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Catalogue1 ID1184
Artist ID: 1184

Artist Name: Lauren Mele


Artist Statement: Anxiety, hesitation, lust, and gluttony are never a step too far in any direction of my life. I work
from memory; memories sidestep objectivity. Their visual manifestations are intensely personal and revealing. My
work makes the fleeting essence of memory, tangible; the paintings put flesh to the bones of narrative. The
unreliable and organic nature of recall makes for paintings that flirt with improvisation and result in vibrating and, in
my case, anxiety laden energy. Working with concepts of femininity and the undercurrents that point to notions of
the feminine, androgyny and feminist; my paintings unabashedly portray women delighted in their skins. Embracing
flaws, sexuality and indulgence, they urge the viewer to engage with the unsavoury sides of themselves. Social labels
of grotesque and lust associated with the body interest me, my figures explore the intricacies of the two.

Lauren Mele (USA/UK) lives and works in London. She got her BFA at the Art Institute of Boston (2008) and her MA in
Contemporary Art History & Theory at the Sotheby’s institute of art (2012)


Artwork 1 Title: Girlies
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 55×65x4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: This image of femininity sidesteps the pretty and puts gluttony on the table. Bodies sweaty
and physical; flaws are exaggerated, embraced and flaunted. These figures, using myself as a physical point of
reference, exude flamboyance and confidence, two attributes I strive for in my everyday but somehow suppress. The
term ‘feminine’ should be flexible and fluid, say these figures, and more strongly associated with the term
‘feminist’. Society manages to keep the two concepts fairly disassociated, when in fact both should bring the
word ‘robust’ to mind.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1185
Artist ID: 1185

Artist Name: Lester Korzilius


Artist Statement: Lester Korzilius is both an artist and architect. He is interested in the immersive aspects of both
disciplines, and his work creates a connection with the viewer grounded in space. The work is deliberately designed
to require multiple views to comprehend it as a totality, as this introduces time and distance in the perception of the

Korzilius concentrates on a two-fold set of relationships. First, there is the interaction between the work, the viewer,
and the environment – and these reinforce and modify each other. Secondly, are the internal properties of the
work and the dialogue that these have with each other. Materiality, colour and texture are key properties in these

A number of the works situate themselves in the zone between art and architecture, exploring and manipulating
size, scale and movement to create an immersive environment. The work also explores scale from the perspective of
creating a defined connection with the viewer – sometimes close, and sometimes less so.

Lester Korzilius has been experimenting with colour, exploring the idea of sculpture as an armature for colour.
Colour is used as a physical element in space, and it is perceived, along with the other properties of the work, on an
emotive level of perception.


Artwork 1 Title: Ascension
Artwork 1 Dimensions: Varies
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint, polyurethane, wire mesh, steel, monofilament line
Artwork 1 Commentary: The images shown are of the installation at the Chichester Festival Theatre from 20 April –
30 December 2018.

Ascension is positioned high up in the atrium of the Minerva Theatre, with the stairway and balconies of the theatre
offering multiple perspectives on a complex series of forms. Ascension explores the phenomenological aspects of
movement and the viewer’s place in the context of a series of cascading spirals, taking cues from the Vatican
Museum and the Guggenheim in New York. The work also investigates the concept of sculpture as an armature for
colour. Seen from various distances, the intricate complexities of the textured surfaces suggest shifting colour fields,
in which the status of colour values is inextricably connected with (and made complex by) other factors, including
surface area, compositional form, saturation and perspective.

References include color field painters such as Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, and later colour
artists such as Sean Scully and Howard Hodgkin.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1186
Artist ID: 1186

Artist Name: Maria Positano


Artist Statement: Maria Positano

I am driven by the human need to generate spiritual meaning around the unknown, through the creation of physical
artefacts and manipulation of organic matter. I deploy primary elements associated with ceremonies, time and
decay: these include the elements used [fire, burned wood, metal and wax] and the processes applied [metal
working, wood burning, casting].

My recent work is about objects of worship, which seem to hold a life and a presence of their own. I have been
reflecting on symbols, unidentified relics, objects of veneration and power, myths, monoliths, and so on.

I seek the layering of symbolic meaning projected onto the object of worship, which turns inanimate matter into the
icon. The object, as a result of an alchemical process, or shamanic investiture, becomes a representation of the
human striving to unconceal the unknown thing.

Exploring the individual´s psychological engagement and immersive experience with the object, each artwork
creates a charged space, representative of the spiritual and the material.

By juxtaposing transient materials and physical presence, abstracted and symbolic, crafted object and sharp finish, I
want to create the experience of the self-reflection on the notion of being human.

Our cultural contemporary understanding of all manner anthropological, historical and visual codes becomes in my
work a channel for unified communication between worshippers and the worshipped. Within this process emerges
the figure of the archetypal Demiurge [artist, shaman, alchemist, smith] who becomes the intermediary for powerful
and insightful mediation of the spiritual territory into the physical realm.


Artwork 1 Title: Bronze Crucible: Waiting for your Awakening
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20 x 20 x 33 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Highly polished Bronze Cast and casting sand
Artwork 1 Commentary: This artwork consists of a highly polished bronze cast, resting on a bed of red casting sand.
The work is referencing the crucible and the process of casting metal, which deploys the primordial element of fire.
The element of the crucible functions as a symbolical reference to the vessel, the archetypal crater. This object is
simultaneously extruding and intruding, recreating the main archetypal motions of creation and hinting to a process
of self-regeneration.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1188
Artist ID: 1188

Artist Name: Hatty Butler

IG: hattybutlerartist

Artist Statement: My work is about people. Exploring their vulnerability, capturing an honest and exposed
resemblance, creating a vivid and forceful image. My portraits are not about the face alone, they portray and
question the emotions and experiences behind it.

I make decisions about my work based upon how I am feeling. I know a piece has been successful when it has
challenged and confronted me, it comes together as a whole and is energetic and commanding. I choose to use oil
paint, it is malleable, thick and creates an incredible texture. Using a pallet knife alongside this means that I can drag
the paint and also become less precious about my work, as it forces me to make mistakes.

Emotions, experiences and struggles. My aim in to convey these feelings via contemporary art, creating dynamic,
vivid images. My love for texture, method and material helps me capture these emotions. I am passionate about
using my art to celebrate unique and interesting people. Highlighting and embracing those who may normally be
overlooked or criticised for being different. We live in a society where the abnormal is laughed at and my aim is to
alter these outdated views. Art can be the most innovative and compelling form of providing change within our
society. I challenge the viewer, encouraging them to look deeper into the painting than just the portrait itself, to
raise internal issues and try to comprehend them.


Artwork 1 Title: 'Same same but different'
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 87x81x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil and spray paint on canvas.
Artwork 1 Commentary: With this piece I wanted to create a strong sense of movement. I am passionate about
creating portraits that feel 3-dimensional and that have a sense of 'capturing a moment in time'. I consider life
drawing to be a key element in my practice and I love to incorporate this sketchy, loose feel within my paintings.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1189
Artist ID: 1189

Artist Name: George Mavrikos


Artist Statement: I see my work as the creation of space within the space I live in. I am interested in how these
unrefined experimental forms interact with space and light as well as challenging the perceptions of beauty and
harmony within modern aesthetics.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled Form 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H: 17.7 W: 20 D: 33
Artwork 1 Medium: ceramic
Artwork 1 Commentary: Untitled Form 1 is a ceramic sculpture created in 2018. It is an abstract experimental study
on form and the way curves and shape interact with light.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1191
Artist ID: 1191

Artist Name: Caterina Rancho


Artist Statement: A big part of my work is to place people in an unknown and unexpected context. Enriched by
playful details and aesthetic stories, my work always strives to capture the attraction of a secret.
I don´t want to bore my audience. I want to show them something which they would have never seen this way.


Artwork 1 Title: Soldier
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 31 x 43
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography, Print on Alu Dibond
Artwork 1 Commentary: Sometimes, or often I produce art because I want to see my dreams or thoughts hung up on
the wall. Well, at first on a screen and if I like it, I print and frame it.
This image as well just appeared in my head a few minutes before I awake and I didn´t get it out of my head for the
next months.
In this situation I usually have my eyes and ears open all the time, looking for the right location, probs and the right
I always happens that I meet someone who exactly fits in the image in my head and that I also find the right location.
Then I just ask and put the peaces (location, model, styling) together.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1195
Artist ID: 1195

Artist Name: Christopher Bennett

IG: christopherbennettphotography

Artist Statement: I’m a contemporary photographer who has an interest in new technologies of artificial
intelligence and 3D printing, pushing the boundaries of the traditional 2D photographic image into a three-
dimensional form. My practice derives its inspiration from late archaic Greek sculpture but is applied to 21st century
technology. careful consideration of the installations has to be taken as the sculptures require the viewer to engage
from multiple angles due to its three-dimensional form.


Artwork 1 Title: late Archaic
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 35,12,9
Artwork 1 Medium: 3D printed sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: The forearm three-dimensional print would not be possible without the 438 two-
dimensional images used to create the mesh. The work takes its heritage from the history of sculpture, specifically
the Late Archaic period in Greece. During this period, sculpture of the body changed from an idealisation of form to a
more anatomically correct rendering of the human figure. What the Greek sculptures were trying to achieve I am
now trying to create with 21st century technologies of artificial intelligence and 3D printing. While the work takes
inspiration from the past it is also forward looking to the posthuman age. Today we have the most advanced
technology that we have ever known but as advanced as our civilisation has become this work points out that
technology is not perfect, the errors in the scanning process highlight this.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1196
Artist ID: 1196

Artist Name: Sooyoung Lee


Artist Statement: Sooyoung LEE was born in Seoul in 1979. The artist lives in France since 2006.
Recently, she exhibited her painting at Figuration Critique in October 2018 in Paris.


Artwork 1 Title: Art and Religion
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 165cm X 150cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Watercolor, paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The artist began this work to answer questions about the religions that the artist's 9-year-
old son asks. This work, which has been completed for 11 months in the fall in France, also presents a reflection on
the history of art and laïcité (is a French concept of secularism) that atheists like the artist and her son think

How art and religion interact with each other, how art has been created as a result of human cultural activities, and
how art is taking shape in religious culture. This relationship has changed since modernism emerged. Art no longer
tries to serve religion or make religious content a subject. Modern art began to be evaluated by pure aesthetic
standards independent of religion. Nevertheless, many religious scholars, including Eliade, argue that religion still
plays an important role in contemporary art. Atheists will always feel surrounded by religious things.

Sooyoung LEE photographs people, monuments, buildings, trees, animals, illustrations, and
everything that pleases her. Then she chooses elements in these photos and draws them on paper, in pencil. She
works a lot on composition between her different subjects. Nothing is defined in advance. A little like children play
with Lego blocks, it composes its elements impulsively without having the final result in mind. She likes this
unreality, illogical and instantaneous. She does not feel any impossibility in her composition.
She works a lot in large format, which allows her to describe her ideas with great precision and detail. Her paintings
require visitors a lot of attention and time to decipher and walk around. She hopes to refresh the routine of the
viewers and allow them a little inconsistency.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1197
Artist ID: 1197

Artist Name: Alison Cooke


Artist Statement: My work is project based. I source clay from construction sites and historical locations in order to
make ceramic forms that reference the history of the area in which the clay was excavated. I explore and utilise the
unpredictabilities of firing the unknown materials. My aim is that the resulting works are exhibited in locations
relevant to the objects’ history.


Artwork 1 Title: Pipeline
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 12 x 38 x 150 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramic - fired and melted
Artwork 1 Commentary: Pipeline is the first part of a project which pays tribute to ceramicist Henry Doulton and
engineer Joseph Bazalgette who built London's Victorian sewer system - a network that saved countless lives and
connected all its citizens.

Pipeline is made of pure clay spoil excavated from 25m below the Thames in the construction of the capital's new
supersewer. The series of extrusions, (a process pioneered by Doulton for pipe production), are fired at a variety of
temperatures. It serves as a materials test piece, a reference to Doulton’s experimentation and a reminder that
the temperature is the only thing that changed in the 54 million years the clay was underground.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1198
Artist ID: 1198

Artist Name: Bryony Reed

IG: bryonyreedart

Artist Statement: My aim is to make the invisibility of different mental states, visible. In todays society, we are
always striving to be the best, by looking better, feeling better and appearing to be better. Everyone knows what you
see on the outside, is not always what is going on in the inside. Therefore by painting pictures which people can
relate a feeling to, is my goal. It's about time we started to show what is really going on underneath the surface, and
we can see this only if we cared to look a little deeper.

I am a full time professional Artist based in Norfolk, after deciding that being an Artist can be just as important as
other careers. I dropped out of my degree where I was studying Psychiatric Nursing, as I knew that being an Artist
was what I was meant to be.


Artwork 1 Title: Psychedelic Solitude
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50.8 x 76.2 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil Paint and pastel on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: Psychedelic Solitude is about the feeling of being alone but with the company of ones
thoughts. One does not have to be lonely, when alone, as we have our minds to accompany us. The mind can
sometimes be a best friend or a worst enemy.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1200
Artist ID: 1200

Artist Name: Lina Avramidou


Artist Statement: Lina Avramidou is a multidisciplinary artist working in printmaking, book arts, experimental
papermaking and animation. Her work considers notions of identity, perception, memory and place and investigates
their implications to the human existence within a broader sociopolitical, philosophical and psychological context.


Artwork 1 Title: Before it Fades
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 15 pieces 15x 21 cm each
Artwork 1 Medium: papermaking, embossing, etching, screenprinting, found objects
Artwork 1 Commentary: Before it Fades is a series of handmade papers with inclusions and embossing of objects.
These objects were incorporated in the paper pulp during the papermaking process or imprinted on the papers with
the technique of blind embossing. The work examines relationships between reality and imagination as these are
filtered through the mind and how time and memory contribute to the process of seeing, illustrating the subjective
nature of perception.
I saw the paper as a vehicle for recording and collecting memories. The physical characteristics of the embedded
objects and their trace-like qualities as well as the fragile quality of the handmade paper are a metaphor for
memories partially erased or distorted through time. They are a symbolic representation of memories, traces or
fragments of the past and evoke a sense of inherent history, place and time. They tell stories and describe
trajectories as they reveal a past life or their usage in a past life. The objects attempt to create an impression of
familiarity to the viewer and trigger a personal memory or association, a reconstruction of a personal narrative.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1201
Artist ID: 1201

Artist Name: Lina Doenmez


Artist Statement: A vibrant and colorful Artist Lina Doenmez with a playful sense of humor known as pseudonym
Purple Snow . She earned her Degree of Fine Arts in Painting from the Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. After receiving
her B.F.A degree, continued her art education by studying art pedagogy at the Faculty of Education, Vilnius Academy
of Fine Arts. She has also participated in and taught several art workshops in Germany. Currently lives and works in
Cologne, where she continues to be inspired by the natural beauty surrounding her. Purple Snow`s recent work
explores relationships between natural landscape and pattern. Whether she looks into the starry night sky or at a
tangle of brush she interest in the way pattern exists in the world. Repetitive pattern establishes an order and
structure that can be broken, disrupted and disconnected. It is within this disconnect that she finds beauty, secrets
and mystery. The size of the paintings almost asks the audience to lean in closer to see it all, so they can enter the
image and imagine the rest of that story themselves. Purple Snow wants that her art work splashes color and magic
across walls everywhere. Her paintings are to remind us that life can be happy, magical and carefree.


Artwork 1 Title: “Hope, Kindness and Generosity ―
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50 x 50
Artwork 1 Medium: Abstract, Acrylic Painting On Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Description: “If you are someone who still carries hope in your heart, kindness in your
eyes and generosity in your fingertips despite terrible people happening to you, thank you. You are one of the few
truly pure things left in this world, and you deserve to be protected.― By Nikita Gill
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1203
Artist ID: 1203

Artist Name: Raphaela M.L. Dierks

IG: raphaelamld_art

Artist Statement: Art has always been my passion as it allows to relax and express different emotions. Art can have a
magical effect and enlighten the world. It allows us to create feelings and a specific atmosphere.
I'm delighted taking part in the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2019 selection. I would be very happy and thankful
being selected as artist of the prize in 2019. Looking forward and my fingers are crossed :).


Artwork 1 Title: Spicy Ginger
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 140x100
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Cutting out details, playing around with colors and different brushes allows me to create
happiness and enrich people's lives. "Spicy Ginger" is trying to transmit a message by catching the viewer's emotions.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1204
Artist ID: 1204

Artist Name: Emma Scothern


Artist Statement: Emma Scothern is a UK based multi disciplinary visual artist and recent graduate from Norwich
University of the Arts. currently focused on the representation of her own personal perspective of the world around
her through the medium of surrealist self portraiture. Working with paint and occasionally printmaking, she seeks to
capture and allegorise the experience of the contemporary everyday and to notice the unnoticed. She is particularly
interested in acknowledging and embodying changes in the way we perceive and interact with the world around us
in the 21st Century, through the lens of a camera or the screen of a phone.


Artwork 1 Title: Self Portrait with Wellies on
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x62x01
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Board
Artwork 1 Commentary: Self Portrait with Wellies on is an exploration of my ideas on how I am perceived by those
around me, and the exploitation of the nude female form in art. The self portrait functions as a reclamation of self
image, carefully controlling the way in which I am presented to those who might view it. Drawing on thematic
inspiration from surrealist self portraiture and the stylistic influences of 'Pin Up' and 'Cheesecake' art, I have aimed
to create an image that, despite clear indications of its intention to appear provocative, cannot function in this way
as it cannot truly be taken seriously.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1206
Artist ID: 1206

Artist Name: Fernando Holguin


Artist Statement: I am a contemporary British artist, originally from Mexico, who works with any media. My
photographs and installations, explore the sense of our time and the transcendence of the human
being. My artistic career encompasses over thirty-five years of creativity. I live and work in London
and have exhibited in both Europe and America. With little to non self-promotion, minimum to
making money, with years long silence, with many works done that never shown to anybody,
sincerely involved with my artwork and processes. I create art for the joy of doing it and not as a
means to an end.
I would like to think that I bring with my work and ideas an inherited value of culture coming from
my mixed background and experiences of living in London from an outsider point of view with a
universal identity and very much focused in our contemporary times.
Indirectly my work makes a positive contribution to society by pointing out physical and mental
health issues, dementia, stress etc, and other social concerns.


Artwork 1 Title: "Recuerdo"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x65x2.5cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting belongs to the series I am currently working on titled "cynical realism"
partly inspired by the quote:
"Cynical realism is the intelligent man's best excuse for doing nothing in an intolerable situation." - Aldous Huxley
as per our current times...

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1207
Artist ID: 1207

Artist Name: Maxwell Rushton


Artist Statement: Maxwell Rushton

Born 1989

Works in London

Intertwining performance, painting, drawing and sculpture, Maxwell’s portfolio explores cultural phenomena and
his own human condition.

In his work Brand New Me, Maxwell explores society’s growing relationship with marketing by painting 20 pints
of his own blood into an epic-scale replica of his logo, turning twice the volume of blood he has in his body into a
piece of advertising. From this to his project Drawn Out, in which he filled four 10 meter rolls of paper with
approximately 10 million hand-drawn lines over the duration of a year whilst he lived in isolation, to viral footage of
Maxwell’s sculpture Left Out, which has so far been viewed over 40 million times, his “thought-provoking
works― (Huffington Post) are “causing a stir throughout the international art scene― (Lodown Magazine).


Artwork 1 Title: Left Out
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 60cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Jesmonite cast encased in a bin liner
Artwork 1 Commentary: The theme of homelessness has found its way into Maxwell’s practice on many
occasions. This particular work, titled Left Out, developed from an almost insignificant experience when Maxwell
mistook a bin bag as a homeless person after tripped over it whilst walking out a doorway.

Left Out appears as a person sitting down, cross-legged, in a large, black bin-bag. In 2016 as an experiment of
bystander intervention, Maxwell placed the original sculpture of Left Out on various streets in London and filmed the
public’s reactions as they passed, some stopping to investigate what they thought was a person in a bin-bag,
whilst others would simply walk on.

Five separate edits of the original footage went viral, reaching over 40million people.

“It’s a message about people being disposable. It’s quite a shocking an image. It’s the idea we see
homeless people as garbage, it’s challenging.―

– A member of the public, Westminster Bridge.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1208
Artist ID: 1208

Artist Name: Carali Mccall


Artist Statement: As an artist, my research is primarily engaged in representing and uncovering ways to understand
the body. While working across media such as drawing and performance, I consider the body as a tool and use the
line as a way to measure time and energy.

Since 2004 I have been making a series of works titled, Circle Drawings. Testing my endurance and physical limits I
use a stick of graphite on paper to draw my full arm's length in a continuous circular motion until the point of
complete exhaustion. Challenged by the physically demanding process and battle with materials (for 2-3hrs), the
durational element often causes the paper to rip, and my ability to extend my arm diminishes to the extent I can no
longer hold the graphite. Shaped by the anthropometric limits of the body, each drawing is titled by its duration.

Part of a trajectory of art practices that consider the body as site and material of the work, as well as how the artists'
performative action is an integral part of the process, my work references an important part of art history where
repetition, time, meditation and movement enrich what a drawing practice can be.


Artwork 1 Title: 'Work no. 1 (Circle Drawing), Gold/Red, 2hours 24minutes, 2018’
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H 185 cm x W 175 cm x D 5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Gold Leaf, Graphite, Gouache, Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: In this new addition to the series, materials such as 23ct Gold Leaf and Gouache are used to
treat the surface of the paper. The combination of these new materials bring a new layer of reference to important
art historical processes and on such a grand scale, makes the work particularly striking.

I began my ‘Circle Drawing' artworks in 2004 where I focus on the durational element and physical process of
drawing. I test endurance and empower the role of the artist. Using graphite on paper I am committed to drawing in
a continuous circular motion to the point of complete exhaustion.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1210
Artist ID: 1210

Artist Name: Antonia Dennis

IG: art_by_antonia_dennis

Artist Statement: I currently live in Nottingham but still have strong ties to the Solihull area where I was born in

In June 2014, inspired by a painting in Whitewall Galleries, I decided to try my hand at a new hobby, not imagining
for one moment where it might actually lead. I had previously dabbled in craftwork and floristry but, having never
been able to draw, the actual talent for painting came as somewhat of a surprise, and I started by pulling off a few
decent landscapes.

When given the opportunity to enter an exhibition in October 2014, I switched genre from landscapes to animals
and knew immediately I had found my forte. I have since twice been voted “The Public’s Favourite― at
Centre of England Arts and an Award of Merit in an international competition. To date, my paintings have been
distributed across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

I love animals and nature which is where most of my inspiration comes from. My art is vibrant and spontaneous and,
coupled with my quirky sense of humour, my paintings evoke a feeling of childhood innocence, so creating an escape
for adults and children alike. I'm often told my personality shines through in my creations. All I know is that if they
make me smile, they'll make others smile… and a smile is definitely worth the canvas it’s painted on. After all,
life shouldn’t be taken too seriously!


Artwork 1 Title: No Voice
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 107.5 x 60 x 0.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: Painted under the theme of "Progress" I believe my cartoon style subtlety delivers an
important message... that's man's progress delivers nothing but destruction for others.

(Dimensions do not include frame).

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1211
Artist ID: 1211

Artist Name: Hannah Campbell-Wharam


Artist Statement:
Living and working in Brighton, Hannah Campbell-Wharam's work reflects on the role of the artist within the world,
and the continuing evolution of faith. Working predominantly with spray paint and expanding foam, Campbell-
Wharam’s colourful abstract paintings show the possibility of a world without suffering, without pictorising that


Artwork 1 Title: 0.89375
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150 x 150 x 4 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic, Spray Paint and Expanding Foam on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
21:27 is a bright and technicolor work created with expanding foam, acrylic and spray paint on canvas. Playful and
childlike colours form an abstract and fictitious landscape, while the expanding foam thrusts forwards from the
surface, anchoring it firmly in the physical space and asking the viewer to question the borderline between the ideal
and reality.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1212
Artist ID: 1212

Artist Name: Juliana Campos Franco De Oliveira


Artist Statement: My name is Juliana Campos, or Juuh Artist as I’m famous in the world of arts, and I live in São
Paulo – Brazil and in London - UK. I’m an artist at Capital Art Gallery in London, the Eikones Art Office in São
Paulo - Brazil, Airez Gallery in Curitiba- Brazil, Wejam in São Paulo and ArtBattle Brazil.
In the artistic universe I am better known as Juuh Artist and I love any type of Art, but what fascinates me most is
Lettering and its infinite capacity of different types of writing.
I am passionate about Abstract Art, Graffiti, Digital Painting and, of course, Lettering. Painting helps me to
understand feelings, experiences, disappointments, and joys. Everything inspires me to create. All of this emotional
load motivates me to paint and create artwork. As it is with me, I believe that painting helps people to express their
feelings and experiences.


Artwork 1 Title: Lettering of Venus
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29.7 X 42cm
Artwork 1 Medium: ART DIGITAL
Artwork 1 Commentary: Digitar Artwork, perfect union between my typography and Venus of Milo.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1213
Artist ID: 1213

Artist Name: Ben Comtet

IG: @bencomtet

Artist Statement: I am interested in the connection between real object and mental representation through
sculpture and photography. The porosity between those two concepts drives me to consider the real world as an
interface between two abstractions that would only let flow its perceptible part. The matter, as a skin that would
contain its soul, dries out, cracks, sweats as if reality would evaporate in our spirit.


Artwork 1 Title: coûte que goutte
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 21 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: wood, resin
Artwork 1 Commentary: a dry drop of matter... or soul vapor
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1214
Artist ID: 1214

Artist Name: Tugba Tirpan


Artist Statement: Whether it’s visual image/footage or performance, my practice is almost always born from a
desire to understand the complicated human condition and look for meaning & context in the fast changing world of
our capitalist era. I am very interested in translating localized cultural codes into images and movement. The areas I
like to explore in my practise are body politics, feminism and mental health.


Artwork 1 Title: EYE
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 36*72*4
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: ‘Eye’ aims to look at the female body and identity from the perspective of a West and
East binary. It is a self-portrait of the artist wearing the Burka.

Winner of Visitor's Choice Award at the 21st National Open Art (NOA) 2017.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1216
Artist ID: 1216

Artist Name: Pia Kintrup

IG: Pia Kintrup

Artist Statement: The theme of my work in progress is the impact of borders and ultimate control in places which are
designed to create a parallel world. These places are staffages, artificial settings, and constructions providing a
contradiction to our everyday life. Borders and control of areas which are excesses examples for staging an imitation
of the reality as well as the imitation of natural structures, especially in still lifes are important
aspects of my recent artwork. The question arises: how strong is the construction of the border to the outside and
how obsessive is the control in some of the happiest places on earth? The issue is to create a photographic, mixed
media installation which brings a new perspective
about universal themes such as control, staging, surveillance, and value.


Artwork 1 Title: the foil
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 45 cm x 34 cm x 6 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: The photograph ´the foil´ is part of the series `the nonexistent areas are of particular
interest´, which is my work in progress.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1217
Artist ID: 1217

Artist Name: Amy Mifsud


Artist Statement: Amy is a British photographer currently based in Bristol. Integrating architecture and portraiture
together in Building 57 she looks towards the effects military presence has on the communities in the small towns of
Working through a mix of mediums, turning the camera on herself she's currently working on a project analysing
herself and her two sisters. A poetic discussion of the relationship three sisters can form together.


Artwork 1 Title: Building 57
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 49X40
Artwork 1 Medium: Photograph
Artwork 1 Commentary: Early this 2017 I’ve been working with Army Families that live on site. Attending youth
club for a number of weeks I was a part of the core of the camp, the community centre. During this time the army
moved them to a new building, number 57. This Building is half the size of the previous community centre, forcing
them to get rid of most of the possessions, due to limited storage. Power is something that most of the youths
I’ve worked with feel they don’t have. Often a military child will move as frequently as six months to two
years. Their whole life is governed by the army and their association with home is focused on their family members
and immediate community. This move took away one very important consistency in their life. Building 57 was a
series attempting to give power to the members of youth club I worked with. Exploring the greater picture of living
within military life through portraiture and architectural images I want to give power to the children of army
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1218
Artist ID: 1218

Artist Name: Fergus Cooper

IG: @fergcooper

Artist Statement: A lot of my time nowadays seems to be taken up with the very important task of stalking people on
Instagram. As a result, my practice examines social media, making work around the idea of privacy as a commodity,
specifically how images of the self are becoming currency.

This prompted me to think about society's obsession with celebrity, both with 'celebrities', and with the notion of
fame. What is our fascination with other people's private lives, why do we seem hung up on revealing details of our
own private lives, and what is the pay off for that level of access to each other? With celebrities, where is the line
between their private lives and what they are 'selling'.

Tying into this, I recently finished at the Florence Trust residency (in a disused church), which made me consider the
correlation between religious iconography and its reflection into the 21st century - is social media turning the 'face'
and the idea of celebrity into modern day iconography?

A lot of my work revolves around images stolen from Instagram, both of recognisable celebrities, and from 'ordinary'
profiles. I work primarily with paint to create images drawn directly from computer screens, and then cut or tear
them out to collage them together.

I graduated from an MA in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins in 2017, and in 2018 I completed a year long residency at
The Florence Trust, London. I was recently longlisted for the Elephant x Griffin Art Prize 2018.


Artwork 1 Title: Mother Rihanna
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 5
Artwork 1 Medium: collage of acrylic on Bristol board, with marker and gold leaf
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'Mother Rihanna' was made during my time at the Florence Trust - a residency in a disused
church in Highbury. During my time on the residency I was influenced by the religious iconography present in the
building, and began to think about how those tropes might tie into my work.

The 'faces' of Jesus and Mary are instantly recognisable, and I wanted to link that with the modern notion of
celebrity. For this piece I chose to depict Rihanna (one of the most followed people on Twitter) as Mary, but her
robes are formed of fragments of imagery from commercial brands, highlighting the close association of celebrity
and its commercial potential. She is surrounded by imagery inspired by traditional iconography, but in my piece the
doves are replaced by a stylised Twitter logo as a nod to social media.

I make my works as layered collage, which are first painted in acrylic. I wanted to echo the idea of a stained glass
window by using strong, black outlines around the individual elements. I also incorporated gold leaf and an ornate
frame to echo the traditional style of a religious icon.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1222
Artist ID: 1222

Artist Name: Ginny Mcdermott


Artist Statement: Even the mosts common things around us have recognisable beauty in them and I see it as my role
as an artist to capture and communicate their voice, whether that be colour, form, fragility, fun, size, texture etc.
There’s usually an element of fear in not being able to achieve this, which keeps me grounded and on the edge of
my comfort zone. I switched from painting with acrylics to oils this year and adore the way the paint moves and
blends on the canvas - it’s a great adventure!

I really want people to experience the thrill of owning original art because it breathes life into empty spaces - adds
soul, beauty, texture, interest, emotion. It stamps your walls, your home, with your personality. Each piece is your
discovery, you are the curator of your own exhibition. I love this idea and want to create covetable pieces that
waken a desire to own them.


Artwork 1 Title: Hmm...What shall I do next?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x40x2.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: This young girl was dashing round, creating merriment with other children at a party, and as
she ran past I got a fleeting glimpse of this gleeful expression. It was a beautiful sunny day and she looked to be
having so much fun coming up with new ways to be mischievous. It’s that moment that I have attempted to
capture here.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1225
Artist ID: 1225

Artist Name: Emma Angold

IG: @emmaangold

Artist Statement: Emma Angold is best known for her work regarding abandoned objects found in the streets. Mostly
working in black and white, medium formal film, her recognisable style as seen in her square object-portraits
developed during her early life in Southern California. She received her BA in Visual Arts with emphases in
Photography and Printmaking (2017) at the University of San Diego, and moved to London soon after. There she is
currently pursuing her MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art. Dedicating her research to the Objet Trouvé,
Emma’s work focuses on themes of abandonment and consciousness, and highlights the significance of discarded
matter as a silent witness, standing as a metaphor for inter-human relationships.


Artwork 1 Title: Shadow (Chair)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Archival Inkjet Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: In my work, I dedicate myself to the exploration of the objet trouvé. I find meaning within
the discarded and ignored. Removed from their homes, stripped of their lives, and left on the street to be taken
away and forgotten, I find these objects. I see their traces.

Traces of emotion, stories of past owners, histories – these are details that breathe life into these objects. Traces
that are there one second, and gone the next. I capture this ephemerality. I give them significance once again.

The shadow is a trace of an object. A simple outline, a silhouette. Usually the shadow is an index, a trace of what is.
In this case, the index points to what is lost. The shadow completes the object. It turns a half into a whole, the index
is more than just itself. Or is it just a reminder of what was and can no longer be?

I reminisce of the objects that are no longer. The objects are long gone and cannot be retrieved. The only thing I
have left are traces. Negatives and paper prints hold the last of my objects. These are the only things left that revive
the life that was.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1226
Artist ID: 1226

Artist Name: Pauline Batista


Artist Statement: My practice questions the impulse to render information, bodies and the ‘quantified self’
transparent. I examine the implications of the blurred lines between artificial and organic, virtual and physical, inert
and animate and highlight our society’s misguided aim at human perfection and cyborg immortality.

I am interested in this current world of transparency and hyper-stimulation where we are confronted with too
much information to possibly digest. A growing obsession to dissect our bodies might identify diseases before they
spread, but what happens when every aspect of our lives is documented and catalogued for ulterior profit? If data
rendered transparent and visible can be better consumed and analyzed, then perhaps a transparent body is one that
can give researchers a leg up on finally hacking the human brain to optimize it further. Access becomes the new
currency of power.

My work gives access via an oscillation between body and machine, connecting different nodes of research and
medium from photography to sculpture, video and prose in order to create a larger network that the viewer is
invited to decode. I explore the ways in which technological advancements allow unprecedented access to the inner
workings of the flesh, and the ensuing trans-humanist hopes of the convergence between technology and the body.
As sci-fi dreams and nightmares become a reality, I question whether those who are granted access will determine
the social, economic and genetic casts of the future.


Artwork 1 Title: The Algorithm Will See You Now I
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90 x 120 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: photography (Silver gelatin print mounted on di-bond)
Artwork 1 Commentary: The series The Algorithm Will See You Now (2017) is a way to imagine and forewarn a future
with wide implications. With technological advancements, in particular AI and deep learning algorithms, expert
medical machines could soon examine us—exposing the fragility of the human body as one with limitations, prone
to diseases, in need of medical help and ultimately with a relatively short expiration date. A human can only work so
many hours and is constantly aging, yet a machine can be configured to work non-stop. On another level our choices
in how to make these machines in our image, including the gendering of robot AI into acquiescent female assistants
who are there to please, needs to be examined and questioned.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1229
Artist ID: 1229

Artist Name: Javier Casas

IG: @javiertorras

Artist Statement: In this artwork I have explored the idea of machine in connexion to the human body by looking for
these qualities in them, as if seeking for their own voice as a way to express a physical sense or gesture, there seems
to emerge a potential of language and communication. The idea of machine appears to be a means of support for
chaos, as an element of negation of the architectural space, as a frame for revelation, etc. To me, it is the stage
where action plays with elements and materials, producing an outcome that makes sense but does not unveil its
whole complexity, which opens up new possibilities of shaping to each of us.

Both in my art installations and paintings a performative aspect is deeply embedded in the creative process,
exploring the physicality of both materials and objects. The shift between the pictorial and the sculptural is intended,
it seems to uncover the tensions created between the physical and the order of sign, a place where memories and
cognition have the potential to shape and reshape the world.


Artwork 1 Title: Studiorum
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 38x46
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Here, I have taken objects from an old factory and I have built a performance in which a
physical-human value is given to old machinery.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1231
Artist ID: 1231

Artist Name: Isla Mackenzie-Doyle

IG: @thebronzeartworkshop

Artist Statement: I am a sculptor who works with traditional lost wax cast bronze. I studied Fine Art at the UCA in
Farnham but my background is predominately as an artisan working in the Foundry industry. I trained in the
traditional methods of wax moulding at one of the countries largest foundries and I now use those skills to create
work from my own workshop. I mould my own pieces and make the waxes, when they are cast I chase and colour
them at my workshop.
I have a deep love of this amazing material, it is unmatched in its versatility for sculpture. I wish to make pieces that
show the depth of possibilities of bronze and that are relevant to modern buyers.


Artwork 1 Title: Backbone
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 75 x 27 x 17
Artwork 1 Medium: cast bronze and marble
Artwork 1 Commentary: I make my work to understand things, get to the meat and bones, in this case literally. Six
years ago I suffered from Caudal Equina Syndrome. This rare spinal disorder can leave sufferers unable to walk and
with many other challenges. With thanks to excellent surgery and physiotherapy I recovered well but it would have
seemed impossible to create this sculpture mentally or physically at that time.
Creating this work has been a massive physical challenge and a steep learning curve. I worked from anatomical
models, medical drawings, MRI scans, photos and was lucky enough to handle some real human bones.
The subject is not a perfect anatomical representation of the spine of a perfect human specimen but my artistic
impression of a real hardworking spine, the source of pain but also the literal strength of the body, capable of
amazing things.
The subject may suffer pain but is looking outwards, the source of the pain is also the backbone, the strength to stay
upright and looking forward despite the imperfections
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1232
Artist ID: 1232

Artist Name: Jeemin Kim


Artist Statement: Sublimity is always accompanied by the feeling of pain. There has always been something behind
these positive feelings. My love for them has also distressed me--there has always been a choking poignancy that
suffocates me.

Felix Mendelssohn describes this phenomenon as “schmerzhaft angenehme Empfindung―, the simultaneous
feeling of joy and anguish. Listen to the Symphony no. 8 by Gustav Mahler. The storming choir consisting of one
thousand people almost bores the sky and tears my heart apart. Read André Gide, his extremely restrained yet
rapturing writings. They resemble the sound of prayers. Go to St Peter’s Cathedral to see the Pieta, with the face
of Maria that is extremely calm and peaceful yet bearing the biggest grief of all. In Mozart’s opera “Don
Giovanni―, the commendatore scene from Act II, when the Ghost comes down tearing walls and storms in anger:
“Don- Gio-van – ni! A ce-nar te-co!―, it is a rather fearful moment, yet did you notice the mournfully soft and
subtle tune that follows underneath, f – e – f – g ? In Beethoven’s famous Symphony no. 9, the part when
“Ode to Joy― comes in, breaking the silence, have you seen the conductor, full of sweat, singing with the choir,
conducting as if he will break his arms very soon, with a face full of joy, rapture, and at the same time terribly
distorted with pain...
I seek to bring forth this combined feeling of joy and suffering, and to reveal the pain behind the sublime.


Artwork 1 Title: Don Giovanni, Act II (Commandatore scene)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 91x121cm each
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: As an artist as well as a musician, I have been seeking for the art as language and the
method of communication. This work is my visual interpretation of W.A. Mozart's Don Giovanni. In particular, I have
tried to bring this sound language into artworks as I found the similarity of music and ordinary language very
fascinating. The function of the language system is diverged greatly into vocal language and written language. This
happens equally in music. Music is possible to be made into sound: the alphabets (notes) gather to make sentences
and stories (music). It is also possible to write text (musical scores) as letter (notes).
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1233
Artist ID: 1233

Artist Name: Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko


Artist Statement: My photographic practice focuses on people and the notions of home, foreignness, and common

The central themes that I investigate through my practice are strongly influenced by my background: I was born in
Russia (then the Soviet Union), and grew up in France, after moving west with my family at the age of 9, at the onset
of the 1990s. Spending my formative years on one side of the former Cold War, with my roots in the other, I was
aware from an early age of the many expressions of otherness, but also of a human quality shared across divides.
Growing up as an outsider, the quest for a common ground is a permanent fixture of life, as is the question of where
home is — and whether it actually exists.

Despite the uneasy qualities of the themes I explore in my work, I remain a cautious optimist: I believe in the
possibility for a common ground to be found and brought into the spotlight. In an era of increased global trend
towards xenophobia and isolationism, it feels only right to produce work that showcases a humanity that transcends
geographical, ethnic, and political divides. In doing so, I hope to nudge viewers towards reflecting on the prevalent
narratives of adversity and division.

By affirming this idea of a universal underlying human nature, my practice follows steadily in the humanist
photographic tradition of the 20th century, tracing its roots to The Family of Man exhibition, Diane Arbus’s
portraiture work, and, more recently, the work of artists such as Luo Yang (“Girls―) or Richard Renaldi
(“Touching Strangers―).


Artwork 1 Title: Returnees æµ·å½’
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 91x61x0
Artwork 1 Medium: Giclée print on Arches Velin Museum Rag paper, 250gsm
Artwork 1 Commentary: I have spent the summer of 2018 in Beijing, photographing and interviewing Chinese
citizens who returned to live in China after spending a considerable amount of time abroad. The aim of the project
was to explore the frictions that arise between the two cultures, in the context of the individual's relationship with
him or herself, with his or her family, his or her workplace, and society at large.

There are few places that carry emotional traces of those frictions as much as a person's home. In this image, the
view of the outside world (close and far away), though symbolically separated from the lived-in space, is redefined
and coloured by it, as is its inhabitant's own perception and experience.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1234
Artist ID: 1234

Artist Name: Eamonn Shanahan


Artist Statement: While there are copious political, spiritual and social narratives that can be explored and
discovered within the work; it is the simple, emotive individual that is indirectly discovered in each painting. Each
painting is created without direct preconception but with a compound memory of personal experiences, art, text
and music.
Throughout the work questions or subconscious realisations of pure feeling towards our own being and those who
we encounter prevail. The omnipresent ambiguous identities and their relationships change with each new
encounter you have with the work. This engagement provides a live theatricality that can be resonant to your own
life journey.


Artwork 1 Title: Fear
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120c100x5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil & Plaster on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'The unknown reality is filled with fear, but together, through our protectors we can face
the uncertainty with strength and resilience'

When we stop to identify the challenges and obstacles that we have have faced in our journey gone by, we can
accept those who have been supportive and let go of those who have been destructive. As we enter the fear of the
unknown, we can no do so with greater strength than before appreciating the resilience we had in our past.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1236
Artist ID: 1236

Artist Name: Shaheen Ahmed


Artist Statement: I have a National Diploma in art, a BA (Hons) in Art and Design, and a Foundation in Textile studies.
As resident artist for the National Trust, I studied gestural mark making and book binding in Italy. I was awarded the
Alhambra award for artist of the year in 2007 London, and had my artwork selected by the United Nations Art for
Peace exhibit in 2005. I was employed as a designer by Mosaic West Midlands, a Paste Up Artist for Prontaprint, a
Design Assistant by Kall Kwik Printing, a Creative Practitioner for Ikon Gallery Birmingham and Mentor to three
artists in Karachi where she delivered a Masterclass at Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. Ahmed has
exhibited at Qube Gallery, Birmingham Museum, Soni Gallery London, Bilston Craft Gallery, Archives West Midlands
and Folkstone Fringe Festival to name but a few.

Through my artwork, I respond to the world around me engaging with the less fortunate, especially those close to
home. A continuing theme within her artwork is the exploration of patterns, signs and motifs. This process of
contemplation and repetitive rhythm evokes childhood memories of play and reading, along with constructing and

Currently I exploring minimilism in mark making combined with geometry. Global issues of displacement, migration
identity, earth ruptures and climate migration are a key focus within my practise.

I am preparing for a solo show in 2019, where I sew up maps, borders and boundaries to address issues of
sanctuary, refuge, connectedness and hope.


Artwork 1 Title: Sanctuary
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 63.5cm x 63.5cm x 6.5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Paper, silk thread, Japanese Sumi Ink, Acrylic Inks
Artwork 1 Commentary: By taking inspiration from the Alhambra in Granada Spain, I create a geometric pattern. This
pattern reflects my belonging within Europe, a continent that at times seems to be struggling to reach out to the
destitute and displaced. The marks I add to my structure help me meditate for those less fortunate than myself.
Having spent several years developing my practise, I have turned my geometric pattern into a 3D structure. My time
spent in Italy studying bookbinding and gestural mark making has had a profound impact on my artwork. By adding a
simple blanket stitch to my 3D tent like structures I am metaphorically adding comfort to those you need sanctuary,
those who need shelter. This binding stitch is similar to a japanese stab bind, linking in to the japanese ink I use
within my practise. The dense black japanese sumi ink I introduced arose through my studying Japanese wood cut
prints on Impressionist Painters in my home town at Burnely College of Arts and Technology.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1237
Artist ID: 1237

Artist Name: Jared Krauss


Artist Statement: Jared Krauss is a self-taught documentary photographer raised in Iowa, USA, but currently based in
London, UK, while he completes the MA Photography program at Kingston University. His work focuses on the
experience of existential awareness while living in the 21st Century, and the ways people "make do" with that


Artwork 1 Title: Afterglow
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 27.09x40.64x7.6
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital C-Type Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: Due to the length of time since her last shot of methamphetamines, V— basks in the
afterglow as she begins to feel the alleviation of withdrawal symptoms.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1241
Artist ID: 1241

Artist Name: Youssef Riegel


Artist Statement: Everything is interesting to be photographed. You can take a lot of pictures, but you can't
photograph everything. There are very good landscape photographers, wedding photographers, underwater- or
portrait photographers. The key is in specialization. I am not one of the photographers mentioned above. I
photograph inconspicuous single pieces, items, parts of a big whole, fragments. I do not photograph them sharply,
but unsharply them and with color filters. I am alienating the seen, taking pictures of the unseen. Every
photographed object or situation has a multifaceted, differentiated view that I would like to bring to light.
Sometimes these results and pictures are coloured, grey with colour, sometimes monochromatic, times black and
Intense colors, unconventional surfaces, a certain depth of sharpness to unsharpness and dissolving of connections,
that's what I want to document in my Pictures.
They are always interesting, multi-layered, look coarsely pixelated and change the view of things, on everyday, in
absurd and grotesque ways.
So changed, the viewer no longer recognizes what I have photographed. I am also doing sometimes.
I hope you like it.


Artwork 1 Title: Double_Waves
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x84x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: People, objects, landscapes, ordinariness, unusualness, change the view, enlarge areas,
reduce, distort, twist, see convex if the seen is concave and/or reverse.
I try to be curious, unconventional and pragmatic to implement my ideas and don`t let myself be set on any art
When I look at something during the day or in the night in lights or something bright, then close my eyes, pictures
are burning in my eyelids.
I try to visualize these impressions and images.
Sometimes these visions are grey-colorful, sometimes monochromatic colored, sometimes black and white.
Intense colors, unconventional surfaces, depth of field to unsharpness and dissolve connections, that is, what I want
to document in my Pictures.
The results, however, are always interesting, multi-layered, have a certain depth and change the view of things,
everyday, on an absurd and grotesque way.
I try to make my photographic works look like a painted and designed canvas.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1242
Artist ID: 1242

Artist Name: Meghanad Ganpule


Artist Statement: TITLE : LIFE ON WIRES . Now a days in metro cities of India , you will find competition in skyscrapers
, but because of that we lost the world of other species , and now their life is on wires .


Artwork 1 Title: LIFE ON WIRES
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 X 60 X 2.6
Artwork 1 Medium: DIGITAL PRINT
Artwork 1 Commentary: Now a days in metro cities of India you will find competition in skyscrapers , but because of
that we lost the world of other species , and now their life is on wires .
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1243
Artist ID: 1243

Artist Name: Corn Shuk Mei Ho


Artist Statement: Often psychological, my paintings delve into deeper levels of human innermost states of mind. I
create atmospheric, melancholic paintings conjuring up feelings of dislocation. I wish to draw the viewer into an
imaginative and uncanny world by applying layered paints on various flat objects to connect with memory-related

My paintings document my interest in the lost and the found, what is the passing memory and what is synthesised as
a trace in the landscape. I am especially focusing on one individual’s story. Exploring our multiple temperaments
and capturing the essence of a fading moment has been part of my practice since my early work, interviewing people
around me about their personal experience in my Landscape-Memories Series (2013-2014).

I am an experimental oil painter. In Multi-layers Series (2014-2016), I painted on transparent acrylic boards to
transfer paintings into memorable objects. Some of them are displayed in the country parks and some are installed
with video installation. I believe that using layers, elements, colours and lines I can create touchable objects like
mementos, which are strongly attached to depicting time and memory.

In recent works Night Swims Series (2017-2018), I present a body of work influenced by late night swimming. The
endless darkness with its subtly differing shades of blackness provided the initial inspiration for the series. The
characters in the paintings are depicted as though they are nocturnal creatures, their postures invoking feelings of
isolation, solitude, uncertainty, and fear. Their emotions are mirrored by the reflections cast on the surface of the
dark waters, drawing a line of correlation between water as a physical element and as a symbol for the depths of the
human psyche.


Artwork 1 Title: Night Swims Series: Night Swimmers
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76 x 101.5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: “The Black Series: Night Swims― (2017-18) is a project which continues my journey to
dive into the dark waters of the human psyche. The characters depicted in the paintings reflect a state of feelings
including isolation, solitude, uncertainty, and fear. The reflections dancing off of the surface of the dark water are a
symbolic description of these hidden emotions. They mirror the feelings of the characters as if they were like
nocturnal animals that are only comfortable to feed and hunt in the dark.

It was my first experience swimming at night in Lantau Island, Hong Kong in summer 2016 which inspired this
project. It is here where I swam far away from the artificial streetlights of the Island, where one could observe the
horizon of darkness between the sky and sea. Here was an endless darkness with different layers of black colours.
This variety of black colours is also a material study for my colour palettes used in this project.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1245
Artist ID: 1245

Artist Name: Priyanshi Jhaveri


Artist Statement: We are all, in some way or the other, affected or influenced by violence in our lives. We may even
proliferate it, either knowingly or unknowingly. I am intrigued by this human behaviour towards nature and fellow
humans and try to critique it in various ways through my work.

I am very influenced by the surrounding - what individuals see around them, what they acknowledge and what they
are indifferent towards. My work mostly draws that is around me to create a narrative which shows the vehemence,
that I have witnessed and felt, that is somehow universal. My current body of work is somehow influenced by Julia
Kristeva's essay on Abjection. The imageries I create tend to objectify human bodies that are subjecting to the
violence. My work intertwines repetition and grotesque as I think it would have a greater impact on confronting and
conveying my perspective to the viewer.

In my work, drawing and the narration of emotions is central that I explore through the possibilities of the different
medium. The colours and materials I use tend to undermine the inherent violence and enhance the fragility of the
subject. The sensitivity and the intensity of the subject, in my work, somehow reflects in the selection of the


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 34.56 x 10 x 0.5 CM x 4 panels
Artwork 1 Medium: Glazed Ceramics Paper Clay, Polyester thread
Artwork 1 Commentary: Ceramics as a medium fascinates me for the contrast of its strength and fragility. I always try
to bring the quality of my drawing in various mediums. The ceramic piece is influenced by Julia Kristeva's essay on
Abjection. Its, particularly inspired by an instance of the harmless thin milk sheet when seen or touched by lips
creates a weird sensation, a spasm that separates her from her father and mother that proffer it. Here, she abjects
herself within the same motion through which she claims to establish herself as the mind struggles to touch the skin
of the milk because it exists between nourishment and decay.

