ `«~°"åu ~åA J=Ù`å_»∞. HÍx ѨلuHõ =∞~åfl\˜ #∞O_ç ~åA =∂~°∞"Õ+¨OÖ’ P „ÉÏǨχ}∞_ç
[x‡¿ãÎ =∂„`«O P"≥∞ q"åǨxH˜ =ÚO^Œ∞ `«O„_ç D x|O^èŒ# WO\˜ =^ŒÌ‰õΩ ~å„u"Õà◊Ö’ =zÛ, P Ü«Ú=u ˆH∆=∞OQÍ
`«Ñ¨ÊHõ qkè™êÎ_»∞. `«# ‰õΩ=∂Ô~ΉõΩ [x‡Oz# ã¨O`å<åxfl x„^ŒáÈ`ÀOk Hõ^• Jx x~åúiOK«∞‰õΩ<Õ"å_»∞.
áêO_»º^ÕâßxH˜ JѨÊy¿ãÎ, J`«_Õ Éèíq+¨º`«∞ÎÖ’ ~åAQÍ JÖÏ XHõ <≥Å QÆ_çzOk. XHõ<å_»∞, P „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞
ã≤OǨã¨<åxfl Jkè+≤ì™êÎ_»∞. =∞Ǩ`«∞‡Å~Ú# =∂ ѨÓsfi‰õΩÅ∞ ~å„u á⁄^Œ∞áÌ È~Ú# `«~"° å`« `«# WO\˜H˜ uiy =KåÛ_»∞. J`«_∞»
=∂#ã≤HOõ QÍ â◊H=Θ O`«"∞≥ #ÿ "åà◊√§ ZÖÏO\˜ Hõëêì#fl~Ú<å =∞~°∞ã¨\˜ ~ÀAHõÖÏ¡ =∞iÛáÈQÆÅ∞QÆ∞`å~°∞.
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`«# ÉèÏ~°º`À Ü«∂„`« J#∞Éèí"åÅ#∞, qâıëêÅ#∞ ѨOK«∞‰õΩO@∂ ~åA YO_çK∞« ‰õΩ#fl `«# KÕux J=∞~°∞Û‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ ã¨fi~°‚ ǨϙêÎxfl
ã¨OÉèÏ+≤ã¨∞Î<åfl_»∞. KÕ ~ ÚOK« ∞ ‰õ Ω x ÃÑ@∞ì H À=@O =Å# Ѩ Ó sfi‰õ Ω _» ~ Ú#
„Ѩu ~ÀAÖψQ =∂~°∞"Õ+O¨ Ö’ =zÛ# ~åA‰õΩ ֒Ѩe PáêO_»º~åA‰õΩ ''áÈÔ~·¯ áêO_»∞º_»#fl——(ã¨fi~°‚ǨÏã¨Î áêO_»∞º_»∞)
#∞O_ç Z=i"À Q˘O`«∞HõÅ∞ qxÑ≤ã¨∂Î LO_»@O`À, WO\˜Ö’H˜ ¿Ñ~°∞=zÛOk.
Z=~À Ѩ~å~Ú"å~°∞ „Ѩ"ÕtOKåˆ~"≥∂#x J#∞=∂xOKå_»∞. D L^ŒO`åxfl QÆ∞~°∞ÎKÕã¨∞‰õΩ#fl z„`«ÖËY J~°∞˚#∞x`À
''JÜ≥∂º ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_®! P q„ѨÙ_Õ"≥∂ <åÃÑ·# ZO`À WÖÏ JOk - '=∂ ~åAÅ∞ JO`« x+¨ªQÍ `å"Õ∞~°Êiz# ~å[
#=∞‡HõO`À `«#∞ H˘`«ÎQÍ q"åǨÏO KÕã¨∞‰õΩ#fl ÉèÏ~°º#∞ <Õ#∞ âßã¨<åÅ#∞ PK«iOKÕ"å~°∞! JO^Œ∞ˆH =∂ x|O^èŒ#Å#∞ ˆQe
~°H˜∆™êÎ##fl qâßfiã¨O`À XO@iQÍ =ke "≥àÏ¡_»∞. <Õ#∞ J`«x KÕÜ∞« =^Œ∞.Ì ——
#=∞‡HÍxfl ==Ú‡ K≥Ü«∞º‰õÄ_»^Œx!—— ÉèÏqOz `«Å∞Ѩ٠QÆ\ ˜ìQÍ Ñ¨~°=∂`«‡ =∂ áêO_»º~å[ºOÖ’ =∞`åûº=`å~°∞xQÍ
`«\Ïì_∞» . „Ѩ É è í q OKå_» ∞ . "Õ ∞ =Ú =∞`åûº=`å~° ∞ _≥ · # Ѩ ~ ° = ∂`« ‡ #∞
''<å WO\˜ `«Å∞ѨÙ#∞ J~°~ú å„u "Õà◊ `«_∞» `«∞#fl Ѩ~å~Ú 'Jxq∞+¨µ_ç—QÍ Ñ¨Ól™êÎ=Ú. Jxq∞+¨µ_»O>Ë - Z#fl_»∂
ѨÙ~°∞+¨µ_≥=~°∞?—— Jx „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ QÆkÌOz J_çQÍ_»∞. x„kOK« x "å_» ∞ . P Ѩ ~ ° = ∂`« ‡ ^Œ Ü « ∞ =Å# =∂
HõO~î°O q#fl ~åA P Q˘O`«∞ „ÉÏǨχ}∞_ç^Õ#x ѨiáêʼnõΩÅO^Œ~°∞ ‰õÄ_®, x„^ŒáȉõΩO_® `«=∞ „Ѩ[ʼnõΩ
"ÕÔ~=~°∂ ~åÖË^Œx, x~åúiOK«∞‰õΩx =∞ø#OQÍ "≥#∞kiQÍ_»∞. <åºÜ«∂xfl ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°∞Û`å~°∞. g∞# *Ï`«∞Å∞ ‰õÄ_® Jxq∞+¨µxQÍ
=∞~åfl\˜ L^ŒÜ∞« O P q„ѨÙ_»∞ ~å*Ï™ê÷<åxH˜ "≥àϧ_»∞ ѨÓlOѨ|_Õ =∞`åûº=`å~° ã¨fi~°∂áêxfl áÈe LO\Ï~Ú QÆ#Hõ
- ''=∞Ǩ~å*Ï! QÆ`«~å„u Z=~À QÆ∞~°∞Î `≥eÜ«∞x =ºHÎ̃ <å WO\˜ ã¨O㨯 $`« xѶ¨∞O@∞=ÙÖ’ g∞<åÅ#∞ ‰õÄ_® Jxq∞+¨µÅ#fl
`«Å∞ѨÙ#∞ `«\Ïì_»∞. J`«_≥=~À `≥Å∞ã¨∞HÀ"åe. QÆ`« <≥ŠѨ~åºÜ«∞Ѩ^ŒO HõxÑ≤ã¨∞ÎOk.——
~ÀAÅ∞QÍ <Õ#∞ WO\˜Ö’ ÖËx ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ J`«_»∞ <å WO\˜H˜ z„`«ÖËY WzÛ# D ã¨=∂Kå~åxfl JO`«\ ˜h `«#
=KåÛ_® J#flk =∞s „Ѩ`ÕºH˜Oz Hõ#∞HÀ¯"åe!—— J<åfl_»∞. f~°÷Ü«∂„`«Å∞ =ÚyOK«∞‰õΩx ã¨O=`«û~°O `«~°"å`« =zÛ#
''JÜ≥∂º! Z=~À Ѩ~å~Ú=ºH˜Î =Å# <å ~å[ºOÖ’ J~°∞˚#∞_»∞ J#flQÍÔ~·# ^èŒ~°‡~åA‰õΩ q=iOKå_»∞.
^ŒOѨ`«∞ʼnõΩ J~°ú~å„u"Õà◊ f„==∞~Ú# W|ƒOk HõeyOk. `«~"° åu HÍÅOÖ’ Ü«∞Hõ„∆ Ѩâfl◊ Å ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ Ü«∞‰õΩ∆ _»∞
`«Å∞Ѩ٠`«\ ˜ì# P =ºH˜ÎH˜ Uq^èŒ=∞~Ú# tHõ∆ qkèOKåÖ’ g∞ˆ~ ^è~Œ ‡° ~åAH˜ XHõ „Ѩâfl◊ - 'x„^ŒOK«x "åÔ~=~°∞?— Jx ã¨Okè™êÎ_∞» .
K≥ѨÊO_ç q„áÈ`«Î=∂!—— ''=∞`«ûºO—— Jx ^Œ~°‡~åA ã¨=∂^è•#O WKåÛ_»∞.
^•xH˜ P q„ѨÙ_»∞, ''<å WO\˜ `«Å∞Ѩ٠`«\ ˜ì# P Ü« ∞ ‰õ ∆ Ω _» ∞ J_ç y # Jxfl „Ѩ â ◊ fl ʼnõ Ω 㨠i Ü≥ ÿ ∞ #
KÕux YO_çOKåe!—— Jx tHõ∆ `≥eÜ«∞*Ëâß_»∞. 㨠= ∂^è • <åÅ∞ WzÛ Ü« Ú kè + ¨ µ ª ~ ° ∞ _» ∞ `« # `« = Ú‡Å#∞
Wk q#fl ~åA "≥O@<Õ `«# Y_®æxfl fã≤, `«# KÕux „|uH˜OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. uiy =zÛ# `«=Ú‡à◊√§ J#flQÍiH˜ ã¨=Ú„^Œ
YO_çK«∞HÀ=_»O K«∂ã≤# „ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ J"åHõ¯Ü«∂º_»∞. r=q*Ï˝#OÖ’ ‰õÄ_® L#fl „áêg}º`«#∞ QÆ∞iOz „Ѩâ◊Oã≤ã¨∂Î
~åA ѨÓiÎ q+¨Ü«∂xfl WÖÏ K≥áêÊ_»∞ `«#ÃÑ·# LO>Ë ^èŒ~°‡A_»∞ WÖÏ J<åfl_»∞ ''D Q˘Ñ¨Ê^Œ#O JO`å
„ÉÏǨχ}∞_»∞ LOz# #=∞‡HÍxfl ã¨_Å» hÜ«∞‰õΩO_® LO_»\ÏxH˜ J~°∞#˚ ∞xH˜ K≥O^Œ∞`«∞Ok. J`«_∞» =∞`åûºxfl QÆ∞iOz q=iOK«_O»
`å<Õ =∂~°∞"Õ+¨OÖ’ „Ѩu~å„u XO@iQÍ L#fl J`«_ç ÉèÏ~°º =Å# <Õ#∞ `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞.——
Hˆ =∆ ∞OQÍ x„^ŒáÈ`«∞O^À ÖË^À Jx ѨsH˜O∆ K«_®xˆH =KÕÛ"å_ç#x, =∞ǨÉèÏ~°`« ã¨O„QÍ=∂#O`«~°O cè+¨µ‡_»∞ ^èŒ~°‡AxH˜
J~Ú`Õ P~å„u U"À Q˘O`«∞HõÅ∞ qxÑ≤ã∂¨ Î LO_»@O`À `«Å∞Ѩ٠cè+µ¨ ‡_»∞ q+¨µã‚ Ǩ Ϩ „ã¨<å=∂=ox `≥eÜ«∞*Ëã∂¨ Î 216= <å=∞OQÍ
`«\Ïì#x, K≥ѨÓÎ, `«# Ѩx=Å# ^ŒOѨ`«∞ʼnõΩ W|ƒOk HõÅQÆ_»O ''Jxq∞+¨—— J#fl <å=∞O K≥ѨÊQÍ<Õ, ^èŒ~°‡~åA NHõ$+¨µ‚x
=¸ÖÏ#, „ÉÏǨ Ï ‡}∞_» ∞ K≥ Ñ ≤ Ê # tHõ ∆ # ∞ JO^Œ ∞ ˆ H `å<Õ =OHõ K « ∂ ã≤ z~° ∞ #=Ùfi #"åfi_» ∞ . NHõ $ +¨ µ ‚ _ » ∞ ZÅ¡ " Õ à ◊ Ö Ï
J#∞ÉèíqOKå#x K≥áêÊ_»∞. áêO_»=ÙÅ#∞ ~°H˜∆OK«_®xH˜ J„Ѩ=∞`«ÎOQÍ, Hõ#∞fl=ÚÜ«∞º‰õΩO_®
Wk q#fl P q„ѨÙ_»∞ ~åAQÍix Hõ∆=∂Ѩ} HÀ~å_»∞. ~°Hõ∆} HõeÑ≤ã¨∂Î<Õ LO\Ï_»∞. Jxq∞+¨µ_»∞ J#_»O ã¨iÜ≥ÿ∞#^Õ!
rq`«O F Ü«Ú^ŒÉú ∂íè q∞. áÈ~å_ç`Õ QÔ eKÕO^Œ∞‰õÄ J=HÍâ◊O LO@∞Ok. T~°Hõ xÅ∞K«∞O>Ë =∂„`«O F@q∞ `«Ñʨ ^Œ∞.
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215= <å=∞O xq∞+¨ Jx K≥ѨÓÎ "Õ^Œ"åºã¨∞_»∞, ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_»∞ ZÅ¡"Õà◊ÖÏ `«# Éèí‰õΩÎÅ#∞ ~°H˜∆OK«_®xH˜
ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞_»∞ áêѨHõ~°‡Å∞ KÕ¿ã"åiѨ@¡ x„kã¨∞Î#fl@∞¡ L<åfl, Ô~ѨÊ"åÅÛ‰õΩO_® "åix HõxÃÑ@∞ì‰õΩx LO\Ï_»∞. JO^Œ∞ˆH
'Jxq∞¿+Ü« Ú _» ∞ —QÍ PÜ« ∞ # `« # Éè í ‰ õ Ω Î Å #∞ ZÅ¡ Ñ ¨ C _» ∞ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ 'Jxq∞+¨µ—_»#fl <å=∞O =zÛOk.
J„Ѩ=∞`«ÎOQÍ ~°H˜∆ã¨∂Î<Õ LO\Ï_»∞. Jx 216= <å=∞OQÍ x~°∞H˜Î „ѨHÍ~°O
'Jxq∞¿+Ü«∞— <å=∞O QÆ∞iOz q=iOKå_»∞. øqmz \ÁTøN˛: À™w o Áz ÿuåu™ ≈Y Ã:@
D ~ÀAÖ’¡ XHõ ã¨|∞ƒ HõOÃÑh "åºáê~° „ѨHõ@# - Z=Ô ~ · ` Õ Ñ¨ ~ ° = ∂`« ‡ k=º gHõ ∆ } ÏÅ∞ `« = ∞ÃÑ· #
''=ÚiH˜H˜ Hõi#î OQÍ - |@ìʼnõΩ „¿Ñ=∞QÍ—— JO@∂ =ã¨∞OÎ kHõ^•! „Ѩãi¨ OKåÅx HÀ~°∞‰õΩO\Ï~À, "å~°∞ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞Ö’ "≥Åã≤# ÉÏÖÏr
JÖψQ Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ áêѨÙŠѨ@¡ x„kã¨∞Î#fl"å_çQÍ - Éèí‰õΩÎÅѨ@¡ ~°∂áêxfl ^蕺xã¨∂Î, 'Jxq∞ëêÜ«∞ #=∞ó— J#fl <å=∂xfl „â◊^ŒúQÍ
Jxq∞+¨µ_çQÍ =º=ǨÏi™êÎ_»∞. [Ñ≤ã¨∂Î LO_®e.
„Ñ≤Ü«∞"≥∞ÿ# '"åH±— áê~î°‰õΩÖÏ~å! ~°O_ç P Ѩ~°=∂`«‡
r=ÙÅxfl\˜Ö’ =∞`åûºÅ∞ x„kOK«=O\Ï~°∞. `«e¡ KÕÑ,¨
Hõ~°∞}ÏHõ\ÏHõ∆ gHõ∆}ÏÅ#∞ „Ѩã¨iOѨ*Ë~ÚOK«∞‰õΩ<ÕO^Œ∞‰õΩ - ''FO
`«# ã¨O`å<åxfl ˆH=ÅO `«# ^Œ$+≤ìx =∂„`«O „Ѩã¨iOѨ*Ëã≤ Jxq∞ëêÜ«∞ #=∞ó—— Jx [Ñ≤^•ÌO.
áÈ+≤ã∞¨ OÎ ^ŒO\Ï~°∞. ''FO Jxq∞ëêÜ«∞ #=∞ó—— !

EãJmy \ÁÆoz Ã˘Áz áåÊ ∆yV¿ ™ ƒÁúÏ Æ ÁoΩ @ @

™åσu| åoÁ ÃÁqÁ˘ÁzTy N˛À™ÁëÁ úÓ\Æzo@Ω å NÏ˛ÆÁ|tΩ ƒwu\åÊ åÁÆÁ|: NÏ˛ƒwÊ å À™∫zoΩ uœÁÆ:@@
Every woman is my direct embodiment. One should not commit a wicked deed involving a woman; one should
not (even) think about sinful acts in connection with a woman. (Source : Lakshmi Tantram 43rd Chapter)

=∞`«Î#∞~°fix`å ™êH∆Í`ü Ü≥∂w Hõ™ê‡#fl ѨÓ[ÜÕ∞`üI # ‰õΩ~åº^Œfi$l#O <å~åºó ‰õΩ=$`«ÎO # 㨇ˆ~`ü „ã≤ÎÜ«∞óII
„Ѩu =x`« <å â◊s~°O. 'P_»"åiѨ@¡ Jã¨ÉèíºOQÍ „Ѩ=iÎOK«_»"Õ∞ HÍ^Œ∞. qHÍ~°OQÍ PÖ’zOK«_»O ‰õÄ_® ã¨Ç≤ÏOK«#∞—
JO@∞<åfl~°∞. J=∞‡"å~°∞. (¿ãHõ~°} : ÅH©;`«O„`«O 43= J^蕺ܫ∞O)

ѨxÖ’ „Ѩu™ês ã¨O`À+¨O ÅaèOK«Hõ áÈ=K«∞Û. HÍh Ѩx J#flk ÖËHáõ È`Õ Jã¨Å∞ ã¨O`À+¨=∞<Õ^Õ LO_»^∞Œ .

