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Section 1 Moods Created by Music Success Criteria + Ian identify features of musi + lean describe features of music Learning Objectives + lean explain why the features are used in this way and the effect it has overall on the music 1. To analyse music through listening; + lean compare and contrast features of different pieces, 2. To recognise features of different genre: iaceirang ecole eror What am | looking for? Here are some examples of how you can achieve the different success criteria when writing or talking about a piece of music you have listened to. raery ‘Gutta, ua Describe “The acoustic guitar is played loud at the beginning. The torte (loud) acoustic guitar atthe beginning arabs the listener's attention and sets the atmosphere ofthe piace. Explain Compare & | Wihist piece 7 beains with afore acoustic guitar mot, pit Contrast _| _2 begins piano (soll) and has @ much more gentle sound. Flemember, the sentences above would not be enough fora full answer, but give you some examples of th success criteria. level your writng needs to be at for te ‘See Chapter 4 for further help.