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26/10 ĐINH TIEN HOANG Str.- Ward 1 - BINH THANH District – HCM City
Tel: 84-8-35897878 Fax: 84-8-35897788
Tax Code: 0311586725 Bank Acc: (VND) 140014851024961
Vietnam Export Import Bank - EximBank, Tan Đinh Branch, HCM City
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SIS’s Service Presentation

Updated: 06-2015
About Us

 Head office:
 26/10 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Ward 1, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City,
 Branch office:
 688 Le Duc Tho Str., Ward 15, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
 Workshop: Km 32 National Road 51, Long Thanh, Dong Nai Province.
 Tel : 84-8-35897878
 Fax : 84-8-35897788
 Email :
Service Capability

- Doing maintenance and service HVAC System.

- Doing maintenance/ Overhaul and Alignment pumps.
- Maintenance/ test and repair all kind of valves (Included test PSV online)
- Refurbish/ Polishing shaft/ ball and all mechanical parts by Selective plating.
- Reinforce and repair steel structure/ oil and gas pipeline by composite
- Stop leak online for water/ gas/ Oil and steam…
- Inspection and maintenance HRSG, Boiler and heat exchanger.
- Maintenance and test MCC/ Motor and Transformer…
- Doing calibration and maintenance Instruments and Analyzer…
- Integrate and upgrade control system and DCS…
- Product seals/ membrane / insert seal/ O-ring coating Chemical tanks/pipes…
Workshop Facilities

Hydrostatic tester 10300 PSI Hydraulic torque wrenches Portable lapping machine

Gas Booster 10.000 PSI Hydrostatic tester 30000 PSI Lapping Machine
with chart recorder and Test
bench up to size 28”
Workshop Facilities

Ultrasonic thickness MBX Bristle Blaster.

Dew Point meter (Electric and Air)

Cutting plasma Water Injection pump Selective Plating

120 Bar Machine
Workshop Facilities

CNC Machine

CNC Cutting Machine Welding machine

Maintenance and repair valve

Lapping and repair Valves Lapping check valves

Cutting plasma

Lapping ball valves Lapping control valve

Maintenance and repair valve

Inspection & Repair ball valves Testing ball valves follow API 598

Cutting plasma

Lapping control valve Test online safety valves

for PM2-2
Overhaul and maintenance pump

Maintenance and replace bearing for pump

Overhaul and maintenance pump

Replace Mechanical seal for pump

Alignment the pump

Overhaul and maintenance motor, transformers , HVAC…

Before maintenance After maintenance Heating ventilation Air

Condiitioning (HVAC)

Maintenance and repairing transformers Air Conditioning System

Leak Sealing & Composite Repair

Repair Riser 18’’ @ 180 bar

Leak sealing for steam pipe

Selective plating

Refurbish ball by Selective Shaft before Shaft after

plating technology

Shaft and piston the Diezel

Selective plating

Repair shaft Hydraulics Repair bearing Repair gearbox

Jet Generator Coupling Copper plating Crown Gear Before After

Restore Pump Piston

Test Hardness of shaft

Refurbish Cylinder
Some Picture from Our Project

Installation and construction

Maintenance Band Green of PM2-2

Installation and construction CO2 Plant

Reference Project
Location of Description Scope of Work Completion
contract / Date
Client name
Binh Son Refinery - Repairing and maintenance 06 PCs 46” and 32” In 2012
butterfly valves

Valve manufacture: Alco - Repair and Test the Check/ DBB/ ball/ safety and In 2012
/ VESL/ MSD and Velan… globe valve In 2013
PVENERTECH - Service for Ball Valve In 2012

PTSC - Repairing and maintenance ball valve, check valve, In 2012

control valve…
PETROLIMEX No.3 Maintenance and Alignment the pumps In 2014

Bunge Vietnam - Test and Repair Shut off, check valve, safety valve & In 2012
Control valves.

KNOC - Anti-corrosion & Composite Coating Process piping In 2012

and reinforcement 18 inch: (offshore). In 2013
- Refurbished long piston, cylinders, gears, shafts. In 2014
- Repairing and maintenance ball valve, check valve,
control valve…
Reference Project
Location of Description Scope of Work Completion
contract / Date
Client name
CUULONG JOINT - Repair pump, actuator, valve( ball valve, control In 2012
OPERATING COMPANY valve, gate valve, safety valve, check valve, on/off In 2013
valve…). In 2014
- Repair 26 Welding defect piping 28inch, 30 inch In 2015
Mekong Energy Power - Maintenance and repair pump, actuator, valve( ball In 2012
Plant (PM2-2) valve, control valve, gate valve, safety valve, check In 2013
valve, on/off valve…). In 2014
- Repair band screen trash rake at UQA area. In 2015
- Test online safety valve
- Fixed leakage for feed water pump…
PM3 Power Plant - Service for HVAC. In 2013

Intel Vietnam - Service for Butterfly valve 12” & 14” In 2012
- Test and maintenance for MCB – ACB at Intel Vietnam In 2013
- Repair system water pipe In 2014
INTERCONTINENTAL - Repair and test valve In 2012
ASIANA SAIGON - Overhaul motor In 2013
- Overhaul pump In 2014
VIAR – ITALY VALVE - Service for valve In 2012
In 2013