The ceramic piece is 4 panels glazed work in Paper clay, connected with black polyester thread. The first panel has
motifs of the balloon and rolling pin with the flower-like looking vulva. The middle two panels are smoothly bruised
skin and the last panel has motifs of breast and hands lying on the porous surface.
The imageries tend to seduce the viewer slowly corrupting their eyes and engaging them in discomfort. The work is
filled with textures adapted from human bodies. It has subtle layers of depictions of death/Pain & Pleasure. It also
has several textures of skin, the human body is objectified here to suggest violence. The violence portrayed here
could suggest a multitude of different forms of abuse, such as; self-harm, masochist sadist, scar, death, corpse,
or any other kind of violence.
The visuals of the work are evolved from my core practice and style of drawing. I have always been struggling with
the representation of such ideas in terms of its interaction and confrontation. This is one of the reasons I chose to
compose absurd image-making to create more ambiguity referencing to the subject. Â There are subtle references to
the social structure in past and present narrated in a very subtle way to create paradoxes. The panels are associated
with the narration from the ancient and medieval way of documenting violence (war memorials) when they glorified
or commemorated the violence.Â

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1246
Artist ID: 1246

Artist Name: Relwyn Reffell

IG: fordman_art

Artist Statement: I am a self taught artist from London who is passionate about art. I specialise in pencil drawings,
mostly portraits but also wildlife and landscapes. After a long hiatus of about 15 years where I didnt do any art work
at all, I fell back in love with pencil drawing after a leg injury left me housebound for 3 months back in 2011. Since
then I've been trying to build up a portfolio of work and I see the Ashurst Emerging Artist price as a good opportunity
for my work to be seen, if selected.


Artwork 1 Title: TLE
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H 42cms X W 39cms x D 2cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Graphite pencil
Artwork 1 Commentary: When drawing portraits, I love to bring my work to life by capturing subtle facial expressions
or features that are often unique to the individual I'm drawing. For me, this is usually captured in the eyes. It can
say so much about how a person is feeling and even who they are. In this portrait there’s some ambiguity over
what feelings lie behind her eyes and expression. Some people think she's on the verge of crying while others see
calm assuredness. Creating portraits that can elicit different emotions and feelings from viewers is what I strive for
with each of my pieces.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1247
Artist ID: 1247

Artist Name: Sarah Pooley


Artist Statement: Sarah's work focuses on paintings, which can be seen as a study of artificial simulations through
the exploration of social spaces and their use of industrialised technology.
The creation of consumerist social space deliberately aims to manipulate experience and affect visitors through the
use of architecture, elaborate interior design and artificial lighting; technology is increasingly present within these
social spaces. The subject matter although based on social spaces, consists of depicting themed parks, elaborate
restaurants and theatre stage sets. Consumerist brands are completely awe inspiring with their anything goes
attitude to the parks or other worlds they create. Huge set designs that push the boundaries of technology to engulf
the viewer into the world that they have created for them to enjoy. Sarah's work depicts this as a simulation of an
experience and socialisation.


Artwork 1 Title: Red Flare
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 75x90x2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting is based on a cinema room in a family themed hotel. The bright vibrant red
artificial lights were very overpowering creating an exciting atmosphere for the cartoon cinema room.
I am constantly inspired by elaborate interiors and theatrical set design,
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1248
Artist ID: 1248

Artist Name: Yukako Tanaka


Artist Statement: <Tracing act>

The method and theme of my works are focused on tracing of act. Human beings are continuously leaving traces of
their acts as their proofs of living as far as they live. In other words, it could be said that traces emerge the person
itself, and the identity is formed by accumulation of traces.

<Truth of human being and universe>

I also adopt the theory of philosophy, physics, and geometry (such as Idea, dimension, fractal, evolution) into the
theme of my work. The reason why I deal with these theories is I think that all academic disciplines are linked by the
truth of human and universe across the academic fields. In the ancient and previous academic studies, more cross-
cutting researches took place compared from the current studies as represented by Leonardo da Vinci, Plato and
Aristotle. For example, Plato is famous for the theory of IDEA in philosophy though, by utilising the theory of IDEA,
he summarised the proofs for regular polyhedron in mathematics that the previous mathematicians, like Pythagoras,
had constructed the proofs before. Therefore, the regular polyhedron was named as "Plato solid". Throughout these
aspects, I have come to be interested in thinking about the truth of humans and the universe across the academic
In addition, I'm thinking that art has a possibility to be a medium integrating those academic disciplines into one.
From this point of view, I would like to think about the truth of humans and the universe through my themes.


Artwork 1 Title: the traces for three weeks - travel of existence in space-time-
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H275cm x W175cm x D50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: <The existence for three weeks>
This artwork was installed at Royal College of Art Summer School Fine Art Group Show 2017. In this works, I focused
on three-weeks period of Summer School, and represented three-weeks traces of the studio work adopting the
theory of four dimensional space-time.
I covered the floor of my studio with drawing papers, and recorded the traces of acts of myself and classmates. As
the studio opened from 10:00 am. to 10:00 pm, I stayed there as possible and tried to leave traces. While, I was
doing this artwork, I have been thinking about the "existence" itself.
<The travel of the existence>
In this work, I'd like to represent the travel of the existence from the past to the future by replacing this artwork. In
short, if I would be selected as one of the Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize artist 2019 and could install there, it could
make the traces (existence) of the summer school move into the future space-time (exhibition in 2019).
About installing way in the exhibition, this work is H350cm xW400cm, so I'd like to roll it and hang from the top.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1250
Artist ID: 1250

Artist Name: Sara Marinangeli


Artist Statement: Sara Marinangeli is an Italian photographer and video artist.

She is currently attending the MA in Photography at the Royal College of Art, in London.

Recurring themes of her work are the memory, time and loss; indelible marks that are part of everybody's life.

She focuses on the portraiture and self-portraiture, using analog mediums. Films give her the chance to underline
the connection between the handcraft and the passing of time. The time spent in the darkroom gives another value
and a greater importance to the final work.

As Brian Dillon states, In the Darkroom, the work in the darkroom becomes a metaphor of the artist's memory.

Through her practice, she intends to give a new life to processes, moments, people or feeling that are part of her
own past.


Artwork 1 Title: Left Behind, the piano and her shoes
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x100 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Color diapositive, 4x5 expired fuji-velvia film
Artwork 1 Commentary: Leaving, means to abandon. To go away.
One could state that to leave is a firm and conscious action; but, it can also be considered as non-action, like
stopping from fighting, letting go, contains a secret hope, in this way, of finding something better.

For the ones who stay, the ones that are left behind; leaving becomes a synonym of loss.

'I was eight and my brother was seven, when they divorced, she told me that after some years I could choose to
move with her. But she left us before I could even consider that decision.
Thirteen years have passed since her death; I have always felt like something really important was and is still missing
in my life. With time the pain quietens down but the sensation of emptiness remains the same.
As a wound that doesn’t heal, as a mark that remains on the surface...'

'Left Behind' is a series of self-portraits taken in various rooms of the artist's own house.
In each setting, the artist wears a different dress,
all of those left by her mother to her.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1251
Artist ID: 1251

Artist Name: Sarah Strachan

IG: @sarahstrachan

Artist Statement: I’m interested in how our perception of being in, knowing and belonging in the world,
described across disciplines (art, science and the humanities), affects our ecological awareness and ecological
thinking: the biosphere and its interconnections.

A geography graduate and chartered marketer, I am currently studying Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art. My
artistic sense of place and space are enhanced by my movement through the world and my interactions with people.
A heightened awareness of environmental concerns brought about by these interactions provides me with the
context to my work.

We are living in a new geological epoch dominated by humanity - the Anthropocene - an age of mass extinction
caused by global warming. My practice is a response to the human detachment from nature and the environment
that has been observed in society.

I have been collaborating with other artists and professionals in this area and seeking opportunities to work across
disciplines to challenge perceptions of communication and engagement with ecology and sustainability.


Artwork 1 Title: All that remains
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20 x 20
Artwork 1 Medium: Photopolymer etching
Artwork 1 Commentary: Inspired by the image of a disused advertising billboard on a train into London, All that
remains represents a forensic-like remnant of our anthropocentric and consumerist culture; human-made stuff in
the foreground, natural environment in the background.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1253
Artist ID: 1253

Artist Name: Chloe Hull

IG: chloevictoriasculptures

Artist Statement: Chloe is an up and coming artist based in the heart of the Cotswold, producing detailed animal
sculptures in Bronze using the lost wax method. Her main passion is sculpting horses, as she has grown up and
worked with them throughout her life. Chloe is a self taught artist - She spent much of her time at school making
sculptures in the art depatement but didn't believe it was something she could peruse as a career after school and
therefore didn't continue to make any art. Following school she studied Equine Management at College, then spent
many years working in Sales, until recently re-discovering these sculpting skills in 2017. To date Chloe has only
produced one-off commissions, but since doing these commissions she has now been able to created a selection of
limited edition sculptures, and is very excited to present her work.


Artwork 1 Title: LITTLE LEO
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 146cm x 41cm x 19cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Bronze on Granite
Artwork 1 Commentary: Originally sculpted as a commission for one of my first clients, Little Leo is an event horse
who was competing at 4* level but has unfortunately been retired from work now. I was asked to create a sculpture
of him and having a selection of pictures I produced this sculpture.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1255
Artist ID: 1255

Artist Name: Georgie Mason

IG: georgiesmason

Artist Statement: Existing somewhere between the figurative and the abstract, Georgie’s paintings are portals
into memories of places or experiences. Inspired by the natural world, she incorporates artifacts and resources from
nature – sand, mud, natural charcoal – into her work. She is currently artist in residence at Stepney City Farm, a
rural oasis of 2 acres in the heart of London. Brought up in the countryside of Suffolk, Georgie feels at home at the
farm and the fresh air, animals and sense of community provide Georgie with daily inspiration.

Georgie’s method is energetic and visceral and there is a constant struggle to maintain emotionally connected
with the work - which is what gives it integrity - whilst also stepping back and making it visually successful. With little
idea in the outset how her paintings will turn out, she works instinctively into the piece until an end vision becomes

Since graduating from a degree in English Literature and History of Art at Nottingham University in 2015, she has
had work accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Affordable Art Fairs and had solo shows at
Boston Consulting Group, Palm Tree Gallery and Lavenham Hall Gallery. She’s had work shortlisted for the NEAC
Annual Exhibition and NOA Prize and was winner of the Harry Walker Prize at the BSA Annual Exhibition. Her work is
held in the private collection of the Museum of Goa in India and in boutique hotels across the UK.


Artwork 1 Title: Silence on the Ganges
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42 x 46 x 3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint and photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: In this mixed media piece I have painted on top of a photograph I took in Varanasi, India. I
took the photo on a fisherman’s boat from which I watched the morning ceremony of the burning of the bodies.

It was strange because you’d think watching human bodies being unclothed and lowered onto a fire to be burned
would be a very frightening, quite disturbing scene but in fact it was extremely serene. We were on the river so you
couldn’t hear much noise and there was a sort of dissociation with what was going on. You could smell the
burning flesh but there was nothing particularly horrific about it. The way it’s normalised in India and how they
view death – as a natural part of life, - made it all feel quite natural.

In averting the attention from the actual burning at the ghats the stillness of the experience is conveyed.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1256
Artist ID: 1256

Artist Name: Doina Iacob


Artist Statement: I was born and raised in Romania, in a period of time when the invisible walls were thicker and
higher than visible ones...
I'm a self-taught artist who lives a few steps away from Chicago. For me, painting is more than a hobby. It's my
method of expressing my feelings, my moods, and my personal way of talking to the world. In the last few years I
took on the art of painting in a more serious way, and I started to devote more time to it. I participated in some
group exhibitions and even had some solo representations. My style has changed a little over the last few months,
moving slightly to the side of the imaginary, the interpretation of dreams.


Artwork 1 Title: Cityscape
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 101x76x3
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylics on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The city of Chicago, in my dreams...
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1258
Artist ID: 1258

Artist Name: Antimo Bertolino

IG: antimo bertolino

Artist Statement:

Antimo Bertolino was born in Formia in 1972, and later moved to Milan. His artistic journey is all about experience
and know-how, as these are part of his being on a self-taught path, which intersects his work in the workshop with
his search for a concept.
He graduated as an electronic expert and enlisted as a paratrooper in the Folgore for his military service; for a time
he worked as a boxer in order to pay for the courses he regularly followed as a privatist. These allowed him to grow
technically, deepening the bronze and metal working techniques, including the lost wax casting, which he learned at
the M.A.F. in Pioltello (MI), goldsmith techniques, which he acquired through his training with Luca Solari; the
conservative restoration of furniture, which he assimilated from Ferruccio Amati, and nude drawing, which he
learned at the Centro Scolastico per le Industrie Artistiche in Lugano, Switzerland, where in 2002 he finally
established and inaugurated his own double soul workshop, living as a restorer and creating and elaborating ideas as
an artist.

He took part in many noteworthy collective exhibitions among which, in chronological order, there are,: in 1998 the
critique's special note in the contest La telaccia d'oro in Turin (panel: T.Fornero, M.Viani and M.Mali); in 2000 -30 at
Spazio Hajech at the Liceo Artistico di Brera in Milan; in 2001 Dalla pietra, dal ferro, dal fuoco (curated by Renzo
Mezzacapo) at the Galleria Comunale di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Piombino, with his participation in the
same year at the Biennale d'arte contemporanea in Florence. In 2004 he takes part in Tremend'Arte, a collective
exhibition organized by the Municipality of Milan and by the Don Mazzi Foundation at Palazzo della Ragione; in 2017
he is a finalist in the Premio Arte 2017 (Cairo Publishing House/curated by Cairo) and participates in the respective
exhibition at the Palazzo Reale in Milan. In 2018 he exhibits at the Royal Palace in Balchik, Bulgaria, where he is
introduced by the Minister of Culture Rumen Dimitrov, and later at the Ethnographic Museum of Plovdiv, also in
Bulgaria; he participates in the triennial exhibition Mutazioni - in difesa della natura (curated by Al Fadhil and Anna
Radaelli) in Maroggia, Switzerland; he is a finalist in the Malamegi LAB 10 - Art Contest 2018 (curated by Margherita
Jedrzeiewska and Massimo Toffolo) and exhibits at 28 Piazza di Pietra Fine Art Gallery, in Rome; he also takes part in
the First edition of Home Revolution Prize at the fair "La mia casa a Gravina" in the Bari province.

The main critical texts in which he is mentioned are the Catalogo dell'Arte Moderna: gli artisti italiani dal primo
novecento ad oggi (edited by Alessandra Radaelli), Giorgio Mondadori Editore, 2017, and the personal catalog
Antimo B., Bandecchi & Vivaldi Editori, 2000, where several authors wrote about him, including Flavio Arenzi,
Roberto Sabatelli, Laura Milani, Gregory Rossi, Fulvio Vicchi and Paolo Levi.


Artwork 1 Title: morgana
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 95x96
Artwork 1 Medium: carved wood
Artwork 1 Commentary:
edited by Anna Radaelli

The conscious and impeccable technique Antimo Bertolino uses in carving and then painting with acrylic colors his
wooden boards/panels, is the result of his self-taught journey, in which he learnt to blend the work of the restorer
and that of the artist and made them coexist in his work, which reunites contemporary artistic production with that
of the great workshops of the past.

Antimo has had several masters, coming from artistic fields far from each other; the result is a contamination we
certainly can attribute to the Art Nouveau, which he learned through the restoration techniques of antique furniture
or through the goldsmith production, as well as to more modern aristic movements such as Spatialism, Op Art and
Minimalism, all present in this artist's sculptures.

As they are made on wooden panels/boards, at first sight his works look like paintings. However, if we take the time
to observe the waves that are carved in them, new paths open up to the observer. Starting from the physical
experimentation conveyed by the sense of sight, the mind calms down, and with that every attempt to conceptualize
his work. We are carried away by the sensual enjoyment which is given by the movement of the monochrome color,
becoming alive and iridescent thanks to the carvings that refract the light, and to the inner space that is suddenly
aligned with, and part of, the exterior one.

His work is therefore a mirror that amplifies and reverberates the physical and mental world of those who observe
the fractals, the waves, the lights and the colors of his panels/boards, which transform from two-dimensional objects
into real sculptures. They incorporate not only the third dimension (depth) but also the fourth (time) and the
dimension of the observer, who becomes, together with the work, a protagonist of his own perceivable world and of
the one he perceives.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1259
Artist ID: 1259

Artist Name: Natalie Webb

IG: @nataliewebbartist

Artist Statement: I am a multi-skilled ambidextrous fine artist / fashion designer / writer. I come from a fashion and
design background, with 20+ years of experience creating ranges / managing clients, marketing, production, quality
and design teams for brands and the high street customers.

My art is based on interaction with the environment, observation of human activity and spontaneity, and is
produced on a variety of different media.

Every living thing is unique and moves through life at its own pace. I strive to capture these relationships and feeling
of movement in my artwork.


Artwork 1 Title: Emerge -2
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 55cm x75cm without frame add 5.5cm for mount and frame
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic paint and metalic paint on paperboard
Artwork 1 Commentary: I am an amidextrous artist and love to paint people in movement. This artwork was painted
with a live model during her yoga practice
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1260
Artist ID: 1260

Artist Name: Danic Lago

IG: @danic.lago

Artist Statement: Danic Lago, a Brazilian who has lived abroad for 20 years, is a modern alchemist. Poet who inhabits
a creative and inventive mind, which unites her experiences and wanderings around the world in works of art.
The lightness with which Danic perceives the world and the nuances that separate nations, made her understand
that being in love with something brings all meanings, from absolute enthusiasm to deepest pain. The collages are
the portrait of this deep and peculiar look of the place that she inhabits in the world, in which the artist understood
that transforming is her driving force.
Her connection with paper can be immediately perceived in her first piece. Without a canvas, a cardboard box was
the base. The artist today works with manual collages, a mix of materials. Mixing elements such as paper, wood,
watercolor, ink, acrylic, gold leaf, fabrics, dried leaves, mosses, pieces of trees and stones, her pieces reflect the
world - it has a Brazilian touch, a Mexican vibe, a European breather, colours and more colours. For having worked
for so many years with trend research, her works are a declaration of love in dressing, each piece a new character.
Danic has the ability to transform her feelings into delicate pieces, full of meaning, that transports those who see
them into a playful world of colours. The artist explores the world and uses materials from nature or that are
reusable, such as discarded wood. Here, her vocation as an alchemist shouts: reuse, transform, and resignify.


Artwork 1 Title: Antonia
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 41.5cmx40cmx3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Collage/Mixed Media
Artwork 1 Commentary: A warrior after battle, Antonia is bruised, but not defeated. Inspired by Joan of Arc,
Antonia’s bespoke wooden base gives the piece a hard edge, combined with an earthy warmth and creates great
contrast with the purple tones of her armour. Antonia stares defiantly at the viewer, all flowing lines and poise.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1261
Artist ID: 1261

Artist Name: Kenny Nguyen

IG: kennynguyenclt

Artist Statement: 'Interwoven' is a series of work included painting, wall sculpture, and installation that made out of
silk. There is an idea that knitting all of my works together, an exploration of cultural identity and integration. I found
the inspiration from silk, a cultural-rich material that has become a narrative medium and metaphor for my personal
identity. Immigrated from Vietnam, influenced by Vietnamese cultural heritage and fashion design background, my
artwork was often constructed by balancing these factors. The shifting perception gave me a different perspective
about the material that I believe it can transform and create a cultural experience for the viewer.
I began with a deconstruction and reconstruction process. Each hand-cut silk strip was either pasted directly on the
canvas or soaked in acrylic paint and dried on a plastic sheet. The final result is what I've called silk-skin, a multi-layer
textural structure that is very flexible and sculptable. I also find the importance of the senses and emotions by
transforming a delicate material like silk into a complex surface and sculptural forms. For instance, my installation
'Silk Piece' was constructed in the way the garment would be made with an imagination body. Each fold and drape is
secured temporarily with a push pins and constantly change during the installation process. The artwork form was
not permanent, whenever the piece was reinstalled in a new space the sculpting process was repeated but the result
will never turn out the same.


Artwork 1 Title: Silk Piece No.5
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 245 x 165 x 25 inches (approximated)
Artwork 1 Medium: Hand-cut silk strips, acrylic paint, push pin
Artwork 1 Commentary: My installation 'Silk Piece' was constructed in the way the garment would be made with an
imagination body. Each fold and drape is secured temporarily with a push pins and constantly change during the
installation process. The artwork form was not permanent, whenever the piece was reinstalled in a new space the
sculpting process was repeated but the result will never turn out the same.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1262
Artist ID: 1262

Artist Name: Mary Breiter

Website: -
IG: marympbartist

Artist Statement: Mary was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1974. She has been living and working in Limassol, Cyprus since

She studied Art at Calisher University 1995 to 2000 by the top artists in Israel. She has had several solo exhibitions
and has participated in many group exhibitions in Israel and in Cyprus.

In 2016, she took on herself an extremely emotional project of drawing 21 figures of “Habonim― tragedy
victims for a documentary book.

Among her various works, she was influenced by this project and created a series oil paintings of this tragedy.

In her paintings, she frequently uses symbols and clues to reflect emotions and deals with deep psychological and
philosophical questions


Artwork 1 Title: Green Horizon
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 154cm X 195cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This Artwork is part of "Habonim tragedy" paintings series.
This Artwork is part of "Habonim tragedy" paintings series.
The concept of kid's drawing with clear skyline and ground line, which implies childhood memories. The inspiration
came from typical idealistic social network images (common in Facebook and Instagram) that usually present people
documenting their ultimate vacation from Paradise, where at the bottom of the photograph their feet protrude and
rest. In my painting the feet can be perceived as being above or below the railroad tracks.
A magical journey in an exotic and green area raises the question: what kind of paradise is that, in this existing world
or perhaps in the next world?
The geometrical outline of the hourglass, presented in the center of my painting, highlights the end of the children's
ambitious dreams. The “sky is the limit― is getting different meanings, when life is being suddenly taken and all
the dreams are converted into bloody mesh of grief and sorrow.
The complementary choice of colours red and green, clashes under this unique circumstance.
The dark stain on the left side represents the train that destroyed the heavenly picture and melted the kids'
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1263
Artist ID: 1263

Artist Name: Alice Burbridge


Artist Statement: The subject matter of my work is food, tempting, delicious treats and meals. Something to please
both the eye and the senses.

I really started getting into painting a few years ago when my anxiety was at a particularly bad point. Baking was
already something that helped me deal with this so I decided to take that forward and also paint my creations,
making them as realistic as possible which helped me to cope and relax.

As painting helps me through my situation, I would love to now progress and help others viewing my work to find
comfort and an image that will make them smile.

I’m focused on working with oil paints in my practice and developing this skill further throughout my Fine Art
Painting and Drawing degree. I’m also using drawings alongside this to help develop my painting skills through
tone and contrast. I'm continuing to build upon my colour matching to develop my hyper realism facture, discovering
how the colours could become or mimic the food and textures within the food.

Artists who have really inspired me are Wayne Thiebaud, Tjalf Sparnaay and Joel Penkman, looking at their work and
seeing how they’ve produced their artworks and also the reason behind their work has been really interesting.
Researching into their composition choices and background options has helped take my work forward.


Artwork 1 Title: Hot Chocolate
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 46.4cm x 46.4cm x 4.6cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil painting on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: A relaxed painting of a hot chocolate in a cafe. All of the focus is on the hot chocolate, the
oozing cream and the marshmallows which are just about to fall off the edge of the mug and onto the saucer. The
rest of the cafe is a blurred haze as all of your senses take in the wondrous drink in front of you, putting a smile on
your face.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1264
Artist ID: 1264

Artist Name: Mrs Naylor


Artist Statement: I make sculpture from life drawing.

I’m in touch with nature allowing me to be solitary and quietly facilitate my escape from reality and regenerate
my soul.
My work is derived from the earth, genuine and authoritative and confidently reflects the earthly beauty of woman.
I start by painting from life the female form, capturing unique gestural movements which must reach something
deep inside me to transpose into sculpture.
A life size steel armature is made from iron and carbon which is chosen for its durability and strength and rendered
with gypsum mined from the ground and mixed with sand, water and hay collected from the floor of my hay store
where fragments of lime dust and leaves are mixed in. It is carefully applied to expose some of the armature and
found objects are considerately placed within, allowing the material to rust and develop its own natural beauty.
Resin is applied to seal and waterproof the sculpture which gives strength, formality and a unique presence.
Mystical but purposeful, created from natures pantry the very essence of my work is intended to elicit an emotional
response making it profoundly different and easily recognisable. It is a celebration of the female form in movement,
a discreet gesture, ephemeral in its execution and a reflection of my close engagement with humanity and nature.
Demonstrating the fragility of life and the hidden sadness and loneliness of death.


Artwork 1 Title: Vernal - (Of Spring)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150cm x 120cm x 240cm
Artwork 1 Medium: MiG welded steel armature, pottery plaster mixed with water, hay and lime dust and coated
with epoxy resin.
Artwork 1 Commentary: My work demonstrates the fragility of life and hidden sadness of death through the female
It is also a bold statement of ‘woman’ with large breasts and buttocks, a celebration, sexually confident, a
positive presence, not to be hidden which would deny our very being.
Vernal grew from the loss of 3 loved ones in extraordinarily tragic circumstances, unable to express my true feelings I
found by immersing myself in the making process of sculpture and working though nature, I was able to heal.
Vernal expresses my sense of isolation, loneliness and sorrow felt at that time, life is precious, and this work
demonstrates through my use of natural materials how close we are to being of the earth at any one time.
Vernal delays that outcome, reaches out and protects, offers a safe place.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1265
Artist ID: 1265

Artist Name: Constanze Kratzsch


Artist Statement: 1984 Constanze Kratzsch saw the light of day. Born and raised in GDR on the island of Rügen. The
unknown brought she to Berlin. In her works the vanitas is paramount. The art of visual poetry. A connection
between old and new. Her visual vocabulary is surreal, Pop Art and Dada moved. In artistic creation she feel free and
created a new world from a different perspective.​


Artwork 1 Title: This is a human
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30 30 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Aquarell
Artwork 1 Commentary: Every day I look people in the street in the face. It is their injured subconscious that I reflect
in my pictures.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1267
Artist ID: 1267

Artist Name: Jinsol Hong


Artist Statement: Jinsol

Ceramist, Tattooist

I share my stories through visual materials like a tattoo, illustration, ceramic and fabric. I’m passionate about
expressing the emotions that we experience in daily life, creating compelling images in our minds.


Artwork 1 Title: Pony Vase
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 28X23X10.5 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramic
Artwork 1 Commentary: A simplified pony vase made of ceramic. Any kind of vines make for a beautiful tail.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1268
Artist ID: 1268

Artist Name: Alyse Dietel

IG: @amilliontinylines

Artist Statement: Nature does not conform to humankind, but rather is bent to our will. Unfortunately our will is not
always in the best interest of nature and it’s creatures. I use my art to show that it could be the other way
around. Instead of us shaping nature into profit, expansion, and power, it could shape us. Our natural world could
shape us as it shapes my art; in a way that is beautiful, beneficial, and full of understanding, appreciation, and love.

I hope to express not only the full extent of the damage we do to our environment, but also the beauty of our
natural world. I hope to show that we are all connected in nature, and that the negative effect we have on our earth
affects us just as negatively. I hope to capture the wonder and awe of wild places and animals, and to instill a desire
to conserve and protect them. I hope to empower and inspire a brighter future. Because for that future, I hope.


Artwork 1 Title: Time is Running Out
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 38"x27cm
Artwork 1 Medium: ink and watercolor
Artwork 1 Commentary: Time is Running Out is a commentary on the damage and destruction we are causing our
natural world. It is intended to invoke a sense of anxiety for rapidly diminishing wild places and creatures, as well as
a desire to conserve and protect them.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1269
Artist ID: 1269

Artist Name: Kaja Pilch


Artist Statement: Kaja Pilch – born in 1993 in Cracow. In 2009-2013 she was learning in Fine Arts High School in
Nowy Wiśnicz in a field of ceramics, under care of Krystyna Jarczewska. The collaboration with Krystyna Jarczewska,
a versatile artist, was the basis to create and to reach the knowledge about various styles in art. This fructifies the
collaboration at Barbara Leoniak’s atelier and also wide possibilities in field of sculpture. Until this moment
Kaja’s favourite form is installation art, consisting of various materials, which are the results of experiments of
getting to know various forms of expression. Currently, Kaja Pilch is PhD student Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow at
the Sculpture Department under the care of professor Bogusz Salwiński. Her works refer to widely understood
symbolism and confrontation with human’s character and illusion


Artwork 1 Title: Intricacies
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 100 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: steel
Artwork 1 Commentary: This world, which Jung called a collective unconscious, is part of our personality common to
all: it is the heritage of our distant ancestors. Primitive, archaic, unconscious and universal. Using this cumulative
experience of our species, I noticed that for all people for centuries the circle or sphere meant the truth that we
experience as people in our opinion gradually growing up. A lie that is also experienced by us is a purely human
product. I think that the phenomenon of Lie is closer to us than the truth. We understand it better because we
created it ourselves. A lie in my work has a very simple metaphor - a distorted circle / distorted truth as well as
complexity and some kind of psychological oppression experienced during the act of lying.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1271
Artist ID: 1271

Artist Name: Pei-Chi Lee


Artist Statement: Pei-Chi Lee is a creative maker and illustrator who currently studies Textiles Mixed Media at Royal
College of Art, London.
Pei-Chi makes works that are inspired by the strange narratives that are found in relationships between people and
the environment.
Using an offbeat sense of humour and a whimsical aesthetic throughout her practice, She uses a wide range of
materials to create kinetic embellishment to tell stories with an emphasis on tactility and interaction with the


Artwork 1 Title: So I wrote you a love song
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 25cm x 57cm x 48cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media
Artwork 1 Commentary:
In this work, Pei-chi animates her work by first using laser cutter to turn her drawings into physical pieces, and
attaching them to two spinning discs, making kinetic sculpture that creates unexpected movement and
unpredictable sound within the environment, in order to create the track of the awakening spring.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1272
Artist ID: 1272

Artist Name: Gabriel Kenny-Ryder

IG: @gkennyryder

Artist Statement: I am a visual artist working predominantly with photography. I use a range of complex, tactile
photographic processes to cross-examine visual representation, to question the role of photography in
contemporary culture and to explore photography-as-performance.
‘Sculptural’ photography is what interests me. I create unique photographic ‘objects’ as part of
installations or environmental works that allow viewer interaction on a more physical and conceptual level than
more traditional methods of display. My works break apart and rearrange their subject matter in order to create
new experiences and memories from the original forms.


Artwork 1 Title: Liminal Stretch I
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50 x 250 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital C-Type Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: Over the past year I have been photographing coastlines, producing multi-frame panoramas
from single rolls of medium-format film, Liminal Stretch I is one of these artworks, drum-scanned from a single roll of
transparency film.

The multiple frames express time passing and the movement of the camera across the scene reveals the
photographer’s hand, which cannot be separated from the representation. They critique the boundaries between
still and moving images and show how the duration of a photograph can be extended to show time in a more fluid
way. I find this methodology creates an almost vibrating memory of a place. The large panoramic prints in this series
confront and envelop the viewer, forcing a reaction.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1273
Artist ID: 1273

Artist Name: Mhairi Treharne

IG: mhairi_treharne

Artist Statement: I create images that are intended to feel precious and nostalgic, and reference memories and
imagined places from my childhood in Haliburton County in Canada and life in Japan, the United States and the
United Kingdom.

My work is small in scale and intended to be held and cherished as an intimate memento. Transparent areas thinly
veil glazes of colour, wood singe marks and dapples of pigment.

Developed in layers of oil and enamel, and using a limited colour palette, images are set on sanded and singed
hardwood plywood plaques, wrapped or woven in pure silver, copper or mixed iron wire. They are often
multidirectional, allowing the freedom to explore and view them as you wish.


Artwork 1 Title: Shifting Waterline
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 14.5 x 9 x 1.2 (cm)
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint, Lacquer, Heat marking & Sterling silver wire on hardwood plywood.
Artwork 1 Commentary: This image is created to be multidirectional, the reverse of the image allowing the beholder
to hang this painting in either direction. The landscape is set in Algonquin Park in Ontario, a vast landscape that is
easy to become lost in.

The reverse of the image is inspired by a piece of family delphware ceramic, a soft homely British object that is so
opposite from the landscape on the face of the plaque. Being caught between Canada and my British heritage is an
attribute that changes the way I view and think about both homelands.

Plywood has been cut and sanded to the golden ratio. Holes have been drilled in the plaque with a milling machine
and then singed with a soldering iron throughout the base of the painting. Wire has been stitched around the image
to craft a frame which is ready to be hung. Wire is pure silver and intended to oxidise over time.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1275
Artist ID: 1275

Artist Name: Anabela Maravilhas


Artist Statement: There is an alchemical connection in my works and photographs, making my creations in non-
representations, a subjective, informed and spiritualized view. My pieces and images emerge from the chaotic; of a
sum of destructions of aesthetic conventions and rules of art, I integrate them in my practice by potentializing my
work to new possibilities and openness to new paths.
The image chosen for the contest, is one of a larger group of images, which intend not to present a physical
appearance of something concrete, but rather the capture of alchemical moments that penetrate the photosensitive
virgin paper, like a engraved wound. The process of exploration and production of photographic images are merged
through the alchemical evocation advocated by alternative means of photography: “chemigrams― that
correspond to a hybridization between painting and drawing that makes use of photosensitive paper and various
chemical solutions.


Artwork 1 Title: Formless
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 18 x 13 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: chemigram on fiber paper (alternative photography)
Artwork 1 Commentary: Despite the fragility of Human conception about the world, the art, the ephemerid and the
impotence of matter and of the human being, made my concerns do not resist looking for answers in my authoral
is important in my authoral work the approximation between matter (world of tangible things) and man, for both,
Sane and Fragile, perishable and changeable with time-have both a lifetime and undergo constant changes due to
multiple and several variables-being therefore ephemeris and perishable.
This reality contradicts to the divine and the religion - consequently: belief, eternity, intangibility and faceless

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1276
Artist ID: 1276

Artist Name: Juliet Gibba


Artist Statement: Tropical, other-worldly plants in fake jungles with walls and ceilings, no skies above or deep earth
beneath. Concrete and glass and metal and mist. Glasshouses are microcosmic environments: perfectly curated
tropical gardens, with dense and humid atmospheres of mystery. Long boxes of heat and condensation and palms
and huge, house-sized leaves. Things that shouldn't exist on English soil that DO exist on English soil.

The deconstructed, reimagined environments of exotic lands contained in glasshouses built in England make up the
subject for this series of paintings. Initially inspired by the brutalist architecture of the Barbican conservatory in
London, the series now looks at a variety of British glasshouses, focussing on the intersection between the man-
made and natural.


Artwork 1 Title: SCAFFOLD
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80X80X4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting focusses on the Barbican conservatory.

Looking at the differences between the brutalist architecture of the building and the tropical jungle-like environment
of the indoor garden, the painting seeks to highlight the contrast between these two seemingly polarised universes.
Using different glazes and mixtures of mediums, an element of the transparent can be recognised - an alien mixture
of paint that questions what is really there and what the artist has invented.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1277
Artist ID: 1277

Artist Name: Ant Hamlyn

IG: anthamlyn

Artist Statement: I see my works as precisely crafted visual poems that offer up an immediacy of both visual and
written language through repetition, anthropomorphic metaphors, dystopian or utopian potential and dry humour.
They are organic and often take content from stage craft inventions, observation, memory and contemporary digital
life. They are also semi autobiographical and are realized by a combination of techniques such as elaborate
engineering, hand made fabrication and digital technologies. Offering up kinetic objects, performances and ideas in
which aim to not act as hyperbolic motivational offerings but attempt to delve into a surreal and transient state of
shifting human enthusiasm.

The bored, excited, enthusiastic, surreal and painful. The uncertainty of experiencing everything at once, and then
have it all unravel in front of your eyes.


Artwork 1 Title: 119 Me
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 65 x 50 15
Artwork 1 Medium: Waxed birch plywood, acrylic plastic, custom hardware and software, 10" tablet, fabric plaster,
online elements, Twitter.
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'Me’ stands for me. It’s the chemical symbol of Me. The 119th element. That’s
Me. The rush, the glitz the glamour. Me. The dopamine hit of me. I love you, I love me. It’s about you but it’s
about me. I’m thankful for you. I’m thankful for me.

119 Me is a live, reactive sculpture that repeatedly displays optimistic, thankful posts by complete strangers across
Twitter. The tablet in the centre of the work continually runs a live website that finds, filters and displays live global
tweets where the #thankful hashtag has been used.

Each time the #thankful tag is found in a tweet - the tablet draws attention to itself by pulsating bright purple light
and displaying the incoming twitter feed for the viewer to read. Because of the consistently unpredictable content
generated via the tweets, the narrative of the work continuously fluctuates generating an extensive archive of online

The work looks to resist a potentially cynical overview in the face of the social impact of digital technology by
providing a platform of optimism. Whilst at the same time questioning the hyperbolic nature of these tweets and
their audience, and their potential as tools for self help, competition and the constant need for personal
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1279
Artist ID: 1279

Artist Name: Alun Rhys Jones


Artist Statement: Alun Rhys Jones is a UK-based artist, whose practice focuses on themes related to identity,
commodity, media, and popular culture. Recent work has investigated the use of the body, gender and celebrity in a
post internet, late capitalist, consumer society.

Masculinity is in flux. Recent articles into the effects of toxic masculinity on the male psyche have revealed the
extent to which men are both the jailors and prisoners of their own emotional wellbeing. Traditional gender
stereotypes that encourage men to compete with other men and dominate women (and other men) by being
aggressive, worldly, insensitive, physically imposing, ambitious, and demanding can cause long term damaging
effects as they do not allow the ability for weakness or emotional expression and connection to occur.

This toxic masculinity plays out in the disdain for anything that is coded feminine or homosexual. Boys in the
playground are still humiliated and insulted with calls of “don’t be a girl― or “don’t be a sissy―.
They are constantly told “boys don’t cry― and “to man up―. This type of socialisation normalises
violence and aggressive behaviour and quietly endorses it with phrases like “boys will be boys―. This curtailing
of male feeling continues into adulthood with men continually being told to toughen up instead of to open up.

Magazines, TV, films and the Internet are full of these negative gender stereotypes. Media often portray the ideal
man to be muscular and by implication strong, tough and stoic. However the pressure to obtain and maintain the
body beautiful portrayed by these images has led to an increase in body dissatisfaction for men and young adults.
Many men are very concerned about their own physique and feel pressure to gain weight and become more toned.
They were significantly more likely to become depressed and take part in behaviors like alcohol, steroid and drug

Suicide is now the leading cause of death for Australian men aged 15-44 and male suicide rates are three times that
of women. It appears the pressure to look, act, and harden up may be making some men crack.

This drawing "Gandy" investigates and deconstructs the traditional tropes of masculinity today.


Artwork 1 Title: Gandy
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 122 x 100 x 5
Artwork 1 Medium: Charcoal on Stonehenge paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
The original charcoal drawing “Gandy― comprises a photorealistic depiction of a crumpled piece of paper torn
from a fashion magazine. However in the drawing the paper is crumpled and distorted, the image printed on its
surface twisted and transformed reflecting the aspirational and often unobtainable nature of the body beautiful
promoted by the advertising industry, the speed with which these images are discarded and a reminder of the
unsustainable nature of our throwaway society.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1281
Artist ID: 1281

Artist Name: Rigel Maple

IG: maplearchive

Artist Statement: Rigel Maple’s work represents an excavation into collective memory. He shifts through a
midden heap of broken symbols from world history, culture, philosophy, religious and spiritual traditions. Surfacing
Images that explore our deepest fears, longings, desires and the tension that exists between our contemporary
attitudes and that of our deep past.


Artwork 1 Title: A Prophet
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40 x 40cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil and Charcoal on Linen
Artwork 1 Commentary:
This portrait of the great German philosopher of history Oswald Spengler captures the ontological angst that
characterised his world view of the life cycle of civilizations outlined in his work “Decline of the West―. Here he
is rendered as a luminous being capable of peering behind the veil of the phenomenal world and able to discover its
fundamental secrets. But he is burdened by this knowledge like Casandra in Greek mythology and driven to the edge
of madness.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1282
Artist ID: 1282

Artist Name: Glad Fryer

IG: glad_fryer_artist

Artist Statement: I paint to meet images – dependent and unmet.

I paint to sense and make sense
I paint to formulate
I paint in reverie and out of reverie
I paint to reflect
When I paint - Land, place, sea and now - all are within my compass
When I paint I understand – something of very little


Artwork 1 Title: Shed
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 160cmX184cmX4cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Shed is a painting of our 6'x4' garden shed converted into a sauna. I am interest in how the
ordinary and the familiar can appear uncanny or magical.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1284
Artist ID: 1284

Artist Name: Michael Bradshaw


Artist Statement: I work with found and ready-made items, combining, replicating and extending these, using either
the original items or such other materials as are appropriate. The work ranges in size from small-scale un-
monumental pieces through to adult human in size and general dimensions. I work in this way to explore the nature
and materiality of physical items and our relationship with them. Wider interests and personal concerns also surface
through the process of making, such as the human condition, technology and individual searches for a place in the
I am a mature fine art student, having previously been a solicitor with a City law firm.


Artwork 1 Title: Are we amused (a.k.a I dream of Serge Faguet)?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60x40x3 per piece
Artwork 1 Medium: MDF
Artwork 1 Commentary: The work is laser cut 3 mm MDF. The form I have developed from shape of defunct
component from a broken down domestic appliance. The words are the list of personal inclinations given up by
Silicon Valley millionaire and 'bio-hacker' Serge Faguet as he seeks to improve and extend his life and ultimately
outlive the limitations of the biological human form. The form, from a defunct component, is also knowingly
anthropomorphic and references nostalgic/retro gaming and in this way I want to ask if the human [bioligical form] is
becoming outmoded or is this a retro sci-fi fantasy in itself or for of those who doubt this future, are we hopelessly
out of time? By extension the work also seeks to consider the medicalisation of our lifestyles (itself an indulgence of
the well-set) but also whether being human is to have vices, inclinations and addictions that follow us around, calling
to us, and which we indulge or resist, but which persist. The appeal of these inclinations is also acknowledged in the
cartoon-like look of the form. The material is unassuming - puny and insignificant. The list is neither complete nor
universal - but does it speak to us and what are its gaps? And combined with the words, form, repetition and the
arrangement, they seek to appeal, persist and challenge.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1288
Artist ID: 1288

Artist Name: Sauro Manetti

IG: enamoruas

Artist Statement: My creativity is focused on my daily life. I live by myself, among the others and inside the
community. These interactions give birth to my art form, defining its actors and matters.

Accidental or desired encounters with objects and materials that used to mean something, and then lost their
purpose, still keeping their substance as well as their ability to revive in a new shape.

I like to make useful again the apparently useless

My technique is functional to the creative process; every time it is adapted to the actual object in addition to the
momentary pleasure and the final outcome.


Artwork 1 Title: I'm ashamed for having 98% of genes in common with you
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H45 x W18 x D21
Artwork 1 Medium: sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: 2018 - hair

one cousin of ours is ashamed of us

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1291
Artist ID: 1291

Artist Name: Michael Dyson

IG: @michaeldyson_art

Artist Statement: While there are no ubiquitous ideas that can be found in all of my work, emotion and nostalgia are
common reoccurring themes.


Artwork 1 Title: Beach town
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40.5x51x2.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint on wooden panel
Artwork 1 Commentary: The central premise behind this artwork is to convey the ambience and nostalgia of small
coastal towns by combining the imagery of the ocean with beach houses and the atmosphere of summer evenings.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1299
Artist ID: 1299

Artist Name: Yulia Taylor


Artist Statement: Dear Sir/Madame,

I am writing to introduce you to my work. I am a professional artist with Masters in Arts. The main medium for my
art works are oil and acryl paints on canvas.
I invite you to visit my instagram account at to review a more comprehensive
selection of my work.
I just recently hosted my sole exhibition “Memories and Colour― at the SE9 Container Gallery, St Thomas More
Catholic Comprehensive School, Footscray Road, Eltham, London, SE9 2SU. I am pleased to let you know that the
exhibition was a success and a big encouragement for me.
I am very happy to share my art with you now.
Thank you for taking the time to review my work.
Yulia Taylor.


Artwork 1 Title: SWANS
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50 cm x 76 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Family of swans, which I pained in the park.
Oil on canvas.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1300
Artist ID: 1300

Artist Name: Kathryn Cirincione

IG: @KathrynCirincione

Artist Statement: I’m a citizen of both the U.S. and of Italy; I’m a printmaker, photographer and painter. My
Southern Italian ancestors worked as designers, painters, church muralists and stained glass window artists who still
find expression in my work.

Every day I absorb what’s happening in the news, in society and in our culture. Those events influence me when I
enter my studio to work. Usually, I start by looking at scraps of what I’ve collected and let them lead me,
informing what I do. That’s when something magic happens, and that’s what motivates me to keep on the
journey of creating art.


Artwork 1 Title: "WAITING"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 54.61 x 72.39 x 3.81
Artwork 1 Medium: Three plate solar etching
Artwork 1 Commentary: "WAITING" is a solar etching on Hahnemuhle paper with Sennelier inks using three plates. It
addresses issues of social justice with a focus on the civil rights movement in the United States.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1301
Artist ID: 1301

Artist Name: Ellie Mcmaster


Artist Statement: I paint the emotional weight of everyday phenomena. I have no method. Rules do not apply to
emotions as they are natural phenomena that fluctuate often. I prefer to alter my work mediums to reflect the
variety in the emotional spectrum of the human mind.


Artwork 1 Title: A Child's Indian Dream
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60 x 86 x 4
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a replica of my very first piece of art I painted in primary school aged 5. My uncle had
returned from spending months in India and told me the most fascinating stories about the extraordinary colours of
the country - the decadent scarves, the colourful turbans, the most richly crafty saris with embellishments. I didn't
understand much about the clothing at the time but I so desperately wanted to paint the colours he spoke of. That
very same week at school, the teacher asked the class to paint their favourite place, and so I painted this. While
doing so, I remember daydreaming about living in the painting with the vibrant colours dancing around me the way
they dance around each other in the painting. It was my Indian dream. My mum kept the original in her kitchen for
nearly 25 years until one day I decided to replicate it and enlarge on canvas. Replicating this piece brought back
wonderful memories of my inner happiness as a child, but it also reminded me that you can never truly replicate
dreams, whether they are conscious or subconscious, as they are all unique moments of creativity.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1302
Artist ID: 1302

Artist Name: Yihsin Chu


Artist Statement: Yihsin Chu, born in Mar 1991, a Taiwanese artist, recently study in MA Fine Art at University of arts
London (UAL). Influenced by Minimalism, Conceptualism, and OOO (object-oriented Ontology), she is an artist
obsessed with society, interaction, time, and object. Her works span multiple areas including installation,
documentary and performance art.


Artwork 1 Title: Carpet
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 0.8 cm X 1 meter X 40 meter
Artwork 1 Medium: Cloth paint on Bubble wrap
Artwork 1 Commentary: “we consume, but how?―

A sentence printed repetitively on a 40 meters long carpet made of bubble wrap, designed to be destroyed.

“Carpet― is a morally disturbing installation, which is just how I wanted it to be. By allowing viewers to interact
(destroy) it directly, the action of consumption would be precisely elaborated solely without the joy of obtaining
goods that consumers wanted, viewers were forced to face the consequences of consumption, naked and

Recently I happened to know the artists that changed me: Hans Haacke and Francis Alÿs. Hans Haacke’s idea of
art works don’t need to be preserved in physical way, and Francis Alÿs’s work “Sometimes Making
Something Leads to Nothing―, set my mind on fire, I desired to make works that affect people with the process,
not the substance.

My works are meant to confuse, amuse people and create chaos among this seemed reasonable world. By
amplifying, ceasing or interrupting the experience among the linear sensing process, put holes in happiness of
granted nature, and drop question marks on objects, actions and intentions.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1303
Artist ID: 1303

Artist Name: Michael Palmer

IG: urbanproject71

Artist Statement: I am an English born painter In my final undergraduate year at UCA Farnham.

I approach painting as a formal exercise, often borrowing subjects from art history and photojournalism combined
with my own memories trying to add a unique interpretation and understanding to the imagery. Generally a
figurative painter I use print sources to examine my own history and memory through a complex self edited lens.


Artwork 1 Title: Walls Barriers and Boarders
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x70x1cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Imagery adapted from a photojournalist print taken in 1970 depicting religious and political
differences in Belfast. A rigid gender dichotomy is also evident in the armed female volunteer status of the main
figure opposed to the populous imagery of masked, uniformed male soldiers.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1304
Artist ID: 1304

Artist Name: Daniel Cooke


Artist Statement: My work primarily focuses on how masculinity is shaped and perceived through the loss of
traditional livelihoods and the decay of the environments they once inhabited. I am also interested in how
masculinity is being redefined in the modern era together with the problems and opportunities this presents. I often
like to draw parallels with those other lost and receding worlds of superstition and religion. Having been previously
raised in a remote religious farming community I feel, at once, a historic kinship with as well a distant observer of
these issues.

I am primarily a self-taught artist and work in the traditional media of oils, charcoal and chalk. The work is figurative
though I am keen to introduce elements of ‘accident’ whether, or not, these are serendipitous. Many of the
subjects are characters playing a part which is hopefully conveyed in the image and the title.

I live and work in South London.


Artwork 1 Title: Stu Bennett
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x100
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Stu Bennett is an ex American WWE wrestler though he hails from Preston in the UK. He is a
imposing man at standing at 6ft 7 together with the muscular physique demanded by his wrestling days. Stu is now
an action film actor and wrestling commentator. He invited me down to his film set on an old RAF base near Ipswich
where I did the preparatory drawings and took photographs for this portrait completed in my home studio. Talking
to him during this time it was interesting how engaged and interested he was in art and how this may subvert the
assumptions it is easy to make about a person due to their appearance or profession.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1306
Artist ID: 1306

Artist Name: Victoria Mihatovic

IG: @vhmstudio

Artist Statement: I am creating a split moment where the sanitized and hyper digitized state of branding and
marketing, the consumption and regurgitation of an endless supply of product and online personas, is stripped away.
I am creating a fracture in the denial of our fate, a place to come face to face with the subconscious and what
delves deep within our psyches. I am peaking the curiosity of the viewer and peering into that aspect of our human
condition that first led us down our destructive yet miraculous path of enlightenment. What questions, emotions,
and self-doubt might we come across when we allow ourselves to truly contemplate our own demise, not just under
the threat of global extinction but simply as part of our natural cycle on this planet?

