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My Dream Job

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Prof. Bishakha Majumdar

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Suruchi Batra
The project report executes the process of job analysis and competency mapping to prepare
job description and specifications for the job position chosen for the purpose of this study.

Job Analysis is a process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and skill
requirements and their relative importance for a job. Data is collected and analysed to find the
kind of person who should be hired for that job.

Job Analysis produces information that helps to write:

● Job Description - A list of what job entails
● Job Specification- What kind of people to hire for the job

The purpose of job analysis is to establish and document the ‘job relatedness’ of human
resource management activities such as recruitment and selection, compliance and
employment relations, performance appraisal, compensation and training.
Job analysis collects information on one or more of the following: work activities, human
behaviours, tools and equipment, job context and performance standards.

Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization

and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. job
evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization.

Competency mapping has gained a lot of attention by the organisations. The prime reason for
this is the ability of competency based practices to align human resource functions with the
organisation’s overall goals and objectives. This helps create high performance work system.

For the purpose of the report, Strategy Consulting position at PwC SDC has been analysed
using both primary and secondary research methods (the details of which are highlighted in
methodology adopted). In addition to that, competency analysis has been performed to
identify the key competencies needed for the job, and the required proficiency level for each
of them. Based on the analysis, job description and job specification have been prepared for
this position.
Organization: PricewaterhouseCoopers- Service Delivery Centre (PwC SDC)
Job Position: Strategy Consulting

About Organization

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) US's Advisory Bangalore Service Delivery Centre (SDC)

provides cost effective and premium quality services for projects based in the United States
and global clients focused on end-to-end solutions.

At the core of firm's philosophy is a simple construct: People matter.

PwC's high-performance culture is based on a passion for excellence with a focus on

diversity and inclusion. The company recruits the best talent and offers them with enriching
professional experiences, everyday coaching, timely and productive feedback, and high-
quality learning along with education opportunities—to empower talent that makes an impact
on people and society.

About Position
The position primarily involves working with the client and project teams in driving client’s
strategic initiatives, identifying expansion and growth opportunities by performing financial
analysis while ensuring client’s business position and vision are factored.
There are various methods for collecting Job Analysis Information which includes: Interview,
Questionnaires, Observation, Participant Diary/ Logs, Critical Incidents, Process Charts,
Organization Charts etc.
However, for the purpose of this report, the data has been collected using few primary and
secondary sources:
Primary Data:
It is critical to review the job responsibilities of current employees because they are the ones
who are actually performing the tasks daily and can provide best insights.

Ms. Akriti Virmani, currently working for this position at PwC, Bangalore was contacted to
get the required information (Details of the respondent have been enclosed in Appendix A).
The data was collected via-
Interview Schedule:
A telephonic interview was conducted to collect detailed information about the duties and
responsibilities of the position directly from the respondent. (The transcript has been enclosed
in Appendix B). However, the responses could not be validated through a supervisor or HR
due to time and resource constraints.

Secondary Data:
Internet research and sample job descriptions highlighting similar jobs have been viewed
online so as to not miss out on any tasks and responsibilities.

The secondary sources used to collect information are:

· Company website
· LinkedIn
· Job Portals (,
· e-resources (O*Net Online and Competency Library)
Links to these sources have been cited in ‘References’.
The data collected has been used to revise and develop job description and job specification
for this position.

As discussed earlier in this report, it is essential to map competencies for the job position.
The methodology adopted for mapping in this report has been mentioned below:

1. Competencies were identified through internet research from available job

descriptions for this position. They were listed down.

2. During the interview schedule with the respondent, questions related to competencies
were asked. They ones identified through previous step were confirmed and new
additions were made to the list.

3. All of them were listed according to the job roles and responsibilities and a skill
dictionary was prepared using the online resource: that
defined them in terms of KSAs.

4. Finally, a matrix was developed (enclosed in Appendix C) of the desired

competencies and the the proficiency level required.
Job Analysis and Competency Mapping has been performed (enclosed in Appendix C and D)
to develop the Job Description and Job Specification for this position.