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ÃÊ ú ÁtN˛yÆ ... ßuO˛ EÁÊtÁz¬å Nz˛ tÓÃ∫y ¬“∫ N˛y EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ...
u“ÊtÓ á™| N˛y \ã™\Áo ÃÊßÁƒåÁEÁı åz ∫“ÀƃÁutÆÁı, ÃÊoÁı, tÁ∆|uåN˛Áı EÁ{∫ N˛uƒÆÁı N˛Á uå™Á|m uN˛ÆÁ, ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz F|æÁ∫
™ı ∫o ∫Qåz Nz˛ u¬L \yƒå Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz üzu∫o uN˛ÆÁ ÃÊoÁz ˚Á∫Á åz uÃQÁÆÁ ¬ÁzTÁı N˛Áz ÃÊÀN˛Á∫Áı EÁ{∫ ∫yuo-u∫ƒÁ\Áı Nz˛ ßÁ∫y
§Áz^ N˛Áz uƒßÁu\o N˛∫oz “ÏL Eá|“yå oN|˛ EÁ{∫ √Æs| á¿ÏƒyN˛∫m å N˛∫ƒÁoz “ÏL úÓ∫y o∫“ Ãz ßTƒÁå Nz˛ üuo üz™ √ÆO˛ N˛∫ƒÁoz@
ßuO˛ ÆÁ ßuO˛ N˛Á E™wo å Nz˛ƒ¬ ßO˛ Ãz ßTƒÁå N˛y EÁz∫ §“oÁ sÁ, §u¡N˛ ÃutÆÁı Ãz ¬ÁQÁı ßÁ∫oyÆÁı Nz˛ ut¬Áı ™ı Æ“
LzÃz “y üƒÁu“o “ÁzoÁ sÁ@ ƒ{utN˛ N˛Á¬ ™ı ¸…bÁEÁı N˛y GnNw˛…b üÁs|åÁEÁı Ãz ßuMo Nz˛ §y\ EÊN˛Ï u∫o “Ázoz sz@ o{o∫yÆ, ZÁÊtÁzSÆ, ≈ƒzoÁæÁ∫Á
Gúuå t Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ ƒ“ EuáN˛ ™ÏQu∫o “ÁzN˛∫ ßuO˛ N˛y ßÁƒåÁ N˛Á §y\Á∫Ázúm úÁ∫©úu∫N˛ oÁ{∫ ú∫ ÃutÆÁı Ãz Y¬Á EÁ ∫“Á “{@
ßÁ∫oyÆ Fuo“Áà Ɠ ∫Á™ÁÆm EÁ{∫ ™“ÁßÁ∫o \{Ãz ™“ÁN˛Á√ÆÁı Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz Eúåz üßÁƒ N˛Áz §‰gÁoÁ TÆÁ, ßÁTƒo
úÏ∫Ám EÁ{∫ uƒ…mÏ úÏ∫Ám \{Ãz úÏ∫ÁmÁı Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz Eúåy oyƒ¿oÁ N˛Áz T“∫ÁoÁ TÆÁ EÁ{∫ åÁ∫t ßuMo ÃÓfi EÁ{∫ ∆ÁÊug¡Æ ßuMo
ÃÓfi \{Ãz N˛ÁÆÁz˙ Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz Eúåz –u…bN˛Ázm N˛Áz oN|˛ ÃÊTo §åÁoÁ “{@ Fà üƒÁ“ ˚Á∫Á ßÁ∫oyÆ ¬ÁzTÁı ™ı ut¬ ™ı õÆÁ∫ N˛Á
\ÏåÓå N˛ßy ßy ÃÓQÁ å“Î ÃN˛Á@ Fà üN˛Á∫ ßÁ∫o Nz˛ áÁu™|N˛ EÁ{∫ ÃÁÊÀNw˛uoN˛ Fuo“Áà ™z LN˛ §‰gÁ EÁÊtÁz¬å ú{tÁ “ÏEÁ -
ƒ“ sÁ ßuO˛ EÁÊtÁz¬å@
ßÁ∫oyÆ ¬ÁzTÁı Nz˛ u¬L ßuO˛ EÁÊtÁz¬å N˛Á çÃz T“∫Á üßÁƒ EÁ{∫ ÆÁzTtÁå ÃÊÀNw˛uo Tyo EÁ{∫ N˛uƒoÁ N˛y ∫YåÁ, ÃÊTyo
EÁ{∫ Ùӓ TÁÆå N˛Áz úÏå\y|uƒo N˛∫åz Ãz “ÏÁEÁ@ ß\å EÁ{∫ ßuO˛, Tyo EÁ{∫ ßuO˛ Nz˛ §yY N˛Á EÊo∫ N˛Á¢˛y “t oN˛ ßuMo
Nz˛ ™ÁT| Nz˛ N˛Á∫m “{@ FÃN˛y ∆ÏøEÁo Ãz “y TÁåz Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz üYÁ∫ uN˛ÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ@ ßuO˛ ÃÊoÁı N˛y T“å ßÁƒåÁn™N˛ ¬TÁƒ
Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GåNz˛ ™åÃz GnNw˛…b áÁu™|N˛ N˛uƒoÁ Nz˛ üYÏ∫ ™ÁfiÁ ™ı üz∫mÁ ty EÁ{∫ Få TyoÁı Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz áÁu™|N˛ EÁN˛ÁÊqÁEÁı
EÁ{∫ ßÁƒåÁEÁı Nz˛ üÃÁ∫ ™ı LN˛ ü™ÏQ ßÓu™N˛Á uåßÁF|@
úÓ∫z ßÁ∫o ™ı, ™Êut∫ áÁu™|N˛ \yƒå EÁ{∫ ÃÁ™Áu\N˛ ™lg¬y uåßy|N˛ øú ™ı N˛ÁÆ| N˛∫åz ¬Ty@ ƒz üƒYåÁı EÁ{∫ YYÁ|EÁı
Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz áÁu™|N˛ EÁ{∫ ÃÁÊÀNw˛uoN˛ ™Ó¡ÆÁı Nz˛ üÃÁ∫ Nz˛ u¬L ™ÊY §å TL EÁ{∫ ÃÁ™Óu“N˛ åwnÆ EÁ{∫ ÃÊTyo N˛¬Á øúÁı N˛Áz
uƒN˛uÃo N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L LN˛ ™ÊY Nz˛ øú ™ı N˛Á™ N˛∫åz ¬Tz@ ™Êut∫Áı ™ı u“ÊtÓ áÁu™|N˛ üsÁEÁı EÁ{∫ EÁuÀoN˛ ßuO˛ N˛y EÁN˛ÁÊqÁEÁı
N˛Áz úÓ∫Á uN˛ÆÁ ÃÊT™ §åÁÆÁ u\ÃÃz ƒ{utN˛ ú∫Êú∫ÁEÁı EÁ{∫ ßuO˛ EÁN˛ÁÊqÁEÁı N˛Á LN˛yN˛∫m “ÏEÁ@
EÁ¡ƒÁ∫ EÁ{∫ åÆå™Á∫Áı Ãz “y Óy, ßuO˛ ÃÊoÁı åz Eúåz \yƒå Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz Æ“ §oÁÆÁ uN˛ ÃÊo EÁ{∫ ßuO˛ \Áuo
ÆÁ \ã™ ú∫ uåß|∫ å“Î “{@ osÁN˛uso EZÓoÁı \{Ãz uoªõúÁåÁ¬ƒÁ∫, åÊtåÁ∫, ∫uƒtÁÃ, uƒü åÁ∫ÁÆm (bÁıgÁ∫ÁtyúÁzgyÆÁ¬ƒ∫)
EÁ{∫ EªmuTu∫åÁs, <Eu∆uqo N˛§y∫, åÁåN˛ ÆÁ oÏN˛Á∫Á™, ut√Æ EƒoÁ∫ \{Ãz EÊgÁ¬ ™u“¬Á ßO˛™umÆÁ \{Ãz ™y∫Á§ÁF|,
N˛Á∫Á§ÁF|, N˛∫{∫Á \{Ãz ÃÊo “ÏL@ ÃÊoÁı ™ı §t¬Áƒ EÁÆÁ EÁ{∫ Gå™ı »ÚÁ utQÁF| ty u\ÃÃz u“ãtÓ Ã™Á\ Nz˛ ªu‰jƒÁty §TÁz˙ ™ı
GåN˛Á EåÏÃ∫m N˛∫åÁ EÁ∫Êß uN˛ÆÁ@ Æ“Á oN˛ N˛y \Áuo, \ã™, u∆qÁ ÆÁ u¬ÊT Ãz EuáN˛ Gã“ı “y ™“nƒ utÆÁ TÆÁ sÁ@
ƒztÁz ™z ∆∫mÁTuo (ßTƒÁå Nz˛ ÃÁ™åz EÁn™-Ùú|m) Nz˛ Eúåz uÃÚÁÊo Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz, ∫Á™ÁåÏ\ åz Ãßy Nz˛ u¬L ™Ázq
Nz˛ ˚Á∫ QÁz¬ utL, Æ“ÁÊ oN˛ uN˛ çÃz N˛™ EÁ{∫ 噿 ™ı ßy GåNz˛ ÃÁ™Áu\N˛ \yƒå ™ı EÁn™uƒæÁÁà EÁ{∫ Tu∫™Á N˛Áz úÏåÀsÁuúo
uN˛ÆÁ@ ßÁ∫o N˛y EÁÜÆÁun™N˛ ÃÊÀNw˛uo åz uƒtz∆Áı Ãz ÃÁ™Áu\N˛-∫Á\åyuoN˛ oÁN˛oÁz Nz˛ t§Áƒ EÁ{∫ ∫Á…b~ Nz˛ ßyo∫ åÁuÀoN˛
ÃÏáÁ∫ƒÁty EÁÊtÁz¬åÁı N˛Áz ∫ÁzN˛åz Nz˛ u¬L Eúåy oÁN˛o “Áuì N˛y EÁ{∫ Ã™Æ N˛y \ø∫oÁı Nz˛ u¬L Eúåy Eu˚oyÆ
EåÏNÓ˛¬å∆y¬oÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs EÁTz §‰jz EÁ{∫ úyugÆÁı Ãz Eúåz á™| ™ı uƒæÁÁà “Áuì N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L üzu∫o uN˛ÆÁ EÁ{∫ ƒÁÀouƒN˛
EÁÜÆÁun™N˛ á∫Áz“∫ N˛Áz GÃÃz Óy øú ™ı ú“YÁå N˛∫ƒÁÆy@
T¿Á™ym qzfiÁı ™ı ß\å EÁÊtÁz¬å Nz˛ ™ÁÜÆ™ Ãz ßuMo EÁÊtÁz¬å N˛Áz úÏå\y|uƒo N˛∫åz EÁ{∫ ÃutÆÁı Ãz GÃy N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫
∫“z N˛¬ÁN˛Á∫Áı N˛Áz §‰jÁƒÁ tzåz N˛y üTÁ‰j EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ “{@ Fà N˛ÁÆ|ƒÁF| Ãz ßuO˛ Nz˛ üuo “™Á∫z \å™Áåà ™ı ÃåÁoå á™| N˛Áz
™\§Óo N˛∫åz ™ı ™tt u™¬zTy@ uY¬NÏ˛∫ §Á¬Á\y ™Êut∫ EÁ{∫ ™Êut∫ ÃÊ∫qm EÁÊtÁz¬å uåu≈Yo øú Ãz FÙı ÃuN¿˛Æ ßÓu™N˛Á
uåßÁLTÁ@ !
rq`«OÖ’ ã¨~Ô #· "å\˜x ZOK«∞HÀ=_»O =Å# - ã¨O`«$Ñ≤,Î q[Ü«∞O ™ê^躌 O J=Ù`å~Ú.
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uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™Áƒ¬y TÁsÁ - 216

Euåu™ zÆ å™:
-gÁ} .ƒy.LÃ.
. ƒy.LÃ. N˛ªmÁN˛∫åΩ B.E.(Mech.), M.A. (Sanskrit), Ph.D. EåσÁtN˛ : gÁ} . ÃÏ ™ å¬oÁ
ÃÁ∫z úÁl‰gƒÁı Nz˛ ÃÁ™Óu“N˛ øúÃz u¬L TL uåm|Æ Nz˛ u¬L o{ÆÁ∫ ∫“oz “¯@ MÆÁ EÁúåz >> úÁzN{˛| úÁlgΩÆÊåΩ (Àƒm|
EåÏÃÁ∫ ÆÏuáu…e∫ EÁ{∫ ¸Á{úty N˛Áz LN˛ÁÊo ™ı ∫“oz Ã™Æ Gã“ı “Ào) Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı ÃÏåÁ “{?>>
ÃÊÆÁzTƒ∆ tzQ ¬zåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m E\Ï|å LN˛ ƒ | ß∫ Nz˛ u¬L E\Ï|å Nz˛ Fà ü≈å ú∫ uN˛ ƒ“ N˛Á{å “{, uYfi¬zQÁ åz
oys| ÆÁfiÁLÊ N˛∫åz üÀsÁå uN˛ÆÁ@ onN˛Á¬yå úÁlgΩÆ∫Á[Æ uå©å TÁsÁ N˛Áz ÃÏåÁÆÁ :
(ou™¬åÁgÏ) ™ı uÀso EpT∫ úƒ|o ütz∆ N˛Á ÃÊt∆|å uN˛ÆÁ@ ---
Fà oys|ÆÁfiÁ ™ı E\Ï|å úÁlgΩÆ ∫Á\NÏ˛™Á∫y uYfi¬zQÁ Ãz úÓƒ| N˛Á¬ ™ı úÁlgΩÆ tz∆ N˛Á ƒÁÃy LN˛ §¿Á÷m åz
úu∫uYo “ÏEÁ@ N˛Á∆y ÆÁfiÁ ú∫ \ÁåÁ YÁ“Á@ GÃåz Eúåy únåy Ãz §‰gz õÆÁ∫
uYfi¬zQÁ Nz˛ EåÏú™ ÃÁ{ãtÆ| ú∫ ™Ázu“o “ÁzN˛∫ E\Ï|å åz Ãz N˛“Á - <<uüÆz! oÏ™ Æ“Á ü™… ∫“åÁ@ ™¯ LN˛ ™Á“ Nz˛ EÊt∫
uƒƒÁ“ N˛∫åÁ YÁ“Á EÁ{∫ Gà Nz˛ Ùq üÀoÁƒ ∫QÁ@ FÃz Eúåy N˛Á∆yÆÁfiÁ úÓ∫Á N˛∫ ƒÁúà EÁ\ÁHÊTÁ@>>
ÃÏåN˛∫ uYfi¬zQÁåz ÃÓuYo uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ ™z∫z uúoÁ\y N˛y EåÏ™uo Gà Æσoy åz NÏ˛Z ÃÊN˛ÁzY Nz˛ ÃÁs N˛“Á - <<“z ÀƒÁ™y!
ú“¬z ¬ı@ Eßy “™Á∫z uƒƒÁ“ “ÏL LN˛ ™Á“ ßy å“Î “ÏEÁ@ åL
E\Ï|å Nz˛ üÀoÁƒ N˛Áz ÃÏå uYfi¬zQÁ Nz˛ uúoÁ åz LN˛ ƒÁoÁƒ∫m EÁ{∫ åL ütz∆ ™ı ENz˛¬y N{˛Ãz ∫“ úÁHÊTy EÁú
∆o| ∫Qy@ Æ˘uú E\Ï|å Eúåy §zby Ãz uƒƒÁ“ N˛∫åz ú∫ ßy ÀƒÆÊ ÃÁzuYL@>>
GåN˛Áz \ã™åz ƒÁ¬y ÃÊoÁå N˛Áz Eúåz ÃÁs å“Î ¬z \Á ÃN˛oÁ <<oÏ©“ı g∫åz N˛y N˛ÁzF| EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁ å“Î@ Eúåz úÁlg∞
§u¡N˛ GÃz úÁÊg∞ tz∆ Nz˛ “y ÃÏúÏt| N˛∫åÁ “ÁzTÁ@ ∫Á\Á Eúåy ÃÊúÓm| ü\Á N˛y EÁƒ≈ÆN˛oÁEÁı ú∫ EnÆuáN˛
Fà ∆o| N˛Áz ÃÏå E\Ï|å N˛Áz E\y§ ÃÁ ¬TÁ@ FÃyu¬L ÜÆÁå tzoz “¯@ ™z∫z ƒÁúà EÁåz oN˛ oÏ©“Á∫y ÃÏ∫qÁ N˛Á ßÁ∫ ƒz
ƒ“ uYfi¬zQÁ Ãz úÏå: u™¬N˛∫ GÃNz˛ uúoÁ Ãz ∫Qz TL Fà ÀƒÆÊ GeÁoz “¯@>>
∆o| N˛y NÏ˛Z Eƒ“z¬åÁ N˛∫oz “ÏL N˛“Á - <<¬ToÁ “{ uN˛ ƒz  §t¬ N˛∫, Eúåy ü\Á N˛Á NÏ˛∆¬-™ÊT¬ N˛y
oÏ©“Á∫z tz∆ Nz˛ NÏ˛Z E\y§ Ãy uåÆ™Áƒ¬y “{@ MÆÁ N˛ÁzF| ßy \ÁåN˛Á∫y ¬zåz “™z∆Á N˛y ßÁÊuo EÁL onN˛Á¬yå úÁlgΩÆ ∫Á\Á
uúoÁ Eúåy ÃãoÁå N˛Áz Eúåz ÃÃÏ∫ Nz˛ ÃÏúÏt| N˛∫ ÃN˛oÁ “{? Gà §¿Á÷m Nz˛ V∫ Nz˛ §Á“∫ §{ez “ÏL sz@ Gã“ı üÃëÁoÁ “ÏF| uN˛
ƒ{Ãz Æ“ MÆÁ EXZÁ utQzTÁ?>> Fà åÁTu∫N˛ åz ™Ï^ ú∫ EnÆuáN˛ uƒæÁÁà ∫QÁ “{@ <™Ï^z GÃ
uYfi¬zQÁ åz FÃN˛Á G…∫ tzoz “ÏL N˛“Á, <<Nw˛úÆÁ EÁú ú∫ Q∫Á Go∫oz “ÏL, GÃNz˛ ƒYåÁı N˛Áz ÃnÆ uåøuúo N˛∫åÁ
“™Á∫z ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ uåÆ™Áı N˛y Eƒ“z¬åÁ å N˛∫ı@ ™ÁoÁ ™yåÁqy “ÁzTÁ,> ÃÁzYoz “ÏL ∫Á\Á Eúåz ™“¬ ¬Á{b TL@
tzƒy N˛y Nw˛úÁ Ãz ∆ÁÃå N˛∫åzƒÁ¬z Få úÁlgΩÆ ∫Á\ÁEÁı N˛Áz ET¬z utå Ãz üuoutå úÁlgΩÆ ∫Á\Á ZtΩ™ ƒz  ™ı GÃ
Nz˛ƒ¬ LN˛ “y ÃãoÁå \å™oy “{@ ET∫ úÏfiÁztÆ “ÁzoÁ “{ oÁz §¿Á÷m Nz˛ V∫ ∫Áo ™ı EÁN˛∫ uå∫yqm Eƒ≈Æ N˛∫åz ¬Tz uN˛
ƒ“y Eúåz EÁú ET¬Á G…∫ÁuáN˛Á∫y §å \ÁLTÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ ƒ“ Æσoy ÃÏ∫qÁ úÓƒ|N˛ ÃÁz ∫“y “{ ÆÁ å“Î@
úÏfiy \å™oy “{ oÁz GÃNz˛ uúoÁ Eúåy §zby Nz˛ uƒƒÁ“ Ãz úÓƒ| LzÃz LN˛ úÓ∫Á ™Á“ §yo TÆÁ@ LN˛ utå ƒ“ §¿Á÷m ∫Áo
Eƒ≈Æ Æ“ uåÆ™ ∫QoÁ “{@ Eúåy §zby N˛y ÃãoÁå N˛Áz “Ázåz Nz˛ §Át Eúåz V∫ ¬Á{bÁ@ Eúåy únåy Nz˛ ÃÁs Eúåy
úÁlg∞ ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ ÃÏúÏt| N˛∫ tzåz ú∫ ßuƒ…Æ ™ı ƒ“ ÃãoÁå “y ÆÁfiÁ Nz˛ EåÏ߃Áı EÁ{∫ uƒ∆z oÁEÁı N˛Áz ÃÏåÁoz, ƒÁoÁ|¬Áú
uÃÊ“ÁÃå ú∫ §{ezTÁ@ “™Á∫z ™“Áå úÓƒ|\Áı åz Eúåz ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ N˛∫åz ¬TÁ@ üuo utå Nz˛ ÙÁå ∫Á\Á N˛Á ZtΩ™ ƒz  ™ı ƒ“ÁÂ
ünÆzN˛ åÁTu∫N˛ N˛y ÃÏ∫qÁ ú∫ ÜÆÁå utÆÁ sÁ@ Eúåz tz∆ N˛y EÁT™å “ÏEÁ@ ßyo∫ Ãz NÏ˛Z N˛le ܃uåÆÁ ÃÏååz ™ı EÁoz
uåÆ™Áƒ¬y Nz˛ úu∫∫qm ™ı ƒz ™“Áå Ãz ™“ÁåΩ nÆÁT N˛∫åz Nz˛ tzQ, Gã“ı ∆ÊN˛Á “ÏF| uN˛ V∫ Nz˛ EÊt∫ N˛ÁzF| ú∫ÁÆÁ EÁTÆÁ “{@
=∞x+≤ ™êkèOz# q[Ü«∂Å∞ ã¨=∂*ÏxH˜ LѨÜ∂≥ QÆÑ_¨ `ç <Õ Õ Jq x["≥∞#ÿ q[Ü«∂Å∞.
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<<“z ßTƒÁå! Gà uƒü åz ™Ï^ ú∫ EnÆuáN˛ uƒæÁÁà Qulgo “Ás Nz˛ ÀsÁå ú∫ Àƒm| “Ào ∫Qåz Nz˛ N˛Á∫m GÃ
Nz˛ ÃÁs Eúåy åF| åƒz¬y únåy N˛y ÃÏ∫qÁ N˛Á ßÁ∫ ∫QÁ@ ∫Á\Á N˛Á åÁ™ <<úÁzN{˛| úÁlgΩÆå>> (Àƒm| “Ào) ú‰gÁ@
GÃz ENz˛¬y ZÁz‰gN˛∫ ÆÁfiÁ N˛∫åz TÆÁ@ GÃNz˛ Fà uƒæÁÁà N˛Áz 000
™Ï^z uåßÁåÁ “y “ÁzTÁ@>> Fà –‰j ÃÊN˛¡ú Nz˛ ÃÁs ∫Á\Á åz Fà EÁPÆÁå N˛Á À™∫m N˛∫oy “ÏF| uYfi ¬zQÁ åz N˛“Á
§¿Á÷m Nz˛ V∫ N˛Áz ˚Á∫ QbQbÁÆÁ@ uN˛ - <<“™Á∫z ∆ÁÃN˛ Foåy uå…eÁ Ãz Eúåz ˚Á∫Á §åÁÆz TL
§¿Á÷m åz EÊt∫ Ãz HÊYz Àƒ∫ ™ı úÓZÁ <<™z∫z V∫ N˛Á ˚Á∫ uåÆ™Áı N˛Á úÁ¬å ÀƒÆÊ N˛∫oz “¯@ Eo: EÁú “™Á∫z ∫Á[Æ N˛y
EÁáy∫Áo ™ı QbQbÁåzƒÁ¬Á ú∫ úϪ  N˛Á{å “{?>> uåÆ™Áƒ¬y N˛y Eƒ“z¬åÁ å N˛∫ı@>>
Gà Àƒ∫ N˛Áz ÃÏåN˛∫ ∫Á\Á åz uåu≥Áo N˛∫ u¬ÆÁ uN˛ Æ“ ú∫™Án™Á “™Á∫z úÁlg∞ ∫Á[Æ ™ı ™nÀÆÁƒoÁ∫ N˛Á øú
N˛le܃uå Gà §¿Á÷m N˛Á “y “{, uN˛Ãy ú∫ÁL √ÆuMo N˛y áÁ∫m N˛∫ ∆Áu™¬ “ÏL sz@ “™ Gà ™yåÁƒoÁ∫y ú∫™Án™Á N˛y
å“Î@ FÃz uåáÁ|u∫o N˛∫, ∫Á\Á ™Á{å “y ƒ“Á Ãz ¬Á{b TL@ EÁ∫ÁáåÁ <Euåu™ > Nz˛ øú ™ı N˛∫oz “¯@ Euåu™  N˛Á Es|
ET¬z utå, ƒ“ uƒü ∫Á\t∫§Á∫ ™ı ú“ÏÂYÁ - <<™“Á∫Á\Á! “{, \Áz N˛ßy uåu¸o å“Î ∫“oÁ@ GÃy ú∫™Án™Á N˛y Nw˛úÁ Ãz
uúZ¬y ∫Áo Nz˛ EÊuáÆÁ∫z ™ı uN˛Ãy Eå\Áå √ÆuO˛ åz “™Á∫z V∫ “™Á∫z ÃÁ∫z ∆ÁÃN˛, ÃtÁ \ÁTøN˛ “ÁzN˛∫ Eúåy ü\Á N˛y ∫qÁ
Nz˛ ˚Á∫ N˛Áz QbQbÁÆÁ sÁ@ ƒ“ N˛Á{å sÁ, FÃN˛Á úoÁ ¬TÁåÁ N˛∫oz “¯ EÁ{∫ ãÆÁÆ tzåz ™ı ÃoN|˛ ∫“oz “¯@ ™nÀÆ \ÁuoÆÁ ßy
“ÁzTÁ@ FoåÁ “y å“Î §u¡N˛ uúZ¬z LN˛ ™Á“Ãz ™¯ V∫ ú∫ <Euåu™ > Nz˛ øú ™ı úÓu\o ™nÀÆÁƒoÁ∫ Àƒøú N˛y “Ázåz
EåÏúuÀso sÁ@ MÆÁ ƒ“ √ÆuMo ™z∫y EåÏúuÀsuo ™ı ßy ™z∫z N˛Á∫m ÃÊÀNw˛o N˛Áz∆Áı ™ı ™yåÁı Nz˛ u¬L <Euåu™ > ∆£t N˛Áz
V∫ EÁÆÁ sÁ? FÃN˛y uƒ∆z  \ÁåN˛Á∫y ¬zåy “ÁzTy@>> GÃåz úÆÁ|ƃÁYy øú ™ı “™ úÁoz “¯@
∫Á\Á Nz˛ Ùq EúåÁ EÁ∫Ázú ∫QÁ@ uYfi¬zQÁ Ãz utL TL Fà úÓ∫z ÙÁYÁ∫ N˛Áz E\Ï|å åz
<<E∫z! uN˛Ãy ú∫ÁL √ÆuO˛ Nz˛ N˛Á∫m ™z∫z ∫Á[Æ Nz˛ ƒÁÃy Eúåz ƒ |ß∫ N˛y oys|ÆÁfiÁ N˛y úu∫ÙÁuõo N˛∫ ¬Á{båz Nz˛
tÊúuo N˛Áz EÁáy∫Áo Nz˛ Ã™Æ “ÏF| EÃÏuƒáÁ ú∫ ™Ï^z Qzt “Áz §Át Eúåz ET¿\ ÆÏuáu…e∫ N˛Áz ÃÏåÁÆÁ@
∫“Á “{@ Eo: “z uƒüÁz…™! EÁú ÀƒÆÊ GÃNz˛ u¬L tl‰g ßy ú∫ƒoy| N˛Á¬ ™ı Æq åz Eúåz ü≈åÁı N˛y ú∫Êú∫Á ™ı LN˛
ÃÏåÁFL u\à Nz˛ N˛Á∫m EÁúN˛Áz EÃÏuƒáÁ “ÏF| sy@>> ü≈å ÆÏuáu…e∫ Ãz uN˛ÆÁ uN˛ - <<N˛ßy uåu¸o å“Î “Ázåz ƒÁ¬Á
<<“z ∫Á\åΩ! ™z∫z V∫ Nz˛ ˚Á∫ N˛Áz QbQbÁåz ƒÁ¬z Gà “Ás N˛Á{å?>>
N˛Áz Qul‰go N˛∫åÁ “ÁzTÁ@>> ÆÏuáu…e∫ åz G…∫ utÆÁ - <<™nÀÆ!>>
FÃz ÃÏåoz “y ∫Á\Á åz Eúåz QgΩT N˛Áz GeÁÆÁ EÁ{∫ Æq Nz˛ ÃÁ∫z ü≈åÁı Nz˛ Óy G…∫ tzN˛∫ ÆÏuáu…e∫ åz
Eúåz “y “Ás N˛Áz QÊugo N˛∫ u¬ÆÁ@ FÃz tzQ, uƒü EƒÁN˛Ω Eúåz EåÏ\Áı N˛Áz úÏå\y|uƒo N˛∫ƒÁÆÁ@ ¬Á{båz Nz˛ §Át
∫“TÆÁ@ ÆÏuáu…e∫ åz Eúåz EåÏ\Áı Nz˛ ™ÏQ Ãz Eúåy ü∆ÊÃÁ ÃÏåy uN˛
∫Á\Á åz úÓ∫y \ÁåN˛Á∫y tzoz “ÏL N˛“Á uN˛ oÏ™ u\à EÁú N˛Áz Ùϸy \yƒ uƒrÁå N˛y ßy uN˛oåy \ÁåN˛Á∫y “{@
ß∫ÁzÃz Nz˛ ÃÁs Eúåy únåy N˛Áz ENz˛¬y ZÁz‰gN˛∫ ÆÁfiÁ N˛∫åz ÆÏuáu…e∫ åz N˛“Á - <<Æ“ ÃÁ∫Á »zÆ E\Ï|å N˛Áz \ÁoÁ “{@ GÃåz
uåN˛¬z sz, Gà ß∫ÁzÃz N˛Áz ™Ï^z bÓbåz å“Î tzåÁ YÁu“L@ Eo: ™nÀÆ Nz˛ §Á∫z ™ı uƒÀoÁ∫ Ãz \ÁåN˛Á∫y ty sy u\ÃNz˛ N˛Á∫m
üuoutå ∫Áo Nz˛ Ã™Æ oÏ©“Á∫y únåy ÃÏ∫uqo “{ uN˛ å“Î, Y{å ™¯ G…∫ tz ÃN˛Á@>>
N˛y uå¸Á ¬z ∫“y “{ EsƒÁ å“Î, FÃN˛y ú∫yqÁ N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L ™“ÁßÁ∫o ÃÊT¿Á™ Nz˛ ú≈YÁoΩ ∆∫∆´ÆÁ ú∫ ¬zbz ßy…™
ÀƒÆÊ EÁÆÁ N˛∫oÁ sÁ@ uN˛ãoÏ Gà ∫Áo N˛y ƒz¬Á ™ı NÏ˛Z ú∫ÁL uúoÁ™“ åz ÆÏuáu…e∫ N˛Áz uƒ…mÏ Ã“œÁåÁ™ÁƒÁ¬y ÃÏåÁF| sy@
N˛le Àƒ∫Áı N˛Áz ÃÏå uYuãoo “ÏEÁ EÁ{∫ ™¯åz “y ˚Á∫ QbQbÁÆÁ 216 ƒı åÁ™ Nz˛ øú ™ı <<Euåu™ >> åÁ™ Nz˛ N˛“oz “y
sÁ@ Eúåz Fà N˛ÁÆ| Ãz Gà tÊúuo N˛Áz “ÏF| EÃÏuƒáÁ Nz˛ ÆÏuáu…e∫ åz »yNw…m N˛y EÁz∫ tzQN˛∫ ™Êt“Áà uN˛ÆÁ@ Nw˛…m
N˛Á∫m, §¿Á÷m Ãz ÃÓuYo tlg N˛Áz ™¯åz ÀƒÆÊ Eúåz EÁú ú∫ ÃtÁ úÁl‰gƒÁı N˛y ÃÏ∫qÁ N˛Á ßÁ∫ GeÁoz “ÏL ÃoN|˛ ∫“oÁ “{,
¬TÁÆÁ@ ú¬N˛ ^úNz˛ u§åÁ GåN˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫oÁ “y ∫“oÁ “{ @ Eo:
FÃz ÃÏåN˛∫, Gà §¿Á÷m åz ∫Á\Á Ãz q™Á ™ÁÂTÁ@ Eúåz Euåu™  åÁ™ ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ u¬L ÃÁs|N˛ “{@