The object becomes an avenue for that. By repurposing materials otherwise unnoticed or discarded after industrial
use, I bring to light the unseen, questioning and transforming a material’s assigned state of being.


Artwork 1 Title: Memory Nest 2
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 25x25x38
Artwork 1 Medium: sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: tapestry made from bitumen tar soaked fabric, fashion and theatre industry remnants,
found objects, mixed media

We can trace our uses of bitumen tar as far back as 50,000 years ago, as a poultice for our skin, a sealant for our
homes and bandages, asphalt on our roads, and as the first line of defence for the deep-sea fibre optics that run the
data clouds, sharing our memories and histories at light speed. It is a material so ubiquitous in our evolution that we
rarely consider it as it lives on the shop shelves next to the house paint. We pull it from the bowels of the earth to
cover, seal, and protect whatever we can. What bubbles up to the surface of our psyche, like the bitumen tar
bubbling up to the surface of the earth? How much do we cover and seal away with the cloak of social media, instant
gratification, and consumption?
There are memories imbued in these materials, the waste of manufactured glamour, using the remnants of the
fashion and theatre industries, combined with the primordial nature of tar. By bringing these together, each with
their own histories, into formal and ‘formless’ objects, I am eluding to a world normally unseen and
untouched whilst coming to grips with the possibility of something greater than ourselves.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1307
Artist ID: 1307

Artist Name: Victor Moldoveanu

IG: vic.trei

Artist Statement: We are the generation located on the romantic intertwining of nature, technology and rediscovery
of traditional values. We define and reassess our identity through a constant process of decomposition and recovery
of memory fragments through artistic and technological drivers.
We employ symbolism and a fictional narrative structure to create sustainable architecture, city infrastructure and
environments of spatial and social impact, in addition to the use of political poetics as well as technical exposition.
The speculative projects and the extensive research signal a legitimate spatial symbiosis between architecture and
urban planning, with symbolism and narrative.


Artwork 1 Title: Protecting Paradise
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 237,8 x 84,1 x 0,5
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital and Hybrid Media
Artwork 1 Commentary: Description:
Friendship, peace, equality, tranquillity and freedom can protect the Paradise - the most extensive rainforest of
Central and South America. ‘Protecting Paradise: The Embassy Of Environmental Philanthropy’ discusses a
diplomatic and bilateral economic agreement that cultivates environmental protection, ethical authority, and
political trust between China and the small Central American country of Nicaragua, in the wake of a new inter-
oceanic canal infrastructure. This thesis represents a discourse on foreign investments in underdeveloped countries
as well as a demonstration of environmental awareness and protection practices, bringing together tourists and
locals in an environment governed by five principles of peaceful coexistence.
Hand drawings and digital models are collaged through successive scaling and layering of either highly specific
tectonic elements or abstract fragments, in constant refinement through application of textures, colours and
hatches. The development is an intrinsic apparatus for exploration that allows for the piece to unfold and speculate
on possible realities on a canvas that eludes the self-centred narcissistic perspectival representation to the
advantage of engaging the reader with a dynamic vertical scroll experience.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1308
Artist ID: 1308

Artist Name: Katherine Huskie

IG: kathusk

Artist Statement: Katherine Huskie is owner of Huskie Glass and Co-owner of Devereux & Huskie Glassworks LTD.

Huskie has been named Wimbledon 2018 Championship artist in collaboration with Nancy Sutcliffe, the glass they
produce will be in permanent instillation in the club house and next to the royal box.

Huskie’s work has a strong identity with form and pattern, whether it is technique or form driven. She is always
searching for new influences and how she can incorporate the imagery within hot glass. Huskie has travelled with
her glass spending a year working in Australia gathering new techniques and experiences.

Katherine Huskie and James Devereux started Devereux and Huskie Glassworks in September 2013, the studio is a
space for designers and artists to realise their ideas in Glass. In the studio they get to produce glass for some of the
UK’s best known artists including Peter Layton, Louis Thompson and Rachael Woodman.


Artwork 1 Title: Echinus
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x30x30
Artwork 1 Medium: Sculpted Glass
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Echinus series came from my love of manipulating hot glass and the tactile qualities of

Each pieces has a uniqueness because each trail is added individually and then manipulated using tools. The physical
act of sculpting the hot glass always a playful element to their creation.

I have always been fascinated with shells and how each one have similarities and differences. I also find the shells
fascinating as they have a really beauty to them however when in the sea they can cause harm if touched. I think this
resonates with glass as when people are viewing it they always want to touch it but are unsure or scared if they are
able to or if it will break.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1309
Artist ID: 1309

Artist Name: Chris Dix


Artist Statement: It comes as no surprise that we identify ourselves through the choices that we make, after all what
we do defines us, but which choices matter the most? We rationalise them consolidate them and tell ourselves
“we are in control―.

But I ask, what if it was not the biggest and most unsettling decision’s but instead the smallest and most
unassuming ones that made all the more difference to our lives .The coat that you bought, that burger you eat last
week or the toilet paper your running low on. As you make each consumer choice your identity grows and in a world
of mechanical reproduction that identify is built on a foundation of fakes we surround ourselves with replicas of the
originals until we can no longer tell the difference between the two. This is hyperreality and it’s a subtle process
that does not shout out at you and show itself, but instead advances in its evanescence.

Hyperreality takes many forms some of which lend themselves to visual art and form the building blocks of my work,
each one holds great significance and juxtaposed create a visual map of this virtual world.

As I paint them I reflect on these symbols and ask what they mean?


Artwork 1 Title: Stimuli
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 46x42cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic ink
Artwork 1 Commentary: A composition of references to hyperreality and the virtual world.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1310
Artist ID: 1310

Artist Name: Rodrigo Vargas


Artist Statement: Colombian-born visual artist currently based in London. One of the founders of EditedArts. I am
interested in the digital archive, and futureshock as an issue of cultural relevance. My current practice focuses in
new media as a way of blurring the line between immersive and collectable artwork.


Artwork 1 Title: Personal Assistant
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 130 x 80cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media
Artwork 1 Commentary: Photograph covered in acrylic paint, reproduced as a collage and software enhanced;
culminating in a print representing the multitasking junkie I had to become to satisfy my bosses expectations.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1311
Artist ID: 1311

Artist Name: Elizaveta Podgornaia


Artist Statement: Coming a long way from academical education of painting and drawing in Russia and few design
schools, Elizaveta has settled in a very individualistic artistic practice, which is based on the special feature of
photographic medium to always have a connection to an existing reality. She uses objects, cloth and paint to create
new constructions and spaces. So, by acting as a painter and a sculptor first, she creates a unique reality, which will
be fixed only in her photographic images in the next step. Both the stretched cloths as well as the medium of
photography transform the 3-dimensional construction into 2-dimensional flatness. On the photographic surface the
viewers can only see a familiar materiality of the fabric and the paint that was put upon it. This is a hint towards the
means of classical painting: paint and fabric – the canvas. So, she investigates how the classical artistic media
influence each other and how the borders between them melt away nowadays.

The picture gives the spectator an opportunity to relate to the motif and leaves room for interpretation. The analysis
of human perception and the wish for people to think more about our visual culture and its manipulation is the basis
for Elizaveta Podgornaia's work.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled (Venus) from the series "Ochre, Canvas, Focus, Loop"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 92x72x2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: digital C-print, mounted on Dibond and framed
Artwork 1 Commentary: called after the famous painting by the Italian artist Sandro Botticelli "the Birth of Venus"
(mid 1480s)
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1312
Artist ID: 1312

Artist Name: Fiona Masterton

IG: fiona_masterton_art

Artist Statement: My practice uses photography, digital art and painting. I like to play with the processes used within
these mediums, often combining them or using one medium to inform the other. I am interested in the relationship
between painting and photography, the authorial and the mechanical, reality and the imagination.

My subject matter can vary, but tends to focus on the ordinary and the overlooked The trappings of everyday,
fleeting, ephemeral, seen out of the corner of one’s eye, texture, beauty and ugliness packed together in a kind
of natural collage.

I try to convey a sense of flux, of a perpetual ebb and flow between the abstract and the figurative.


Artwork 1 Title: Courtyard
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 137x99.5x4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'Courtyard' developed from a digital montage I had created which combined edited images
of urban spaces and buildings. I wanted to translate the digital image to a free flowing drawing or painting to convey
a sense of wandering though a neighborhood, acknowledging the structures around me and exploring the
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1313
Artist ID: 1313

Artist Name: Vanita Lee-Tatum

IG: artistvanita

Artist Statement: Art is a gateway for healing.

My artwork comes from a place of pure emotion. In the absence of shapes or images somehow I’m able to
communicate my experience with unintentional brush strokes, often whimsical, sometimes I use my hands,
sometimes it gets messy. This is the way I connect with my canvas.
I felt the urge to begin painting in late summer 2016. I was on sabbatical from a very high-powered banking career.
At the time I felt burned-out - I needed to bring myself to center and began a personal process of healing.
I’d been struggling with depression, although I didn’t know I was depressed but kept going through the
motions until I realized I needed healing. For years I suppressed the inner turmoil that stemmed from traumatic life
experiences. I had internalized my suffering, eventually my smile and positive personality were not enough to cover
the pain I was in.
I like to use recycled materials and whatever else I find to create. The resources always come to me. I never have to
look far to find them. I do not compete in my work. I was very competitive in my career but in my art it doesn’t
matter. Art provides a space for me to be free without any criticism or competition. I enjoy my work, I know it is
beautiful but sometimes it is not beautiful depending on how I feel. I try not to judge but appreciate my work. I’m
at peace with what it is.
At this point in time I'm embarking upon a new adventure. A new path of discovery; one filled with personal passions
and creativity. I've always been an Artist. There was an insatiable thirst for purpose that went unfulfilled until I
discovered the artistic medium. Once I gave myself permission break free and try new things the elements of
purpose, fulfillment and abundance rushed in.
I am an expressionist painter. I've taken time to develop my work and share it with the world. This has been my
process for healing and healing is continuous! I'm inspired and refreshed by the new experience.


Artwork 1 Title: Summertime Vibe
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 11― x 47― x 1―
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Wood, Recycled Materials
Artwork 1 Commentary: Being myself is always in season. I painted it in 2018, going out on a limb to explore the
possibilities of creation. The painting itself is my artist statement on canvas; it signifies my independence as a creator
and is a reflection of the innate beauty and power found within. Art is a Gateway for Healing!
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1316
Artist ID: 1316

Artist Name: Carina Schneider

IG: carina.yael

Artist Statement: As a media, design and communication graduate, I focus mainly on photography, video and audio
in my own work, but have predominantly been involved in programming, contributing to and bringing to life
collaborative projects combining public engagement, arts and community, with a particular interest in narratives of
place, absence and presence, identity, memory, histories and belonging.

Painting Connections
Invisible Cities
One Day in the City
Cornered Stories
The Tale Tellers
Thrift Radiates Happiness

See USB Stick for Video

Artwork 1 Title: Meta/morphosis
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 568x320
Artwork 1 Medium: video
Artwork 1 Commentary: This submission is part of a series of three video works titled ‘Meta/morphosis’ using
films of patterns of light and shadow to communicate the meaning that both absence and presence carry in the
process of being. In chasidic tradition, the essence of being - ‘ein sof’ (the infinite, or the divine) - is imagined
as existing in all of space. Unbearable and incomprehensible to human perception, the divine, or life force,
constricted its light, through its reduction making creation possible for humanity.

Similarly, our obsession with completion, wholeness, perfection distracts from the necessity and beauty of empty
space, the unknown, darkness in being and creating towards the idea of ‘completion’. Little thought is given to
the appreciation of absence, void as a natural and valuable stage in a life cycle, and a necessary condition for having
the space to step outside the complete, the mediated, the perfect, the systemised, and imagine alternative and new
solutions. In absence, anything can be imagined.

That space therefore can be read not as a threatening void, but part of the same infinite space, or canvas, just
leaving room for one’s own understanding, movement, creation. The videos invite the viewer to connect to the
feeling of the waxing and waning of this at different levels of detail and pace, as part of the same universal process
of change and continuity.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1317
Artist ID: 1317

Artist Name: Ella Southwell

IG: @ellastarlingart

Artist Statement: I am, newly, a Pembrokeshire based artist, having recently graduated from the Falmouth University
BA Drawing Degree.
My work centres predominantly around Portraiture both from life and imagination. Working from imagination grants
me a huge amount of freedom to create and express all that I want without being dependent on the presence of a
Exploration of the language of line and experimenting with media underpin all my work whether that is in charcoal,
print or paint. I always intend my work to be purposeful and functional, addressing personal and social issues
through visual stimulus.


Artwork 1 Title: Dad
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 84x59x0
Artwork 1 Medium: Charcoal and gum arabic
Artwork 1 Commentary: This portrait exploits the medium of charcoal and mark making in order to explore the skin
of my Dad, in depth. The deep lines of his skin seem to map out the endless stories of his 70 years.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1319
Artist ID: 1319

Artist Name: Michael Collazo


Artist Statement: The quest for the invisible pulls at the heart of humanity. The reconnaissance, translation,
performance and innate intuition of one’s collective consciousness can provide us with some short-lived
foundations. Why is memory? My practice outlines and neutralizes a set of theories based upon how the perception
of memory is used as a medium. Detail is specifically important, recycling both historical and contemporary
examples, we can view memories as a controlled chaos rather than a stagnant archive. Fragmentary traces of
memory can be remastered rather than coherent things merely to be reproduced. Ballpoint pen whispers a more
subliminal message throughout my works. Each piece requires an immense amount of time and labor, yet the
medium remains a ballpoint pen, a medium that will fade away. This is a direct comment towards the abstraction of
memory over time, as we grow these memories become only ours to share with ourselves; the grand moment of a
complex drawing starts to fade. The sections of blues, purples, and greens blotch together, turn white, and we
become comfortable with this abstract missing memory. Looking inward becomes reflective, creating artworks
becomes reflexive.


Artwork 1 Title: Unsystematic Narcissism Pt. II " Of Course I do"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 152 cm x 2.5 cm x 122 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ballpoint Pen on Arches Hot-press paper mounted on wooden panels
Artwork 1 Commentary: The dream of a memory represents the past. present, and future. These experiences were
never fully captured even at the time, and the things stored up constantly change their nature in the super positional
mix. Unsystematic Narcissism is the combination of reality and fiction. The act of autobiographical remembrance
obliterates the act of memory by reducing the past to only one current context. It also exceeds, struggling to keep
the past in place, by creating a past which was never really present. As one activity pattern flickers across brain
pores, others subside, alter irretrievably, they slip. This artwork personally represented the letting go of a previously
"solidified" memory.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1320
Artist ID: 1320

Artist Name: Pamela Kenny-Levick


Artist Statement: I am a British artist living in France next to Mâcon. I started painting about eight years ago but
more intensely for the past two years.
I paint on large surfaces using acrylic paint, spray paint and running paint through bottles of sauce into the painting.
I also use stencils and have recently started using acrylic « felt tip » pens.

Last year, I started to look for places to exhibit my work. I was very privileged to be selected by the Georges Blanc
(the three star Michelin chef) art gallery in Vonnas, next to Lyon. They offered me a solo exhibition for three months
from May 2018 to July 2018. This has allowed me to be invited to exhibit my work more and last year I sold 20

I have been thinking about entering your award for a few years now but did not feel the time was right for me to do
However, this year I know the time is right because I have found a strong and meaningful theme for my next series
of paintings.

A few months ago, I was watching Karen Edward’s and Gemma Atwal’s documentary Stolen Daughters. An
overwhelming urgency to paint these girls/women’s portraits took hold of me.
I started reading their stories in news paper articles, on the internet and watching footage of their upsetting
testimonies about being abducted from their homes, villages and schools by the « monsters » that call themselves
Boko Haram.
The need to show their pain, distress, brokenness in my painting lead me to start this series of portraits.
Whilst I was in the process of developing the idea behind this series, the theme became larger; I wanted to pay
homage to all the girls and women who put their lives in danger just to have access to education.

This series began with a number of drawings; drawings of the faces of the women whose stories I was listening to:
Saa speaking at the Geneva summit for human rights and democracy in 2015 and telling her audience how at 11.34
pm she was abducted from her school or Joy telling of her brave escape from the Boko Haram lorry when she
jumped out of it in the middle of nowhere.
How could I get their message across through my work? How could I use the style I have been developing over the
past two years to in globe their fight for the right to be educated.

I often work in French schools. Education means a lot to me. Needles to say I would love to be selected for the award
and be able to present this series and the ideas behind it to a larger audience.
Thank you for reading this presentation.
Yours sincerely


Artwork 1 Title: broken
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 cm X 100 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: framed coton canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I have spent a lot of time finding the pathway to follow but now that I have found it, the
actual painting has become clear:
I use acrylic paint that I apply onto the canvas with large paintbrushes so as to achieve the effect of big « greedy »
strokes. This represents the greed/need for being allowed to « learn ».
I also use spray paint and stencils to give an urban and contemporary feel to my work even though the fight for the
right to education for women dates back hundreds of years; I like the contrast!
I have let the spray paint run down the canvas because it looks like tears; the many tears these women must have
shed throughout their struggle.
I put paint into bottles of sauce and use the tips like a pen to makes « squiggly » streaks on certain parts of the
painting to enhance the dept of the streaks made by the spray paint as well as to enhance their movement. I
developed this technique whilst working on my exhibition for the Georges Blanc art gallery.
The words are tattooed into the headscarf. I want to make a parallel with body art and the messages people write on
their bodies. The idea behind this is to show how today, when someone has something important to say or to fight
for, they frequently write it on themselves.
Finally, I have integrated wallpaper into the portrait. It’s some I have left from when I was redecorating my
bedroom; I spent a lot of time thinking about the path to follow lying on my bed, staring at the wall, so this
wallpaper has been an important part of the idea behind the portraits!!!
I do hope you like the one I have selected.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1324
Artist ID: 1324

Artist Name: Lesley Bunch

IG: @lesley.bunch

Artist Statement: Our predisposition to label, collect, organise, or objectify as a means to draw boundaries in our
lives and create a sense of control over our surroundings interests me. My paintings and photographs present a
collection of that which is essentially uncollectible: shadows, the self, the body. I am increasingly interested in how
we attempt to define ourselves through a digital medium.


Artwork 1 Title: Lacunae, No. 7
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 33x45
Artwork 1 Medium: photography (photo printed on dibond, acrylic facing)
Artwork 1 Commentary: For my Shadow Language Series I borrow casting objects from others that are invested with
their emotion and memory. Borrowed with the invested objects are stories containing autobiographical content,
revealing the lender’s personality, memory, hopes, fears, and ultimately their sense of identity.

I create a shadow with each object by manipulating its position in 3D space, the intensity of light source, and hanging
distance to receiving surface. The resulting 2D trace is a shape that exists for a short duration, until it is recorded,
fixed and frozen by my camera’s lens. Lender’s stories inform my manipulation of the object whilst I am
composing a shadow. However I’m aware that I cannot experience the specific emotion of the lender and my
visualisation of their memory is based upon my own experience.

The shadow’s detail does not allow identification of its casting object, or reveal a value for human use. Each
shadow is infinitely reduced to itself, impenetrable, a meticulous, silent, glowing assertion of unclassifiable, de-
familiarised form, hovering between shadow and object in the viewer’s eye.

Taken separately, each shadow becomes a manifestation of, or “remains― of, my exchange with the lender.
Placed together, these “remains― form a sort of language. I often present them in the guise of a logograph,
and sometimes as an object in themselves. Ultimately they are a visual language resisting verbal interpretation.

My Shadow Language is dependent on context, designed to absorb a multiplicity of meanings, coexisting in harmony.
My intention is to reflect a plurality of experience, with an “effacement of the agent―. The focus here is not on
something signified by language, but on the infinite meaning-generating potentiality of language through its focusing
on itself and ever renewing itself.

Shadows are fleeting, and in physics, described as “holes in light―. Here they are non-verbal language
untethered to literal meaning. They are something of our “hyper-real― world, of the unanchored over-
information that we increasingly drift in.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1325
Artist ID: 1325

Artist Name: Janet Chaplin

IG: Janet Chaplin Artist

Artist Statement: I have always been drawn to the sea, the expanse of sky, and tones — the promise of possibilities
of a wild and bracing experience. The coast of Pembroke has its unique colour palette of Prussian blues and Persian
greens to Payne’s grey and translucent Burnt Sienna. Browns and purple were a memory documented of a trip to
the Islands of Muck and Egg of the West Coast of Scotland. The building of surface and texture evokes a tactile
experience of sand, sea and rock. A sense of place and my relationship with that place is at the heart of my practice, I
work primarily from sketches drawn in situ. These inform my approach, but soon emotion and memory guide me.
Graduating from Gwent College of Higher Education in Fine Art In the early 90s. I have worked as a Teacher of Art
since, painting and creating when I could. I have always painted using colour as a language to express my thoughts
and feelings. In the early years, it was the effects of bright contrasting colours which concealed more profound
thoughts. During my 40s I used a very muted pallet working over patchwork canvases. I have a multi-disciplined
style, soft sculpture, stained glass, bookbinding to name a few. Exhibiting in Italy and showing my work in Wales and
beyond, plus accepting commissions have given me the confidence to use media and colour, texture and scale.
However, it’s my recent body of work which has excited me the most.


Artwork 1 Title: Broad Haven (dog rock) 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 106cm x 92cm x 3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: mixed - oil, acrylic, ink,
Artwork 1 Commentary: Based on a sketch drawn on a summer mixed weather day. The dog rock sits in the bay of
Broad Haven By on the Stackpole Estate, Pembrokeshire coast.
The rock is called Chapel Rock and it dominates the beach's view, tempting you to swim out to it. the Pembrokeshire
coast has an unique light filled with Prussian blue hues and Malachite greens, skies of cool grey and petrol hues. the
weather in the west coast of Wales rolls in and the sea shows its intent.
I layer the paint like Rembrandt and Turner using thin glazes, the tumultuous sea is built up reminiscent of Shani
Rhys James and Kurt Jackson.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1326
Artist ID: 1326

Artist Name: Sarah Crowe


Artist Statement: I am a multi-disciplinary artist exploring sound, colour and pattern using a Chladni plate and
Newton's colour wheel.

I am fascinated by how we can 'see' sound and I have developed my practice through the process of using a Chladni
plate to create patterns from sounds played through it, and then using assigned colours from the colour wheel.

I am intrigued by traditional crafts and love learning these when creating a piece. Often I will take a workshop, go to
a skilled craftsman or research the best methods when making my work.

I graduated in 2006 with a degree from UCA (University for Creative Arts) and completed a Masters in Fine Art at
University Arts London, Chelsea College, 2007. I also teach art at a school in Bromley.


Artwork 1 Title: (An homage to) Elizabeth G
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 10
Artwork 1 Medium: glass, glass paint, wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is an homage to my piano teacher, Elizabeth, who has been teaching me since I was
seven. Her favourite note is G, because this is the first letter of her surname. She's always made playing pieces fun
and accessible.

This piece is created from the chord of G major (notes G, B, D), whereby three separate glass panels are hand
painted in the pattern and colour that correspond to that note (through these of the Chladni Plate). The glass panels
create a translucent layered piece which allows the viewer to see the chord through colour and pattern.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1327
Artist ID: 1327

Artist Name: Marco Ferraris


Artist Statement: Born 1978, Italy. Visual artist with deep interest in documentary projects, he has always practiced
photography as a passion and as a pursuit of knowledge.
After graduating in psychology in 2005 with a thesis on visual perception, begins his professional work in the
reportage and portraits.
In 2007, the series called Passages of Time becomes in Turin his first solo exhibition curated by Valeria De Simoni.
In 2008 he is selected by Luca Beatrice in order to appear in the review Art among young artists from Liguria.
In April of that year he exhibited for Fettucciari Art and in May is selected by Fabrizio Boggiano for Biennale of
Photography in Alexandria.
In 2009 he exhibited in photosynthesis in Piacenza and is among the finalists for the prize of the Galleria San Fedele
in Milan.
In 2010 he is selected to partecipate in the descubrimientos of Photo Espana and for Campus PHE Edicion de libros.
Specializes in professional lighting to EFTI in Madrid
In 2011 the series End of Reality, is selected for Italian Emerging Photography by Laura Serani and projected in
France, Turkey and Italy.
In the same year he directed his first shortfilm Zapatos Rojos and founded the production group Sustancias Activas.
In his latest project “La Isla― (2010-2013), where the island is an archetypal site and a place in which man is
free to give life to new utopias of regeneration, he has combined photography and video at the same time counting
with the participation of more than 70 performers.
He completes his formation participating in workshops with: Patrizia Savarese, Ferdinando Scianna, Francesco
Jodice, Francesco Zizola, Stefano De Luigi, Angelo Turetta, Micael Ackerman, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Ander Petersen.
Currently lives and works between Genoa, Madrid and Ibiza.


Artwork 1 Title: "La Puerta Dimensional"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80 x 77
Artwork 1 Medium: Photograph ED. 1/5 Print on Dbond
Artwork 1 Commentary: In Mitos Submarinos, Marco Ferraris expands the sphere of elements to water, where new
gods, belonging to different religions, meet. They carry on their search of origins, coming back to a sort of primordial
amniotic fluid. The mother goddess Athirat and Atargatis, mermaid- goddess of fertility, meet other water gods, like
Delpriandea, muse of the dolphins, giving birth to a myth of regeneration. The water element, through magic,
represented by Aradia, enables transformation. In the alternation between darkness and sharp flashes of light, the
figures meet, lightly touching each other, and, suspended in a sculptural balance, as in the previous pictures, shape
the surrounding environment.
The island represents an open space we visit to find new meanings each time. Although we are aware – as
Prospero is on his own island - that recreating an uncontaminated microcosm, away from the troubles of the world
we come from, is often an illusion, we know that, as Borges writes in his Fragments from an Apocryphal Gospel (used
as a comment on the images),“ Nothing is built on stone, everything on sand, but our duty is to build as if sand
were stone (41)―.
Anna Viola Sborgi
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1328
Artist ID: 1328

Artist Name: Liam Dunne


Artist Statement: I am a 24 year old artist currently focused on the Mirror Stage. Signifying the moment in a person's
development where they first see their reflection, I am investigating the formation of identity. The mirror remains
symbolic of a fundamental moment, yet also creates so many visual possibilities.


Artwork 1 Title: Inner Reflection
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76 x 61 x 3
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil
Artwork 1 Commentary: A painting of my sister, showing the persona she shows to the outside world, contrasted
with the much more conflicted person I know.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1329
Artist ID: 1329

Artist Name: Philip Cho

IG: philip_still_photography

Artist Statement: Self taught photographer in Seattle


Artwork 1 Title: Red Umbrella
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 6817x4550
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Wave-Coyote Buttes in Arizona is special management area with restricted numbers of
hikers per day. Luckily, I got a permit for hiking in June, 2016. As an extremely high temperature in the desert, I
brought an umbrella for shade along with a lot of waters. I got a creative idea that putting the umbrella in the wave
patterns would make a unique landscape.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1330
Artist ID: 1330

Artist Name: Mitchell Smith


Artist Statement: Mitchell Smith, London

I am concerned with the effects of societal constructs in relation to both individual and communal spirituality. Multi
disciplinary works are centred on the theme of mortality and empathy.

We are malnourished of a potential and genuine freedom. In fast changing times, the depletion of faith reveals a
damaged social fabric. Capitalism has not provided an adequate replacement to support communal consciousness. I
believe that a shared sense of belonging and purpose is lacking. This can be observed in multiple aspects of society,
with mental health issues on the rise, growing poverty, swelling nationalism, further generational division and an
evident yearning for socialist alternatives.
We must question our privileges (or lack of).

My aim is to provide a striking visual environment, which an audience can engage with due to the occasional
presence of biological substances within the works. This visual language is contrasted amongst the technological
background, displayed through digital art, photography and light installation. I attempt to test the artist's role of
social commentator; ensnaring an initial response with use of bold but naive humour, works are loaded with further
layers of political and social concern when more closely analysed.


Artwork 1 Title: HELL_IRL
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 119 x 84 cm (A0)
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital Painting, MS Paint programme
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece encapsulates the hellish realities and times of the West. I describe this as an
'emotional responsive map'. Depicting multiple themes, particularly political, with clear intentional bias against
contemporary right wing politics.

This artwork was created using MS Paint, one of the first and most rudimentary digital painting programmes. This
choice of media speaks loudly when faced against today's technology and digital software. I grew up using this
program to optimistically and naively draw rockets and cartoon characters. I feel that it is able to represent my
generation aesthetically, even at a quick glance. Using MS Paint as an adult to draw the EU flag on fire was a strange
and surprisingly painful process for me.

My objective in this piece is to present a visually digestible anti-celebration of everything that feels wrong in my
vicinity. It's hard to keep up, to stay informed and address everything that is going on, and it's an overwhelming
mess. In many ways it is a self-portrait.

Previously installed at The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London, 'Who Will Provide?' MFA show, Wimbledon
College of Arts, UAL. November, 2018
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1331
Artist ID: 1331

Artist Name: Ronan Somerville

IG: rps.artiste

Artist Statement: My work is the product of internal dialogues and confusions. The imagery I use is not drawn from
real life, but instead it is imagined. Because of this, I am allowed complete freedom to create fictional worlds in
which symbolism reigns supreme. Each illustration holds a nagging feeling of pain, whilst still being hopeful in their
childish imagination. Growing up in the countryside commuter town of Stowmarket, Suffolk, I was exposed only to a
painfully white, middle-class culture (or the lack-thereof). I soon tired of its supposed ‘beauty’, and so stopped
looking to the world around me for artistic influence and instead turned to looking inside, pushing my vivid
imagination and bringing this to life. For me, the lack of inspiration is inspiration in itself. Since moving to London to
study at Goldsmiths University, I have been shown the exciting possibilities of what art can be, and what art can do
for me. I look forward to continuing to develop my practice and my place in the artistic community.


Artwork 1 Title: J'adoube
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 64x64x either 10 (with pieces) or 3 (without pieces)
Artwork 1 Medium: Paint, chequered paper on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: I wanted to imagine my own mind as both an environment and something that could be
interactive. The illustration itself is depicting a 'Yellow Submarine'-esque world occupied by magical creatures and
chaotic happenings, and that is really a metaphor for both mine and maybe everybody else’s subconscious. This
metaphor develops when you play the game – chess is an important symbol, as a timeless game of war depicting a
medieval battle. I have taken this literal meaning and applied it to the human mind’s internalised conflicts and
complexities. The idea of 'playing the game' is essential to symbolising the fragility and dynamism of the mind. All of
the imagery on the board has been collated from individual drawings in my sketchbooks, some from my low points
and some from my high points. Confronting my personal history and coalescing together the otherwise separate
moments of joy and pain into one fluid environment stands testament to the idea that I am the result of all that has
happened to me, and that the same can be said about everyone. The board also comes with a set of non-traditional,
hand-made clay pieces. These fit the monochrome, illustrated style of the board.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1332
Artist ID: 1332

Artist Name: Carlos Torres-Machado


Artist Statement: Torres Machado portrays creation in a constant stage of birth and agony. He’s an artist who
develops critical and documentary processes on his various bodies of work. He inhabits the extremes of rigorous
geometry and lyrical abstraction. At both ends, his notion of society, art market, and public participation are present.

Through his artworks, he sets up expectations in the viewer and then he changes them. By playing the game of the
unexpected is where he creates the fields for new experiences. It makes you look at the world around you in a
different way. His “unexpected" comes in varying degrees of sophistication. In every art piece, there are criteria
that is been developed, that are both historical and go beyond historical periods. He reveals that the judgment of
history in art isn’t always right, making us rethink the actual meaning of taste in the art world and its continuous
changes through time.


Artwork 1 Title: Data Center #9
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x178x53
Artwork 1 Medium: Paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Data Center #9 is part of my ongoing Data Centers series. In this body of work, I
simplified the shapes to make my artworks susceptible to the historical as much as to the humanistic approach.
Through a variety of colors and hues taken from currencies, the Data Centers reflect the transition from the object to
digital of our time. The trajectory of the bills touched by hundreds if not by millions of people is what prompted me
to develop these artworks. It reveals a different approach to history by adding a layer of coherence to the
relationship between money and the visual arts.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1333
Artist ID: 1333

Artist Name: Alberto Petrivelli


Artist Statement: In 2010 Alberto started experimenting different medias on canvas, bringing volume to the flat,
white surface; initially he started working with fabrics and iron creating “sculptures on canvas―, sometimes
mixing oil and acrylic. On the canvas was transmitted by the artist a complete sense of freedom, no technical rules
were actually applied on the process, leaving some results entirely to faith―.

In the last works Alberto has been working on representing the actual process of a “thought― instead the
subject per se, bringing on the canvas the impulses our brain receives, how it receives the information from the
external-self, how the brain evolves a concept from chaotic into a fluid and patterned.

In 2018 Alberto created a new technique, “Tela Gonfiata― (swelling canvas); “this is a new way to interpret
a painting, it is a reconstruction on the canvas, bringing the colors to a different dimension, where not the object but
the actual color is alive and moving in and out the canvas―.


Artwork 1 Title: BLACK SMOKIN' JACK
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80 X 120 X 45 CM
Artwork 1 Commentary: Black Smokin' Jack is a representation of today social-political situation, the Union Jack is
changing its colours into a smoking black, coming out the canvas for about 40 cm, representing the hate and
ignorance created by the medias and the glossy gold, holding the flag down to the actual reality, moving to the
absolute truth that we thrive as human beings only if we are together, with no borders, no walls and no colours.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1334
Artist ID: 1334

Artist Name: Jonathan Stockley

IG: @jonathanstockleyart

Artist Statement: I spend my time between North Shields, England, Coatbridge, Scotland and Lurgan, Northern
Ireland. All areas which have more than their share of poverty and with it comes empty buildings left to rot.
It's these buildings that fascinate me both from the inside and out. To most people they're an eyesore, to me they
hold a beauty all of their own in their crumbling brickwork, cracked plaster and peeling paint. All make for a
challenge I relish in being able to convey the textures of decay in simple charcoal studies.


Artwork 1 Title: The Doorway (Tommy, don't do it)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 35 x 28 x 1
Artwork 1 Medium: Charcoal
Artwork 1 Commentary: In an abandoned mansion house in Northern Ireland stands this door leading off a once
grand reception area. With the only light coming from what would have been an impressive glass skylight, the room
beyond lies in complete darkness framed by the peeling paint, cracked plaster and a warning.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1335
Artist ID: 1335

Artist Name: Rachel Lowes

IG: Rosieisabelart

Artist Statement: My name is Rachel Lowes and I run RosieIsabelArt. I have studied art for as long as I can remember
as my dad was a keen painter and crafter. We grew up in a busy household with lots of crafty things going on. My
dad would make dolls house miniatures,Plaster moulds and models and paint often, which spurred my interest
initially. As a teen I went to college and studied psychology, English literature art and design, floristry and history. I
left college and was trained as a tattooist for some years before falling pregnant with my daughter. Some years after
my partner was killed by a vicious knife crime, to which I was left a single mum and with ptsd. I coped with my
trauma and grief by indulging more into my art and painting, the only way I knew how, with passion. Along with
music, a dark sense of humour, maybe a warped veiw on the world, I found a place in my heart where my art stems
from. My daughter has keenly inherited an interest in drawing too, and often uses these opportunities to speak
freely and openly about moments in our lives which have bought us to here, and a time to organically remember her
father. I truely beleive with art and therapy we can achieve and overcome anything. Now a single mum to two
beautiful children, one seven and one a year old, I create candles, artworks and alternative home decor and sell local
at fairs and markets and online via Etsy. I'm yet to make my business a dream come true. My candles are made with
Herbs and oils to bring out the natural wonders of the materials used often colourful and pretty and fun to make,
which contradict my artworks which can be alternative and dark. I work with acrylics and mixed media, although will
give most things a try. It's taken me some years to perfect my niche dark style, and am yet to see and excited to see,
how it develops more.Art isn't just a passion in our family, it is a way of life


Artwork 1 Title: LUCIFER
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 56 x 46 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting is a depiction of the struggles that man faces in western societies due to the
restrictions they face being unable to dicuss their own mental health. How a man might feel when struggling to keep
strong although it is expected of him. I feel it is important that we stop seeing men as 'Devils' and start seeing them
as Humans, we each have our own strengths, weaknesses and abilities that need to be supported regardless of our
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1336
Artist ID: 1336

Artist Name: Santy Wai Zakaria

IG: @waisanty

Artist Statement: As an artist, I truly believe that the balance between passion and knowledge equally hold an
important role in achieving a satisfying result. In order to lose yourself completely in your work, you must master
yourself emotionally and intellectually.

The focus of my work in general is human in today’s world and their truth. Growing up in the north of Sumatra
surrounded by Chinese, Batak, Javanese and now Balinese cultures compelled me to be observant and sensitised to
human nature. I like to observe human nature: how do we interact with each other; the energy we transfer and
receive; the things we show, we hold, we wonder, and how the smallest gestures could be translated in a thousand
words. I believe that human beings are the biggest mystery in this world; we are constantly challenging our
surroundings and our inner selves. Even though the world is changing, the essence of being stays the same. It is my
calling to understand these truths and capture the substances into my work.


Artwork 1 Title: If I let you see me
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 4 panels @9x13 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: watercolour on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: My biggest obsession in my artworks are about human and our honesty.

In this series of 4 bodies, I am wondering about fragility. The word 'fragile', is it about weakness or strength?

As an artist, I bear the biggest responsibility to question, and to discuss the many possible answers and to keep the
viewers conversing.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1337
Artist ID: 1337

Artist Name: Eleni Parousi


Artist Statement: I am a research driven documentary photographer who specialises in matters of culture, gender,
sexuality and the self. I use portraiture, still lives and documentary photography in combination with intimate
interviews, in order to explore and understand the forces which define our collective sexual morals and determine
the accepted gender stereotypes. My approach is defined by narrative inquiry, feminist thought and research of a
philosophical and psychological nature. I am driven by an old feud with patriarchy, as experienced in my Greek
family. My explorations and investigations of intimate experiences and how they are shaped by grand narratives, are
my way to unlearn what has in the past lead me into feeling oppressed and ashamed. Through my work, I wish to
spark a sense of curiosity and surprise and promote a better understanding of the experiences of those who live
largely stigmatised, and our collective responsibility to lift the stigma and accept others and ourselves for who we


Artwork 1 Title: Spanked Boy
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 59.4X84.1X0.3
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: Spanked Boy is part of the project 'Rituals of Perpetual Catharsis', which considers the
therapeutic potential of BDSM as a way to deal with the emotional effects related to experiences of sexual abuse.
Through staged photography, kink-oriented volunteers helped illustrate anonymous testimonies, which speak of the
everyday realities of survivors
living with the trauma: their journeys of struggle and self-restoration.

The image submitted illustrates 'Sam's' testimony which was created over a two week online dialogue.

Extract from the testimony:

'After feeling how traumatic the incident was, that night, I think I went through a process of burying the trauma,
quite frankly. It would come up of course, and I started to address it in therapy, but its emotional effects were quite
a deal more mysterious because of the repression of it. I had the quite understandable fear that being molested I
would in turn become a molester myself. The psychic trauma remained until recently when I did EMDR therapy. You
know you're not a threat to say, a younger person, and the idea of sex with a younger person is disgusting, but you
have this feeling and fear in your gut that somehow, you'll find yourself repeating the trauma. It's the traumatic
experience echoing and trying to find a voice and its very disturbing.'
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1339
Artist ID: 1339

Artist Name: Hannah Moulds

IG: @hannahjeanie

Artist Statement: The main aim of my practice is to unsettle and unnerve; it is about taking over a space and creating
a sense of unease. My practice involves the creatures that I call ‘The Unnameables’. They are a hive of
invasive, furry, alien growths that squirm and take over a space. I see them as biomorphic: they have a resemblance
to living creatures, but they exist in their own right. Their swarm-like behaviour in the space is important. The threat
of their mass, together, taking it over, whether that is on the floor, walls or above. They are a hive, a flock, a mass.
The environment is a large part of my practice. They do not sit on plinths like a sculpture - this turns them into
objects. The aim is to have them appear as if they are waiting.


Artwork 1 Title: The Unnameables
Artwork 1 Dimensions: Largest - 500cm 400cm - 40cm (Sizes vary)
Artwork 1 Medium: Installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: ...Something lurks on the walls and floors - moving, creeping, pushing through. Creatures
squirming through rafters and underneath floorboards. What was I thinking? These creatures, they keep growing. It
was an experiment and now they cannot be tamed, twisting and distorting as they move, feeling their way through
like ivy or the sucker-like limbs of an octopus, contorting and wriggling over each other; disgusting. It seemed so
harmless at the time. One of the creatures scrunched and crawled into a tight set of lockers - being too large for the
space, its legs sprawled and collapsed out onto the floor. It has found its home. The others start to join, like mould
on surfaces, slowly infesting until the whole place has been taken over, one by one they fill the lockers and sinks
until there is no room for more. As a consequence, it starts again.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1342
Artist ID: 1342

Artist Name: Martin Harman


Artist Statement: I am a British artist based in Bristol, UK.

I create ceramic sculpture and 2D artworks.

My artistic purpose is to create art that seeks to evoke curiosity. It is up to the viewer to explore their imagination
and make decisions about what they are seeing. The ideas behind my artworks has to resonate with me and at times
it can be interchangeable with my own experience. I want to communicate a fascination for the unknown as life is
full of questions.

The Historic English Heritage monument Stonehenge helped me to develop this way of thinking. To this day its
purpose and meaning still largely remains unknown. It forces myself to be curious, to learn anew and reflect upon
my existence.

I do not intend to replicate its presence in any way but use this as a foundation to generate ideas around
imagination, possibility and curiosity. These resulting artworks can be described as surreal, unusual and thought


Artwork 1 Title: Traverse
Artwork 1 Dimensions: L20cm W17cm H14cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Stoneware, slips, clear glaze, multiple fired to a final temperature of 1260c.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Open Constructions investigates ways of seeing inside and out space using colour and line.
The intention is to draw and scatter the eye to investigate different parts of the form simultaneously.

​The making process of this series consists of singular geometric components thrown on the potters wheel that
are then cut up and joined together to create a whole form. Coloured slips and and a glaze has been applied to the
form to create contrast.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1343
Artist ID: 1343

Artist Name: Rue

IG: rueseveofficial

Artist Statement: I spend more time making art in oil paints more than anything else. First I make collage and then I
paint collages. Sometimes I will alter the collage while painting. I have entered a work which has been adapted for
the environment and photographed.


Artwork 1 Title: Seated Mind Matter
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 55 x 55 inches
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil painting, mixed media, photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is about the idea of creation in the form of working with action in environment.
Direction travels one way and it is up to the senses to push against to find what the opposite has to offer in the way:
learning and prospering.

This is the seated version. Mind Matter is available at

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1344
Artist ID: 1344

Artist Name: Angelica Turner

IG: @angelicaturner_

Artist Statement: Angelica Turner

Trees have the ability to communicate, to help each other, to defend themselves, among so many others. They
are so alive and need to be preserved. Unfortunately, today deforestation ends with millions of trees, extinguishing
species that live in the forest and contributing to global warming.
My painting research is an emotional representation of the feelings I experience under the canopy of the forest, and
among its beautiful trunks, branches and leaves. I pretend to represent in some way the spiritual relationship of the
forest with humans, through paintings that show its ephemeral nature, its slow rhythm through millennia, its way of
being a community, as well as being witnesses of our history. It is a documentation of the necessity of the vitality of
the forest for our own vitality.
My work, is a constant experimentation, open to have transformations and different results oil painting can give me.
I work in different formats, doing color studies for larger canvases and always looking for the work of masters who
have used nature and spirituality as their motives. In this seek I am always moving towards the abstraction and at
the same time trying not to lose figuration, painting with layers over layers, where the drawing appears and
disappears. My ultimate goal is to transmit to the peaceful atmosphere through the forms of the forest, and with
that to awaken the awareness of the sacred value of trees and their need to preserve themselves.


Artwork 1 Title: Nothofagus
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 127x142 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Based on the Chilean forest, Nothofagus is a large group of native trees that live in the
south of South America. The Nothofagus trees are strong, old and their ecosystem is pristine. This is the first painting
of a series still in progress and it has a deep relation with the artist personal life.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1346
Artist ID: 1346

Artist Name: David Darcy


Artist Statement: My paintings draw viewers into pleasurable, contemplative expanses. They are intense
abstractions of humanity marked by a balance of movement within the frame or installation space. They encase
equal parts sensation and inquiry. When creating watercolor style paintings, I have adopted a signature process
including Japanese Sumi inks. These are applied in much the same manner as watercolors, though they inherently
less yielding. That restriction allows for new approaches and methods. The results include brilliant, durable pigments
rooted in mid-motion gestures. The palette and forms shift according to content and mood, but the inherent
tenacity of effort remains consistent within this body of work. While giving credit to the advancements of the
Abstract Expressionists, I take a decidedly contemporary approach. I use the movement of form and line to express
desire and vitality. These methods extend the French Tachisme approach into this postmodern era. Key influences
include Anselm Kiefer, Gerhard Richter, Frank Auerbach, and Norman Bluhm. Kiefer’s watercolours, and
especially Essence/Ex-sistence, provide a favorable visual and philosophical point of departure. Richter’s
adoption of chance operations and other experimentations support endless lines of inquiry. Auerbach’s approach
to the paint medium emboldens my non-traditional methods and I affirm Bluhm’s commitment to pleasure. My
latest collection includes a series of metaphysical nudes based on simple drawings. These push the idea of a
simplified line representing a dynamic subject and sensations. The works share those concepts with the Blue Nudes
of Henri Matisse. Both provide the sensation of sculptural objects, even within the flat images.


Artwork 1 Title: Brokenhearted
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76x60x2.54
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Brokenhearted is the expression of how I felt when a family member lied, and hurt a family.
This how I felt on that day overlooking the Yorkshire Moores, realizing at that moment of despair people will always
show their true nature.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1347
Artist ID: 1347

Artist Name: Julia Hadji-Stylianou


Artist Statement: My work focuses on concepts to do with the self, and how these aspects of our lives change us,
twist us, and constantly evolve who we are. Family history, culture, memories, life and death, the mind and the
psyche and perceptions are a few concepts that absolutely fascinate me in how they individually make a person, and
create a person’s identity. We are not the same person we were 10 years ago, for example. These aspects of our
lives continue to transform us, and continue to change us. It is this change, this transformation, that interests me.
I aspire to create work that though might not necessarily be about the viewers themselves, as I base my work on a
lot of my own personal experiences, I do aspire to challenge viewers on how my work affects them on a personal
level, by challenging their perceptions and assumptions of the concept that I am bringing forth in the work. I want
viewers to really question the concepts of my projects and how these concepts affect them.
I have always been one to express my interests and ideas through my artwork, be it in the format of photography
(digital and film) or painting, particularly in the form of portraiture. It is throughout my constant research that new
areas of interest arise, often leading to the next project.


Artwork 1 Title: When your mind is in precisely 4793748 places at once
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x60x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Film Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: “Non Compos Mentis― is a photographic series of my deepest thoughts and emotions.
Whilst conceptual, as it is based on my battle with depression and anxiety, one could also call it documentary, as it is
my way of expressing how I portray it visually. Being able to express my internal state through my work has helped
me to define what depression and anxiety is to me, but also to my family, friends and viewers, who might not
understand what it is that those with depression feel. It was also a way to reach out to others suffering - a means of
communication to the outside, as though to say we are not alone in this battle.
That being said, I often find myself drawn to sadness. I usually feel stumped for inspiration for my artwork if there
isn’t a source of sadness to draw from. The psyche itself is a fascinating thing. So many famous artists, writers
and poets alike have turned to their work in dark times. You could say it poses the question – does mental illness
drive people to art, or does art drive people to mental illness?

This specific photograph was shot on 35mm black and white film.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1348
Artist ID: 1348

Artist Name: Steven Edwards


Artist Statement: I'm an emerging artist based in Surrey. My current work is underpinned by a curiosity around
observing materiality of clay – both in how it records every interaction during the making process, and the context
of the ceramic object in the space and cultural time where it was created.
When we explore objects, we look for clues of expression from the artist and object – actions, scenes and events
that are visible within its construction. Investigating a moment in time to build imaginary scenarios of how the object
was made, what it is made from, the making environment and the thoughts of the maker, we construct a narrative
from its characteristics. My work investigates how implied movement within an artwork can provide the viewer with
a shared experience of the past making event.
My practice encourages exploration of process by combining tools to research, provoke and reveal ideas in an
attempt to re-invent traditional forms and mindsets. I produce a range of work from small sculptural forms to large
scale sculptures for installation.


Artwork 1 Title: Measured & Swift – 1st_ square cut stack
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 33x44x21cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Porcelain parian
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work explores the material qualities of clay when exposed to the steps of a specific
making process.

The process of making performed in this work follows a procedure of repetition, compression and cut. This approach
deliberately builds tension in the forms, adding a level of uncertainty about the outcome, and leaving the material
and process to decide the output.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1349
Artist ID: 1349

Artist Name: Claudia Miller

IG: claudia.c.miller

Artist Statement: The notion of contemporary space sits at the centre of my practice. It is however an unstable area.
Recent work has encompassed a critique of spatial alienation and the instability caused by the bleeding of virtual
space into the physical and vice versa. The public and private are becoming increasingly blurred, and with this issues
around control and freedom are thrown into question. With this in mind, many of my paintings sit on the border
between realism and abstraction and have an unfixed quality, largely empty and peculiarly lit. Conventional
narrativity is challenged and time appears to exist in limbo between something that has just or is about to happen.
Throughout, the uncanny is referenced, the position or depiction of an object or plane just-off, to invoke a sense of


Artwork 1 Title: Emblema
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x40x2 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: My most recent painting ‘Emblema’ extends my analysis of contemporary space. It
does however call upon the more traditional narrative of the still life, yet expands upon this to question how
technology, genetically modified articles and the body are blending, partly subject to the institutionalised control of
conglomerates both inside and outside of the home. Inside the bowl lurks something simultaneously organic and
artificial, a hybrid form either mutant or miraculous. So mangled and melded from other detritus it lacks a fixed
identity, engineered to mutate endlessly into new sterile and plastic forms.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1351
Artist ID: 1351

Artist Name: Julia Noble

IG: @jujunoble

Artist Statement: Joyous uplifting abstracts aimed to transport and transfix the viewer. I like to create work that
from a distance looks like a painting but when you inspect it closer it is not what it seems. I would describe myself as
a process colourist. Inspired by artists such as Klee, Matisse and Picasso my works are usually large scale, multi
layered and developed through a series of processes and rules that I set for myself and with a limited colour palette
for each work. I start with a line drawing that I work into with colour, then I stitch into the works with a sewing
machine, disrupting the surface and using the stitch as line, before working into them again with another layer of
colour. The final outcome is determined by the processes and colours, it is not pre-planned. I am particularly
interested in colour and the way that the placement of colours relative to each other impact on the feel or mood of a
work. I use Japanese paper because of its colour and fabric like qualities. The final stage is to mount the paper on
board and then apply resin. The resin reacts with the water-soluble crayons and intensifies the colours. The end
works have very rich surface texture and often have a sense of 3D. I am always intrigued by how work has been
constructed and I hope to achieve that in my own work.


