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MIKE FLOOD Well, it is raining outside. Just wanted to let you March 4, Cambridge Square in Ooltewah, gather about 5PM
know. The long range weather forecast has some snow March 11 general meeting
mixing with the rain during early March. I guess the tops March 16 Cars and Coffee, Perimeter Mall around intersection
need to stay up a few more days. Our last drive only had of HWY 153 and Brainerd Road
2 convertibles, the others were hardtops. Actually there March 17 St. Patrick Day Drive
IAN O'SHEA were three MGBGTs. I remember the days when there March 30 "British Fools Bash" in Kingston, TN
would not be any BGTs at our show, now 3 on a drive.
April 1 Cambridge Square in Ooltewah
We have had several members in the hospital in the past April 8 general meeting
month. Doug Forquer is doing GREAT. He has been to April 13 GOF South in Daytona Beach, some members are talk-
MIKE PAYNE lunch a couple of times, and came on the drive for Valen- ing about going
tines. Sandy does the driving these days, but I under- April 20 Cars and Coffee Perimeter Mall
MEMBERSHIP: stand plans are being made to equip at least one car with
controls for braking and acceleration so he can drive. May 6 Cambridge Square in Ooltewah
May 11 "Spring Time in the Smokies" Townsend, make it a 3 day
The first seven weeks of 2019 have been busy for the weekend, May-10-12
club. Two drives and a super bowl party. That is not May 13 general meeting
counting Cambridge square on the first Monday of the May 17 First SONIC gathering in Ooltewah, 1/2 price milk-
month. There were 4 members in January at Cambridge, shakes after 8PM ( has been in the past
EDITOR: & not sure about February.\'s attendance. I would image May 23 Triumph Register of America National Meet in Dillard,
the weather, and sundown effects the attendance. But GA (make it a week May 20-24)
good news, SPRING is almost here!
GIL DUPRE Calling all Triumph owners. The National meet in Dillard, GA is
Our next drive is the St. Patrick's Day drive. So deco- the closest National meet there has been for Triumphs. Triumph
rate your car and come for a drive on Sunday after- owners should think about going. An overnight stay at the Dillard
noon, March 17th. We will meet at 2PM at the CITGO House should be considered since it is about 150 miles from Chat-
CAR SHOW At the intersection of HWY 58 and HWY 60 . Going to tanooga to Dillard. Registration is a bit expensive but includes
try a new restaurant. membership dues to TRA for a year and Wednesday nights heavy
hors d'oeuvres for two. Discount price if register prior to April 1.
CONNIE WRIGHT & The show committee is active. I believe we will have a
really good show this year. Connie, Mickey, Teresa and If you want to have some fun check out the Moss Motors Chal-
MICKY HEMSLEY Scott are working hard. A flyer for the show should be lenge 2019. We will not be doing a club challenge this year, only 3
ready for the "British Fools Bash" on Saturday, March couples participated in 2018. The following awards were made for
30. our club challenge: 1st place Mike and Teresa $150, 2nd place
SBCC CHALLENGE Charles and Perky $100, and 3rd place to David and Connie
The "Bash" is in Kingston hosted by the English Auto $50. Teresa and I are going to participate in the Moss Motoring
CORDINATOR: Society from Knoxville. The host club will provide chili, Challenge 2019.
bring something to share or a dessert, and your drink of
MIKE FLOOD choice. Jim Watson sent a note saying he guaranteed the Get out and drive your British car. There is a great big beautiful
weather to be warmer than it was 4 years ago. world out there and it is most beautiful from a British car.

WEBSITE COORDINA- You should already have plans for the next few months On the SBCC Highways
on enjoying your British car. Here of several activities
TORS that club members are going to and you may want to go Mike


Meeting called to order at 6:15PM .

Teresa Flood gave an update on Doug Forquer.

Motion made and seconded to approve January minutes as published in Timing Light. Motion passed.

Barbara Dempsey gave Treasurer's report.

Teresa Flood gave a membership report.

Gil DuPre asked for articles for the Timing Light.

Connie Wright gave update on annual show. The new date is Saturday, October 5, 2019.


