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CHEMESH A ‘ ALXIWE — WE RELATE HISTORY 41, And the chief General Kearny gave her his jacket that he wore on top. 12. And then they passed on to san Diego.’ 13. and ay friend's husband brought them, he showed them the road. 14, They did not know the way. 15. And then she wore that jacket on top. 16. And it had no buttons. 17. When the wind blew, it pulled apart. 18. And the people said, "A buzzard is coming, a buzzard, a buzzard". 19. She paid no attention. XV. SPEECH MADE BY THE CONSTABLE, DOMINGO MORO, AT A FIESTA.” Collected by P. -L. Faye, January 5, 1920. 1, Women and men, hear ne a little. 2. The words are passing to you at the request of the Agent. 3. This is the last night that this fiesta is ri 73 permitted tous.’ 4. And tomorrow it ends in the morning. 5. And you have to go to work, to look around. 6, I am not the only one who says, women and men, that we have wanted to have a good day, to pass the time just as the first people passed the time. 7. This is the way they used to do. 9. Today, when we dance this dance our bodies are all covered. 10, We do not dare to have half our fingernails sticking out. LL, The ancestors used to do it, they were naked.’4 12. They were not 13. They covered their bodies with some tiny thing. 14. And like us. 15. They asked just that they should this is how we danced today. make some crops. 16. This occasion we take part in today, we take part in it as if we were in church, because at that time there were no priests to say mass.”> 17. And today we merely imitate what they 18, And now the customs that they used to have are going. used to do. 20. And when they 19, A few of the old people still remain here and there. are gone, then no one will remember how it used to be. my friends, you know that a 21, Tt will be finished, because you young people like me, government school is established where they can teach us to know how to take 22. And the government is doing a lot, it is spending an learn, because if there were no schoc 23. These old people, I é care of ourselves. a lot of money for us with which we c you would not know how to take care of youselves. not speak to you. 24, There is much need, however, that you young adults not look behind you, long ago the old people would store sonething avay but look ahead, as the ancestors used to do, just as CHEMESH A‘ ALXIWE — WE RELATE HISTORY ynich they had found, just as to day we do from now on. 25. You young let us take care of your money, because you will not always be 26. And that is why you should take aaults, care of your money. 27. When you grow 01d oF lie sick, with it you take care of yourself. 28, And for nat reason look after your hones, cultivate your land, your gardens, clean them, plough them, because even a little is worth something when you have gade it, oF when you Work it. 29. But you, women, do not go visiting round from house to house, you should look after your work. 30. You gnould not be dependent on aman. 31, There is much work to do to help your husband. 32. And do not lose a single day, because a lost day is not worth anything. 33. It is not like long ago, when the first people used eo take care of themselves. 34, They had nothing to work for, when they rose in the morning they thought only to go hunting. 35. Then that was all the work they had. 36. Anyway you all are educated, and you want to take care of yourselves, to dress well. 37. You do not want to see yourselves living according to the old vays. 38, Now we all imitate the ways of the white men, 39, And we must keep on looking ahead, pecause the government says that these ways, the customs of the whites, we are to imitate. 40. They spend much money on us to give us the white man's language and his customs. 41. We should give thanks, we because upon us there is much money spent, so that we 42. 1 say nothing young adults, learn the customs, the customs of the white men. more to these old ones, because they have passed on too far. 43, And anyway, more than enough, they know what they have. 44, That is all. 57