JOB TITLE: Strategy Consultant JOB CODE: 37220 - 74

SENIORITY LEVEL: Mid-Senior Level LOCATION: Bangalore, Karnataka

INDUSTRY: Management Consulting DATE: December 14, 2018


JOB FUNCTION: Strategy/ Planning


The incumbent will serve the client and project teams to support US firm from India across a
range of projects related to firm’s strategic initiatives, identifying expansion and growth
opportunities by performing a financial analysis, while ensuring client’s business position and
vision are factored.

Within this role, the incumbent will understand client’s businesses, competencies, business
model, and evaluate opportunities. The incumbent will be responsible for executing analysis,
and prepare clear and concise presentations for the client and project teams.


 Lead and work on client engagement with strategy colleagues in the US for planning
and executing strategies for business.

 Be responsible for understanding the client's business position, growth, vision,

business model, resources, strategy and planning and strategy and risks.

 Perform financial analysis, modelling and reporting to drive complex analytical


 Perform M&A and Investment analysis to support the corporate development team
with a strong emphasis on market and commercial due diligence, business plan
reviews and pre-deal assessments.

 Assess market opportunities and work with the client teams to develop a business
case, including capital investments required, viable operating and business model
options and cost model.

 Advance your existing analytical and primary research skills and stay abreast of
current business and industry trends to manage dialogues with management teams,
industry experts and clients.
 Develop proposition expertise with the opportunity to lead and support multiple
projects simultaneously, as required.

 Communicate views and insights (both in writing and verbally) in an effective and
compelling manner to clients and colleagues and subordinates.

 Lead on business development efforts by leveraging internal PwC network and

relationships in order to positively influence peer and stakeholders


The candidate should have

 Experience in leading consulting teams in projects related to financial planning and


 Strong knowledge of finance and accounting process

 Ability to synthesize complex information and generate detailed insights- strong

numerical, analytical, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills

 A sound grasp of MS Excel and Powerpoint, and an interest in learning to use it at an

advance level

 Knowledge of research database like Capital IQ, Reuters

 Excellent problem solving, project management, facilitation and interpersonal skills.

 Flexibility to adapt to variety of engagements types, working hours and locations

 Strong written and verbal communication skills


Education/Professional Qualifications
Masters degree in finance, strategy or related degree from leading Indian/International
institutes; CFA qualification is preferred but not essential

Work Experience
Relevant experience of of 1-4 years in strategic due diligence within a Big 4 or a strategy
house in Finance is a must

Technical Skills Requirement

 Strong financial analysis skills and an analytical approach

 Demonstrable organization and self-management skills
 Strong knowledge of databases like Capital IQ, Reuters

Additional skills requirements:

• Strong written and verbal communication skills

• Team player, self-driven and ability to work independently
• Client-service orientation

KSAs needed to be developed to be ready for dream job

 Accounting and Economics
 Mergers & Acquisitions
 Financial Statements
 Financial Reporting
 Investing Analysis
 Planning and Strategy
 Database like Capital IQ and Reuters
 Mathematics
 Computer Knowledge (Microsoft Office and Analytical Tools)
 English Language

 Accountability
 Managing
 Attention-to-detail
 Problem-Solving
 Mental Agility
 Decision-making
 Strategic Thinking
 Time Management
 Decision-Making
 Self-development
 Pro-activity
 Highly-motivated
 Learning ability
 Effective Communication
 Client-orientation
 Leadership
 Delegating
 Networking
 Being accountable and passing on accountability for one's own actions and those of
colleagues and the organization.
 The ability to process detailed information effectively and consistently
 The ability to detect problems, recognize important information, and link various
data; to trace potential causes and look for relevant details.
 The ability to make active decisions or to commit oneself by speaking one’s mind and
taking position.
 The ability to gain insight in one’s identity, values, strengths and weaknesses, interests
and ambitions and to take action in order to enhance one’s competencies where and
when possible.
 The ability to absorb new information readily and to put it into practice effectively.
 The ability to present ideas and plans clearly, using available resources.
 The ability to provide direction and guidance to a group of people and to encourage
cooperation between team members in order to attain an objective.
 The ability to develop and maintain relations, alliances and coalitions within and
outside the organization and to use them in order to obtain information, support and
Respondent Details:

