Professional Evening Diploma Programmes

Fees Listing 2009 / 2010
Diploma in Coaching For Performance Diploma in Internet Marketing Diploma in Event Management & Public Relations Diploma in Selling & Sales Management Diploma in Property Investment Diploma in Taxation Diploma in Stockbroking Investment Advanced Diploma in Stockbroking Investment Diploma in Project Management Advanced Diploma in Project Management Executive Diploma in Project Management Diploma in Business Studies Diploma in International Business Studies Diploma in Marketing, Advertising, Sales & Public Relations Advanced Diploma in Marketing Diploma in Management Studies Diploma in Accounting & Finance Diploma in Human Resource Management Diploma in Office Management & Administration Diploma in Tourism Management & Marketing €1250 €1250 €1400 €1400 €1400 €1400 €1500 €1500 €1500 €1990 €2500 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1990 €500* Diploma in Digital Video Production & Post-Production Diploma in European & World Cinema Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies Diploma in Social Science Diploma in Psychology €1250 €1250 €1990 €1990 €1990 €1250 €1300 €1500 €1990

Information Technology
Diploma in Web Design EDI/JEB Teacher’s Diploma in Information Technology Advanced Diploma in Web Development Microsoft Business Certification**

Please Note:
 Fees are inclusive of tuition, registration and exam/ assessment fees, with the exception of the EDI/JEB Teacher’s Diploma in IT whereby an additional fee of Stg£155 (approx) is payable to EDI/JEB.  Fees are payable prior to course commencement.  All course are run subject to demand.  Course fees are non refundable once a course has commenced.  * Note: Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies comprises of the Diploma in Legal Studies plus additional two modules.  ** Note: Microsoft Office individual module courses are also offered: Microsoft Office Modules
MS Word – Expert Level MS Excel – Expert Level MS Access – Specialist Level MS Powerpoint – Specialist Level €550 €550 €340 €550

Diploma in Employment Law Diploma in Family Law Diploma in Company Law Diploma in Media Law Diploma in Criminology Diploma in Alternative Dispute Resolution Diploma in Health & Safety Law Diploma in Legal Studies Advanced Diploma in Legal Studies (additional 2 modules)

Arts/ Psychology/ Media
Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma Diploma in in in in in in in in in Addiction Studies Counselling Studies Psychoanalytic Studies Child Psychology Sports Psychology Popular Psychology Popular Forensic Psychology Crime Scene Investigation Sports Journalism €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250 €1250

For further information, please contact: s550 The Admissions Office, Dublin Business School, 13/14 Aungier Street, Dublin 2. T: +353 1 4177500 • F: +353 1 4177543 E: • W:

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