Be a Better Lover Tonight

10 Techniques to Blow Her Mind Tonight

Nico Simon Princely

First Edition
Greatlovers Publishing, Las Vegas, Nevada

Be a Better Lover Tonight
10 Techniques to Blow Her Mind Tonight
Nico Simon Princely
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Nothing in this document or audio is meant as, or should be taken as medical advice. While the techniques described in this manual have worked well for many from all parts of the world men including the author, we are all individuals and they may not be appropriate for you. Before trying any of the techniques in this document you should consult with a licensed Physician and/or Sex Therapist. This document and audio portions are meant for informational purposes only. Neither Greatlovers Publishing nor the author shall be liable or responsible for any loss, damage, injury, ailment or death caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by the information or lack of information, or use or misuse of the methods, techniques or ideas described in this manual. You the information contained in this document at your own risk. If you do not wish to be bound by the above terms you may return this book to the publisher in unused resalable condition for a full refund. (Since this is a free bonus document no refund will be given.)

About The Author…
Nico Simon Princely has been writing and selling e-books since 1998. His e-books include… The Penis of Steel Manual: A Guide to Supercharged Sexual Performance, Ejaculatory Control, Penis Enlargement and Sexual Technique! Find them at The FE Manual: A Guide to G-Spot Orgasms & Female Ejaculation. Find this at http// He has been involved with the study of human sexuality, sexual performance & technique for over 20 years.

Table of Contents
Introduction Technique #1 - The 20 Hot Spots on a woman’s body Technique #2 - The Contrast Principal Technique #3 – Change Location Technique #4 – Talking Dirty / Vocal Expression Technique #5 – Being More Dominant Technique #6 – Ask Her What She Wants Technique #7 – Don't Let Her Cum until You Are Ready For Her To! Technique #8 – Sometimes Put Her First Technique #9 – Using Sex Toys Technique #10 - Be Wild, Be Passionate, Be Random, Be Dirty!


Technique #1 The 20 Hot Spots on a woman’s body
1. Listen to the audio segment below and visualize doing what I am talking about. This will help you to memorize the locations and the proper way to stimulate each spot and soon it will become second nature to you. 2. Study the illustrations below to help you memorize the locations of the hot spots. 3. Visualize doing this technique to your partner and her reactions to it. 4. Try it the next time you are with her.

From The Back

Technique #2 The Contrast Principal
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Think on how you would apply this principal to your own sex life wit your partner to spice it up. 3. Visualize doing it. 4. The next time you have sex apply this technique as you imagined.

Technique #3 Change Location
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Think about places you could have sex and the places that were mentioned in the audio segment. 3. Plan it out in your mind. 4. The next time you have sex have sex in one of those locations.

Technique #4 Talking Dirty / Vocal Expression
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Imagine talking to your partner like this. 3. Practice talking to her now and that she is right here in front of you and getting very turned on. 4. Talk to her at a non-sexual time and ask her what she thinks about talking dirty and find out what is off limits for you to say. 5. The next time you have sex with her talk dirty and have fun but avoid any of her off limits words. * If you not afraid to lose her or it’s not a serious relationship can skip the part about finding out her turn off words. Not asking and just doing will turn many women on. But there is also the risk of offending her. The choice in yours.

Technique #5 Being More Dominant
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Imagine being more dominant with your partner. 3. The next time you have sex with her be more dominant. You can’t do this half ass or it will not work. You need to 100% committed and congruent for it to work and turn her on, you can’t second guess yourself.

Technique #6 Ask Her What She Wants
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Take the time to talk to your partner about what turns her on. 3. Have a sex session where you she guides you and remember what she tells you so that you can do it automatically in the future spontaneously without her input.

Technique #7 Don't Let Her Cum until You Are Ready For Her To!
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Imagine how you will apply this technique tonight with your partner. 3. Use the technique the next time you have sex with your partner.

Technique #8 Sometimes Put Her First
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Try it tonight or some other time with your partner.

Technique #9 Using Sex Toys
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Get the sex toys you want to use at a discount from the links below. 3. Use them with your partner and drive her wild!

