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108 Cowrie Method

There are some astrologers who use cowries to predict future.

(1) They use a set of cowries that are used for calculation purpose. And they are a
set of 108 cowries (since 108 indicates the total Navaash count) that is used in
Arudhaa (similar to Lagna, used as starting point for prediction) determination
along with some special cowries or other artifacts (such as stones or gems) used to
indicate 9 planets, Lagna etc displayed in the Raashi Chakra (zodiac) drawn in front
of the astrologer in the Raashi Palak (Astrologer' s board).

(2) The cowries are not used in the mysterious way as it may seem, but with the
real well defined practical purpose which is logical and interesting to understand.

The primary use of cowries for the south Indian astrologers are listed below -
(1) To calculate Arudhaa - After a short prayer by rubbing the cowries, the
astrologer takes a handful of cowries, and places them separately. From this the
multiples of 12 are deducted, and the remainder is noted. The remainder (a number
less than 12) gives the astrologer the Arudhaa based on which the prediction
should be done. For example if the remaining cowries are five, then Leo (5th sign
starting from Aries) would be treated as Arudhaa (similar to Lagna) and all houses
would be reckoned from the same and prediction given. As per theory, the
difference between Arudhaa and Lagna is that, Arudhaa gives the past results,
while Lagna indicates future.
(2) Cowries are used for all kinds of calculation by the old astrologers.

Many astrologers in Kerala leave their set of 108 cowries at a temple for Poojaa
(and Abhishekam I presume) once a year for 21 days. Are these left in front of
Ganesh or Dakshinaamurti or Shiv Vigraha?
It depends. Usually they give it for Poojaa in the temple of their favorite deity or
that of family deity. But since Shiv, Skand, Vishnu,
Devee, Brahmaa are considered as the originators of astrology by various groups,
the temple of these deities (except Brahmaa - since temples are very few or
almost nil for him), are preferred.

It is accurate depending the Knowledge, expertise etc of the astrologer, if when in

doubt we can always refer hands to confirm the event. My problem is unless I am
familiar with the hands I am not sure if this lines are newly forming or it is just
disappearing so simply depending on the hand reading I cannot predict, whereas so
as to confirm the strength of the planet and events we can confirm both Natal
chart and hands this I use mainly when the Native comes for matching the charts,
if a female chart shows Vaidhavya (widowhood) or separation and we doubtful
about the confirmation of event since we are not sure if this can be averted, if it
is showing in hand we can make sure that a marriage happening soon will end in
death or separation of the partner I also use this method to confirm the strength
of the planetary Dashaa in Vinshottaree scheme mounts and fingers will tell us if
the planet is strong etc and in the Dashaa it may give us guidance on what to
[Sunil Nair]

In his biography BV Raman mentions a 25 cowrie system from Aandhra Pradesh and
gives its details. "My Experiences in Astrology" by BV Raman. In the word
document version it is on page 12, Raman got this from a Aandhra Pandit --

"A method in horary employed by the Pandit based on the counting of cowries was
believed to be dependable in answering questions. It was as follows. The astrologer,
after purification in the morning with a bath and worship of his family deity, should
hand over 25 cowries to the querryist after uttering the Mantra "Om Namo
Bhagavate Chaamundeshwaree malayala Swaroopinee Sarv Siddhikarinee". The
querryist should drop cowries on the floor after shaking them well. The following
results are attributed to one or more cowries falling with their heads on:
1 - realization of object, honor and prosperity; 2 - worry in the beginning but good
tidings later on; 3 - happiness and pleasure; 4 - affliction, harsh words, loss of
money and sorrow; 5 - bad news, fear from the state, death of a relative; 6 - loss
of money, bad news, opposition and quarrels; 7 - gain of money, meeting with
relatives and good; 8 - success over enemies and fulfillment of desires; 9 - visit
from relatives, good news and honor; 10 - happy news and immense good; 11 -
difficulties; 12 - theft, illness and mental worry; 13 - increase in status, company of
women, gain, and happiness; 14 - gain of money, acquisition of lost property and
success; 15 - ordinary happiness and gain but final success; 16 - scandal, quarrels,
theft, restriction on movements; 17 - realization of object in view, gain of money
and meeting with friends and relatives; 18 - success and happiness; 19 - realization
of object and honor; 20 - disappointment, failure and misery; 21 - suspicious deeds
and gain; 22 - affliction, obituary news and sorrow; 23 - fear of theft, opposition,
failure and unhappiness; 24 - bodily affliction, quarrels and loss of reputation; and
25 - loss of money, incarceration, bad news and unhappiness. If no cowry falls with
its head on, repeat the shuffling and drop the cowries again on the floor."

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