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Ernst & Young or EY (its updated brand name) is global leader in professional services

ranging across assurance (audit), tax, transaction and advisory services. The collective
strength of the firm comprises over 212,000 professionals through its operations in over 150

Here is a comprehensive view about the key services EY offers:

Assurance: Business success is inherently governed by increasingly complex and

broadening regulatory requirements and stakeholder demands. Strong independent
assurance through audits provides critical information for investors and other stakeholders,
a robust and clear perspective to audit committees and timely and constructive input to
management. Another critical area which is part of the EY Assurance function is the Fraud
Investigation & Dispute Services practice which looks into business risk areas. It is an
especially rapid growth function given the complex issues of fraud, regulatory
compliance and business disputes that are emerging in the current economic environment.

Tax: Offerings include tax strategies aligned with a company’s business drivers, built on
effective compliance and open, transparent reporting. EY brings to the table highly
networked teams who can advise on planning, compliance and reporting and maintaining
good relationships with tax authorities.

Advisory: Offers a wide range of solutions centered on improving business performance

and effectiveness through examining everything from core management and business
processes to future directions and opportunities for growth.

Transactions: EY offers integrated, objective advisory services that are designed to help
you make better decisions about how you strategically manage capital and transactions.

Ernst and Young Job Opportunities

Standing as one of the top financial service firms in the world, Ernst and Young began in the 19th
century and rapidly grew thanks to world-class employees dedicated to delivering quality services.
The company adheres to a corporate structure which allows efficient communication and quick
decision making on a global scale, which provides a vital edge over the competition. EY hires
experienced associates from many different backgrounds in order to build strength through diversity.

Trust and confidence prove essential, not only among workers and employees, but among
consumers and investors in an interconnected global economy. The professional services offered by
Ernst and Young provide reassurance through external auditing procedures. Quality provided by
hardworking associates makes the firm one of the most trusted, respected, and influential
organizations in the industry. Employees also help companies around the world manage and grow
financial assets and investments and help businesses translate strategies into reality through expert
advisory services.

Ernst and Young Positions and Salary Options

Ernst and Young proves the perfect place for qualified individuals to begin careers in the financial
services industry. Workers enjoy enriching, professional work environments with many opportunities
to grow personally as well as professionally. Prospective employees may find job openings for the
following positions in the auditing, financial services, and advisory fields:

External Auditing Manager – External Auditors provide assurance by independently validating the
financial statements of client companies in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting
Principles. Core responsibilities of workers include developing client relationships, collaborating and
communicating with clients and auditing staff to perform complex and specialized auditing
procedures, complying with professional standards, and conducting performance reviews of staff
members. To qualify for consideration, candidates must possess bachelor’s degrees, Certified Public
Accountant licenses, at least five years of work experience as an auditor of a public accounting firm,
and excellent communication, leadership, and teamwork skills. Associates typically earn salary
packages upwards of $110,000 per year.

Cost Optimization Manager – Associates on the EY financial services advisory team typically hold
specialized expertise in areas such as risk, performance improvement, or information technology
services. Advising managers generally earn annual pay between $100,000 and $200,000 per year
depending on level of experience and performance results. Typical tasks encompass activities such
as leading large-scale client engagements, motivating diverse teams of employees using effective
leadership, and using professional knowledge to consistently deliver quality client services, such as
loss mitigation, loan securitization, eCommerce, banking, auto finance, and credit account
management. Prospective workers must hold bachelor’s degrees in business administration or
related fields with eight years of work experience, or master’s degrees with seven years of work
experience, prior experience designing operations processes, strong analytical skills, six-sigma
certifications, and valid driver’s licenses and passports.

Information Technology Risk and Assurance Manager – Performing advisory services in the
information technology risk and assurance field enhances client businesses by evaluating and
mitigating IT-related business risks. Employees draw on extensive knowledge of complex
information systems to help strengthen internal controls and improve business performance. Core
duties of the job entail providing guidance and sharing knowledge with team members to overcome
specialized issues, maintaining client relationships and communicating expectations of service,
defining engagement strategies, managing projects, and inspiring team members. Candidates must
hold degrees in business, accounting, computer science, information systems, or related fields, at
least five years of prior IT or risk advisor experience for public accounting firms, experience
conducting operational audits and SSAE 16 engagements, and Cisco certifications. Workers tend to
receive salary packages around $130,000 a year with room for advancement.

Tips For Applying

Ernst and Young prefers to hire experienced professionals and fresh college graduates. Students
may get in touch with EY through university career centers and begin to express interests in working
for the company as early as freshman or sophomore years. An interview process to the most
impressive students leads to placement in rotational development programs to kick start financial
careers. Experienced job-seekers holding bachelor’s degrees or higher may search for jobs on the
company website, filtering by location, area of expertise, and level of experience. Online application
forms take about 15 minutes to complete, including setting up job profiles and uploading resumes.
Research information about the company and prepare to answer interview questions about past
work performance and specific skills.