Artwork 1 Title: A Thousand Sunsets - Green and Pink
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint, neocolour water-soluble crayon, stitch and resin on Japanese paper mounted on
Artwork 1 Commentary: Inspired by the sun setting over the sea and the repetitive nature of this act, I have used a
series of processes including line drawing and stitch layered upon each other to create this colourful abstract piece.
The intricate and time consuming processes used and the repeat motive which form the basis of the piece also serve
to signify the passing of time.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1353
Artist ID: 1353

Artist Name: Jessica Brown


Artist Statement: I’m an abstract painter working from my studio in Warwickshire.

My work comes from looking at the patterns, shapes, forms, and colours of my surroundings. My paintings may
remind the viewer of these sources of inspiration, but I try not to make “pictures of― any of it. I use an
abstract language of mark making that is both personal and universal. A visual language that I hope has the power,
like music or literature, to uplift, and communicate. The shapes and symbols I use vary depending on my current
inspiration, but I often repeat certain lines, shapes and symbols, such as crosses, circles and cup shapes. You may
also discover fragments of maps, or words buried beneath the surface. Although these elements appear in an
abstract context, they retain echoes of meaning which the viewer can relate to as they respond to the painting.


Artwork 1 Title: Golden thread 2
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 33x33
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media on wooden board
Artwork 1 Commentary: “Golden thread― is one of a new series about the connections and threads that link us
with the people we come across in our lives – sometimes these connections are fragile as gossamer, lasting only a
short time, and other times, sturdy as a rope, with us for a lifetime.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1356
Artist ID: 1356

Artist Name: Tara Kennedy

IG: Taarakennedytextileart

Artist Statement: The painful suffering from cultural conflict could transform and develop into hope through unity
and empathy

My textile work started from a need to express the unity of my mixed cultural heritage. The despair I feel of different
cultures and religions suffering in conflict drives me to communicate important messages of acceptance, empathy
and hope in my work. It is possible through understanding these messages there could be more harmonious

My work is about creating expressions of hope emerging from this pain. It is essential to me to that the context of
my work leaves an impression on the viewer, leaving them to contemplate and consider.

The materials I use are chosen for their tactile quality, seeking to create a comforting feeling. They include yarns,
threads and fabrics and involve techniques of knitting, wrapping, felting, knotting and stitch. Process is also
significant and references therapeutic, meditative and calming practices.
I create soft sculptures and wall hangings as well as detailed drawings. These drawings provide an alternative
viewpoint and compliment my 3D work.
To encourage the viewer to engage with my work, I use the imagery of cages, bundles and wrapped forms. The
coloured yarns provide a metaphor to show the transformation from the blood spilt and pain of suffering through
graduated tones to ivory conveying hope. Knots express tension, wrapped bundles convey unity and cages suggest

My practice as an artist will continue to evolve with new areas of interest leading to the next body of work.


Artwork 1 Title: Becoming
Artwork 1 Dimensions: height: 30-50cm (depending on what size plinth its on) width: 30cm
Artwork 1 Medium: mixed yarns, mixed fabrics, wire, nails, acrylic paint, polystyrene ball, pva glue
Artwork 1 Commentary: A tension ball of blood coloured yarn wrapped pieces, knotted and pierced with nails is an
expression of suffering. Emerging from this are yarn bound lengths that wrap around conveying protection and
empathy. They cascade down becoming ivory buds expressing the desire for hope to spread.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1357
Artist ID: 1357

Artist Name: Gaijin Mcgraw

Website: N/A
IG: Gaijin_jm

Artist Statement: Mainly using pen on paper to create realism / hyper realism whilst trying to blur the boundaries
into other genres through subject and depth


Artwork 1 Title: Dirty Secret
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 162 X 114 (unframed)
Artwork 1 Medium: Pen on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: First glance shows a polaroid photo taken of an intimate scene in what looks like a poor
attempt at destroying the evidence of an affair.
However it's more likely it's a metaphor for how innocent partners are treated like a dirty secret by unfaithful

Her giving stare forces you to become apart of the artwork placing you behind the lens.

The polaroid is folded and creased as a symbol for the pain and damage sustained externally despite only
demonstrating purity and unrelenting selflessness. All of which can never be removed and will be forever carried
however the picture is still whole and no less beautiful in turn representing the resilience of her soul.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1358
Artist ID: 1358

Artist Name: Olha Pryymak


Artist Statement: I am a London-based Ukrainian artist and herbal tea maker who uses art as a tool for remembering
and applying inter-generational knowledge in impactful ways. The background of long lineage of women-herbalists
in the family gives me the agency to activate these exchanges. My interest is sparked as much by the ritualistic
processes of growing, drying and consuming herbs as by their actual medicinal properties related to my cultural
heritage. I recreate the elements of healing tea drinking rituals in form of participatory performances. This practice
initiated during the Florence Trust residency in 2015, developed and tested in collaboration with SPACE London
Creative Network and Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature reserve in 2017-2018. Paintings, informed by the
performances, have exhibited at Tripp, Alice Herrick gallery, Old Sessions House and the Royal Academy, Lewisham
Art House, next one coming up at ArtHouse 1 in March.


Artwork 1 Title: How Do I Work IV
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 102.6x76.2x2
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work was done for This Instead of That show at Lewisham Art House in December
2018. We developed the idea for the painting in conversation with other exhibiting artists, focusing on how I
perceive the UK from diasporic point of view, through the prism of herbalism. Wormwood and columbines are the
herbs that are known to balance one's nerves. Some of them were listed by Ophelia in the Hamlet and are native
species to this island. In this work I am re-interpreting the image of Shakespeare’s Ophelia through the prism of
Eastern European herbalist tradition as a response to my present surroundings.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1359
Artist ID: 1359

Artist Name: Katharine Holland


Artist Statement: For me sculpture comes from nature. It is tactile and appeals to the senses. In sculpture, I hope to
evoke the sense of power and majesty when I’m in the natural environment. I look up to the trees and the
flowing water; each element of nature creates a different feeling that connects to our sense of being. Like nature,
there is rhythm and there is balance, the flowing water balances the rigidity of the trees. In sculpture, I'm interested
in creating a sense of movement, where a three dimensional object creates a sense of energy and engagement with
the viewer. Symmetries in nature and the way nature adapts its structures to its environment also influence my


Artwork 1 Title: "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" Aesops
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 25 X 17 X 10
Artwork 1 Medium: Bronze
Artwork 1 Commentary: The figures have a humanistic element and social context to them. They have a strong sense
of design influenced by the pyramid; their power is that the figures convey a relationship between the two figures
and their strength is through the unity of one supporting the other. The figures balance precariously on their hands
and on their front of their feet, but adapt to their environment through balancing forms and the support they give
each other. My own moral relates to its title, that as in nature its power is about balance and supporting one

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1360
Artist ID: 1360

Artist Name: Maximilian Esposito

IG: @maxartinparis

Artist Statement: Since 2012, my work has focused on that unripe phase of human
life when the sexes are still undefined and where sexuality is still unexpressed. The
melancholy and reflective characters I portray are experiencing the often difficult and painful
transition from childhood games and innocence to the first upsets of adolescent and adult
I consider it the perfect fusion between my two passions, painting and yoga, as the kind of
androgynous figure that fascinates me can be found in the Indian tradition with the God
Shiva and his bride Parvati, a united couple that forms the being known as
"Ardhanarishvara," the union between the opposites, the masculine and the feminine, the
sun and the moon. Having reconciled my two key passions, I like to describe the practice of
yoga as an art form, and painting as a sort of discipline and meditation.


Artwork 1 Title: "Le Jardin des Souvenirs" ("The Garden of Memories")
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x80
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on cardboard
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting represents an imaginary, dreamlike place, a journey through Alice’s
looking-glass. The androgynous character is deliberately ambiguous and transgressive,
even though he is a child. This is a childhood game, as seen through the eyes of an adult.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1361
Artist ID: 1361

Artist Name: Shaun Stamp


Artist Statement: Born in the UK. The artist’s work draws from his mixed heritage family history; his mother of
Portuguese, French, Benin and Arawak (native American) descent, and his father Roma heritage from Rajasthan. This
unusual mix across the equator lead the artist to consider ideas and intersections of personal identities, Self and
histories through cross sections of human existence and our reflection in the universe that leaves the rest to unfold.

Ultimately his works reflects life and in how we experience it, existing in todays complex world. Stamp has been
Artist in resident in South Korea, Netherlands, France, Finland and Armenia; and has exhibited in group and solo
shows nationally and internationally.


Artwork 1 Title: 12 Celestial Months
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 58.5 x 3 (x 12 Polytych)
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: The series consists of large-scale photographs of twelve flowers, each attributed to a sign of
the zodiac. 12 Celestial Months was incepted while
the artist spent a winter in Finland, researching the Astrology, Symbolism and mythology of the Zodiac.
The flowers are fake; sprayed with glow-in-the-dark pigment, then photographed, they play with ideas of what is real
and what is not; they seem to
glow but do not, they seem real but are not. This sense of artifice, of nature, and of beauty, is at the heart of the
work, and of the artist’s practice.
The green flowers are suspended in blackness, eerily lit. The works, as with much of Stamp’s practice, reflect
issues at the heart of image making,
asking questions of the importance of beauty, the fallacies of the real, and The enduring, dreamlike appeal of the

In 12 Celestial Months, Stamp took as a starting point the birth sign flowers, and the wider symbolism stemming
from a ritualisation of personality
within mainstream society. The signs of the zodiac oversimplify and standardise individuality; the zodiac therefore
represents a repression, as well
as a celebration, of the self, a containment and classification of ones own internal structure of how we reflect
ourselves in signs and symbols the
are held to represent characteristic modes of expression. The flowers, in their delicacy, question a prettification of
conformity. There is
a ghostly nature, a veiled threat, to their beauty of seemingly unknowing plants in green aura. The mysticalness of
the zodiac is held through the
spacial effect of Shaun Stamps Photography.
Curator; Lee Cavaliere - 2018
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1363
Artist ID: 1363

Artist Name: Camilla Marinoni


Artist Statement: At the heart of my work, there is an intimate and personal tale about the social and spiritual
aspects of daily life and which, inevitably, turn into experience. All are filtered and re-elaborated trough my body.

Death, pain and time are frequent topics that emerge and that attempt to be a stimulus, a starting point for a
reflection on the meaning of our existence. I lost my father when I was 16 and 16 years later I lost my mother too. In
my work, I try to tell about emptiness, lack and of his care, his reborn. I try to rework the grief and wounds

I studied sculpture, but the creative process also manifests itself through different artistic expressions: from
installations to jewelry, from clothing to painting, from embroidery to video clips, from sculpture to performance.

Depending on the project, I choose the material best suited for its development, though I have a special liking for
thread (cotton and doilies) and for the earth (ceramic), two archetypal elements that express a female feeling of
patience and dedication. To these materials, I combine body elements with photographs or anatomical drawings.

Softness and hardness, delicateness and strength are elements that alternate one with the other, grazing each other
and forming a contrast that expresses the essence of each human being. The cotton threads stretching across the
surfaces (ceramic, paper or canvas) move the thought from one end to the other, making one think about bonds
between objects and between people.


Artwork 1 Title: Zaffo
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 21x31 cm each paper
Artwork 1 Medium: Cotton paper 100%, embroidery cotton, photos
Artwork 1 Commentary: Zaffo (from the Italian dictionary): gauze pad to be inserted and crammed into a natural
cavity (nose, womb), into an operative breach or wound, for hemostatic purposes or to control scarring in the
healing process.

How do you feel when a person that you love dies?

How do you describe the pain?

Zaffo is an awareness, a point of view, an embroidered emptiness. I tried to treat a wound, to cover an absence, but
it's impossible.

Zaffo is also a reborn, a hug for your heart, a lesson because you can learn a lot from your pain. The cotton yarn is
time and care for ourself.
Is also my mother’s memory: she taught me to make doilies during her last life months.

The doily allows to see the photos through the yarn: a belly button and a breast, the remind to femininity, to mum
and the first relationship that we have in our life.
Two body parts very important to feed.

Food for body and soul.

So there this is an intimate relationship.
So there this is what we lose with death.

The original work is an installation which includes 100 "drawings" but, in this case, I'll choose a selection from all for
staying under the request measures (275x275).
In artwork image, the papers are 50.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1366
Artist ID: 1366

Artist Name: Kimbal Bumstead


Artist Statement:
“I sit at the confluence between painting, drawing, video and performance installation, letting them mingle and
intertwine. My work is cathartic, explosive and colourful. I create paintings using translucent layers of varnish, oil
paint and ink to create visceral body-like abstract forms. A painting to me is not only an image but a physical material
object, which embodies traces of its process of production. I take a performative approach to making work, exploring
the relationship between psycho-geographical landscapes and the imagination. I am interested in the physical and
subjective notions of a journey - a journey perhaps through an internal landscape, through a memory; hand in hand
with the meandering, nomadic and sometimes volatile identity―


Artwork 1 Title: Ø005
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80cm Diameter x 2cm depth
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil and Varnish on Wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work is part of a series of paintings I have started to make on shapes of plywood. I have
always considered my paintings to be sections of something bigger, as if they were a piece of a puzzle, while the
remaining painting existed beyond the frame. Here, in this circular piece I have challenged myself to work beyond
the frame, as if the painting was a mapped segment of a continuous landscape. I am currently working on a
development from this piece, which is a painting consisting of multiple fragmented parts. The painting is made using
translucent layers of oil paint thinned with varnish, and applied in layers using a squeegee.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1371
Artist ID: 1371

Artist Name: Andrew Indelicato


Artist Statement: The work revolves around the language of dystopian aesthetics that lay within the context of niche
Anime subcultures. As well the work generates references to retro video games from the 80's and 90's. Through
Bright stylized colors combined with the fast paced nature of ink and spray paint these topics come forth. The work
wants to be questioned and made for the viewer to think about the mash up of designs and cultures that perhaps
might happen in the not too distant future. The work calls to be remembered and stir up personal memories and
connections that the viewer once had.In the end you should want to question the mashup, question the
combination of colors and references to make your own conclusion.


Artwork 1 Title: Solaris “the champion of justice
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40cmX40cmX2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic, marker,ink,spray paint on panel
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work calls on the champions of justice to save the dystopian future. Each icon is
represented though stylized imagery and bright colors of a futuristic time The painting calls for hope, a wish, a

Its painted on a tondo to provide the viewer a portal into something that is not real. The alternate future.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1373
Artist ID: 1373

Artist Name: Arthur Thompson


Artist Statement: I am Arthur Thompson (age 18), residing in North Florida, United States. I have been fascinated
with wildlife my whole life, especially with the "unsung heroes", the shunned animals that aren't paid attention to
too much, such as spiders, bugs, venomous snakes, etc. I am currently pursuing a career in Environmental Policy, to
work with the political-environmental side of things, but throughout my career, I want to show the world the beauty
of lesser-known animals.


Artwork 1 Title: In the Morning
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 6.76cm X 10.16cm X 0cm
Artwork 1 Medium: .jpg photograph. Taken with NikonD5200 and Tokina 100mm Macro with natural lighting and no
tripod. Light editing (histogram adjustment, shadows, highlights, and white balance) was done in Corel Paintshop Pro
Artwork 1 Commentary: Though majority of my photos are those of more controversial animals, such as spiders,
wasps, venomous snakes, etc, I still find much joy in photographing more well-liked and appreciated animals.

As the morning sun rises above the Gulf of Mexico Coastline, animals start to stir, birds start to sing and damselflies
become active. They are one of the first invertebrates to wake in the morning, darting from reed to reed, warming
themselves in the welcoming sun. I spend many sunrises in gulf marshes, surrounded by reeds and water, respecting
and admiring the animals that call these unique ecosystems home. One morning, as I was testing out natural lighting
techniques, a beautiful, large and calm damselfly approached. I did not miss the opportunity. I worked with the
insect until I was able to create this picture at a decent angle, standing in between reeds, hovering the camera just
above water. producing a strong silhouette of a damselfly against the welcoming warmth of the sun.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1375
Artist ID: 1375

Artist Name: Natalia Poniatowska


Artist Statement: It is enough that I come from a country that lies east of the west and west of the east
Sławomir Mrożek

I am an observer. Through digital and analogue photography, still and moving images, I explore the potential ground
that exists between fine art and documentary photography. Drawing inspiration from various conditions of the
reality around me, from the great interest in the modern, dynamic art scene but also from my personal experiences,
I believe in the power of images to convey the emotions, truths and challenges of modern reality. Having spent the
majority of my life away from my motherland, I often return to the theme of homesickness and belonging in my

My approach to picture making is to present ordinary, non-idealised, never staged reality. Such practice is the
formulation of interest in things as they are. By using only one lens which is the most similar to a human field of
view, I am capturing the moments and non-moments that drag my attention. I am a sentimental and nostalgic artist
and the camera is the best tool to anchor oneself to memories and emotions that are constantly fleeting.

My work starts with a strong interest in the moment, light or a situation. The process of looking begins before taking
a photograph and continues afterwards. Selecting pictures, printing, making connections, framing or setting up an
exhibition space, all of it seems connected to the way of seeing. I immerse myself in the medium fully and utterly.


Artwork 1 Title: Sam & James' Wedding Renewal
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x55
Artwork 1 Medium: photography, digital print on Silver Gloss Museum paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: CELEBRATION is a project that came to live naturally or even surprisingly during my third-
year of study at the Glasgow School of Art when I have been working a lot as an event photographer to support my
art career.

As I have been busy with events, I had no time to make a project for a group exhibition. Instead, I thought I would
search through my hard drive and commercial shots and try to find at least one good picture I could print for the
show. When searching for that one photograph I’ve noticed something quite interesting. I was capturing the
moments that were not really about celebrating the events themselves. The function room corners, where no one is
dancing became almost like an empty theatre sets and the feeling that if I would just slightly move my camera I
would capture a big group of people dancing or eating, was something that fascinates me about photography. The
ability to present the situation within one frame, with no sound, with no description of what’s happening next to
it. Just one frame, for the viewer’s imagination, to make a story of the moment. I’ve been noticing that while
taking pictures of kids during the big events, like the photographs of a girl lying down next to the buffet – taken on
her parent’s wedding renewal. But these photographs were not showing kids having fun or dancing, but escaping
into their own fantasy, careless, doing whatever they want to do.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1376
Artist ID: 1376

Artist Name: Sophie Goudman-Peachey

IG: @peach.face

Artist Statement: Sophie Goudman-Peachey, was born in 1994 and lives and works in London. Her work combines
practices of painting, collage and printmaking to reconstruct existing narratives surrounding womxn in society. Her
collective body of work is all about womxn owning and reclaiming their strength and power whilst also revealing
their vulnerability, femininity, androgyny and masculinity. Her work aims to turn the patriarchal narrative on its head
by empowering womxn through intersectional politics of identity, race and sexuality and allowing space for womxn
to be whoever they want.


Artwork 1 Title: Pampered
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x40x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint, charcoal and paper collage on reclaimed wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work is part of a series focusing on reclaiming the female nude and confronting the
male gaze. The juxtaposition of paint and collage creates a conversation between traditional and digital media.
Symbolising our influences in modern culture from both the traditions of the past alongside the evolving impact
social media has on our society. Most portrayals of women we see in the traditional art world objectify the female
body and these women are usually of a similar race and body type. Through my paintings I want to break down these
barriers and represent all women. I often like to use vibrant colours in my work to reflect a positive narrative and
impose a feeling of empowerment on those viewing the work.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1379
Artist ID: 1379

Artist Name: Russell Honeyman


Artist Statement: I practice social art - art that seeks to reveal, understand and maybe transform our culture and
society. Social art references socially engaged, activist and political art. It might come from community action, or it
might be the product of single artist. .

Art includes any human action that we call art, from painting to performance, in any setting, from the street to the

I make art in my studio as a direct output from my ‘being’. Some might be decorative. Some, like my cartoons,
is obviously social. Some need a label, or a short text, to describe how they reveal an aspect of culture as I see it.

Social art does not exist in isolation; it needs to engage with society. I can do this through showing art in a gallery.
But this restricts audience and response: the art can be seen as telling people what to think.

So I make art that involves the public, through participative art ‘happenings’ (Europa Promenade, Drone
Shadow, Peace Picnic, Liminal). When audience merges with artist, the boundary between subject and object breaks
down, and we can investigate the Real (what lies beneath the apparent reality of our consensual social construct).


Artwork 1 Title: Europa Promenade
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 100
Artwork 1 Medium: Withy and Tissue Lantern
Artwork 1 Commentary: As UK parliament debated the Brexit Bill on 15 January 2019, I promenaded my sculptural
creation ‘Europa’ around Brighton. Europa is ‘lantern’ sculpture made from willow and tissue paper.

My sculpture Europa is all about relationship. Europa could let go of the Bull’s horn, but she chooses not to. If she
let go, if she chose to break her bond with Bull, yes, she would be free, but then she would have to walk, instead of
floating in the air above her magical bull.

Europa is an interpretation of the Greek Myth about the founding of Europe. Europa was a child of Phoenicia. The
king of the gods, Zeus, fell in love with Europa, but she rejected his advances. He returned in the form of a white bull,
whom she fell in love with. They ran off across the sea, become lovers, and found a new home they called Europe.
Some called it abduction; others said they eloped.

While making this I reflected on sovereignty. What one gains when combining into a greater whole, what one loses.
For me, the most important thing to remember about the EU is that it has promoted peace in Europe since 1945.
Trade and freedom of movement and human rights are bonuses.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1384
Artist ID: 1384

Artist Name: Jamie Kettle


Artist Statement: As an information designer by trade, I am always eager to find ways of combining my love for my
day job with my passion for fine art.

One of the exciting things about forming this relationship is how different each of my styles are in each industry.
Within data design, all presentation revolves around the sharp, linear, vector-based constructs, however I believe my
general painting style to be far more expressive and emotionally driven. Yet this very contrast is what I believe
makes such an exciting partnership when teamed together, opposites attract after all don't they?

My main focus centres around abstract portraiture, and finding ways to illustrate the complexity of someone's
personality, without drawing from initial subconscious assumptions after our first glance at a person's face. To do
this, I shield the audience from this first judgement and allow the formation of triangular shapes to dictate the

The colours used, size and layout of the triangles only offer a subtle glimpse into the subject's facial appearance, the
rest is an ambiguous representation, to be interpreted in whichever way the colours and shapes on the face dictate
your train of thought.

Is the subject sad? Happy? Lonely? Remorseful? There is no right answer, apart from the emotion an individual
instinctively feels when looking at the portrait. You could argue every person who looks at the painting will have a
personal relationship, as each perspective will be unique, and not one of them will be wrong.


Artwork 1 Title: Brenda
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary: Brenda is an example of one of the pieces from my abstract portraiture series.

For reasons explained in my artists statement, Brenda's facial features have been blocked, however, clues have been
left in the form of geometric shapes that layer the face, their layout, colour, and size are all subtle glimpses in which
we can to feel her true identity bleed through.

I named her Brenda, as a contradiction to the vibrant, youthful colours used for the palette. Is she an elderly lady, or
a young lady? Even I'm not sure to be honest.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1385
Artist ID: 1385

Artist Name: Ragela Bertoldo


Artist Statement: Ein Teil meiner Arbeiten setzt sich mit Erinnerungen auseinander, die stattgefunden haben oder
assoziativ Brücken bauen zu Bildern, die damit einhergehen.

Was ist geschehen und was davon ist wirklich wahr? Inwieweit fungiert die Bildsymbolik, um mögliche oder reale
Ereignisse heraufzubeschwören (positiv formuliert: Die Bildsymbolik fungiert als Wegbereiter, um mögliche oder
reale Geschehnisse heraufzubeschwören oder zu vergessen)?

Die Geschichten beginnen in der Vergangenheit, werden gegenwärtig im Bild und lassen einen möglichen
Ausgang offen.

Meine Bilder sollen nichts anderes sein, als das was sie sind: unprätentiös und puristisch.

Leitmotiv ist die leidenschaftliche Auseinandersetzung mit Inhalten, die in ihrer atmosphärischen Mehrdeutigkeit
dennoch klar bleiben.

In allem, was ich sehe und überall wo ich bin sehe ich Details und Accessoires, die Geschichten erlauben: Innere
Wanderschaft auf Abwegen.

Aus einem anderen Blick die Dinge zu sehen und sich mitzuteilen. Ich sehe was da ist, was es gibt und danach sieht
man es nicht mehr, weil es sich verändert hat durch die Schatten.


Artwork 1 Title: Glück
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x75x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylglas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Im Fokus der Arbeiten steht die Empathie des Betrachters. Das künstlerische Statement
soll neuen Kontrast für die liebgewonnen Unschärfen des Lebens bringen.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1386
Artist ID: 1386

Artist Name: Anastasia Markovskaya


Artist Statement: My latest works are inspired by the graciousness and inner light of the athlete's body postures as
captured by old Soviet sport photographs. They look very pure and clean almost "iconic" as sport was a Religion
during Soviet era and an only one possible as traditional religions were banned. The cult of a beautiful sporty body is
stressed by the use of golden leaf on the background, just like gold is traditionally used to paint icons. When looking
at such pictures we subconsciously associate ourselves with the athlete and get inspired in our ambitious pursuit of
beautiful longevity made possible by constant physical exercise. In all times we admired beauty and grace, that is
why today's athletes or beautiful people are among the most followed and almost "worshipped" on Instagram or
Facebook or any other social network..


Artwork 1 Title: Golden girl
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x90x4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas and potal (gold leaves)
Artwork 1 Commentary: A graceful jump by a young beautiful lady as an aspiration to a higher state. In gold as a
symbol of ultimate purity.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1389
Artist ID: 1389

Artist Name: Regan Boyce


Artist Statement: Large geometric & abstract constructions as well as installations and print work make up the basis
of my current practice. The defining concept is ‘flat-pack’ sculptural objects involving the design, production
and installation of bespoke flat-pack sculptures.
The most recent production of flat-pack sculpture ‘IKOSAEDER’ displays the conceptual ideas I am exploring:
alongside the sculpture flat-pack instruction manuals, hand crafted crates and various screen-prints. Illustrated
screen-printed manuals and art prints depict scenes of installations.
Finding inspiration in minimalism, I have embraced the use of white gallery space. Rather than solely relying on a
location for circumstantial relevance (like my previous sculptural series) I have begun to explore the subversion of
function while creating context not through the space they exist in but through the objects relationships to one
another. Thus creating a contextual narrative through the combined presence of multiple objects and parts. Using
seemingly functional parts, instructions and storage to build what is in fact a completely functionless object and
therefore a pointless flat-pack outside of an art context.
As well as ‘flat-pack art objects’, recent developments have led to the creation of abstract minimalist forms
which lack any comparability to real-life function or objects. Aluminum tubing replicates spontaneously drawn lines
and shapes, moving flat drawings into a 3 dimensional space. Tube bends alongside panels of wood and coloured
fabric, imitating forms of structure. Numerous sculptural parts act closely in installed space linked only through the
architecture of the space.


Artwork 1 Title: IKOSAEDER - flat-pack
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 2000 x 5000 x 7000
Artwork 1 Medium: aluminium and armature wire flat-pack structure, wood crates. screen printed packaging, prints
and flat-pack manuals. paint and tape, LED lighting
Artwork 1 Commentary: IKOSAEDER is an exploration into the idea of a 'flat-pack' art work. Taking a format
associated with furniture and design and applying it to a sculptural art installation. A structure created from custom
made components, which fit packed into the associated crates present in the install complete with flat-pack
instruction manuals.
The work aims to take a new view point on the association and differentiation between art object and design. As the
works components and designed objects allude to being 'functional' but only form an object which has no
functionality outside of a fine art environment.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1390
Artist ID: 1390

Artist Name: Xiuching Tsay

IG: chyvenne

Artist Statement: Xiuching Tsay is a Thai born painter, currently studying MA Painting at Royal College of Art. Water
opens up her infinite imaginations; its tumultuous movement affects xiuching’s emotions and introduces her the
other spiritual selves. Then, she uses what water offer, in creating an exotic realm, where her other selves can roam
around without acknowledging true existence. She believes that a failure of finding self-existence can also be a
fortunate thing, it let her continue the journey of a never-ending discovery of ‘I’. Therefore, she treats painting
as a journey to the sea.

While her boat (mind) is sailing aimlessly, depending on the unpredictable waves, She finds many fragmented
objects that remind her of life experiences back, in reality, they are floating or sometimes sinking. But those objects
in the paintings become more emotional than one in reality, as they are revitalized by the sea moods, the sun and
the moon. This means the banal objects are transitioned into unknown beings who rove around in transcendent

The most important is that those spirited objects are uncertain in their forms. A split-second after they are seen by
her, the objects are washed off or melted by water. To her, their existences have never been recognized, there are
restless spirits like monstrous fishes.


Artwork 1 Title: Their Golden time
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 3 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil, sands and objects found from the shore on jute fabric
Artwork 1 Commentary: By the boiling golden river, I am sitting on the dock.
Having lunch and staring at the birds with sympathy.

This golden time devote to the starving birds. Their ambitious mind yet lacking predictability, roving around.
Starvation, Desire, Wills. All are available in a rush.
These will be washed off once the golden lake turns into blue.
But without completing 3 goals, they sure cannot return to the world tomorrow.

Me by the dock, who is a passerby. I am their hope, holding an overcast will. The rice!

My leftover rice is their pass to the tomorrow land. Now I am sharing and they come with the vital eyes.

The starving little birds.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1391
Artist ID: 1391

Artist Name: Sarah Buckley

IG: @sarsbuck_

Artist Statement: I am an emerging visual artist and my area of

interest is visual perception. My work, through experiential and participatory artworks, is an exploration of sight and
vision which is centred on the act of looking. I invite the viewer to observe the world around them and consider how
they see that world. My objective is to engage the viewer in a dialogue with the work to explore the vulnerability of
their sight. Looking does not just utilise
our eyes, it also engages our mind and body. My previous work, entitled “Without a perceiver, there is no


Artwork 1 Title: Without a perceiver, there is no horizon
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 6 ft x 4ft
Artwork 1 Medium: Installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: My work, entitled “Without a perceiver, there is no horizon― was situated at a public
beach on Sherkin Island, West Cork in May 2018. The work consists of an adapted garden shed which has a selection
of optical lenses suspended on the back wall. The viewer engages their body as well as their eyes to adjust to see the
outside world through the lenses. Designed to be situated outdoors, the lenses move and shift with the environment
adding a challenge to the viewer to observe the outside. It was originally installed overlooking Silver Strand, Sherkin
Island incorporating the horizon and the surrounding environment. The work is designed for curious people to
explore and experience the shed creating an experiential space where the embodiment of the viewer in the space is
paramount. Facing the horizon, the viewer engages with their environment and the phenomenogical horizon
through the lenses. The concept of verticon was also explored in the situated context.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1393
Artist ID: 1393

Artist Name: Kevin John Pocock


Artist Statement: Originally trained as an architect at Cambridge University, my paintings and drawings are inspired
by modernist architecture and my own thoughts, dreams and memories. Sometimes vague, sometimes specific -
recurring rather than transitory. The ones that keep ticking away inside. Common themes are utopian dreams,
repetition, power, hierarchy and aggression. I construct and express this permanent, private interior of thoughts as a
public, external, abstracted architectural space - sometimes the subject is directly about architecture and the city
itself, sometimes very personal, sometimes both together.

Each piece starts as a small, rough, spontaneous sketch. I later select from these to create a larger work and develop
my ideas through a design process that involves further investigative studies, technical drawings and computer aided
design. The final work is very close in spirit to the original sketch. I play with symmetry and asymmetry, and mixing
different architectural representations of space – perspective, elevation and 3D projections such as axonometric
and isometric.

In my work, whether on canvas, paper or on screen I try to offer a contemplative convergence of the mind and the
physical world.


Artwork 1 Title: Streetfight Night
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76 x 122 x 4cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Buildings represent hopes, dreams and ideas. Some are more powerful and more assertive.
In "Streetfight Night" they are lit up and aggressively confront each other. They are a reflection of us.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1395
Artist ID: 1395

Artist Name: Ludovic Simon


Artist Statement: I was born in 1975 in the north of France. I was a soldier, a clothing salesman, a management
consultant, a lecturer, a construction worker, a scholl principal… I never stopped creating during all this time. I
wrote three novels, plays of theater, poems and I participated in various artistic projects. But my main activity is the
artistic collage which represents for me an unlimited field of possibilities.

My paintings have several degrees of reading. They hide references, messages, a particular composition. I am
marked and I try to sublimate the sorrows that haunt me in my works. Like the models that have always guided me, I
join them in a kind of counterculture, a critical transition from a system that I too often find unfair and incoherent. I
try to participate in this dialectic by a new graphic imagery, full of meaning and feelings.

Exhibitions : - Solo – Private exhibition organised by french curator Caroline Mansard - Group - Concept Store
Gallery, Paris, France - Group – Concept Store Gallery, La Baule, France - Upcoming exhibition – « Me and
Dominique Sampiero » (Dominique Sampiero is a great french writer who ask me and another artists to do works
for illustrate is next book)

Press :

- French TV, 3 times - Written press, 1 article


Artwork 1 Title: Noblesse
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 81x65x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media, collage
Artwork 1 Commentary: I try to hide more than to show. The technique is lowered to what is for me the essential,
the intention. I try to find the starting point, something raw, basic, that we take or reject.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1396
Artist ID: 1396

Artist Name: Chinwe Russell

IG: @chinwerussellart

Artist Statement: My work is inspired by history, all sorts of history as well as stories. I have a questing mind, and a
rich imagination

I admire courage and I am moved by weakness and hardship.

I paint my version of history; not the way it happened, but how I imagine it could have happened. I was not there so I
create the past in my own imagination. Who am I to judge what happened in the past? I was not there present, so I
paint the story as my mind imagines it.

I like to paint in bold right colours. I like to challenge and confront. Life is full of mysteries, who am I to judge but to
comment? Painting is my therapy, an expression of my world view. In times of great emotion, painting frees my soul.

I get excited by a blank canvas, who knows what stories it holds for me. How will this end? How will it begin? What
adventures will it drag me into?


My brush has a mind of its own. I create the images it wills me to. My hand and brush work as one, in conspiracy
against my imagination and my plans.

​I conceive a painting and plan, but the result is a stranger to me. This leads me to discover my own work the way
you do and stare in amazement at the story before me.

Painting is my writing and there is a lot to say.


Artwork 1 Title: MAMMIE, STORY OF A LIFE
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x120x2
Artwork 1 Medium: ACRYLIC ON CANVAS
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work was inspired by the the story of my mother in the Nigeria of Colonial era.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1398
Artist ID: 1398

Artist Name: Rose-Marie Caldecott


Artist Statement: I create paintings that contemplate the fluidity of nature and mankind’s place within it. Our
perception of the world is limited, our existence appears finite, and life itself exists in a state of flux. I believe it is in
the light of these unstable realities that we go about creating systems, borders and frames in an attempt to feel
more secure. But these structures are not as solid as we might hope, they too are permeable to the flux.
Although science has shown us that even in apparent randomness, there are patterns and systems within nature,
our perspective does not always let us see the order through the chaos. It seems that modern society is cutting itself
off from the natural world more and more, putting its trust in technology, building more borders and making up
stricter rules- all out of a desire for a more stable reality. Surely, if you attempt to apply too much order and put
limits on that which you can not ultimately contain, you only ever create the illusion of stability, and illusions must
eventually be shattered. If we can not accept the fragile, turbulent aspects of what it means to be alive, there will
come a point when we are forced to surrender to them instead. In my work, I try to embody this complex
relationship we have with order and chaos, both through my painting process and with the imagery I draw upon.


Artwork 1 Title: Uncertain Times
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61 x122 x0.5 unframed. 81 x 142 x 5 cm framed
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil and Acrylic on Aluminium
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting uses a triptych to speak of how we choose to view nature, to
compartmentalise it, organise it- in order that we can feel more in control of it. We do this not only with the natural
landscape around us, but with all of life. But here in this painting the triptych is only semi-opaque, it sits within the
context of a more complex and fluid reality. Even as we create the boxes and put up borders, we have to eventually
acknowledge their permeability. None of our efforts to control life, to keep it steady, can withstand the inevitable
disruption from the chaotic element of life. The triptych is made up of three golden rectangles - a nod to the fact
that we seek out order in nature, we are comforted by the discovery of natural patterns and systems because they
indicate that life is not all chaos, there maybe a greater order.

This painting also references the anxiety our country is feeling these days, with what feels like a very 'uncertain'
political climate. The irony is that nothing is ever certain, nothing is ever fixed. Our physical and cultural landscape is
shifting and changing every second. It is good to celebrate the unique and beautiful elements of our country, but
there is a danger of holding on too tightly to an idealised version. We can not fight change, we must learn to live
with it, and ideally to celebrate the part it has to play.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1399
Artist ID: 1399

Artist Name: Yaprak Akinci


Artist Statement: Like a number of other megacities, Istanbul, where I was born and raised, has seen its character
transformed by major demographic change and an unquenchable thirst for modernisation. The dread of seeing this
change steadily erase the essence of a grand old city is the main source of inspiration for my work.

In order to understand the characteristics of these cities, I began to form a collection of images. These ranged from
industrial areas to abandoned, desert-like landscapes, but also the ruins of buildings succumbing to time, man or
nature and stories of over-production and over-consumption.

These images occupy me constantly and are eventually poured into drawings or paintings, where they are
transformed into ambiguous, abstract forms. In trying to understand the degeneration, modernity and contrasts of
today’s world, my work is centred on the gradual transformation of these forms and, ultimately, their remnants.


Artwork 1 Title: Empty Defence
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 4
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I describe a world in which all traces of mankind’s endeavours have been eliminated.
Where once there was an all-consuming human urge to control, protect and expand, these ideas have ebbed away,
and with them humans themselves. This theme is central to ''Empty Defence'', in which a once solid and imposing
structure has ceased to serve any purpose.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1401
Artist ID: 1401

Artist Name: Samira Addo


Artist Statement: Samira is a self-taught visual artist based in London, focussing on portraiture, in a style considered
as contemporary realism. Samira’s work largely reflects themes she has an association with, from close friends
and family to countries travelled. Key to her work is capturing an essence of the subject, whether that’d be
through facial expressions and posture or colour palette and textures, in predominantly oil on canvas.


Artwork 1 Title: Jujuu's Aqaba
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100X100X4
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Portrait of a Jordanian woman called Majda. During a trip to Jordan my friends and I were
approached by a wonderful family on the beach in Aqaba - with a gesture of tea, and spent the rest of the afternoon
enjoying our time with them. Majda, one of 3 close sisters, was captured in an impromptu photoshoot and her
strong and interesting presence inspired this painting.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1403
Artist ID: 1403

Artist Name: Sarah Brittain Edwards

IG: @sarahbrittainedwards

Artist Statement: This image is taken from my on-going personal project 'Daughter', which explores how I see my

How reachable and yet unreachable she can be at the same time - when I catch her intense gaze - how I know I will
never truly know her inner thoughts - they belong to her and not to me - these moments have become captured
snatches of time that have a thousand things to say, but without any words.


Artwork 1 Title: Waiting
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 41.91 x 59.45 x 5
Artwork 1 Medium: Photographic Print
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 'Waiting' taken from ongoing personal project 'Daughter'.

After being stunned by the birth of my daughter, just over 11 years ago, I lost all of my desire to be creative, and felt
like I had lost a part of my identity that I had always known.

This void was now filled with the overwhelming and dominating sense of undying love for this tiny new being. The
fake and the contrived world that I had lived in before now meant nothing to me. and I no longer wanted to be part
of it.

In 2017, as my daughter entered her 10th year, I discovered a yearning and a strong desire to create - but this time
not to fit into a box, not to contrive, to impress or to conform to anyone, but just simply to create just for me.

This is how project 'Daughter' was born.

Up until now, we have had a rocky relationship - becoming used to each others moods and emotions and excepting
who we are as individuals. 'Daughter' explores how I see my daughter. and how reachable and yet unreachable she
can be at the same time - when I catch her intense gaze - how I know I will never truly know her inner thoughts -
they belong to her and not to me - how the moments of mundane day to day life have become captured snatches of
time that have a thousand things to say, but without any words.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1404
Artist ID: 1404

Artist Name: Stuart Jones

IG: @stuartjonesartist

Artist Statement: I am interested in the environment and the way we view and experience it. My work is informed by
the urban and rural landscape and ideas of utopia, dystopia and the sublime. I create work exploring reality within
environments and our relationship with them. I am intrigued by places and spaces that exist within our lives and
ideas around natural disasters, climate change and current social and political issues. I use a wide range of
contemporary and traditional painting and drawing media from oil paint and mediums to household paint and spray
paint, working the paint surface of the canvas flat on the floor or on the wall. My work explores our relationships
and connections with the landscape and how this is consistently in flux. My process varies and evolves over time but
generally starts with drawings, images and collages that I have manipulated and experimented with using
photocopying. We are increasingly disconnected from our environment due to technological advancement and in a
consistent conflict with the natural world due to the way we live. I approach my work with these ideas and thoughts
with the hope that they gain traction in the spaces in the work. The human presence is missing from my paintings
enabling the viewer to become the missing human presence within the work, the spaces becoming portals that the
viewer has to negotiate into another world, space or time.


Artwork 1 Title: Urban 2
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 182 x 122 x 3.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Oilpaint and mixed media on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: A painting depicting how we live in and view our environment. Layers of linear elements,
architectural shapes and atmospheric space have been built up to create a reality that is full of ambiguity and mood.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1405
Artist ID: 1405

Artist Name: Glib Franko

IG: @glibfranko

Artist Statement: I work with such rather classical artistic practices as painting and graphics, balancing the
boundaries between the abstract and plot lines of contemplation of natural landscapes and everyday situations. As
an expert in conservation of painting, I have a deep understanding of the essence of the material with which I work,
and I use his possibilities in his works. I strive for the expressiveness and self-sufficiency of form and color, in turn
leaving it possible for the viewer's interpretation.
I often experiment and observe the process, introducing in my painting elements of the drawing, graphics or even
prints. I'm experimenting with the basics and material, combining various techniques, or just spreading the paint
exploring the boundaries of self-expression.


Artwork 1 Title: 48°23'11.8N 24°27'34.9E
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150 x 163
Artwork 1 Medium: Ink, potal silver, paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The "golden mean" is calculated on the basis of the extreme points. But what if these
extreme points are too far apart? Is the simple arithmetic mean to be a "golden mean" or a "compromise," or is not
Around these issues concentrated and combined work in the series"Antipodes, balance, walk on the golden line", is
a series of graphic works inspired by wanderers. The plot balances between the landscape and the abstract vision of
a particular location. The names of works, in fact, are not random numbers, but the geographical latitude and
longitude of the place where the work was created.
On the other hand, this project is a self-study. For a long time, my dominant practice is an experiment with painting,
accompanied by a technological specificity of the material. Graphics are my new interest, more mobile, in my own
texture, which allows you to deeply explore the boundaries of expressiveness and abstraction of the image at the
same time.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1406
Artist ID: 1406

Artist Name: Emilie Coste

IG: @emiliecostedesigns

Artist Statement: Emilie’s practice combines sculpture and furniture design to produce pieces that are both
functional and aesthetic.Â
From the human body to the colours and textures of Mediterranean France, her work references the familiar as she
seeks inspiration in her everyday surroundings. The playful functional sculptures of animals and vegetation by
Francois Xavier and Claude Lalanne as well as the naive and bulbous forms of Niki de Saint Phalle have been
formative influences.
Her recent project, Take a Seat (2018), is a collection of ceramic stools that have been inspired by food. Her
renderings of the shape and feel of foods including clotted cream, pomegranates, scotch bonnets, sugar cubes and
banana leaves playfully explores the dynamic between function and art.

Born in London, Emilie Coste graduated from Central St Martins in 2018, with a degree in Ceramic Design. She
currently lives and works in London.


Artwork 1 Title: Blue Metabolism
Artwork 1 Dimensions: Seat : 60 x 54 cm Full height: 91 x 54 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramic Seat with Silk Cushion
Artwork 1 Commentary: Blue Metabolism, the sculptural ceramic seat, truly exemplifies Emilie’s work process.
Emilie discovered this tubular technique through the early stages of her making process. Typically she pinches her
coils together to form a structure and then manipulates it by smoothing it out to create her desired form. However,
it was the unfinished crudeness of the thick and curvaceous coils, combined with the tactility they offered that most
appealed to her. Emilie intends to give the user this tactile desire to squeeze and grab the bursting tubular lumps,
creating the urge to to almost prevent them from popping out of place.

Blue Metabolism is the aftermath of Emilie’s previous collection called ‘Take a Seat’ which was made of
ceramic stools based on a selection of ‘Foods’. We have now entered the digestive process of the food in the
body once it has been eaten. Emilie has attempted to capture a natural process that can be seen as quite repulsive,
but has instead translated it into something endearing and aesthetically pleasing to the viewers eye. The strong blue
versatile glaze is used to enhance the striking form of the seat. Whereas we all may be picky about the food we eat
We all have a metabolism. So why not sit on it ?

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1407
Artist ID: 1407

Artist Name: Contesse I


Artist Statement: Dear Art Lovers,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for organising this event in a very professional way. This is a big
opportunity for those who create art.

I am a Bucharest, Romania based painter and my painting influency comes from family.
I feel painting since I was a child. I painted for my colleagues at school and later on, for expressing feelings in a
contemporary artwork.
I improved myself by self-taught and received private design and painting classes before and during University years.

I am working from my own studio and I try to generate joy, energy and responsiveness through my artwork.
Each oil canvas is original and represents a special moment in time, using unique color textures and my own

Thank you, Ashurst!


Artwork 1 Title: HippoKampos
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x80x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I am inspired by the marine life and this painting catches an abstract colorful frame of sea
horse and star fish.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1411
Artist ID: 1411

Artist Name: Jo Hannah


Artist Statement: My work is rooted in the power of nature and its healing qualities. Nature’s ability to consume
manmade objects is an endless source for my creativity.

I am particularly interested in manmade structures such as walls, pathways and roads which have begun to be
consumed by the natural environment. The growth of nature on surfaces such as bricks, cobbles and concrete
surfaces represents natures spread and growth. To me the process of growth and reclamation becomes a metaphor
for one’s own strength over adversity and our ability to heal.

Each piece of work I make can be part of a greater installation which can either stand alone as a sculptural form or
become part of a greater installation.

I work mainly with black stoneware clay to hand build sculptural forms which represent architectural manmade
structures and surfaces. I use glaze and colour to represent the growth of nature in my work.


Artwork 1 Title: Triumph of nature panel
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29cmx19cmx3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramic
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece of work represents a decaying architectural surface slowly being reclaimed by the
growth and power of nature.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1413
Artist ID: 1413

Artist Name: Karl Bielik


Artist Statement: I am an abstract painter I work on canvas, linen, panels and paper. I work exclusively in oil paint on
thirty or so paintings and drawings at once and these vary in scale from intimate to large.
The studio is the place where practically everything happens for me occasionally diagrams from medical books or
photographs I have taken may inform the work in its formative stages, but essentially my work emerges from the
physical process of painting.
Loose oily wounds and thick emulsions offset light glazes and dribbles, I paint, wipe out, paint over, turn the
canvasses around, print, blot, mask, pour paint, scrape and scratch.
Irregular canvases, panels and paper litter my studio walls and tables. I shift from one piece to another and don’t
focus on completion, just nudging a painting from one position to another.
Only when I am in the studio standing in front of the work do they being to take form, I give them room to develop
meaning to be here in the world. I am in there almost every day and there is little thought process outside of the
The works are sometimes not touched for weeks or months, which offers an incubation time to contemplate where I
want them to go, them to take me or if they become complete.
In contrast to my sometime emotive imagery, banal solitary words form my titles, tempering and balancing the
melancholy character of my work.


Artwork 1 Title: Gasp
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 175x165x3cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting was started in January 2018 and finished one year later.
There were three clear(ish) initial ideas - one was it would take a year, two was to only paint in the centre of the
canvas and three steer clear of Black.
The work would be turned around and re-positioned in the studio through the year whilst the set parameters forced
the painting to its final state.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1414
Artist ID: 1414

Artist Name: Josh Carter


Artist Statement: I’m a sculptural artist whose practice centres around the use of readily available materials
sourced from the building trade that I put through a process of casting that embraces imperfection and the point
where accidents happen. This produces artefacts that reference both our constructed environment and bodily
elements, while also reflecting their process of creation through the marks on their surface and the form they end up
settling in. I maintain a process-based practice and I tend to handle my materials as little as possible because leaving
the material bare to the processes of casting and carving give the object autonomy as we cooperate to find a
finished form. I think that an object made by two minds working together, mine and the object’s, will arrive at a
more natural conclusion for material and form as the process marries the two. My practice tends to leave objects
bare to emphasise their materiality and denounce any pretence to the audience that they are anything more than
cement, metal and other basic materials – no tricks, yes, the material really can do that. As the viewer sees that it
is just cement, for example, I hope that it will highlight their weight and present-ness in that space in a way that
grounds them, not as a far-flung art-object but, as a real, tangible and spatially disruptive force.


Artwork 1 Title: Metope
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 180cm x 270cm x 90cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Cement, Steel
Artwork 1 Commentary: Metope is the result of two things; research on the sculptures from the Parthenon and a
need to lift my work off the floor in a way that pushes it into a shared space with the viewer. As the work imposes
upon the space typically solely occupied the viewer, a natural reaction would be prompted from them as they’re
faced with this physical, heavy object. The work has a historical context because I based its presentation on how the
British museum displays its sculptures around a standardised framework; such context is emphasised by the bulging
forms and cast creases referencing that of ancient carved statues while also manifesting themselves in a similar state
of ruin as if the objects have been caught in a time paradox making them a sort of contemporary relic.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1415
Artist ID: 1415

Artist Name: Rachel Williams


Artist Statement: Since returning to the UK after living in the Italian countryside for 12 years I have had what one
might call a revelation. My work has revolted. The abstracts have been replaced by a more urban and lively output.
And it's becoming increasingly varied. I work across a number of themes concurrently. My recent work has been
centered around history, place and politics with works about war and our little boy soldier Kim Jong Un.