Sex Toy Cautions:
Many sex toys are made from polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) plastic, soft rubber or jelly like materials that have been found to out gas or release high concentrations of toxic chemicals. There is little to no regulation of sex toys and many manufactures get around the laws that do exist by labeling the products “For Novelty Use Only” which keeps them from getting sued. Unfortunately most sex toys today fall into the above category. These toys sometimes look like there are giving off an oily residue and smell funny. If you have toys like this you should stop using them and toss them in the trash. If you have toys that you are unsure of what they are made of you should use a condom over any toy that would be inserted into any part of you or your partner’s body. Only use sex toys that are labeled “phthalates free” or better still use only glass, metal (surgical stainless steel) and 100% premium grade silicone toys. Silicone toys are more expensive but your health is more important. If you run into a cheap silicone toy it most like is not 100% Silicone and may have other materials that still contain phthalates. When buying silicone toys, you should buy only 100% Premium grade silicone toys like those made by Tantus. I suggest you also check out the article: Naughty by Nature: Ever thought about the toxins in your sex toys? By Emily Gertz Lube Warnings: Do not use oil based lubes with any rubber or latex based toys as they oil could cause them to break down. Never use petroleum based lubes for sex as they are too hard to clean and for a women’s vagina to eliminate and flush out. High grade silicone lubes are the safest and best for use. All of the latest data shows that they are flushed out of the vagina or rectum by the body naturally and are not absorbed into the body. If using silicone lubes with silicone toys make sure you are using the highest grade silicone toys possible and test the lube first on the bottom of the toy to make sure the lube does not bond to the toy which can happen with some lubes. If it does bond use a different lube brand with the toy.

Links to recommended safe toys at discount sex toys sites: Phthalates Free: P Free 1 – P Free 2 Glass Toys: Glass 1 – Glass 2 – Glass 3 High Quality Silicone: Tantus Brand – Silicone 1 – Silicone 2

Sex Toys Mentioned in the Audio Program Remote Control Vibrating Panties

Click here to buy these online now. These are one of the sets of remote control vibrating panties that I have used with a woman personally. It was lots of fun for both of us. The panties had a decent range on the remote control and the battery duration on both the vibrator and the remote was good, we have used them on several occasions.

Astrea I

Click here buy the Astrea I online now.

Astrea II

Click here buy the Astrea II online now. Both the Astrea I & II are both high quality remote control vibrating panties. The only difference between them is the style of cut brief vs. thong. I have tested these also and they are actually my first choice.

3 Speed Sapphire Thong

Click here to buy the 3 Speed Sapphire Thong online now. This remote control thong boast three different speeds and a 15-20 foot range. While I have not used this model yet I think the 3 speed of vibration could be a lot of fun.

7 Function Remote Control Panty

Click here to buy the 7 Function Remote Control Panty online now. This one also looks promising as it has 7 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation. It’s also water proof and the egg can be used in the panty or separately or inserted into the woman’s vagina.

Nipple Clamps: Nipple Tension Riders

Click here to buy Nipple Tension Riders online now. These can be fun if you both want to try something kinky and she get turned on by being a bit submissive or is into light bondage. There is only one way to find out try it!

Nipples to Clit Y Style Tweezer Clamps

Click here to buy Nipple to Clit Clamps online now. These are a little lighter that the first set above and will apply less pressure to her nipples and provide added stimulation to her clitoral hood. Could be fun having her wear it under a dress. Click the links for more Nipple Clamps: Site 1 – Site 2

Butt Plugs: 3.5 Inch Silicone Plug

Click here to buy the 3.5” Silicone Butt Plug online now. A Small butt plug like this is great to add anal stimulation while you’re going down on her, during vaginal intercourse, or as a warm up to anal sex.

Tantus Zing

Click here to buy the Tantus Zing vibrating silicone butt plug online now. This Tantus Zing is 4” in circumference and 4” long and comes with a multispeed vibrator that inserts inside the butt plug which will provide more stimulation.

Tantus Ripple Plug

Click here to buy the Tantus Silicone Ripple Plug online now. She will love the ripples as her ass slowly accommodates to each ripple as they get larger. Once her anal sphincter muscles have relaxed an in and out thrusting motion from the smallest to the largest ripple will send her into anal ecstasy and get her ass ready for your cock. This is the best and most expensive of the plugs shown here. Made of 100% ultrapremium silicone, it can be boiled or bleached and is even dishwasher safe. Tantus recommends antibacterial dishwashing soap. They are even completely safe up to 600° F so they won’t melt. I own this one and recommend it for safety and pleasure with your partner, Click the links for more Butt Plugs: Site 1 – Site 2

Benwah Balls: Luna Beads

Click here to buy Luna Beads online now. These are the silicone balls as opposed to the traditional metal ones. They are to be used in the vagina and can also help to tone the vaginal muscles and provide resistance to make Kegel vaginal toning exercises more effective. This set has 4 balls. During insertion these balls provide a full feeling subtle vibrations from her body movement. These are great for vaginal insertion while you’re having oral sex or anal sex with her.

