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Khushi Mann  ● Basic understanding of photography 

● Leadership experience 
5470 Bedell Road, Sterling Heights, MI, 48310 •  ● Ability to work in groups 
(248) 797-7808 • ​ 
Extracurricular Activities (and Leadership 
Objective​: ​To obtain a mechanical engineering degree 
Robotics; ​(2019-2020 → Captain) 
(with a concentration in robotics or biomedical 
(2017-2018 → Programming and Scouting) 
engineering) with a minor in computer engineering 
Marching Band: ​(2018-2019 → Section Leader  
from Oakland University or Kettering University.   
(2016-2018 → Piccolo) 
Symphonic Band: ​(2018-2019 → Flute and Piccolo) 
-Macomb Mathematics Science Technology Center  (2017-2018 → 4th Chair Flute) 
[MMSTC] → attended from Sep. 2016- June 2020  Cadet Band: ​(2016-2017 → 1st Chair Flute) 
-Sterling Heights High School → attended from Sep.  Dance:​ [Gotta Dance Studios] (2008-2018) 
2016- June 2020   
Community Service:  
-​Class Rank​: 5 out of 373 (Top 1% of graduating 
class)  Volunteer work at Sikh Society of Michigan; 
AP Courses​:   ● Helped organize a Diversity Day program (2018) 
AP Physics ()  ● Ran food drives (2017-Present) 
BC Calculus ()  ● Summer camp counseling (2016-Present) 
AP Physics ()  ● Revising textbooks (2015-Present) 
AP Statistics ()  ● Teaching in music classes (2014-Present) 
AP English Language and Composition () [A]  ● Teaching and setting up classes (2012-Present) 
● Ran water collection for Flint Water Crisis (2014) 
Honors Classes​:  
Pre Calculus (A)   
Honors Chemistry (A, A-) 
Functions, Statistics, and Trigonometry (A, A) 
English 9 Honors (A, A) 
Geometry with Algebraic Transformations (A+, A+) 

● Comfortable doing scientific research with formal 

statistical analysis 
● Presentation skills 
● Proficient in Microsoft Software/ Google 
● Basic knowledge of Java programming 
● Fluent in Panjabi 
● Basic knowledge of Solidworks (CAD Software)