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5 days - immediately Sole power of interpreting the provisions of the code:
National Board of Directors of the United Architects of
7 days - from receipt of NOTICE TO PROCEED the Philippines Board of Professional Regulation
10 days -notice to stop, resume before beginning or
suspending, resuming Doc 201 Pre- design Services
- request on drwn & matrls from date needed
Doc 202 Design services
15 days - request for payment by contractor
- change of order Doc 203 Specialized Allied Services
- certificate of payment by the architect
- for owner to pay the contractor from Doc 204 Construction Services
issuance of certificate of payment
- reqst of extension frm occurrence of delay Doc 205 Post- Construction Services
- notice of termination upon written notice
- contract sum & breakdown Doc 206 Comprehensive Architectural
-issuance of building permit 15 days after Services
payment Doc 207 Design- Build Services

30 days - arbitration Doc 208 Selection of Architects & Methods

- certificate of occupancy of Compensation

60 days - to make good of known defects after Doc 209 Competition Code
issuance of certificate of completion
(expiration of performance & payment bond)
Architectural- Building Code
90 days - work stoppage ordered by the court
Plumbing- National Plumbing Code
- retention (3 months after acceptance of
Electrical- Philippine Electrical Engineering
Law RA185
Mechanical- Philippine Mechanical Engineering
120 days - building permit validity
Law CW294
Structural Phil Structural Code for Buildings
365 days - guarantee bond effectivity
- building permit validity if there was no
Performance Bond- 15 % of contract amount RA 9514 Fire Code
Payment Bond- 15% of Contract amount PD 1096 Building Code
- valid until replacement of Guarantee PD 957 Condominium & Subdivision,
Bond Bridges Protective Law
Guarantee Bond- 30% of contract amount PD 223 Law that Created the PRC
- valid up to 1 yr from date of acceptance RA 8293 Intellectual Property Law

RA 545 The Architects Law

After 65% completion of work, the contractor should
present certificate of non financial BP 344 The Law Enhancing the Mobility of
obligation Disabled
After 98% substantial completion of contract work, the BP 220 The Socialized Housing Law
architect shall inspect the project & issue
certificate of completion after certification,
the contractor will finish outstanding work ARCHITECTS FEE
during period of making good of all known Simple 6%
defects of 60 days. Moderate 7%
Exceptional 8%
Residential 10%
Repetitive 80%, 60%, 40%
Contractor can suspend work: Housing 60%, 30%
1. non- payment after 15 days request Extensive Detailing 15%
2. order of government to stop work for 90 days Alteration and Renovation 150%
Owner can suspend work: Consultation P200
1. bankruptcy- declared by BIR
2. insubordination
3. non payment of contractors debt
4. non superintendence of contractor