Throughout 2018 I have been making a series of works about the effect of the First World War on our society, for
good and ill, in the hundred years that has followed. The emancipation of women, the proliferation of
megalomaniacs, the beginning of the technological age and so on. The culmination was an exhibition “Repeat
After Me― which opened at Armistice weekend.

Generally I work in mixed media including collage on canvas and on paper. Most works have some element of
printmaking or transference. I am continually drawn to mark making in this way as it provides a separation between
me and the subject which seems to enable a sedimented idea to come to the the fore subconsciously.


Artwork 1 Title: And The Birds Began To Sing
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x70
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The work submitted here “And The Birds Began To Sing― forms part of the “Repeat
After Me― series about the effects of the First World War on our society. Microphones were used to measure the
time sound took to travel from one point to another which was then used to calculate the distance of enemy fire.

“And The Birds Began To Sing― is a response to a recording I heard of the final guns firing at the end of the war.
When the they ceased there was the briefest of silences then, amazingly, after all that destruction... there was
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1416
Artist ID: 1416

Artist Name: Iliana Tosheva


Artist Statement: I am a London-based professional multi-disciplinary artist specializing in abstract and semi-abstract
oil landscapes.


Artwork 1 Title: SAHARA
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 77 x 77 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Mimicking the awe-inspiring beauty and power of nature. I have always been particularly
fascinated by the delicate balance between abstract and figurative in art and 'Sahara' is a take on that ongoing
exploration in the artwork I create.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1417
Artist ID: 1417

Artist Name: Henry Glover

IG: @hgglover

Artist Statement: Often inspired by inanimate subjects, and found objects, I enjoy making work that centres on
process-heavy paintings and sculptures of uneasy and tense representations of the human form.

Currently I am looking closely at the relationship between my 2D and 3D work, in order to better understand the
haptic visuality with my artworks, getting to the core of the satisfaction that I find in my own very tactile practice.


Artwork 1 Title: Her
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 8 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Glazed Stoneware
Artwork 1 Commentary: This ceramic sculpture focuses on the idea of embodiment, and the presence/absence of
touch. There is a cutaway hand marked on the side of her waist, emphasising the idea of touch, trace and gesture.
Everywhere else across the sculpture, the marks made whilst moulding the form out of clay remain unrefined, the
clay almost dripping as though alive.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1419
Artist ID: 1419

Artist Name: Rebeka-Louise Lee

IG: @rebeka.louise

Artist Statement: My work to date has been focused around my epilepsy and the places that I have visited or
interiors from my own mind. Throughout my artist life I have always been interested in a sense of place, creating
somewhere for characters and stories to reside. I’m also motivated by attention to detail and the importance this
can have on a piece.


Artwork 1 Title: The evolution of epilepsy
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 190.4X190.4
Artwork 1 Medium: Ball point pen
Artwork 1 Commentary: My piece 'The evolution of epilepsy' is an illustration collage depicting my life and battles
with epilepsy. Using characters and symbolism to represent people and scenes. I wanted the story to remain hidden
until the viewer read the piece in a particular way.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1420
Artist ID: 1420

Artist Name: Mila Pierce


Artist Statement: My art is an extension of me, a door to my thoughts and inner world


Artwork 1 Title: Mindfulness
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
Artwork 1 Medium: ceramic clay, acrilyc on cotton canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The "Mindfulness" works were created as a progression of my previous series called
"Thoughts". Both series are focused on the creative process, a meditative state of mind, and the importance of being
present and enjoying every moment of life.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1422
Artist ID: 1422

Artist Name: Aurica Kluth

Website: aurakluth/

Artist Statement: I love to exprim me in colours, to give and to become back how much I can from life,to make
people happy it is my only happy with trust and empathy.
A beautiful life isn't completely without colours.

Arania Kluria


Artwork 1 Title: Geisha3
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 31/45 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: CarbOthelo Pastel pencils
Artwork 1 Commentary: I find Geishas amazing trough colours and quiet.
Their elegance and fineness share to all an elevated way of honoring life.
That's what my Geisha talking about.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1423
Artist ID: 1423

Artist Name: Gerard Carson


Artist Statement: My practice is concerned with objects, not as wholes which carry distinct meanings or symbolic
weight, but that they are congregating assemblages of matter that flow through one another. However these
assemblages become sources of accelerated techno-scientific production, meshing through networked
infrastructures, mutating into strange actors, imbued with occulted energies that displace seemingly settled
'knowns', rendering them with unknown agencies that collapse into spiralling ecologies.

My work manifests via my interest in research into speculative/science fiction, where the
political/social/technological/ecological conditions of the present are projected into very possible scenarios. Within
the context of multiple ecological crises, and their effects/affects, I produce sculptural works that follow a similar
mode of speculation, whereby the use of materials such as concrete, jesmonite, thermoplastics, have effects and
applications that exist in a material continuum. In my work, this concept is expressed by featuring characteristics of
cybernetic production (hooks, claws, tubing), forms of capture, and points of articulation. Objects appear caught
within these sculptural networks, yet also project beyond their material circumstance, into a reoriented, but
indeterminate, future.


Artwork 1 Title: LandaRRRmour
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 133 x 122 x 53 cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: Materials List:

Steel, thermoplastic, jesmonite, epoxy resin, polyester resin, polyurethane tubing, retort clamp, wood, hessian,
plaster, paper, tape, spray paint, nuts, bolts.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1424
Artist ID: 1424

Artist Name: Rekha Menon

IG: /

Artist Statement: I have always wondered about the human journey and our emotional reaction to the experience
called life. My observations have brought me to the conclusion that humankind’s pursuit of socially pre-
conceived ideas of perfection have compromised our individual uniqueness as we strive to be who we are not.

My artwork is part of a series I produced, to remind us of letting go of unrealistic ideals and expectations we set for
ourselves and to embrace the beauty and uniqueness in each of us. My painting reflects colours, patterns and
textures through a deconstructed mandala to represent our individual and unique complexities. I hope to inspire
people to embrace how precious they really are.


Artwork 1 Title: Unique I am...Unique You Are
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61cm x 61cm x 2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic and Ink on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The artwork is a deconstructed Mandala with lines, textures, patterns, shapes and clashing
colours to remind us to embrace ourselves wholly, even through our perceived imperfections and oddities.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1425
Artist ID: 1425

Artist Name: Thomas Merrett

IG: @thomasmerrett

Artist Statement: Thomas Merrett is a London based sculptor. He originally trained at City and Guilds of London Art
School before working with a number of sculptors and carvers working on a number of architectural commissions
throughout the UK. After receiving a scholarship from the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust (QEST) Thomas moved
to Italy to study from the live figure in Florence. Whilst there he had the opportunity to enhance his skills in drawing
and modelling of the human form.
Thomas begins all his work with drawing and then clay, which he finds the best medium for developing ideas for his
sculpture before converting them in to the more permanent materials of bronze, plaster or stone. He has exhibited
several times with the society of portrait sculptors and was selected to became a member of the society in 2017. He
was awarded the Founders Sculpture Prize by the Worshipful Company of Founders in 2016. Thomas teaches
drawing and carving part-time at City & Guilds of London Art School.
Through his work Thomas aims to creates a unique interpretation of the the subject in front of him rather than just a
skilful replication of their likeness.


Artwork 1 Title: Flight
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 66x50x70 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Coloured Resin
Artwork 1 Commentary: In 2016 I was awarded the Founders Sculpture Prize by the Worshipful Company of
Founders and commissioned to make a sculpture based on the set theme of 'Flight in terms of refugees'.

My aim was to create large abstract forms from certain views that represents a chaotic mass where the viewer will
glimpse the three figures emerging and disappearing in this 'chaos'. I intended this mass to have a wall-like quality to
symbolise a shifting boundary - impregnable from some views whilst being overcome in others. The piece
encourages the viewer to move around the sculpture and as they do the figures emerge from these forms to
represent the movement and flight of refugees.

The isolated figure describes a person in an unfamiliar place, stripped of possessions - material, emotional, familial -
this could also be a person left behind (the effects of flight), or an unaccompanied child. I have developed the
composition so that these multiple narratives come together in ways that from certain angles this figure is isolated
and removed from the other figures, offering an element of stillness to counter the movement in the rest of the
sculpture, yet from other standpoints you can glimpse the solitary figure through the wall like mass in a way that
connects all three figures together.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1427
Artist ID: 1427

Artist Name: Deborah Batt

IG: /deborahbatt_art

Artist Statement: My work is about our environment. The towns and structures we build and the way we shape,
neglect and destroy the natural and urbanised landscape. Empty places and abandoned objects left behind. In my
pictures there is a melancholy a trace of something already lost and I try to recapture that moment in time.


Artwork 1 Title: The Problem with Sofa's
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x40x5
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic & pen
Artwork 1 Commentary: old sofa fly tipped in the countryside
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1430
Artist ID: 1430

Artist Name: Rocã-O Aguilar Marã-N


Artist Statement: I express my feelings around being a woman and the femenine, nature, its patterns and cycles, as
well as the human body, the pain-pleasure relationship and the symbols and archetypes that inhabit our psyche.

Such themes are interwoven in my production, which I intend that can act as a self-knowledge and spiritual
development tool.

My practice is based in painting and sculpture, with a constant exploration of techniques and hybrids, likewise, is
highly figurative but some times abstract too. In general, I enjoy when I find a balance between both qualities.

I also like to work with my body and its physical and expressive posibilities, this has shown me multi, inter and
transdisciplinary nexuses between diferent practices.


Artwork 1 Title: Contemplanza dorada
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 45cm x 22cm x 22cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Terracotta, painted with acrylics and gold leaf. The base is cedar wood.
Artwork 1 Commentary: more images at:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1431
Artist ID: 1431

Artist Name: Ana Pais Oliveira


Artist Statement: In my body of work there is an assumed intention to appeal to our desire to inhabit and
experiment spaces manipulated by colour, an element than can be fascinating as much as intriguing. Colour is, in
fact, a fundamental composition element that interacts with the idea of the house, a primordial thematic and
conceptual element in my practice. In this process, the idea of utopia is always present, connecting with a fictional
and imaginary architecture that invades pictorial space. I seek to nullify the boundaries between painting and
architecture and painting wants to actually leave itself, assuming different forms of presentation and unfolding in
diverse materials and scales. With an accentuated geometric component, the canvases with different widths and
thicknesses, MDF structures, models and drawings with collage find in the colour and in the line fundamental
complementary elements, entering afterwards a process of aesthetic addition and subtraction.


Artwork 1 Title: Ar livre #10
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150x166cm
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic on canvas and maritime plywood
Artwork 1 Commentary: In Ar livre #10 we can find the idea of the tree house as a kind of utopian derivation of the
concept of home and an alternative and seductive experiential context, connected to the idea of open air, green,
wood and freedom. Colour has a major role in the process of interaction between pictorial and architectural
languages and specificities, being determinant in our perception of depth, volume and illusion. There is a game
between the different supports, with different formats and thicknesses, that bring to painting a three-dimensional
thought connected with the chromatic relations.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1432
Artist ID: 1432

Artist Name: Dawn Blatherwick

IG: abbblath69

Artist Statement: I have only come back to painting over the last 3 years after having a 20 year break. I hadn't
worked in oils before but I am glad I chose it as my new medium, although I am still learning I feel it has so much to
My subject matter is both portrait and landscape and I find each eaqually challenging.


Artwork 1 Title: Pain
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil
Artwork 1 Commentary: She is in pain, but all she has to do is look up and see that the hawthorne becomes softer
and gentler and that there is a way out.
Oil on canvas with silver leaf background.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1433
Artist ID: 1433

Artist Name: Giulia Cacciuttolo


Artist Statement: During the last few years, my practice has been focused on the concepts of memory, time and the
relation between human beings and the space around them.
These invisible measures influence our lives strongly. Time and space are the two main coordinates of a memory:
something happened in a given time and in a given space. However, memory can undermine these two cardinal
points: often we think that we have a perfect remembrance of the shape of an object when on the contrary we keep
only a general ‘sensation’ of it.
My practical research has always been interested in exploring traditional techniques and materials – such as
casting, moulding, wax, plaster, wood and analogue photography among others – as well as new ones – like
photogrammetry, 3D mapping, 3D printing - and in pushing their limits in order to create a dialogue with my
theoretical research.
Starting from these ground concepts, I recently investigated the idea of the archive in contemporaneity and how it
influences patterns that we use to store memories.
Moreover, my research has been recently concerned about the artefacts’ selection process behind archives and
collections – repository places of our collective memory – and who is that operated by on one side, and how
different meanings of recording memories – images, text, art - influence what we remember and how we
remember it.
At the moment, I aim to investigate the role of images in our memory processes both as individuals and as a
community, keeping in mind the work of Aby Warburg in particular.


Artwork 1 Title: How many times is once more
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x60x40cm
Artwork 1 Medium: UV prints, stone slab
Artwork 1 Commentary: This artwork is part of an ongoing series exploring the meaning and the physicality of
images in the construction of our mental archive of memories. The aim is to consider them 3D objects rather than 2D
objects, giving them a new relationship with the space and the viewer.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1435
Artist ID: 1435

Artist Name: Aaron Frater

IG: aaronfrater2016

Artist Statement: My current creative research is a lot about the material I use, and it’s potential in making iconic,
symbolic, sign-like sculptures. The mesh is a barrier that separates safe space form unsafe space. In a way it is like
cloth, separating a private space form the world at large. It is a liminal material, a barrier between one world and
another. It is a ubiquitous industrial safety product that proliferates in the building, demolition, and urban and
suburban renewal of New Zealand at present. The signs and symbols that I have been exploring are of housing,
containing, dividing, and linking to the function of the material in its everyday function of being a barrier.
The material itself has meaning: it is, a barrier between one world and another, the bright orange signals one area of
life that is legislated safe, and another legislated as dangerous, and only accessible to the “specialist―. This
liminality of the mesh is heightened by its open weave, being virtually no substance, but its colour and its
connotations are powerful and unmistakable; until it is taken into making works that glow with orange radiance.
They describe real world things and spaces in a symbolic manner, but made in a Process, or Minimalist, “no-
form― way of object making. The material allows a trace, or an index of its function to be present in the work, as
well as the symbolic concepts inherent in the signs, houses, animals, trees, and people that are the subject of the


Artwork 1 Title: Home Safely
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90 cm X 75 cm X 10 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Barrier mesh, cable ties.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Homes are a basic need, but are they as of right any more?, how safe are we in the modern
world of high housing costs, and population pressure. Home is where the heart is, a safe space, and the material is a
one that is almost non existent, but functions to create that feeling of safety.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1437
Artist ID: 1437

Artist Name: Ingrid Berthon-Moine

IG: ingridberthonmoine

Artist Statement: I like to position the body as the primary site of our libidinal energy. This corporeal sensuality
allows us to reconnect with visceral sensations. In a world dominated by social technology at the service of the
international market, we are being moulded into beings of wanting and needing. Our mind is being co-opted in order
for us to become unconscious and insatiable consumers. In the meantime, we are losing connection with our body.

To escape this intrusive and asphyxiating environment, I recreate a sensual ecosystem. For the sculptures, I use
veiny, wrinkly and bumpy materials to render a skin-like surface. Tights and support belts are used to tie the shapes
together in order to maintain the physical bond.

Meanwhile the paintings offer elements like drops, drips and bodily forms that propose a fluid (lost?) paradise which
palpitates, breathes, squirts and flows: an ecological and erotic sphere promoting a capacity for joy and the
recognition of the erotic as power.


Artwork 1 Title: Not sure?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29cm x 42cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Drawing - watercolour
Artwork 1 Commentary: For this watercolour drawing, I abstract the body shapes in order to become gender-less:
are they breasts, penises, testicles? They reference the anxieties induced by sexual identities… and hierarchies.
With humour.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1438
Artist ID: 1438

Artist Name: Kristina Okan


Artist Statement: Kristina Okan is a visual artist, born in Russia in 1991. Lives and works in Berlin and Moscow.
Kristina Okan obtained her Master of Arts Degree from Stroganov`s Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts in
Moscow. In her ceramic works, she uses mainly porcelain clay preserving the whiteness and purity of the material
focusing on the sense of texture, translucent and opaque effect of the surface. While her drawings and graphic
artworks conjoin the complexity of colour interaction and transparency.
Abstract biomorphic shapes inspired by microcosmic creatures in Okan`s works are a bit of a Rorschach test for the
viewer, calling on the audience to print their own associations and meanings.

- " I make art that wakes up feelings and emotions, associations and fantasies, which is more covert, carrying some
secret and mystery. Art of associations and emotions enhanced by the perfection of its maker, the art that
doesn’t make you need to read annotation and description, shapes and forms that have a special and individual
meaning for each particular viewer…
For me, art is not just an object and concept – at first, it is a communication of a particular object with a particular
viewer. Their private dialogue. "


Artwork 1 Title: Sensation of Presence
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 43x17x13 cm (full size of 3 objects)
Artwork 1 Medium: Sculpture/Glazed porcelain
Artwork 1 Commentary: My work is based on the rethinking of the visual relish for the classic still life paintings and
sculptures with its idolizing the world of objects and every particular detail, reflecting the inner condition and divine
beauty of nature. The body of the object as a repository of impressions, feelings, memories, information becomes a
conductor to the outside world.

The work is very tactile and unfolds the artist behind it.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1439
Artist ID: 1439

Artist Name: Chelita Riojas Zuckermann


Artist Statement: Mexican - Italian Architect and self-taught Artist. In 2006 I moved to Italy, leaving my profession as
an Architect. My creativity lead me initially to oil painting, which wasn’t enough to make me happy, since I
needed to touch materials. Having the need to invent, design and build, in 2016 intriged by the charm of aluminum, I
began to create works by transforming aluminum sheets into sculptures inspired by nature. My aluminum works are
camouflaged in the environment, taking the colors from nature as a reflection, they move with the wind, join the
sounds of nature with the raindrops, let themselves be caressed by the snowflakes and transmit light. With these
works I want to bring joy and light into any place and to anyone who owns them.


Artwork 1 Title: PAPALOTL
Artwork 1 Dimensions: height: 125 cm. length: 160 cm. 192 cm wingspan. Weight: 14.5 kg
Artwork 1 Medium: Papalotl is an Aluminum Sculpture The wings are made with 0.8 mm colorless mirror-hammered
aluminum sheets, with decorations in 0.5 mm colorless, gold, light smoke and dark smoke mirrored aluminum
sheets. The head is made with 0.5 mm gold-colored mirrore
Artwork 1 Commentary: Papalotl means butterfly in NÃ huatl, the language of the Aztecs. For whom it was the
symbol of the sun and the soul. Papalotl's head is yellow as the sunlight and has a shiny body, for the Aztecs
glimpsed their soul in the reflection of a mirror.
The butterfly has always been for all times and all people the symbol of rebirth, the ascension of the soul to heaven
and Papalotl represents, in its metallic look, that marvelous process of final transformation.
Papalotl is my tribute to the Monarch butterfly, loved by the Mexican people who every year witness the
extraordinary migration in millions of specimens from Canada. The Monarch can fly over 2000 km flaunting its
extraordinary resistance as Papalotl does, with its aluminum body and wings.
Its hollow body, symbolizes the lightness and fragility of the butterfly, which contrasts with the strength and
resistance of the aluminum, that bends with the wind without breaking and freeing itself in the sky, as the Aztecs
said as if it were a flying flower.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1440
Artist ID: 1440

Artist Name: Caroline Hall

IG: carolinehallpaintings

Artist Statement: I am an artist who cannot stand still. I recognise in myself the need to produce a unique response
to each subject that I paint. Some works are planned but most are not. I paint spontaneously using colour, mark
and material to recreate a sense of place and the feelings it evoked. The only constant is my struggle to find the
right balance between control and expression. I don't find a painting it is the painting that eventually finds me.


Artwork 1 Title: Alpine Trees
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 140 x 55
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on aluminium
Artwork 1 Commentary: A snapshot of the view from a car window as we journeyed across the French Alps late one
evening after fresh snow had fallen. Glimpses of fir trees, branches, tree trunks, wintry sky and clumps of snow
turned luminous in the evening light.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1441
Artist ID: 1441

Artist Name: Mago Hart

IG: @magohart

Artist Statement: As a contemporary visual artist I believe in the importance of contributing towards positive social
change, through art and expression an energy is exchanged with the receptor, it is absorbed and transformed by
each and every person differently, creating an enriching dialogue with someone you never imagined you'd come
across. This is my way of empowering society collectively.


Artwork 1 Title: Hasta El Mismo Infierno Se Ve Más Lindo Cuando Estas
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 21 x 25
Artwork 1 Medium: Experimental Silkscreen Printing
Artwork 1 Commentary: Combining the photography of Franco Schicke, and the poetry of Josefina Anifesoj, through
my own personal vision whilst I was living in Uruguay in 2017. I created this piece through experiementing with
silkscreen printing and acrylic paint, named "Hasta el mismo Infierno se ve más lindo cuando estas", translated to
"Even hell itself seems pleasant when your near". Placing in harmony a composition that can be so sweet that hurts.
What draws me most of all to this piece is the fact I feel it manages to incarnate and empower itself through it´s
own existence.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1442
Artist ID: 1442

Artist Name: Amy Steel

IG: amysteel

Artist Statement: Through painting I explore ideas around female sexuality, touch and sensuality. I am interested in
the shifts that are happening within society around issues such as gender and sexuality, borders between things are
becoming softer and dissolving into one another. My practice aims to visualise what this new space/ place may look
like and feel like.


Artwork 1 Title: Days Done
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 x 170 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: painting: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The painting depicts a landscape populated by women. Breast shape mounds occupy the
surface, providing a place for rest, or play. Intense yet soft colour is used to overwhelm the viewer senses, creating
not merely an image of place but a sensorial response to its possibility.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1444
Artist ID: 1444

Artist Name: Jane Pickersgill

IG: @tatteredstones

Artist Statement: Our expanding cities are in a state of flux, constantly being remade, and offered to us as an
idealised, global way of living to which we should all aspire. Throughout western economies, and increasingly in the
developing world, 21st Century urban life is dominated by environments which anthropologist Marc Auge identified
as the 'non-space'.
Typically these are places of transit and hospitality. For a few people they are monolithic corporate work spaces.
Non-spaces project an image of generic luxury which invite us to dream of what we might be...much as Dick
Whittington may have done?
My recent work uses steel, aluminium and plexiglass to build abstract structures correlating to city towers. It asks
whether the banal and sometimes dystopian tendencies of these buildings can be redressed by co-opting
photographic practices to impart a sense of the sublime.


Artwork 1 Title: Telling a New Storey
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 1456 x 570 x 40 mm
Artwork 1 Medium: 8 x prints on posijet film sandwiched in plexiglass, standoff fixings
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work is the culmination of research during a six week period on the Canary Wharf New
District Residency. It references the symbolically charged status of super modern architecture which has come to
represent our aspirations for a new life in the city. London, which was once a city of church and cathedral spires, is
now a forest of glass and steel skyscrapers. These are the epitome of an aspirational western lifestyle.
The piece comprises 8 prints which are photographed tableaux - comprising abstract architectural shaped sculptures
(made from steel and aluminium -the ubiquitous materials of supermodernism). Onto these are projected scenes of
Canary Wharf - which have then been re-photographed and printed on colour transparency. The heightened colour
(similar to stained glass) is the result of projection, there is very little post production other than cropping.
The presentation references the slick tools of the developers marketing materials.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1445
Artist ID: 1445

Artist Name: Lucy Sabin


Artist Statement: My mixed-media practice is a kind of applied environmental philosophy. I use textured and digital
elements to invoke a sense of wonder through a perception shift.

A recurring theme in my work is the bioindicator — “an organism used as an indicator of the quality of an
ecosystem, especially in terms of pollution― (Oxford Dictionary).

I am interested in interpreting the messages of bioindicators, such as lichen and algae, and relating that to our own
embodied experience of climate.

Being receptive to biological indicators goes hand in hand with the art of noticing. The act of exploring the local
lichens or algae becomes an art walk — a novel way to experience the landscape.

My Masters in Research at the Royal College of Art investigates how the breath can be instated as a bioindicator for
air quality. The breath is a shared medium; experiencing the breath as a life force leads to attunement with life

(I am a certified Yoga Instructor: embodied knowledge informs my practice as an art and design researcher.)

As a reflexive-practitioner, I believe that we need to tell more nuanced stories about “nature―, and that is
what I aim to do through my work.

Biological indicators should be recognised and respected by all, while the human experience of breathlessness in
polluted urban environments should not need scientific authorities to validate it – we can all be ecologists and we
are all ecology.


Artwork 1 Title: Saint Dunstan in the East
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm (artwork image is necessarily compressed)
Artwork 1 Medium: Light box
Artwork 1 Commentary: Saint Dunstan in the East induces a perception shift, which will be instrumental in an
upcoming workshop I am leading at Radical Landscapes exhibition.

We may initially perceive satellite imagery of Earth, yet we are actually looking at a manipulated photograph of algae
growing greenfully on ruins of the eponymous church in Central London.

The grounds of the church were left for ruins after the Blitz. Tiny organisms have probably thrived upon the exposed
surfaces ever since.

I am primarily interested in our connection with the organisms through the shared medium of atmosphere. These
undervalued instances of urban wildness are key "bioindicators" which testify to humanmade pollution.

Will we grow to embrace a new aesthetics of urban wildness which allows the spores of cryptogams to settle on our
buildings and pause for thought before we jet-wash them away?
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1447
Artist ID: 1447

Artist Name: Lucã-A Montero


Artist Statement: My work explores the different associations that images -still or moving-, text and sound can
trigger in us by recognising ourselves in them; or due to a connection created at the very first encounter with the
piece. This allows me to dig deep into the act of looking, the act of being a viewer and how certain images make us
ponder over time.
I record elements of my daily life and compile found imagery and footage that has previously been discarded or
devalued. These rituals have increasingly become the base of my creative process and a catalyst for my art practice.
Once a distinctive layer of this on-going archive has formed, I edit, structure and link its contents, focusing on
appropiationism techniques, associative aesthetics and the concept of remembrance.
I am interested in the creative process, how it develops and the multiple facets of how a project can be shown, as if
handling a polyhedron. My practice requires a period of unforced, reflective dormancy regarding ideas or images, to
slowly poach glimpses of what I love and inspires me: an image or text, a trip, nostalgia, empathy, humour, a song.
Ultimately, I find difficulties in categorisation. Or rather, I don't enjoy categorisation and I'd like to think of my
artistic approach as liminal or in-between disciplines, and therein hopefully lies my future work.


Artwork 1 Title: Partial Vacuum
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 7 Radiometers: 12.5 cm height x 6 cm diameter 7 Circular plinths: 1.8 cm height x 8 cm
diameter 7 Frames: 35.7 x 27 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: Please find all the information in the uploaded .pdf
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1448
Artist ID: 1448

Artist Name: Graeme Gerard Halliday


Artist Statement:
Hallidonto’s (Graeme Gerard Halliday) work relates to his “Cyborgia Manifesto― his main focus is drawing;
The essence of the cyborg became my own. The cyborg image has been an integral part of my childhood. The cold
war had just ended – the cultural landscape of the '80s, was very much rooted in the future, the inherent feeling
of that time was dystopia from the cartoons/films, I watched as a kid, the advent of console gaming: Nintendo, etc.
The image of man was always his metamorphism into the machine, or the machines taking over. I identified with the
cyborg image, I wanted to be one. I identified with the concept of such a being and it has informed my work to date.
They are infantile and simplistic in their appearance but not in their construction, being drawn in one continuous
line. My visual discourse is motivated by transcribing the sociological constructions of our age, the evolution of the
flesh its reflection of the coming state of mankind, flesh anxiety, the departure into a new being.


Artwork 1 Title: “Memento mori androidica ad vescendum carnes“ (Hexagons)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H 129cm x W 88CM X 25.5CM
Artwork 1 Medium: VR, 3D printing.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Hallidonto is currently VR Artist in residence with Hobs Studios who are the biggest 3D
printing company in the UK. I am currently Artist in residence at Hobs Studios Hobs studio is
the biggest 3D printing studio in Britain. I have been using Google tilt brush and my residency and digital foundry at
Hobs Studios

"Birth of the Cyborg"

This project is an amalgamation of 21st-century technology and traditional Art practice, thus embodying the classical
with contemporary technology. My signature style is a continuous line drawing: My practice is an exploration of the
cyborg, through my drawing process I build up the structure of my cyborgs, with eloquent fluid gestures, that give
birth to these organisms. Standard drawing practices have its limitations, the visual construction is confined to the
space (paper, wall) by releasing the lines too so to speak from a 2Dimensional plane- virtual reality opens up the
opportunity for me using my continuous line style in real time thus giving the drawings a tangible reality-the ability
to construct these works into sculptural pieces.

With the new relocation of the V&A to Here East alongside Hobs Studio and Plexal. Hallidonto was interviewed by
Ben Thompson from the BBC about my Residency with Hobs studio Tech lead for
Hobs Kadine James. Hallidonto exhibited Artworks and my 3D print and explaining more about the project- I will be
performing my Birth of a Cyborg piece using VR. Together with Hobs and Hallidonto, we are in dialogue about a
potential collaboration with Ai Build I want to push the boundaries of contemporary
drawing practice, with VR and robotic acting as the prosthesis. This Man-machine interface and the inclusion of the
robot acting as the 'creator' to give life to these organisms, what will VR, robotics, Ai hold for the Cyborg, what's next
for the factories of the future.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1449
Artist ID: 1449

Artist Name: Geoff Shillito

IG: geoffshillito_artist

Artist Statement: The theme of my work over the past few years has been the human head, more often than not as
portraits on a monumental scale. However, I have recently become increasingly interested in narrative at a domestic

From birth we are programmed to respond to other faces. Yet as we mature close proximity becomes socially
unacceptable. Always fascinated by the intimate view I place the subject confrontationally close. The face seen with
such immediacy can be absorbing, fascinating or disquieting, uncomfortable and even threatening.


Artwork 1 Title: James
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150 x 100 x 4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Portrait of hair stylist, James Deary
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1451
Artist ID: 1451

Artist Name: Juliana Pazutti

IG: jupazutti

Artist Statement: I spent ten years of my life immersed in the world of fashion as a fashion designer for a major
Brazilian clothing brand. Today, my art remains intrinsically linked to the human body, but with one difference: my
art seeks to deconstruct the body and the aesthetic presumptions that are normally associated with it. I don't try to
stand out from my past in fashion, but merge it with my artistic vein. Thus, my work explores that intersection
between fashion and art. As an artist, I try to have a social attention and be able to contribute to several causes that
I consider important through my work.

I take my inspiration from various sources, but some are undoubtedly more recurrent than others. A distinctive
feature of my work is the incorporation of personal and distant memories. Another is the use of several mythological
references. But the observation of everyday life, in particular, and of human behaviour, in general, is undoubtedly
indispensable to my creative process.

In this way, and always with the desire to deconstruct the imaginary of our body and its aesthetics in mind, my work
involves playing with proportions of bodies and objects, with different scales, with different materials and fabrics,
resulting in large-scale installations and sculptures where my past is integrated through the use of artistic sewing, or
the manufacture of wearable sculptures.


Artwork 1 Title: D'leite
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 275cm X 275cm X 200cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work was inspired by the story of my grandmother's marriage.

The elongated human figure represents Dona Ivanilde, a fragile, thin and beautiful woman. Here, she is depicted as a
copo de leite (Portuguese for both a calla lily and a glass of milk) – thus, the shades of white and the aspect of
something drained and spilled.

The pedestal, a white cube, symbolizes her family’s home, where she spent all her childhood waiting for the
moment of her emancipation, when she would finally be able to leave.

As for the excess of fabric on the floor, it represents the environment in which she lived in the midst of fabrics and
sewing. It also looks like an open box with something coming out from inside alluding to a blooming flower like the
copo de leite.

There is also a fly in the middle of the immensity of white milk ; this fly is her husband Expedito.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1452
Artist ID: 1452

Artist Name: Poppy Field

IG: @poppy.field

Artist Statement: I am a figurative sculptor working from life, modelling my figures in clay and casting them in
bronze. I sculpt between art and nature by appropriating a classical sculptural language for contemporary interests. I
strive to reveal complexity in historical representation through micro-expressions and subtle subversions of visual
references. At present, I am working on a series of life-size figures to create an empowering iconography that I felt
was missing from my art-historical studies of academic sculpture. My ambition is to create demographic and topical
figurative sculpture for public spaces.


Artwork 1 Title: Pick me up. Put me down!
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 14 x 23 x 16 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Bronze edition of 6 + 1AP. (This is the plaster proof)
Artwork 1 Commentary: A subversion of art-historical echoes to highlight complexity in historical representation and
give voice to Khadija (the sitter) as she begins a new chapter.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1453
Artist ID: 1453

Artist Name: Tony Boon


Artist Statement: After having been made redundant for the third time in 2018 from a career in IT, I decided to bring
the long thought about artistic ideas into fruition.


Artwork 1 Title: Red Sea Bream Moiety
Artwork 1 Dimensions: (H) 47cm (W) 34cm (D) 7cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media, digital photograhy, steel pins.
Artwork 1 Commentary: I wanted to create something that says something. A series which is intrinsically pleasing in
design (to me anyway), but representing something distorted, incomplete/damaged (the pins acheive this, piercing
through each tile, like the shank of the hook and at the sametime hold the tile above the background as if floating, as
they did, in the ocean). Each tile is cut by hand using a hollow leather punch cutter, then pierced with the pin and
mounted in the same exact same position it was cut from the original photograph (taken at Billingsgate Fishmarket
January, 2019).
I hope you like it!
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1454
Artist ID: 1454

Artist Name: Diana (Aka) Gazelle Forrest

IG: gazellestives

Artist Statement: Digital Artist

As much as I love to paint on canvas, I’m an IPad addict.

Just can’t stay away from creating anything from portraits to abstracts that appear out of digits...

I started an oil painting of a still life then reorganised it on my iPad and there came something even moe beautiful.

The attached picture is an invention,

My best art is art is which was never planned.



Artwork 1 Title: Newsprint
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 59 x 42
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital
Artwork 1 Commentary: This picture evolved on the screen, a process of time and colour, conscious and unconscious
perceptions which grew into something not imagined.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1460
Artist ID: 1460

Artist Name: Charlotte Stoneham

IG: @chachacreates_design

Artist Statement: Having specialised in Fashion print at Central St Martins, I have transferred the screen printing
skills learnt on fabric, onto paper.
I continue to love colour, pattern and print, as well as watercolour and pen and ink.
Currently focusing on acrylic screen printed abstract landscapes.


Artwork 1 Title: Landscapesq
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20x29
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic Screen print
Artwork 1 Commentary: An abstract landscape with calming clouds.
Acrylic screen print.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1462
Artist ID: 1462

Artist Name: Alice Gur-Arie


Artist Statement: The concept of "seeing" is at the heart of my practice. Combining photography with digital
painting, I invite the viewer to replace the window through which they see the world, with a lens that interprets the
world into something that is at once familiar and foreign.

My work starts with photographs, primarily, but not always, taken in foreign locales. Inspired by the natural world,
landscapes, seascapes, wildlife and images of nature dominate my portfolio, ranging in style from bold saturated
abstracts to soft, textured tones. In some cases, the mode of transport itself becomes an integral component of the
finished image, producing aerials and underwater worlds. I am completely self taught.

Treating the photograph as a canvas, images are digitally "repainted" by hand with a "brush", sometimes in layers,
sometimes pixel by pixel. What is critical, is understanding that my work is not about digital manipulation or
software, but about my vision, and my ability to transform the canvas into an aesthetically compelling, memorable,
visual experience that appeals to the head and the heart.

This submission was the first of 6 animal commissions I have completed for an Asian Art Consultant, to celebrate
Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse). My brief included no more than the features of the astrological sign such as
positive and negative colours, directions, and numbers; animal attributions, and some short curatorial text on the
traditional / historical relevance of the animal in the Chinese astrological cycle.


Artwork 1 Title: Tianma
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61cm x 41cm x 2.5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: artist photographed and hand repainted digitally
Artwork 1 Commentary: For a thousand years, China’s ruling elite prized the tianma, or heavenly steeds of
Central Asia. They imported these splendid animals, often with their foreign grooms and trainers. Like today’s
private jets, tianma celebrated the status of their owners in life. In death, sculptures and ceramic models
accompanied their owners, often to adorn their tombs.

These magnificent horses and stories about them have inspired artists and writers ever since. Indeed, when
commissioned to create a horse for the Chinese Year of the Horse, I was challenged to seek the essence of speed and
grace, yet convey the embodiment of an astrological sign with marked contradictions. The image had to be at the
same time simple, rich, accessible and captivating.

Only 2 years into my practice when I completed this artwork a few years ago, Tianma very much demonstrates my
desire to push the limits of mixed media, find the “sweet spot― where photography and painting converge, and
create something more than the combination of the two.

I am drawn to this image for its pull-you-in push-you-away atmosphere; the emotional, stylised interpretation of the
horse, and the use of texture, which draws us in to the darkness and allows us to walk into the image with all our
senses. If you feel from Tianma an enduring sense of Forever - even just for a moment - I have achieved what I was
striving to convey.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1464
Artist ID: 1464

Artist Name: Moya Tosh

IG: moyatosh

Artist Statement: Moya Tosh is a British artist based in rural Hampshire. She graduated from the University for the
Creative Arts, Farnham, with an MA in ceramics. Her practice focusses on Nature and landscape and she works with
porcelain clay, throwing and hand-building.
Her sculptural pieces reflect the rugged and imperfect elements of the natural world and are inspired by the gnarled
and broken texture of Silver Birch bark. She pulls and stretches porcelain clay until it wrinkles and cracks, using black
slip to emphasise the fissured surfaces and metallic glaze to highlight the pitted, uneven interior.
Moya's artwork entry - Carbon Neutral? - is a response to current debates on climate change.


Artwork 1 Title: Carbon Neutral?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20cm (h) x 10cm (w)
Artwork 1 Medium: ceramic - porcelain
Artwork 1 Commentary: Trees provide inspiration for my work. They also provide a crucial defence against climate
Clay is a natural product but are the making processes involved in ceramic art incompatible with environmental

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1465
Artist ID: 1465

Artist Name: Anneliese Cheadle


Artist Statement: I'm a self-taught artist, who found my love of art again after 30 years, during an arts and craft
session at Wellbeing Lifeboat in Abergavenny. I picked up a brush and made my first painting in December 2017.

​Most of my work is abstract and on canvas. I work mainly in acrylics - though I do also use, watercolour, oils, inks,
house paint, paper, cardboard, tissue paper, glue, glitter and other things that come to hand during creation. Using
brushes, hands and fluidart/pouring to get my textures and colour.

(My website is available but a work in progress)


Artwork 1 Title: Kitty Kat-e
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60.96 x 45.72 x 3.81
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics
Artwork 1 Commentary: I wanted to incorporate my love of losing myself in the meditation of art, bring in textures,
colours for backgrounds with slightly quirky portraits - another love of mine.
Using friends as my subjects. This is Kate, model, author and cartoonist who has an unusual love of quirky hats.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1466
Artist ID: 1466

Artist Name: Ivy Trazsi


Artist Statement: I am a watercolour illustrator artist based in Bristol, UK.

I studied in Hungary for my BA in Interior design and Fine arts and spent my early years in Budapest in several design
10 years ago we moved to Bristol, one of the most fascinating and ever so changing city in the UK.

Having the continuous feeling that I am longing back to painting, I decided to give up my office based job in the
digital world and started to work with real materials and live for my passion, watercolours.

My inspiration comes from the everyday life and people around me; the endless beauty of nature, mysterious
planets, tiny details of creatures and the adventures with my family and children. Through my paintings I am trying
to capture emotions and the excitement I feel when all those amazing colours are mixing and developing on the crisp
white paper in front of me....... It really is magic!


Artwork 1 Title: Helena
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42x29.7
Artwork 1 Medium: Watercolour on 300gsm textured white paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: Helena is a 6 year old little girl in our neighbourhood in Bristol - her photographer mum
asked me to paint a portrait of her.
I did not want to create a classic portrait as I really wanted to show her personality through it too. I tried to catch her
unique features and cheekiness while playing outside.
Luckily they fell in love with the picture!
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1467
Artist ID: 1467

Artist Name: Andrew Clark


Artist Statement: I am a painter, currently based in Bristol, UK. I work primarily with oils but I also draw, film and
photograph. My work concerns that which is unknown, unseen – but also that which is inherent and fundamental.
Through the unconscious, it takes shape. My work explores the unknown through visual dialogue. The underlying
and unseen patterns to the natural order of the world are fundamental to my practice. My paintings are impressions
of the fractal geometry intrinsic to all that is known, and unknown.


Artwork 1 Title: Timeless Sublime
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 56 x 69 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I know not what I see, but I still see it all the same. Boundaries are faded in the face of the
light and voices drowned in thunderous void. Down lanes forgotten and highways unknown, paths are revealed.
Gradually, the unconscious guides and settles, emerging through dust and the totality of fear, realised in an instant.
The harmony of symbiosis is revealed and echoes on. An implicit universal dialogue, it dances and sings, inward and
outward. It is implicitly twined together, pulsing and oscillating, rippling inwardly. A Timeless sublime; synchronising
harmoniously and mediated through chaos.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1469
Artist ID: 1469

Artist Name: Ia Liparteliani


Artist Statement: Most of my work done in acrylic paint explores the society and its relations to its architectural and
moral-surrounding, demonstrating individual views and values, fusing material and universal aspects of our
everyday lives , displaying the eternal cycle of self-expression.


Artwork 1 Title: Pet Me
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: She sights a Bird—she chuckles—
She flattens—then she crawls—
She runs without the look of feet—
Her eyes increase to Balls—

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1470
Artist ID: 1470

Artist Name: Pav Szymanski


Artist Statement: Current research issue - Uncertainties of Tomorrow

Through my projects I feel that I discover my inner fears, longings and re-evaluate my uncertainties. My work seems
to be an attempt to explore and question by metaphorical presentation my response to the hidden truths of the
world. The essence of the value of these works is in their inherent meaning and an atmosphere, which manifests
itself in the dusk of the space portrayed, thus the light may appear, where the hue of colour fulfils clarity and sounds
with harmonious melody.


Artwork 1 Title: Plecestpe
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 87X62
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media on plywood board
Artwork 1 Commentary: This portrait is part of a current series of works titled
'Uncertainties of Tomorrow. Waiting for Something to Happen'

The creative intention is to question the idea of waiting in the context of our dreams, ambitions and desires. It
portrays a fascinating and full of anticipation girl in one of the poorest parts of Haiti. She is hungry, unfortunate and
absolutely desperate yet emowerd by the hope that her forthcoming birthday is going to bring changes to her life
and existence.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1473
Artist ID: 1473

Artist Name: Enam Gbewonyo


Artist Statement: Enam’s work merges textile and surface pattern techniques with methods of traditional
painting. Her practice serves as a vessel to examine issues that influence how we navigate the world. Those of
identity, womanhood and existence. In this way her work is a telling testament of my collective, lived experiences.

Textiles as a medium, allows Enam the freedom to experiment with materials. Working through the processes of
knitting, embroidery, wirework, weaving and printing as well as painting allows limitless expression, creating
stimulating, sensory ways to tell stories. Her affinity with the handmade is rooted in the cultural history of her Ewe
(Ghana) ancestors where weaving was once revered. Its value is intrinsic to Enam’s practice and inspires her
passion for promoting craft and the handmade. She is concerned by the gradual decline of traditional handcraft in
general and the decline of the communities that were once sustained as its value as viable trade is overtaken by

During the process of creating a textile piece, a force of kinetic energy is created that merges and travels with it,
transmitting to those who come into its contact, becoming part of their lived experience. This cyclical energy
transference has a cathartic influence that the machine made item lacks. As a practitioner Enam works to restore
this and to revive craft’s status while attempting to question society’s increasing dependence on technology
and consumerism.


Artwork 1 Title: Teetering on the edge of visibility, the invisible disguised as visible
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x30x4.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Tea stained vintage erotica and personal photographs, nylon tights and acrylic paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece forms part of my current body of work, ‘Nude Me/ Under the Skin’, which
investigates hosiery. Particularly how the seemingly simple garment, a staple of western women’s wardrobe has
for the black woman been another mode of marginalisation, ostracisation and castration.

Through the erotica images used in ‘Teetering’ the piece examines how hosiery is used as a tool to sexualise
women. By also placing it against images of the black woman nurse whose uniform included tights that did not
match her skin tone it becomes a comment on the differing layers of marginalisation black and white women face.

Following World War 2 Britain was in crisis, the ‘Empire’ called on the Commonwealth for support. The
migration now generalised with the term ‘Windrush’ was a result and the influx of black women from
Caribbean and Africa became the foundation of the NHS. Sadly while Britain promoted the fact the Commonwealth
community would be welcomed with open arms the reality was that they experienced intense racism. For the nurses
they experienced it from patients, the staff, in daily life down to the tights that were a public display of how much
they ‘didn’t belong’. For them the only option was to assimilate to a standard of beauty that did not
consider them. Yet that standard of beauty set by a white male patriarchy places the white woman on a pedestal
that is in reality another a tool to conform. Women are distracted with attaining an unattainable model of beauty
while the patriarchy controls all power. The multiple layers of tights wrapping the canvas and burying these images
denotes these layers of oppression. It also expresses how even those that better fit the feminine ideal are still in
reality invisible.

The final comment made by the veins painted over the canvas is a reminder to us all that underneath it all we are all
the human race. Be we white, black or of colour it’s the same system of veins pumping blood throughout our legs
and body, helping us navigate this earth.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1474
Artist ID: 1474

Artist Name: Henrique Neves

IG: henriquenevesartist

Artist Statement: My practice investigates memory, archives, power, spaces, forms, and narrative. I seek to create
dialogues and frictions between various disciplines such as drawing, sculpture, flower design, architecture,
decoration, contemporary art, sewing, thereby questioning the differing ways they are viewed and valued. My art
occurs through appropriation, quotation, transformation and dislocation, starting from an image, artefact, concept, a
given fact, and from the context in which that ‘something’ is conceived.

I straddle, bridge, and combine ‘high’ and ‘low’ practices, calling into question the validity of the
gendering and other hierarchies associated with them, while desiring to celebrate and affirm these practices. I
engage in the pleasure of play, exploration, and juxtaposition of materials, concepts, scales, and representations,
using ordinary, accessible materials that relate to the source practices and objects, challenging the drive to resilience
and the supremacy of time by making things deliberately fragile and sometimes ephemeral.

My works connect my life experiences and family narratives to social, cultural, and artistic categories as part of wider
national, political, and historical dynamics. I often combine resonating micro narratives - the autobiographical, the
apocryphal, and peripheral/side narratives - to larger discourses on nation, gender, colonisation, and progress.
Violence is implied in absences and blind spots, in silent gestures and stories, in silenced subjects that are my
inspirations. In many ways I think my work generates from a sense of lack, of the recognition of an absence that I see
around me. It claims attention for that lack, attempts to counteract and fight it.


Artwork 1 Title: Tracings
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 20 (approximately)
Artwork 1 Medium: drawing and sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: Tracings is a tryptich conceived from a number of artefacts: the architectural plans of my
primary school, belonging to my grandfather who was responsible for its construction, and the templates/patterns
of shirt-cuffs and collars used by his mother, who worked as a seamstress. These plans and patterns became motifs
with which to trace ideologies and relationships regarding gender and power in the practices of architecture and

The pieces are conceived both as drawings and sculptures and are generated from the architectural plans combined
with the seamstresses’ templates. The tracing of these artefacts transforms them into playful objects that quote
and reference architectural drawings, the body, and the act of sewing, as well as the curvilinear forms of early
modernist sculpture. As in most of my work, the materials are ordinary and accessible – brass, ink, acrylic paint -
and resonate with the original practices and objects, while questioning resilience and time by being made more
fragile, imperfect and uncertain.

Tracings form material explorations of my relations with the past, and with my personal histories, to the objects’
sensuality and materiality, and to the ghosts that haunt them.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1475
Artist ID: 1475

Artist Name: Emma Fay


Artist Statement: Artist Emma Fay uses body artistry to create exhibitions, media and live installations. Painting on
the human canvas to create artworks that challenge visual perception, Emma’s approach uses symbolic
expression and illusion, while her inspiration is derived from the natural world, humanities and social science.
Born in 1987, Emma’s education in the arts and beauty industry allowed her to develop and combine knowledge
and skills to manipulate the human form into unique bodies of work that appear in photographed exhibits,
performances and film.
Her rise to international recognition as a body artist came from the release of the Marvels of Nature series, which
combined the distorted quality of contortionism with painted depictions of animal forms. Following the worldwide
viral reach of the artwork, Emma’s work has been applied to more commercial domains, creating captivating
artwork for editorial and advertorial use, both as photographed body art and recreations at events. Her work has
been commissioned and featured in many publications, including The Guardian, The Telegraph and The Huffington
Post, alongside being utilised for campaigns and social causes.

Passionately endorsing community, the arts and wellbeing, Emma’s work has received Arts Council England and
University Research funding to create public exhibitions and projects, alongside receiving commissions from
independent organisations supporting further understanding of health, societal and environmental issues.

Her fine art collections include works exploring our relationship with the external world, internal dialogue, and
mindsets, with particular reference to metaphor, to depict a holistic view of ideas stemming from the human


Artwork 1 Title: Deal
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 35x50x3 (adaptable)
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography of Body art
Artwork 1 Commentary: Deal explores the phrase ‘opening a can of worms’ as a metaphorical expression to
current societal and political decisions. Painted on Merlin Cadogen, artist Emma Fay photographs her medium the
human canvas; the artworks in her body of work ‘Epoch’ explore ideas on perception, polarities and empathy
in recent history.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1476
Artist ID: 1476

Artist Name: Fumi .


Artist Statement: The images I choose as subject matter and the objects I produce are a form of conversation.
Presenting artwork is a vital medium of communication for me.
My ineptness of sociability makes me to feel that it is the creation of artworks which provides me an identity, and
also it brings me 'courage' and 'confidence'.
Artwork is my langage, and also it is a way of rendering my aesthetic appreciation of life.