g∞~°∞ L#fl`«OQÍ Z^ŒQ\

Æ ÏxH˜ g∞‰õΩ „ѨÑO¨ K«O HÍ"åe. g∞~°∞ Zky# `«~∞° "å`« „ѨÑO¨ KåxH˜ g∞~°∞ HÍ"åe.
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ƒzt√ÆÁà åz 215 ƒÁ åÁ™ <uåu™ > ∫QÁ@ Gã“Áıåz N˛“Á ú∫™Án™Á ÃtÁ Eúåz ßMoÁı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L
sÁ uN˛ ú∫™Án™Á uåu™  EsÁ|oΩ úÁúN˛u™|ÆÁı Nz˛ u¬L uåu¸o ú¬N˛ ^úN˛oz “y å“Î Eo: Gã“ı <Euåu™ > åÁ™ ú‰gÁ@
utQoz “ÏL ßy Eúåz ßO˛Áı N˛y ∫qÁ N˛∫åz Nz˛ u¬L Ãt{ƒ uåªuO˛ Nz˛ EåÏÃÁ∫ :
<Euåu™ > EsÁ|oΩ ú¬N˛ ^úN˛oz “y å“Î@ FÃyu¬L 216 øqmz \ÁTøN˛: À™woÁz ÿuåu™ ≈Y Ã:@
ƒı åÁ™ Nz˛ øú ™ı Fà Euåu™ zÆ N˛Áz ∫QÁ sÁ@ \Áz √ÆuMo YÁ“oz “¯ uN˛ ú∫™Án™Á Nz˛ ut√Æ ƒyqm Eúåz
EÁ\N˛¬ LN˛ ÃÁ§Ïå N˛y NÊ˛úåy N˛Á uƒrÁúå EÁ ∫“Á ú∫ üÃÁu∫o “ÁzÊ, ƒz uY¬NÓ˛∫ ™ı uƒ∫Á\™Áå §Á¬Á\y Nz˛ øú N˛Á
“{ - <<™{¬ ú∫ N˛eÁz∫ EÁ{∫ N˛ú‰gÁzÊ Ãz õÆÁ∫!>> ƒ{Ãz “y ú∫™Án™Á ÜÆÁå N˛∫oz “ÏL, <Euåu™ ÁÆ å™:> åÁ™ N˛Á \Áú §‰gy »ÚÁ
ßy úÁúuÆÁı Nz˛ üuo uåu¸o EÁ{∫ ßO˛Áı Nz˛ üuo <Euåu™ > Ãz N˛∫ı@
Nz˛ øú ™ı √ƃ“Á∫ N˛∫oz “¯@ <ƒÁN˛Ω> Nz˛ uüÆ úÁeN˛Tm! EÁFL Gà ú∫™Án™Á N˛y
N˛“Á \ÁoÁ “{ uN˛ ÃÁ∫z \yƒÁı ™ı ™nÀÆ “y ú¬N˛ ^úN˛oz N˛ªmÁ –u…b N˛Áz “™ ú∫ üÃÁu∫o N˛∫ƒÁåz Nz˛ u¬L úÓ∫y ßuMo
å“Î@ ™nÀÆ N˛y ™Á Eúåy ÃãoÁå N˛Áz Nz˛ƒ¬ Eúåy –u…b Nz˛ EÁ{∫ »ÚÁ Nz˛ ÃÁs <<Euåu™ ÁÆ å™:>> N˛Á \Áú N˛∫oz ∫“ı@
üÃ∫m ™Áfi Ãz úÁzu o N˛∫oy “{@ @@H Euåu™ ÁÆ å™: å™:@@@@

ã¨~°Ê^À+¨O áÈ=_®xH˜ Ãú|tÁz  uåƒÁ∫m “zoÏ

QÆ~°∞_» Hõ=K« ™È΄`«=Ú - Tªg N˛ƒY ÀoÁzfi™Ω
J㨺N QÆ~°∞_» Hõ=K« ™È΄`« =∞„#Î㨺 <å~°^Œ EÀÆ »y Tªg N˛ƒY ÀoÁzfi ™ãfiÀÆ åÁ∫t J u : ƒ{åozÆÁz tzƒoÁ@
|∞∞+≤ó "≥·#`ÕÜ≥∂ ^Õ=`å J#∞+¨µìÑπKè«#ÌóI EåÏ…bÏúΩ Zãt:@ ™™ Tªg üÃÁt uÃÚΩÆsz| \úz uƒuåÆÁzT: @
=∞=∞ QÆ~°∞_» „Ѩ™ê^Œ ã≤^Œúºˆ~÷ [¿Ñ qxÜ≥∂QÆó 1. u∆∫Áz ™z Tªg: úÁoÏ ¬¬ÁbÊ uƒåoÁ ÃÏo: @
1. t~À "Õ∞ QÆ~°∞_»ó áê`«∞ ÅÖÏ@O q#`å ã¨∞`«ó I åzfizoÏ Ãú|“Á úÁoÏ N˛mÁ{| úÁoÏ ÃÏ∫ÁuY|o: @@
<Õ„`Õ `«∞ ã¨~°ÊǨ áê`«∞ Hõ~“‚áê`«∞ ã¨∞~åiÛ`«ó II 2. åÁuÃNÊ˛ úÁoÏ ÃúÁ|u∫: ƒtåÊ uƒ…mÏ ƒÁ“å:@
2. <åã≤HõO áê`«∞ ã¨~åÊió =^Œ#O q+¨µ‚"åǨÏ#ó I ÃÓÆ|ÃÓoÁåÏ\: N˛leÊ ßÏ\Á{ úÁoÏ ™“Á§¬: @@
ã¨∂~°º ã¨∂`å#∞[ó HõO~î°O Éèí∞*∫áê`«∞ =∞Ǩ|Åó II 3. “ÀoÁ{ QTzæÁ∫: úÁoÏ N˛∫ÁT¿z nƒªmÁNw˛oy @
3. ǨϙœÎ YˆQâ◊fi~°ó áê`«∞ Hõ~儈Q `«fi~°∞}ÏHõ$f I åQÁåΩ åQÁÆÏá: úÁoÏ N˛qÁ{ ™ÏuO˛ ¢˛¬üt: @@
#MÏ<£ #MÏÜ«Ú^èŒó áê`«∞ HõH∆“ =ÚH˜ÎѶ¨Å„Ѩ^Œó II 4. ÀoåÁ{ ™z úÁoÏ uƒ“T: ”tÆÊ úÁoÏ Ãƒ|tÁ @
4. ã¨Î<Ò "Õ∞áê`«∞ qǨÏQÆó ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O áê`«∞ã¨~°fi^• I åÁußÊ úÁoÏ ™“Áoz\Á: N˛ubÊ úÁoÏ ÃÏáÁ“∫: @@
<åaèO áê`«∞ =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ïó Hõ\ ˜O áê`«∞ ã¨∞^è•Ç¨Ï~°ó II
5. HøúÁoÏ ™“Áƒy∫Áz \ÁåÏåy YlguƒN¿˛™: @
5. T~°∂áê`«∞ =∞ǨÏg~À *Ï#∞h K«O_»q„Hõ=∞ó I \ÊVz tÏlgÁÆÏá: úÁoÏ TÏ¡¢˛Á{ uƒ…mÏ∫s: ÃtÁ @@
[O¿Ñ¶∞ ^Œ∞}ϤܫÚ^èŒó áê`«∞ QÆ∞Ö∫Êù q+¨µ‚~°^èŒó ã¨^• II
6. ÃÏúm|: úÁoÏ ™z úÁtÁ{ oÁflÆ|: úÁtÁWï̬y otÁ@
6. ã¨∞Ѩ~°‚ó áê`«∞ "Õ∞ áê^Ò `å~°∆ ºó áê^•OQÆ∞b`«^• I
∫Áz™NÓ˛úÁuå ™z ƒy∫: nƒYÊ úÁoÏ ßÆÁú“: @@
~À=∞‰õÄáêx "Õ∞ g~°ó `«fiK«O áê`«∞ ÉèíÜ«∂ѨǨÏó II
7. W`Õº=O k=ºHõ=K«O áêѨѶ¨∞flO ã¨~°fiHÍ=∞^ŒO I 7. FnÆzƒÊ ut√ÆN˛ƒYÊ úÁúUåÊ Ãƒ|N˛Á™tÊ @
Ü«∞ó Ѩˆ~î`ü „áê`«~°∞`å÷Ü«∞ q+¨âı+¨O „Ѩ}â◊ºu II Æ: úezoΩ üÁoªnsÁÆ uƒ ∆z Ê üm≈Æuo @@
8. „uã¨#úºO Ü«∞ó Ѩˆ~îxfl`«ºO |#ú<å`ü =ÚK«º`Õ #~°ó I 8. ufiÃãÜÆÊ Æ: úezuëÁnÆÊ §ãáåÁoΩ ™ÏXÆoz å∫: @
^•fi^ŒâßǨÏO Ѩˆ~î^Œºã¨∞Î =ÚK«º`Õ â◊„`«∞ |#ú<å`ü II ˚Át∆Á“Ê úez˘ÀoÏ ™ÏXÆoz ∆fiÏ §ãáåÁoΩ @@
9. UHõ"å~°O Ѩˆ~î^Œºã¨∞Î =ÚK«º`Õ ã¨~°fiH˜eƒÃ+·ó I 9. LN˛ƒÁ∫Ê úez˘ÀoÏ ™ÏXÆoz Ã|uN˛u¡§ {: @
=„[ ѨO[~° <å"Õ∞^ŒO Hõ=K«O |#ú "≥∂K«#O II ƒ\¿úÊ\∫ åÁ™ztÊ N˛ƒYÊ §ãá™ÁzYå™Ω @@

ǨÏ$^ŒÜ∞« O Ѩq„`«"∞≥ #ÿ ѨÙ_»∞ ^•i qâßÅOQÍ HõxÑ≤ã∞¨ OÎ k. QÆ=∞ºO ã¨Ê+¨=ì ∞=Ù`«∞Ok.

March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 14 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK


I would like to remind VAK Readers about my being caused to the child. Her fear slowly was taking
preamble to the current series 2 months ago where shape of turning into truth.
I pointed out that out of all the four Judgements Chanda and Marka, sons of Sage Shukracharya
Justice Indu Malhotra’s judgement stands out as were teachers of the asura children at a primary
a custodian of Dharma. The rest of the Learned Judges education level. They were managing the Asura
wrote a demonic judgement with no mind to protect school attached to the palace of Hiranyakashipu
Sanathana Dharma. In writing their judgements these and many royal students were admitted into that
Learned Judges did not seem to have exercised school.Hiranyakashipu also sent his son Prahlada
their wisdom and thought that they can create a to the school of Asuras when he attained the age
new Dharma book overwriting the existing one. What of school going. He was learning there in a residential
they have not understood is that the Almighty is mode. In those days the student resides only in
not subservient to them and he does not have to Gurukul and not with their parents.
follow their judgement in blessing the devotees. There he was taught about worldly items and items
Devotees have to still follow the tenets of the religion creating differences among people. While the highly
or dharma sashtra to please the Lord and not the knowledgeable Prahlada was not liking the teaching,
Supreme Court judgements. A similar situation he never opposed his teachers and never refused
happened long long ago in the ancient times when to recite what they said. But he was not letting
a powerful demon king not only wanted to change those teachings enter in his mind as according to
the Dharma shastras to his favour but also made him they are not needed and not appreciated by
people practice it and also wanted himself to be the Lord.
anointed as the Lord of the Lords and become the Some months passed by and one day Chanda and
Almightly himself. He tortured the whole world and Marka took Prahlada along with them to meet the
had to be ultimately corrected by Lord of the Lords king.Prahlada prostrated before his father
by taking the form of Narasimha. The whole story Hiranyakashipu and was standing in front of him
of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlada is about how with folded hands and with all humility. Hiranyakashipu
materialistic people or Rajasa and Thaamasa character took the child on to his lap and caressed him
people are torturing the Sattvic spiritual beings and showering fatherly love. He said:
ultimately the consequence they face. Sattvic and “Oh! My child. Tell me a gist of what you remember
devotional environment is very essential to protect from what has been taught to you so far”
Dharma in this whole country or for that matter any To this prahlada replied as follows:
world. If there is Sattvic and devotional environment »ÓÆoÁÊ oÁo ƒflÆÁu™ ÃÁ∫ßÓoÊ oƒÁrÆÁ@
and attitude to not harm or cause pain to others, ÙÁu“o™åÁzßÓnƒÁ Æã™z YzoÀƃuÀsoÊ@@
the Lord himself will come to protect such devotees
and vanquish the hatred coming from Raajasa and
EåÁut-™ÜÆÁão™\Ê EƒwuÚqÆ™XÆÏoÊ@
Thaamasic people. Lets learn this lesson from the ümoÁzÀ©ÆãoÃãoÁåÊ Ãƒ|N˛Á∫mN˛Á∫m™Ω@@
story of how Lord protected Prahlada and vanquished “Oh! Father! I will tell with full concentration of mind
Hiranyakashipu. Prahlada was having Excstasic love what is inside my mind and the gist of all I know
and devotion for Lord. He was saved in the womb so far. Lord Achyuta is the one who does not have
by DevarishiNarada’s intervention who protected his a beginning, centre and an end. He is not affected
pregnant mother from being kidnapped by Devendra by Prakruthi which undergoes changes. He does
and tortured. not undergo growth as well as degradation. He is
THE MATTER OF AHOBILA NARASIMHA (contd..) prostrated by all and is the ultimate cause of all
VEDANTA DEEPIKAI, SAMBUDAM-4 (1914-1915) causal items that we see around us.”
Prahlada was born to Kayadhu and right from the The words of Prahlada were falling like hot molten
birth the child was always thinking about Lord Vishnu. tin in the ears of Hiranyakashipu. His eyes were
It was in love and devotion with him. He would red due to anger. His lips were vibrating when he
sometimes cry and some times laugh. He would turned to Chanda and Marka and said:
sometimes sing in himselves and some times dance. “Oh! Great Brahmins! Brainless ones! How is that
He would be quiet sometimes and shout in ecstacy you taught the eulogy of my enemy to my child?!
sometimes. Prahlada was a hugely differentiated Is this to belittle me?”!
child and was never like normal child. His mother The tensed Chanda and Marka quickly replied “Oh!
Kayadhu was worried for him from the point of view Asura king! Your child is not telling you what we
that the child is in love with the ardent enemy of taught. He is telling something else”
his father Hiranyakashipu. She was fearing harm Hiranyakashipu turned to Prahlada and asked “My
child! Tell me about the person who taught you this!”

