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2010 NoSQL Summer Reading List
Sep 22nd, 2010 by Branko The NoSQL Summer Reading List captures many of the relevant papers for understanding the importance and underlying technology of the NoSQL approach to data storage. The list was put together by Tim Anglade, and spawned local reading groups all over the world to get together and discuss the papers. Pointers to the local reading groups are listed at http://nosqlsummer.org/. Then, Krishna Sankar organized the list into topical groups, and added a few topics as extra reading or as the beginnings of a Winter reading list. A couple of the topics are currently placeholders for adding additional readings. Personally, I read many of these papers in roughly chronological order over the years. The above two lists conveniently pointed to download locations for the papers, but didn’t contain formal paper citations, which I wanted. Thus, I collected and provide this information here to save others the effort. Several files are available here for download: 2010_nosql_summer_reading_list_citations.txt Contains the list of paper citations in ACM Ref format. The papers are in topical group order. 2010_nosql_summer_reading_list_bibtex.txt Contains the list of paper citations in bibtex format, again in topical group order. 2010_nosql_summer_reading_list_curl.txt Contains a curl script that downloads all of the papers to the current directory. The resulting downloaded files are renamed from their source names to all have a uniform name format that I use for my personal library: “author year paper title”; this file name is derived from the citation. (Note: For additional background, I added the responses to Henry Baker’s ACM Forum letter to the reading list here. Accessing this download requires login to your ACM account; I did not find the responses available elsewhere.) 2010_nosql_summer_reading_list_json.txt 2010_nosql_summer_reading_list_json_schema.txt The first file contains all of the collected data in a json file. The structure of the data should be apparent; the second file contains a presumed accurate schema for the first file (Note: I don’t programmatically use this schema file.). Two fields of note are (a) the seqoriginal field is the sequence in the original list of papers, and (b) the seqbytopic field is the sequence in topical list order. Sorting the data using these fields results in either an original or a topical order list. Below is the expanded 2010 NoSQL Summer Reading List in topical group order with abstracts, citations, etc. This was generated from the above json data file. Thanks again to Tim and Krishna. Enjoy.

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