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Volume 52 - Issue 19

March 6, 2019
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A place to
call home When landlords and roommates
lock you out p6

RFA seeking ‘non-academic resolutions’ to cutbacks

By Sherina Harris fairly austerial already,” she said, add-
ing these cutbacks have led to larger
The Ryerson Faculty Association class sizes. Bociurkiw said she’s heard
(RFA) is in the “early stages” of a dis- from other RFA reps that some pro-
cussion with university administra- fessors are holding classes in hallways
tion regarding concerns about where or—in warmer weather—in the Kerr
the funds to make up for the lack of Hall Quad. She also said her office
tuition money could come from. area hasn’t had heat for months, and
In January, the provincial govern- faculty are paying their TAs out of
ment announced they would slash their own pockets.
tuition rates for domestic students “[What] we want administration
by 10 per cent. Ryerson will lose just to consider is to make cutbacks in ad-
under five per cent of its operating ministration, or to not push for a law
budget, Ryerson’s public affairs office school when there are already [two]
previously told The Eyeopener. other law schools in the city. I think
Last year’s budget was approxi- we’re [also] wondering why [the]
mately $600 million, meaning they Brampton [campus] is still going
will lose around $30 million. ahead,” Bociurkiw said. She added
although funding for these projects
may already be confirmed, they have
“Things are fairly austerial ongoing costs.
already” RFA president Ron Babin said the
association doesn’t have a position affect our students—teaching, class- money allocated to the provost to ary, the university revealed plans to
The cuts could mean larger class on those items specifically. rooms, research,” Babin said. support the university’s academic accept 500 more international stu-
sizes, fewer courses offered and a The RFA is a certified bargain- Ryerson’s surplus—which totalled plans, programs and research. dents. President Mohamed Lachemi
“redeployment of work” for part- ing unit, according to their web- $64.275 million in 2018, according to told The Eye that Ryerson “may in-
time faculty, Charles Falzon, the site. Babin said they represent over the university’s most recent audited “Let’s not cut things that will crease” international student tuition
dean of the Faculty of Communi- 900 Ryerson professors, librarians financial statement—could be used to “in line with peer institutions.”
cation and Design (FCAD), previ- and counsellors. make up for the money lost from the
affect our students” The budget will be presented to
ously told The Eye. Babin said there are still a lot of un- tuition cut, he continued. the Board of Governors in April.
FCAD faculty were told to pre- knowns about the university’s fund- The surplus funnels into restricted Babin said there is $111.558 mil- “We’re asking administration to
pare for the cutbacks in advance of ing for the next academic year, in- assets, which are funds that carry for- lion in department carryforward look at non-academic resolutions
the government’s announcement, cluding whether the government will ward for a specific purpose. funds; a surplus that carries over. to any deficits that they may have...
according to Marusya Bociurkiw, reduce operating grants. The RFA However, there are two items “There’s a lot of money there, and [and] to be more transparent with
an associate RTA professor and the has been in contact with the univer- Babin said he would like to see used we [RFA] think that can help to off- their surplus,” said Bociurkiw.
RTA representative on the RFA. sity about their concerns, he said. to cover the gap from the tuition cut. set the budget amounts that have “What will be the surplus on April
“For many years, we’ve been asked “The RFA’s position is, and I think He noted the $123.608 million been reduced by the government,” 30? I think students and faculty would
to cut back three per cent here, or the university’s position is, let’s pro- in the academic plan, growth and Babin said. like to know the exact numbers.”
three per cent there, so things are tect [and] let’s not cut things that will internal research fund. This fund is At budget town halls in Febru- With files from Kiernan Green

Ryerson to consider study day

former RSU president Ram Ganesh ity to push away one exam per student, also feels like a study day
about the motion, he didn’t even year, without the need of a medical would help dramatically.
know it was passed. [note],” Chandran said. “I have no time with my theatre
Current RSU president Maklane Chandran added that if students schedule, with [daily] rehearsal and
deWever noted the importance of need to “lie and pay money for a sick Saturday rehearsal as well,” Flood
students having enough time to pre- note” they aren’t prepared or “in the said. “So if I had a study day, I would
pare for an exam. right state of mind” for their upcom- get a chance to get more [school]
“It’s just better for students if they ing exam. work done.”
can focus on their exams and go in He said this also applies to those Knowing that it’s hard to main-
knowing [their material], rather who are legitimately sick, as they tain a strong social life with his
than just it being that if you don’t could sometimes get “upset if they schedule, Flood said that he tries to
know everything beforehand you’re must get a medical note.” keep a steady mindset heading into
| PHOTO: KHALED BADAWI screwed,” deWever said. “I think “This reduces costs for faculty, his weekly tasks.
testing should reflect your capabil- as they will not need to verify and
By Peter Ash promises,” said Lachemi. He said the ity and not just your ability on that store a lot of medicinal notes as less “Aren’t weekends study days?”
review is in process and they hope specific date and time.” [notes] will be submitted,” he said.
Ryerson University is reviewing to provide more information by the Other schools have also started to Duy Luong, a second-year elec-
exam policies to potentially intro- end of the academic year. incorporate study days into their ac- trical engineering student, said “You just gotta tell yourself you’re
duce a school-wide study day, said A motion was passed by the Ryer- ademic calendar. Both the Univer- that study days at Ryerson would going to do it. I can see so many
president Mohamed Lachemi. son Students’ Union (RSU) to lobby sity of Toronto and York University be helpful. people crumbling under pressure
The study day would be one extra the university for a study day during have a fall study day and a winter “If you had one more day to and their insecurities and I’m just
day in between a students’ last day their November semi-annual gen- study day, providing all students study…it would be relaxing,” Lu- fortunate enough to put myself up
of classes and the first day of exams. eral meeting. with a day off before the start of the ong said. “Sometimes, we have three and believe in myself.”
“We understand that this is impor- general examination period. mid-terms in a span of a week and However, some students think
tant to students,” Lachemi said. “And
“Testing should reflect your Discussions for a potential study it’s [exhausting], so it makes it really there needs to be a different approach.
we’ll do whatever it takes to help ease day at Ryerson will be “brought up difficult to prepare for them.” “Aren’t weekends study days?”
the burden off our students.” capability” with the university”, according to He said in his two years at the asked second-year theatre student
A potential challenge for imple- new RSU vice-president education school, he’s had an average of four Ivy Watson. “I think that that’s a
menting a study day would be the The study day would “create a Iyvan Chandran. However, this to five exams a semester. For him, cop-out. Why not address the real
impact on exam schedules and space supportive environment for student isn’t the only thing that the union is the workload while trying to build a issue—which is we’re demanding
constraints, he said. mental health,” the motion read. looking to incorporate. social life simply “can’t happen.” too much from our students—not
The university “can’t make any When The Eyeopener initially asked “I am working towards the abil- Will Flood, a third-year theatre giving them an extra day.”