Thanks to Gil and Marge for hosting the Super Bowl party at their home on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Their were a
total of ten club members in attendance. They were: Tom and Jonnie Tomisek, Mike and Teresa Flood, David and
Connie Wright with Edna Earle, and Gil and Marge DuPre. Charles Long came by to report on Perky's condition in
the hospital.

Connie reminded everyone to let her know about any name tags they might need.

Mike Flood announced that there would not be an SBCC Challenge for 2019. The purpose of the activity was to get
members to drive their cars, but not enough members participated.

Ian O'Shea announced the awards for the 2018 SBCC Challenge, Doug and Sandy were the judges, but with Doug in
the hospital following surgery, the scores were given in writing. Third place of $50 went to David and Connie, 2nd
place $100 went to Charles and Perky Long, 1st place of $150 went to Mike and Teresa Flood.


Insurance for club activities: NAMGBR has contacted the club to let us know that we have fallen below the re-
quired eight members. Discussion of possible solutions, but no decision since the time period is still sum months

Valentine's Day drive, Saturday, February 16 to American Grill in Spring City, meet at 12 noon at Citgo intersection of
HWY 58 and HWY 60.

St. Patrick's Day drive, Sunday March 17, information later.

"Spring Time in the Smokies", Townsend, show is Saturday, May 11. Scott McAlister said he wants to drive the new
part of the Foot Hills Parkway on Friday, May 10.

Triumph Register of America National Meet in Dillard, GA May 20-24.

Morristown car show, Saturday June 1. Perky said we would have hamburgers at their new house in Bean Station
on Friday night.

Motion made and seconded to adjourn meeting. Motion approved.

Submitted by Mike Flood

The 2019 Super Bowl party was once again hosted by Gil and Marge DuPre. How many years does this represents? It
seems like forever that we have been going to Gil's and later Gil and Marge's home for the Super Bowl. We use to fill
the house with club members, but this year we sadly were missing several members who were in the hospital or dealing
with illness.

Doug Forquer was in the hospital an of course Sandy was by his side. Perky was in the hospital and Charles was with

Only ten members including Gil and Marge came to the Super Bowl party. David, Connie and Edna Earle were the first
to arrive with Mike and Teresa arriving next. Tom and Jonnie arrived with a walker. Jonnie had just had a knee re-
placement. Congratulations to Jonnie for being a good "soldier" and getting out and enjoying life.

Charles arrived later and gave us all and update on Perky and the decisions of where they would have any heart proce-
dures that Perky would need to have. The selling of their house will enter into any decision make.

Submitted by Mike Flood

Saturday afternoon , February 16th was the annual SBCC Valentine Day's drive. This year we had a total of fifteen
club members and 7 British cars make the trip. There were 3 MGBGTs and 1 Triumph GT6, a Jaguar, a Lotus and a
MGTF. We were all glad to Doug and Sandy make the effort to join us on the drive in their Chevy. Doug only got
out of the Siskin the previous Saturday.

The drive took us from the Citgo at the intersection of Hwy 58 and 60 north through Decatur, over the hill, across
Watts Dam then to Spring City. In Spring City we ate at the American Grill and King of Pizza. Unfortunately Dave
and Teresa Terhune had to leave almost as soon as they arrived. Teresa did not feel good and decided to go on
home. Scott McAllister and "Molly" just came for the drive not stopping to eat.

Unfortunately an unwritten rule of leaving the start point fifteen minutes after the meeting time to allowing any late
arrivals to join the group was broken. . We pulled out a few minutes early. Teresa's phone showed she called the
restaurant at 12:09, just after we had gotten on the road. Dave said he and Teresa got there at 12:10. He was con-
soled by the whipping Kentucky gave Tennessee later that night on the basketball court. I do apologize to Dave and
Teresa. So, the next time we seem to be standing around and not starting a drive remember the 15 minute rule.

