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 As a grade 11 student of AMA Computer College Pasig, how can you share your knowledge

about computer piracy to others?

 As a student, what can you do to lessen the usage of pirated contents that senior high school
students are taking advantage of?
 Should we be aware of the importance of not using pirated contents?
 Assuming that you are a pirate, even though you know getting or stealing pirated contents are
wrong, how can you still change yourself and become a better person in the future?
 In what usage are you using your habit of using pirated content?
 In what way are you going to prevent yourself from using pirated contents?
 If you found out that you’re using a pirated version of Windows, would you still consider using
this pirated content of Windows, considering that you stored almost all your soft files in it?
 What are the risks that you currently know that are associated with using pirated contents?
 Your friend gave you some software to copy onto your computer, and now you realize that
you’re guilty of piracy. What do you do?
 Why is it so important to report piracy?