Communities Isabelle “Soup is a Cereal” Espaldon

Get that money Lidia “Future Psychic” Abraha

Matthew “Salad is a Cereal” Sauder
Hana “Soup is a Salad” Tanasijevic
Kiernan “Interviewer and
Nathaniel “John Mulaney” Crouch interviewee” Green
der Quebec’s labour code. Rhea “Frank Ocean blonde” Singh
By Sean Illman-White, a member Media Kelly “News flash” Skjerven
Jacob of the SCPA’s student association, Editor-in-Chief Parnika “Margaret” Raj Kosalan “50 people debate”
Dubé told The Link the coalition has Jacob “Not Ideal” Dubé Katie “What are you doing in my Kathiramalanathan
come to understand that Concor- swamp” Swyers Nathan “Undergraduate graduate”
dia’s main goal is the “continued News Pernia “Fake Glasses” Jamshed Halnin
commodification of education and Raneem “Some” Alozzi Heidi “Student group sleuth” Lee
Whoever said “Do what you love profit,” instead of prioritizing the Sherina “Personal” Harris Copy Editor and Sheldomar “Black-alien vegan”
and you’ll never work a day in your wellbeing of students. Emma “News” Sandri Circulation Manager Elliot
life” was full of shit. Watching from Ontario, it’s Igor “Desert Eagle” Magun Vanessa “I counted only six”
Internships are a great way to dip hard not to get a bit jealous of our Photo Wright
your feet into the workforce, learn a eastern counterpart’s organization Alanna “Gone for smokes” Rizza Interns Kashish “let’s do this” Hura
lot and get some contacts. Right off (there’s a reason their tuition is Celina “Misrepresented emo” Alexander “Hair Intensifies” Moore Cassy “stabilizer” morrison
the bat, most programs at Ryerson much lower than ours on average). Gallardo Alexandra “Still going” Holyk Sam “beam talk” Harley
tell you you’re probably going to Nobody’s happy about working Elana “Lickity-split” Emer Joseph “AirPod apprentice” Casciaro Ryan “Connecting the dots” Ward
have to do an unpaid internship at for free, but it can often seem like Jezreel Chloe “Pixar” Castillo Hayden “Unbelievably excited”
some point. It’s presented as a hard there’s no better option. Online Godfrey
truth in some industries, especially Working an unpaid internship Skyler “The Fanciest” Ash General Manager Libaan “Fortune teller” Osman
in media. can teach students their work isn’t Bryan “Flowerboy” Meler Liane “More Cheese!” McLarty Georgia “On my mind” Mills
According to The Link, Concor- worth as much as older employees Adrian “Roasted Tyler” Bueno
dia University’s student newspa- (who probably have similar cre- Features Advertising Manager M. Émeraude “Give face”
per, students from the Montreal dentials anyways) and that they Sarah “Works at the New Yorker Chris “Hates Mondays” Roberts Domingos-Mbuku
school’s journalism department have to put in the hours to prove now” Krichel Lyba “Slippedin” Mansoor
voted on a strike mandate to pro- they deserve basic pay. It’s also a Design Director Zach “Too good to the President”
test against the rise of unpaid in- crash course for employers on how Arts and Life J.D. “Book the tat” Mowat Roman
ternships in their industry. In much they can get away with. Tyler “Starboy” Griffin
February, students from Concor- The Link reported their prov- Contributors The Eyeopener is Ryerson’s largest and
dia’s communications department ince’s education ministry will re- Sports Sofia “I Can’t Think of Any Words” only independent student newspaper. It
and the School of Community and spond to the demands by April, Peter “Lumberjack Jobs” Ash Ramirez is owned and operated by Rye Eye Pub-
Public Affairs (SPCA) joined as which is a whole lot better than Christian “Butt mangy poorboy” Connor ‘Every little thing is gonna lishing Inc., a non-profit corporation
well. They’re planning to strike on where we are over here—a slap on Ryan be alright’ Thomas owned by the students of Ryerson. Our
March 18 to 22, and demanding the the back, some business cards and Victoria “IWasVeganismForT- offices are on the second floor of the
provincial government end unpaid probably less money than when we Biz and Tech woWeeks” Shariati Student Campus Centre. You can reach
internships and protect interns un- started six weeks ago. Izabella “Tea party” Balcerzak Khaled “Cereal is a Soup” Badawi us at 416-979-5262, at
Adrian “Cereal is a Salad” Bueno or on Twitter at @theeyeopener.

Rye waits on opt-out guidelines RSU hires CRO days before

By Sherina Harris initially published by The Varsity. student campaigning to begin
It lists essential fees as those in-
Ryerson University is still waiting for volving athletics and recreation, By Emma Sandri DeWever said the BoD will be
the final ancillary fee opt-out frame- career services, student buildings, meeting on March 11 to vote to rat-
work from the Ontario Ministry of health and counselling, academic The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) ify the CRO, one day before voting
Training, Colleges and Universities. support, student ID cards, transcrip- just secured the staff required for will take place. “Quite frankly that
The ministry held three official tions and convocation, financial aid elections despite campaigning for specific bylaw...won’t impact the in-
briefings attended by “members of offices, walk safe programs and the election beginning on March 6. tegrity of the election.”
Ryerson administration,” according student transit passes. Health and According to RSU bylaws, the The CRO, or their delegate, is
to Ryerson’s public affairs office. dental plans will also be mandatory Chief Returning Officer (CRO) supposed to count ballots and an-
President Mohamed Lachemi said services, provided that students are needs to determine the number of nounce election results. In addi-
there was no date given for when given the option to opt-out. student faculty directors 30 days tion, they are also supposed to de-
institutions could expect the final before the election. As The Eyeopen- termine candidate disqualifications
guidelines, adding that Ryerson must “It’s not just students who are er previously reported in Febru- or issue demerit points.
submit its budget to its board by the asking questions” ary, the union didn’t have a CRO “Everybody we have [on the team]
end of April. a month before elections were has a lot of experience in the RSU
“We are already in March. We “We’re in ongoing consultations scheduled to begin. elections, knows what to expect, how
need the information. It’s not just with the university looking at how RSU president Maklane deWever to do things,” said deWever.
students who are asking the ques- to mitigate the impact,” said Ryer- said these bylaws could be super- “We have a really balanced team
tions. We are asking questions [to] son Students’ Union (RSU) presi- seded by a two-thirds vote by the in terms of experience and people
the government,” he said. dent Maklane deWever. union’s Board of Directors (BoD). on the outside too,” he added.
Stephanie Rea, the minister’s com- He said he was meeting with the The CRO for the upcoming elec-
munications director, said the guide- president this week to see how the “What’s gone on at the RSU tions is Martin Rochon, and the
lines would be shared with institu- RSU will be impacted. is extraordinary” Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) is
tions “very soon.” “We understand how much this Renique Shaw.
A spokesperson from the Uni- change will affect our students and As per union bylaws, Shaw will
versity of Toronto confirmed the we are waiting to provide informa- “We got two legal opinions on it “assist in the elections process,” in-
school has also not received the fi- tion to our students,” Lachemi said. and they said that basically our by- cluding initialling the back of each
nal fee framework. “People are already planning laws do have provisions that allow ballot used.
A document from a February what to do for next year and it’s for extraordinary measures,” said DeWever said he is confident the
technical briefing on the Student very important for us to communi- deWever. “I think that most people elections will continue as scheduled,
Choice Initiative outlines a poten- cate the information as soon as we will agree that what’s gone on at the meaning, students will vote for a
tial framework for ancillary fees was get it.” | PHOTO: ELANA EMER RSU is extraordinary.” new union March 12 through 14.