Artwork 1 Title: The Empire of Vegetarian
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 44x54x6cm and 45.5x62.5x2cm (Print)
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a series of work, one is a sculpture and the other is a framed print.
In a sculpture, I constructed 180 typical Japanese homemade dishes including appetisers, beverage and sweets with
resin and clay on brass rings which are contained in a glass top case.
Addition to the main materials, I also incorporated edible food ingredients such as dried vegetables, seasonings and
spices that I specifically preserved for the work in order to make it a little closer to the actual operation. All dishes
are what I actually cooked and served before, and for vegetarian.
The print tells the name and short description of dishes in Japanese and English in a form of menu.
This work derived from my experience of interpersonal relationship, and there are several emotions - distrust, grief,
anger, disappointment, hopelessness and acceptance behind the work.
Producing this work was necessary process to resolve my feelings and stop questioning myself rather than the
meaning of communication which is my usual practice.
With the completion of work and achieving closure what I want for this work now is to arouse and convey the feeling
of positive emotions - interest, surprise, amusement, fun and joy - to the viewers.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1477
Artist ID: 1477

Artist Name: Gina Brown

IG: @ginafbrownart

Artist Statement: My paintings are figments of myself, founded on my compulsion to collect photographs as a
powerful means of possession. I work from photos, postcards and mementos, that which are my own and those I
have found, salvaged and reclaimed, as a way to deconstruct and create new narratives.

I stay faithful to the source with translucent layers of oil paint, and muted colours whilst omitting features to affect
the viewers engagement with the painted scene. I hope to display nostalgic ideas of familiarity, illusions of intimacy
and the desire to form an attachment with remnants of the past. In this sense my work is both a biographical and
ambiguous search for identity and belonging.


Artwork 1 Title: The Stranger Who Was Yourself
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 84 x 60 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The painting’s title is a line taken from a poem by Derek Walcott ‘Love After
Love’… ‘you will love again the stranger who was yourself’. This struck me at a time when I felt I needed
to reconnect with myself and whilst looking through old family photos I was taken by this image, the persons
entrance into the room, it’s haunting ambivalence, the door behind her being a symbol of leaving one space for
another. I felt close to this stranger, as much as I also felt a stranger to myself.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1480
Artist ID: 1480

Artist Name: Isla Valentine Wade

IG: @islavalentinewade

Artist Statement: I meddle within the poetics of incompleteness: splicing together letters and colour to form abstract
painting underlined by poetry and prose.
The essence of my current work has seeped in from the nineteen novels and novellas of Vladimir Nabokov; an
illustrious, floral writer, whose text is a source of clear visual inspiration. Words and phrases form the basis for my
colourful abstractions, with emphasis placed on my connection with the rhythm, phonetics and ambiguity. While
thoroughly enjoying the work of Nabokov my own painting process is not a representation of the text, but, merely a
self-absorbed relationship with the act of the written word.


Artwork 1 Title: the world was swamped in tears
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 157x205x6
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic, Graphite, Pen and Spray Paint on stretched canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Based on a line from Vladimir Nabokov's 'Laughter in the Dark'. Created during a period of
uncertainty so is bright to compensate.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1481
Artist ID: 1481

Artist Name: Ella Strickland De Souza

IG: @elladesouza

Artist Statement: Ella is a freelance illustrator from Sheffield, currently living and working in Kemptown, Brighton.

Her expressive ink and line illustrations are character-driven, combining the figurative with the surreal.


Artwork 1 Title: Nightpool
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 35.6 x 23.2 x 0.1
Artwork 1 Medium: Ink
Artwork 1 Commentary: An artwork pondering isolation and loneliness, but also exploring the quiet feeling of calm
at nightfall in a city when you are alone.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1482
Artist ID: 1482

Artist Name: Maria Luigia Gioffre

IG: marialuigia.gioffre

Artist Statement: The work I practice moves towards visual art and performance encompassing a research that
investigates methodologies of production for images and imagination within memory. Gestures and symbols work
as tools of composition for scenarios through which I attempt to recover a poiesis of a personal or universal history.
The interplay of traces and time sets performance not only as live practice but also as a practice of archive and
memory which I explore through multiple media. The repetition is used as a prayer for the desiring body to lead to
the timing of endurance which I try to embody into images, trace-signs and the body itself.


Artwork 1 Title: Purgatory of Spring: La Seminatrice (The Seeder)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70x100x4
Artwork 1 Medium: photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: Purgatory of Spring explores the aesthetics of a post-apocalyptic landscape, in which the
collapse of humankind and prehistory coincide in terms of their figurative aspects. The photograph is part of a three
act performative work (La Seminatrice, Eden, Preghiera). under the name "Purgatory of Spring" firstly coinceved at
Tenuta dello Scompiglio (Tuscany, Italy) during the art residency ‘Death and Dying’ in collaboration with
University of Arts London as winner project 2018 of AER Art For Environment Residency chaired by Lucy Orta.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1484
Artist ID: 1484

Artist Name: Alice Roberts

IG: aliceemilyart

Artist Statement: I have become increasingly interested in the study of human behaviour within our western culture.
We are in the age of global interaction and networking, where hand-held devices have become an extension of our
bodies and identity. Behind the safety of a ‘blue screen’ we engross ourselves in a virtual world, impacting our
everyday lives to the extent that we expect everything to be so instant. My work has been focused on the absence
of physical social engagement due to the growing need to communicate through mobile devices. This has been
explored through influences from modern technology and mark-making.

The exploration of consecutive layering has become an intrinsic process within my work. It has developed to create
the illusion of space, both in-between each individual layer and compositionally to form the image, which in turn
implies the passing of time; a single moment that has been frozen and stretched out consecutively, creating energy
within a space of stillness.


Artwork 1 Title: Diversion
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200cm x 150cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting focuses on the absence of physical interaction between the subjects and the
space they are in, choosing instead to look into a different world through a blue screen.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1485
Artist ID: 1485

Artist Name: Jenny Barnette

IG: @jennyBarnette

Artist Statement: My inspiration comes from a fresh look at women and empowerment. My coming into sculpture
has been an emotional journey as it happened late in life. Growing up in Kuwait with strict boundaries, I was not
allowed the freedom to sculpt. Choosing to be in a room with a nude model was a crime by itself. I am very
fortunate to be able to work with this medium that allows passion to come through. “Amphitrite, Goddess of the
Ocean ― is a modern interpretation of Amphitrite, Goddess of the Seas, wife of Poseidon. Here, Amphitrite lays all
on her own, representing strong intuition and independence, content in being a confident sensual and deeply
emotional being. You do not have to have a man in your life to be happy? Happiness comes from within.Â


Artwork 1 Title: Amphitrite, Goddess of The Ocean
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 102 cm x 50 x50
Artwork 1 Medium: clay -
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a modern interpretation of Amphitrite, Goddess of the seas, wife of Poseidon. Here
she is an intuitive independent woman content in being a confident sensual and deeply emotional being. She does
not hesitate to spend her time relaxing in the bottom of the ocean with her friend the octopus, who is a
representation of who she is. In a way, he protects and cradles her thoughts. He is intelligent and flexible, she is
creative and talented, both complex in every way and totally unpredictable.

This piece is at the foundry being bronzed.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1486
Artist ID: 1486

Artist Name: Yeji Kim


Artist Statement: Most of my works are paintings or drawings combined with installation. I would like to define
myself as a painter. However I have wondered why painting has to have completeness in a single frame. I have
started get interest of the way how social media platform like Instagram shows the images. Today, images are
making context with another images and extending their meaning in different arrangement and variations. I doubt
about closed completeness about painting limited in a frame. I focus more on how 2 dimensional painting acts and
makes relationship with space and objects in 3 dimensional world. When bleached white cube spaces try to separate
paintings from the everyday life, I want to find a possibility how painting become a part of everyday life. I explore
how individual memories and sensibilities compose different landscape and thought-scape in their mind. This is also
can be an experiment how image as material can be combined or react with other different materials. Painting is
special material in this experiment since it has physical 3 dimensional body and 2 dimensional image simultaneously.
I believe this can be a key to explain how sensibilities can transcendence the physical dimension.


Artwork 1 Title: Kew
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 230x260x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on PVC
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a landscape of one of a greenhouses in Kew gardens. This is painted on transparent
PVC to depict the dazzling vibe of the landscape.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1487
Artist ID: 1487

Artist Name: Kirstie Adamson

IG: KAdamsonArtist

Artist Statement: My artworks are created entirely from the colours and textures that I rip and cut from old
magazines. The works are often mistaken for paintings as I do not always use the traditional cut and paste technique
but have developed a way of working with wet paper which allows me to lay down and manipulate it in a different
way. I endeavour to continue experimenting and finding ways to push the limits of this medium. 'Fear' is the latest
piece in my current collection 'Fragile'. My work is fuelled by previous experiences with ill health and bereavement,
it highlights for me the fragility of life and how precious each moment is. How we need to cherish, protect and
appreciate what we have. I like to explore how children see the world with wonder as a reminder, I look at emotion
as it’s what makes us real. Even my landmark pieces are of places significant to me, be it places that I associate
happy memories with or places I have spent quality time with the people I love. I seek to draw attention to my
chosen medium of magazine collage with rough edges, negative space and hidden clues as the paper it’s self
echos fragility. My art is also my therapy and escape.


Artwork 1 Title: Fear
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x60x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Magazine Collage
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'Fear' is created entirely from ripped and cut magazines, no paint. It is the latest in my
'Fragile' collection in which I am looking at the fragility of life and what makes us human. This piece is a portrait of
my son stood just inside the bedroom door having awoken following a nightmare. The outline and shadows draw on
his fears of what he can't see but might be there hidden in the dark, heightened by the unsettling feeling he's just
experienced in his dream. I seek to explore both the negative and positive aspects of our emotions.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1489
Artist ID: 1489

Artist Name: Alec Boreham

IG: alec_boreham

Artist Statement: I, for many years has worked as a nurse manager in the NHS, during my spare time,I have always
had a passion for architecture, design and pencil drawing. My appreciation for architecture specifically relates to
more traditional methods of design and structural form, leaning more towards an appreciation of Middle Eastern
architecture and culture.

It's historical Beauty and cultural significance in time and history are elements that I am inspired by to reflect in my
drawings and explore further as my artistic talent grows.

What inspires me is to create an image that shows a landscape or building at an angle that you would not normally
expect to see in an ink and pencil drawing.

I love drawing in monochrome and I am inspired to reflect the building that I see with as much detail as I can to show
it in an accurate way and to accentuate it's beauty and structure.

I love being able to use simple shading techniques make the image come alive and find this the most inspiring part of
the art process

I have a love for drawing A3 city scales, with a significant architectural featured predominantly in the Image with a
feeling of depth and distance beyond it disappearing in the distance

When I was at Grammar School, I used to take art classes, and I remember the first landscape drawing I did was of
Sydney Harbour, I think I was about 13-14, and I drew it in pencil. I remember the sense of achievement and
happiness when I had completed it. But as the years went by, I changed my career and followed a different path. But
my joy is that I have rediscovered this passion that hopefully reflects in the drawings that I create


Artwork 1 Title: The Colour of Paris
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29.7 x 42.0cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Smooth Cartridge Paper, scanned in to Photoshop and colour added
Artwork 1 Commentary: I drew this vista of Paris to show the Eiffel Tower and its surrounding position in a dramatic
and impactful way.

I had the idea of using colour to make a big impact to the image, demonstrating Paris's diverse community and its
vibrancy that visitors experience every time they visit this world renowned city.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1490
Artist ID: 1490

Artist Name: Tejas Burse

IG: Tejaspaintings

Artist Statement: Tejas Burse born in a family of art who carrys legacy from seven generations. Tejas is continuing
this treasurous legacy in his hands and performing his work on national and international platforms such as Saatchi
Art Gallery, Parallax Art Fair.


Artwork 1 Title: Light Of Light
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50.292*58.166*0.01
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Painting portraits light of life. Nature is our life where we are staying but our nature is gift
from the light energy of The Sun.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1492
Artist ID: 1492

Artist Name: Christine Johnson


Artist Statement: I graduated from the University for the Creative Arts (UCA), Farnham with an MA (Jewellery) in
September 2016. I then spent a year at UCA as Artist-in-Residence.

I teach jewellery to adults in Surrey and Hampshire. This allows me time to focus on my own work but also to have a
balance between making and teaching. Balance is important to me. I’ve always worked with a lot of people and I
need to maintain this contact and find ways of helping my students excel in this craft that I love.

As an MA student, my visual research had included many objects and shapes from the natural world. When looking
at a feather, I was struck by its structure and repeating lines, and I began to translate all of these elements into
metal. Repetition and pattern seem to be present in most of my designs and the feather moved me towards using its
structure to create jewellery pieces.

I became interested in interference patterns which create an optical effect (moiré) when lines cross, and my
research led to pieces with multiple crossing lines creating a moiré effect when the piece is moved or when the
viewer changes position in relation to the piece.

I am currently making kinetic pieces in which a moveable element allows the wearer to control the optical effect. An
example of this is my range of optical pendants in which lines move across other lines, allowing the wearer to play
with, and connect with the piece.


Artwork 1 Title: Optical Pendant "Curve"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 5.8cm x 5.5cm x 0.5cm. Length of necklace is 61cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Sterling silver, stainless steel, turquoise, silk.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Title
Optical Pendant/necklace: “Curve―

This pendant and the clasp are made from sterling silver. The internal mechanisms include stainless steel. The beads
are faceted turquoise strung on silk thread. This piece is kinetic. “Curve― was constructed entirely by hand,
using a piercing saw, filing, soldering and finishing.

The pendant and clasp are finished with a glass brush to achieve a fine scratch surface for a contemporary look. The
faceted turquoise beads are strung on double silk thread with a pearl-type clasp. The silk is protected by gimp
(French wire) where it is threaded through the loops of the clasp. The first few beads at each end are knotted to
ensure integrity of the clasp and the correct tension.

The concept was to achieve an optical effect (moiré), as in much of Christine’s other work, but to give the
control of this effect to the wearer of the piece. To achieve this, the pendant must have intrinsic movement so that
the piece can be manipulated and allow the effect to be enjoyed by the owner. The effect is stimulating and
fascinating and encourages the wearer to play with and enjoy the effects in this unique piece. One face can be
moved whilst the other remains static.

Because of the curved lines, there is a variety of patterns and visual effects, such as fan shapes, created as the piece
is manipulated.

The piece can be set in a different position each time it is worn, or even when being worn, creating a piece of
jewellery which looks different all the time.

The pendant measures 58mm x 55mm x 5mm. The faceted turquoise beads are 2mm diameter (approx.). The length
of the necklace is 610mm (23.5 inches). The clasp is approximately 6mm
in diameter.

The maker of Optical pendant: “Curve― is Christine Johnson
(Graduated from the University for the
Creative Arts, Farnham, UK: MA Jewellery (Distinction) September 2016).

Date of production
This necklace was made in May 2018.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1493
Artist ID: 1493

Artist Name: Theo Ellison

IG: @theo_ellison

Artist Statement: My work looks to dig into the relationship between human behaviour and art-making; why we
create images and how we consume them. I’m looking to peel back the layers of illusion that encase this
relationship to reveal certain mechanics that are unavoidable in our engagement with images.

In working to expose our vulnerability to the power of images, the work has a recurring friction that simultaneously
indulges in and questions the voyeuristic aspects of visual representation, where the distinction between
observation and voyeurism is no longer apparent. Using references to art history as recognisable points of contact,
the line between attraction and repulsion is blurred in order to deconstruct our relationship to the image.

I’m drawn to digital mediums like CGI digital photography because they lend themselves well to dealing with
ideas around illusion, artifice, and the re-presentation of nature within art. Within the work, these tools are used to
deconstruct the perpetual cycle of seduction; how we are seduced by elements of the natural world, and how we
seduce others.


Artwork 1 Title: Bed
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 114 x 120cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Chromogenic Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: This image, from a 3D laser scan, is part of a project resulting from a recent residency with
the National Trust at Coughton Court, a gothic stately home in Warwickshire.

The project stemmed from my response to the restrictions and limitations of working within a carefully preserved
grade-1 listed mansion. This digital scan will in theory last indefinitely, while the actual bed requires continual
maintenance to prevent it fading away. It is an exploration into the murkier side of nostalgia and our desire for
archiving as a response to the fear of loss.

This image can also be viewed as a (non-partisan) reflection of Britain’s current state of limbo due to Brexit. Ideas
surrounding nostalgia and preservation have been sewn into the tapestry of the discourse around the issue, and this
can be seen as an undercurrent in the work.

Like a digital restoration or archiving project, the scanned bed is left untouched and unblemished, capturing the
intricate folds in their preserved, ghostly state, and void of human presence. It is a monochrome embalmment of an
object with deep connection to art-history that delves into role that technology plays in our response to the fear of

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1496
Artist ID: 1496

Artist Name: Humna Mustafa


Artist Statement: Humna Mustafa is an artist with a passion for visual story telling, inspired by the Indian arts and
the work of William Morris. She uses them as metaphors for where she was born and where she resides today. She is
highly influenced by the cultural influences that guide the pattern making process, imbibing it with subtle meanings
and depth under the surface beauty.

Growing up in the Middle East with an Indian heritage, Humna gained early exposure to the religious and cultural
symbolism behind the pattern languages of regional arts and crafts, inspiring her to study Textile Design with a focus
on natural dyes. This led to her initial work using natural pigments and calligraphic elements on installations and

Moving to Australia 14 years ago brought on an extensive period of exploration with the traditional techniques of
Henna. Inspired by its deep symbolism, Humna demonstrated her art through various workshops and residencies.
She expanded traditional techniques onto silk and ceramics, increasing the art’s reach while respecting the rich
pattern heritage.

Her passion to create and share the intrinsic beauty of patterns has also led her to a number of collaborations in
photography and video. She also creates collections of ceramics for sale online to an international clientele.

Humna currently resides in Hitchin, a small town in the UK, where she explores her personal journey through time,
cultures and phases of life in her artworks.


Artwork 1 Title: We Share The Same Moon
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 75cm x 56cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Inks and Acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary: We Share The Same Moon is an ink and acrylic on paper work that shows a floral story of
self discovery. People continually highlight cultural differences between the East and West. Having lived in various
cultures around the world, her painting counters this narrative by highlighting the human similarities she’s found
in making each place her home.

The floral display references the garden of William Morris and the peacock – an Indian bird representing herself
– symbolises her current home in the UK. Looking back to her roots, the mosque in the shadows shines under the
moonlight. The same moon that shines on her home here too, its consistent light regardless of where we go and who
we become. Its light doesn’t differentiate between locations, so why do we choose to be biased against people
from different backgrounds and cultures?
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1497
Artist ID: 1497

Artist Name: Cristiana Depedrini

IG: cristiana_depedrini

Artist Statement:
My art comes from my own experiences and arises from a feeling of urgency that I want to make a picture of
something that stroke me. Every picture is an attempt to simplify the relationship between my inner self and the
outside world and give it a tangible shape. I can find inspiration in things and objects of my everyday life, in traveling
or in images I imagined trough novels and literature. I am searching for beauty through colors and light,
imperfections and contrast and everything that I can clearly perceive as spots of color, lines and marks. Everything
becomes a metaphor for my thoughts and painting transforms what I see in what I perceive, shifting the meaning of
the subject and the way I look at it.


Artwork 1 Title: Jhonny
Artwork 1 Dimensions: cn 125 x 125
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting belongs to a series of works titled De Rerum Natura as homage to the poem
written by Lucretius in the first century B.C. The philosopher identifies the understanding of nature as an essential
instrument in nearing humankind to the essence of things, and thus to authentic happiness. Parting from these
premises Lucretian thought became a founding basis and stimulus with which to observe the nature that surrounds
me and I have been particularly focused on the observation of trees and plants, which are not often perceived of as
identifiable individuals but as blurred backgrounds.
As in the Dino Buzzati novel, The Secret of the Old Woods, trees are transformed into presences, assuming the
appearance of creatures that are different from humans anatomically, but equally capable of feeling and evoking the
same sentiments and passions that the human spirit can.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1498
Artist ID: 1498

Artist Name: Jacq .

IG: j.a.c.q_

Artist Statement: Jacq is an anonymous italian artist. In September 2016 he created "I Volti" (The Faces) project
which made him very popular in his city and which aroused the interest of Verona curators, who encourage him to
exhibit his first Work in Venice at the Spazio Kanz (official space of the Biennale of Venice). He took part in Saturarte
2018 at Palazzo Stella in Genoa and in the 6th edition of the Feria de Italia at the Palacio de la Buhaira in Seville.
"I Volti" are oil paintings on canvas. Every person has their own peculiar features, through which they can be
identified and remembered. Depicting profiles without, or nearly, their specific traits means to gather their soul. Jacq
is anonymous because the faces show themselves up in the Place of the artist: "I Volti" exist, they belong to real
people and they have a story to tell through their most intimate relationships, like the one between father, son and
mother. The attention of many journalist has often been focused on the “I Volti―: Among the main published
articles, we would highlight the most prestigious one: the article in the Corriere della Sera in December 2017, "Jacq
e I volti di Prato (senza occhi ne' naso)".
The project was the subject of study at the fashion institute Marangoni in Milan.


Artwork 1 Title: Le viaggiatrici
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x80x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil painting
Artwork 1 Commentary: Specific physical and expressive characteristics make each person unique and identifiable.
With this in mind, the work “Le viaggiatrici" (The Travelers) shows how physical complexity is simplified by
highlighting just specific and essential features to represent their synthesis and their soul. The work aims to make
the subjects recognizable but also emotionally involved.
So the artistic work consists in the representation of the physical appearance through the simplification, and in
striking the emotional side as well.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1502
Artist ID: 1502

Artist Name: Daniela Galan

IG: @danielagalanl

Artist Statement: Daniela Galan is a Colombian artist and art historian from Goldsmiths University. She situates
herself at the intersection of contemporary art practice, sculpture, and philosophy. Her research as a philosopher
and art historian has concentrated on exploring the concept of nature and understanding how this concept has been
constructed through historical and political influences. This research has informed her visual practice mastering how
to print images into objects with liquid light (silver gelatine) and exploring industrial materials such as concrete,
metal, mercury to challenge our understanding of natural landscape.


Artwork 1 Title: Devil's landscape
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 160 * 60 * 300 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: concrete and metal
Artwork 1 Commentary: Landscapes that have been made by nature, or so we would assume, but that somehow do
not look natural at all. Many of the devil’s works can be seen throughout the world. In California, Ireland and
Colombia different rock formations have been made in an eerie and unusual way, to the point that it would not have
made any sense that nature could have actually produced them at all… they actually looked manmade… thus,
the devil enters the picture. But as Adorno argued, nature becomes history and history becomes nature, the two are
so entangled that trying to separate them would prevent us from realizing how much of our “second nature―
we give to “first nature― and vice versa. Even now entering the Anthropocene era, the power of humanity’s
geological monster has grown to surpass the cultural towards the natural in most of the corners of the world (for not
to say all). Thus, without wanting it to, we became the devil. A monster that no longer recognizes its own work in
nature and cannot distinguish itself from the fiction he created as nature.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1503
Artist ID: 1503

Artist Name: Jennie Murton

IG: jenniemurton

Artist Statement: Murton’s sculptures deal with the idea of threat and uncertainty. Playing with precarity and
gravity, Murton gives the work a platform for empty illusions, in the sense that if a piece of work became imbalanced
it could cause damage to the space it’s in, other objects or even harm viewers but when the work is viewed from
a different angle it becomes clear that it is a façade. Murton creates these illusions that set up danger using a
combination of domestic, or ordinary, objects and fantastical natural objects that project weight.


Artwork 1 Title: All Bound Up
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 430x210x10
Artwork 1 Medium: Print, MDF and rope
Artwork 1 Commentary: The work plays on the idea of threat. The boulder being bound up treats the object as if it
has a massive weight that is struggling in its binds. There is this illusion that sets up danger; the boulder could fall
and cause damage to the floor. This piece invites viewers to engage with it from multiple angles, taking away the
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1504
Artist ID: 1504

Artist Name: Daniela Zimmermann


Artist Statement: Daniela Zimmermann is a German born, Australian based, artist working across a variety of
materials and processes, which are predominantly ceramic based.

In 2018 she completed a Certificate III in Visual Arts at the Northern College of the Arts and Technology in
Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work (honors), a Grad Dip in Family Therapy and a Diploma in Arts

She has participated in over 20 selected exhibitions and obtained encouragement and recommended awards.

She is interested in representing the industrial and city landscape and its place in our natural environment and how
each interacts with the human species.

She has a deep seeded suspicion about things which appear to be “nice―. She detests “perfect― objects
as a main form of artistic expression. In her observation, life is not nice at all, not perfect and definitely not smooth
and shiny. She is wary of the new and “proper―. She perceives that broken and cracked surfaces mirror human
struggles and are equipped with inner strength.

Her methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities between her different
projects they are linked by recurring formal concerns and through her subject matter.


Artwork 1 Title: Fragile
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 15 x 25 x 22
Artwork 1 Medium: Glazed ceramic fired multible times
IMMER. Berthold Brecht
Loosely translated: Everything that is fragile has a certain beauty, but it breaks – always.

In our fragile world there is no light without shadow. No joy without sorrow, no highs without lows, however
sunshine looks beautiful when it breaks through the clouds.
Without connections we seem to be nothing. Connections are like building blocks which tie us to our families, other
humans, our cultures and our history. Our mortality and the decay of all things are the flip-side of living in the light.
In our shadow worlds, we struggle, feel empty and forlorn. We die.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1506
Artist ID: 1506

Artist Name: Charley Jones

IG: charleyispainting

Artist Statement: I began painting in oils at the age of nine inspired by the impressionist painters.
My hunger to paint and learn more is still the same feeling as when I began .
I have studied painting at university (Nottingham Trent) however I have constantly done my own investigation into
painting with a 'hands on' approach.
Since becoming a father to my now 5 year old son Lucas , I have painted more and more and become even more
inspired seeing the world not only through my own but his eyes. We are a family that have been affected by
migration, identity and other issues in this ever transitional political world. My son is half Colombian and we have
lived both in London and Colombia and continue to do so.My main focus of work is about identity, humanity,
migration and biodiversity.
Therefore I have exhibited both in London and Colombia but still find myself looking for gallery representation and


Artwork 1 Title: Lucas in the light
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 3
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Capturing my son in a meditative gaze is a way for me to continue investigating humanity in
its essence .
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1507
Artist ID: 1507

Artist Name: Maria Zulueta

IG: maria.zulueta

Artist Statement: Maria’s main concept is to juxtapose nature with the man-made; to represent their connection
and confrontation. From her observations, reflections and imaginings of the natural environment, Maria attempts to
capture elements and qualities of the aesthetics of nature in her work. She creates a narrative to evoke something
significant from natures’ transformation, transience and fragility, to recall something significant from these
elements through the documenting of natures changes.

Themes that touch her and traditionally explored in art, that have strong connections to nature, are ‘the
sublime’; as explored by the philosopher Edmund Burke in the 18th century and the poet-scientist Goethe in the
19th century; and ‘vanitas’; the rich symbolism of life, death, transience and decay associated with Dutch still-
life painting in the 16th and 17th centuries. Both are directly relevant to Maria’s work. Meanwhile ‘the
uncanny’; as explored by the psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud in the early 20th century, which pertains to
something strangely familiar. These themes are incorporated in her practice practices and help to anchor her work
within a contemporary glass art context and practice.

Zulueta immerses herself into a continual exploration of materials and processes through an intuitive, inquisitive and
thoughtful engagement of playful encounter of material and making and philosophy. Through this process of
experimenting and testing, Maria has extended her knowledge of glass processes particularly in kiln cast techniques.


Artwork 1 Title: Scorched Dreams
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 24 x 58 x 4.5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Glass
Artwork 1 Commentary: The symbolism of life, death, transience and decay associated with Dutch still-life painting in
the 16th and 17th centuries informs this piece. ‘Scorched dreams’ eludes the broken dreams addressing the
concerns from social and political uncertainties in today’s world.
The black head poppies capture the narrative of the iconographic visual language of death, resurrection and eternal
This glass wall piece needs to be displayed on a black background to elude the dramatic symbol on the work.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1509
Artist ID: 1509

Artist Name: Pä±Nar Derin Genã§Er


Artist Statement: Pınar Derin Gençer is an artist, curator, medical doctor based in Istanbul and Stockholm. She
works mainly on performance art, visual arts, installation, writing and objects. Her art studies the relationship
between the physical, psychological, historical field of the life, of the nature, of the city and the human. The power,
identity, belonging, gender, space, ideology, human mind, body and soul feature as her research subjects. Derin is
the founder/creative director of Istanbul Performance Art and 24 Hours Art, chief curator of Open Performance


Artwork 1 Title: Walking Through The Layers Of Memory
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x70
Artwork 1 Medium: Photo Documentation of Performance
Artwork 1 Commentary: According to Gestalt, memory is the traces of perceptions. With the neural activation that
occurs during the perception, memory traces come into play and are stored in that way. The artist who matches the
Abud Efendi Konağı, which can be dated to the end of the 19th century, with the memory, rebuilds the traces left
by our knowledge that we do not want to remember as much as we want to remember. Bartlett's new approaches
to memory show that remembering is not the perceived, but is reconstructed and structured. The spectator who
leaves painful memorabilia records every step of the way, with all the shocks, sufferings, anguishes, drama,
untrained traumas, untouched griefs, deaths, difficult to pronounce, secrets wrapped in secrets constitutes a
common property-common-consciousness-common-consciousness. These re-constructed and structured tracks are
called erasures by actions that transform into artist's consecutive rhythms. Ebbinghaus showed that recall
performance increased as the number of recall in memory decreased, the time between recall and recall decreased,
and the amount of recalled material decreased. But every remembrance action has its forgetting process, and every
forget action has its remembrance process. The remainder from the moment that the present collides with the past
turns into the sediments that we left in our repetition and return.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1510
Artist ID: 1510

Artist Name: Kaye Hodges

IG: kayehodgesportraits

Artist Statement: I am an artist who loves drawing and painting. I belong to the SGFA, which is a drawing based
society. I draw where ever I am, on the train, in the pub. i attend Life drawing classes and enjoy the mix of people
and the different styles that everyone has. People to draw and paint are my favourite subject, but also the natural
world does creep in every so often. What really enthrals me is light and its effect on everything we see.


Artwork 1 Title: Cambridge Blue
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics on Aluminum
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a painting of my son, who was behind in completing a dissertation at University. It
was a grey day, which I felt, reflected his mood.
I loved the way the light fell upon his face and how you could have a sense that all was not right with him.

He did go on to get a distigition, but at the time, truly felt the pressure.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1512
Artist ID: 1512

Artist Name: Margaux Pribilla


Artist Statement: The importance of my art is to convey feelings through my mixed media paintings. I want people to
identify their limits and want them to find out how to break out of their boundaries. I am not giving a solution but a
hint to think about what limits you as there are too many ways a person will limit him or herself.
Each one has a thought as a description, which leads to discussion and reflection of the self.


Artwork 1 Title: Melissa
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x30x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media
Artwork 1 Commentary: acrylic paint on canvas, rope and chain

“I am so caught up in my everyday life that I cannot escape to my dream world. Everything is holding me back. I
want to live my dreams, but I am not able to. What do I need to change to break the chain and these limitations? I
need help.―
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1517
Artist ID: 1517

Artist Name: Evan Mackrill

IG: @evanmackrill

Artist Statement: First and foremost I make cool stuff.

I am Evan Mackrill, an entrepreneur who has started a few sports equipment companies. I have always focused on
producing objects that cannot go unnoticed, and have a strong artistic focus within all of my work.

For sculptural pieces my style is to warp how items are regularly portrayed. To bring to the foreground how current
art/marketing trends as well as social trends could distort the appearance of objects, whilst also attempting to
create pieces that are virtually appealing and keep an air of "coolness" about them.


Artwork 1 Title: What's your poison
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 12 X 25 X 25
Artwork 1 Medium: SCULPTURE: Metal, plastic, polyurethane, epoxy resin
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'What's your poison' consists of six metal drinks cans, with different symbols applied to
them as branding, as well as to replace the common branding location. The symbols are those used to identify the
particular dangers of substances hazardous to health.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1519
Artist ID: 1519

Artist Name: Madeline Jones


Artist Statement:
Madeline Jones’s work draws from a multiplicity of artistic traditions such as sculpture, photography, print and
film. Her practice incorporates temporal assemblages which act as sculptural devices to explore internal and external
experiences of site. Notions of performance, failure, perception, material ephemerality as well as chance are
concerns within her ongoing research into these unfolding visual scenarios.

Currently her practice has been focused on developing camera-less photographic techniques which attempt to
record the points of collision between the interaction of her sculptural site-specific works and the landscape.

“Looking down at the point of contact, more over the point of impact as the materials collapsed on their crash
sites, I looked to record these catastrophes―.

Her recent photographic work, ‘Site of Failure’ was produced by incorporating soil, chalk, sand, seaweed, salt,
saliva and blood into the chemigram photographic technique. These site materials chemically react with
photographic paper and colour developer, burning images of explosions reminiscent of micro impacts, the new born
spectacles that arise from her engagement with the landscape.


Artwork 1 Title: Site of Failure I
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60.9X5X50.8
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Original chemigram on MDF block mounting within Baltic birch ply tray frame.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1520
Artist ID: 1520

Artist Name: Joan Vilã

IG: joan_vilacamp

Artist Statement:
I am a sculptor and my work I do entirely with recovered noble materials. I use all kinds of old iron tools in the field
as well as wood from discarded furniture and any recycled material that serves me to realize my purpose in each


Artwork 1 Title: The last call (part one)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 129-42-25
Artwork 1 Medium: Iron, wood, can (All recycled materials)
Artwork 1 Commentary:
It is a double criticism of the hypertechnological society to which we are heading and the lack of protection of
women in it. It represents a naked, impoverished young woman, talking on her cell phone and covering herself with
a can covered with advertising to pay for calls.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1522
Artist ID: 1522

Artist Name: Diego Baldoin

IG: @ghostbaldoin

Artist Statement: Surrounded by illusion, fiction and this virtual reality, freedom seems like a utopia.
Who's the winner between heart and mind ?


Artwork 1 Title: follow me
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 58x88x11
Artwork 1 Medium: oil absorbed by epoxy resin
Artwork 1 Commentary: This's my message. An invite to see what happens in my next projects.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1524
Artist ID: 1524

Artist Name: Stephanie Mill


Artist Statement: Stephanie is an urban contemporary artist who believes in the power of art
to inspire. Her aim is to create art that makes you smile from the inside out,
and has developed her style to joyfully combine the beauty of the natural
world with a vibrant digital aesthetic.
Her training in Visual Communication (BA Hons) has influenced the intention
behind her work. Using colour theory combined with an abstract approach
she encourages you to feel your way with each piece, engaging intuitively
with how colour speaks uniquely to your experience, as well as our shared
visual language.
The large scale and abstract style of her work creates colour fields that
invite you to connect emotionally with the expressive nature of the colours
themselves, and how they make you feel. By combining photography with
multiple digital processes, as well as symmetry to emphasise the hidden
patterns in nature, Stephanie creates a harmonious balance in her work that
heals on a soul level.

“As an artist I am fascinated by how art unites our internal and external worlds.
Colour has an incredible impact on our well-being; making conscious choices
about the art we live with is vital.―


Artwork 1 Title: I AM (No3)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80cm X 80cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Giclee print on bamboo paper. Hand finished with 23carat gold.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Combining photography with multiple digital processes, she expresses soulful colour with a
vibrant aesthetic. The I AM series explores the play of light through water using recorded sound input – a visual
expression of what it is to be alive.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1525
Artist ID: 1525

Artist Name: Mike Green

IG: @mike_sketches

Artist Statement: My artwork is fed by an education in illustration and a wide interest in artistic disciplines including
sketching, plein air painting and film. I am pushed to create work in an illustrative style, wanting to say some part of
a story, a hint of a wider time scale with a single image.

At the moment, after a few years mostly working in sketchbooks around London, I have arrived at working entirley
digitally. Although using a non traditional medium I am falling back on my many hours spent drawing and painting to
allow me to make the most of and adapt to these new tools.


Artwork 1 Title: St Pauls
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 34x17x0 (unframed) 49x33x1.5 (framed)
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital
Artwork 1 Commentary: This image is from a series of drawings focusing on vertical views of London landmarks and
their architecture.

The process involves wandering around the city looking for views on to recognisable landmarks that catch my eye.

Once I have found somewhere, I might make a quick reference sketch before photographing the view using a multi-
perspective technique. After compiling an image from my photographs, I work through roughs for composition and
tone. The drawing is them made digitally on an ipad, a tool I have only recently started using but that offers an
immediacy and convenience that is hard to break away from.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1526
Artist ID: 1526

Artist Name: Makbule Yanar


Artist Statement: I am an academic at the University of Arts London and an emerging multimedia artist and educator
who has two kids and lives in London. I born in East of Turkey but I grow up very disoriented disorder world.
Throughout my life, this impact has caused me to be under the influence of many disciplines. In fact, my belonging
never developed and I never felt the state of order. My belonging is an issue for me, this is in deep of my mind and
influence the way I think and I live. The only good things that emerged from that disoriented life to think without any
molds and see the universe through forms and beliefs. My personal struggles and experience actually gave me the
right reasoning to build a strong rational about ‘ how a silent voice, an invisible being, and this nothingness could
have come into being?' In time technically I learned to emerge things from out of nothingness and make them visible
through art forms and my art is expressing those empiric experiences.

As an educator and as a multi-disciplinary Artist I am a postmodern existentialist but I am not too solid with any
ideology, I rather keep my fluidity to have my resilience. My philosophical reasoning for doing my art is to make
people rethink and re-feel their abstract and physical realm My aim is to bring multiple aesthetic senses at present.


Artwork 1 Title: ‘Nothingness’
Artwork 1 Dimensions: W-49cm / H32cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Cornstarch, Eggshell, Baby Oil, PVC Glue, Tull, Fiber
Artwork 1 Commentary: The abstract conciseness dimensions of thought and feeling form the physical realm and
‘Who I am as a persona' in the whole is actually Fractal energy. Fractal energy fills the gaps between the
symmetries of the very small and very large. The absence of necessary abstract dimensions of thought and feeling in
the physical realm create a need force to fill the gaps. This artifact actually is the physical formation of this process
and visual narrative of how ‘nothingness’ came into being through an empiric experience and rational
reasoning. My philosophical reasoning for doing my art is to make people rethink and re-feel their abstract and
physical realm.

The medium I used to create the 'Nothingness' is my own alchemy development. The recipe for that is everyday
kitchen material: Cornstarch, Eggshell, Baby Oil, PVC Glue, Tull, Fiber. After many experiments, I developed a new
technique for clay making.
What makes it unique is the eggshell when it dries it became like a stone.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1527
Artist ID: 1527

Artist Name: Yasmin Maksousa

IG: @yasmin_hayat

Artist Statement: Yasmin Hayat Maksousa attended Central St Martin’s before graduating from her MA at the
Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts. Inspired by her Syrian heritage, Yasmin Hayat paints using imagery
influenced by the regional style of miniature painting and sees herself as a contemporary, modern-day
‘Hakawati,’ the name given to a performing storyteller, once found in the coffee shops of the Middle East. The
aim of the Hakawati is to relay meaningful narratives all of which have universal wisdom, only Yasmin Hayat’s
medium is visual as opposed to oral.

Recently, Yasmin Hayat has looked to poetry and stories from Damascus, using the imagery conjured to create a
multi-faceted series of paintings about the capital using the tales and discourses which underpin Damascene society.
She believes that by bringing these stories to light, one can gain a dimensional understanding of what it means to be
a Syrian, an understanding which based off of culture and art directly from the region.

Yasmin Hayat sources the majority of her materials from nature. Taking and returning, in a harmonious cycle. She
continuously researches and experiments with pigments, creating an array of colours from semi-precious stones,
plants and earths. These tactile and luminous colours, which are often chosen due to their relation to the subject
being painted, create a dimensional finish which transforms, move and reflect, just like the stories depicted.

Yasmin Hayat, born 1990, currently lives and works from her studio in South London.


Artwork 1 Title: The dogs of Ashabe-kahf.
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 77x100
Artwork 1 Medium: Malachite pigment, 22 and 18 carat gold, Handmade Indigo paper.
Artwork 1 Commentary: The timeless story of the dogs of Ashabe-khaf is one in which seven youths sought refuge in
a cave only to wake up 300 years later. Accompanying them during this time was a dog who faithfully kept watch...
There are many proposed locations for this mysterious cave, one of which is the famous Mount Qaison in Damascus,
Syria, a place in which wild dogs still huddle around the alleged cave today.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1529
Artist ID: 1529

Artist Name: Zsolt Dudas

IG: zsoltdudas

Artist Statement: I am exploring time in my work and trying to create a moment when past and present becomes
one. I use
the corpus as a 'tool' to measure the different times to find their similarities.


Artwork 1 Title: consummatum est
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 160x100x5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil, acrylic, bitumen on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: consummatum est - it is completed... the last words of Christ on the cross. The painting has
been inspired by the experience of having seen death, having seen the motionless corpus laying front of me and
exploring how it relates to Christ's corpus on the cross...

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1530
Artist ID: 1530

Artist Name: Lukasz Janiszewski


Artist Statement: Among the last generation of communism in Poland, I can still recall the overnight
transformation into what I call 'wild capitalism,' an explosion of colour and variety in
consumerist counter culture which informs my work.
With a focus on form and expression I aim to achieve painterly gestures which not
only echo the fast paced changes of my youth but also act as an exploration into
material culture.
Working from bright neon shades, to the earthiest of browns, these paintings derive
from a genuine passion for colour. Inspired by surroundings and observation of
everyday life I use painting as an expressive outlet, subverting commonplace objects
and translating it into abstract form. This is achieved not only through a gestural
demonstration of line and colour, but also by physically working upon found articles in
my present environment, ‘skipped’ or found objects.
Whether it be current posters from Poland, dried and pressed banana leaves from
Bangkok, construction worker’s materials, or dusty curtains found littered on the
streets of England, I use each item as a backdrop, working upon them, censoring them
of their previous use and juxtaposing them as an intuitive array of colour.
In this act, I hope to examine a collective perspective of our surroundings, the way in
which we view everyday ‘lowbrow’ or disposable objects and to change their meaning
by placing them within a Fine Art context.
I aim to create paintings that are both a reflection of our ever changing environment
and a joyful play with the very act of painting itself.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150x200x2
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Through a series of dreamscapes, I attempt to weave fragments of narrative, dreams and
half-remembered recollections by juxtaposing memories from travel with found images. Figures dissolve in and out
of the canvas and begin to shift to form mythologies of their own.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1531
Artist ID: 1531

Artist Name: James Reynolds

IG: jhtreynolds

Artist Statement: I paint pictures that often reflect on narratives of the past, which may include events, phrases or
common objects that are usually associated with domestic concerns.

I have a deep interest in a dogmatic approach to drawing and painting, whereby I follow ritualistic working practices
that require certain rules to be observed and then ultimately challenged thereby offering a metaphor for the stories
behind the objects. Repetition of the subject is a key element that forces me to revisit the themes and ideas and I
strive to create work that encourages the viewer to question and wonder, to look and to engage, sometimes
uncomfortably. Using these themes within my work provides the opportunity to explore and create a vision of my
own domestic recollections and rules, positive or otherwise, and evaluate them within the context of making art.


Artwork 1 Title: Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion No. 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 116 x 89 x 4
Artwork 1 Medium: Graphite and oil on Linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: First in an ongoing series of work centred around a common phrase within my house
remembered from my youth.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1533
Artist ID: 1533

Artist Name: Hyun Soo Oh


Artist Statement:
I’m in the middle of journey of shaping my artistic idiom. I feel like I’m not there yet, but nearly there… My
main concern is to create my own mythology that is relevant to emotion, energy, mind and spirit through painting. I
intend to depict narratives inspired by my personal direct/indirect experience and imagination with characters I
create on a surface. If the narrative is the script I write, the surface I paint on is the stage. I prefer to working on a
large scale as I want the viewers not only to see my painting but also to experience it physically. I started art in
London with no art background from Korea, I studied the Western traditional paintings as the primary inspiration.
After returning to Korea, I became fascinated by Korean traditional art and pondered the authentic potential in the
balance between the Eastern and Western art. I am currently working on deepening my idiom with inspirations both
from the Eastern and the Western art as well as traditional and contemporary essence.
I want to make paintings that both so-called art and non-art people appreciate.


Artwork 1 Title: Day Meets Night (1)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 194 x 97 x 2.5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Iridescent, Interference paint and Acrylic on Linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: There are various elements of my current concerns influencing this painting. This painting
was started from subject of ‘Day Meets Night’ that was the idea given from my muse who is UK MC named Big
H and also one of my biggest inspirations. During the conversation with him, various visual ideas occurred to my
mind, this painting is one of them. During the process of this painting, I got more ideas of this particular subject and
decided to make a series for it. This painting is the first work of ‘Day Meets Night’ series. Also I’ve been
interested in and working on studies of ‘Trees’ past few years since I started seeing trees as aerials for the
connection to Nature. In this painting, I tried to create my version of trees. In this painting, you can also find another
element of my current interests that is the universe. The Waterfall Nebula in the universe becomes the real waterfall
in my fantasy landscape. This particular scene was created after I was inspired by one of landscapes painted by Jeong
Seon who was one of the most significant Korean painters in traditional Korean art history. There are two pairs of
hands in this painting. One pair are holding the sun in the upper right of the painting, the other are passing over the
moon in the lower part of the painting. Those hands are representing the connection between two persons who are
depicted as trees. The hands passing over the moon were depicted with reference of the famous hands from ‘The
Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo. I intended to find the balance between Eastern and Western style in order to
create my imaginary landscape. In this painting, I used acrylics that are not my favourite materials, but I wanted to
use the Iridescent and Interference colours that you can’t find in oil in order to add more magical effect on this
painting. This is large scale, the image uploaded doesn’t justify the original quality of the painting, I strongly
recommend you to check my website for its details. —>
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1534
Artist ID: 1534

Artist Name: Suminder Treadwell


Artist Statement: I am an oil painter working with abstraction and materiality, having been influenced by Mark
Rothko, Piet Mondrain, and Howard Hodgkin. My current works examine the colours, textures, and
sensations associated with urban life in both India and Britain. Layering and scraping away paint
on the canvas is an analogue of the long-term processes of a city forming. This focus on urban
change and transient experience often means that the end result is less important than the
transitions and changes the canvas experiences over time.
Working with the materiality of paint has now become a crucial language through which I make
sense of the world. Such physical engagement is important to me as greater portions of everyday
life are digitised into immateriality and images increasingly replace the real.
I have pursued my interests through completing a Diploma of Higher Education in Fine Art at
Warwickshire College in 2006 and a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at the Birmingham College of Art
in 2007. I am enrolled on the Masters degree course in Fine Art at Birmingham City University
for Autumn 2019.
I have enjoyed local recognition, and over the past decade my work has been exhibited at galleries
such as Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum, Rugby Art Gallery, Gallery 150, Slate Art
Gallery, and Kenilworth Castle.


Artwork 1 Title: Echo of Sorrow
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 169x145x1.5 cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting was inspired by my visit to The Taj Mahal in 2017. The Taj Mahal is a white
marble mausoleum in the Indian city of Agra. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his
favourite wife Mumtaz Mahal. My motivation for this painting was Shah Jahan's grief after the death of Mumtaz
Mahal and how that grief has echoed over the centuries since.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1535
Artist ID: 1535

Artist Name: Diana Novorenska

IG: @meditationonacrylics

Artist Statement: I'm Diana, a travel loving ambivert and appreciator of the beauty around us –
it’s my source of inspiration.

I find it everywhere: whether it's something straight-up-beautiful or an old, decaying door…

Art is like meditation to me; in this world full of distractions it allows me
to focus on here and now.
I predominantly work with acrylics as they suit my impatient nature and also create mixed media pieces.

I love exploring colour combinations, textures and composition.

But it all really starts with COLOUR for me.

The colour drives me to paint and sets the mood for my work.
I believe people are searching for a feeling in a painting,
something that evokes an emotion in them.

And I want that feeling to be something positive; whether its calm and inviting or uplifting and exciting, but
something that feels good. Good enough to get lost in the piece in front of you for a little and find your own personal
meaning inside.


Artwork 1 Title: ZEN
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60 x 80 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: My work is driven by the idea of inspiring happiness, is soothing and uplifting, creating a
moment where the thinking process stops and the feeling takes over.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1536
Artist ID: 1536

Artist Name: Mauro Baio

IG: bauromaio

Artist Statement: My work consists in the reseach of balance and aesthetics. To me art means living the life and the
topics I deal with are deepen experiences studies in their own details.
The characterizing features of the images I create are the light, the bright colors, the abstraction
of the main action and the stillness due to the crystallization of motion.
The technique used for the paintings is oil on canvas, while the one used for the drawings is pantone on paper. In
both cases I strive for a simple, clean and essential style.


Artwork 1 Title: Crandon Park Miami
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x80 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas ( cotton)
Artwork 1 Commentary: The subject of the images are the tennis courts., a frame that arouses sense of abstraction
from the main action.
Tennis seen as a metaphor for life, made up of pauses, love and breaks.
The technique used is oil on canvas, with a simple, clean and essential style.
The flat backgrounds, the attention in the use of light and colors with a strong impact create an aesthetic balance.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1537
Artist ID: 1537

Artist Name: Dominika Prinzova


Artist Statement: For me painting is a way to be free, witnessing what is coming from inside me without trying to
understand it. Not to be captured by other people’s conceptions. Release my mind. Over and over again going
through that very specific – creative – process that it is hard to describe in words.

I paint because I want to and because it makes absolute sense to me.


Artwork 1 Title: Memories
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60x54x0,1
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on wood panel
Artwork 1 Commentary: This oil painting is inspired by a wedding photograph of my grandparents, capturing them
happily awaiting their bright future.

Although, they did not know what the coming years would bring - happy moments followed by personal disasters;
long years of a complicated marriage abruptly terminated by a sudden road accident making my grandmother a
She, calmly carrying on living for another twenty years, enjoying her first grandchild but slowly losing her memory
due to Alzheimer's disease, leaving the world last year.

This painting is about future and past, its surface (a wood panel) is scratched to resemble human memory recalling
only glimpses from the past, not knowing the future.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1538
Artist ID: 1538

Artist Name: Zena Ugi


Artist Statement: My painting style is portrait dominant. I have in the past focused on watercolours and acrylics,
however I have been using oil paints for the last 14 months. I find that oils allow me to express more freely what it
rolling around in my head.

I typically base a painting on a photo or study from life of friends, family or somebody who has inspired me on some
level and always with a large focus on the emotional presence of the subject.

My painting method starts with a monochromatic base to build the values. I will then apply the flesh tones. Finally I
enjoy adding the clothing, objects and background in an undisciplined technique as I believe it compliments the face
and adds extra energy to the piece.


