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I, MS. RIA KATHRINA MARIE WON., laws, of legal age, Filipino, after being duly elected and
qualified Corporate Secretary of DAWOO HOTEL & LEISURE INC., a corporate duly organized and existing
under Philippine law with office address at Sitio Dacuman, Brgy. Ipil, Surigao City 8400, Mindanao, do
hereby certify that :

1. At special meeting of the Board of Directors of DAWOO HOTE & LEISURE INC., (the
“Corporation”) held on October 31, 2018. LEE, WOON KYO was approval as General
Manager, effective upon the issuance of the appropriate employment permit and visa from
the government agencies concerned;

2. Mr. LEE, will hold such position until his successor has been duly APPOINTED and qualified;

3. Mr. LEE, undertakes that he shall comply all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the
Republic of the Philippines, and that he shall not engage in any gainful employment other
than the foregoing for which he shall be issued a records of the alien employment permit;

4. The foregoing is in accordance with the Corporation.

IN THE WITNESS WHEREOF, this Certificate is issued this ________________ 2018.

in ________________________________.


Corporation Secretary

SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this ________ day of _____________, 2018. ______________;

Affiant exhibited me his Community Tax Certificate NO. _________________ on ____________ 2018.

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