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Dear Teamster: Teamsters Hit the Ground Running at the Statehouse

I’m here to report that the state of our Union is strong — Teamsters Local 320 is a diverse union of Minnesota public
TEAMSTER STRONG! Our candidate for governor Tim sector workers from assistant public defenders to police offi-
Walz won last November’s election and now the critical cers. Faculty members at the Minnesota State system, Univer-
work of governing begins. sity of Minnesota service workers, school district employees,
state court reporters, district court clerks, and public defense
Governor Tim Walz is Minnesota’s Victory employees are among Teamsters Local 320’s largest groups fol-
lowed by county and municipal workers.

Teamsters Local 320 under its Due to our diverse membership,

umbrella organization, Team- Teamsters Local 320 has a substan-
sters Joint Council 32 DRIVE, tial legislative agenda for the 2019
endorsed Tim Walz early in the state legislative session. It includes
DFL primary campaign. full funding for state agencies at the
requested amount provided by the
The most important aspect for agency for inflation. It also includes
Teamsters regarding Tim’s solid expanding the rights of state and
victory last November is his con- local correctional officers.
sistent support for labor unions
and collective bargaining. On Tuesday, February 19, I testified
in the House Judiciary Finance and
Tim’s victory is also a clear and Civil Law Division Committee
profound rejection of Wiscon- in support of the Board of Public
sin-style politics. Wisconsin Brian Aldes testifies at State Capitol Defense budget request.
Governor Scott Walker lost his
re-election as Wisconsinites rebuffed his On February 26, President Sami
legacy of bashing unions, scapegoating public workers, and devas- Gabriel, Gus Froemke, and I met with Governor Tim Walz’s
tating budget cuts. policy staff to discuss Higher Ed and the funding issues that
lie ahead. The continued underfunding of Minnesota’s two
I am grateful to all Local 320 members and supporters who helped Higher Ed systems has led to soaring tuition increases and
make this election successful for working families. Local 320 and tough contract negotiations for the unionized faculty and staff.
Joint Council 32 ratcheted up its Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) efforts
like never before and employed member-organizers to vist work- Teamsters Local 320 is pushing a bill at the State Capitol: H.F.
sites and sent a convoy across the state to meet with Teamsters. No. 2010. The bill will provide county and local correctional
officers with the same rights during disciplinary proceed-
Teamsters Local 320 will continue to organize, and mobilize, to ings as county and local peace officers. The bill creates parity
reach the full potential of our victory, and together we will secure between the Peace Officer Bill of Rights and the Correctional
the futures of our members and their families. Officers Bill of Rights.
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Brian Aldes
Secretary Treasurer and Shirley Mohan Brostrom Teamsters Local 320 Collect Donations and
Principal Officer Funds for Twin Cities Toys for Tots
Sami Gabriel
President/Business Agent Shirley Mohan Brostrom, retired Business Agent
Curt Swenson and President of Local 320, passed away on Febru- Last December, Teamsters Local 320 collected
Vice President/Business Agent ary 14th, 2019. hundreds of toys and donated $1000 to Twin
Craig Johnson Cities Toys for Tots.
Recording Secretary/
Business Agent Shirley came to work for Local 320 in 1987 as an
organizer, focusing on bringing school district The Marines who work on behalf of Twin Cities
Marcia (Marty) Lamb
Trustee, St. Paul ISD 625 employees into the Teamsters, including her bar- Toys for Tots attended Local 320’s Membership
Richard Wheeler gaining unit, Winona School District. She went on Appreciation Dinner and Membership Meeting
Trustee, MSUAASF
to become a Business Agent, negotiating contracts on December 11, 2018. Sergeant Major Barrientez
Alston Dutchin and Staff Sergeant Romero addressed the meeting
Trustee, U of M on behalf of members throughout Minnesota. In
1997 Shirley was elected as President of Local 320, of more than 100 Teamsters.
Local 320 Business Agents a position she held until her retirement in 2001.
Hannah Benardson An expert in Minnesota’s Pay Equity law, Shirley Sergeant Major Barrientez told the crowd how
Martin Goff provided consulting services to Local 320 after her their work at Toys for Tots brings joy to thousands
Josh Loahr of Minnesota’s needy children. Many of the toys go
Roger Meunier retirement.
Terry Neuberger to women and families who are in shelters.
Vance Rolfzen Shirley adored her
Erik Skoog
family and in retire- The annual Toys for Tots
ment always had a partnership that Teamsters
Communications | Lobbyist
dog as her compan- Local 320 particpates with
Assistant Business Agent
Gus Froemke ion. She had many is member-driven from the
friends-professional Local’s Member Action Com-
Organizer | Business Agent and personal-across mittee (MAC).
Claire Thiele
the country and her
smile and laugh were Teamsters Local 320 File
Support Staff
Susan Bastian unforgettable. ULP Charges
Katie Glaser
Olivia Renteria I was proud to
Suzanne Slawson Teamsters Local 320 filed
Kristi Ziegler call this dedicated Unfair Labor Practices
Teamster a friend and
(ULPs) charges against
Minneapolis, MN mentor. Her commit-
Itasca County and Henne-
Local Union Office ment to the members
8:00am - 4:00pm was unwavering. We pin County in State
P: 612-378-8700 will miss her. District Court.
F: 612- 331-8948
Shirley is survived The complaint against Itas-
Online by her son, Edward ca County cites unilateral and wife Monica changes to an established
of Winona, oldest collective bargaining agree-
daughter Carey Mo- ment for County Probation
han of Minneapolis, Officers. The complaint
and daughter Michele Shirley Mohan Brostrom against Hennepin County
Rose and son-in-
cites the County’s blatant
law Davey Barela of
Albuquerque, NM, grandsons Ethan Mohan and disregard for a Teamster member’s rights un-
Ryan Carlson, granddaughters Emmalee and Mad- der the collective bargaining unit agreement
eline Mohan, and great-granddaughter Alayna Sky and their Laudermill rights.
In solidarity, Secretary Treasurer
Teamsters Local 320 offers its sincere condolences Brian Aldes & Principal Officer
Published by to Shirley’s family and friends.
Teamsters Local 320
3001 University Ave SE #500
Minneapolis, MN 55414
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Wednesday, April 3, 2019
8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Capitol Ridge Best Western Plus
161 St Anthony Ave, St Paul, MN 55103
(Depart for State Capitol at 9:00 am)

