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“The relationship between job performance and job

satisfaction in NESPAK”
Atif Sindhu,Iqra Irfan,Shoaib Awan,Zain Khalid

Employee attitudes are important to management because they determine the behavior of
workers in the organization. The commonly held opinion is that “A satisfied is a productive
worker.” A satisfied work force will create a pleasant atmosphere within the organization to
perform well. Hence job satisfaction has a become a major topic for research studies. The
specific problem addressed in this study is to examine the impact of job satisfaction on
performance. It considered which rewards.
This study investigates the job satisfaction and job performance linkage among the employees
of NESPAK.Org. The major determines of job satisfaction are basically nine facets which are
pay, promotion, supervision, fringe benefits, contingent rewards, operating procedures, co
workers nature of works and communication. While in job performance is analyzed in the
context of both task performance and contextual performance.
Data was collected through a field survey using a questionnaire from employees. The data
revealed the positive correlation between job satisfaction and job performance of employees
by Quantitative research.

Job satisfaction, job contentment, job performance

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