Rye’s new free speech policy moving ahead, community feedback on way to senate
By Kiernan Green Management, Jardine questioned
whether Ryerson could act. “From
Ryerson University is moving for- what I’ve seen, that’s a lot of where
ward with creating a revised freedom Ryerson’s policies fall short simply
of speech statement following con- because they don’t apply.”
sultations with students and faculty. “This is where the radar should
After feedback from the consulta- go off. This really has to be looked
tions is reviewed, the statement will at as a political agenda. It has to be
be presented to the senate, president observed and analyzed in that way
Mohamed Lachemi told The Eye. by the student body and by the Sen-
The senate had planned to vote on ate,” said Niki Michas, a member
an updated draft statement in No- of Fightback. “[The Senate] cannot
vember 2018, but the statement was play apathy or play apolitical.”
put on hold after protests. Students James Turk is the creator and di-
with the Black Liberation Collective rector of Ryerson’s Centre for Free
(BLC) and Indigenous Students Ris- Expression. He said in making their
ing (ISR) accused Ryerson of “get- new and improved statement on free
ting in bed” with Ford and support- | PHOTO: ALANNA RIZZA
speech, Ryerson must “be clear that
ing his politics when they presented the university does not censor speech”
their first draft for a new freedom of from either side of the politics.
speech statement. and faculty at the November senate were from Socialist Fightback, who dent and vice-president commu- “It also has to be clearer that free
Some students said the draft state- meeting, Ryerson stated their 2010 had protested the previous draft in nications for the Ryerson Science expression includes the right to pro-
ment would allow hate speech on statement on freedom of speech fit November as well. Society said, “When students care test,” he said. “Ryerson has an obliga-
campus and would prevent students the bill for Doug Ford’s guidelines, Four students attended the Feb. about an issue, they show up.” help deal with people who
from protesting events they dis- and they would develop the new 25 consultation. “If students actually thought their are harmed by expression. If [expres-
agreed with. statement on their own time. freedom of speech was under attack, sion] couldn’t be harmful nobody
While he couldn’t provide an exact “Based on the feedback that we “Ryerson’s policies fall short we’d have hundreds of people here would be concerned about it.”
timeline on when a new draft state- were hearing from both students and simply because they don’t from every side,” he added. Turk said he thought the 2010
ment will be available to the Ryerson faculty, the statement that we were McMillen said there was no con- statement was weaker than the state-
community, Lachemi said, “It’s very moving forward with [in November apply” cern about the level of student en- ment proposed in November. He said
important for us to make sure that 2018] was not acceptable to the com- gagement when she “watched 250 he commended the November draft
our community is involved.” munity,” said Ian Crookshank, exec- “We’re talking about social students wait for an hour and a for including the value of freedom
Ryerson’s current statement of utive director of student affairs, dur- change, we’re talking about student’s half in a hallway” to attend a board of expression and an emphasis on
freedom of speech—created in 2010— ing a student consultation on Feb. 26. voices, we’re talking about stu- meeting regarding the recent Ryer- “not only your right to express your
was planned for revision in June Vice-provost students Jen Mc- dent engagement and we’re talking son Students’ Union (RSU) credit views, but also your right to protest.”
2017. The matter became politicized Millen and student senators Arvin about shaping the society in which card scandal. The draft distingiushed that limi-
in August 2018 after Ontario Premier Jagayat and Jacob Circo, who acted we all want to live,” said McMillen. If policy infringements happen tations to protest are “narrow ex-
Doug Ford announced that all post- as facilitators, were also in atten- “All those things are conversations outside of Ryerson jurisdiction, ceptions, never to be used in a man-
secondary institutions must adopt dance. They heard the comments of which should be lead in university on Gould Street, Victoria Street, ner inconsistent with the University
freedom of speech statements. about 10 students. campuses as far as I’m concerned.” or in the spaces between HOEM commitment to free and open dis-
Following the protest of students Many of the members attending David Jardine, fourth-year stu- Residence or Ted Rogers School of cussion of ideas,” he said.
let me live

