II. SWOT Analysis i. Strengths 1.

Product • Brand ◦ Has high perceived value ◦ Historical brand with roots to Canadian Victorian establishment ◦ Loyal Following of buyers • Variety ◦ Variety in product offering ◦ Different styles and tastes that are geared to certain seasons ◦ Variety in services, from special orders to wholesale orders • Quality ◦ Using natural ingredients when possible ◦ They offer a unique product that is considered elite and of high quality • Award Winning ◦ Rogers won the Retail Council Of Canada's Innovative Retailer of the Year Award in the small business category in 2002. They attained this through being a strong market leader and innovative in their industry. ◦ They also won the Superior Taste Award in 2006 from the International Taste and Quality Institute. 2. Human Resources

Marketing and Operations. • Progressive Management Team ◦ Management consists of members who will work extra hours and are very efficient in their respective fields. • Leadership with Experience ◦ Parkhill who had previously worked as the VP for Maple Leaf Foods was in charge of six plants and 2. SWOT Analysis • Employee Interest and Devotion to Company ◦ Some of Rogers Chocolate Employees were third generation employees and were proud and passionate about Rogers heritage and commitment to quality. Consumer Loyalty • Customers are loyal to Rogers because they have an emotional connection that relates them to Rogers. They believed in the Brand and its image. Bjornson worked with Pacific Coach Lines as the CFO and worked their finances especially in the areas of reorganization. Has a Ivy League MBA and has extensive work in Sales. This revolves around the . Wong works with manufacturing and Food Science and had worked in the industry before Rogers. Phoenix has had a tenure since 1994 and is very dedicated to Rogers by working extra hours and helping out at stores that are short of staff.II. 3. acquisitions and dispositions.300 employees.

000 sq. ▪ Suppliers: Chinese suppliers cannot work efficiently to the schedule that helps the company run on an optimal level.II. especially in their gift line. But Rogers does not have enough orders share for them to pressurize the supplier. ft. 4. ▪ Software or capability to measure the impacts of new products like ice-cream is not available for accurately forecasting whether to move . ii. Machines are not optimal or efficient. Weaknesses 1. SWOT Analysis experience that Rogers tries to promote. with 35 production employees. Production ▪ Equipment and Processes: Old Technology. They bare more costs on operating the old equipment. Their revenues have increased due to new products and acquisitions although overall sales percentage had decreased. Revenues and Margins • Margins are maintained at 50% on average which outperforms lower quality chocolate segments. Their handmade processes are labor intensive and time consuming. Social Awareness • Part of the workforce at Rogers is comprised of disabled individuals who help out in production. 5. ▪ Capacity: They are limited in capacity as they have a 24. manufacturing facility. They cannot meet the current demands on time in that space.

Despite huge indications that packaging innovation needs to take place. ▪ Management Disputes: Historical conflict between Wong and Phoenix show signs of favoritism for the wholesale department of the company. ▪ Traditional Image does not attract new and upcoming Canadians and other buyers. The sales force do not have enough training to help them sell the Brand that Rogers has adequately to their consumers. certain Rogers employees are resistant to that change. SWOT Analysis forward with certain products. they are restricted in attaining brand awareness outside of their geographical confines. . 3. Due to their lack in diverse locations. Product ▪ Rogers depends on people to experience their product in order to become aware of their product. 2. Some believe that the core values and heritage that Rogers claims to will be compromised if they changed too much.II. ▪ Longevity of Product: Due to the lack of additives in their products. ▪ Packaging and Design: Rogers has very traditional Victorian packaging that gives off the image of being traditional or not innovative enough. Human Resources ▪ Resistance to change: Some employees have been with Rogers for a long tenure and are resistant to changing the way that Rogers does business.

To add more additives or preservatives in their chocolates would go against their quality image. This is contrary to the brand image that Rogers is trying to portray and promote.II. SWOT Analysis Rogers chocolates do not have a long shelf life. ▪ Wholesale inegrity: Certain small wholesale customers have sold expired products which hur the Brand image of Rogers Chocolates. 5. Financials . Distribution ▪ Locations: Granville is situated behind some refuse bins. 4.

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