Smart Balls

Click here to buy Smart Balls online now. Also made from high grade silicone like the balls above and used the same way. But this set only comes with two balls. Click the links for more Benwah Balls: Site 1 – Site 2

Finger Vibrators: Fukuoku - Black

Click here to buy the Fukuofu Finger Vibrator online now. As I mentioned in the audio program this is a great toy to use with a woman. You can use it at the movies, in a restaurant, almost anywhere to give her a quick orgasm. Also great during intercourse so that you reach down or around and stimulate her clit when you are fucking her.

Aurora Intimate Partners Kit

Click here to buy the Aurora Intimate Partners Kit online now. This kit has two interchangeable vibrating bullet vibrators. These can be used in of variety of ways as described in the audio program.

Impulse Silver Egg Vibrator

Click here to buy the Impulse Egg Vibrator online now. These are great for clitoral, vaginal or anal use or as I suggest buy two and use one in her vagina and one in her ass, while sucking on her clit.

Tongue Joy Oral Vibrator

Click here to buy the Tongue Joy Oral Vibrator online now. This can be used can be with or without having a pierced tongue. This is a great toy to use alone or while also using other kinds of stimulation. Such as with two egg vibrators where there is one in her vagina and one in her ass, and then you go down on her with the tongue joy vibrator on your tongue. Also could be used along with Benwah balls and vibrating butt plug. There are many fun variations.

Screaming O – Vibrating Cockring

Click here to buy the Screaming O Disposable Vibrating Cockring online now. This disposable vibrating cockring is the perfect complement to the “Slide & Glide” technique I teach in my “Penis of Steel” manual. If your partner has a hard time having orgasms during intercourse this should do the trick! If you are actively dating rather than having a steady partner the disposable nature of this product is perfect. If you have one steady partner I would recommend one of the reusable models below.

Screaming O - 12 Pack

Click here to buy the Screaming O – Ring & Condom 12 pack online now. If you have a active sex life with more than one partner then this a must. It’s a 12 pack of Screaming O rings and condoms that will insure she calls you back for more!

Big O - 9 Speed Vibrating Cockring

Click here to buy the Big O - 9 Speed Vibrating Cockring online now. This bigger and reusable vibrating cockring feature 9 speeds of vibration. It is used the same way that you would use the cheaper disposable models but can be used over and over again. Wash after each use with anti-bacterial soap. Replace batteries when needed.

Silicone Triple Orgasm Cockring

Click here to buy the Triple Orgasm Cockring online now. This cockring is designed to provide not only clitoral stimulation but to stimulate your partners anal area at the same time, giving her a triple orgasm.

Ménage A Trois For Two

Click here to buy the Ménage A Trois For Two online now. This is a great toy to use to give your partner the experience double penetration of both her pussy and ass at the same time without having to involve another man. It’s made by Sportsheets so you know it’s a quality product. I own many of ther products and they are all great high quality products.

Chest Harness & Dildo Set

Click here to buy the Chest Harness & Dildo Set online now. This is another great product from Sportsheets. If you like watching your partner being penetrated this is perfect for you. You get a close up view of your partner riding a dildo just inches away from your face. If you are lucky enough to have a threesome you can fuck two girls at the same time!

Hitachi Magic Wand

Click here to buy the Hitachi Magic Wand online now. This Hitachi Magic Wand is legend among women who use vibrators. It’s great for adding clitoral stimulation during vaginal or anal intercourse. However you do not want to overuse this or any vibrator no matter how much she likes it. When using a vibrator this powerful, some women can become vibrator addicts and train their bodies to only orgasm from clitoral vibrator stimulation if they use it too often. How often is too often? Some women use vibrators every day or even several times a day which maybe be too often. Or if they only have orgasms from using a vibrator and have no sexual partner they will become too accustomed to having orgasms with a vibrator and will not be able to cum from a penis or mouth or hands when they get a partner. The key is this. If a woman uses a vibrator but still has no problem having orgasm without a vibrator there is no problem. But if she starts having difficulty having orgasms without a vibrator she is using it too much and needs to lay off for awhile.

So I suggest that this and all vibrators be used occasionally or after you have already made her cum several times with your mouth or cock, and then give her another one by adding in the vibrator. This can also be used to send vibrations into other objects such as dildos, butt plugs and even your hand by touching it the base of the inserted object or gripping the head of the vibrator with the palm of your hand which will then turn your fingers into small vibrators.

Technique #10 Be Wild, Be Passionate, Be Random, Be Dirty!
1. Listen to the audio segment below. 2. Apply the techniques in your have learned not only in this audio but also in this entire book/audio program.

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