is tough.
is tougher

reporting by Victoria Shariati

photo by Elana Emer

asrin Seif* got ready one cold morning in early January, ready to check out one of the Before coming to Canada, Damji voraciously read news stories about the latest Islamophobic
few affordable apartments she could find in Toronto. As she was about to leave, her attacks on hijabi women and started to freak herself out. Ultimately, she found safety in the
phone buzzed with a WhatsApp message from her potential landlord. The landlord bustling city streets—having more people around her made her feel more secure. Damji now
had one last question for her. “She told me she thought my name sounded Arab,” Seif says. lives in a Ryerson residence in the heart of downtown Toronto. Had she gone to a different
“Then she asked me, ‘Are you a Muslim?’” university with dormitories in a less populated area, she would have had to think twice before
Seif, who is a Muslim woman and wears a hijab, replied ‘yes.’ The landlord incorrectly as- running errands late at night or walking home alone.
sumed that Seif would take issue with the other renters eating non-Halal food, which she tried According to Jasmin Zine’s 2009 study, Living on the Ragged Edges, Muslims in Toronto repre-
to explain wouldn’t be a problem. But the landlord said she, “Didn’t need any Muslims in the sent a community “in exile.” Immigrants and refugees already have to deal with issues that arise
house,” and told her not to come to the viewing at all. Seif said she didn’t have a problem with out of resettlement: an unfamiliar home, lack of “cultural capital” when it comes to navigating
the food, and assumed that wasn’t the landlord’s real issue. “Thanks for your honesty about Canadian institutions, language barriers and lack of accreditation for professional jobs. These bar-
my religion,” Seif told her. The landlord didn’t answer and blocked Seif’s number right after. riers, Zine wrote, are heightened when discrimination on the basis of race or religion is involved.
The 25-year-old McMaster graduate student had just moved to Toronto from Denmark and Cultural capital, in Damji’s case, refers to the knowledge of, or familiarity with, housing
was facing a “desperate time” in her life. networks or community resources. Recently, she came across Muslim Womxn at Ryerson, an
Seif now lives in a one-bedroom in Midtown, but the experience remains etched into her intersectional Muslim feminist group that slipped under her radar during her frantic search for
memory. She says it was the most racist thing she had ever encountered. “I was like, ‘OK, let housing. She said that had she known at the time that there were support networks available
me just say screw it and find another place.’” specifically for Muslim women, she would have reached out to ask for guidance.
Wearing a hijab can Ryerson’s housing and residence office has a Room-
make a Muslim woman mate Success Plan—a survey that one representative
feel hypervisible, like she
is a walking target for
harassment. In her study,
“I don’t need any from each room is required to complete. The survey
goes into establishing students’ sleeping and social
habits, with an ultimate goal of reviewing students’ ex-

Muslims in
The crusade over the bodies periences with their roommates. Out of 14 questions,
of women, Sonya Fernandez one optional question asks about cultural or religious
identifies the hijab as being preferences. But Damji says Ryerson should organize a
perceived as a symbol of platform specifically geared towards helping people of
gender inequality and “all colour find housing.
that is oppressive about Whether it’s paranoia about her safety or being
Islam.” The veil is seen less as caught off-guard by male visitors, Damji has to live in
a religious identity and more her own city and home with both eyes open.

the house” S
as a representation of anti-
Western aggressiveness, aira Ahmed* stood in the bedroom of her Toronto apartment, listening through the
Fernandez writes. This closed door. She wasn’t sure if her roommate’s boyfriend was spending the night
allows people with racist again—as he often did—and if he was, she would need to cover herself before going to
attitudes to pretend they’re trying to save Muslim women from gender inequality. the washroom.
In other words, hijabi women are often forced into a box constructed by other people’s pre- At the time, Ahmed, now 23, was in her final year of studies at Western University. She had
conceived, inaccurate notions of how they live their lives. Whether it’s confronting these ideas, to move to Toronto for an internship and found herself living with some roommates whose
finding the right roommate or even just trying to find a safe place to live—visibly Muslim women lifestyles clashed with hers, such as boyfriend schedules or the frequency of partying and drink-
are left to navigate an expensive housing market and racist landlords without much support. ing excessively at home. In Toronto, roommates are often necessary to afford soaring rental
The Ontario Human Rights code protects individuals against discrimination in accommoda- prices. While Ahmed graduated last year, she said she’s still surprised at how difficult it was to
tions based on things like ancestry, religion or ethnic origin. This means that legally, nobody find roommates who could accommodate her needs as a hijabi woman. “Right off the bat,” she
can be denied an apartment, job or service based on their identity. Yet Muslim women still face says about her former roommates, “I knew it wouldn’t work out.”
this kind of discrimination. While she didn’t mind if her roommates had boyfriends over on occasion, Ahmed said she
According to Annie Hodgins, manager of the housing access stabilization and eviction was uncomfortable when men would spend entire weekends crashed on their couch.
prevention program at the Centre for Equality Rights in Accommodation (CERA), racial or A common practice for Muslim women is to be dressed modestly. For some women, that
religious housing discrimination happens a lot more than people think. She said the centre includes wearing a scarf on their head and refraining from showing too much skin when men
received 1,300 calls last year alone from tenants who were facing either eviction or discrimina- they aren’t familiar with are around. So Ahmed decided to casually bring up the issue to her
tion in their living situations. A lot of reports, Hodgins said, included experiences of discrimi- roommates. But they were shocked that this was something they had to be considerate with.
nation against people who have a disability or those with precarious immigration statuses. Ahmed quickly dropped it—she felt they would think it was too much to ask.
What makes housing discrimination unique compared to other forms of discrimination, Ahmed realizes how her lifestyle can clash with other people’s habits and knows that ultimately,
however, is that the victim of it often doesn’t know what they’re experiencing is illegal. “Some- accommodation is a two-way street. But she still managed to find a non-Muslim roommate who
times people might be discriminated against in their housing, but they just don’t understand was willing to put in the effort—she says the two have an easy and respectful relationship.
that there’s actually something they can do about it,” Hodgins says. “Discrimination based on a Ahmed says keeping an open, honest line of communication throughout the relationships
human rights ground is different than the general tenant versus landlord dispute.” with roommates is key to having a comfortable living situation where no one has to compro-
Hodgins adds that even if someone is trying to enforce legal rights to protect themselves mise their values. As soon as she finds a potential roommate, Ahmed informs them that she
from such discrimination, the lack of case law around this issue sets a vague precedent. wears the headscarf and having male guests over too often would be an inconvenience for her.
When students are searching for housing, Hodgins says, they’re just trying to find a “You don’t have to be forced to accept anything,” she says. “Most people are pretty respectful.”

roof over their head. “Once [a discriminatory incident] happens, people just move on to
the next [rental application],” she says, “Which I understand completely, because it’s such ecause Islamophobia is still prominent, Damji knows her religion—and the way she
a competitive market.” On top of the fact that Toronto has one of the lowest vacancy rates chooses to practice it—can be a source of contention for future landlords. Her concerns
in the country—only 1.1 per cent of the city’s units are currently available for rent—often- highlight the volatility of the status of Muslim women in Canada, as well as the unique
times students won’t bother reporting an incident because their first priority is finding a way that Muslim students are forced to experience young adulthood.
place to live. If someone faces discrimination or harassment in housing because of their religion, Hodgins
Seif says that had her landlord seen a photo of her before their first time communicating, she says organizations like CERA can step in. They can contact the landlord and encourage them
didn’t think she would have even responded to her first message. to correct their discriminatory actions, reminding them of their legal obligation to respect a

person’s right to religious accommodation.
What is the landlord going to be like?” said Zainab Damji as she ran down the list of con- In some cases, the issue can be brought to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, as was
cerns she had before moving to Toronto from Dubai for Ryerson’s journalism program. seen when a Brampton couple was awarded $12,000 because their landlord failed to accom-
“Where is the apartment? Are there any men living there?” These thoughts bounced modate their religious practices.
around her head every time she came across a listing, feeding into the anxiety she already had Hodgins says one of CERA’s goals is to bring more attention to this: People have every right to
about moving halfway across the world. ask for religious accommodations and should know they have a right to have those needs respected.