Artwork 1 Title: Lady in Headscarf
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x60x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint on stretched cotton canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
This painting was inspired by a lady who despite uncertainties and set backs always focuses on what is important in
life, encouraging others and always striving to better the world around us. This lady enriches all who have the
pleasure and is a force of nature to watch out for. So when I came upon this calm, contemplative image of her I knew
instantly that the paints had to get involved.

I intentionally left sections of the face absent of flesh tones as I have an appetite for allowing the painting process to
be observed. I feel the undisciplined technique of the clothing throws emphasis on her wonderful face and that calm
and captivating stare.

The "Lady in the Headscarf" is my close friend Cleo (

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1541
Artist ID: 1541

Artist Name: Tina Crawford


Artist Statement: I draw, I just happen to use the needle of the sewing machine as my pen and the thread is my ink.
With free machine embroidery I create illustrations that are used to decorate high end products for the museum and
heritage retail sector this commercial arm enables me to also continue my fine art free embroidery practice. The
machine is like an extension of my hands, I don’t draw or mark before hand once the needle is in the fabric of
paper I start drawing; mistakes are embraced and incorporated in the work. Free embroidery like this has a unique
After graduating from Central St Martins, I worked in television as a researcher, my first job was creating the
‘makes’ for BBC’s flagship children’s programme Smart. I was diagnosed with dyslexia in my final year
at Central St Martins, I now recognises that the way I work is very telling, people with dyslexia tend to dive into
projects without preparation, knowing what they want to do and with enthusiasm to get it done.


Artwork 1 Title: Comfort Blanket
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 75 x 135 x 80
Artwork 1 Medium: free embroidery
Artwork 1 Commentary: Comfort Blanket
recycled crisp and chocolate wrappers embroidered and stitched to make a quilt on a vintage bed frame.
The quilt is a narrative on bulimia but I love that when people see it they smile at the nostalgia and the thought of
comfort eating. The packaging was cut, sewn, cut and sewn again like the act of regurgitating food.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1542
Artist ID: 1542

Artist Name: Ruairi Fallon Mc Guigan

IG: ruairifallon

Artist Statement: Ruairi Fallon is a Belfast born London based artist primarily working in Oil, Reduction Woodcuts
and Installation. Ruairi’s current works are engaged with the London housing crisis, rising rent prices and
alternative living. The work often takes an autobiographical viewpoint on broader socio-political subjects,
referencing his own living situation since graduating in 2015. He has sought out affordable alternatives to renting
with the intention of allowing himself time to develop his artistic practice. Currently living in a caravan in London
Bridge his experiences have created a hyperawareness of the luxury of seemingly everyday facilities. The act of
building functional spaces and the architectural and domestic freedoms that comes with this is evident in the
construction of space in his 2D works. Combining memories, architectural designs and five years of photographic
reference, spaces are constructed and distorted in order to convey insight into this experience. Objects and plants in
various states of solidity suggest a transience to the existence. The idea that a high price is derivative of quality is an
interesting concept that these works aim to question, exuding a colourful optimism in the celebration of taboos
around not working, claiming back one's time and rejecting the status quo and the price tag that accompanies it. His
works are a sculptural endeavour in themselves, often becoming a record of spaces and experiences that existed on
a temporary basis, before inevitably being deconstructed and moved on.


Artwork 1 Title: Caravan I
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 244cm x 1220cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil Painting
Artwork 1 Commentary: The artwork explores domestic space and ownership of. Is it the space that is owned or the
objects that exist within. Time dictated by the price of space controls us.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1543
Artist ID: 1543

Artist Name: Lesley Koenig


Artist Statement: I paint abstracts to give people a refuge from the hyper saturated details of everyday life. My
paintings are spaces in which people can reflect and connect on a deeper level with themselves without judgement
from others. Space that transports viewers into a realm that doesn’t trigger stressful emotional reactions
connected to familiar places and objects. My work is a vehicle for meeting with oneself, a grounding and quieting
place where individuals can experience a greater sense of self appreciation, self awareness and expansiveness of joy
in the heart.


Artwork 1 Title: Migration of Souls
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 244x183x1
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic and latex
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting can be interpreted in a spiritual or non-spiritual sense. It's my vision of
everyone's comings and goings; an image of the simultaneous known and unknown billion upon countless billion
directions and destinations everyone everywhere actively creates in this and other moments in time. This painting
has layers upon interweaving layers of neutral shades with sparks of iridescence. It's a visual metaphor for the
complexity of motions through this or other worlds; whether it's physical, mental or spiritual. The subtle nuances in
colors and textures shift with the angle of viewing the painting. Painted on unstretched canvas.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1544
Artist ID: 1544

Artist Name: Ladina Clement

IG: ladinaclement

Artist Statement: Ladina Clément (1996) is based in London.

Her inter-disciplinary practice combines sculpture with photography and video to create dialogic installations which
often contain elements of performance or audience interaction. Her work also employs subtle humour as a way of
instigating and promoting participation, hoping to welcome more diverse audiences into the gallery space.
Clément's multi-faceted approach questions human behaviour and institutions, especially their social, cultural and
religious aspects. The physical and digital, the three and two-dimensional, the past and present intertwine; they are
products of one another.


Artwork 1 Title: Experimental in Nature
Artwork 1 Dimensions: Depending on arrangement. In image entire installation is approximately 250cm x 210cm x
Artwork 1 Medium: Installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: Conditioning is something we all experience. It makes up who we are – our beliefs,
behaviours, habits, knowledge, likes and dislikes. Experimental in Nature (2017-18) examines a basic example of
developmental associative learning – how children correlate behaviour with the colour, texture, location, material
and purpose of an object. If a child identifies a cabbage as being something green, an object meant for consumption,
which is found in the supermarket, kitchen or in nature, how would they identify and behave towards it if its
characteristics were altered? The outcome of this tested theory became a documented social experiment, and when
exhibited could be tested further by its gallery audience.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1545
Artist ID: 1545

Artist Name: Fujiko Rose


Artist Statement: Contrasting and pairing man-made structures with its organic surroundings, soft foliage
complimenting harsh crisp edges of architecture, that's an example of what i try to play with. Picking apart a scene in
front of me and recomposing and designing it is my favourite step in creating a piece of art. After leaving school I
began experimenting with work and trying to find my own styles of art. I chose to follow two routes and have been
setting myself up as both a fine and decorative artist at Zanshin Studio (a surface design studio i've co-set up, making
interior decor). My interests have always been deep and broad, history, architecture, nature, design. Fine and
decorative art have been a way for me to channel these fascinations and subsequently my art has become a
catalogue of what I love and enjoy.


Artwork 1 Title: Forest 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 56x38x0.1
Artwork 1 Medium: paper and indian ink
Artwork 1 Commentary: A detailed study of a part of my local woods which caught my eye.
When drawing something involving manmade architecture I like to reflect the concept of a designed structure in the
composition of the work itself and play more with forms and how they can be represented, I carefully design the
piece. With this piece however i wanted to take a more literal approach and simply capture the moment since
it's not something i could have tried to come up with myself, the fact it's naturally 'designed' means the balances
and textures are in places that i would not have placed them if given a choice, but that doesn't mean i loved it any
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1546
Artist ID: 1546

Artist Name: Joel Biddle


Artist Statement: A recent photography graduate of the Arts University of Bournemouth, Joel works with minimalism
in his photography, searching for order and structure, sometimes only found by his own intervention and study,
often focusing on the interaction between bodies of water and objects.

The tranquillity found with large bodies of water, a substantial reason that a sea view is so desirable and buildings
are built to face the sea despite the corrosive sea wind that those buildings will be exposed to, is reflected in the
core of his work. Joel's photography is designed to emphasise that feeling of tranquillity by injecting structure, ratio
or rule into the compositions.


Artwork 1 Title: Meteor
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 15x10cm (Mounted in A3 frame)
Artwork 1 Medium: Silver gelatin black and white print
Artwork 1 Commentary: An exploration of the contrast between the still and the fluid, the harsh texture of
geological structures and the glassy smooth of the surface of the sea.

I want a calming sense of tranquillity to be found from my photography, and a sense of quiet that reflects the
locations I photograph. There are no people in my work landscapes and very rarely any buildings, which leads to a
sense of isolation, but its not a bleak isolation, its more of a break from chaos, and a choice rather than something

Hand printed in the darkroom.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1547
Artist ID: 1547

Artist Name: Jakub Rokita


Artist Statement: I'm a multidisciplinary Polish/British artist living and working out of UK. My practice spans two
decades and a multitude of techniques: print, photography, design, animation, sound design and more. My best
work comes from several long-running projects exploring evolution of concepts of individuality, privacy and place.
Progressing transfer of our social selves brings about a peculiar displacement of these notions in our common
subconscious with significant, but unnoticed impacts on social contract.


Artwork 1 Title: Remote
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42 x 59.4 x 0.2
Artwork 1 Medium: Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: Image forms a part of series. Various types of paper were deformed and scanned on a
decrepit xerox on max dpi for further enlargement. Plain, light surface of paper, simplicity of technique means to
evoke nondescript, abstract landscapes. An expression of wonderlust, this work expresses the indescribable yearning
for the great unknown.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1551
Artist ID: 1551

Artist Name: Peter Newell Price

IG: peternewellprice

Artist Statement: My recent works have been made exclusively in carbon fibre and has enabled a way to make
structured drawings, where its extreme lightweight and rigid nature takes the notion of the pencil mark (carbon and
graphite being the same element) into three dimensions. The black lines function to create strength and structure,
which simultaneously abstract and obscure as the process evolves.
Much of the subject matter within my work has revolved around architectural and religious references. Ecclesiastical
windows have been of particular interest and how their role differs from the usual role of a window. Arch and rose
windows function to narrate, they tell a story in the form of a complex technicolour fan of symbols and depictions.
Their function is not of a window to look through, but one to look up to, one that works like a painting, promoting
images of aspiration, wholeness and coherence. Drawn in carbon fibre, the window is black, its narration and light is
extinguished, and yet its wholeness and coherence is paradoxically perfectly intact. Its beauty is monochrome,
symbolic of its own material, carbon, an element essential to all living forms of life and yet paradoxically whose
allotrope is clear, diamond.


Artwork 1 Title: Toll
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50cm x 44cm x8cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Carbon Fibre
Artwork 1 Commentary: Toll was based on the bell tower of St Lukes Chruch in Chelsea. It continues a process of
drawing in carbon fibre.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1552
Artist ID: 1552

Artist Name: Damian Simon

IG: Baserbillion_art

Artist Statement: My work is focused on the expression of portrait art delivered in ball point pen. I am drawn to this
(no pun intended!) due to the energy that is delivered in the lines. Each line of the pen is individual, unique and
meaningless alone... but together they make the image. I always invite the viewer to get close to the work and
appreciate each line.

I’ve drawn and created art my whole life, but started sharing on social media in 2016 steadily developing
presence and a growing list of Galleries and shows I’ve exhibited with.


Artwork 1 Title: Comic books and fashion looks
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100cm x 75cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ball point pen and acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary: I created this piece as a nod to the ever increasing cross over between the two art forms of
Fashion and Visual Art.

I wanted to express this via my trademark ball point pen delivered in a comic book stylisation for the characters
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1553
Artist ID: 1553

Artist Name: Jeremy Burns


Artist Statement: Drawing influences from cubism, futurism and electronic music, I paint abstract scenes of angular
shapes and shadows contrasting with organic, textural marks, to create a sense of movement, space and ambiguity.


Artwork 1 Title: Akhenaten
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 130x100x4cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1554
Artist ID: 1554

Artist Name: Lee Fether

IG: Lee Fether

Artist Statement: I am intrigued by the forms humans create and place in our landscape. We might see these
everyday and not notice them. I looked closely at urban landscapes. The arrangement of forms and considered lines
in brutalist architecture provided me with a rich source for a composition. I paint with oils on a raw linen canvas,
using the raw nature of the canvas to emulate the feeling of concrete.


Artwork 1 Title: National Theatre at the River's Edge
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 96x126x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Oils on raw linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: In this painting, I deconstructed the form of the iconic National Theatre, making shadows
part of the composition and emphasising its outline against a grey sky.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1555
Artist ID: 1555

Artist Name: Alex Mchallam

IG: alexmchallamartist

Artist Statement: My work reflects my interest in history and is a place where the past and present meet. I draw
attention to the importance of heritage and question what should be saved for future generations and why. I
believe strongly that this should be a collective responsibility which is often neglected and feel the need to record
what I encounter in the present for posterity. I employ a range of techniques and materials to create work that
serves as a haunting record of what could potentially be lost to future generations.
My work is full of historical references and my extensive background research drives my ideas and practice. I use my
work to create a narrative between my images and audience to make them question what they are viewing. I often
focus on buildings or areas of historical interest that are suffering from neglect and make art that highlights their
status as endangered species. This could take the form of an abstracted glass sculpture of a car wreck in an area of
outstanding beauty; a photogram of blown plaster in a Grade 1 listed building or a series of photographs of a
museum collection that is temporarily on show before it is returned to its storage unit.


Artwork 1 Title: Blown Away
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 84.1 x 118.9 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photogram on acetate
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a photogram of a glass cast I took of an area of blown plaster in St John on Bethnal
Green, which is a grade 1 listed building. I superimposed the glass on a photograph of the same area of plaster I had
printed onto acetate along with a line drawing of the Sir John Soane's (the architect of the building) stairwell in the
church where I saw the blown plaster. I then increased the size from A4 to A0 to abstract it further.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1556
Artist ID: 1556

Artist Name: Claire De Souza


Artist Statement: An artist who finds a way to create imagery out of shapes


Artwork 1 Title: In My Head
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 420x594
Artwork 1 Medium: Pens
Artwork 1 Commentary: I see the world in shapes. Never the same, always different. No piece of art is ever the same
and so my form changes and flows with new ideas I have every day
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1557
Artist ID: 1557

Artist Name: Simona Ciocarlan


Artist Statement: I am a Romanian-born visual artist and photographer based in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
Recently, I graduated, receiving a First-Class Honours Degree in Photography, specialising in fine art and
documentary photography.
In my work I explore the relationship and impact between traditions and the modern era, investigating how our
perceptions over the world are influenced by cultural heritage. Moreover, I am very interested to explore the fluid
borders of identity, and how I can capture these within my art.
Having a growing passion for crafts and textiles, I am also developing new techniques in combining photography with
other materials to create unique pieces, while finding inspiration in themes such as faith, legacy, loss and


Artwork 1 Title: Patricia
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42 x 59.4 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: The displayed photographs are part of a documentary project that seeks to provide insights
into the lives of people that continue to practice ancestral rituals and wear traditional attire in Europe.
Throughout this series, I am investigating how our perceptions over the world are influenced by cultural heritage.
My photographs are documenting stories of individuals and communities from different regions of Romania.
Romanian folk textiles, could to be regarded as an interplay between invention, innovation and ancient heritage
transmitted from generation to generation, acting as symbols produced over centuries of cultural exchange.
With more than 43% of its population living in the countryside, with many working in agriculture, Romania is
Europe’s most rural and agrarian society. Due to complex socio-political, historical and cultural factors, ancient
customs and traditions are still very much alive.
In this context, is worth mentioning that most common hallmarks of these traditions are linked to the peasant
garments, which nevertheless faced problematic and endangered times.
It is fascinating to discover ancient traditions, passed from generation to generation, still being celebrated and
preserved to our days.
We desire to understand where we come from, thus my intention is to use this project as a trigger for discussions
about the importance and meanings of our inherited legacy, focusing on diverse layers of personal history and
collective memory that shape our identity.
Although many aspects of a culture could be considered unfamiliar, ultimately we are all bound by the same
primordial feelings, love, hopes and fears.
“Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire.― (Gustav Mahler)
My work is influenced and informed by anthropology and ethnography. I am investigating some important nuances
in the study of the folk costume through the photography lens, in a quest to find if the results are equally valuable
when the camera is used as a recording tool (i.e. documentary photography) or as a creative vehicle (i.e. portrait
My aims are to contribute to a better understanding of the intersection between photography and anthropology,
and their use in the research of peasants’ textiles.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1559
Artist ID: 1559

Artist Name: Vivienne Caley


Artist Statement:

Abstract paintings in watercolour and ink and other media, My work is about fundamental shapes and the use of
pattern and colour to suggesting harmony and spirituality. I like the way geometrical patterns evoke spiritual and a
contemplative response.

The use of bright colours, to suggest life. Using the full colour palette. Colours expressing a joy in life

I like to use patterns from different parts of the world, Islamic Geometry, Celtic art, and African Art, Aboriginal Art
and early Christian Art. Pattern and universal shapes seem to play a part in most societies and appeal to the human
brain. I use these patterns to inspire my work, and to invent my own world of pattern.


Artwork 1 Title: Omega
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30cmx21cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Watercolour and ink
Artwork 1 Commentary: This image is inspired by my love of Pattern and colour. The inspiration is a pattern from
Islamic Geometry. Looking and understanding how the design works and making the image my own.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1560
Artist ID: 1560

Artist Name: Richard Thomas


Artist Statement: N/A


Artwork 1 Title: Awakening
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 101x127x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The first in a series of three paintings I have made on the Prometheia
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1561
Artist ID: 1561

Artist Name: Neeraj Gupta


Artist Statement: Super-technology, great as it is, has caused the humanities and the arts of the day forget their true
language, that of inner being. The scientific methods seen applied to some of the day’s art works are brilliant, but
great love alone is the aim of all art. Art is not titillation, not information, not reduction. Art must somehow or other
still have the mysterious power of transcending history, and horizontal time, that alone makes us see things acutely.
Artists must think from the ground up, that is, on all forms of creativities: whether of the arts, the sciences and even
the faiths.
For me no glossy synthetic surfaces do, only those that come naturally. Kinetic sculpture can be exciting, but the
Neolithic methods are closer to our bone.
I'm for permanent experiences alone. Through only by craft are these turned into moments of permanent art. In this
excitable age, serenity is of the greatest value. The old Indian carvings created a mood of serenity. It is these that
make us really breathless. Think of the dancing Shiva in stone! Here is true poetry. So art better not be fugitive.
Good art is not descriptive, but a carrier of culturally distilled emotions. I believe the displacement of the living and
the organic from our civilization has gone too far with the development of the machine and machine-like minds. This
has led to the dehumanization of art itself. We have become just too regulated and narrow. A disaster for our own


Artwork 1 Title: MIND'S EYE
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60X35X35
Artwork 1 Commentary: Versatile Artist Neeraj Gupta is back with his signature style grotesque heads. The artist
explores between perceived reality and the creativity of human mind by giving form to it. These distinctive style of
heads with impressive figural distortion and descriptive thick layers of pigmented cement treatment in most
vibrant colors can be best described as variegated, bizarre or moiled, quaint and pied. Neeraj conflates the Indian
aesthetics with his signature grotesque style to depict the anxieties of modern life. Distortions have been often used
to emphasize features of spiritual significance thus increasing the intrinsic aesthetics value of composition. The
representational style is abstract rather than naturalistic.

The Artist continues to exploit prodigious and quaint style to express inner turmoil and anxiety . Famous for
versatility, Neeraj defends his style by commenting that heads are for communication of emotional intensity and not
for decoration. Some of the forms are fantastical while others are quite amusing but these anomalous forms are
reflection and expression of inner most self of the artist. The most astonishing feature of these sculptures is the
surface texture achieved with pigments and cement which the artist claims to have innovated and invented. The
artist adopts a distorted but sophisticated approach to achieve the abstraction of facial forms. These sculptures are
bold in execution and virtual in expression. These Sculptural forms truly reflect the complete understanding of the
full spectrum of the aesthetics foundations of contemporary forms.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1563
Artist ID: 1563

Artist Name: Daisy Rogers

Website: Https://
IG: Https://

Artist Statement: I am a largely self-taught professional fine artist based in Hampshire. My style is contemporary
and expressive - I work predominantly in pastels, oils and charcoal to capture the light and emotion of a fleeting
moment. I am particularly captivated by the intense feelings intrinsic in our interactions with the landscape around
us, and my work often explores nature’s great power.

My expressive style comes from instinct and a personal response to the landscape I see; influences include painters
of the English landscape tradition such as Turner and Constable, Impressionists such as Berthe Morisot and Mary
Cassatt and contemporary painters including Louise Balaam and Maria Luisa Hernandez.


Artwork 1 Title: Rolling clouds over the Ogwyn Valley
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x60x1.9
Artwork 1 Medium: Oils and soft pastels
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1564
Artist ID: 1564

Artist Name: Sophie Green


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Hunted
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29.7 x 42cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'Hunted' is part of the set 'When the Hunted becomes the Hunter', aimed at raising
awareness and money for campaigns related to animal welfare, hunting and poaching. 10% of all profits made from
the sales of Sophie's art go to animal charities. 'Hunted' brings personality and human-like qualities to a wild animal
and serves to mock the bourgeois of middle-class hunters.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1565
Artist ID: 1565

Artist Name: Gillian Hawkins


Artist Statement: My work examines the mythology of happiness, and the emotional space within a relationship:
from the promise of undying love, the desire to be loved, to the disillusionment of the mundane. The senario runs
from these to the rediscovery of the self. Weighted expectations tend to see women in this trap more than men, but
it is, of course, not inevitably the case.
My paintings reflect these tensions through the contrast of the drawn line against more solid space and a bold or
emotive use of colour. I contrast the immediate, even the transitory, with more solid space; the drawn line visceral
and emotional. I like to use oil bars to draw on the canvas with a vitality of line and emotion. I see my work as
essentially narrative, telling a story or portraying an event,
I like to work in oil because of the colour and the paint qualities which allow time for reflection and dialogue with the
work. I am influenced by pop art, especially Patrick Caulfield, and the political paintings and references of Kitaj.


Artwork 1 Title: The Double Bed
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 100cm x 8cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Intimate relationships need not be easy ones; Ambiguity as well as passion creep into our
relationships. My painting suggests a certain uneasiness both with the structure of the bed/relationship and the part
it plays in our lives
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1569
Artist ID: 1569

Artist Name: Charlie Goodsell

IG: sick_sadd_worlddd

Artist Statement: I'm An Artist, Who Works With Various Mediums

I.E Clay, Cigarettes, Photography And Painting. I Project My Inner Day To Day Life Onto A Canvas. My Past
Experiences Become The Main Root For My Work.


Artwork 1 Title: Don't Go My Sweet Love
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150x100cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Painting
Artwork 1 Commentary: Within This Piece Of Work I Have Projected Many Under Layers Of Expression Due To My
Way Of Protecting Emotion To The Canvas It Self.
I Believe Within This Work There Is An Essence Of Hate And Sadness Entwined Together.
The Transparency Of The Colours Diving In And Out Truly Reflects Upon Myself As A Person And Also An Artist.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1571
Artist ID: 1571

Artist Name: Angela Summerfield


Artist Statement: The theoretical background to my art practice, as a painter, is informed by my current research
into Empathy Theory and Aesthetics, within the cultural context of associated developments: these are
Phenomenology; Associationism and early Psychology; Memory Theory; Pantheism and Theism; colour and light
theories and the science of optics; and the emotive power of compositional geometry and spatial depth. My essay
on Empathy was published in the catalogue ‘EMPATHY’, Canwood Gallery, 2018 (ISBN 9781527227538).

My interest in Empathy Aesthetics is because it offers a fusion between the aesthetically-conceived art work and
conceptual art practice: art forms which appeal to both the emotions and our ability to actively regard, reflect and
reason. Through this process of aesthetic fusion we can experience dissonance and harmony; beauty and ugliness;
trauma and tranquillity; disinterest and pleasure; and visual metaphor, analogy and ambiguity. As artists we create
with the awareness that, in addition to our own artistic intentions, the viewer always brings something of
themselves, their life-histories, cultural backgrounds, epistemological make-up and sensory awareness. The
experience of Empathy Aesthetics can be pleasurable, profound and imaginatively-engaging. It reaffirms art as a
form of creativity (not production) with all the human awareness and sensitivity that this implies.

Having relocated from London to North Gloucestershire, in 2014, I am actively engaged in creating new
contemporary categories for landscape painting practice. This involves an immersive process of purposeful
wanderings of the countryside along country lanes, rights of way, through woods and forests and across hills and


Artwork 1 Title: Un-natural Nature: Tree Portrait (6)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 47x47x3.8cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on linen canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting belongs to my most recent contemporary landscape category, ‘Un-natural
Nature’. Here “un-naturalness― involves both the rejection of conventional landscape pictorial ideas, such
as descriptive colour and lighting, scale and perspective, and broader cultural assumptions. The latter addresses the
empathetic perceptional states of glancing, looking and seeing and the experiential outcomes of recollection,
reflection, wonder and desire. Taking Rilke’s enigmatic statement, “the listening blue―, coined by the poet
in response to late paintings by Cézanne, this painting is part of a new series, of small and large paintings, which
explores the sentient nature of blue, as a living force.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1572
Artist ID: 1572

Artist Name: Kevin Judge


Artist Statement: Kevin Judge is a painter from Dublin, Ireland. He has just graduated from the National College of
Art & Design in Dublin where he studied painting. His paintings are mostly figurative either self portraits or of people
in his life, and often make reference to football culture and nature morte or old master paintings.


Artwork 1 Title: Self portrait if I was in KISS and not really enjoying it
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 57x41x2 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in the band KISS. Here is a painting about it.
I think it would be cool for a while but i don't know if i'd want to 'rock n roll all night and party everyday'. Somedays i
just want to watch the football with a cup of tea and a Twix.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1573
Artist ID: 1573

Artist Name: Fabiana Ardolino


Artist Statement: Fabiana Ardolino, Italian artist based in London.Â

Her work is all about capturing feelings and emotion that she feels on daily basis.
Since She was a child, she has been fascinated about art, as it has helped her creates  a boundary between herself
and the rest of the world. She likes to use abstract dimensions, playing around with brushes and her fingers, as she
likes to feel my artwork.
She uses  a very particular technique in her compositions, accompanied by watercolours and oil based paint. Most
of her artworks include; women's, portraits and nude images.


Artwork 1 Title: Woman in the rain
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 91,4x121,9x1.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics
Artwork 1 Commentary: This artwork show you a nude woman colored by rain colors. She is under the rain, but the
rain is synonyms of different emotions that a person, specifically a woman, can try in her life.
Then she is wearing emotions with awareness, fierceness and courage.

For this artwork i used acrylic colors mixed with clear gesso,and to making lines i used relief outliner
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1574
Artist ID: 1574

Artist Name: Jack Irish

IG: Jack_irish_artist

Artist Statement: I studied at The Slade School of Fine Art under the tutelage of Euan Uglow and Paul Richards. My
work remains connected to that school of thought. I work mainly from observation and use measurement and
proportion to create an image.
Most of my paintings are oil on canvas or linen. The subject of my work is usually still-life. I am interested in the
surrender to present moment awareness and the meditative and contemplative process in Painting from
observation. Like this I never know in advance how my paintings are going to turn out. This excites me most about
my practice.


Artwork 1 Title: Shell at Ephesus
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40cm×50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting was started whilst I was in Turkey staying near to Ephesus.

I found the shell in a market and was drawn to it.

The light was bright but moody.

I liked the beauty of the exterior of the shell but wondered about the interior world.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1575
Artist ID: 1575

Artist Name: Taj Bigum Ben Habhab


Artist Statement: My name is Taj Bigum Ben Habhab, I’m 17 years old and live in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I was born in Paris and I have Tunisian and Danish roots. I’ve painted and drawn all my life, and now I mostly
make political art or just art with a message, because that is for me what makes art interesting!
I’ve had one exhibition so far, which was a very interesting experience because it was weird to "expose" yourself
like that, to an audience, but I loved it.

Best regards
Taj Bigum Ben Habhab


Artwork 1 Title: Father and Son
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200 x 200
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I made this painting in response to the refugee crisis and the terror attacks that have been
in Europe, over the past years.
The terror attacks were horrible in themselves, but along with them, there came a tendency to discriminate and be
racists against Muslims, or as I would say "Muslims are the new black".
Obviously is this not right in any way, and that is what my painting is all about because we are all equal, no matter
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1576
Artist ID: 1576

Artist Name: Joey Schmidt-Muller


Artist Statement: Every society has the artists it deserves. Art is for me a universal language that is not bound by a
rigid set of rules. My Pictures and objects are a mirror of our time and have nothing to do with the beauty concepts
of a historical aesthetic, which aim to overwhelm the viewer and leave no room for a say. They have nothing
comforting, bare their faces behind the mask, like a melancholy monument of lost humanity, in search of the
permeability through which they both let the viewer in and act upon him, the absolute truth beyond all relativity.


Artwork 1 Title: Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x100x5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil Pastel
Artwork 1 Commentary: My painting is a Tribut (homage) to Édouard Manet - Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe (Breakfast
in the open). In 1863 Manet offered the painting to the Paris Salon for the exhibition. It was promptly rejected by the
40 jurors. A naked woman sitting with two clothed men was a daring, an outrageous motive. In the salon hung only
"decent" pictures.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1577
Artist ID: 1577

Artist Name: Enrico Bassi


Artist Statement: Enrico Bassi

1985 Firenze
Self Taught


Artwork 1 Title: 7am
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x100x0,2
Artwork 1 Medium: oil.acrylic, gesso, on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: We have been catapulted into the "industrial" world since the early morning hours. We are
lined up on some freeway, squeezed in some train. More and more connected and more and more disconnected
from life. With this study I wanted to represent the modern human, like one fragile house as if it were cardboard, a
poor furniture. In the encounters a cat (spiritual part) free animal that does not need to please anyone, not even
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1578
Artist ID: 1578

Artist Name: Marcus Clarke


Artist Statement: I am primarily known as a Puppeteer for Film and Television, from Dappledown Farm on TVAM to
Star Wars, Hans Solo. I’m also a Puppet Maker. I’ve co-made over 70 Puppet Characters for Kids TV including
Milkshake Monkey for Five and RTE’s Ogri that graced Eire’s Domestic Postage Stamp.
So I’ve been busy but I went to Art College as a Teenager to pursue a Fine Art Career and in 2010, in part inspired
by Jim Henson’s early work ‘The NBC Pipes,’ I decided to return to it.
Instead of abandoning all that I had learned in Puppetry, TV, Film though I combined learned craft knowledge and
entertainment goals with those from my early art student works which had inter-played objects and images. Painting
on scrap Car parts, Mirrors and Plexiglass for example. With this I created a series of building based artworks
inspired by the 2011 British Art Show 7. Called it Puppetisation.
Today I create artworks as Assemblages. My Objet D'art draw on older visual art forms like Medieval Reliquary, Well
Dressing, Religious Iconography and other sacred art and on Mankind’s eternal need to share things, Keepsakes,
Mementos, Souvenirs, Heirlooms, Memorials and Memories.
I use Puppet Making materials, glass eyeballs and faux fur. And now Antique Jewelry, Gems, Gold Leaf, Paint and
Found Objects all mounted on board and then Vacuum Sealed together in a preserving plastic bag that acts as both
glass and frame. This is now my Toolbox and Arts Practice and completes my journey from Puppet Maker and
Character Creator to Contemporary Artist.


Artwork 1 Title: Super Girl
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 28x28x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media, Puppet Making Materials, Film Publicity Materials, Antique Jewellery, Shells, Gold
Leaf, Paint, Coins, Buttons, Acrylic Gems, Gold Braid, Vacuum Sealed together in a Plastic Vac Bag.
Artwork 1 Commentary: I met Helen Slater the Actress who plays SuperGirl in the 1980's Feature Film of that name
in a Coffee Bar in Leicester Square in 1984 while I was working nearby on the Musical Little Shop of Horrors (I am a
longstanding Puppeteer for Film and Television also) and she was filming at Pinewood. The Cafe was busy and Coffee
in hand she asked if she could sit in the empty seat next to me. Helen was affable, funny, very warm and generous
and we had a very nice convivial chat that I always remember as it cheered up my whole day. We parted, her to see
the Officer and a Gentleman Film and me to my Afternoon Rehearsals. I didn't know for a long time that she was
Supergirl in the Film as she had only told me she was working on it but when I was thinking of subjects for an
Artwork Series, Chance meetings and Nice people to remember she came immediately to mind. And this chance
meeting and I hope I have beautifully and unusually, slightly awkwardly, Reliquarised it.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1581
Artist ID: 1581

Artist Name: Daisuke Minowa


Artist Statement: There isn't anything which has to be something in my painting. 'Something' is anything and nothing
has to follow a meaning in logic. It can be upside down so that the sky is the ocean for example. A tree branch
transforms itself to a spider's leg so that it bites a bird and so on.
So, rather than copying and painting a kind of preconceived wording which in fact I always have, the deleting and
disfiguring of those 'words', reducing them to the point of meaninglessness ( I sometimes wonder that maybe I
should call my painting " Stupid Art " ) and then the search on the surface of that very same canvas which all
painters have been using, of a spot ( I call it ' an eye' ) that could open up the whole new space are what I am
interested in painting. As far as I'm concerned it is encouraging to think that such space still exist in painting.


Artwork 1 Title: A Spider in the Room
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 102 x 92 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: When I started this painting, the canvas was on it's horizontal position. There was a
headless figure looming on the right hand side. Then I found another man, a teeth seller from el-Fnaa square after
several times of canvas spinning. A cactus started to grow as a consequence then a bird on the leaves of a palm tree.
A title came along with a presentiment of a woman named 'Marine'. But then all of them disappeared when an arm-
less man appeared on the left hand side of the vertical canvas. The bird was now caught after the leaves had
transformed themselves to a leg of a spider. This was how this painting had become meaningless.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1582
Artist ID: 1582

Artist Name: Martin Hall


Artist Statement: I taught myself to carve in stone prior to attending art college, having made objects from a young
age. My enduring fascination with working in stone lays in the physicality of direct carving, the challenge of
describing form in the round and the beauty of the medium. My early carvings were figurative and influenced by the
work of modernists, such as Henry Moore and Jacques Lipchitz.

My studies (The City Lit, Chelsea School of Art, West Surrey College of Art & Design and The Center for Creative Arts
in Detroit), expanded the works’ content and the media used, and provided opportunities to exhibit my
sculpture. Following art college, I trained as an art teacher and taught in London before moving to Hampshire. I
now work part-time and am able to focus more fully on carving.

Recent work has realised my long-standing interest in portraiture, which is executed in high and bas-relief. I work
the stone with traditional hand tools and relish the challenge of capturing not only the sitter’s physical
appearance, but also their personality.


Artwork 1 Title: Dad
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 39X33X10 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Portland stone
Artwork 1 Commentary: My father in his care home; isolated, wistful but still wearing a shirt and tie.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1583
Artist ID: 1583

Artist Name: Marina Marinopoulos

IG: @athensletters

Artist Statement: Nature has always inspired me. The magic of flight, the fantastic engineering of wings, the
convoluted shapes of tree branches, the elegance of animals. The amazing colors of flowers, the delicate details of
weeds. It all enchants me. However, I’m not a botanical artist, or a hyper realist—I’m more interested in
conveying the spirit of things, rather than depicting every little detail.

I love working with paper—thick watercolor paper with deckled edges, and collages made with kraft paper, rice
paper, tissue paper, old book pages, pages from magazines—even silver foil. I work in layers, cutting, tearing and
slashing holes to expose what lies beneath. But often I just paint and draw—using watercolor, ink, graphite,
charcoal, gesso, oil pastels, and sometimes, gold or silver leaf.

I was born in Greece, and now I share my time between Athens and France. I’m self-taught, and I love going to
exhibitions as often as possible and getting inspiration from a wide range of artists.


Artwork 1 Title: Eagle
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 75x150 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media
Artwork 1 Commentary: A majestic eagle with spread wings. I applied my layered collage technique, using pieces of
kraft paper, rice paper, old book pages and crumpled tissue paper; painting each layer partly with watercolor,
slashing through the end result with a cutter to expose layers and colors beneath, and adding finishing touches with
gesso and oil pastel. The textured surface gives life and depth to a somewhat stylized image.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1584
Artist ID: 1584

Artist Name: David Hilditch

Website: davidJohnhilditch-paintings.Com

Artist Statement: David John Hilditch allows paint to have a life of its own, creating complex and
abstract environments where ideas of reality can emerge and transform free
from the moorings of time, space and causality. This freedom is explored
through the language of clouds in flux, hints of facial structures, abstract
textures and forms from nature. Inspired by the masters of figurative oil painting
and the writings of Spinoza, Kant and Hume, his watercolours and large scale
oils reflect on perception, impermanence and identity in a way that is deep,
engaging and open to endless interpretation.


Artwork 1 Title: MEDIUM 14
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 103*133*4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: 14th in a series of 24.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1585
Artist ID: 1585

Artist Name: Emmanuel Monzies


Artist Statement: Emmanuel Monziès is transposing living material like plants and bodies on paper or on canvas
with a predilection for monotypes.

This complex living world we neglect, if not destroy, is revealed by shadows, imprints and drawings. “Printing
life― is becoming the common thread of his artworks.

Rebel Plants is one of his last exhibitions: These monotypes transform imprint of plants into abstraction. The printing
plate is reused several times with additional inking and drawings which create an intriguing complexity from
successive compositions.


Artwork 1 Title: Three-step storm (Triptych 2018)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 112 x 40 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Monotype
Artwork 1 Commentary: Three-step storm:

Snapshots of places during storms, the winds are contrary, everything is upside down from darkness to light, it
seems that everything starts again, but in the end, each stage retains its share of hope.

Triptych monotype:
Warm sepia Charbonnel intaglio ink on Canson Edition paper (100% cotton, 250g)
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1586
Artist ID: 1586

Artist Name: Vera Hruba

IG: @hrubavera

Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Pomegranate in Dark Blue
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 21x29x0,5
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: Still life art work - oil on wooden board. The aim was to not only capture the scene, but to
give it a vibrational dimension through use of colors and expressive uneven brush technique. The composition is on
purpose showing the piece of fruit off the center, as it reflects the glimpse, a moment of the eye of the observer
catching the scene and finding beauty in it. A moment, that cannot be returned, like the impression of the scene, and
the fading beauty of the fruit, prepared to be consumed on the plate.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1589
Artist ID: 1589

Artist Name: Georgia Mallin

IG: @georgiamallinartist

Artist Statement: A figurative artist working predominantly with drawing and painting in oils, I strive to capture
something real about my sitters and the space they occupy. Currently studying the Diploma in Portraiture at the
Heatherley School of Fine Art after a degree in English and Modern Languages at the University of Oxford, I am
interested in mood, atmosphere and the stories we often unconsciously tell about ourselves. My portraits are
simultaneously an attempt to control that narrative, and an act of exposure and vulnerability - for both artist and
sitter. My work is a constant exercise in pushing myself to lose control and let the work emerge for itself.


Artwork 1 Title: Portrait of Berni
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x58
Artwork 1 Medium: Oils on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This portrait is the most recent of many pictures I have made of Berni over the years. It is
also the loosest, as I move towards a more exploratory application of paint. An incredibly talented artist herself,
Berni makes a enigmatic model. I wanted to capture her air of insouciance and quiet melancholy, and how - with her
relaxed but spiky pose, and contemplative gaze - she always just looks a bit cool.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1591
Artist ID: 1591

Artist Name: Alba Campos Vã¡Zquez


Artist Statement: Looking through the green eyes

´Life seems like a constant fight, it is intended to be a journey and that you need to make your way through it.
There is always hope and aspirations because you will never fight for something you don’t truly care about´

My artwork is mainly focus on the thinking that lies behind it. The painting shows a woman who tries to make her
way through the woodland. The undergrowth represents the adversity on her journey. There is still hope, the
reflection of the light on her eyes shows that she can see what she’s looking for .
The prominent eyes are the main features in the painting. Eyes are the most expressive part of the human face, they
reveal our feelings and our state of mind and spirit.
My inspiration comes from deep love for nature.
I used perspective to create an illusion of space and depth,
setting the composition of light, reflection and colour, such that the subject appears real.


Artwork 1 Title: Looking through the green eyes
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1592
Artist ID: 1592

Artist Name: Danielle Salvemini


Artist Statement: Danielle Salvemini’s work displays a long practiced interest in portraiture as it involves
exploring the human character and inner essence of the subject. Fascinated with popular culture, the faces found in
this realm inspire her portraiture. In this series she seeks to appropriate the language and imagery of music by
capturing the sense of sound and movement in each brushstroke. Combining traditional painting techniques with
contemporary design, Danielle’s exploration of the intricacies of character represents a curiosity and admiration
for the subject and their music. With an emphasis on creating a connection between the image and the viewer, her
practice reflects her interest in the lives of performers including the concept of private and public identities.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 72.5 x 62.5 x 2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Through utilising a kaleidoscopic use of colour, each work has been composed so that there
is a dynamic balance between empty space and detailed brushwork thus creating strong visual effects in a two-
dimensional form. In addition to exploring contrasting elements of light and dark as well as shadows and colours, the
artist often draws on imagery from other art forms such as photography and film in order to create innovative and
confronting artworks.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1594
Artist ID: 1594

Artist Name: Eleanor Breeze


Artist Statement: Painting is central to Eleanor Breeze's practice, where she re-imagines memories and old
photographs to create scenes that may or may not have occurred in the past. The images hint at narrative, but
ultimately remain ambiguous; they are often melancholy, making reference to something lost or just out of reach.

The blurring of past and present is intrinsic to Breeze's work; the imagery spans decades, exploring how the nature
of a place can change after loss, and the physicality of the paint is significant in conveying this. Quick gestural marks
alongside more detailed areas suggest different time frames in the painting process, and disrupt a simple reading of
the image.

As well as working from photographs, Breeze introduces fictional narratives to explore the relationship between the
past and the present, creating a number of ‘what if’ scenarios, and leaving the images treading the line
between fact and imagination. What is unseen holds just as much value as what is seen. Examining how we deal with
family trauma and mourning, each painting is a moment of reflection, as well as an attempt to capture something


Artwork 1 Title: Cecily
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Cecily is about the depth of our family history, and our relationship to people we are related
to but never met. In this painting, two figures smile at the viewer from their unnatural setting. The lack of space or
depth freezes them mid-narrative, but it remains unclear who Cecily and her unnamed companion might be. All we
have is a name and an image to build a narrative around.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1595
Artist ID: 1595

Artist Name: Mangal Gogte

IG: Mangal Gogte

Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Mystique
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 92 X 82
Artwork 1 Medium: oil paints on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I visited Paris again in May 2018. The tourists were still queuing to go up and still awed by
the very sight the tower.

I was looking at it and wondering about the structure and it's strength. At a moment i suddenly saw a lot of colour
waves around it and was thinking about it while still looking at it from all possible angles and places.

one evening i realised that the waves could be of the breathes left by visitors over the years. My sense got fixed on
that as i visited the tower again and again over those 7 days. The waves went on intensifying every time i visited it.

Soon as i came back home i had to bring that sensation to the canvas.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1597
Artist ID: 1597

Artist Name: Paula Hightower


Artist Statement: I have been into art since childhood as I spent the majority of my free time drawing. My favorite
subjects are people and animals because I love to capture the character and personality from within and put it on
paper. I am currently producing works in pencil.


Artwork 1 Title: Wise Old Woman
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30.48x22.86x.01
Artwork 1 Medium: Pencil
Artwork 1 Commentary: Portrait detailing the character of an old wise woman.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1599
Artist ID: 1599

Artist Name: Diana Poput


Artist Statement: Each artwork has its own being and represents the course of a lifetime. Because each of us is like a
Finestra, unchangeable but always becoming, constantly accumulating. We are the window through which two
worlds can be seen, communicate and entered.

This artworks are paper sculptures or space drawings, perforated by hand with a needle. Each point is a meaning,
and the punctual graphism opens up a universe of connotations. From the atomicity of our being to the events and
decisions that determinates our path of life, we are an accumulation of points, signs and traces left in time.

There are common points and elements binding us. And our beings communicate and reverberate, in one way or
another, because in the end we are each a point in the constellation of this world.


Artwork 1 Title: "Agat" - Finestre (Windows) Series
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 54/41/10 cm (total size)
Artwork 1 Medium: (Sculpture) Perforated paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1603
Artist ID: 1603

Artist Name: Elisabeth Deane


Artist Statement: Elisabeth Deane is a painter using ancient traditional techniques to make contemporary work.
Elisabeth’s colours and detailed brushwork are inspired by Islamic geometry and the miniature painting traditions
of Persia and India.

Elisabeth has studied under miniature painters in Rajasthan and learnt much of her craft at the Prince’s School of
Traditional Arts.

“My aim is to yield delight and joy through the geometric arrangement of colour―. Many of the colours are
stone based - lapis lazuli, malachite and cinnabar – and have all been sourced from the earth and then ground
painstakingly by hand. “I am interested in intricate patterns and colour relationships. Natural pigments are
beautiful. I’m aiming for that right combination of colours that when brought together start to create vibrations,
ones that sing.― The abstract geometric nature of her work represents both the simple and the universal, the
micro and the macro and the interplay of these dichotomies.


Artwork 1 Title: 2,040 Stars
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 65 cm x 65 cm (approx)
Artwork 1 Medium: Gold leaf (23ct), platinum leaf, natural pigments and gum arabic on handmade Indian hemp
Artwork 1 Commentary: ‘On one level, drawing out geometry is a very rational and methodical process while for
me it is also an act of meditation, devotion or connection to both myself and the universe around me.
‘2,040 Stars’ is from a series of paintings based on the same pattern. I am particularly interested in how the
many permutations of colour transform the feeling of a painting, even when the structural lines remain the same.
The repetitive nature of the pattern and the process of thinking through colour choices help to focus and calm my
mind. At its simplest, these things combine to help me connect to the painting process while, on a more profound
level, they reconnect me with the source of existence.
On the macro scale, geometry connects us to order and harmony in the natural world. It is found in a snowflake, in
the petals of a flower, in the proportions of the human body and in the celestial dance of the planets. With this in
mind, geometry is both a drawing tool for shapes and designs while also being a timeless mystery, indicative of the
deeper meaning in our existence.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1604
Artist ID: 1604

Artist Name: Yvette Schiffers


Artist Statement: All my works are build site specific and can only exist in the environment they are build in.

Materials are always the starting point, the blank canvas. Materials without intrinsic meanings. The construction is
not planned, but rather occur impulsively and intuitively. The materials are permitted to speak for themselves, and
dictate how they shall work together in the final construction. Their attributes are explored and tested with a
childlike sense of wonder. In the same way that children build things, the work is built with no plan, but rather is the
result of the possibilities of the materials at hand.

There are no meanings beyond the forms and the lines and the colours. The materials may be permitted to speak for
themselves, but they do not actually say anything. The same childlike sense of wonder is found again in the
fascination with interpreting simple lines and colours, and making these into a whole. These constructions are never
titled. That which has no meaning needs no title. If it needs a title let it be called “the orange pointy thing in a sea
of construction foam―. There are no explicative titles and no texts involved in the presentation of the work,
because this would influence the viewing, and there is nothing to see through the forms and the lines and the
colours and form their own interpretations.

In the space, destruction is as important as construction, and the objects taken away always leave their trace behind.
These traces in turn form a part of the new work. This derives from ever-changing cityscapes, where construction
and destruction are constantly working together. As with the cityscapes, the work can never truly be seen as
finished: the space is the work and the space is always in flux.


Artwork 1 Title: Ding hangend aan geel touw
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 4x7m
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media
Artwork 1 Commentary: all 5 works are part of the same instalation.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1605
Artist ID: 1605

Artist Name: Jamie Suckling

IG: Jamie Suckling Art

Artist Statement: I am self taught with no artistic training of any kind. I gain satisfaction from sharing my works with
the community and i was recently accepted into the Art Society of Tasmania as an exhibiting member.


Artwork 1 Title: The Original
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 44x37x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Pencil
Artwork 1 Commentary: Portrait of Kyle ‘The Original’ Anderson, the first professional Aboriginal darts player.
Dimensions are of the final framed piece.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1606
Artist ID: 1606

Artist Name: Lauren Galuppo

IG: laurengaluppo

Artist Statement: As a figure painter, I experiment with the basics of painting – the body in space, form, color, and
brushwork. This body of work includes self-portraits, alongside portraits of women in my life. The sensuality of the
life-size figures, approximating 4 x 5 feet on canvas, saturated in reds, purples, whites, and blacks, is complimented
by the urgency of my mark making, varying in thickness and texture. While some of the paintings depict a friend or
family member as the artist’s muse, the others traverse the territory of what it means to be artist and subject.
Each painting is the result of my surrender to the medium and to the process of painting. I paint the women close to
me with color and texture that is raw and stimulating, while the self-portraits allow me to be vulnerable on and in
front of the canvas.


Artwork 1 Title: Cadmium I
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 122 x 147 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1609
Artist ID: 1609

Artist Name: Carolyn Beehler


Artist Statement: Agnes Repplier once observed how “the impulse to travel is one of the hopeful symptoms of
life.― Through art Carolyn Beehler explores the places she loves anew, alleviating post-travel blues by exploring
positive new perspectives. Enlightened by the lives of people across the world, her artworks testify that travel is
more than escapism, that we should absorb new places and artifacts until they are fully integrated into our being.
She appreciates the way art and travel promotes improved, longstanding relationships with people and cultures.
Collage became the most fascinating medium to express these convictions, given the array of textures, words and
numbers that create layers of story and symbolism. Her impressionistic style hints at the works of Vincent van Gogh
and Salvador Dali, two artists who pioneered expressions of movement as well as a dreamlike fusion of unrelated


Artwork 1 Title: Hong Kong Family
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61x91x5
Artwork 1 Medium: magazine paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The wasteland of hyped and superficial images I sift from magazines transforms as I cut and
layer them together into artworks that invite the eye to linger. In this portrait of a Hong Kong family, I sought to
portray the truth of my American impression, namely, to express the play between contentment and longing within
a chaotic and constrained box that symbolizes life in this city. I hide secret images and words like easter eggs
throughout the piece to reward curious eyes that hope to find more.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1610
Artist ID: 1610

Artist Name: Dinah Morgan


Artist Statement: My work is issue based and depends on the subject matter for choice of the medium. I work
constantly on different fronts that feed each other. Social themes landscape and the human condition appear in my
I also have an ongoing love of drawing and modelling.


Artwork 1 Title: Care in the community 2018
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200cm x 1.40cm x 60cm
Artwork 1 Medium: mixed media, paint , textiles cardboard tape ,paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is one unit of three which constitute this work . The two other units are a man and
woman each in a sleeping bag on the ground without beds.This installation develops a dialogue with its environment
when placed in the street. People came up to ask questions and make comments when it was being photographed
on a quiet afternoon. However it still makes its point in any given space.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1611
Artist ID: 1611

Artist Name: Sirenla _


Artist Statement: My most recent projects involve multidisciplinary research around non-visible realities. As a form
of resistance to reason, I aim to deduct from the embedded prejudices that lie around all events situated outside
the range or beyond a scientific explanation and I try to reposition them in the cultural context. I propose to
visualize the role and voice of certain ignored actors and illegitimated knowledge which I believe are being set
apart by the dominant paradigm. In our work I bring together various visual signifiers, combining painting,
performance, text, amongst others. These socially oriented experiments acquire a new dimension when inserted
into online databases, where I explore social commitment.


