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Forum : Bully Among Secondary School Students

Assalammualaikum, hello and a very good morning to all. I am Aleesa, your

moderator for today.

Today, we will be talking about bullying among secondary school students.

Nowadays, bullying is one of the current issues that we talk about in our society.
Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school students. Students who
Moderator (Lees) are bullied and who bully others may have serious and lasting problems.

Before we go further, let me introduce to all of you our panels.

Let me introduce our first panel, Mr Adib the counsellor of SMK Sri Enggang.

Then our second panel today is Miss Adila who is a representative from the
Parent-Teacher Association.

And our third and fourth panel are Miss Puteri and Mr. Muqri, they are the
former student from SMK Sri Enggang.

Good morning and I hope all of you are fine. (To the panels)

Without wasting our time, I would like to ask our first panel, Mr Adib. Can you
explain more to us about our topic today, that is bullying among secondary
school students?

Thank you to our moderator. Assalamualaikum and good morning to everyone.

Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem. It can come in various forms. We

should stop this issue as students have the right to learn in a safe environment
without fear.

Now I shall explain the types of bullying. For example:

Physical. This type of bullying includes hitting, tripping and kicking, as well as
Panel 1 (Adib) destruction of a student's property. Physical bullying causes both short term and
long term damage.

Verbal. Verbal bullying includes teasing, name-calling, taunting and making

inappropriate sexual comments. It can escalate to levels which start affecting the
individual target.

Social. Social bullying is sometimes referred to as covert bullying, it often harder

to recognise and can be carried out behind the bullied person’s back. This type of
bullying involves spreading rumours about a student, embarrassing him or her in
public, or excluding him or her from a group.
Forum : Bully Among Secondary School Students

And lastly, Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying involves using an electronic medium,

such as email, websites, a social media platform, text messages, or videos posted
on websites or sent through phones, to threaten or harm others.

Thanks for the explanation Mr. Adib.

Moderator From what Mr. Adib said, we know that there are a few types of bullying.

Now… my next question is to Miss Adila. As a parent, what is your opinion about
the punishment which is suitable for the bullies?

Can you explain?

Thanks to our moderator.

Undeniably, punishment should be imposed on the bullies out there.

For me, any disciplinary action on the bullies should be reviewed again. This is
because the action taken on them now does not scare them to stop their
activities or bullying other students. The Ministry of Education may collaborate
Panel 2 (Adila) with the police to tackle this problem. Each bully should be appropriately
punished like sending them to a reform school or suspension school to give them
awareness and proper guidance towards reforming their moral compasses.

Parents who catch their children displaying aggressive or bullying behaviour

should also put a stop to their actions immediately. As the saying goes, spare the
rod and spoil the child. As responsible parents, we must be aware of our
children. We need to look after them everyday and take note of their actions and
behaviour. Good behaviour should be praised and bad behaviour condoned. At
the same time, we should teach them the value of respect, not just for
themselves but also to all living beings.

Lastly, losing privileges is a popular form of discipline for teens and is usually very
effective. For example, you can take away electronics, social media use and even
the ability to stay home alone. The point is to demonstrate that bullying
behaviour will not be tolerated.

Moderator Thank you for your partnership Miss Adila. That is very useful for all of us.

As we heard from Miss Adila just now, she strongly appointed that as responsible
parents, we must be aware of our children and take note of their actions and
Forum : Bully Among Secondary School Students

To make our forum more interesting, Miss Puteri and Mr Muqri as a former
students, both of you have more experience on this topic right? Can both of you
share with us about the effects of bullying?

Absolutely. In my opinion, victims of bullying might be afraid to go to school.

They avoid places with many people such as the school bus and restroom
Panel 3 (Puteri) because of their low self-esteem. The fear and anxiety caused by being a bullying
victim can also make it difficult to focus in school.

They will always be frightened wherever they are. They will expect shelter from
anyone who can be trusted. Therefore bully victims should be given more
attention. They will also lose interest in activities they use to enjoy. They will not
seem interested to do any activity at school and worse yet they will be the
bottom of the other students.

The school can take firm action to the students involved. In conclusion, this issue
needs to be handled quickly before it becomes more serious. With this hop , all
parties such as parents,teachers, school , community , and local authorities need
to work together in handle this issue.

Without help, those who are victims of bullying cannot be protected and they
will continue to be bullied.

I would like to add on about the effects of bullying. Being bullied as a student can
been linked to mental health problems. Student who are bullied mostly go
through depression, anxiety, sleep problems and low self-esteem. Secondly, poor
academic performance. Student who are bullied might be afraid to go to school
and are more likely to get poor grades. Targets of bullying are also more likely to
Panel 4 (Muqri) receive school detention or suspension, miss, skip or drop out of school. Thirdly,
substance abuse. Student who are bullied are more likely to use alcohol and
other drugs.

Bullying and violent acts have lately resulted in death. For example, in 2017, a
cadet from University Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) was bullied to
death. The victim, Zulfarhan Osman was tortured and murdered by five other
UPNM students who accused him of stealing a laptop. Zulfarhan was tortured by
a hot steam iron. This shows that bullying in Malaysia is so serious that some
victims die because the torture.

Bullying is happening everywhere, even at your own school. You may not see it,
you may not know it is there, but it is happening and it causes unimaginable pain
to the victims.

Thank you for your explanation Miss Puteri and Mr. Muqri on the informative
explanation just now.
Forum : Bully Among Secondary School Students

I will conclude our forum by saying that that bullying among school students is
one of the serious issues in modern society that needs to be curbed immediately.
Moderator Bullying is an issue that is difficult to be eliminated in schools. Bully activity in
school is a discipline problem and may interrupt the teaching and learning
process. It often receives attention from parents who are concerned that such
activity can develop into fights, which can lead to serious injury or even death.
Bullying is everyone’s problem; therefore everyone has to be part of the solution.

'Say NO to Bullies!'

Thank you.