The first-year student, who also wears a hijab, says her biggest concern when it came to liv-
ing in the city was the possibility of being the victim of a hate crime. Just over two years ago, arlier this year, Damji was looking to rent an apartment with a friend for the fall. When
six Muslim men were murdered while praying in the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec City. asked if she had learned any approaches that would make things easier this time around,
Statistics Canada reports that in 2017 alone, Ontario saw hate crimes against Muslims jump by she answered without hesitation: “No.”
over 200 per cent, while hate crimes against Canada’s Muslim population accounted for 17 per While looking for a place with a friend has definitely helped alleviate some of the stress,
cent of incidents across the country. The fear around adding to those numbers made her skep- Damji says that when she eventually plans on living alone, she’ll just have the same experiences
tical of almost every apartment she came across; if she wasn’t worried about an Islamophobic all over again.
landlord or housemate, she’d stress about the likelihood of hate crimes occurring in a potential Every Muslim woman has to think about this, Damji says. With residence, she points
neighbourhood. “It’s one thing, because a lot of women are afraid to go out at night or walk out, you’re protected from those potential experiences for one year. “After that, you’re on
home alone. And then on top of that, to be visibly part of a minority, I feel like it put a lot of your own.”
constraints on where I should live.” *Names changed to protect anonymity.


The Stars Just Aren’t That Into You

School sucks. Work’s a bitch. Social life is nonexistent. Arts & Life editor Tyler Griffin looks to his horoscope for guidance

I was in first year when someone I had been Serrame has since stopped letting astrol-
talking to on Tinder unmatched me because ogy dictate her relationships with people,
I was a Pisces. We had been talking for a using it instead as a tool that gives her dif-
few days when the question finally came up. ferent perspectives on situations that arise in
“What’s your sun sign?” With caution, I sent her life.
her a message back: “Pisces! wby?” In a few On the third day, told me
minutes, her name was gone from my life and “the last thing you need right now is to fol-
messages forever. I think about her some- low other people’s advice when it concerns
times. It was the first time I had ever experi- your personal life,” which is a strange senti-
enced zodiac-related rejection. ment for a website that is literally giving me
A million questions crossed my mind: Had advice concerning my personal life.
she really hit “Unmatch” on my profile just be- Gabriele Contessa, an expert in pseudosci-
cause I was born in the days between Feb. 19 ence and philosophy professor at Carleton
and March 20? Was our zodiac really that in- University, teaches a course that differenti-
compatible? Am I destined to be an overly ro- ates astrology from astronomy. In a time
mantic and emotionally unstable Pisces trope? when many have rejected a religious view of
Who am I to argue with the wisdom of the PHOTO: CELINA GALLARDO the world in favour of a scientific one, Con-
universe, I guess. tessa told me in an email he suspects people
This was just the beginning of the Pisces-slander I would consultant, attributes the recent rise in interest of astrology turn to astrology to explain aspects of human existence left out
come to experience over the course of the next three years. Not among young people to how easily accessible it is online. “A by the secular age.
just in my romantic life, but with friends, strangers I met at bars lot of people are taking online courses, reading more or just As the week dragged on, my horoscopes became less and
and on social media. Astrology has embedded its way into youth getting into [astrology] themselves because there’s so much less relevant to how I was feeling and the situations I was in.
culture—and it looks like it’s here to stay. more information available.” My ‘vibes’ rating stayed below three stars even when I was
As we enter Pisces season, and the midway point of sec- Zodiac sign memes now dominate on Twitter, where astrol- having a particularly great day. Every other day it told me to
ond semester, it feels like my life is in utter chaos—as is usu- ogy accounts, like @poetastrologers, provide daily horoscopes get some exercise or re-examine my goals in life—I could only
al around this time of year. My grades are slipping (to put with a literary twist and often amass hundreds of thousands handle so many runs and existential crises. When I woke up
it lightly), my days are consumed by work and my social life of followers. Often we hear jokes about Mercury going into hungover on Saturday morning and in need of a coffee, my
is pretty much obsolete. So for The Eye’s workweek, from retrograde and categorize the signs as quite literally anything horoscope told me to “stay far, far away from the caffeine.”
Wednesday to Monday, I let my daily horoscope take the from cat breeds to Panic! At the Disco songs. I called Greene to ask why my horoscope was suddenly so
wheel on my life to find out what the stars, and the people far off, and she told me that sites like might be
who unmatched me on Tinder, know that I don’t. a little too linear and basic to properly represent my situation.
After searching around, I settled on using the daily horo- I could only handle so many Madsen echoed this sentiment. She compared horoscopes to a
scopes from The site gives you a general, daily runs and existential crises church service; you don’t go looking for information that ap-
horoscope for your sun sign, in addition to daily horoscopes re- plies specifically to your life, just for general guidance.
lated specifically to your love life, career, finances and health. It “I don’t go to [horoscopes] expecting a person on the other
also gives you star ratings out of five for things like ‘sex,’ ‘hustle’ Bronwyn Madsen, a fifth-year graphic communications end to tell me exactly what I need to do,” she told me. “If I
and ‘vibe,’ and an emoji that was supposed to represent your management student and fellow Pisces, told me astrology has wanted to do that I would just go see a therapist.”
mood for that day. I really had no idea what to do with the latter always been her guide through difficult times. When she was On the fifth day, it was beginning to look like the answers
information, so I relatively ignored that part. dealing with a bad relationship situation, and her friends had to the glaring problems in my life weren’t written in the stars.
On the first day, my horoscope told me I wasn’t being active told her things weren’t going to work out, Madsen took to read- At first, my horoscope forced me to take a step back each day,
enough. “Your health can suffer if you aren’t active. Fresh air, ing her horoscope daily to point her in the right direction. As to breathe, learn a new craft or get some much-needed physi-
exercise and sunshine are vital to your well-being. Breathing the weeks went on and Madsen closely followed the advice of cal activity. It felt good to take some time for myself in the
exercises and running in particular are recommended. Chanc- her horoscope, the relationship slowly began to fix itself. “We’re middle of all the schoolwork and commuting in a busy city—a
es are you will really enjoy yourself,” it read. actually dating now,” she tells me. feeling that lasted for 20 minutes every time. I’m still behind
After a long day of work, I finally made it home around Aira Serrame, a second-year biomedical engineering student in schoolwork, work is still tough and I still haven’t checked
11 p.m., physically and mentally exhausted and ready for bed. and Cancer sun, would only associate with signs compatible to in with my friends in some time.
But my god-forsaken horoscope said I should go for a run. I hers when she was in high school. Whenever she met some- The zodiac promises to bring order to our lives by telling us
put on some joggers, running shoes and a light coat, and went one, the first question she would ask was about their zodiac that our personality and fortune can be explained by the align-
out for a 20-minute run around the block. sign. “The universe would cut the connection off one way or ment of distant stars. As an overly romantic Pisces, it’s a tempt-
It was awful. I almost slipped six times, the cold air burnt my another,” Serrame said. “Why bother wasting my time?” ing fantasy­—but it absolves us of control over our own lives. If
lungs and my face was frozen by the time I got back. But despite Since she’s come to Ryerson, Serrame noticed she was hav- you need help, reach out to your family, friends or professors.
being cold and even more physically exhausted, my mind was ing a tough time making friends because she was listening to You probably won’t find the answer to your problems in your
a bit more alert and energized. Okay stars, you win this round. her horoscope every day. “It limits me so much from knowing daily horoscope.
Tara Greene, a Toronto-based psychic and astrology what’s out there and from building connections wherever I go.” Fuck Geminis, though.