Others in attendance were: Gil and Marge, Mike and Micky, David and Connie, Scott McAllister, Mike and Teresa,
and Paul and Trish.

submitted by Mike Flood

The beginning of a new year has many "to do" items that take a lot of our time, so let
me add another items to your list. Dues for the Southern British Car Club are due
at the beginning of each year. Dues run January to December; therefore, if you
have not paid your dues for 2019 please take the time to write a check. Annual dues
are $20 which you can mail to Teresa Flood. Please remember to complete a new ap-
plication and submit it with your check. You can find it on-line at Southern British
Car Club of Greater Chattanooga . Teresa and Mike will not be at the March meet-
ing due to a trip, so please mail your dues. At the present time there are 29 paid mem-

At the present time there are 29 paid memberships.

October 4-5th 2019

SBCC Annual Show
Cambridge Square, Ooltewah TN
more info to come

Every Monday evening about 5 PM the local car guys gather at Cambridge Square in Ooltewah, TN.
The SBCC normally attends the car gathering at Cambridge Square in every first Monday of the month. This month we
had one attendee. Guess who???
Unfortunately many were sick or had sickness in their families but I decided to go just in case.
There were not as many other cars there either. Next month I hope we have a little better turnout.
Submitted by Gil DuPre



Monday March 4, 2019 Cambridge Square JUNE 23-26 MG 2019: Traverse City Michigan. Early
(reduced) Registration ends May 23rd. For special hotel
rates you need to make reservations through the registra-
Saturday March 9, 2019 St Patrick's Day
tion web page.
drive ??????

Monday March 11, 2019 Club Meeting

Saturday March 16, 2019 Cars and Coffee July 10th -14th NAMGAR GT-44
MARCH April Fool’s Bash –Hosted by the Knox-
ville EAS Club. Knoxville EAS will furnish Chili.
Kingston City Park 333 W. Race Street, Kingston
37763 Those in attendance should bring a side dish
that goes with chili, or dessert. Please bring your own AUGUST23-25 Return of the British to Rugby, TN, hosted
drink. More info to follow 30th by the Plateau British Car Club. Show day is August 24th. Info
and Registration forms available June1st. Contact: Charlie Bun-
nell, or 931-210-3732.
April 6, 2019 Carolina British Car Show Historic
Columbia Speedway 2001 Charleston Highway, SEPTEMBER 7-8 Shoals British Car Show; Joe
Cayce, Wheeler State Park, Rogersville, AL, hosted by Shoals
British Car Club Info at
SEPTEMBER 19-21 Peachtree MG Car Club
gathering in Columbus GA. More to come
October 4-5th Chattanooga SBCC
Annual Show Cambridge Square, Ooltewah
Show at North Hills, Raleigh, NC. Come see WWW.SOUTHERNBRITISHCARCLUB.NET
over 125 British cars and enjoy the fellowship
of other British car enthusiasts. NOVEMBER
DECEMBER Christmas parity and meeting at
the Dondero’s home. Date to follow
AND BRIT CAR SHOW, at Furman University. More
to follow.


1958 MG Magnette (titled as a 1959). The car is located in

Canton, Illinois. He is asking $5500.00. The owner is
Douglas Freeman, phone (309) 647-2196.

1974 Jensen Healey for sale

I'd describe the car as above average for its vintage.
New tires, battery. He has spent approx. $3000 on
misc. part and/or repairs. Red with black interior.
Divorce forces sale. Asking $5250 or B.O. Car in self
storage in Maryville.
Call Paul at 303-949-2632. If unable to reach call me
(father) at 233-2991 and I'll deliver message.
Thanks again
Joel Brown

For Sale

Used and NOS British car parts. I have a large

building full of Misc Parts from my late fathers
estate. Please call me with your needs. Antony
Rossi 423-400-0976 or email amrossi78@gmail

1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio
8,800 original miles
paint color: silver
Interior: gray leather w/red accent
transmission: 5 speed
convertible: includes silver hardtop and new
black soft-top Exceptional condition, A/C,
power windows & mirrors, PirelliP4 tires,
WeatherTech car cover, maintenance re-
cords. $17,500.
Contact: Ty or Andi Nemeth. 865-376-1679


Mini parts - large accumulation of OEM and used

Mini parts including gears, radiators, etc. Call or
email Butch at 423-313-
3533 or The car is long gone,
and he is willing to deal with someone who will
take it all away.

Little British Car Co. Vintage Mo-
tors All British Car Parts Jeff Zorn -
Owner Email:
Phone: 800-637-9640

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