Name of the Employee – Akriti Virmani

Contact No. - +919999257855
Organisation Name – PricewaterhouseCoopers Service Delivery Center (PwC
Designation – Strategy Consultant
LinkedIn Profile -


Interview Schedule

A brief transcript of the telephonic interview has been prepared below:

1. What is the job that you perform?

2. What are your roles and responsibilities as a strategy consultant? Can you tell me
which is the most important among them?
3. What is the industry/domain you work for?
4. How long have you been doing this job?
5. What geographic location locations do you work in?
6. What are the education and experience requirements for this job?
7. Are there any training or certification requirements for this job?
8. What according to you are the desired skills to get this job?
9. Do you supervise others as part of your job? Can you briefly describe the nature of
those responsibilities?
10. What are the environment and working conditions involved?
11. What is the expected salary for this job?

Job Requirements Matrix and Competency Mapping
Job Task Relativ Time Competency Descrip Proficie
duties stateme e spent tion (in ncy
nts import terms level
ance of KSA)
Working Planning 1 Daily- 7 Accountability;M Being Advanc
on Client and hours anaging accounta ed
ble and
Engagem executin passing
ents g on
strategie accounta
s with bility for
the US one's
team for actions
client’s and those
business of
s and the

Understan 2 Frequentl The Expert

ding y - 1 hour Attention to ability to
Client’s Understa Detail, Problem- process
Business nding Solving detailed
client’s informat
businesse ion
s, effective
competen ly and
cies, consiste
business ntly
resources The
and ability to
vision detect
n, and
data; to
and look

Performin 4 Daily- 2 Analytical, Strong Expert

g financial Synthesiz hours mental agility knowled
analysis ing ge of
complex database
financial s like
informati Capital
on and IQ,
generatin Reuters
g detailed Strong
insights knowled
ge of



Working 5 As per Strategic Strong Advanc

Performin with requireme thinking knowled ed
g M&A corporat nt -3 ge of
and e hours mergers
Investmen develop &
t Analysis ment acquisiti
team ons,
with a investin
strong g and
emphasis plannin
on market g&
and strategy
al due

Developin Designin 3 Start of Time The Advanc

g g, the Management , ability to ed
Business shaping deliverabl Decision active
Case and e- 2 days Making, decisions
coordina followed or to
ting by commit
preparati frequent oneself
on of updates speaking
delivera one’s
bles with mind and
the US taking
team position.
Advancing Developi 7 Trainings- Self- The Interme
analysis ng these Start of development, ability to diate
and skills to project; proactivity insight in
research manage then once one’s
skills dialogue a month identity,
s with values,
manage strengths
ment weakness
teams es,
and interests
experts and
and to
action in
order to
and when

Developin Developi 8 Continuo Highly The Interme

g ng us Motivated, ability to diate
propositio expertis process Learning ability new
n e to lead informatio
expertise and n readily
support and to put
multiple it into
projects effectively

Communi Anticipati 6 Regular Effective The Advanc

cating ng and communi Communication, ability to ed
with client developin cation client- ideas and
and g the with orientation, plans
project answers project Leadership, clearly,
teams to teams (2 Delegating using
potential hours) available
questions .
and Client
challenge interactio The
s from the ns- As per ability to
client requireme provide
nt direction
Communi guidance
cating to a
with group of
colleague people
s and and to
subordina encourag
tes e
in order
to attain

Influencin 9 Continuo Networking The Interme

g peers Leading us ability to diate
on develop
and process and
stakehold business maintain
ers developm relations,
ent alliances
efforts by and
leveragin coalitions
g internal and
PwC outside
network the
and organizati
relationsh on and to
use them
ips to in order
positively to obtain
influence informatio
peers and n, support
stakehold and
ers on.