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Monte Vista Elementary

1 st grade – Ms. Pryor

LITERACY focus standard MATH focus standard

CCSS: RI 1.1 Students will ask and answer CCSS: Operations and Algebraic Thinking
questions about key details in a text. 1.OA.7 Students will understand the meaning of
Students are taught to answer questions by borrowing the equal sign, and determine if equations
words from the question itself. involving addition and subtraction are true or
Q: According to the text, how do beavers use their teeth? false.
A: The text says beavers use their teeth for biting off bark
and cutting down trees. strategy: solve each side of the equal sign and
This week’s focus text is: check if they are the same
What if You Had Animal Teeth?
by Sandra Markle

Phonics: (week 4.6) 10 = 10 true

“oo”vowel team for long u 8+2=7+3 true
pool, moon, room 12 - 0 = 10 + 2 true
suffixes and root words: -ful and -ly 8+2=7+1 false
careful, thankful, gladly, quickly 4-3=7 false

Practice Makes Progress:

 Read for 15 minutes each night and fill-in
reading chart in yellow folder (with date).
 Practice reading and saying high frequency
words, and weekly phonics focus words.
 Complete homework pages. Important Information:
 Istation Home (look at on-line books)  Rainforest Animal Project due Monday, 3/11.
 Read Across America and Dr. Seuss Spirit Week
is this week. See Remind post or website for
Habit 7: what to wear each day.
 Paul Orshoski visits MVES on Thursday, 3/07.
Sharpen 1st grade session 12:35 – 1:20 in the library.
the Saw His books will be available for purchase.
 Dr. Seuss celebration is Friday, 3/08 (for our
Balance is Best! class) from 9:15-11:15.

Words to Practice:

because told dance across

only shoes opened