x~å_»O|~°"∞≥ #ÿ `Õ<\
≥ Q© Æ Jxfl~°HÍŠѨÙ=ÙfiÅ#∞Oz `Õ<#≥ ∞ fã¨∞‰õΩ#fl>Ë,¡ `≥eq HõÅ"å_»∞ Jxfl Ѩq„`« „QÆO^ä•Å #∞Op ™ê~åxfl „QÆÇÏ≤ ™êÎ_∞» .
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 15 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Prahlada responded: son anymore.
∆ÁÀoÁ uƒ…mÏ∫∆z ÀÆ \ToÁz ÆÁz ”utuÀso:@ “Let this cruel and foolish child be taken away from
o™woz ú∫™Án™ÁåÊ oÁo N˛:Nz˛å ∆ÁÀÆoz @@ me! Someone has educated him abou my enemy.
“oh! My beloved father, the controller of the whole Take him to Gurukul and leave him there for further
universe, Lord Vishnu is in the heart of everyone proper education under tight discipline!” Roared
and is the inner controller. Other than him who controls Hiranyakashipu.
and teaches whom in this world?” His soldiers took away Prahlada and left him back
Hiranyakashipu’s anger enhanced. He asked: in the GuruKula.
“Oh! Great Mindless fool! Who is the Lord of the There Chanda and Marka, his teachers enquired :
universe now?! It is me!. How dare you say in front “Oh! Child Prahlada! Now tell us the truth and don’t
of me someone by name Vishnu who can't even tell us anything but the truth. Who gave you this
come in front of me?! differentiated knowledge which the other children
Prahlada responded: have not got. We taught you something and you
picked up something else! From where did you pick
å∆£tzTÁzY∫ÊÆÀÆÆÁzuTÜÆzÆÊ ú∫ÊútÊ @ up this knowledge which you are currently having?”
ÆoÁzuƒæÁÊÀƒÆÊuƒæÁÊÃuƒ…mÏ: ú∫™zæÁ∫:@@ “Oh! Teachers! I prostrate before the almighty due
Father! His abode cannot be described by words to whose maaya there is a feeling to many in the
and it is the ultimate goal of all Yogis to reach his world that each one is a different independent entity
abode. He is one from whom the whole universe and has nothing to do with the almighty paramatma.
has emanated and he is himself the universe and In reality he is the inner controller of all and all of
is parameshwara meaning Lord of all Lords.” us belong to him. Due to his Maaya people get
“Oh! Fool! Who is this person by name Parameshwara an illusion that the body is nothing but soul. Therefore
about whom you keep reciting to me?! By doing so people feel that each one is unconnected different
you seem to be desiring death from me” entity. This illusion will disappear when the Lord
Said Hiranyakashipu. choses to take it away and it happens to only those
å Nz˛ƒ¬ oÁo ™™ ü\ÁåÁÊ Ã§¿÷ßÓoÁz ߃o≥Á uƒ…mÏ: @ whom lord likes due to devotion to him. It is
uƒáÁoÁ ú∫™zæÁ∫≥Á üÃyt N˛ÁzúÊ NÏ˛ª z uN˛™s˙ @@ sometimes possible that people who are less educated
“Oh! Father! Cool down! Don’t get angry on me. Please realise the Lord due to his wish. Even the learned
leave the anger and protect me. There is no reason scholars like Brahma, Maheswara etc. could not
for your anger. He is not only creator of me or the realise him fully. But here I am to whom the Lord
universe. He is also creator of you. He is the one teaches and shows about him from within. That is
who is the ultimate creator of all and also the person why I am differentiated. Oh! Great Brahmins!,just
who provides energy and sustenance to all beings. as in front of the magnet, the iron gets attracted
He is known as Vishnu and Parameshwara.” Replied and magnetized, I am also getting magnetized by
Prahlada. the presence of Lord Chakrapani around me and
“who is the great sinner who has entered the heart in me.” Thus Prahlada Responded truly to the queries
of my child and getting him all these feelings?. of the Asura teachers. It is true that the Lord has
Hiranyakashipu started venting his anger. Even then chosen him and through him he wanted to show
he did not realise that he is not the Parameshwara to the world who he is.
and this is held by only the almighty himself” The Asura teachers who were not able to bear this
Like Goddess Sita was not afraid of elephants, nor started behaving cruelly with hm. They tried to create
tigers or lions in the forest as she was always leaning fear in him in many ways. They then tried to say
on Lord Rama’s handsome hands similarly Prahlada to all others that ths child is seemingly a differentiated
was not afraid of Hiranyakashipu when he was teling one in the Asura clan and will be the cause for their
him the truth in his entirety. clan’s destruction. He was termed as a thorny tree
“Oh! Father ! that Vishnu is not only in my heart in the Chandan forest of Asura clan. Later they taught
but is also in yours and in the hearts of entire living him the thrivarga education which is the education
beings in the universe. He makes you, me and all pertaining to material world known as Dharma, Artha
others do what we are destined to do. For all our and Kaama. Prahlaada was learning all they taught
doings he is the one who grants the fruits of ones and served his gurus out of compassion on them
deeds in the form of happiness and sorrow in the and ensuring that they should not be harmed or
current birth or for that matter different types of bodies pusnished by his father, the Asura King. He was
in the subsequent births etc. He is the perpetuator a truly compassionate devotee and was kind to
and enabler for all the living beings to do their actions” everyone.
At these words Hiranyakashipu could not stand his (To be continued)
»y∫Á™∫Á™ ∫Á™z u o ∫™z ∫Á™z ™åÁz ∫ ™z @ ÓœÁåÁ™ o…Ï ¡ ÆÊ ∫Á™ åÁ™ ƒ∫Áååz @@
N~å=∞ ~å=∞ ~å"Õ∞u ~°"Õ∞ ~å"Õ∞ =∞<À~°"Õ∞ I ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨<å=∞ `«`«∞ÎźO ~å=∞ <å=∞ =~å#<Õ II
g∞~°∞ „Ѩu~ÀE `«$Ñ≤QÎ Í x„kOKåÅ#∞‰õΩO>Ë, „Ѩu L^ŒÜ∞« =¸ XHõ K«H¯õ \˜ ã¨OHõÅÊO`À x„^Œ ÖË=_»O JÅ"å@∞ KÕã∞¨ HÀO_ç.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 16 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ - Hõj‡~°∞Ö’x âß~°^•Ñ‘~î° „Ѩܫ∂}O

^è•~å"åÇ≤ÏHõ 19= ÉèÏQÆO.... `≥Å∞QÆ∞ J#∞"å^ŒO : N=∞u ã¨∞^è• ~°OQÆ~å[<£
[iy#Hõ^äŒ : N~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ∞ "Õ^•Å xQÆ∂_è» J~°ú=ÚÅ#∞ =∞# K«∞@∂ì L#fl D „ѨÑO¨ K«O bÖÏqÉè∂í u. Wk x`«º qÉè∂í u
`≥Å∞ã¨∞H˘#\ÏxH˜ HÍj‡~°∞Ö’x ã¨~°ã¨fif Ñ‘~îåxH˜ |Ü«∞Å∞^Õ~å~°∞. JHõ¯_» ÖËHõ Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^•x HõO>Ë =¸_çO`«Å∞ z#flk. bÖÏ qÉèí∂uÖ’
É’^è•Ü«∞# =$uÎ „QÆO^äŒ=Ú QÆÅ^Œ∞. ^•xx ™êH∆Í`«∞Î É’^è•Ü«∞# =∞ǨÏi¬ „|uˆH r=ÙÅ∞ [## - =∞~°} - [## K«„HõOÖ’ Ѩi„Éèíq∞ã¨∂Î
ã¨fiǨϙêÎÅ`À „"åâß~°∞. "å~°∞ ‰õĈ~â◊√Å`À K«„Hõ^èŒ~° f~°÷O KÕ~°∞H˘x LO\Ï~°∞. D „ѨѨOK«OÖ’ [x‡Oz, [## =∞~°} K«„HõOÖ’<Õ
JHõ¯_» ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ#∞ Hõeâß~°∞. "å~°∞ HÍj‡~° ~åA ѨÓ~°fi H˘@∞ì q∞\Ïì_»∞`«∞#fl r=ÙÅ L^Œú~°} HÀã¨O <å~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞
„Ѩ^è•<å=∂`«∞ºÅ∞. ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ"å~°∞ HÍj‡~° ~å[º K«i„`«#∞ ã¨O„QÍ=∞ "Õ^•ÅÖ’ ã¨∂zOz# q^èŒOQÍ =∞#ÃÑ· HõxHõ~°O`À ã¨$+≤ì, ã≤÷u,
~åA =∞iÜ«Ú J#O`«^Õ=Ùx Hõ^äŒ#∞ K≥ѨʙêÔQ#∞. ‰õΩÜ«ÚH˜Î =Å# ÅÜ«∞Å#∞ KÕã¨∞Î<åfl_»∞. D „ѨѨOK«OÖ’ =∞#O KÕ¿ã Ѩ#∞ÖË
=∞~°}O˜ z# ã¨O„QÍ=∞ ~åA Ѩل`«∞_»∞ J#O`«^=Õ Ù_»∞ S^ÕO_»¡ „áêÜ«∞OÖ’
~åA HÍQÍ, Ü«∞=fi#Ѩ٠ã¨Ç¨Ï"å™êÅ HÍ~°}Ï# K≥_çáÈÜ«∂_»∞. HÍh =∞#Å#∞ L#fl`«∞Å∞QÍ<À ÖËHõ hK«∞Å∞QÍ<À xÅɡ_»∞`«∞Ok.
J#O`«^Õ=Ù_»∞ ^Œ=∂~åF ~åA HõOѨ<Õâ◊ „uÉèí∞=#∞x Ü«Ú^ŒúOÖ’ z@ì z=~°‰õΩ, =∞#O J~°÷O KÕã¨∞HÀ=Åã≤O^Õ=∞#QÍ, =∞# ÉèíH˜Î
[~ÚOKå_»∞. J@∞ `«~°∞"å`« ~å}˜ ã¨∂~°º=∞u Ü≥ÚHõ¯ „â◊=∞ =Å# ÖËHõ „¿Ñ=∞‰õΩ ã¨O`«$Ñ≤Î K≥Ok#ѨC_»∞ =∂„`«"∞Õ P <å~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞
~åA ^è~Œ ‡° =∂~°=æ Ú ##∞ã¨iOK«™êQÍ_»∞. J#O`«^=Õ =∞Ǩ~åA ÃÑ^Œ<Ì å#fl =∞# P`«‡Å#∞ D ÉÏ^èÅŒ K«„Hõ„Éè=í ∞}O #∞O_ç `«ÑÊ≤ Oz J#O`«
H˘_»∞‰õΩ H˜∆u~åA Ѩ~°=∞ "≥·+¨‚=Ù_»∞ =∞iÜ«Ú ^è•i‡‰õΩ_»∞. PÜ«∞# P#O^•Å‰õΩ PÅ"åÅ"≥∞ÿ# uiy ~å#=ã¨~°O ÖË#@∞=O\˜
K«„Hõ^èŒ~°f~°÷=Ú =^ŒÌ ™êfl<åxH˜ "ÕOKÕã≤# N~å=∂#∞AÅ∞ N ‰õĈ~â◊√Å∞ Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^•xH˜ KÕ~°∞™êÎ_»∞. Jk PÜ«∞#‰õΩ =∂„`«"Õ∞ ™ê^茺O.
=∞iÜ«Ú ˆHâ◊"åKå~°∞ºÅ#∞ ^Œi≈OK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. `«~°∞"å`« P =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∞
=∞ǨÏhÜ«ÚÅ∞ ™êfl<åxH˜ K«„Hõ^~Œè f° ~°=÷ ÚÖ’ ky<å~°∞... "å~°∞ `«=∞ „áê`«ó
HÍ=Ù#, ''„Ñ≤Ü«∞ Éèí‰õΩÎÖÏ~å! =∞# [#‡Å‰õΩ „ѨÜ≥∂[#O,
HÍÅѨ٠q^è∞Œ Å#∞ ѨÓiÎ KÕÜ∞« ™êQÍ~°∞. P ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ H˘xfl ã¨OѶ∞¨ @#Å∞ Ѩ~°=∂=kè P ™êfiq∞ Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^•xH˜ KÕ~°∞HÀ=_»"Õ∞ Jx J~°÷O
~å=∂#∞*ÏKå~°∞ºÅ Q˘Ñ¨Ê`«<åxfl "≥Å∞QÆ∞Ö’xH˜ `≥KåÛ~Ú. K«„Hõ^~Œè ° f~°O÷ Ö’ KÕã¨∞H˘#∞=Ú. Jk ˆH=ÅO PÜ«∞##∞ „Ѩã¨#flO KÕã¨∞HÀ=_»O
HõxÑ≤OK≥ `≥Å¡`å=∞~°Å QÆ∞iOz K«iÛOK«™êQÍ~°∞. `«~°∞"å`« =ÚQÆ∞æ~°∂ ^•fi~å<Õ ™ê^茺Ѩ_»∞`«∞Ok. HÍ=Ù# ^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ P <å~åÜ«∞}∞x
HõÅã≤ K«„Hõ^èŒ~åÅÜ«∂xH˜ "≥àϧ~°∞. JHõ¯_» JѨÊ\˜ ~åA H˜∆u~åA `«# áê^ŒÑ¨^•‡Å‰õΩ q∞=∞‡efl ã¨=∞iÊOK«∞‰õΩx ÉèíH˜Î`À PÜ«∞##∞
‰õΩ@∞O|O`À „Ѩ[Å`À ã¨Ç¨ x`«ºÑ¨Ó*Ï ^Œ~°≈<åi÷Ü≥ÿ∞ xÅ∞K«∞x LO@∂ â◊~}° ∞"Õ_ç „Ñ¨ã#¨ flO KÕã∞¨ HÀO_ç—— Jx LѨ<åºã¨O =ÚyOKå~°∞.
ѨÓ*Ï#O`«~O° ~åA, LѨ<åºã¨O K≥Ü∞« º=∞x ~å=∂#∞Ax "Õ_∞» ‰õΩ<åfl_»∞... `«~°∞"å`« H˜∆u~åA PKå~°∞ºÅ =ÚO^Œ∞‰õΩ =zÛ PÜ«∞#‰õΩ
~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi LѨ<åºã¨O „â’`«Å ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂Å#∞ ™êëêìOQÆ #=∞™ê¯~°O KÕã≤, ''™êfig∞! ZO`À =∞Ok ѨO_ç`«∞Å
PHõi¬ã¨∂Î "åi *Ï˝<åaè=$kú KÕã¨∂Î ™êyOk. [QÆ<åfl@Hõ =^ŒÌ =ÚxѨÙOQÆ=ÙÅ =^ŒÌ Z<Àfl LѨ<庙êÅ∞ q<åfl#∞. HÍh,
㨠∂ „`« ^ è • s D 㨠= ∞㨠Π㨠$ +≤ ì H ˜ Ü« ∞ [=∂x Jh, D Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^ŒO =∞iÜ«Ú JHõ¯_» ÅaèOKÕ JÖ∫H˜HÍ#O^ŒO QÆ∞iOz
„Ѩ Ñ ¨ O K« = ∞O`å PÜ« ∞ # bÖÏ qÉè í ∂ u Jx K≥ á êÊ~° ∞ . WѨC_Õ qO@∞<åfl#∞. g∞~°∞ K≥Ñ≤ÊOk <Õ#∞ q#fl W`«~°
"≥∂H∆Í#O`«~°O Éèí‰õΩÎÅ∞ KÕ~°∞‰õΩ<Õ x`«ºqÉèí∂uQÍ ¿Ñ~°∞ á⁄Ok# LѨ<庙êʼnõΩ qaè#flOQÍ LOk. D „ѨѨOK«=∞O`å q∞^䌺
Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^•xH˜ ‰õÄ_® P <å~åÜ«∞}∞_Õ <å^äŒ∞_»x K≥áêÊ~°∞. Ü«∞x, =∂Ü«∂ [x`«=∞x, =∞#Ö’x áêѨ ѨÙ}ϺŠHÍ~°}Ï#
=∞#=Ú Ñ¨~°=∞Ѩ^Œ=∞x Ñ≤eKÕ P KÀ@∞ D „ѨѨOKåxH˜ KåÖÏ ã¨$+≤ìOK«|_ç#^Œx, x[O HÍx^Œx, Z=iH˜ "åˆ~ nxx
^Œ∂~°OQÍ LO@∞O^Œx JHõ¯_çH˜ KÕ~°∞HÀ"åÅO>Ë =∞#O D `≥Å∞ã¨∞HÀ"åÅx <å‰õΩ "å~°O^Œ~∂° K≥áêÊ~°∞. JO^Œ~∂° Ѩ~=° ∂`«‡
„áêHõ$uHõ =∞O_»ÖÏxfl ^•@=Åã≤ LO@∞O^Œx K≥áêÊ~°∞. Jx `≥Å∞ã¨∞HÀ"åÅ<åfl~°∞. Jk „QÆǨÏOz# <å_»∞ P`«‡‰õΩ ¿ãfiK«Ûù
<å~åÜ«∞}∞xÃÑ· JK«OK«Å ÉèHí Θ HõÅ"åiH˜ =∂„`«"∞Õ , ™êfiq∞"å~°∞ Åaèã∞¨ OÎ ^Œ<åfl~°∞. g\˜ÃÑ· g∞ Jaè„áêÜ«∞O ÃãÅqÜ«∞ºO_ç ™êfig∞!——
ÉèíH˜ÎH˜ "≥∞zÛ P Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^Œ „Ѩ"Õâßxfl J#∞„QÆÇ≤Ï™êÎ~°∞. Jx J_çQÍ~°∞.
Ѩ~=° ∞Ѩ^•xH˜ KÕ~∞° ‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜ JÖ∫H˜HÍ#O^ŒO, `«$Ñ≤Î "≥∞O_»∞QÍ ''F! H˜∆u~å*Ï! D „ѨѨOK«O q∞^䌺, =∂Ü«∞ Jx
Åaè™êÎ~Ú. JHõ¯_çH˜ KÕ~°∞‰õΩ#fl"å~°∞ ™êfiq∞ ã¨Ç¨ÏK«~åº#O^ŒO K≥¿ÑÊ"åi "≥#Hõ "≥à◊§=^Œ∞Ì. Jk x[O HÍ^Œ∞. J"≥·k‰õ=Ú D
J#∞Éèíqã¨∂Î PÜ«∞# KÕ¿ã bÅÅ#∞ K«∂_»QÆÅ∞QÆ∞`å~°∞. JHõ¯_» ã¨$+≤ìÖ’ Ѩ~°=∞ ã¨`åºÅ∞ =¸_Õ =¸_»∞. r"å`«‡, JKÕ`«#
PHõe, ^ŒÑC¨ Å∞, HÀiHõÅ∞ ÖË<Õ ÖË=Ù. JHõ¯_» JO`å <å~åÜ«∞}∞_Õ (Hõ^ŒÅÖËxq) ÖËHõ „ѨHõ$u, Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ ÖËHõ Dâ◊fi~°∞_»∞.
ˆH=ÅO <å~åÜ«∞}∞_Õ LO\Ï_»∞. WHõ¯_» P#O^•#∞Éèí∂uH˜ <å~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ x+¨¯à◊O‰õΩ_»∞ =∞iÜ«Ú =∞#‰õΩ Hõ~°‡Ñ¶¨ÖÏÅ#∞
<å~åÜ«∞}∞_Õ =¸Å ~°ã¨=Ú =∞iÜ«Ú =¸Å =ã¨∞Î=Ù. WѨC_»∞ „Ѩ™êkOKÕ"å_»∞. =∞# P`«‡Å#∞ xÜ«∞O„uOKÕ"å_»∞ PÜ«∞<Õ

