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Apo is a Twi term which means information. Galore means something in abundant.

The two words put together means the source of information in abundant. All

along, up till now the Sabbath school has been talking about Tithe and Offering but

most of us are still not obeying what the spirit is saying, which is the truth.

Now let look at something, there are two groups of people in any congregation,

specifically church. They are God’s people and Satan’s people.

God’s people have certain behaviors and that is what we called Stewardship. Some

of these behaviors are as follows, Reading and Listening to the word of God and

keeping those things which are written in it (Rev. 1: 3), (John 10: 27), Meditating

and Praying on thy word, and Trusting and Obeying God’s words.

Trusting and obeying God’s word, E. G. White has something to say in her book

Message to Young People pg. 39 saying, “He gives you bounties of His

providence, and more than this, He has given you all heaven in one gift, that of His

beloved son. In return of this infinite gift, He claims of you willing obedience.” So

God want us to only Trust and Obey Him and He will do something special for you

and I.

At this moment the question is what are we to obey? Malachi 3: 10 answers this. It

says “bring ye all tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in min house,
and prove me now herewith, saith the Lord of host, if I will not open you the

windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room

enough to receive it” (kjv). Again, let see the meaning of this in E.G. White

writings “Counsels on Stewardship pg 65.2 she says, “This scripture teaches that

God, as the Giver of all our benefits, has a claim upon them all; and that a special

blessing will attend all who honor this claim.” The claim here is one tenth (1/10) of

all our benefits and when we do that, He the Lord of host will bless us in a special


Now let see some of us too here in the church and our stand or fate helping Satan

to rule this earth. E. G. White has something to say as cited in her book Counsels

on Stewardship pg 141.1. she says, “There are those, even Seventh day Adventist,

who are under the reproof of the word of God, because of the way they acquired

their property and used it, without any eye to the glory of God, and without earnest

prayer to direct them in acquiring or using it. They are grasping a serpent, which

will sting them as adder.” So, my friend, it is better we change our bad mindset

today toward tithe and offering. We must give earnestly to be obedience to God.

In sum, “A faithful tithe is the Lords portion. To withhold it is to rob God. Every

man should freely and willingly and gladly bring tithes and offerings into the

storehouse of the Lord, because in so doing there is a blessing. There is no safety

in withholding from God His own portion.” (E. G. White, in her book Counsels on
Stewardship pg 66.4). So, let give our tithe and offering so that we can stand in a

good position to claim God’s blessing today, tomorrow, and forever to the glory of



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