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Winter 2019

Prayer Requests Ministry Update

Back to Hungary
 Pray for Paul as he
prepares to teach this Our family recently had the privilege of serving together on a
semester in New York, missions trip to Word of Life Hungary, our old ministry
Ukraine, Canada, and
South Korea. stomping grounds. There, Paul taught the book of Matthew to
the 1st and 2nd year class, which consisted of 69 students
 Pray for Jill as she from 14 different countries. Paul had a successful two weeks
ministers to our kids. of teaching this 20 hour course, and we both felt as if we
made valuable connections with the students, both inside and
 Pray for the 10 Bible outside the classroom.
Institute site campuses
around the world, and While it was a blessing to travel as a family, the trip itself was
the students who are the filled with apprehension, for Jill especially. We served
Caroline and JP in front of the WOL
future leaders of the Hungary Castle
together as missionaries with WOL
church. Hungary for over nine years, basically
our whole married lives, up until our reassignment back to the States
 Pray for Paul as he in 2016. Paul’s ministry with the Bible Institute was growing, and Jill
continues his Ph.D. was making great relational strides in the village with Hungarians,
studies with Baptist
Bible Seminary. He is
especially after our daughter, Caroline, was born. It was a difficult
finishing his dissertation transition for Jill back to the States, and for this reason, she was
very soon! worried about how emotional a return visit might be, not to mention,
we were taking several flights to a different time zone with an infant
 Pray for Paul to have and two-year old! Of course, God knew all of our concerns, and He
wisdom in leadership as truly took care of the details. It was amazing to experience the Lord’s
Academic Dean of the peace and provision during our entire two weeks in Hungary.
Global Bible Institute. Everything from allowing us to have the bassinet seat on the flight, to
no illnesses with the children, and never once running out of diapers Sleepy babies
Praises (these are the practical worries of a parent traveling with children). on the flight.

 A fruitful time of While it was a blessing to catch up with staff members and friends, we truly felt a
ministry during our completion to our time of ministry in Hungary during the trip. It was as if the Lord had put a
family missions trip to period on that part of our lives officially. One reason for this “period” was because we were
Europe. finally able to close our bank account in Hungary. We had kept it open until now because
our house in the village was still for sale, but through an amazing series of events, the Lord
 The opportunity to providentially enlisted a buyer in September, so we could transfer the money and close our
meet many BI students bank account during our recent visit. This in itself was the hand of God because we would
around the world who have had to make a special trip to Hungary just to close the account, but instead we could do
are committed to
serving the Lord.
it during our trip. In so many ways we can see God working behind the scenes and we are
grateful that He thought through all the scenarios. What a blessing it is to serve a living God
 Our house in Hungary who cares about the personal details of our lives!
finally sold!

 Paul is making great

strides in his

 God’s continuous
blessing upon our lives
and ministry.

 Wonderful supporters
like you!

Reviewing the End Times Timeline with a student. Paul teaching the Book of Matthew in Hungary.
Winter 2019

Ministry in Slovakia: Dur ing the weekend of our two-week

trip to Hungary, our family traveled to Slovakia in order to
visit alumni and friends in the ministry. Mark and Matthew
Abrman attended the Bible Institute in Hungary and are
currently serving in full time ministry. Mark is a youth pastor
and Matthew works with Josiah Venture. Paul had the
opportunity to preach in the Abrman’s home church, where
the boys’ father, Jozef Abrman, serves as pastor. Pastor
Abrman fled the country in 1980 under Communism, but
returned again in 1989 as a missionary to his own people. Paul
took the opportunity to record Pastor Abrnan’s story in a
recent Podcast entitled, “The Persecuted Church, Yesterday
and Today (Part 1).” You can find this episode by visiting:

Part 2 of the Podcast is about the persecuted church in Hungary prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union, the early
days of WOL ministering in Hungary, and the persecution of Christians taking place around the world yet today.

The Learn the Word Podcast can be found at

Ever Expanding Global Bible Institute: As you know, Paul is the Academic Dean of the Wor d of Life
Global Bible Institute which consists of one main campus (New York) and nine international teaching sites. This
past year, three of our Bible Institute locations in Brazil (Atibaia, Recife, and Belem) were officially accredited.
You might recall that two years ago Paul and his colleague Mark Strout made a visit to all three campuses in
Brazil to help the staff and faculty of these locations to begin making preparations to become accredited. Since,
their school year begins in February, we just completed the first school year as an accredited teaching site. Next,
plans are being made for Word of Life Mexico Bible Institute to also become an accredited teaching site,
increasing our network to 10 teaching sites, in addition to our one teaching campus in NY (a teaching site is
allowed to teach up to 49% of what the teaching campus offers).

Coming up!
Spring Semester: Teaching Bible Study Methods at WOLBI New York
Spring Semester: Teaching Hermeneutics at WOLBI New York
March 12-15: Teaching the Book of Daniel at WOLBI Ukraine
March 26-April 5: Teaching the Book of Matthew at WOLBI Canada
June 11-14: Teaching the Book of James at WOLBI South Korea

We would love the opportunity to share about our ministry in your church.
Please let us know if you would like to hear how God is using WOL Bible Institutes around the world!

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