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VST 2018-12-08
GranuLab is a granular resampler with some fun control options.

=== INSTALL ===

Find the VST folder used by your DAW/Tracker, and drop in the GrannyVST object
(mac) or .dll file (windows).
There should be an options dialog where you can select VST folder, in case it's
hard to find.

Restart or "rescan" for VST:s in the host, then you should be good to go.

Drop the granny.json text file on the "patch drop" button to get some patch

for more, see documentation PDF!


By rasmus ekman <>

Mail me, or post in the KVR forum to report bugs or discuss improvements.


2018-12-16: Bugfixes. (Automation crash. Keyboard numbers). Added keyboard docs.

2018-12-08: Bugfixes. (Changing patch with different controllers; and a crash on
missing soundfile.)

2018-11-28: Graphics update - some choppy animations added

Sound play position cursor is shown. Grain stream rough sketch.
Labels for some controller boxes says which value a controller operates on.
Density compensation knob replaces pan -- panning still has a controller, it's all
we need.

2018-11-16: Changes! Some patches will sound different!

Grain length was limited in some versions so density is now an issue.
Automation works from host=>granny.
Bugfixes for controllers, they should be mostly right now.

2018-11-12: Bugfixes. Patch save/restore is less random. Some automation.

MacOS: Can be opened in Cubase now. NOTE: If you tried Granny in Cubase before,
open VST Settings, select rightmost Blacklist tab and rescan if Granny shows there.

2018-09-19: Patches and current state stored and restored by your DAW like all
normal VSTs.

2018-09-17: Tooltips everywhere. (also some panic fix for host state. now obsolete,

2018-09-13: Mac build for OS 10.9. Fix selection for short soundfiles.

2018-09-12: Init values more consistent. (finally 1st, 2nd and following sessions
should save & restore your settings). Mac version targets OS 10.12.
2018-09-10: Several sound display and selection errors. Still problems with small
Patches: Lose fewer controllers when storing intermediate patches.
Display internal partial-patch-apply options (3 color buttons under "patch drop").
ADSR was usually broken after saving and reopening.

2018-09-07: Patch store often missed controllers.

Amp could not go below -20dB. This threw off density compensation too.

2018-09-06: Fixed several annoying bad logic patch issues. More work needed.
Default patch is top left of patch grid. Your current setting saved to slot #1,
reloaded when GUI is opened.
MIDI note stack (last-priority).
Ctrl or Apple-click sound waveform to open soundfile dialog. (Shift key to drag
selection). There are display bugs in waveform still.

2018-09-04: Sanity check patch files values so they shouldn't ruin sound.

2018-09-03: KVR User sinkmusic kindly formatted the docs into a PDF.
Much more readable, now enclosed in distribution file. Thanks!

2018-09-01: Initial release.

=== END ===