`«# *Ï˝ÑH¨ ÍÅ`À<Õ rqOKÕ"å_»∞ =$^Œ∞_ú ∞» J=Ù`å_»∞. Éèqí +¨º`«∞Î QÆ∞iOz „Ѩ}ÏoHõÅ`À rqOKÕ"å_»∞ x`«º Ü«∞ø=#OÖ’ =ÙO\Ï_»∞.
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HÍ=Ù# r"å`«‡ Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ Ü≥ÚHõ¯ â◊s~°=∞x K≥ѨÊ=K«∞Û. Wk ''x#∞fl <å t+¨µºxQÍ JOwHõi™êÎ#∞. ˆ~Ѩ٠ZO`À
r"å`«‡ Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ ã¨O|O^è•Å HÀ}OÖ’ K≥Ñ≤Ê# JOâ◊O. Ѩq„`«"∞≥ #ÿ ~ÀA ~ˆ Ѩ٠„á⁄^Œ∞#Ì Ug∞ u#‰õΩO_® WHõ¯_çH˜ ~°=Ú‡.
<å~åÜ«∞}∞_»∞ JKÕ`«# =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅÖ’ ‰õÄ_® "åºÑ≤Oz L<åfl_»∞. hÖ’ *Ï˝<ÀnÌѨ#O KÕ™êÎ#∞.—— J<åfl~°∞ ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞.
r"å`«‡ KÕã¨∞‰õΩ#fl ѨÙ}º áêáêŠѶ¨e`«OQÍ ^•xH˜ ~°∂áêxfl g~°∞ WÖÏ ã¨OÉèÏ+≤ã¨∂ÎO_»QÍ, "≥Å∞ѨŠã¨O^Œ_ç
„Ѩ ™ êk™êÎ _ » ∞ . "Õ ^ Œ xÜ« ∞ =∂Å J#∞QÆ ∞ }OQÍ ™êfiq∞ qxÑ≤OzOk. „Ѩ[Å∞ H˜u∆ ~åA#∞ K«∂_®Åx HÀ~°∞‰õΩ<åfl~°∞.
P_»∞‰õΩO@∞#fl P@ Wk. `«#`À LO_»`«y# ã¨O|O^è•xfl WO`«Ö’ XHõ ~°HH∆õ Éõ @íè ∞_»∞ ~åA =^Œ‰Ì Ωõ =zÛ ''~å*Ï! =∞#O
`≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩx `«#Ѩ@¡ ÉèíH˜Î`À ã¨=∞~°Ê}`À LO_®Åx PÜ«∞# |OkèOz# P KÀ~°∞x WHõ¯_Õ „Ѩ"Õâ◊ÃÑ@ì<å? qKå~°}
Ptã¨∞Î<åfl_»∞. XHõ¯™êi rq ã¨`åºxfl „QÆÇ≤ÏOK«QÍ<Õ ZO`À „áê~°Oaè™êÎ~å?—— J_çQÍ_»∞ Ããx· ‰õΩ_»∞. (PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ XHõ KÀ~°∞_»∞
ã¨O`À+¨OQÍ J`«xx [## =∞~°} K«„HõO #∞O_ç q_»∞^ŒÅ KÕã≤ „Ѩ"ÕtOz ~å=∂#∞AÅ"åi ã¨g∞ѨOÖ’ uiy# ã¨OѶ¨∞@#
Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^ŒOÖ’ `«# J‰õΩ¯# KÕ~°∞Û‰õΩO\Ï_»∞. q∞QÆ`å r=ÙÅ∞ áê~ Ωõ ʼnõΩ QÆ∞~°∞OÎ _Õ LO@∞Ok. JÖÏ Ñ¨@∞ì|_ç# ^˘OQÆx H˜u∆ ~åA
rq`« ã¨`åºxfl `≥Å∞ã¨∞‰õΩ<Õ =~°‰õΩ WO^Œ∞Ö’<Õ, WHõ¯_Õ =ÚO^Œ∞ „Ѩ"âÕ Ã◊ Ñ\˜ì qKåiOKåe. PÅÜ«∞ ÉÏ^躌 `«Å∞, ~°H}∆õ
u~°∞QÆ∞`«∞O\Ï~°∞. XHõ"Õà◊ JO^Œ~°∞ Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ S`Õ, Ѩ~°=∂`«‡ H˜u∆ ~åA"Õ.)
=∂Ü«∞KÕ „ѨÉèÏq`«∞_≥·`Õ, PÜ«∞##∞ "åà◊√§ ZÖÏ `≥Å∞ã¨∞ ~åA JOwHõiOz ~å=∂#∞Ax =^ŒÌ ÃãÅ=Ù fã¨∞‰õΩx
‰õΩO\Ï~°∞? XHõ"àÕ ◊ "åà◊√§ Ѩ~=° ∞ã¨`º« O J~°O÷ KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩ<åfl =∞m§ KÀ~°∞x qKåiOK«_®xÔH· =∞iÜ«Ú „Ѩ[Å#∞ HõÅ=_®xÔH· KÕã≤#
=∂Ü«∞KÕ „ѨÉèÏq`«∞Å∞ HÍ~°∞ Jx ZÖÏ J#∞HÀQÆÅO? D `å`å¯eHõ ^Œ~åƒ~°∞‰õΩ "≥àϧ~°∞.
"åºMϺ<åÅ∞ "Õ^•ÅÖ’ ã¨∂zOK«ÖË^Œ∞. HÍ=Ù# "å\˜x PÅÜ«∞ „ѨǨÏs QÀ_» #∞Oz K«∂¿ãÎ Jk XHõ J^Œ∞ƒù`«
=^Œe"≥Ü∞« º=K«∞Û#∞. ^Œ$â◊ºO. P ~ÀAÖ’¡ PÅÜ«∂Å#∞ HÀ@ÖÏ¡QÍ Hõ>"ìË å~°∞. q`«ëê÷#k
''™êfig∞! Wq Jhfl Ü«ÚHõÎ"≥∞ÿ# ["å|∞Å∞. D (WѨÊ\˜ rÅ"£∞ #k) X_»∞¤# HõÅ K«„Hõ^èŒ~åÅÜ«∞O J@∞=O\˜k.
JOâ◊OÃÑ· aè<åflaè„áêÜ«∂Å#∞ "åºÑ≤OѨ KÕã¨∞Î#fl J<Õ‰õΩÅ∞ =∂ P HÀ@Ö’ 5000 =∞Ok Ãã·x‰õΩÅ#∞, QÆ∞„~åʼnõΩ, U#∞QÆ∞ʼnõΩ
P™ê÷#OÖ’ L<åfl~°∞. "å~°O^Œi`À g∞~°∞ K«~°ÛÅ∞ [~°áêÅx =∞iÜ«Ú W`«~° Ããx· Hõ ™ê=∞„yx `«#Ö’ ÃÑ@∞ì‰Ωõ x ~°H}∆õ W=fiQÆÅ
<Õ#∞ HÀ~°∞‰õΩO@∞<åfl#∞. ##∞fl *Ï˝#=O`«∞x KÕã≤#@∞ìQÍ ™ê=∞~°úºO L#flk. P PÅÜ«∞O H˜∆u~åAx Pnè#OÖ’ L#flk.
"å~°O^Œix ‰õÄ_® *Ï˝#∞Å∞QÍ K≥Ü«∞ºO_ç, ^•x`À <å ~å[ºO D J=HÍâßefl H˜∆u~åA, ~å*Ï J#O`åk`«∞ºx "Õ_»∞‰õΩx
‰õÄ_® ã¨∞*Ï˝#∞Å`À nѨ=O`«=∞=Ù`«∞Ok.—— JO@∂ H˜∆u~åA ™êkèOK«∞‰õΩ<åfl_»∞. PÅÜ«∞O Ü≥ÚHõ¯ Ѩ_»=∞~° „ѨHõ¯ ÃÑ^ŒÌ ÃÑ^ŒÌ
~å=∂#∞AÅ#∞ „áêi÷OKå_»∞. ~åà◊§`À xi‡`«"≥∞ÿ, tÖÏÊÅ∞, HõàÏHõ$`«∞Å`À JÅOHõiOK«|_ç#
''F ~å*Ï! K«~°ÛÅ∞ K≥Ü«∞º_®xH˜ <Õ<≥ѨC_»∂ ã≤^Œú"Õ∞. =∞O@ѨO L#flk. D PÅÜ«∂xfl ^Õâ◊, q^ÕâßÖ’¡x tÅ∞ÊÅ#∞
HÍh <ÕxѨC_»∞, "Õ^Œ"åºã¨ =∞ǨÏi¬ t+¨µº_»∞ É’^è•Ü«∞#∞_»∞ Ñ≤ez "åiKÕ xi‡OѨKÕâß~°∞. Q˘Ñ¨Ê Q˘Ñ¨Ê tÅ∞ÊÅ∞ JHõ¯_çH˜
~°zOz# „|Ǩχã¨∂„`« ÉèÏ+¨ºO =$uÎ „QÆO^è•<Õfi+¨}Ö’ L<åfl#∞. =zÛ, ^Õg^Õ=`«Å∞, [O`«∞=ÙÅ∞, =∞#∞+¨µÅ∞, =Ú#∞Å tÖÏÊÅ#∞
P ѨÙ~å} „QÆO^è•xfl J^茺ܫ∞#O KÕ¿ãÎ <å Hõ$+≤ ѨÓ~°Î=Ù`«∞Ok. JHõ¯_ç ã¨ÎOÉèÏÅÃÑ· r=Hõà◊ L\˜ìѨ_ÕÖÏ K≥Hͯ~°∞. WHõ¯_ç tÅ∞ÊÅ
`«^•fi~å <å‰õΩ ÅaèOz# *Ï˝#O`À W`«~°∞Å`À K«~°ÛʼnõΩ QÍh tÅÊHõàÏ Kå`«∞~°ºO ZO`« Q˘Ñ¨Ê^ŒO>Ë, XHõ =∂#= â◊s~°OÖ’
"å^Œ „Ѩu"å^Œ#ʼnõΩ <Õ#∞ J~°∞›_#» =Ù`å#∞. <å D „ѨÜ∞« `«flOÖ’ `˘q∞‡k ~°O„^•Å∞ LO\ÏÜ«∞x `≥Å∞ã¨∞ J=hfl ֒ѨÅ
#∞=Ùfi ã¨Ç¨ Ü«∞Ѩ_Q» ÅÆ "å? „Ѩã∞¨ `Î O« P ѨÙã¨HÎ Oõ J#O`åk`«∞ºx XHõ^•x`À XHõ\ ˜ J#∞ã¨O^è•#O Hõey LO\Ï~Ú. JÖψQ,
~å[ºOÖ’x âß~°^• Ñ‘~î°O ÖËHõ ã¨~°fi*Ï˝# Ñ‘~î°OÖ’ L#fl^Œx =∞$QÍʼnõÄ, tÅ∞ÊÅ∞ =∂#=, =∞$QÍÅ â◊s~åÅ#∞ K≥H˜¯ ^•xH˜
q<åfl#∞. ##∞fl P K«„Hõ=iÎH˜ ѨiK«Ü∞« O KÕÜ∞« QÆÅ"å <åÜ«∞<å? ~°O„^•Å#∞ ÃÑ\˜ì, P ~°O„^•Å‰õΩ XHõ ^•x`À ֒ѨÅ#∞O_ç
P Ѩq„`« „QÆO^è•ÅÜ«∞OÖ’x =$uÎ „QÆO^è•xfl K«∂_»_®xH˜ XHõ\ ˜ ã¨O|O^èŒO L#fl@∞ìQÍ K≥Hͯ~°∞. L^•Ç¨Ï~°}‰õΩ XHõ
J#∞=∞u WÑ≤Ê™êÎ"å?—— Jx ~å=∂#∞AÅ"å~°∞ J_çQÍ~°∞. "≥O_çfQÆ#∞ P tÅÊO =Ú‰õΩ¯Ö’ ^Œ∂i¿ãÎ Jk J`«x K≥q#∞O_ç
''™êfig∞! g∞ HÀiˆH <å‰õΩ âßã¨#O. Ѩq„`å`«∞‡Öˇ·# "≥Å∞ѨeH˜ =ã¨∞OÎ k. JO`Õ H͉õΩO_® W`«~° ~°O„^•Å QÆ∞O_® ‰õÄ_®
g∞=O\˜ =∞ǨÏhÜ«ÚÅ =^ŒÌ t+¨ºiHõO K≥Ü«∂ºÅx <å =∞#ã¨∞ "≥Å∞ѨʼnõΩ =ã¨∞OÎ k. JѨÊ\˜ tÅÊHõàÏKå`«∞~°ºO J@∞=O\˜k. P
Lqfià◊¥§~°∞`«∞#flk. ^ŒÜ«∞KÕã≤ ##∞fl g∞ t+¨µºxQÍ ã‘fiHõiOz, =∞O@ѨO #_»∞=∞ XHõ `å`å¯eHõ ã≤OǨã¨#O LOK«|_çOk.
"≥∂Hõ™∆ ê^è#Œ ‰õΩ ã¨~Ô #· =∂~ÀæÑ^¨ âÕ O◊ K≥Ü∞« ºO_ç Jx ~å=∂#∞AÅ ã¨fi~°=‚ ∞Ü«∞=∞~Ú# P ã≤OǨã¨<åxH˜ J=¸Åº"≥∞#ÿ ~°`åflÅ∞,
áê^•ÅÃÑ· Ѩ_ç „áêi÷OKå_»∞ H˜∆u~åA. =„*ÏÅ∞, "≥_· ∂»è ~åºÅ∞ Z<Àfl á⁄^ŒQ|Æ _ç =Ù<åfl~Ú. (ã¨âı+¨O)

PtOz rqOKÕ =ºH˜Ö

Î ’ #@# LO@∞Ok. PtOK«‰Ωõ O_® rqOKÕ =ºH˜Ö
Î ’ Pf‡Ü«∞`« =ÙO@∞Ok.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 18 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Ramanuja’s Journey to Sharada Peeth – Kashmir

Serial - 19 CSL Narasimhan
Lord Ramanuja, the great Vaishnavite seer whose 1000 There is no hunger, no thirst, no desires and
th year birth day was celebrated this year throughout everything there is Lord. He is the ultimate material
India with pomp and glory. He was a seer who brought for enjoyment and is known as ultimate Rasa. The
to light the concept of the whole universe as one family
: Vasudhaiva kutumbakam and brought to light the
Universe you see around you is the Leela Vibhuti.
right understanding and interpretation of Vedas and Its size is three times lower than the Nitya vibhuti
established equal chance for all living beings to attain or Parama pada. In this universe the souls are
salvation at the end of the current birth by surrendering subjected to birth-death-re-birth cycles. Lord as
before the Lord – Saranagathi. In order to putforth part of his leela does creation, protection and
his understanding Lord Ramanuja had to first understand
what his predecessor Acharyas have done to explain
destruction in this universe out of compassion for
the Vedas. On this account he visited atleast twice to the upliftment of souls and he does that following
Sharada Peetham of Kashmir which was the seat of the prescriptions in Vedas. It is ones own deeds
Goddess Saraswathi and a huge store house of learning which makes one noble or ignoble in this universe.
known as Shree Bhandaram. VAK is attempting to bring Ultimately only the Lord who gets pleased by devotion
the interesting items of this effort of Lord Ramanuja
to its readers.
or love will be able to relieve the souls of this misery
Story so far: and take them to his abode and provide them ultimate
Obtaining the ordainment of Lord Varadaraja of Kanchi, and everlasting bliss from where they don’t return.
Lord Ramanuja and Kuresa set out to study Boudhayana So my dear devotees please understand that the
Vrutti Grantha at Sharada peetham in Kashmir. They purpose of everyone’s life is to attain the Lord’s
had taken a fast route and reached Kashmir in just
about 6 months time from Kanchi travelling almost
abode Paramapadam which can be obtained only
everyday. They reached Chakradhara theertham at the by pleasing the Lord. Hence please surrender at
outskirts of Kashmir and had been well received by the feet of Lord and be devoted to him to please
a learned scholar Keshavacharya who till recently served him”
as the Prime Minister of the King. When they had the
darshan of Lord Chakradhara there, Kshitiraja arrived Lord Ramanuja concluded his short speech after
in the temple and was camping. Keshavacharya was the discourse, Kshitiraja came and prostrated before
planning to take his help to help Lord Ramanuja. He the Acharya and said.
was trying to understand how Boudhayana vrutti Grantha
“Oh! Revered one, it is for the first time after a
is important and missed the attention of the great saint
Yamunacharya. A plausible explanation provided to lot of discourses from several saints I am hearing
this seemed to be due to foreign invasions and unrest. about Paramapadam and that is the item as ultimate
While the discussions were happening a stealth person bliss. This is different from what I heard from other
with royal looks visited the place, escaped and was saints who said that the whole universe is an
captured. Next early morning when the three people
imaginary item created by illusion due to defects
went to Chakradhara theertha for morning rituals they
met the royal family member Kshitiraja who was one from within and not real and one has to realize
of the Satraps and cousin of King Ananthaditya who this from within. Ultimately everyone is Paramatma.
agreed to learn about their mission and help. Lord Once that realization happens then the liberation
Ramanuja with the help of Keshavacharya could have happens. What are your views on this understanding”
a conversation with King Kshitiraja about his mission.
The King who was already carried away by the Radiance “Oh! Kshitiraja, please don’t go by the words of
of the Great Saint bowed before him and requested the people who advocate world is an illusion. It
him to deliver a discourse at the temple… is not. This is also against vedas. There are three
“He said that Lord owns everything in this universe main eternal items in the world. The Souls, the
which is called Leela Vibhuti. Lord also heads the non-living items (Achetanas or Prakruthi) and the
Paramapada which is known as Nitya Vibhuti where Eshwara or Paramatma which owns all. The Lord
people who attain salvation reach. The Paramapada Eshwara is blemishless and bestower to all the
is far away from this universe and one has to cross fruits for ones deeds. The Lord is the inner controller
the entire nature’s circle called Prakruthi mandala of the souls or the antaratma or soul of the souls
to reach there. Only people who are highly devoted and hence one can refer to ones self also as a
to Lord are granted this abode by the Lord pleased body of Paramatma from the angle of body-soul
with their devotion. In this abode there is only conventions. Lord also pervades the non-living beings
Pleasure, Aananda and always the souls there enjoy and gives bodies to various souls according to their
Lord’s company and watch all his games (leela). deeds. It is a righteous game played by the Lord

÷ ‰õΩ J=~À^è•Å∞QÍ JxÑ≤OKÕq ã¨=∞~°∞Å
÷ ‰õΩ J=HÍâßÅ∞QÍ HõxÑ≤™êÎ~Ú.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 19 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
as per the vedic rules. He expects people will realize here itself? Asked then soldier” (Readers may
their relationship with him and surrender to him recollect from previous episodes that a thief who
and be devoted to him. Once that is attained he intruded the temple and also wandered close to
gets pleased and liberates them from this universal Lord Ramanuja’s place of stay was captured and
birth-death cycles and takes them to his abode. waiting for the audience of the king who was owning
The rest continue till they realize. If everyone were the responsibility of the temple)
Paramatma and paramatma can be affected by The king said “yes”. He then took leave of Lord
illusion or defect how can they get realized Ramanuja and went on to the make shift enquiry
themselves? If they get realized what is the durbar to enquire the thief and also to meet people.
guarantee that they will not be affected by illusion
It was a great sight from the ramparts of the temple
again? These interpretations are not as per the
fortification. In those days many temples were built
vedic scriptures and hence they have to be discarded”
like fortresses. The Chakradhara temple on the
“Oh! Swamy these are very pertinent responses Banks of Vitastha river (modern day Jhelum) was
and I request you to have a scholarly debate with also one of them. It had a capacity of house 5000
some key scholars of the kingdom who perpetuate soldiers, horses, elephants and other army
various concepts and like you have now enlightened paraphernalia for the kings. The temple was under
me if you also enlightened them then my kingdom the kingship of Kshitiraja. He requested for this
will become enlightened” Requested Kshitiraja. opportunity from the emperor king Ananthadeva and
“Oh! King, I will be happy to do so. But first I am he got it. On the eastern side of the main temple
in search of an ancient text called Vritti Grantha there was a large stone walled mantapa with finest
written by Sage Boudhayana who was disciple of engravings and sculptures. The temple was built
Veda Vyasa and who wrote elaborate commentary long ago with sculptors from all over the kingdom
to Brahmasutra. Once I study that text my mission and also outside the kingdom. Famous sculptors
is complete and I will be in a position to enlighten made mystic images of the gods and goddesses,
people better. Can you help me on this mission? animals and human beings, sages etc. on the pillars
I heard that this book is at the Sarada peeth or as if they were standing alive in front of us. The
Sarvajnyana peetham in the kingdom of emperor human body has nine openings and connected in
Ananthaditya. Can you please make an introduction itself from inside. Similarly on the bodies of animals
to him and grant me permission to look at the Vritti the sculptors could build human and animal statues
Grantha in the sacred library?” with nine openings exactly to similar design of a
“This will be an ordainment for me oh! Great soul real human or animal body with the connections
and holy one. Please accept me as your disciple between the openings from inside the body. For
and teach me further and show me the right path example if a small silver wire is inserted in the
for salvation” requested Kshitiraja falling at the feet nostrils of the sculpture the wire could be coming
of the saint once more. out from ears, nose or any other opening where
the connections are there as per the internal design
“I accept you as my disciple. I will enlighten you
of human or animal bodies. Such were the greatness
and initiate you tomorrow which is an auspicious
of the sculptors in those days. A large makeshift
day. Please come to me in the morning without
throne was placed on the central elevated platform
having food” ordained Lord Ramanuja.
of the mandapa. The throne was made of pure gold
When this conversation was happening there was and was having many diamonds studded in it. The
commotion and many people were waiting for the diamonds were priceless. Other than diamonds there
audience of King Kshitiraja outside. An armed soldier were rubies of various colours and jades on the
approached the king and said throne. (to be continued...)
“Shall I arrange for the enquiry of the captured thief
All slokas Chant 108 times

FO <å~°ã≤OÇ¨Ï =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó FO ˆH∆„`«*Ï˝Ü«∞ #=∞ó FO *’ºuëêOѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó

G åÁ∫uÃÊ “ ƒúÏ   z å™: G qz fi rÁÆ å™: G [ÆÁz u o ÁÊ ú oÆz å™:
In moments of distress and despair For aspirants of Plots and own residence.
For good eye - sight.

PѨ^ŒÖ’ L#flѨC_»∞ 㨇iOK«O_ç. ã¨fiO`«OQÍ áê¡@∞¡, WO_»∞¡ H˘<åÅ#∞‰õΩ#fl "åiH˜. ã¨Ê+¨ì"≥∞ÿ# K«∂Ѩ٠H˘~°‰õΩ.