Mercury is in retrograde, whatever that means. Here’s your sign:

By Lidia Abraha

It’s going to be a slow and sad ending to the semester since Cancer (June 21-July 22) It’s going to feel like everyone orgies than usual. You’re more into exploring this month, but
Mercury will be in retrograde from March 5 to 28—it’s the is ghosting you this month—good thing your shell is thick don’t forget about that to-do list on your desk.
planet of communication, which means we all might fuck up enough so you won’t cry in public. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Cancel your vacation plans,
when it comes to talking to each other. Here’s how it’ll goof up Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) People are going to mistake your because the stars say your plane is going to crash.
your month specific to your sign. boldness for abrasiveness this month. If you have a job inter- Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You can hold your planner
Aries (March 21-April 19) You’re too energetic for your view or networking event, be sure to disguise your energy as close to your heart as possible, but retrograde is going to
own good, so slow it down this month. Listen to the people with imposter syndrome. fuck you up. It may feel like the month will never end, but if
around you and stop making everything into a discussion. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Your uptight nature might actu- you stay grounded you’ll survive.
Taurus (April 20-May 20) Your stubbornness is going to ally save you this retrograde season. Head-fogginess is defi- Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You’re a sign that flies with the
get in the way this month; it’s best to be open-minded when nitely on the horizon so drink twice the amount of caffeinated wind, but all you’re going to want to do is float this month. Don’t
you’re presented with an opposing opinion. Otherwise, shit will tea than usual. be too hard on yourself when you’re in procrastination mode.
go down. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) There’s been a lie looming over Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Get ready for the tears to never
Gemini (May 21-June 20) Your indecisiveness will be the your head the last few weeks, there’s no avoiding it. The scale stop and the line between dreams and reality to be blurred.
DEATH of you this month. You’re going to be hella floppy and will tip, so it’s better to prepare for the damage. You’re fucked, and that’s it. Good luck.
probably ruin some friendships along the way. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) You might find yourself at more Illustrations by Skyler Ash

To infinity and beyond: Rye to open a new aerospace research facility

Georgia Mills reports on the Aerospace Innovation and Research hub taking RU to space
Ryerson University is collaborating neering department at Ryerson. aircraft wing testing facility and a
with aircraft manufacturers and post- The centre is being financially drone development lab.
secondary institutions in the GTA on backed by Canadian aerospace and Lachemi said the university has
a new learning hub. It is set to open transportation company Bombar- been playing a key role since day one,
within the next five years and will be dier, among others. alongside Centennial College. “When
funded by aerospace companies. According to Ryerson president the idea started, it was Ryerson who
According to Andrew Petrou, ex- Mohamed Lachemi, students and wanted to be part of it.” University
ecutive director of the Downsview faculty will have access to research of Toronto and York University will
Aerospace Innovation and Research facilities and work mentorships. In also be joining the initiative.
Consortium’s Innovation Centre addition, the hub will provide intern- Both Walsh and Petrou said that
(DAIR), the space is hugely positive ship and employment opportunities Ryerson was the first organization
for collaboration amongst Toronto for current and former students. to put its foot in the door at the
academic institutions looking to ad- There will be opportunities for DAIR through its establishment of
vance in the industry. projects to flourish specific to Ryerson the Ryerson Aerospace Engineer-
“It’s a game changer,” Petrou said. and to collaborative endeavours—like ing Centre in 2017 and the Ryerson
“We’re competing on a world scale.” Ryerson helping design the interior Institute for Aerospace Design and
of an aircraft with Bombardier. “It’s Innovation (RIADI) in 2003.
A digitally proposed image of the DAIR hub | PHOTO COURTESY: PAUL WALSH
“It’s not about not about engineering only, but also The institute was co-founded by
having people from FCAD in partic- Pratt and Whitney Canada (PWC)—
engineering only, but ularly to design a zone,” said Lachemi. an aircraft engine manufacturer— in the Ryerson Aerospace Engineer- vironment,” he said.
also having people The text sent by Walsh noted which aims to connect engineering ing Centre, however Walsh suspects There is also potential for an
from FCAD to design that the benefits of the aerospace students with Canadian aerospace that the centre will run out of room. increase in research funding and
a zone” for students at Ryerson will include companies. Since launching, they He noted that because of Ryerson’s strong collaborative links between
access to resources that Ryerson have grown to include more compa- long-standing relationship with academics and partners in the indus-
cannot provide, such as aircrafts nies and completed over 470 projects. DAIR, the university was able to ear- try, according to the summary.
“[The DAIR’s] goal is to create a and assembly facilities. Students Since the space adjacent to the Ry- mark some space in the hub. The DAIR will be open to the
focal point for government, indus- will also have the opportunity to erson Aerospace Engineering Centre Being close is ideal when con- public once it is fully functional,
trial organizations and academic in- work in spaces for student teams. is empty and in need of work, it is to ducting research or collaborating housing some artifacts and serving
stitutions with a common interest in One of these resources stems be developed in the next few years as on projects since it’s easier to “walk as an educational space, Petrou said.
aerospace [and] to obtain the bene- from an agreement made with Bom- a physical space for DAIR. across the street” instead of “having Petrou estimates the space will
fits of collocation,” reads a summary bardier, said Lachemi. It will allow “You just couldn’t buy this space to phone somebody,” said Walsh. be fully functioning in the next
of the project sent by Paul Walsh, students, faculty and researchers downtown,” Walsh said. “[It] has the potential to be a three to five years.
the chair of the aerospace and engi- to use space flight simulators, an Research is already going on today good, productive, collaborative en- With files from Sherina Harris