Lobby Day Reception

Tuesday, April 2, 2019
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Capitol Ridge Best Western Plus
FACEBOOK Appetizers will be served

Register at: Registration Closes: Friday, March 15, 2019

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Member-to-Member Communication and Staying
Teamster Strong Post Janus
By Claire Thiele
as of January, Teamsters Local 320 has increased the credit
It has been eight months since the Supreme Court ruled for signing up non-members from $15 to $50, and invites
against working Americans in the Janus v. AFSCME case, all members, not just stewards, to claim that credit. All you
and Teamsters Local 320 is proud that our membership has have to do is sign them up and add your name to the “Stew-
held strong against this latest attack. However, it is up to ard’s Credit” line at the bottom. In addition, each completed
all of us to make sure that our strength doesn’t waver. As a application earns you an entry into an additional monthly
member, you have the power to help your union thrive. drawing for a $100 Target gift card! If you would like mem-
bership applications, contact your business agent.
The most important step you can take is to talk to your co-
workers about the Union. Because many people learn about Let’s face it, no one is born knowing how to talk about labor
labor unions from T.V. and movies, there is sometimes a issues. Another way to help your Union, and yourself, is to
sense that union activity is secretive by nature. In reality, attend a regional training. You can learn valuable communi-
you have the right to talk about being in a union to your cation techniques and receive information about the Union.
co-workers during breaks! Talking openly about the Union There is also a discussion section to answer any questions
helps instill a sense of pride of being a union member, and you might have. If you are unable to attend a regional train-
you have every reason to be proud. Although nationally only ing, but would like help in keeping your workplace well-
a small percentage of people belong to a labor union, over organized, contact me, the local’s organizer. I am more than
sixty percent of American workers wish they had one. happy to set up a time to meet with you and any interested
co-workers to discuss specific worksite issues and help you
Don’t exclude non-members from your conversations. After come up with a plan.
all, labor unions are about bringing people together. While
non-members aren’t invited to meetings or able to vote, they REGIONAL TRAINING SCHEDULE:
should know that their co-workers are proud to be part of March 9th- Saint Cloud
something bigger than themselves. April 6th- Duluth
May 4th- Thief River Falls
There is an added bonus to reaching out to non-members: June 8th- Twin Cities Metro


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Hennepin County Victory!
On Wednesday, February 13, Teamsters Local 320’s While Teamsters Local 320 and its membership will
Hennepin County General Services bargaining unit continue to have its challenges in Hennepin County
reached a tentative settlement agreement on a three year with Unfair Labor Practice charges filed and grievances
contract that runs January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2021 resulting from contract violations, the Union’s negoti-
with Hennepin County. Teamsters have been in very ating committee definitely made it clear that they are
difficult negotiations with Hennepin County for the last Teamster Strong!
few months which resulted in the membership authoriz-
ing a strike. “This round of negotiations was a battle and patterned
bargaining is real,” says Business Agent Hannah Ber-
The Union’s negotiating committee stood strong dur- nardson, adding, “The outcome could have been a lot
ing the tenuous process. The County had proposed to different had the group not banned together and stood
double the length of probationary periods, originally their ground. I am looking forward to organizing and
proposed no back pay, and refused to allow employees working with other unions to make the workers at Hen-
to participate in their Union’s dental benefit. nepin County’s voice stronger.”

Now Teamsters will receive cost of living increases Secretary Treasurer Brian Aldes says, “I am very proud
annually, in all three years, members will continue to of the Union’s negotiating committee. They were strong,
participate in the Union’s dental plan which provides a patient, and intolerant of the County’s assault on their
50 percent greater benefit. Probationary periods were rights and collective bargaining agreement.”
also protected and Teamsters will receive their back pay
from the beginning of the payroll year.

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Brian Aldes Sami Gabriel Curt Swenson Craig Johnson

Secretary Treasurer President Vice President Recording-Secretary
and Principal Officer

Marty Lamb Rich Wheeler Alston Dutchin

Trustee Trustee Trustee

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