#∞"≥fiO`« Hõ+Ñì¨ _¨ ç ѨxKÕã∞¨ <Î åfl"À K≥á⁄Ê^Œ∞.Ì ZO`«Ñx¨ ѨÓ~°~Î ÚO^À K≥ÑC¨ .
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 20 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
NEWS Multi-regional culture festival performed by him last year when he carried a Dalit
'Arth' to begin tomorrow devotee Aditya Parasri on his shoulders into the temple.
New Delhi, Feb 7 The mega cultural festival 'Arth' It was nearly 2,700 years ago that Tiruppanalwar, born in
organised to celebrate the essence of "Indic thought and a ‘lower caste’, was carried from the banks of the river
philosophy", will begin here on Friday with participation Cauvery into the Srirangam Ranganatha Swamy temple
of more than 250 writers, scholars, artisans and artists by a priest.
from India and abroad. “It is heartening that my small step coincided with the
The three-day festival, touted to be India's first multi- millennial appearance celebrations of Bhagawad
regional fest, will be held here at the lawns of the Indira Ramanuja, who had fought for a casteless and egalitarian
Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA). society,” he said. (Telangana Today Feb20)
Participants include prominent names like Union Minister Idol theft : Former executive officer of Trichy temple
Smriti Irani, senior leader Subramanian Swamy, actor arrested
Raveena Tandon, classical dancer and Rajya Sabha MP Trichy : The idol wing CID Policeon Tuesday arrested a
Sonal Mansingh, economist Bibek Debroy, authors former executive officer of Sri Tharuganeswarar temple
Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi. in Thirupparaithurai in Trichy in connection with the theft
Among the international contingent it has Lord Meghnad of three idols in the temple several years ago.
Desai, Karen Attiah (Global Opinions Editor of The idol wing CID police arrested K Anandkumar
Washington Post); Domenic DiGiovanni (Homeland Rao, 44 on charges of stealing the idols of deities
Security Department of USA); Tess Davis (Antiquities Chandikeshwarar, Angalamman and Bhoga
Coalition); Imam Tawhidi from Australia, Shimon Lev from Sakthiamman when he was the executive officer of the
Israel and Hasan Kerim Guc from Turkey, among others. temple. He was the brain behind the idol theft, said the
According to the organisers, the festival will bring to the idol wing.
audience myriad activities including panel discussions, Rao had been absconding for the past seven
cultural performances, workshops, visual art months after the Madurai bench of Madras high court
installations, live art etc. denied him anticipatory bail.
"For the national edition, we have tried to bring a His accomplices Thirumalaikatti Ramanathan
microcosm of India on to stage those 3 days, through was arrested few months ago while accountant S
several accomplished artists, writers and individuals and Kannan, 57 of Thirupparaithurai arrested on January 30
also various arts and crafts workshops to enthral the this year.
audience. The trio indulged in lifting the three antique idols,
"We will be discussing some really pressing issues that and Kannan replaced the idol of Angalamman with a
have rocked the nation in recent times. It is extremely modern replica at the instigation of two others. They
important that these relevant topics are discussed on melted some of the antique utensils of the temple to
such large cultural platforms and engage with not only make a replica.
experts but also the citizens of the country," Vikram The crime came to light in 2017 when the temple
Sampath, festival director, said. trustees decided to put the idols on display for the temple
Also, exclusive sessions, comprising of creative festival. (Times of India, Chennai 5-2-2019)
workshops, theatre, history, philosophy, puppet Man held in Kanyakumari for idol theft
performances and master classes, have been created Chennai : The idol wing of the CID has made one more
for children, he added. arrest in connection with the theft of 3 kg Lord Murugan
For music lovers, the festival will also witness statue dated 1,000 AD, which was stolen from a temple
performances by renowned artists like Bombay at Nemili near Arakonam three years ago. Police had
Jayashree, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Teejan Bai, recovered the idol from a lathe shop in Ekattuthangal
Bombay Bairag and Gautam Das Baul, among others. and arrested two suspects on charges of idol smuggling
(Outlook India Feb7) on December 23, 2018.
Sant Ravidas belongs to all, says Rangarajan Police said Mukesh was nabbed from a hideout
Hyderabad: Trustee of Chilkur Balaji Temple CS in Kanyakumari on Monday and was produced before
Rangarajan on Tuesday said that Sant Ravidas and his the special court for idol theft cases in Kumbakonam on
teachings in the form of poems and songs belong to the Tuesday. Additional superintendent of police Rajaram,
entire society and not just to one community. deputy superintendent of police Azhagu Sundaram, police
Participating in Sant Ravidas Jayanti celebrations at head constables Venkatesan, Natarajan, Samiappan,
Hanamkonda, Warangal, the senior archaka from the Arul Moses, and policemen Praveen Mohan and Karthik
Chilkur Balaji temple, said that Sanatana Dharma treated kept a watch on Mukesh's movements. Desikan Adigal
everyone as equal before God and the discrimination from Nemili village, Mukesh from Kanniyakumari and
based on caste and class had crept into the system in Ismail, a tea shop owner from Kirumambakkam in
later times. Puducherry, were planning to sell the idol for Rs.1 crore,
“Sant Ravidas was born in a cobbler’s family and gained said officials. (Times of India, Chennai 13-2-2019)
knowledge from his Guru Swami Ramananda, who was Idol theft: HC asks why no action on erring officer yet
a great disciple of Ramanuja philosophy. There is a CHENNAI: Censuring the Commissioner of Hindu
definite need for more community interaction and Religious and Charitable Endowments Department (HR
recognising the message of Sant Ravidas,” Rangarajan & CE) for failing to take action against N Tirumagal,
said. additional commissioner of the department, who was
In his speech during the celebrations, the senior archaka allegedly involved in an idol theft, the Madras high court
referred to the ‘Munivahana Utasvam’, which was directed the commissioner to appear in person and explain

UO KÕÜ∂« e, ZÖÏ KÕÜ∂« e Jx J~°=÷ ∞ÜÕ∞º =~°‰Äõ KÕã∂¨ <Î Õ LO_®e.

March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 21 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
the inaction. CCTV cameras and increase the strength of
“Commissioner is the supreme authority of the department. employees. Encroachment on temple properties should
Why had he not issued even a memo to the officer even be removed expeditiously, it said.
after the high court dismissed her anticipatory bail plea The directions had to be carried out within six months
with detailed observations about her involvement in idol from the date of issue of the order, the court observed.
theft and destruction of government documents? So, even The court was hearing a petition filed by M. Ayyappan,
the high court order is not sufficient for the commissioner who sought a direction to Hindu Religious and
to take action,” a special division bench of Justice R Charitable Endowments department and the temple
Mahadevan and Justice PD Audikesavalu said on Friday. authorities to appoint an expert committee to restore
The court made the observations while hearing a plea the temple to its original condition in order to perform
seeking to stay an inquiry ordered by the department its consecration. (Recently... in The Hindu)
into the allegations parallel to a probe conducted by the J~°Û‰õΩʼnõΩ â◊~Q°î ÀѨO
idol wing CD.
Counsel for HR&CE said the commissioner could not
JkèHõ P^•Ü«∞O L#fl PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ „ÉËH-±
take any action against the officer as he did not have any ~°∂.5 ÅHõÅ∆ P^•Ü«∞O ^•\˜# PÅÜ«∂Åxfl\˜H© =iÎOÑÙ̈-`«fi~°Ö’ `«∞k <À\˜ÑHˆ ≤ ¶ +¨<£
materials to prove her involvement in the offence. Wondering q_»∞^ŒÅ-L`«~Î ∞° fiÅ∞ W=fiHõ=ÚO^Õ ã‘ZO K«O„^ÉŒ Ï|∞#∞ ã¨<å‡x™êÎ~@° !
whether a complaint alleging her involvement in idol theft ™êH˜∆, J=∞~å=u : PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°ºOQÍ J~°ÛHõ`«fiO
is not sufficient for initiating action, the bench pointed out
how an executive officer of a temple in Kancheepuram KÕã∞¨ ‰õΩO@∞#fl "åi q+¨Ü∞« OÖ’ =ÚYº=∞O„u K«O„^ŒÉÏ|∞ PYi xq∞+¨O
had been suspended by the department for not bring ^•HÍ TiOz z=~°‰õΩ Tã¨∂~°∞=∞xÑ≤OKÕ x~°‚Ü«∞O fã¨∞‰õΩ<åfl#∞.
present during a puja session. “Officers are suspended ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY ѨikèÖ’ P^•Ü«∞O L#fl PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º
and issued memo for such petty issues, but no action
has been taken against the additional commissioner even J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl J#∞=∞uOK«‰õÄ_»^Œ<Õ x~°‚Ü«∂xH˜ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO =zÛOk.
after three joint commissioners of the department have P^•Ü«∞O ÖËx PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ ‰õÄ_® =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl ǨωõΩ¯QÍ
deposed against her,” the bench added. H͉õΩO_®... XHõ J=HÍâ◊OQÍ =∂„`«"Õ∞ HõeÊOKåÅx x~°‚~ÚOzOk.
To this, counsel submitted that if the court passed a
direction to that effect the commissioner would initiate
=Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl ǨωõΩ¯QÍ HõeÊ¿ãÎ P ‰õΩ@∞O|OÖ’x
action on the basis of such order. However, the bench ã¨Éèí∞ºÅO^Œ~°∂ P PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ J~°ÛHõ`«fiO KÕã¨∞HÀ=_®xH˜ gÅ∞O@∞Ok.
said: “We are not here to administer the department. If „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO K≥|∞`«∞#fl 'J=HÍâ◊O— J#fl x|O^è#Œ „ѨHÍ~°"∞≥ `ÿ Õ ‰õΩ@∞O|OÖ’x
the commissioner needs court orders to act, then what Z=~À XHõiH˜ =∂„`«"Õ∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ J~°ÛHõ`«fiO H˘#™êyOK«=K«∞Û.
is the point in holding the post.” (Times of India 26.1.2019)
Restore temple to its original condition: HC ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞âßYÖ’ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ J#∞=∞u `≥Å∞ѨÙ`«∂
Tiruvattar temple authorities to carry out directions within 2007Ö’ JѨÊ\˜ =ÚYº=∞O„u "≥·Zãπ ~å[âıY~°Ô~_ç¤ JÃãOc¡Ö’ K«@ìO
6 months. The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court KÕâß~°∞. K«O„^ŒÉÏ|∞ „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO WѨC_»∞ P K«@ìO J=∞Å∞‰õΩ JÉèíºO`«~°O
on Tuesday issued directions to the authorities of the
iconic Adi Kesava Perumal Temple at Tiruvattar in `≥ÅáêÅx x~°‚~ÚOzOW.
Kanniyakumari district to take necessary measures u~°∞=∞Å u~°∞Ѩu ^Õ=™ê÷#O (\©\ ©_ç)Ö’ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º
in order to bring the temple to its original condition. J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl `≥Å∞QÆ∞^Õâ◊O „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO WѨÊ\˜ˆH xeÑ≤"Õã≤Ok. \©\ ©_ôÖ’
Justice R. Mahadevan observed that the temple had
to be restored in tune with its fame, antiquity and
„Ѩ^•è # J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ ~°=∞}nH˜`∆ ∞« Å∞`À áê@∞ =∞~À S^Œ∞QÆ∞ix |Å=O`«OQÍ
importance and preserved with utmost care. Restoring `˘ÅyOz# q+¨Ü«∞O `≥eã≤O^Õ. nxÃÑ· ~åR"åºÑ¨ÎOQÍ J~°Û‰õΩÅ #∞Oz
the original condition of the temple meant carrying out f„= =ºuˆ~Hõ`« =ºHõÎO HÍ=_»O`À \©\ ©_ôÖ’ =∂„`«"Õ∞ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º
measures to bring the inscriptions, sculptures and J~°ÛHõ`«fiO LO_»^Œx, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY ѨikèÖ’x PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ P
images found in the temple to their original shape and
preserving them, the judge said. L`«Î~°∞fiÅ#∞ J=∞Å∞ KÕÜ«∞=∞x =∞O„u ˆHD Hõ$+¨‚=¸iÎ JѨÊ\’¡
The court took cognisance of the report filed by the „ѨHõ\ ˜OKå~°∞. HÍh, `å*ÏQÍ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßYÖ’ P^•Ü«∞O LO_Õ
Advocate Commissioners appointed in the case and PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡#∂ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° OQÍ J~°ÛHõ`fi« OÖ’ H˘#™êQÆ∞`«∞#fl "åiÖ’
observed that Indians, particularly Tamilians, should
be proud of having the most number of Divyadesams. 65 Uà◊√¡ xO_ç# "åix `˘ÅyOKåÅx „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO x~°~‚ ÚOzOk. U_®kH˜
The Adi Kesava Perumal Temple was older than Sri ~°∂.5 ÅHõ∆Å∞, JO`« HõO>Ë `«‰õΩ¯= P^•Ü«∞O LO_Õ PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ =∂„`«"Õ∞
Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Temple in =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`«fiOÖ’ L#fl"åix H˘xfl Ѩiq∞`«∞Å "Õ∞~°‰õΩ
Thiruvananthapuram, the court said.
The court directed the authorities to carry out civil works
H˘#™êyOKåÅx x~°Ü ‚ ∂« xH˘zÛ#@∞¡ ã¨=∂Kå~°O.
to restore the temple’s mandapam and other structures, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßYÖ’ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ JOwHÍ~°O
while protecting the architectural marvels of the temple. `≥Å∞ѨÙ`«∂ 2017 Ѷ≤„|=i 16# ~åR „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO <À\©Ñ¶≤ˆH+¨<£ q_»∞^ŒÅ
The kodimaram had to be made with stability, strength KÕã≤Ok. 30 ~ÀAÅ `«~åfi`« `«∞k <À\˜Ñ¶≤ˆH+¨<£ q_»∞^ŒÅ KÕ™êÎ=∞x
and durability. Murals had to be preserved with the help
of experts, for which assistance could be obtained from ¿Ñ~˘¯Ok. J~Ú`Õ, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY K«@ìO-2007Ö’ ¿Ñ~˘¯#fl "Õ∞~°‰õΩ
Archaeology department. ѨÓiΙê÷~ÚÖ’ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~º° J~°ÛHõ`åfixH˜ J#∞=∞u `≥ÅѨ_®xH˜ ã≤^OúŒ QÍ
Necessary records of stone inscriptions had to be ÖËx „ѨÉ∞íè `«fiO QÆ`« ~Ô O_Õà√◊ Q¡ Í U^À XHõ ™ê‰õΩ K«∂ѨÙ`«∂ `«∞k <À\˜ÑHˆ≤¶ +¨<£
maintained. Wooden carvings, roofs, copper plates and
antique utensils should also be preserved, the court said. q_»∞^ŒÅ KÕÜ«∞‰õΩO_® HÍÅÜ«∂Ѩ# KÕ™ÈÎOk. WѨC_»∞ ZxflHõÅ∞
In order to enhance safety of the temple, the court =ã¨∞ÎO_»_»O`À ˆH=ÅO U_®kH˜ ~°∂.5 ÅHõ∆Š֒Ѩ٠P^•Ü«∞O LO_Õ
directed the authorities to provide proper lighting, instal PÅÜ«∂Ö’¡<Õ =Oâ◊áê~°OѨ~°º J~°ÛHõ`åfixfl ǨωõΩ¯QÍ H͉õΩO_® ˆH=ÅO
B#fl`«º=∞O>Ë HÀiHõÅ#∞ K«OѨÙHÀ=_»O HÍ^Œ∞. "å\˜x J^Œ∞ѨÙÖ’ LOK«∞HÀ=_»O.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 22 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
J=HÍâ◊OQÍ W=fi_®xH˜ JOwHÍ~°O `≥Å∞ѨÙ`«∂ `«∞k <À\˜Ñ¶≤ˆH+¨<£ *Ïs ã¨O`ü t~À=∞}˜ ~°q^•ãπ Pâ◊Ü«∂Å∞ J#∞ã¨~°}©Ü«∞O
KÕÜ«∂Åx „ѨÉèí∞`«fiO x~°‚~ÚOzOk. zÅ∞‰õÄi ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ=™ê÷#O „Ѩ^è•# J~°Û‰õΩ_»∞ N ~°OQÆ~å[<£
r"À *ÏsH˜ =ÚO^Õ ã¨<å‡<åÅ∞ : J~°Û‰õΩÅ ã¨OˆH∆=∞OÃÑ· =ÚYº=∞O„u =~°OQÆÖò, Ѷ≤„|=i 19 : ã¨O`ü t~À=∞}˜ ~°q^•ãπ Pâ◊Ü«∂Å∞
K«O„^ŒÉÏ|∞ =∞OQÆà◊"å~°O H©ÅHõ x~°‚Ü«∂Å∞ „ѨHõ\ ˜OK«É’`«∞<åfl~°x, J#∞ã¨~}° Ü© ∞« "≥∞#ÿ =x N zÅ∞‰õÄi ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ=™ê÷#O „Ѩ^•è # J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞,
J~°Û‰õΩÅO^Œ~°∂ P ~ÀA ã‘ZO‰õΩ ã¨<å‡#O KÕ¿ãO^Œ∞‰õΩ LO_»=e¡Ö’x =Úx"åǨÏ# ¿ã=‰õΩÅ∞ N ~°OQÆ~å[<£ J<åfl~°∞. ǨÏ#‡H˘O_» 39= _çq[<£
„Ѩ*Ï"ÕkHõ =^ŒÌ‰õΩ ~å"åÅO@∂ ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ âßY ã¨ÅǨ^•~°∞x`Àáê@∞ HÍHÍr HÍÅhÖ’x Ü≥∂QÍxÅÜ«∞OÖ’ ™ê=∂lHõ ™ê=∞~°`« "ÕkHõ ã¨=∂QÆ~ü
"≥∂z ã¨OѶ¨∞O P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ ~°q^•ãπ [Ü«∞Oux =∞OQÆà◊"å~°O
„ÉÏǨχ} HÍ~˘Êˆ~+¨<£ K≥~· ‡° <£ ѨÅ∞=ÙiH˜ á¶È#¡ ^•fi~å ã¨=∂Kå~°q∞ã¨∞<Î åfl~°∞. x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. „Ѩ=ÚY q^•º"Õ`«Î QÆ∞A˚Å #~°ûÜ«∞º J^茺Hõ∆`«# [iy#
„ѨÉèí∞`«fiO =∞Oz x~°‚Ü«∞O fã¨∞‰õΩO^Œx, J~°Û‰õΩÅO^Œi ã¨=∞Hõ∆OÖ’<Õ P D HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ PÜ«∞# =∂\Ï¡_∞» `«∂ ã¨O`ü t~À=∞}˜ ~°q^•ãπ ÉèHí =Θ ∂~°Oæ
ÃѶ·ÖòÃÑ· K«O„^ŒÉÏ|∞ ã¨O`«HõO KÕ™êÎ~°x K≥|∞`«∞<åfl~°∞. LO_»=e¡H˜ ^•fi~å ‰õΩÅ q=Hõ∆ ÖËx ã¨=∂*Ïxfl PtOKå~°x PÜ«∞# É’^èŒ#Ö’x
J~°Û‰õΩÅ#∞ `«~e° OKÕ ÉÏ^躌 `«Å#∞ lÖÏ¡Ö’¡x _çÑÓ¨ º\˜ Hõq∞+¨#~°∞,¡ Jã≤ÃãOì \ò ^ŒÜ«∞, Hõ~°∞}, =∂#=`«fi qÅ∞=Å∞ ZO`«QÍ<À ^ÀǨÏ^ŒO KÕ™êÎÜ«∞x
Hõq∞+¨#~°¡‰õΩ JѨÊyOKå~°∞. (™êH˜∆ 4.2.2019) ¿Ñ~˘¯<åfl~°∞. D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ ã¨=∂QÆ~ü "≥∂z ã¨OѶ¨∞O HÍ~°ºHõ~°ÎÅ∞ 25
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ PÅÜ«∞OÖ’ Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# =∞Okx Ѷ¨∞#OQÍ ã¨<å‡xOKå~°∞. JO`«‰õΩ=ÚO^Œ∞ ǨÏ#‡H˘O_» KÒ~°™êÎ
24 QÆO@Å áê@∞ xifi~å=∞OQÍ x~°fiǨÏ} #∞Oz ™ê=∂lHõ ™ê=∞~°`« "ÕkHõ ã¨=∂QÆ~ü "≥∂z ã¨OѶ¨∞O P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’
KÕ"≥à◊¡, Ѷ≤„|=i 11 : zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞OÖ’ JYO_» ǨÏ#‡H˘O_» KÒ~°™êÎ #∞Oz HÍHÍr HÍÅhÖ’x Ü≥∂QÍ xÅÜ«∞O =~°‰õΩ
ã¨~°fi^Õ=<å=∞ Éèí[#, ã¨OH©~°Î<å Ü«∞[˝O x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞. "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ ~åºb KÕѨ\Ïì~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ ã¨=∂QÆ~ü "≥∂z ã¨OѶ¨∞O lÖÏ¡ J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞
=∞O_»Å ѨikÖ’x zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O =^ŒÌ #QÆ~åxH˜ K≥Ok# ‰õΩO@Å ~°q, UÅ ã¨`º« <å~åÜ«∞} zÅ∞‰õÄi ã¨Or=, Ñ≤. =~°„Ѩ™ê^£~å=Ù,
ÉèíH˜Î Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î<å „Ñ¨Kå~° Ѩi+¨`ü P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ Pk"å~°O ™êÜ«∞O„`«O JáêÊÅ „Ѩ™ê^£, =∂`«Oy ~°"∞Õ +π ÉÏ|∞, #Hõ¯ ~å[Ü«∞º NÅH˜¯ ã¨=∞‡Ü«∞º,
#∞Oz ™È=∞"å~°O ™êÜ«∞O„`«O =~°‰Ωõ Éè[í # ã¨OH©~<ΰ å Ü«∞[˝O KÕÑ\¨ Ïì~∞° . N ɡe¡ =∞¿ÇÏO^Œ~,ü H˘O_»Ñi¨ Î ã¨^•#O^ŒO, QÆO_≥ „HÍOu‰õΩ=∂~ü, |O_®i
~°Ñ¶¨Ú áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞.
24 QÆO@Åáê@∞ xifi~å=∞OQÍ Éèí[# H©~°Î#Å∞, HÀÖÏ@ „Ѩ^Œ~°≈#Å`À ã¨O`ü ~°q^•ãπ ¿ã=Å∞ z~°ã‡¨ ~°}Ü © ∞« O : ã¨O`ü~q° ^•ãπ ã¨=∂[ JÉè∞í º#fluH˜
PÅÜ«∞O „áêOQÆ}O HõàH◊ àõ Ö◊ Ï_çOk. D ã¨O^Œ~ƒ° Où QÍ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∞O KÕã#≤ ¿ã=Å∞ z~°ã‡¨ ~°}Ü © ∞« =∞x HÍHõfÜ«∞ Ü«¸x=iû\© J^Œ#Ѩ٠ѨsHõÅ∆
"Õ∞<ÕlOQ∑ Hõq∞\© K≥·~°‡<£ ™œO^Œ~°~å[<£ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ „Ѩu XHõ¯~°∂ xÜ«∞O„`«}ÏkèHÍi _®Hõì~ü ZÖòÑ‘ ~å*ò‰õΩ=∂~ü J<åfl~°∞. =∞OQÆà◊"å~°O
P^蕺u‡Hõ zO`«# ÃÑOK«∞HÀ"åÅ<åfl~°∞. Éèí[# H©~°Î#Å∞ PÅÑ≤Oz# ÉèíH˜Î HÍHõfÜ«∞ Ü«¸x=iû\© "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ Qˆ @∞ =^ŒÌ |Ǩï[# ã¨∂_ì O≥ \ò ÃÑ_¶ ~ˆ» +¨<£
ã¨OH©~°Î<å „Ñ¨Kå~° Ѩi+¨`ü ã¨Éèí∞ºÅ#∞ Jaè#OkOKå~°∞. x~åfiǨωõΩÅ∞ (cZãπZÑπ) Hˆ Ü«¸ Hõq∞\© P^èfiŒ ~°ºOÖ’ HõÖÑ¡ˇ e¨ ¡ „ѨâßO`ü, W<£Kåi˚ Hõ@∂¯i
t=„Ѩ™ê^£, ã¨∞^è•~å}˜ =∂\Ï¡_»∞`«∂ ~åR "åºÑ¨ÎOQÍ qq^èŒ lÖÏ¡Å ~åǨïÖò P^èŒfi~°ºOÖ’ ã¨O`ü ~°q^•ãπ [Ü«∞Oux x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKå~°∞.
HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å∞ áêÖÁæ#fl@∞¡ K≥áêÊ~°∞. HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ J~°Û‰õΩÅ∞ ~°OQÆ~å[<£, HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞OÖ’ cZãπZÑπ ~åR J^茺‰õ∆Ω_»∞ K≥_»∞áêHõ JxÖò, <åÜ«∞‰õΩÅ∞
N^è~Œ ,ü ccZãπÑÑ‘ ‘ HÍ~°º^Œi≈ Hõ$ëê‚~Ô _ç,¤ HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å∞, Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞. ~åˆHâò, Ѩ=<£, ‰õΩ=∂~°™êfiq∞, l. „âß=}˜ áêÖÁæ<åfl~°∞.
(PO„^èŒ*’ºu 12.2.2019) (PO„^èŒ*’ºu 19.2.2019)
All slokas Chant 28 times
FO Ѩ~°=∂`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G ú∫™Án™åz å™:
FO ǨÏ$+‘ˆHâßÜ«∞ #=∞ó For self employed people, for promotions and
G J  yNz ∆ ÁÆ å™: success in games.
For overcoming bad habits „H©_®HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ, ã¨fiÜ«∞O LáêkèÖ’ L#fl "åiH˜, L#fl`«
^Œ∞~°Å"å@¡#∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜. Ѩ^Œ=ÙÅ∞ PtOKÕ "åiH˜.
FO =+¨\ϯ~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ƒ bΩN˛Á∫ÁÆ å™: FO Éè∂í `«ÉÏè =<åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoßÁƒåÁÆ å™:
For Success in Business, Interviews, Visa
For better health. =∞Oz P~ÀQͺxH˜.
Interviews, building relationship
"åºáê~åaè=$kúH˜, WO@~°∂fi ºÅÖ’ ã¨Ñ¶¨ÅO FO ѨÓ`å`«‡<Õ #=∞ó G úÓoÁn™åz å™:
To remove mental stress and for mental
HÍ=_®xH˜ 㨇iOK«O_ç.
FO N=∞`Õ #=∞ó G »y™oz å™: =∂#ã≤ H õ P~ÀQͺxH˜ =∂#ã≤ H õ XuÎ _ ç #∞O_ç
Please Chant for Handsome Appearance and wealth.
â◊s~° ™œO^Œ~åºxH˜, ã¨OѨ^Œ‰õΩ.
FO JHõ∆~åÜ«∞ #=∞ó G Eq∫ÁÆ å™: FO â◊~°‡}Ë #=∞ó G ∆™|mz å™:
For Job Satibsfaction
For Education and better Financial strength. L^ÀºQÆOÖ’, KÕ¿ã ѨxÖ’ JOH˜`« ÉèÏ"åxH˜, `«$Ñ≤ÎH˜.
q^•ºaè=$kúH˜ =∞iÜ«Ú Sâ◊fi~åºaè=$kúH˜.

