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Discharge and spillage

Discharge and spillage conveyors
conveyors solutions

ThyssenKrupp Material Handling supports clients in large scale material handling
applications specifically in the areas of open pit mining, minerals processing and
bulk material handling. ThyssenKrupp has choosen Bonfiglioli to supply drives for
discharge and spillage conveyors on Lihir Gold Limited’s Million Ounce Plant Up-
grade (MOPU) Project (Lihir Island is located in New Ireland, a province of Papua
New Guinea). The application consists of two Jaw crushing lines operating in paral-
lel. Each Line has two conveyors; one for discharging and one for spillage.
The discharge conveyors have a throughput of 1200 wtph, while the spillage con-
veyors receive 20% of that throughput in finer ores from spillage. The upgrade will
increase total annual gold production on average by approximately 240,000 ounc-
es (about 6804 kg) per annum from 2012 over the remaining life of the operation.
More than one million ounces of gold (about 28350 kg) is already mined each year
at Lihir Island. However, due to process plant constraints only 600,000 – 700,000
(about 17010 - 19845 kg) ounces is processed per annum. The remaining ore is
stockpiled until it can be processed in the years following the completion of min-
ing. The investment by Lihir in additional processing capacity through MOPU will
increase plant throughput so that it is more closely matched to mine production.
This will enable more of the mined ore to be processed, improving operational ef-
ficiencies and bringing forward returns for stakeholders.

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Discharge and spillage conveyors
Application requires to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year.
Discharge conveyors need to have right angle bevel helical with rigid flange cou-
plings, backstops, fluid couplings. Spillage conveyors need to be shaft mounted
gear motors with torque arm. Bearing L-10 life should be greater that 60,000 hrs
and gear life should be 100, 000 hrs.

Bonfiglioli Australia’s DSC came up with an “Alignment Free” input design which
negates the need for a costly baseplate.
The “Alignment Free” input is basically a large bell housing that contains the
fluid coupling, fan and provides a standard IEC interface for the flange mounted
motor. This type of input also saves time and labour during commissioning of the
drive as the alignment of the transmission components has already been done.
Vents cut in the bell housing allow air from the fan to be forced along a path to
provide optimum cooling for the gearbox.
The bell housing also has a additional benefit as it provides a collection point for
fluid lost by the fluid coupling in case
of a blowout. Bonfiglioli Australia
won the job simply by providing
more benefits at a lower cost to
the customer.

Bonfiglioli products
2 x HDO110 3 24.6 LPB R1 VP B3 FAN MOP A CW TK OLG
Discharge Conveyors
Alignment Free drives fitted with free issued Teco 75 kW 4 pole motors

Spillage Conveyors A703 US 72.5 P132 fitted with free issued Teco 5.5 kW motors

Brad Maurice
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Bonfiglioli Transmission Australia