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Adjunct in the management of: Depresses the CNS, probably by CNS: dizziness, drowsiness,  Monitor blood pressure,
Generic Name: Anxiety Disorder, Athetosis, potentiating GABA, an inhibitory lethargy, depression, pulse, and respiratory rate
Anxiety relief prior to neurotransmitter. Produces hangover, ataxia, prior to and periodically
cardioversion (injection), Stiff skeletal muscle relaxation by Slurred speech, headache, throughout therapy and
Brand Name: man Syndrome, Preoperative inhibiting spinal polysynaptic paradoxical excitation. frequently during IV therapy.
Apo-Diazepam sedation, Conscious sedation afferent pathways. Has EENT: blurred vision.  Assess IV site frequently
(provides light anesthesia and anticonvulsant properties due to Resp: respiratory depression. during administration;
Dosage: anterograde amnesia). enhanced presynaptic inhibition. CV: hypotension (IV only) diazepam may cause phlebitis
15-20 mg /PRN Treatment of status epilepticus GI: constipation, diarrhea and venous thrombosis
/uncontrolled seizures CONTRAINDICATIONS: (maybe caused by propylene  Seizures: Observe and record
(injection). Skeletal muscle Hypersensitivity; Cross-sensitivity glycol content in oral intensity, duration, and
relaxant. Management of the with other benzodiazepines may solution), nausea, vomiting, location of seizure activity.
symptoms of alcohol occur; Comatose patients; weight gain The initial dose of diazepam
Route: Myasthenia gravis; Severe pulmonary
withdrawal Local: pain (IM), phlebitis (IV), offers seizure control for 15–
IV impairment; Sleep apnea; Severe venous thrombosis 20 mins. after administration.
CLASSIFICATION hepatic dysfunction; Pre-existing CNS
Onset: Institute seizure precautions
depression; Uncontrolled severe
pain; Angle-closure glaucoma; Some
 AlcoholWithdrawal: Assess
1-5 mins. patient experiencing alcohol
anticonvulsants products contain alcohol, propylene
Peak: glycol, or tartrazine and should be withdrawal for tremors,
avoided inpatients with known agitation, delirium, and
15-30 mins. hypersensitivity or intolerance hallucinations. Protect patient
Frequency: from injury.
15-60 mins