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Alberto Plantillas 
P.O. BOX 6737 
San Luis, AZ 85349 
(928) 550-5574 


Arizona Career and Technical Education Degree in  Mentor & Mentee Club 
Entertainment Marketing   — ​member 
August 2016- May 2018  Aug 2017- May 2018 
Completed two-year course and passed certification test on marketing skills  Club created for the mentoring of 
and expertise.  freshmen by upperclassmen to 
help them transition into the high 
school environment. 

Scholarly Talented  
San Luis High School Library, ​San Luis, AZ  & Gifted Club 
July 2018 - present  —​member 
I am a Student Worker at the School Library. Tasks consist of but are not limited  Aug 2017- May 2018 
to: working the cash register, decorating the library, checking books out, etc. 
Club for the purpose of raising 
(10 hours a week)(164 hours as of November 25th). 
funds for educational summer 
programs as well as assistance on 

Mural Painting for Yuma Art Center, ​Yuma, AZ  Geek Guild Club 
— ​secretary & co-founder 
Feb 2018 - May 2018 
Aug 2016- May 2018 
Mural painting for the purpose of donating to Children’s Museum of Yuma 
County. (20 hours)  Club for playing and sharing 
tabletop games (eg. role playing 
games, card games, etc.)with 
Security for Vacation Bible School, ​San Luis, AZ 
purpose of fostering creativity, 
June 23 - 27 2018 
good sportsmanships, and 
Security and lunch distributor for weeklong church day camp at Vino Nuevo 
church. (28 hours) 

Yuma County Fair, Y

​ uma, AZ  
April 6, 2018 
Assisted in delivering food and drinks as well as refilling ice and occasional  English 
register work. (6 hours) 

Waiter for Vino Nuevo Church, ​San Luis, AZ 
December 2015, December 2016, and December 2017   
Waiting tables for church anniversary event. (9 hours) 

Yuma Fire Department Volunteer, ​Yuma, AZ 
October 2018- present 
Skills USA Statesman 
Working volunteer hours with Ambulance Medic unit at Yuma Fire Station 4  
Nov 2018 
(10-15 hours a week)(97 hours as of November 25th) 
Awarded with honorary pin from 
Skills USA org. for 
“demonstrating leadership in 

Track and Field, ​San Luis, AZ— a

​ thlete 
Spring 2016, Spring 2017 
Over the spring sports season I run the 800m, the 1600m, and the 3200m race. I   
have participated in two varsity seasons. 

Cross Country, S
​ an Luis, AZ — ​athlete 
Fall 2015, Fall 2016, Fall 2017, Fall 2018 
Over the fall sports season I run cross country races. I have participated in 4 

Pumas U18 Soccer Club, S

​ an Luis, AZ — ​athlete 
Spring 2018 
Over the the spring sports season I played ina city soccer team. I play defense 
and midfielder positions. 

City of San Luis Fire Hydrant Competition, ​San Luis, AZ 

October 2017 
Painted two fire hydrants as a Parks and Recreation competition for the city of 
San Luis. Won 2nd place.  

Gadsden Elementary School District #32 Marching Band, 

San Luis, AZ— s​ axophone player 
Summer 2013- Winter 2016 
I played the alto saxophone with the Gadsden Elementary District for three 
years. We performed in numerous parades in places ranging from my native 
San Luis to Disneyland California to the New Years parade in Madrid, Spain.