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Planning Packet

SPED 550

Name of Child: Jakson Grade Level: Kindergarten

Learning Issue: Has difficulty with the concepts of more and less.

Informal Assessment Method (at least 2):

Manipulative work: Work with a variety of different manipulatives and work on
different math problems using them and talk about more or less in numbers.
Dot and Number game: The student has cards that have the number, and either a
picture or dots to go with the number. You then ask which is more or less.
PLAAFP Statement (must include baseline): A typical kindergarten student knows
what more or less means between two students.
Common Core Standard:

IEP Annual Goal: In 36 instructional weeks, Jakson will answer the correct more or
less answer during math time with the teacher 4 out of 5 data collecting periods.
Interventions Source of Intervention
For Resource Room

Selects a Math Computation Skill

Target- Students set a target that they ademic-interventions/math-facts/math-
want to get to and then set smaller goals computation-student-self-monitoring-
along the way to get there. productivity-increase-flu
How to Help Kids With Math Anxiety:
give students the tools they need, helps with-math-anxiety/
students with their working memory is a
big one with math. One on one help with
do the student the best in learning.
For Parents/At Home
Number Sense: Promoting Basic sense-promoting-basic-numeracy-skills-
Numeracy Skills through a Counting through-counting-board-ga-0
Board Game- This helps students
because it is worked with a number line
as you play the game and this gets the
parents involved with the students
Math Intervention Binder- This would
be good for at home because when the Product/Kindergarten-Math-
student may be board at home they can Intervention-Binder-3606056
work on skills that might be fun and this
helps keep the parents involved.
For General Education Classroom

Decides on the Length and Frequency

of Each Self-Monitoring Period- ademic-interventions/math-facts/math-
Setting aside a time for this specific child computation-student-self-monitoring-
during a group time so that they can productivity-increase-flu
work alone with teacher help as well as
monitor themselves.
Teach number and operations using a
developmental progression- Provide ticeguide/wwc_empg_numbers_020714.
children with opportunities to subitize pdf
small collections, practice counting,
compare the magnitude of collections,
and use numerals to quantify collections
before moving on to simple arithmetic

Paste sample materials into this document for each intervention.