App of the
Available for free on Anroid and IOS

By Alexandra Holyk

Picture this: You’re sitting in the movie theatre watching Finding Dory.
You’ve just downed the last drops of your large soda when you realize just
how much water is in the film—I mean, it is about a fish lost in the Pacific
Ocean. As your mind strays further from the film and toward calculat-
ing the distance between the theatre and the bathroom, a sudden urge
awakens within; you have to take a tinkle. As much as you need to go,
you don’t want to miss any of the action. Don’t worry about using your
empty cup (let’s be real, we’ve all considered it) because RunPee is here
to save the day.
It started out as a crazy idea for a fun project, but RunPee quickly became
the go-to app for those who need to go while watching a movie. With a few
clicks, movie watchers are given a list of possible PeeTime cues that tell them
when the less significant parts of the film are on screen, and a short, spoiler-
free synopsis of what they’ll miss while taking a piss.
The team at RunPee has one “golden rule”: to imagine themselves in the
theatre, re-watching a movie with a friend who’s never seen it before, and
letting them know when’s the best time to go. They make sure to provide
a three to five minute window, effectively putting the ‘run’ in RunPee. You
can also set a vibrating timer that will discreetly notify you of each Peetime.
To unlock Peetimes, you must use Peecoins which are acquired from
watching video advertisements or purchasing them in-app. For some ex-
tra relief, you can purchase the Infinity Peecoin for $20 (about the cost
of that popcorn and drink combo deal you regretted midway through the
film) to see Peetimes forever. Movies that have been in theatres for more
than three months have free peetimes.
Their server is connected to an updated list of movies showing currently
in theatres. In addition to Peetimes, you’ll get movie info, reviews and a list
of hit movies to watch, going as far back as the 1970s.
With RunPee, you’ll never have to sacrifice entertainment for relief.

An athlete’s dilemma
Juggling both school and athletics, student-athletes can
often find themselves in a difficult position
By Ryan Ward factors of coping is learning to win
the race against time and academic
Living life as a student athlete can be disappointment.
a balancing act. Someone who is all too familiar
Prioritizing classes, work and with how to manage limited time
socializing is a skill in itself. With is Alex Basso, veteran defenseman
a high performance sports schedule and captain of the Rams men’s
thrown on top of that, some student hockey team.
athletes can end up academically As the team was preparing for
ineligible. Ryerson’s athletes are no another playoff run, he has had
stranger to the daily struggles of even more to focus on off the
organization and time management. ice while pursuing a Masters of Rams defenceman Alex Basso has managed to keep his grades high and play at a high level, citing his organized schedule and disci-
Ryerson Rams athletes are aca- business administration. pline as a reason for his success | COURTESY: ALEX D’ADDESE
demically ineligible if their GPA “I have a good calendar, I think
falls below the 1.67 mark or if they that’s something I didn’t really have Rams men’s basketball guard Jean- don’t get to have a second chance “It was tough, it really takes a lot
are not enrolled in at least three in undergrad,” said Basso, who is Victor Mukama. and have to make difiicult decisions of mental grit to do it.” She said.
courses. If this happens, they cannot currently completing his fifth and After entering his third year at between their pursuit of athletic Pursuing a doctorate in philoso-
play for their team. final year at Ryerson. Ryerson, Mukama was deemed success and academic careers. phy, she is focusing on fast tracking
Last year, the men’s soccer team Basso said he focuses on maximiz- academically ineligible and was so she can graduate early.
had to forfeit their first six games of ing the hours he has throughout the removed from the team for the year. “You’re dedicating so “You’re dedicating so much of
the season after a player was caught week to stay on top of his work. “I “I was in a place where if I kept much of your extra your extra time to something, it’s
playing games while ineligible. This kind of just did things as I needed going the way I was, I wasn’t going really hard to keep up,” she said.
led to the team grabbing a lower to but now I’m very structured with to be successful, just as a person let’s really hard She plans on staying involved
seed in the regular season, making my day.” alone a basketball player,” Mukama, to keep up” with the sport by helping out with
it harder for them to proceed in the For many, it can be tough getting now in his fifth year, explained. “So I coaching at her local high school.
playoffs Ontario University Athlet- back into the routine after spending just took that whole year to focus on Wrestler Raquel Vengroff had It has been a tough ride for her this
ics (OUA) playoffs. years away from education playing my academics and really find a way an extremely difficult decision to year, but prioritizing school has
in leagues like the Ontario Hockey to manage my time.” make entering her second year of become a must in terms of where
“If I kept going League (OHL), where the main fo- The time off worked wonders for university. Vengroff felt that it was she sees herself in the future.
cus is on athletic performance. Mukama who steadily improved his necessary to give up the sport she “Sometimes, you just have to sac-
the way I was, I “That first semester is a huge grades in the classroom, allowing loved to focus more on her studies. rifice something.”
wasn’t going to be adjustment,” said Basso, who him to shine on the basketball court For Vengroff, wrestling started In reality, not all athletes will
successful” played five years of OHL hockey once again. at a young age and she had a knack have the opportunity to continue
before joining the Rams. “I think Both his academic and athletic for it from the jump. She used her their athletic passion. Facing
All of the work that goes on behind a lot of guys go through a difficult successes this season have put tall, lean structure as an advantage academic ineligibility is a factor that
the scenes of univeristy athletics time just getting back into the Mukama in a great place to continue over her opponents. For five years will always be a harsh reality for
doesn’t make the headlines, but is school environment.” his basketball career after he she had aspirations of making it to student athletes, but there are many
just as important as the numbers Another athlete who had to figure graduates this year. nationals and came close in her first different ways to master the fight
on the stat sheet. One of the biggest out how to deal with his grades was Sometimes, however, athletes year at Ryerson. against time.

ing can be a little overwhelming. So and practice court of the Ryer- may be able to access during down

A breakdown of the here’s a helpful breakdown of what

you’ll find on each floor.
son Rams basketball and volleyball
teams. The foldable bleachers of the
time. Game footage for basketball
and volleyball games are recorded
First Floor court can seat up to 1,000 people here, too.