JO^ŒOÖËx Ö’@∞#∞ =∞Oz ã¨fiÉèÏ=O ѨÓiã¨∞OÎ k, HÍh =∞Oz ã¨fiÉèÏ=O ÖËx Ö’@∞#∞ JO^ŒO ѨÓiOK«Ö^Ë ∞Œ .
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 23 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

ÉèíH˜Î Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# „ѨKå~° Ѩi+¨`ü "åi - ''`≥ÅOQÍ} "åˆQæÜ«∞ "≥·Éèí="£∞-02—— ѨÙã¨ÎHõ ã¨g∞Hõ∆
....''=∂~°∞=¸Å „QÍ=∂ÅÖ’ ZÖÏO\˜ ÖÏÉèÏ¿ÑHõ∆ ÖˉõΩO_®, x~°O`«~°O H˘#™êyOK«∞ ã¨r= „Ѩ„H˜Ü«∞ „QÍ=∞
^Õ"åÅÜ«∂Ö’¡ KÕÜ«Ú Éèí[#, ^≥·=<å=∞ ã¨OH©~°Î# „Ѩ„H˜Ü«∞. W\˜ì D ã¨r= ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞, P^蕺u‡Hõ`«‰õΩ PÅ"åÅ"≥∞ÿ#
„Ѩ„H˜Ü«∞ „Ѩã¨∞Î`« Ѩiã≤÷uÖ’ x~å^Œ~°}‰õΩ QÆ∞~“`«∞Ok. D Éèí[#, ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å#∞ „ѨÉèí∞`åfiÅ∞ Ãã·`«O
QÆ∞iÎOK«_»O ÖË^Œ∞. "åi HÀã¨O U^≥·<å KÕÜ«∂Åx KåÖÏ KåÖÏ `«Ñ≤Oz# H©IIâıII <å~åÜ«∞}r Éèí[#, ã¨OH©~°Î#
HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å HÀã¨O U^≥·<å KÕÜ«∂Åx P ÉÏ^茺`« `«=∞ ‰õΩ=∂~°∞Å∞ t=„Ѩ™ê^£ =∞iÜ«Ú HÀ_»Å∞ ã¨∞^è•~å}˜ QÍiH˜
JѨÊyOz "åi^ŒÌiKÕ "åQÍÌ#O fã¨∞H˘x =∞~°∞ã¨\ ˜ ~ÀA Pã¨∞Ѩ„uÖ’ Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^Œ„áêÑ≤Î á⁄O^•~°∞. "åi ^Œâ◊k#Hõ~°‡
`Õk 02, JHÀì|~ü, 2015 ã¨OIIÖ’ [iy#k. J^Õ ~ÀA ''ÉèHí Θ Éè[í # ã¨OH©~#ΰ „ѨKå~° Ѩi+¨`—ü — ã¨Oã¨÷ L^Œƒqù OzOk.
Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ HÍ=eû#k Uq∞\˜? J<Õ "≥∞^Œ_»∞#∞ `˘eKÕ ÃÑ^ŒÌ „Ѩâ◊fl‰õΩ ã¨=∂^è•#O HÀã¨O
~åROÖ’x Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å#∞ HõÅ=_»O [iyOk. JO^Œi =∞<À"Õ^Œ# XHõ>Ë. „ѨÉèí∞`«fiOÖ’x ÉèÏëê,
™êO㨯 $uHõ âßY, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ^èŒ~å‡^•Ü«∞ âßYÅ`À QÆ∞iÎOѨÙÖË^Œ∞ Jx =∞iÜ«Ú W`«~°=ÚÖˇ·# J<ÕHõ Jaè„áêÜ«∂Å∞
¿ãHõiOz, JxflO\˜x „HÀ_ôHõiOK«∞H˘x JѨC_»∞ Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O ѨÙ#Ô~· fiÉèí=O HÀã¨O =∞iÜ«Ú Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å
JÉè∞í º#flu HÀã¨O, XHõ „Ѩ`ºÕ Hõ HÍ~åºK«~} ° „Ѩ}ÏoHõ ~°∂á⁄OkOK«|_çOk. Jq U=∞#QÍ? Éè[í # ã¨OH©~#ΰ HõàÏHÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ =ÚYºOQÍ HÍ=Åã≤#q.
1) QÆ∞iÎOѨÙ, 2) tHõ∆}, 3) Láêkè, 4) ã¨OˆH∆=∞O, J#∞ D <åÅ∞QÆ∞ JOâßÅÖ’ "≥Ú@ì=∞^Œ\ Éèí[# ã¨O㨯 $u, ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O, Éèí[#
ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å LxH˜ „Ѩ*ÏÉÏǨïà◊ºOÖ’ =∞iÜ«Ú „ѨÉèí∞`«fiOÖ’x ÉèÏëê ™êO㨯 $uHõ âßY, ^Õ"å^•Ü«∞ ^èŒ~å‡^•Ü«∞ âßYÅ QÆ∞iÎOѨÙÔH·
Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# áÈ\©Å∞ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOK«∞@‰õΩ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O ~°∂á⁄OkOK«∞H˘x „ѨѨOK« „ѨMϺuá⁄Ok# „Ѩuëêª`«‡Hõ ~°gO„^ŒÉèÏ~°u P_ç\’iÜ«∞OÖ’
x~°fiÇ≤ÏOKåÅx x~°‚~ÚOK«_»O [iyOk.
=∂#∞ºÅ∞ _®II ÔH.q. ~°=∞}ÏKåi QÍix D ã¨O^Œ~°ƒùOQÍ „Ѩ`«ºHõ∆OQÍ HõÅ=_»=Ú.... "åi =^ŒÌ‰õΩ ‰õÄ_® ɡ~°∞‰õΩQÍ, Éèí[#ÅѨ@¡
ã¨=∂[OÖ’ L#fl z#flK«∂Ѩ٠=Å¡ P`«‡#∂º#`«`À<Õ Hõeã≤, =∂q∞_ç ǨÏiHõ$+¨‚QÍi „Ѩ™êÎ=# KÕã≤, `«=∞ HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O QÆ∞iOz q=iOKå~°∞.
Jhfl „â◊^ŒúQÍ q<åfl~°∞. ã¨Oâ◊Ü«∞=Ú, ã¨O^ÕǨÏ=Ú, ã¨O„Éèí=∞=Ú, Pâ◊Û~°º=Ú, P#O^Œ=Ú Jhfl XˆH™êi "åi =ÚMÏ~°qO^Œ=ÚÖ’ qHõã≤OKå~Ú.
P Hõ∆}OÖ’ "åi <À\˜ #∞O_ç XˆH XHõ¯=∂@ ''g∞ÔHO^Œ∞‰õΩ =zÛOk D PÖ’K«#, WO`« z#fl =Ü«∞ã¨∞ûÖ’ D "≥·~åQƺO Uq∞\˜? JO`å P
^Õ=^Õ=Ùx qÖÏã¨O, PÜ«∞# Hõ~°∞} g∞ÃÑ· ZѨÊ\˜H˜ LO@∞Ok—— Jx "åi‰õΩ#fl Jáê~° J#∞Éèí=™ê~°O JO`å ~°OQÆiOz HÍ~°º„Hõ=∞O
q[Ü«∞=O`«O KÕÜ«Ú@‰õΩ "åizÛ# ã¨ÅǨÅ∞, ã¨∂K«#Å∞ áê\˜Oz "≥Ú^Œ\ ˜ „Ѩܫ∞`«flO q[Ü«∞=O`«O HÍ=_®xH˜ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOz# Ç≤Ï`«∞ʼnõΩ,
ã¨xflÇ≤Ï`«∞ʼnõΩ, ¿ãflÇ≤Ï`«∞ʼnõΩ, „âıÜ≥∂aèÖÏ+¨µÅ‰õΩ =∞iÜ«Ú Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# ã¨O„Ѩ^•Ü«∞O Ѩ@¡ Jaè~°∞z QÆÅ ZO^Œ~À =∞Ǩ#∞ÉèÏ=ÙʼnõΩ
JO^ŒiH© =O^Œ<åÅ∞ `≥Å∞ѨىõΩO@∞#fl t=„Ѩ™ê^£, ã¨∞^è•~å}˜ ^ŒOѨ`«∞Å∞.
"≥#∞"≥O@<Õ (10) Ѩk lÖϡʼnõΩ lÖÏ¡™ê÷~Ú, ~åR™ê÷~Ú Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î#Å áÈ\©Å∞ 2016-17 q[Ü«∞=O`«OQÍ x~°fiÇ≤ÏOz
|Ǩï=∞`«∞Å „Ѩ^è•#O ‰õÄ_® KÕâß~°∞. W^Õ Ñ¨~°OѨ~°Ö’ JYO_» UHÍǨÏ=ÚÅ∞, JYO_» ã¨áêÎǨÏ=ÚÅ∞, UHõ=∞O_»ÅHÍÅ JYO_» UHõ<å=∞
QÍ#O, UHõ =∞O_»ÅHÍÅ JYO_» NHõ$+¨‚ <å=∞ ã¨OH©~°Î# Ü«∞*Ï˝Å∞ KÕã¨∂Î KÕã¨∂Î H˘#™êQÆ∞`«∞#fl D „Ѩܫ∂}OÖ’ J`«ºO`« „Ѩ=ÚY"≥∞ÿ#k D
ѨÙã¨ÎHõ „ѨK«∞~°} „Ѩ™ê÷#O.
`≥ÅOQÍ} „áêO`«OÖ’ ZO^Œ~À "åˆQæÜ«∞HÍ~°∞Å∞ HÀH˘Å¡Å∞QÍ L<åfl~°∞. "åˆQæÜ«∞HÍ~°∞Å∞QÍh, "åi H©~°Î#Å∞ QÍh, „Ѩ*ψH∆„`«OÖ’
|Ǩïà◊ „ѨKå~°O KÕÜ«∞|_»ÖË^Œ∞. W\˜ì "åˆQæÜ«∞HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ x"åoQÍ "åi "åi =Oâ◊AʼnõΩ ''ÉèíH˜Î Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# „ѨKå~° Ѩi+¨`ü—— ã¨Oã¨÷ qq^èŒ
ã¨O^Œ~åƒùÅÖ’ ™ê^Œ~°OQÍ ã¨<å‡xOK«∞H˘#flk. W^Õ Ñ¨~°OѨ~°Ö’ `≥Å∞QÆ∞ Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# HõàÏHÍ~°∞Å JO^Œ∞ÉÏ@∞Ö’H˜ H˘O^Œi "åˆQæÜ«∞HÍ~°∞Å
H©~°Î# ™êÇ≤Ï`åºxfl ѨiK«Ü«∞=Ú KÕÜ«Ú L^ÕÌâ◊ºO`À D z#fl ѨÙã¨ÎHÍxfl Pq+¨¯iOKå~°∞.
ëÈ_»â◊ HõàÏ „ѨѨÓ~°∞‚_≥·# ÉèíQÆ=O`«∞x `«`åfixfl „ѨuáêkOKÕ ã¨OH©~°Î#Å#∞ ëÈ_»â◊ ã¨OH©~°Î<åKå~°∞ºÅ∞ ~°zOz QÍ#O KÕã≤# =ÚYº"≥∞ÿ#
Éèí[#, ã¨OH©~°Î#Å∞ H˘xflO\˜x N=∞u *ˇ.Ü«∞ãπ.q. ã¨∞^è•~å}˜ QÍ~°∞ ã¨OHõÅ#O KÕã≤# ''`≥ÅOQÍ} "åˆQæÜ«∞ "≥·Éèí="£∞-02—— J#∞ ¿Ñ~°∞`À XHõ
„QÆO^è•xfl N=∞u H˘~°∞áÈÅ∞ bÖÏ ÅH∆͇Ô~_ç¤, N H˘~°∞áÈÅ∞ ÅH∆͇Ô~_ç¤ Ñ¨Ù}º^ŒOѨ`«∞Å Pi÷ ã¨Ç¨ÏHÍ~°O`À H©IIâıII H˘~°∞áÈÅ∞ <å~åÜ«∞} Ô~_ç¤,
H©IIâıII H˘~°∞áÈÅ∞ Ü«∞â’^Œ=∞‡ ^ŒOѨ`«∞Å *Ï˝Ñ¨HÍ~°úO „ѨK«∞iOK«_»O =∂#"åoH˜ LѨÜ≥∂QÆHõ~°OQÍ LO@∞O^Œx ÉèÏqOz, ''ÉèíH˜Î Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î#
„ѨKå~° Ѩi+¨`ü—— ã¨Oã¨÷ ѨH∆Í# =Ú„kOK«_»O =Å# `≥Å∞QÆ∞ „Ѩ[ŠǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∂Ö’¡ ÉèíH˜Î K≥·`«<åºxfl xOáêÅx D ''`≥ÅOQÍ} "åˆQæÜ«∞ "≥·Éèí="£∞-
02—— „QÆO^èŒO ^•fi~å ã¨OH©~°Î#ʼnõΩ JHõ∆~° ~°∂Ѩq∞zÛ áê~î°‰õΩʼnõΩ, Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î#HÍ~°∞ʼnõΩ JHõ∆Ü«∞"≥∞ÿ# P#O^•xfl, `«$Ñ≤Îx HõeyOKåÅx
ÉèÏqOz D „Ѩܫ∞`«flO KÕã¨∞Î<åfl~°∞.
„Ѩ`«∞ʼnõΩ : ÉèíH˜Î Éèí[# ã¨OH©~°Î# „ѨKå~° Ѩi+¨`ü, HÍzQÆ∂_», ÃÇ·Ï^Œ~åÉÏ^£. á¶È<£ : 040-42309358

=∞Oz ѨxH˜ q∞Oz# ѨÓ[ÖË^∞Œ . =∂#=`åfixH˜ q∞Oz# =∞`«O ÖË^∞Œ .

March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 24 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chant 108 times
FO ã¨÷qëêªÜ«∞ #=∞ó FO ѨÙ+¨¯~åH∆ÍÜ«∞ #=∞ó
G Àsuƒ…eÁÆ å™: G úÏ … N˛∫ÁqÁÆ å™:
To keep Evil forces at bay. For overcoming bad times.
^Œ∞+¨ì â◊‰õΩÎÅ #∞O_ç HÍáê_»∞H˘#∞@‰õΩ. HõëêìÅ #∞O_ç q=ÚH˜Î á⁄O^Œ_®xH˜.

|∞∞} q"≥∂K«# #$ã≤OÇ¨Ï ™È΄`«O Chant one time

1. ^Õ=`å HÍ~°º ã≤^Œúº~°÷O ã¨ÉèÏã¨ÎOÉèí ã¨=Ú^Œƒù=O 6. „ѨǨ¡^Œ =~°^ŒO Nâ◊O ^≥·`Õºâ◊fi~° q^•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
2. ÅH∆͇º eOy`« "å=∂OQÆO ÉèíHÍÎ<åO =~°^•Ü«∞HõO 7. „‰õÄ~°„QÆÃÇ·Ïó Ñ‘_ç`å<åO, ÉèíHÍÎ<å=∞ÉèíÜ«∞„Ѩ^ŒO
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
8. "Õ^Œ "Õ^•O`« Ü«∞*Ë˝â◊O „|Ǩχ~°∞„^•k =Ok`«O
3. PO„`« =∂ÖÏ^èŒ~°O â◊OY K«„HÍÉÏ˚Ü«Ú^èŒ ^è•i}O
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
9. Ü«∞ W^ŒO Ѩ~î°`Õ x`«ºO |∞∞}"≥∂K«# ã¨Ol˝`«O
4. 㨇~°}Ï`ü ã¨~°fiáêѨѶ¨∞flO Hõ„^Œ∂[q+¨<åâ◊#O J#$}©*ÏÜ«∞`Õ ã¨`Àº ^èŒ#O j„Ѷ¨∞=∞"åѨÙflÜ«∂`ü
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞
D ™È΄`åxfl Jxfl JiëêìÅ∞, ^ÀëêÅ∞, Pi÷Hõ W|ƒO^Œ∞Å`À
5. ã≤OǨÏ<å^Õ# =∞ǨÏ`å kQÆúOuÉèíÜ«∞ <åâ◊#"£∞ L#fl"åà◊√§ ™êÜ«∞O ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ XHõ™êi 㨇i¿ãÎ K«Hõ¯x
N #$ã≤OǨÏO =∞Ǩg~°O #=∂q∞ |∞∞}=ÚHõÎÜÕ∞ Ѷ¨e`«O Åaèã¨∞ÎOk.
FO Éèí∂`å^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó G ßÓoÁtÆz å™: FO ^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G áÁfiz å™:
Chant this name to amend soured friendship For issueless couple. ã¨O`å# „áêÑ≤Î H˘~°‰õΩ
or any personal relationship FO q^è•„`Õ #=∞ó G uƒáÁfiz å™:
q∞„`«∞Å`À ¿ãflǨÏÉèÏ=O ÃÑOK«∞HÀ=_®xH˜, ^ŒOѨ`∞« Å Pregnant ladies to chant for healthy babies.
J<Àº#º`«‰õΩ. P~ÀQƺHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# tâ◊√=ÙÅ H˘~°‰õΩ
Chant one time
Runa Vimochana Nrisimha Stotram
Devataakaarya-siddhyartham Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeraam
sabhaastambha-samudbhavam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Prahlaada varadam sreesam
namaami runamuktaye
Lakshmyaalingita-vaamaangam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
bhaktaanaam varadaayakam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaveeram
Krooragrahaih peeditaanaam
namaami runamuktaye
bhaktaanaam abhayapradam
Aanthramaalaadharam Sankha Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
Chakraabja aayudha dha arina m namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
namaami runamuktaye
Brahma Rudraadi vanditam
Smaranaat sarvapaapagnam Sri Nrisimham mahaaveeram
kadrooja visha naasanam namaami runamuktaye
Sri Nrisimha mahaaveeraam
Ya idam patathe nityam runa
namaami runamuktaye
mochana samjnitam
Simhanaadena Mahataa Anrunee jaayate satyo dhanam
Digdhanthi Bhaya Naashanam sheeghram avaapnuyaat

^è#Œ O L#fl"å~°O^ŒiH© ^•#QÆ∞}O LO_»^∞Œ . ^•#QÆ∞}O L#fl"åiH˜ `«y#O`« ^è#Œ O LO_»Háõ È=K«∞Û.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 25 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK

Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O
1. `«`À Ü«Ú^Œú Ѩi„âßO`«O ã¨=∞ˆ~ zO`«Ü«∂ ã≤÷`«"£∞ I ~å=}O Kå„QÆ`À ^Œ$ëêìfi Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚѨã≤÷`«"£∞ II
2. ^≥·=`≥·â◊Û ã¨=∂QÆ=∞º „^Œ+¨µì=∞ÉèϺQÆ`À ~°}"£∞ I LѨQÆ=∂º „|g„^•=∞"£∞JQÆ™Èκ ÉèíQÆ"å<£ |∞∞+≤ó II
3. ~å=∞ ~å=∞ =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ â◊$}∞ QÆ∞ǨϺO ã¨<å`«#"£∞ I ÜÕ∞# ã¨~åfi#s<£ =`«û ã¨=∞ˆ~ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
4. Pk`«º ǨÏ$^ŒÜ«∞O ѨÙ}ºO ã¨~°fiâ◊„`«∞ q<åâ◊#"£∞ I [Ü«∂=ǨÏO [¿Ñxfl`«º"£∞ JHõ∆Ü«∞ºO Ѩ~°=∞O t="£∞ II
5. ã¨~°fi=∞OQÆà◊ =∂OQÆà◊ºO ã¨~°fi áêѨ „Ѩ}Ïâ◊#"£∞ I zO`åâ’Hõ „Ѩâ◊=∞#"£∞ PÜ«Ú~°fi~°÷# =Ú`«÷=∞"£∞ II
6. ~°t‡=∞O`«O ã¨=Ú^ŒºO`«O ^Õ"åã¨∞~° #=∞㨯 $`«"£∞ I ѨÓ[Ü«∞ã¨fi q=ã¨fiO`«O ÉèÏ㨯~°O Éèí∞=<Õâ◊fi~°"£∞ II
7. ã¨~°fi^Õ"å`«‡HÀ ¿ÇϺ+¨ `Õ[ã‘fi ~°t‡ÉèÏ=#ó I U+¨ ^Õ"åã¨∞~° QÆ}Ï<£ Ö’HÍ<£ áêu QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
8. U+¨ „|Ǩ‡ K« q+¨µ‚â◊Û t=ó 㨯O^Œó „Ѩ*ÏѨuó I =∞¿ÇÏO„^À ^èŒ#^Œó HÍÖ’ Ü«∞=∞ó ™È"≥∂ ǨϺáêO Ѩuó II
9. Ñ≤`«~À =ã¨=ó ™ê^蕺 ǨϺtfi<Ò =∞~°∞`À =∞#∞ó I "åÜ«Ú~°fiÇ≤Ïfló „Ѩ*Ï„áê}ó |∞∞`«∞Hõ~åÎ „ѨÉèÏHõ~°ó II
10. Pk`«ºó ã¨q`å ã¨∂~°ºó YQÆó ѨÓëê QÆÉèíã≤Î=∂<£ I ã¨∞=~°‚ã¨^Œ$â’ ÉèÏ#∞ó Ç≤Ï~°}ºˆ~`å k"åHõ~°ó II
11. ǨÏi^Œâ◊fió ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êiÛó ã¨Ñ¨Îã¨Ñ≤Î-~°‡sz=∂<£ I uq∞~À#‡^äŒ#ó â◊OÉèí∞ó `«fiëêì =∂~åÎO_»HÀ-Oâ◊√=∂<£ II
12. Ç≤Ï~°}ºQÆ~°ƒùó tt~°ó `«Ñ¨<À ÉèÏ㨯~À ~°qó I JyflQÆ~Àƒù-k`Õó Ѩل`«ó â◊OYó tt~°<åâ◊#ó II
13. "Àº=∞<å^äŒ ã¨Î"≥∂ÉèËn |∞∞QƺAó ™ê=∞-áê~°QÆó I Ѷ¨∞<å=$+≤ì ~°áêO q∞„`À qO^茺gnä Ѩ¡=OQÆ=∞ó II
14. P`«Ñ‘ =∞O_»b =∞$`«∞ºó Ñ≤OQÆà◊ó ã¨~°fi`åѨ#ó I Hõqifiâ’fi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ï ~°HõÎó ã¨~°fiÉèí"À^Œƒù=ó II
15. #Hõ∆„`« „QÆÇ¨Ï `å~å}Ï"£∞ JkèáÈ qâ◊fiÉèÏ=#ó I `Õ[™ê=∞Ñ≤ `Õ[ã‘fi ^•fi^Œâß`«‡<£ - #"≥∂-ã¨∞Î`Õ II
16. #=∞ó ѨÓ~åfiÜ«∞ y~°ÜÕ∞ ѨtÛ=∂Ü«∂„^ŒÜÕ∞ #=∞ó I *’ºu~°æ}Ï<åO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ k<åkèѨ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
17. [Ü«∂Ü«∞ [Ü«∞Éèí„^•Ü«∞ ǨÏ~°ºâßfiÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #"≥∂ #=∞ó ã¨Ç¨Ï„™êOâ’ Pk`åº #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
18. #=∞ L„QÍÜ«∞ g~åÜ«∞ ™ê~°OQÍÜ«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó I #=∞ó Ѩ^Œ‡„Ѩɒ^è•Ü«∞ =∂~åÎO_®Ü«∞ #"≥∂ #=∞ó II
19. „|¿Çχâß<åK«∞º`ÕâßÜ«∞ ã¨∂~åºÜ«∂k`«º - =~°Û¿ã I ÉèÏã¨fi`Õ ã¨~°fiÉèíH∆ÍÜ«∞ ~“„^•Ü«∞ =Ѩٿ+ #=∞ó II
20. `«"≥∂Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ Ç≤Ï=∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∞ â◊„`«∞Ѷ¨∂flÜ«∂ q∞`å`«‡<Õ I Hõ$`«Ñ¶¨∞flѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ^Õ"åÜ«∞ *’ºuëêO Ѩ`«ÜÕ∞ #=∞ó II
21. `«Ñ¨Î Kåg∞Hõ~åÉèÏÜ«∞ =ǨÏflÜÕ∞ qâ◊fiHõ~°‡}Ë I #=∞ã¨Î"≥∂-aè xѶ¨∂flÜ«∞ ~°∞K«ÜÕ∞ Ö’Hõ™êH˜∆}Ë II
22. <åâ◊Ü«∞`Õº+¨ "≥· Éèí∂`«O `«^Õ= ã¨$[u „ѨÉèí∞ó I áêÜ«∞`Õº+¨ `«Ñ¨`Õº+¨ =~°¬`Õº+¨ QÆÉèíã≤Îaèó II
23. U+¨ ã¨∞¿ÑÎ+¨µ *ÏQÆiÎ Éèí∂`Õ+¨µ Ѩix+≤ª`«ó I U+¨ U"åyfl Ǩϟ„`«O K« Ѷ¨ÅO K≥·"åyfl Ǩϟ„u}Ï"£∞ II
24. "Õ^•â◊Û Hõ`«Ñ¨â‹·Û= „Hõ`«∂<åO Ѷ¨Å"Õ∞= K« I Ü«∂x Hõ$`åºx Ö’ˆH+¨µ ã¨~°fi U+¨ ~°qó „ѨÉèí∞ó II
25. U# =∂Ѩ`«∞û Hõ$„KÕÛù+¨µ HÍO`åˆ~+¨µ ÉèíÜÕ∞+¨µ K« I H©~°ÎÜ«∞<£ ѨÙ~°∞+¨ó HõtÛ<£ - <å=j^Œu ~åѶ¨∞= II
26. ѨÓ[Ü«∞Ãã· fi# "Õ∞HÍ„QÀ ^Õ=^Õ=O [QÆ`«Êu"£∞ I U`«`ü „uQÆ∞}˜`«O [áêÎ fi Ü«Ú^ÕÌ+¨µ q[~Ú+¨ºã≤ II
27. Jã≤‡<£ Hõ∆}Ë =∞ǨÉÏǨϟ ~å=}O `«fiO =kè+¨ºã≤ I U==ÚHÍÎ fi `«^•QÆ™Èκ [QÍ=∞ K« Ü«∞^ä•QÆ`«"£∞ II
28. U`«„K«∞Ûù`åfi =∞Ǩ`Õ*Ïó #+¨ìâ’HÀ- Éèí=`ü - `«^• I ^è•~°Ü«∂=∂㨠ã¨∞„Ñ‘`À ~åѶ¨∞=ó „Ѩܫ∞`å`«‡"å<£ II
29. Pk`«ºO „¿ÑHõ∆ º [áêÎ fi `«∞ Ѩ~°O ǨÏ~°¬=∞"åѨÎ"å<£ I „u~åK«=∞º â◊√z~°∂ƒù`åfi ^èŒ#∞~å^•Ü«∞ g~°º"å<£ II
30. ~å=}O „¿ÑHõ∆ º ǨÏ$ëêì`å‡ Ü«Ú^•úÜ«∞ ã¨=ÚáêQÆ=∞`ü I ã¨~°fiÜ«∞`Õfl# =∞ǨÏ`å =^èÕ `«ã¨º ^èŒ$`À-Éèí=`ü II
31. J^èŒ ~°q~°=^Œ<-£ xsHõ∆ º ~å=∞O =Úk`«=∞<åó Ѩ~=° ∞O „ѨÇϨ $+¨º=∂}óI
xtK«~°Ñ¨u ã¨OHõ∆Ü«∞O qk`åfi ã¨∞~°QÆ} =∞^茺QÆ`À =K«ã¨Î fiˆ~u II
W`庈~¬ N=∞„^•=∂Ü«∞}Ë "åb‡H©ÜÕ∞ PkHÍ"Õº Ü«Ú^ŒúHÍO_Õ Ñ¨OKåkèHõ â◊`«`«=∞ ã¨~°æó II
`«ÑC¨ KÕ™ê~°x „Ѩu XHõ¯ih ^Õfi+≤ã∂¨ Î áÈ`Õ „¿Ñq∞OK«_®xH˜ Z=~°∂ q∞QÆÅ~°∞.
March '19 w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w 26 wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww VAK
Chilkur Balaji's Grace - 171 zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ O – 171
I BECAME MLA <Õ#∞ âßã¨#ã¨Éèí∞º_çx JÜ«∂º#∞...
I came to Chilkur after filing my âßã¨#ã¨Éèí ZxflHõÅÖ’ áÈ\© KÕÜ«∞_®xH˜ <åq∞<Õ+¨<£ ^•YÅ∞
nomination papers. My Adversary was a strong
KÕã≤# "≥O@<Õ zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ =zÛ 11 „Ѩ^ŒH˜∆}Å∞ KÕâß#∞. <å
„Ѩ`«ºi÷ J`«ºO`« ã¨=∞~°∞÷_»∞.
During the counting time also the lead
ZxflHõŠѶ¨e`åÅ ã¨=∞Ü«∞OÖ’ ÖˇH˜¯OѨÙÖ’ Ǩϟ~åǨϟs
was oscillating. At last I won by a margin
surprisingly high. This is purely Balaji grace.
Pkè H õ º O „Ѩ u ~“O_» ∞ ‰õ Ä =∂~° ∞ `« ∂ =zÛOk. PYiÖ’
K«=∞`å¯~°OQÍ <å‰õΩ =∞Oz PkèHõºO`À q[Ü«∞O ÅaèOzOk.
I performed 108 pradakshinas recently. Jk ÉÏÖÏr J#∞„QÆÇϨ "Õ∞. W\©=Å 108 „Ѩ^HŒ }∆˜ Å∞ ‰õÄ_® KÕâß#∞.
A Devotee XHõ Éèí‰õΩÎ_»∞,
(MLA, Telangana 2019)
`≥ÅOQÍ} âßã¨#ã¨Éèí∞º_»∞ 2019
Chant 28 times

N˛Áo| ƒ yÆÁ| \ Ï | å Áz åÁ™ ∫Á\Á §Á“Ï Ã“œÁƒÁåΩ @ oÀÆ À™∫m™Áfiz m ToÊ å…bÊ Y ¬•Æoz @ @
HÍ~°Îg~åº~°∞˚<À <å=∞ ~å*Ï ÉÏǨï ã¨Ç¨Ï„ã¨"å<£ I `«ã¨º 㨇~°} =∂„`Õ} QÆ`«O #+¨ìO K« ÅÉèíº`Õ II
Karthaveeryarjuno nama Raaja Baahu Sahasravaan |
Thasya Smarana Maathrena Gatham Nashtam cha Labhyathe||
Please chant this sloka to locate lost objects, persons and belongings.
`«Ñ≤ÊáÈ~Ú# =º‰õΩÎÅ∞, =ã¨∞Î=ÙÅ∞ uiy ÅaèOK«∞@‰õΩ D â’¡HÍxfl ÉèíH˜Î`À ѨiîOK«O_ç.
We at VAK are blessed to bring out the second volume in the series of books
on Anecdotes on Vishnu Sahasranama authored by Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy.
Sri V S Karunakaran Swamy started this mammoth never before project of explaining
the significance of the 1000 names. Since the English meaning of this hymn is
given in this work, many in this country and those living abroad, will welcome it.
Every name is a mantra by itself, some with two and some ranging up to eight
words. The hymn is an antidote for all ills.
As the author mentioned the benefits which will accrue by reciting the various
name of Vishnu, it has been practically experienced by Devotees at Chilkur Balaji
temple who are the regular readers of VAK in which these Anecdotes have been
serialised. There is immortal ecstasy that can be experienced by chanting these
names individually.
The second Volume has been released on 6th September 2017, as a part of
the Saptatipoorthi celebrations of the Author Sri V S Karunakaran. You can find
the devotees chanting these names endlessly at the Balaji Temple Chilkur. The
benefit of chanting individual names for particular needs to be granted by Almighty
is being practiced and is yielding expected results. Books available at : Manager 'VAK', 2-2-647/77/D, Srinivasanagar
Colony, Bagh Amberpet, Hyderabad-500 013. Price : Rs.500/- (Exclusive of postage)
∫nåüßÁúb¬YN¿˛™åÁz“∫Á nƒnƒÊÊ Oh Manipaaduka! You describe a circle of lustrous halo of supreme
charm. The Lord's Feet present a picture of lotuses of red hue. The
úˆÁªmÊ útu™tÊ nƒuÆ ∫WïßoÏ|:@ circle and lotus constitute, to my mind, a Chakrabja mandala (people
offer their worship to a Yanthram(geometric pattern) consisting of a
™ãÆz otzotÏßÆÊ ™umúÁt∫qz@ lotus inside a disc.)(500th Sloka from Paduka Sahasram)
YN¿ Á £\™lg¬™uN˛ØÁå∫qmÁs| ™ Ω @@@@ F =∞}˜áê^Œ∞HÍ! =∞}∞ÅHÍOu ã¨=Ú^•Ü«∞O Ü≥ÚHõ¯ =∞O_»ÖÏHõ$uKÕ`« =∞#ã¨∞û#∞
~°`«fl „ѨÉèÏѨ@Å K«„Hõ=∞<ÀǨÏ~å`«fiO PHõi¬OKÕ^•#=Ù h=Ù. hÜ«∞O^Œ∞ Hõ=∞ÅѨÙ+¨ÊO =Öˇ J~°∞}=~°‚O HõÅk N~°OQÆ
Ѩ^•‡~°∞}O Ѩ^Œq∞^ŒO `«fi~Ú ~°OQÆÉèí~°∞Îó I „ѨÉèí∞áê^ŒO. Jn, Wn Ô~O_»∞ JH˜OK«#∞Å ~°Hõ∆}‰õΩ Ü≥∂Qƺ"≥∞ÿ# K«„HÍ|˚=∞O_»ÅOQÍ
=∞<Õº `«^Õ`« ^Œ∞ÉèíÜ«∞O =∞}˜áê^Œ~°ˆH∆! ÉèÏq™êÎ#∞.(K«„HÍ|˚ =∞O_»ÖÏ~°Û# KÕ¿ã"å~°∞, Uk‰õΩ¯ ÖËx"åˆ~ J~Ú<å, ã¨HõÖÏ~°÷
ã¨OѨ#∞flÅ=Ù`å~°∞. Ѩ~°=∞Ѩ^Œ<å^äŒ∞x ã¨xflkèÖ’ âßâ◊fi`« ÔH·OHõ~°ºO „áêÑ≤Îã¨∞ÎOk.)
K«„HÍ|˚ =∞O_»Å=∞H˜OK«# ~°Hõ∆}Ï~°÷(~°›)"£∞ II (áê^Œ∞HÍ ã¨ÇϨ „ã¨O 500= â’¡HOõ )
=∞#O W+¨Oì QÍ KÕ¿ã ѨxH˜ ã¨=∞Ü«∞O ÖËHáõ È=_»O JO@∂ LO_»^∞Œ .

Exclusive for OUR

,Ɯ++ ",2101+!&+$
/" "&3)"0
(i.e., input tax credit due under GST) of MSME units

K Existing MSME borrowers of our Bank are eligible K Maximum period of 6 months over and above the
gestation/holiday period of 2 months
K 20% of existing fund based working capital limit
or 80% of input tax creditț "/1&Ɯ"!6Ȝ K No collateral security
due to the unit, whichever is lower

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Vol.20 VAK / MARCH / 2019 Postal Registration No. HSE/738/2017-19 No.3
Sorrow destroys a man's courage, a sorrow
∆ÁzN˛Áz åÁ∆Æoz á{Æ˙ ∆ÁzN˛Áz åÁ∆Æoz »Ïo™™ΩΩ @ destroys his learning, sorrow destroys all that is
good in him, in fact there is no greater enemy to
∆ÁzN˛Áz åÁ∆Æoz Ã˙ åÁuÀo ∆ÁzN˛Ã™Áz u∫úÏ: @@ him than sorrow. (Ramayanam, Ayodhyakandam)
â’HõO =∞x+≤ ^è≥·~åºxfl #tOѨKÕã¨∞ÎOk... q*Ï˝<åxfl, q"ÕHÍxfl
â’HÀ <åâ◊Ü∞« `Õ ^è~·≥ º° O â’HÀ <åâ◊Ü∞« `Õ „â◊√`«"∞£ I =∞iÜ«Ú =∞x+≤Ö’ L#fl Jxfl ã¨∞QÆ∞}ÏÅ#∞ #tOѨKÕã¨∞ÎOk.
â’HÀ <åâ◊Ü«∞`Õ ã¨~°fiO <åã≤Î â’Hõã¨"≥∂ iѨÙó II â’HõO Hõ<åfl ÉèíÜ«∞OHõ~°"≥∞ÿ# â◊„`«∞=Ù ÖË<ÕÖË^Œ∞..
(JÜ≥∂^ŒºHÍO_»=Ú, ~å=∂Ü«∞}=Ú)
zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ÉÏÖÏr ^Õ"åÅÜ«∂xH˜ xkè.... ''_≥~Úb ѨÓ*Ï Ñ¶¨O_£——^•fi~å ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°ÛO_ç.
D Ѷ¨O_£H˜ kQÆ∞= ã¨∂zOK«|_ç# ÉϺO‰õΩÅÖ’ K≥e¡OѨÙÅ∞ ã‘fiHõiOK«|_»∞#∞.
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) (¿ãì\ò ÉϺOH± PѶπ WO_çÜ«∂, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY, ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤
lÖÏ¡) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated in any part of the Country.
2) C. A/c No. 091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Andhra
Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch PO„^è• ÉϺOH±, ÃÑ^ŒÌ=∞OQÆàÏ~°O ("≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ âßY)) (R.R. Dist.) from any
branch of Andhra Bank situated in any part of the World. „ѨѨOK«OÖ’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥·<å [=∞ KÕÜ«∞=K«∞Û.
3) C. A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara Bank,
113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. ÔH#~å ÉϺOH±, 113, "≥∞~Ú<£ ~À_£, Ç≤Ï=∂Ü«∞`ü#QÆ~ü, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£
=∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡, from any branch of Canara Bank situated in any part of India. (=∞#^ÕâO◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with UCO
Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. Ü«¸HÀ ÉϺOH±, zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ „ÉÏOz, "≥Ú~Ú<åÉÏ^£ =∞O_»Ö,ò ~°OQÍÔ~_ç¤ lÖÏ¡,
from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India. (=∞#^ÕâO
◊ Ö’x U „áêO`«OÖ’ #∞O_≥<· å [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.)
Éè‰í Ωõ ÅÎ ∞ ~°∂.100/- Hõh㨠K≥eO¡ ѨÙQÍ D xkèH˜ [=∞ KÕÜ∞« =K«∞Û.
D âßâ◊fi`« xkèx ã¨=∞‰õÄ~°Û_®xH˜ Éèí‰õΩÎÅO^Œih ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOK«=Åã≤#kQÍ „áêi÷ã¨∞Î<åfl=Ú. JÖÏ ã¨Ç¨ÏHõiOz Éèí‰õΩÎÅÖ’ ÉèíH˜Î=∂~åæxfl ÃÑOá⁄OkOKÕ
qÖHõ∆}"≥∞ÿ# zÅ∞‰õÄ~°∞ ѨÓ*Ï q^è•<åxfl PK«O„^•~°¯O xeKÕÖÏ `À_»Ê_ç#O^Œ∞‰õΩ P ÉÏÖÏr Hõ$Ѩ‰õΩ áê„`«∞Å=Ù`å~°∞.
The Fund donations can be remitted in the Following Banks with the following Particulars:-
1) C. A/c No.62055583940 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
State Bank of India, Moinabad Branch (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of State Bank of Hyderabad situated
in any part of the Country. IFSC Code 'SBIN0020637'.
2) SB A/c No.091110011008633 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained
with Andhra Bank, Pedda Mangalaram (Moinabad Branch) (R.R. Dist.) from any branch of Andhra
Bank situated in any part of the World. IFSC Code 'ANDB0000911'.
3) SB A/c No.3063101000001 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with Canara
Bank, 113, Main Road, Himayatnagar, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of Canara Bank situated in
India. IFSC Code 'CNRB0003063'.
4) SB A/c No.24730110000007 of Sri Balaji Venkateswara Swamy Temple, Chilkur maintained with
UCO Bank, Chilukuru Branch, Moinabad Mandal, R.R. Dist. from any branch of UCO Bank situated in India.
IFSC Code 'UCBA0002473'.
Devotees can remit their contributions with a minimum of Rs.100/- to this Fund.
The Devotees who contribute to this Fund will have the blessings of the Lord Balaji for participating
in the continuation of this unique way of worship which inculcates Pure Devotion in the Temple system…..
Andhra Bank Ph : 08417-252064, SBH Ph. : 08417-252071, Canara Bank : 08413-235088, UCO Bank Ph.: 08417-200023
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