Application Status
Recruiters treat prospective associates with high regard and stay in touch via email and phone calls
throughout the hiring process allowing candidates to constantly monitor application status.
Applications generally take about two weeks to process before eligible individuals receive invitations
to sit for interviews. Preliminary interactions over phone may precede in-person interviews with hiring
managers, department vice presidents, and supervisors. Individuals not selected to receive offers of
employment receive notifications soon after the interview process concludes. Background checks
occur before qualified candidates receive formal written job offers.

Ernst and Young Employee Benefits

EY offers work benefits to qualified employee. Job benefits packages often include competitive base
pay rates with performance-based bonuses, healthcare coverage including high-deductible medical
insurance, vision care options, and dental coverage. 100-percent employer-matched 401(k)
retirement plans, unlimited access to company personal finance advisors, life insurance, minimum of
15 paid vacation days and unlimited paid time off for sick days, commuter reimbursement, and
professional certificate reimbursement programs remain available, as well.

Extra Details on Ernst and Young

As a globally invested company, Ernst and Young minimizes the negative effects of climate change
to enable a sustainable, productive world. Programs sponsored by the company, such as
Earthwatch, EcoCare, Greening America’s Schools, and carbon footprint reduction initiatives lessen
the environmental impact of the firm. EY also works toward improving energy efficiency in corporate
offices in order to cut electricity and gas consumption.

Ernst & Young is a multinational professional services firm headquartered

in London, England, United Kingdom. EY is one of the largest professional services firms in the
world and is one of the "Big Four" accounting firms.

In 1989, the number four firm Ernst & Whinney merged with the then number five, Arthur Young, on
a global basis to create Ernst & Young.[11]
In October 1997, EY announced plans to merge its global practices with KPMG to create the largest
professional services organization in the world, coming on the heels of another merger plan
announced in September 1997 by Price Waterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand. These plans were
abandoned in February 1998 due to client opposition, antitrust issues, cost problems and difficulty of
merging the two diverse firms and cultures.[12]
EY had built up its consulting arm heavily during the 1980s and 1990s. The U.S. Securities and
Exchange Commission and members of the investment community began to raise concerns about
potential conflicts of interest between the consulting and auditing work amongst the Big Five and in
May 2000, EY was the first of the firms to formally and fully separate its consulting practices via a
sale to the French IT services company Capgemini for $11 billion, largely in stock, creating the new
company of Capgemini Ernst & Young, which was later renamed Capgem
Our vision EY is committed to doing its part in building a better working world . The world is changing
and will continue to do so. We are seeing huge developments in globalization, demographics,
technology, regulation and the competitive landscape. At EY, we understand the challenges this can
present, but more so, we see an opportunity to help the world work better. That is precisely the
purpose that the people of EY are committed to. We believe, and research shows, that the power of
purpose can drive greater success for our people, our clients and our communities. At EY, we
understand our obligation to look beyond our self-interest and engage with the world. The insights and
quality services we deliver help build trust and confidence in the capital markets and in economies
throughout the world. We develop outstanding leaders who team to deliver on our promises to all of
our stakeholders. In doing so, we play a critical role in building a better working world for our people,
our clients and our communities. We’re committed to helping change the world so that: • Trust
increases. • Capital markets are strong. • Investors make informed decisions. • Businesses grow
sustainably. • Employment rises. • Consumers spend. • Governments invest in their citizens. • Talent is
developed. • Collaboration is encouraged. The increased globalization over the past generation has
meant painful changes for some, yet has brought great opportunity to many more. EY leaders and
professionals have been speaking with preeminent thinkers about how the world is changing and where
we see our place in it. From this, we have created what we call Vision *(*(, plans that define our purpose
and strategy for the years ahead. To achieve Vision 2020, we will be making some changes while
maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality. We believe these improvements will transform our
organization as we aim to set the pace for how the profession should serve our clients and the public
interest with greater relevancy, transparency and professionalism.

Building a better working world is what EY has been doing for more than 150 years. Running through our
organization is a strong sense of obligation to serve a number of different stakeholders who count on us
to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do. We want to use our global reach and scale to
convene the conversation about the challenges facing economies and the capital markets. When
business works better, the world works better. How do we build a better working world? We start with
the world that matters most to you. The world of your business, your customers, your career, your
community, your family. The things that affect you and the things you affect. One step at a time. One
insight at a time. Because when business works better, the world works better. How do we help to
create better? By inspiring trust in the capital markets and helping to keep them flowing. By working
with governments and business to foster sustainable, long-term growth. Enduring growth. By
encouraging the development of the people who are — and will be — the builders, the visionaries, the
achievers. We’re making it our purpose to help build a better working world. Starting with yours.