MAC building is also home to the Ryerson

The first floor contains the
building’s box office where you
and accessible seating is available for
those who need it. The court is also
Fourth Floor
The final floor has a concourse that
Rams basketball, volleyball, hockey can buy tickets to Ryerson Rams open for pickup games and camps. borders around the upper level of
By Adrian Bueno and figure skating teams and games. With a valid Ryerson Third Floor the hockey arena. There are conces-
intramurals, among others. OneCard, you get free admission Heading up to the third floor takes sion stands, entrances into the arena
The Mattamy Athletic Centre A little bit out of the way on Carl- into all Rams home games and can you to the bottom level of the home and designated media seating.
(MAC), formerly known as Maple ton and Church streets, some stu- skip the floor altogether. and practice rink of the Rams hock- The RTA School of Media’s
Leaf Gardens, is one of two athletic dents may never actually step foot in Second Floor ey teams and figure skaters. The Sportsnet Production Centre is
facilities at Ryerson available to the building until they graduate. For Proceeding up the stairs toward the ice is an NHL regulation rink, and situated on this level, producing
students, faculty and the public. The those who do, navigating the build- second floor, you will see a large re- features arena-style seating and con- online webcasts and content for
ception desk where Mattamy staff cessions. The rink can also be cov- Rams games.
can assist you. Beside the desk is the ered and converted into a hardwood The Alumni Lounge is on the
entrance to the building’s fitness court, a concert stage and a conven- fourth level as well, and is equipped
centre. Benches, racks, weights, tion space. Around 2,000 to 2,500 with projectors and a sound system.
treadmills, ellipticals, machines and people can be seated for events. You may also see a neat skating
a hardwood dance section are avail- There is also access to the upper treadmill which is used by some of
able for use. level of Coca-Cola Court and Eggy’s Ryerson’s athletes as well as people
If you are a Ryerson student, your Summit, a meeting room that over- learning how to skate. You can
tuition covers membership to the looks the court. Additional meeting book training sessions by contacting
fitness centre, and all you need to do rooms like the Blue and Gold room
is swipe your OneCard to get in. If and the Bunker are situated on this MAC artwork and history
you’re hungry, just outside the fit- floor. These rooms are used by The next time you make your trip
ness centre is a cafeteria, offering a Rams teams for game planning and to the MAC, make sure to also look
fast and nutritious menu catered to- studying game footage. They are around the building for the artifacts
ward athletes. They provide fruits, also available for rent. and artwork scattered across each
sandwiches and a variety of salads. A small lounge area with games floor, such as original Maple Leafs
Coca-Cola Court is also located such as table tennis rounds out the Gardens seats and photos of con-
| PHOTO: ADRIAN BUENO on the second floor, and is the home upper level of the court, which you certs from artists like the Beatles.

Podcasts you will really not want to fucking listen to

Students with very bad takes on things in the world have started podcasts. Nathaniel Crouch has the story of the new airwave horror at Ryerson

Hold on to your hats, snowflakes, There were months of delib- One night, in the last meeting head and soon the council came to deep” all about why they should play
the hills are alive with the sound of eration; starting with a meeting on of February, a council member a decision; everyone gets a podcast. for the NHL. Ashley and Ashleigh
a bunch of opinions. From the guy Gould Street as they multitasked to named Rickson Dickson—who A member named Ashley spoke up started “Starbucks Horror Stories”
in your lecture who says, “going discuss possible names while also ironically wore Rush shirts so that and said “Can we really do this?”. and Dickson started “101 ironic rea-
off from that” before just reiterat- hounding people about what they fans would come up him only to Another council member named sons you need to own 6,348 pairs of
ing the first person’s point to the were wearing. tell them he didn’t listen to the Ashleigh replied “We can realleigh Doc Martins.”
people who said, “Don’t you mean There was a near-catastrophe band, spoke up about his frustra- do this.” Whenever they’d introduce them-
good morning?” after hearing you within the council as a group of tion of being on the opposite side In between their daily schedules selves, leave a conversation, be asked
say good night to them when it’s six Sidney-Crosby-looking-moth- of the street from someone with a of hitting the dislike button on the what they do for a living or needed
past 12 a.m. erfuckers started off a meeting by fedora on. Gillette Ad and schedule text mes- to boost their social media bios, there
These people and many other ab- saying “Well, actually…” This prob- “I wish I could project my voice sages to say “I haven’t seen you all was that phrase; “I have a podcast.”
solute shit disturbers have come to- lem was only rectified after every over the airways and past their un- year” to friends on New Year’s Day, All that’s left now is for someone
gether in a meeting called the Coun- council member went home and left kempt sideburns,” Dickson said. members began to form into groups. to make a podcast about having a
cil of El-ass to decide on what their back-handed comments on whole- His outburst caused lightbulbs to They spread to the four winds. podcast and really shitty opinions can
collective goal should be. some Reddit posts. begin to flicker on in everyone’s The six Crosby dudes started “Pucks own the airwaves once again.

Open Education week
with us
• What is open education?
• How does open education save students


• Why does open education offer more
Hello Ryerson! It’s Nathaniel Crouch, Across Down learning and teaching opportunities?
the Fun & Satire editor. It’s finally 1. Power House of the cell 1. RSU’s newest president
March and we’re in the last full 2. Popular muffin variety 2. The worst star sign
month of school before exams come 3. No one got it over reading week 3. The other star sign that is bad
out of their hiding holes with base- 4. Always on too loud when you get 4. All the star signs have their
ball bats. In light of this, please stock into the car _________________
up for the long month of deadlines 5. They’ll let you know
ahead. This week’s prize is a $25 gift 6. Hard to Rhyme
card to Metro, for all your canned
tuna needs. This week we’ve spiced
up our contest, mainly to piss off our
engineering readers, so that you can Explore these and more at a series of
expand your mind with a crossword!
I do hope you enjoy it, it takes so interactive events and free webinars from
very long to come up with random, March 4th - March 8th 2019
shitty answers for you (Please note;
six down starts at the number six, I’m See what’s on here:
so very sorry).
Happy crossing, Ryerson!


Join the conversation at #OEweek

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