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TO: Todd B. Hannon 7< a

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City Clerk

FROM: Elaine H. Black, President/ CEO - o

Liberty City Community Revitalizatfon Trust

DATE: January 15, 2019

RE: Annual Board Report

Pursuant to City Code Sec. 2- 890 ( Annual report of City boards and committees), the
Liberty City Trust Board of Directors is comprised of five (5) members that includes one
1) youth member. The Board has actively engaged in ensuring that the Liberty City Trust
keeps the mandate of the agency' s mission for which it was formed. The Board engages
in maintaining the fiscal integrity of the agency's operations and records, and the needs
and desires of the community it serves. Its vision is to empower those who live, learn,
work, and play in Liberty City. The Board's objective is to transform a distressed, high-
poverty community into viable, mixed income and sustainable neighborhood with access
to well-functioning services, high quality public schools and education programs, high
quality early learning programs and services, public assets, public transportation and
improved access to jobs.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall direction of the Liberty City Trust,
including the approval of economic development opportunities in the Liberty City area.
The Board plays a vital role in ensuring the implementation of such developments. The
Board meets quarterly and/ or as often as required to manage the business of the Liberty
City Trust.

The Board continues to be a fixture in the Liberty City/ Model City community providing
various outreach programs that have enhanced life, safety, employment, professional
development and small business opportunities among its residents.

Affordable Housing
Homeownership continues to be an integral part of the Liberty City Trust mandate to
provide assistance to qualify new home buyers. Homebuyer workshops were conducted
by certified HUD professionals for participants to receive their HUD 8 hour certificate.

Seniors—Hurricane Preparedness/ Florida

To avoid Seniors getting caught unprepared during the Hurricane season, the Liberty City
Trust continues to educate the community on the need to prepare. Some seniors are in
Todd B. Hannon
City Clerk
January 15, 2019
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good health but not quite agile as they used to be. Some have hearing or vision problems;
use a cane or wheelchair. Whatever their limitations, the Liberty City Trust assist them
in completing paperwork relative to their housing or disseminating information relative
to the community in which they live. The Liberty City Trust partnered with Communities
United to assist in the application process for the Florida Rebuild program. The Liberty
City seniors received damaged to their home during Hurricane Irma that left the need to
assist them in processing their applications for help.

Youth Employment Program

Four years in the making, the Liberty City Trust has provided summer employment and
work experience to the youth residing in underserved populations in the City of Miami.
It is more than just a summer job, its an experience to financial literacy and opportunities
to continue education and social growth. Liberty City Trust provided workshops on career
exploration and entrepreneurship. Identified youth to sign up for the Year Up program
which assisted the youth to go to college, get a job and partner with a mentor. Each year
there is a high demand for additional slots which demonstrates the need for more funding
to hire youth participants between the ages of 14 and 18 for employment up to 12 weeks
during the summer and for after school.

There is no other Board, either public or private, which would better serve the function of
the Board. This Board is unique in that its members are knowledgeable about the
community and they each bring their skills, talents, and access of resources that can
benefit the Liberty City Trust and the area in which its serves. The Board provide
additional services and manage special projects that cater to specific community needs,
including organizing committees, addressing any issues that affects part or all of the
community, from a traffic problem to deteriorating housing, and more.

The cost, both direct and indirect, of maintaining the board is basically born by the Board
Members themselves. There was no direct cost in 2017.