Artwork 1 Title: Yoskan
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 146 x 114
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Tecnique
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1612
Artist ID: 1612

Artist Name: Debra Taylor


Artist Statement: “According to research, once our survival needs are met, no single aspect of our lives
contributes more to our satisfaction with life or to our sense of psychological well-being than our intimate
relationships. Yet despite our best efforts, the seeds of relationship demise are often visible from the very
beginning―. *

** Dr. Prager PhD, Counselling Psychology, University of Texas, Austin

"Alongside an interest in portraiture, Debra's practice investigates the intimacy of relationships from their birth
through to death and is partially influenced by life experience. It looks at the, 'all consuming throw of passion',Â
family dynamics, divorce to online dating and infidelity and will often resonate with the viewer because of itsÂ
pervasive theme.

Some research has taken her online into dating sites and chatrooms to explore the themes of intimacy further.
She uses a mixture of traditional and digital painting methods as a way of creating her narratives. This sometimes
involves working on an iPad to create digital collages. Much of her work is rendered with oils and acrylic and is
informed directly from life and her own interpretations". D.L.Taylor

Debra won a scholarship at the UAL Wimbledon to do a Masters course in Fine Art after finishing herÂ
Bachelors in Painting. She now lives and works in Surrey and exhibits in London and around the U.K


Artwork 1 Title: Surrey Wives
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 110 x 75 x 5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic and resin on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting is based on experience and observation of the artist and looks at the affluent,
“Stay-at-home― mums of Surrey, where the artist resides and works. Not being a part of this urban
phenomenon, but witnessing this when raising her own family, the artist found these ‘mums’ an endless cause
of fascination as their physical uniformity graced the school playground in groups when dropping and picking up
their kids. Their lives are captured in a glass bubble that is both confined and yet transparent; keeping up
appearances, not daring to stray too far from the uniformity of their comfortable lives, big houses, second homes,
perfect kids, perfect bodies and rich husbands who feed their affluent lifestyles. Women who are not truly in touch
with how the vast majority of people live. Women who do coffee, lunch and gym in between ferrying their kids from
one after school activity to another in their 4 x 4’s. Women who need staff to look after their lives for them whilst
they busy themselves in looking “busy― from their ‘Ivory Towers'
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1613
Artist ID: 1613

Artist Name: Abi Whitlock


Artist Statement: Abi Whitlock's work focuses predominately on the human form and how the mind and body are
affected when immersed in water. This is mirrored by the way light is refracted and reflected, distorting and
enhancing colour and shape. Whitlock captures the way entering the water enables the swimmer to enter an altered
state of mind; a form of escapism from the real world.

Her inspiration comes from a recent move to coastal Devon, trips to the beach and outdoor pools. The way she
works puts great emphasis on minute detail. This imparts every aspect of the painting with value and depth which in
turn gives the observer the sense that they themselves are becoming immersed along with the swimmer.

Although Whitlock works in a hyperrealist style; the way she paints water creates natural abstraction within her
pieces. Water and its interplay with light generate unusual, distorted and complex patterns, altering the perception
of everyday images.


Artwork 1 Title: Immersed
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80 x 120 x 4.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1615
Artist ID: 1615

Artist Name: Ella Taylor Young


Artist Statement: I specialise in vibrant, pet and wildlife painting. Working in acrylics, my paintings are unique in their
approach to capturing an animals personality- using all bold colours and brush strokes. A contemporary and eye-
catching style.


Artwork 1 Title: Lilly
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30.5x22.9x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics
Artwork 1 Commentary: Lilly the Terrior; her friendly, loving eyes and personality portrayed through the warm
colours. Her excitable nature captured in the vibrancy.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1616
Artist ID: 1616

Artist Name: Jo Lauren


Artist Statement: I am a photographer from Mersea Island in Essex, often influenced by my surroundings. My
interests lie in themes such as place, memory and truth. The exploration of emotions which are often concealed as
well as fragilities within both human kind and the natural world are approached in my work. My current practice
explores the familiar and unfamiliar with reference to place and space, and questions how photography alters the
way in which the viewer understands locations and people. I am currently studying towards an MA in Photography at
Norwich University of the Arts. I have been successful in the AOP Awards in 2016, 2017 and 2018 and I was chosen
as editor’s choice for part of the British Journal of Photography Portrait of Britain 2018. Places where my work
has been published include the National Student Magazine and Wotisart magazine. I have exhibited at the Old
Truman Brewery, The Printspace Gallery and Mother London. I held my first solo exhibition in Mersea Island in 2018.


Artwork 1 Title: Blossom Tree
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 84x119x.05
Artwork 1 Medium: Photographic print on fine art paper, mounted on aluminium dibond.
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1618
Artist ID: 1618

Artist Name: AureLio Ramos De Oliveira

IG: @aurelioramosartwork

Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Hellyda Gothic Luxury
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 73 x 92 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Óleo sobre tela
Artwork 1 Commentary: This oil-painting in cotton with fine silver foil 23k is based on my Hairdresser work made in
2006 for Wella trend vision awards in Milan, who I won the world prize with it.
To win that prize and create the hair concept, made a research about Gothic history, and visit some country with
have strong gothic Cathedral and Palaces or Castles, So this religion how was applied in the past, used to bring the
light to the dark, So inspired in Cathedrals and Churches like: Chapel of Westminster abbey ( Fan Vaults with
pendants at the Henry VII Chapel of Westminster abbey), Gloucester Cathedral Perpendicular Gothic, Milan
Cathedral Duomo, Batalha Monastery and Convento de Cristo Portugal, Flying Buttress cross-section of the early
supporting. arches and buttresses of the nave of Notre-Dame Cathedral (13th century) drawn by Eugene Viollet-Le-
Duc, And finishing with Rose windows, who inspired me with the technic of colors for the top section of the hair.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1619
Artist ID: 1619

Artist Name: Jenny Fisk

IG: @jenefisk

Artist Statement: I am a new artist finding my way and spending time building up a portfolio. I would like to be
considered for the competition so my art can be seen by a wider audience.


Artwork 1 Title: Self portrait
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 12" by 12"
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Spontaneous self portrait emphasis on capturing light and essence of subject.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1620
Artist ID: 1620

Artist Name: Luc Pheles


Artist Statement: “My artistic journey is religious,― explains Luc Pheles. “it is a way to search for answers to
existential questions.―

Luc Pheles’ ink-based abstract drawings are portals into a dimension, where streams of the conscious
manipulation of space and unconscious impulses converge. In this universe, the artist explores the mystical relations
of form and non-form, space and cluster, order and disorder. Every art piece manifests the artist's desire to reconcile
and accept the dual nature of existence, thereby alluding to his pursuit of completeness.

Cltl, 2018, V618 Breaking Symmetry, 2018 and Nexus, 2017 contain layers of ambiguities that are intrinsic to the
nature of duality. This aspect of Pheles’ work allows for the viewers’ own interpretation as he intends to
spark "internal and external dialogue."


Artwork 1 Title: The Gods Left
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 55CM X 76CM X 0CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Ink on Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1621
Artist ID: 1621

Artist Name: Sharon Adebisi

IG: artbyadebisi

Artist Statement: Just a girl who wants to add beauty to the world. My paintings are a visual diary of my thoughts
and experiences as I wonder through this maze called life.


Artwork 1 Title: Woman of Colour
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 51x41x1
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Here is a self portrait, reflecting on my 2018.

After being on a path of self discovery in 2018, I began to embrace is my identity as a black woman. The vibrant
colours of my skin shine like a light in the darkness, illustrating myself coming out of the darkness of feeling
unattractive, unimportant, not valuable, and into the light of loving myself as a Woman of Colour.

I have incorporated my heartbreak on the bottom left, and above that, painted running legs to represent me running
my first 5k race in 2018. The number 15 is written in the trees on the top left to represent the 15 trees I planted that
year to play my part in helping the environment (after experiencing the effects of global warming whilst I
volunteered in Cambodia for 3 months in 2017). The blue background image was taken from when I went to Italy,
and there is the presence of a rotated Thailand flag at the top of the right hand side as I went on holiday there also
last year. The First Aid symbol on right side represents the First Aid training's I completed during the year, whilst the
telephone on bottom right represents me gaining my current job as a 999 call handler.
Acrylic paints were used to allow me to layer on bright and bold colours reflecting the vibrancy of my year.

The triangle represents my journey of self growth and trying to reach my peak. The triangle doesn’t connect at
the top, to demonstrate that this journey is incomplete.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1622
Artist ID: 1622

Artist Name: Maria Baraå„Czyk


Artist Statement: I have graduated my bachelor degree in printmaking in intaglio studio this year. And started 1st
year of Masters degree at the University of Arts in Poznan in graphic arts department. For my major studio I choose
metal studio and focus especially on etching, aquatint.
Currently I'm studying, cooporate with Krotochwile Society (pol. Stowarzyszenie Krotochwile) and contuct
printmaking workshops for kids in small towns, work in Private School Sowa- Edu and lead art classes with kids and
also work as a freelance graphic designer. During that time I was taking part in many national but also international
My works concerns analysis of conflicts, interpersonal relations and travel observation on cultural od daily basis. I
like to look closer the problems, to observe my near by environment but also concentrate on thrilling phenomenon
of language so the interpersonal (symbolic and literally) relations.
In 2017 I also receive the Rector's award called the Golden Order of the Art University of Poznan for the
achievements and academic performance for the 2nd year of studies and in 2018 I have been awarded with
scholarship for students of art academies for outstanding achievements by Minister of Culture and National Heritage
for the academic year 2018/2019.


Artwork 1 Title: When Inside happens Outside
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x70
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylics
Artwork 1 Commentary: Work "When Inside happend Outside' depicts a problem of self-tolerance, accepting oneself
and especially focusing on a face as a soul-mirror. Whole process of painting were a big challenge for me as well. For
about two weeks, day by day I was spending couple of hours analyzing my face, gaze, breath, but also shadows, light
changing, making a decisions, coping with silence, with my unperfections and fighting with my naive thoughts of how
I look like. It reminds me of a process of knowing someone new, of falling in love, accepting despite drawbacks, for
someting bigger. That's what a self-portrait is for me - a meeting.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1623
Artist ID: 1623

Artist Name: Flore Gardner


Artist Statement: My research explores (with)drawing, in two complementary forms: hundreds of small sketches on
paper ; and, large-scale “alternative― drawings - collective wall-drawings, semi-automatic long-durational
performance-drawing, live drawing in theatre...
At the root of all my work is my daily drawing practice, notably making one image per day, which I have done every
day for the last 3 years. I then transform these into further drawings through processes of enlargement, translation
and repetition. They are presented in narrative clusters, and make connections in all directions, where each
individual drawing can be moved to be part of another cluster which gives it new meaning.
My subjects : the ordinary (part-)body, human, animal or otherworldly, altered, twisted or gone wrong ; and
repetition through growth or patterns, geometric, vegetal or organic. I have no interest in representing anything
seen but rather am interested in things gone mad and bodies gone wrong.
My most recent research concerns long-durational performance-drawing which consists in working intensely,
(with)drawing for several hours per day in a methodical drawing activity. Through this kind of on-going private
performance I am interested in the way that drawings, even when made in isolation, still comprise a performance
aspect to them.Â
Ultimately my drawing practice is about creative resistance : a « slowly but surely » way of resisting the
everyday through a creative act. For me this takes the form of “(with)drawing―: drawing to the point of


Artwork 1 Title: Mad Bodies
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60x90
Artwork 1 Medium: Pen and coloured pencil on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: A cluster of 9 drawings presented as one artwork which evokes one of my favourite subjects
: mad bodies. Part-bodies merge with others, genitals proliferate, hair goes wild all over the body, mechanical and
organic come together, and someone gets drowned in overgrowing tits.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1624
Artist ID: 1624

Artist Name: Holger Siefken


Artist Statement: The submitted work deals with a development in which urbanity increasingly becomes an
autonomous clockwork where associated automation and algorithmization threaten people's autonomy and self-

The bounded dynamics of the deserted construction site in Death Star make the determination physically tangible,
precisely because of the lack of people, the conditions for the human being in this environment are questioned. It
could thus create an awareness of the automatisms and intransparency of algorithmic thinking that ultimately leads
to the loss of democratic opportunities.


Artwork 1 Title: „Todesstern von Friedrichshain“ („Death Star“)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60X80X2
Artwork 1 Medium: Photoprint on acrylic glass combined with alu dibond plate
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Death Star, still under construction, already took up work.
Built from two shot and reflected over water, it seems inexorably comming at you.
Originally taken on 01/02/2016 at 14.26 am in the Warschauer Strasse, Berlin-Friedrichshain.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1625
Artist ID: 1625

Artist Name: Dallas Collins


Artist Statement: Art & science has always played an important part within Dallas’ work whether it is science
fiction or science fact. His sculptural work explores a diverse range of concepts and varying materials that include
wood, foam, bronze and glass. The world he depicted has a sense of fluidity, and a commonality, where everything
could be made of the same substance. There is always a feeling that matter; while temporarily taking on certain
forms, could be transient and capable of morphing into something else. The order and disorder he weaves into his
work is a manifestation of mass, energy and entropy, distilled down to its true essence. This gives the viewer a sense
of wonderment of the things that sometimes reside behind the mirror and not always in front.


Artwork 1 Title: Light & Dark
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 15 x 16 x 20 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Bronze, Glass, Rosin and Household Dust
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a cast of a 3D scan of the asteroid 67P that was recently visited by European Space
Agency's Rosetta mission, was discovered by Churyumov & Gerasimenko of the Soviet Union in 1969; the same year
as the Apollo 11 moon landing.
These found space objects created out of rock, metal, dust and ice and weave a fine line between creation and
destruction. The size and mass of this sculpted object dwarfs our perception of life, death and the persistence of

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1626
Artist ID: 1626

Artist Name: Eunsol Eom


Artist Statement: I paint people. I paint sleeping people who I love, people from my favourite movies, myself in the
mirror, and you.

When I paint people, myself is always reflected. So all the paintings that I make can also be called self-portraits. I put
myself in them. Sometimes it's like the diary of my days, and sometimes it's like writing a novel and all the characters
are me.


Artwork 1 Title: untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50cm x 40cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1628
Artist ID: 1628

Artist Name: Nic Ledger

IG: @nicledger

Artist Statement: I am a new artist based in Brighton painting in Acrylics.

Taking up painting in 2017, I have started to create a series of paintings that explore the self-inflicted wounds of


Artwork 1 Title: Einkorn 9500BC
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 25x40x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylics
Artwork 1 Commentary: Approximately 11.5 thousand years ago humans took the first steps towards an agricultural
society, with the domestication of Einkorn grain.

Long considered the beginning of 'civilisation', in fact this cultural change destroyed the freedom of the human race
as hunter gatherers. Yoking us to the fields and the ensuing slavery of production whether, slavery, feudal or free-

The narrative of agriculture as a civilising force is a myth, it has only becone a leech on humanity.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1629
Artist ID: 1629

Artist Name: Michela Carmazzi


Artist Statement: Michela is a London-based visual artist working with photography, film and paper. Michela's work
explores the relationship between memory, places and people.
She is currently focused on a personal photography project about the Brexit impact in her life.


Artwork 1 Title: I wish I were Elizabeth
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 594 × 841
Artwork 1 Medium: digital print
Artwork 1 Commentary: "I wish I were British" is a series of self-portraits investigating the relationship between
personal identity and freedom of movement.

I moved to London with my partner five years ago. We were able to come and stay here thanks to our Italian
passport. The UK seemed to offer good opportunities and we decided to invest our time, energy, and money in this
country. Then Brexit happened.

This project is my own way of processing the experience of Brexit and the state of uncertainty that we, as EU
migrants, find ourselves in. More broadly, "I wish I were British" is about the rights and privileges we are entitled to
on the basis of our nationality. I looked at this from an artistic perspective and, for how impossible it is, I imagined
that wearing a "British celebrity mask" could be enough to become a British citizen.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1630
Artist ID: 1630

Artist Name: Simon Beer


Artist Statement: Life is Art enough

The motif of seduction and the staging of supposed paradises are a constant in Simon Beer's oeuvre. Guided by the
performance art of the 1970s, in particular the Living Sculpture, he initially organized cooking and eating happenings.
The focus was on pleasure and enjoyment, as well as on the staging of social and communicative spaces.

Subsequently, he worked with means from advertising and communication by re-staging "found objects" (objets
trouvés) of a superficial consumer world (Barbie dolls, his teddy bears, which he called "Gilbert & George", etc.)
and presenting them as sculptures and installations.

For over 25 years, his reflections on sculpture have been a recurring theme, dominating all his works.

Beer's works are characterized by an aesthetic that is oriented towards the interchangeable promises of advertising.
The artist appropriates these mechanisms in conceptual works and likes to move on the terrain between cult and
cliché, pathos and provocation. However, his seductions often lead to disillusionment and demystification: the
motif of transience is omnipresent - sometimes anchored in references to Western art and cultural history, just as
often metaphorically.

PDF collection =

Artwork 1 Title: Somebody takes care about me 2018
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 21 photographs 125x165cm each
Artwork 1 Medium: photographie / sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: The buoys on Simon Beer's 21 photographs (125 x 165 cm, lambda prints) are relics from a
different time. They were all made between the end of the 19th century and the 1960s, weigh between 400 and
1200 kg, are welded or riveted. As in classical object photography, the bodies are illuminated neutrally, they float
freely in space and reveal their beauty of form and surface condition down to the last detail; a number indicates the
coordinates - longitude and latitude - of the last place of use. Basically, however, they are portraits of buoys whose
lives are written in their faces. Not only the pure external appearance is depicted here, Simon Beer lets its actual
essence emerge. In addition, he gives them feminine-masculine, French double names - Marie-Baptiste, Laure-
Dominique, Marie-Stéphane, Anne-Edouard, Marie-Eugène, Lise-Claude, Jeanne-Alix - thus making them even
more recognizable as independent personalities.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1632
Artist ID: 1632

Artist Name: Carlos Encinas


Artist Statement: Carlos Encinas is best known for his public sculptures and murals, a children’s picture book,
digital art prints and paintings previously and currently displayed in Tucson, Phoenix and other locations in the USA.
He has worked in a variety of mediums throughout his art career: drawing, painting, illustration, wood, ceramic, steel
sculpture, computer art and furniture constructions. His work encompasses themes of Chicano art, southwestern
art, political art, children’s illustration and abstract art and is greatly influenced by pop artists, Mexican muralists,
German Weimar era artists, WPA artists, pop culture and current events. His current paintings are composed of
borrowed images in popular culture which, after digitally formatting, he then projects on aluminum sheets and hand
paints with acrylics. He is currently exhibiting paintings in "Pop Impressions" a two month solo show in Los Angeles
at Contemporary Gallery until February 9th, 2019.


Artwork 1 Title: ISLAND OF THE GODS
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 112 X 122
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylics on aluminum
Artwork 1 Commentary: ISLAND OF THE GODS is a mashup commentary on revolution, a painting by Delacroix titled
Liberty Leading the People, American pop stars Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez, Mexican La Virgen De Guadalupe,
the Iraq War, millennials and commercialism.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1633
Artist ID: 1633

Artist Name: Manon Ouimet

IG: @manongraphy

Artist Statement:
ALTERED is a body of photographic work that challenges our assumptions of beauty, what it means to be whole, and
what it means to be human. It focuses attention on a community of people who have unwillingly embarked on life-
changing body alterations due to illness, war, accidents and violence. The intention is to illuminate people who are
often marginalised, and contribute to conversations around equality and diversity. By crossing boundaries between
various photographic genres and merging a contemporary fashion aesthetic with a social-documentary focus, subject
matter and practice, the work asks the viewer to explore themselves through the prism of others, to challenge or
confirm their belief system regarding body-image and its representation, and to strive to be more compassionate
and loving towards everyone by embracing our differences. Furthermore, the process of making these works also
aims to help individuals regain confidence and reclaim their identity, embracing the practice of the ‘therapeutic
gaze’ – whereby photography is used to assist people in redefining their identity, nurturing positive attitudes in
relation to their physical appearance and providing them with a visual voice to state with confidence, ‘I am
here’. Ultimately, both the process and the photographs themselves aim to be human.


Artwork 1 Title: Portrait of Dan
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography - Giclee Print
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1634
Artist ID: 1634

Artist Name: Taran Mathur


Artist Statement: Taran is a 18 year old artist living in London.Passionate about painting since the age of 3, Taran is
an independent, self-taught artist who has played with various art mediums and strokes. Subsequently, Taran’s
art has travelled internationally and been very well received in over 8 countries worldwide
Taran’s art has also been commissioned by celebrities such as Sachin Tendulkar.


Artwork 1 Title: Mixed Emotions
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x100 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Mixed Emotions, is a piece where there is more than meets the eye. The painting draws an
audience to stare and interrupt the various layers of colour. Forcing you to think and feel.

The piece has since been placed in a silver box frame.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1635
Artist ID: 1635

Artist Name: Yurim Gough


Artist Statement: I come from Korea, a country with a historic tradition of ceramics, where I was a fashion designer. I
emigrated to England in 2007, the first time I had set foot outside Asia. Learning English from scratch and being
influenced by the radical change in culture I went back to being an artist, which was always my first calling. Starting
with life drawing and experimenting with other media, I found myself drawn to my cultural roots in ceramics, mixing
the two. In 2013 I made bowls and sketched live models drawing directly onto the contoured surfaces, combining
the organic hand-moulded form of the bowl with the human form of the model. A couple of years later I began to
add imagery to the pieces to extend the narratives that began with the poses, seeking inspiration from what I found
captured in the drawings.
In Asian culture bowls are philosophically connected with humanity; for example in Korea we might talk about how
big a bowl you have in your mind, so the bowl is holding all your knowledge and experience. I mould the bowls in my
hands and I draw straight onto them, with no plan, never changing a line. Drawing directly onto these with a life
model, with a human in front of me, I can be led by their energy and afterwards see what of human life can fit into a
bowl. What I found drove me to use imagery on top to draw out stories imagined from the lives.


Artwork 1 Title: Adidas man
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 7 x 24 x21
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramic/ 3d printed parts
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1637
Artist ID: 1637

Artist Name: Tina Robertson


Artist Statement: I'm a self-taught, multi-disciplined artist (for the last 2 years) and I enjoy working in acrylic with a
palette knife and ink/watercolour. I paint primarily with a palette knife because I love the texture and random
effects I can achieve. I tend to also use a bright colour palette because that's what appeals to me. I enjoy portraying
strong women who appear fearless, but not cocky. Self-assured but not egotistical. I believe that speaking up for
ourselves, particularly as women is vitally important and portraying women as such in my art is important to me. I
also love to work in ink and watercolour - sketching without planning to see where it takes me. More often than not
I'm happy with the random, 'raw' result. I'm loving my art journey and believe I've improved and evolved
significantly in the past two years. I'm constantly inspired by all the amazing art that is being produced by other
artists and wish I'd painted a long time ago. I didn't realise what I was capable of and it brings me immense joy to
both paint/draw and look at the work of others. I've definitely found my calling!


Artwork 1 Title: Woman with a Serpent Earring
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40.5 x 50.8 x 0.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is my acrylic on canvas board with a palette knife. It's lightly textured as I paint in
multiple layers. I love the effect that produces and the random effect on some parts of the painting. She has a
somewhat 'unfinished' look to her which I believe adds a certain mystery to her and I also find that aesthetically
pleasng. It's a portrait of a strong--willed woman who knows her own mind and isn't afraid of expressing herself. I
think her 'not to be messed with' gaze is rather apparent. There's always a little part of me in the personality of my
paintings - my strong-will and individuality being apparent here.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1638
Artist ID: 1638

Artist Name: Paul Mulder


Artist Statement: Studio 212 Fahrenheit is a Dutch design studio that brings information back to the core, creating
concepts with a unique design. We believe in the power of narrative, distinctive design for spaces, installations,
products and art.


Artwork 1 Title: BLOCBIRDS
Artwork 1 Dimensions: BLOCBIRDS grid 5x5 - 25 x 25 cm each | Display table: 125x156x156
Artwork 1 Medium: Installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: BLOCBIRDS is about the beauty of the birds around us, which remains unseen to many. You
will only see the beauty if you really look. The amount of colour, the variety and relationship of these colours, as well
as their positioning, give each bird its unique, characteristic plumage.

In a year-and-a-half’s time, we made 25 graphic reflections (each 25 cm x 25 cm) of birds living in the
Netherlands. The works are abstract compositions of square colour fields. We made them using the most basic
shape: rectangles. We tried to find the perfect composition with the right amount of colour while keeping the birds

The exhibition shows the 25 BLOCBIRDS (grid 5x5). In front of them you will find a display table which also has a
square grid (5x5). Every square shows a stuffed bird which matches one of the BLOCBIRDS.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1639
Artist ID: 1639

Artist Name: Ek Gerdin-Miosga


Artist Statement: I am a London based artist working with mixed media, video installation and textiles. I focus on
social and cultural contexts as well as personal themes such as family and childhood based work.

I want my art work to be food for thought for my audience.


Artwork 1 Title: 'TOUCH & FIDGET'
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H155 x W165.5 x D1.25CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Textile Sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: 'TOUCH & FIDGET'

After working as an activity coordinator with people who suffer from the disease dementia -majority were women -I
became inspired by 'Fidget blankets'. Fidget blankets are quilted blankets with memorabilia and different textures.
This has been proven to relieve anxiety and stimulate their minds. Fidgeting and feeling restless is a common trait for
dementia sufferers.

I want my work to commemorate the wonderful women I worked with as well as a close family friend Ann-Beth who
also suffered from Alzheimer's. Ann-Beth was my mother's childhood friend who was an art therapist and inspired
and encouraged me to proceed with a career in art, she also supported me using art with personal issues when I was
a child but sadly passed away in 2017. I have been lucky to be surrounded by inspirational, strong women thus my
wall hanging is dedicated to them.

My textile sculpture can be exhibited hanging from nylon or as a video installation. However would feel that the
audience would benefit from seeing my piece physically.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1644
Artist ID: 1644

Artist Name: Andrew Pantling

IG: apantlingarts

Artist Statement: I am a 3rd year fine art student studying BA Hons Fine art at UCA Canterbury. My practice is a
creative practical exploration. learning new skills along the way. I am interested in painting, sculpture, and
My influences come from Piet Mondrian and the De Stijl movement, Daniel Buren, Sol Le Witt and Yayoi Kusama.
my current practice development is about exploring subversive aspects, spatial consciousness, playfulness, and
tactile senses.
I am working on a soft sculpture in the form of a Rubik's cube, all hand-sewn with internal soft stuffing.


Artwork 1 Title: subversion of order
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 1M X 1M
Artwork 1 Commentary: Influenced by Piet Mondrian's Composite paintings.
This painting symbolizes the chaos in the world of order. Mondrian's practice was of symmetry and geometry. in a
world that raises people to be perfect. there are many people that are considered imperfect by race, colour or creed.
but in reality we are all imperfect but still human, still beautiful.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1646
Artist ID: 1646

Artist Name: Terry Adams


Artist Statement: Terry Adams was born in Chicago, Illinois and is currently a resident of the Chicago Land Suburbs.
Ms. Adams is the mother of two successful adult children that are both married. Terry Adams was employed at
Playboy as a Graphic Designer, and has worked as freelance photographer for over 30 years. Currently, she is a
Professor at Joliet Junior College.

Ms. Adams received her BA and MA from Governors State University. Terry Adams has been featured in numerous
publications, and her photographs have been featured nationally, and internationally in gallery and museum


Artwork 1 Title: We Are One
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 16x16x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography/Digital Imaging
Artwork 1 Commentary: "We Are One" comments on the current issues regarding the building of the wall to keep
out of the United States.

The image shows a relaxed older hispanic man smoking a cigar in the night while a fish swims in the street light

The idea is we have room for everyone, and we need

to welcome all who want to enter.

Terry Adams
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1647
Artist ID: 1647

Artist Name: Tengu Shee


Artist Statement: Multimedia exploration of magical realism in the 21st century.


Artwork 1 Title: Shee fire warrior
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 91x60x4
Artwork 1 Medium: Painting
Artwork 1 Commentary: You can see monsters where heroes stand because they stand between you.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1648
Artist ID: 1648

Artist Name: Bek Boheme

Website: Https://

Artist Statement: I am a self taught artist. I am inspired by meaningful faces, atmosphere and mood. I mainly paint
with oils. I have had a love affair with art since a very young age.


Artwork 1 Title: Distance
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29 x 20 x 1 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oils
Artwork 1 Commentary: The painting is called distance. I wanted to portray the feeling of distance from other people
when you feel remote and far away due to depression. I wanted to express the isolation, desolation and loneliness of
mental illness. Even in the depths of despair there is a feeling of escapism due to the sea and it’s allure.
The painting is painted with oil paints on canvas.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1650
Artist ID: 1650

Artist Name: Cristina Riesgo


Artist Statement: Photography is the catalyst that begins my creative process of constant search and discovery.
Experimentation allows me to reflect and represent the internal and external world and achieve personal
In recent years part of my photographic works have focused on decadence, the passing of time and brevity,

My professional career as Interior designer and Multidisciplinary artist led me to recreate an immersive and
unsettling atmosphere a duality of sensations, creating feelings such as isolation.

I intend to create more questions than answers, to provoke a certain unease; but, mainly I want to show the fragility
and vulnerability of people, as well as the fortitude of the human condition. Poetic language envelops the artwork of
timeless images, ambiguous and enigmatic, and at the same time evocative.

What one hopes to achieve with my artwork is the viewer to take an unhurried journey, and in this way inspect and
share the sensations and emotions , leaving ayone indifferent.


Artwork 1 Title: BLUE PENINSULA
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x 80 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photoigraoh Epson Ultrachrome Lustre K3 mounted on Aluminium Dibond 3mm with spacer on
the back
Artwork 1 Commentary: Blue Peninsula let’s us delve into an introspective space. This space, with a sepulchral
atmosphere, is the guiding thread that invites us to reflect and brings us to different moods.

This artwork reflects and pose a series of conundrums around the relationship between the place we inhabit and the
individual. Conundrums such as the emotional link between the two and how the home being an extension of the
self affects the individual.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1651
Artist ID: 1651

Artist Name: Daisywt Ng


Artist Statement: I am an artist based in Sydney, Australia. I am passionate about creating paintings to express my
philosophies, feelings and experiences.

My major admiration is Vincent Van Gogh. I love the emotional expressiveness of Van Gogh's painting and I am
instantly drawn to him as if he is someone I know and from my time.

In this stage of my journey I am open to all possibilities to create and express, and therefore I am not part of any


Artwork 1 Title: Revival of Pallas Athena
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120.5 x 86.4 x 4.3
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Pallas Athena in this artwork is expressed without her masculinity, usually symbolised by
her shining armour as goddess of wisdom and war.

Here she is striped naked to the core as if this is her reincarnation, although she was always there. She has returned
to embrace of her creative intelligence.

Now, in this moment, as vulnerable as any first instances of life, she is awakened despite the struggles and
difficulties encountered by the process in this mystical world.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1652
Artist ID: 1652

Artist Name: Alexey Doubrovsky


Artist Statement: I am an independent artist of scuplture. All my figurines are made from walded metal nuts.
Searching for inspiration in People, Nature and Life, as it's absolutely beautiful.


Artwork 1 Title: La Sirene
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 110x55x12
Artwork 1 Medium: Metal
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1654
Artist ID: 1654

Artist Name: Charmaine Chaudry


Artist Statement: Through my portraits I aim to explore, mostly, the female form. By focusing on the women that
surround me, I want to capture the pride in femininity. As a woman of Pakistani descent, I am fascinated by the
female Muslim figure. For me she embodies warmth, home, joy, and strength. I aim to change the view of women, as
“other―, submissive and silent, into proud and powerful women.


Artwork 1 Title: Grandmother
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76.2 x 50.8 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Working with such an elderly subject, I really wanted to bring the portrait to life, by
highlighting the warm pink undertones of her skin and the subtle smile in her eyes. This seemed more important due
to the relationship between myself and the subject, my grandmother. Despite me being unable to speak Punjabi,
and her lack of English, we have always managed to communicate, through gestures and the mere presence of each
other's company. I hope to have captured this unique closeness, and the warmth of the subject, as well as her
strength and pride as the matriarch of our family.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1655
Artist ID: 1655

Artist Name: Chris Roberts


Artist Statement: My practice focuses around an introspective evaluation of some of the key events throughout my
life In the quest to better understand what makes me, me. Often, I embrace themes of masculinity, place and the
uncanny in order to convey my chosen narrative which in turn conveys a little of me to the viewer in my constant
fight against my own repression.


Artwork 1 Title: Heavy, this heart
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 44x67x1
Artwork 1 Medium: Photographic, digital
Artwork 1 Commentary: This single image is itself part of a larger series which focuses on the emotions of repression,
fear and betrayal aided by a visual language which embraces nostalgia and gives reference to the film noir and pulp
fiction of the early 1900's.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1656
Artist ID: 1656

Artist Name: Andrew Sylvester

IG: andysylvester2

Artist Statement: I trained as a painter at Grimsby School of Art and Wolverhampton Polytechnic. On leaving
Polytechnic I worked as a practising Fine Artist exhibiting widely in the UK. These included exhibitions at the Usher
Gallery, Lincoln, Worcester Museum and Art Gallery and Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery. I have work in public
collections at Lincoln and Shrewsbury.
As a younger painter I found success in painting from the landscape being inspired by the raw nature of North East
Lincolnshire, my native home and later the Shropshire hills.
I have taught art and design in Further Education since 1987. The teaching grew and led to a twenty year break in
producing work.
More recently I have returned to painting and have found this break has led me onto new figurative paths. My
interest has been reawakened through a commission to paint a friends portrait. This has led to the development of
a renewed interest in the human figure.
My new paintings are concerned with figuration and the representation of the world. I am interested in composition
and the way that colour, line, mark and texture can be used to evoke a narrative or emotion.
I am inspired by the beginning of this new phase of my painting journey.


Artwork 1 Title: 'Linda - three standard stoppages; past, present and future.'
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100cm x 70 cm x 3cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is a portrait of a friend and mature student. The title reflects both her artistic interest
in Duchamp and this particular moment in her life. The standard stoppages to her creative journey are family, the
past and worries about what her creative future will be like.
She looks out of the frame to the future in a hesitant manner. The past lies behind and the present, in the form of a
photograph of her husband and her paint brushes lie on her lap, anchoring her to the moment. The emerald green
dress, a reference to her Irish roots.
The visual barrier of the line made by the window and the tree become a metaphor for the obstacles that lie ahead.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1660
Artist ID: 1660

Artist Name: Laura Limbourg

IG: @lauralimbourg96

Artist Statement: I would like to present my newest artwork inspired by woman in Asia. Silk is very feminine that's
why I used it on work inspired by Thailand prostitutes.


Artwork 1 Title: Thai girl with flower
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 170x170cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on silk, wooden frame
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting I created in Thailand after a month of travelling around Asia. It is showing
woman as a strong individual who has lost her hands as a metafor for doing prostitution unwillingly under someones
"protection". As a woman I hated the fact that so many little girls in young age must become prostitutes to save their
families from starving. After this I created series of silk paintings that are supposed to make those girls and woman
look like goddesses that lost something from them. Someone we should look up to and be a little afraid of.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1661
Artist ID: 1661

Artist Name: Emily Moore


Artist Statement: Emily Moore is a Scottish artist interested in the patterns and forms found within mountainous
environments and the contrasting, architectural structures which inhabit them. Her paintings attempt to explore the
tension between these two conflicting themes, looking to strike a balance within the final composition.

Landscape has always been a primary source of inspiration for Moore. Her work is created using an amalgamation of
personal images, usually photographs taken to record her travels. Each body of work is a documentation of those
experiences, the creative process allowing Moore to recall each place and combine them to create new, anonymous

The physical act of creating a piece, the surface and materials, has always been an important part of Moore's
practice. She works directly onto birch plywood panels, often leaving areas of the raw wood exposed. Moore
experimented a lot with screenprinting during her time at Edinburgh College of Art and throughout a semester at
Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Since then Moore developed her own process, using masking tape and a
scalpel to create the layered, tonal images similarly achieved through printing. Moore often uses an overhead
projection for the intricate, detailed images, which are then drawn and cut-out by hand. A laborious process which
allows her to combine the precise, detailed layers over the rough, painterly ones.

Since graduating Moore has shown her work internationally as well as regularly exhibiting at the Annual Royal
Scottish Academy Open Exhibitions. In 2016 Moore won the Royal Scottish Academy Guthrie Award and in 2018 was
shortlisted as one of twenty six global finalists for the Rise Art Prize where she was awarded Rise Art Painter of the
Year. Later in 2018 Moore was announced as a finalist for the Zealous Emerge Art Awards and was also long-listed
for the Aesthetica Art Prize.


Artwork 1 Title: Winter Envelops Premier House
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 124 x 93 x 1cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic, gesso, graphite on panel
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1662
Artist ID: 1662

Artist Name: Ettore Iannacito


Artist Statement: I am an emerging artist that takes inspiration from the beautiful Rocky Mountain region near
Calgary Alberta. I am also inspired by cityscapes at night and by the freedom of expression that abstract art gives

I use acrylic on canvas and my work uses bold colours to relay my interpretation to the public. I'd say my work
emboldens realistic expression with some contemporary elements.

Painting has helped me be more creative in my everyday life and very appreciative of the art world.


Artwork 1 Title: Winter Cabin
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 91.44 x 121.92 x 3.81
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary: I was inspired by the beauty of the Lake Louise Resort in Banff National Park and the
beautiful photograph I used as a reference. Winter can be beautiful in the Rocky Mountains.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1664
Artist ID: 1664

Artist Name: Sven Weigle

IG: @svenweigle

Artist Statement: The realisation of such artistic projects, particularly the implementation of something abstract into
something specific, delights and fascinates me. A special feature of my work is the compositional creative interplay
of the various picture elements. I use the variety of life and nature and my experience in the interaction with people
who, with their individuality, behaviour and being as they are, repeatedly provide me with new input for my artistic
work and my own development ...


Artwork 1 Title: Equality?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 105x105 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Assemblage and Installation (cables with wood)
Artwork 1 Commentary: The work serves as an allegory for the distribution of resources our social structure ...
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1665
Artist ID: 1665

Artist Name: Emily Good


Artist Statement: At this point in my work, I am interested in exploring the tension of being a creative person and a
mother. In both roles, I am a creator. The two roles are at times in conflict and at times one feeds the process of the
other. This is a relatable tension, and connects me to a large audience. The source material for my work often
includes old family photographs, and in fact I often combine references of photos from many years ago with current
photos that I have taken, as well as completely made up elements in order to craft a narrative for my piece. My
process involves making several loose colour sketches before planning a final piece. This stage is critical, because it
allows for happy accidents. I must allow the medium itself to speak, as watercolor has a mind of its own that I find
to be an inspiring and important element in my work. I am also inspired by texture, and transparency. I am
interested in the commonality of human experience, and what connects us as people. My work is a bridge that goes
between myself and my past, and between my inner world and the viewer.


Artwork 1 Title: Dichotomy and Likeness
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 38 x 28.5x0
Artwork 1 Medium: watercolour
Artwork 1 Commentary: The two figures are placed in a dream landscape in which the child is exploring unreservedly
while the adult figure looks on, a protector. These figures have several layers of meaning. On a personal level, they
represent the dual nature of the artist. They also invite the viewer to identify both aspects of character in their own
nature, and to consider how that connects us as human beings.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1666
Artist ID: 1666

Artist Name: Romi Lindenberg


Artist Statement: In my project I sculpted a porcelain woman without limbs, wearing a dress that I have crafted out
of dried glue. Scattered around her are her broken limbs.

My project adresses the topic of the ideal of beauty. I feel that society judges people, especially women, based on
how they look. Society idolizes an unattainable image of beauty, this often makes women feel uncomfortable with
their looks.
In my opinion, the standarts of beauty today are very limited, centered on external qualities alone- what can cause a
mental break, impair self confidence and may lead to depression and anorexia.

At first glance, my sculpture reflects an ideal beauty, but a second glance reveals it's broken nature. It's shattered
limbs symbolize the mental break of a woman who has strived to reach an unreachable goal.
The translucent dress made of dried glue represents the artificial, which relates to the use of plastic surgeries to
reconstruct a woman's look.
I chose the medium porcelain because it is often connected with the highest levels of beauty, but it is also a meterial
that is highly breakable.

I believe that in order to make our world a better place, we mustn't expect people to look according to external
codes. We have to encourage everyone to feel confident with the way they look.
I think we shouldn't judge people on the basis of how they look, but on the basis of who they really are.


Artwork 1 Title: Broken Beauty
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 45X7X6
Artwork 1 Medium: Porcelain, dried glue, mulberry silk, resin
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1667
Artist ID: 1667

Artist Name: James Smith

IG: jamesfjsmith

Artist Statement: Coleoptera Ferrum is the fanciful species name for this iron beetle.

Each component in the sculpture has been hand crafted with hammer and anvil to produce the insect like character
of the pieces. The practice of forging on this scale takes great control both in the heat of the fire and the strike of the
hammer and when done correctly the reward is a detailed and elegant piece of the entire creation. Combine hand
turned pins and tempered titanium wings with these pieces and the beetle is brought to life and is intended to guard
something small and precious within it.


Artwork 1 Title: Coleoptera, Ferrum
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 14.5H x 28W x 30D
Artwork 1 Medium: Forged Steel, Titnium, Gold Leaf
Artwork 1 Commentary: The beetle is a sculpture with a jewellery box element. it is hand forged and assembled with
hand turned pins. the wings and thorax shell are made of titanium then tempered to produce the incredible
coloring's. The small vessel within the beetle is designed to hold something small and precious when the wings are
closed . Finally the surroundings of the internal spring components that drive the opening mechanism are
highlighted with gold leaf to improve contrast.

Can stand on its legs or be mounted to the wall with a custom bracket.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1668
Artist ID: 1668

Artist Name: Alessandra Viola

IG: av_alessandraviola

Artist Statement: I was born 46 years ago in Italy. I grew up there, constantly watching my father painting up close in
his studio in Rome, fascinated by his work. It was from him that I found my inspiration to paint and be an artist.
When I moved to London five years ago to start a new chapter of my personal and professional life, I started
decorating children’s bedrooms for close family and friends. Because there was a great deal of interest and
positive word of mouth about my work, this quickly turned into a very rewarding full time job.
Though I’m predominantly a self-taught artist, I also attended severals courses at an art institute in Rome,
where I honed my craft on many different paintings and techniques. I have a successful web - based business, selling
my own paintings around the world, but I have also taken part in several group exhibitions in Rome.

I spent some time as a life model in London, which gave me the opportunity to closely study other artists techniques
and how to use different materials In my work.


Artwork 1 Title: The Yellow Lines
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60x80
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1670
Artist ID: 1670

Artist Name: Ingrid Lindemann


Artist Statement: Born in 1964 in the south of Germany, near the Swiss border, Ingrid Lindemann initially devoted
herself intensively to her family obligations and used her creativity primarily in the education of her sons and in the
professional environment first in the analytical supervision of research and development of medical devices, later in
the quality control in a pharmaceutical company. In favor of sculptureng Ingrid has reduced her working time in her
civilian career.

For several years she had a working place at the Bildhauerhof in Berglen Streich by Michael Schützenberger, who
introduced her to the basics of sculpturing. At the same time she took drawing lessons in life drawing with Sibylle
Bross. Workshops in life modeling, stone casting and dealing with the chainsaw at the Art School Waiblingen
complete the profile.

Currently she has a working place at the Art School Waiblingen in the sculpture class.

Themes are the archetypal feminine, sensuality, eros, the life-giving as well as changes and transience.

The silent dialogue with the stone or another material is like an intensive meditation for her. The exit from everyday
life and immersion in the "here and now" fills her with humility and great luck.

It always tempts her to use new techniques or other materials, to learn new things and to combine them with the
existing knowledge, to live the experiment "art".


Artwork 1 Title: Artists
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 41 x 25 x 25
Artwork 1 Medium: Birch Wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: Life is like an artistic circus act. We do pull-ups, bend like artists, stumble on new tricks, get
up and try again. Sometimes we learn our lessons quickly, sometimes we despair and give up or we go a detour to
get to the goal. One time, life is laborious and another time the successes are flying to us.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1672
Artist ID: 1672

Artist Name: Kiran Samra

IG: @kisamraart

Artist Statement: Working with oil paints, my work is heavily influenced by abstract art, particular that of the
abstract expressionists, yet subtly touching upon landscape and narrative suggestions. During the process of painting
I take most of my inspiration from the piece I have produced previously. I feel as though this way of working has
allowed my work to develop in a very considered manner whilst also allowing the element of my subconscious to
have a heavy influence over the work. I want my work to carry an ambiguous yet atmospheric tone whilst being
open to many different interpretations. Playing with the idea of narrative is extremely important to me and is often
done through experimenting with composition. Themes such as movement, space and energy are prominent
throughout the paintings.
Often the visual elements of my work such as colour and tone are taken from quick blurred snapshots of unique
and spontaneous moments, often studied prior to painting but never worked from directly. I feel as though this way
of working retains the possibility for unique changes within the work, it often encourages changes in the way I use
the oil paint itself. I remain excited to see where my work will go in the future and look forward continuing the
language and themes which have developed already within my paintings.


Artwork 1 Title: Stellar
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200.6cm x 152.4xm x 4.5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece is an exploration of space, movement and energy, tuning into an emotional
response to faded moments and memories.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1673
Artist ID: 1673

Artist Name: Gaja Pekoå¡Ak

IG: @charlie_raincrove

Artist Statement: My name is Gaja Pekošak, I'm 15 and I have no idea what to write in here, so I'll just write a
summary of me. I've been drawing since I was three. My preferred medium is graphite pencil, but I'm also working
on getting better in painting with watercolor and oil. In some sort, I developed my own style of almost photorealism,
but I'm doing sketches and academic studies as best as I can on my own. I'm also working in ink sometimes, but I'm
not as skilled with it as well, although I'm practicing.
I'm currently visiting some sort of an art high school. In my opinion they have quite limited knowledge to pass on,
but because this is the only art school program in our country, it was the only choice I had.
I hope my work comes to the standard and I sincerely hope this statement wasn't too informal.


Artwork 1 Title: vulnerable
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70x50
Artwork 1 Medium: graphite pencil
Artwork 1 Commentary: I think the pose of the figure and the bandage he has on his eyes gives the drawing a sense
of intimacy and vulnerability.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1674
Artist ID: 1674

Artist Name: Greg Bromley


Artist Statement: Greg Bromley is an artist from East Yorkshire in England. He feels his work is a form of
anthropomorphic Surrealism from a self-taught Outsider perspective. Bromley is influenced by thoughts of
Multiverse, Quantum physics, Sci-Fi and fantastic creatures. Bromley sites his influences amongst Jean Michael
Basquiat, Victor Brauner and Leonora Carrington. Bromley also cites tribal art from regions in Africa and Oceania
being a big influence on his thinking. Bromley has been a Social Worker for 24 years and has experienced bouts of
depression and anxiety as a consequence of his work experiences. He cites these experiences as been an influence in
his paintings narratives; he also uses his art as a way of escaping from his corrosive career.

Bromley works with mixed media; He uses acrylic paints and inks, Sennelier oil pastels, spray paint, pencil and
homemade collage on canvas.

Bromley exhibited with works by Scottie Wilson at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester May 2018; the European
Outsider art conference also took place at the exhibition launch. He completed five large pieces in response to the
works of Scottie Wilson. Bromley has worked hard at Social media exposure and has been successful using this tool;
Bromley has enjoyed a number of posts from Raw Vision, and has also appeared in the Raw Vision magazine.
Bromley has also worked with Outdsidein UK organisation and recently represented them at Manchester Art fair.
Bromley is a featured artist at this year’s Grand Baz’art in Gisors, France.


Artwork 1 Title: An infraction beyond the sorrow clouds
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150cm x 100cm
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic paint and ink, sennelier oil pastel, spray paint, homemade collage and pencil on canvas.
Artwork 1 Commentary: The chase - disassociation - auto pilot - swirling thoughts - wanting to be elsewhere -
invasive images - dreamscape - distortion - contrast - being overwhelmed.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1675
Artist ID: 1675

Artist Name: Peter Marrack

IG: @petermarrack

Artist Statement: My painting expresses a fascination with the abstract, in particular colour, aesthetic (in particular
minimalism) and spirituality. The paintings themselves, their use of household supplies, such as Latex house paint,
seem to call to attention the fluidity of what is apparent before our eyes, as well as, quite literally, the superficiality.
The use of a split design with two shades explores relationships between colours, between light and shade, and
basks in the random element as when the paint is applied (poured). All of which, represents deeper spiritual views of
the artist concealed and denied to the viewer. The substance, notably the intrigue, is in the denial, the refusal, the
holding back. It is a form of gesture, or in another context, devotion (through sacrifice), by the artist when dealing
with the process of creating and exhibiting. The paintings aim to please the viewer, as well as empower them to
create their own meanings and narrative in the slight diversion to line, or “inaccuracies― in the surface of the
painting. At the same time it is a blatant confrontation, or provocation, tempting the viewer to form a definitive
perspective that can never be that, definitive. In that way the paintings are like dreams and night terrors at once,
manipulatable but also manipulative. They are a mirror of life.


Artwork 1 Title: Sunkist
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 152.4 cm x 152.4 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Polyethylene on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: More like this on my Instagram.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1676
Artist ID: 1676

Artist Name: Toby Skinner


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Digital Loom #5
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital / Algorithmic / Generative
Artwork 1 Commentary: This digital 'tapestry' is 'woven' by 9 cellular automata. Every line of the tapestry chronicles
the lifetime of the machines, from birth (the very top) to death (the very bottom).

My interest here is twofold: the first is in using generative processes for creating digital textures that provide a very
deep and enriched level of detail.

Secondly I'm interested in visualising the life cycle of generative processes in novel ways, allowing us to (in some
way) understand better the mechanics behind the code.

Note the artwork itself is a framed canvas print.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1677
Artist ID: 1677

Artist Name: Elena Lukina


Artist Statement: Elena Lukina - artist from Latvia

“For me art is not only a way of self-expression, but also a source of joy and love.―
Her paintings can be found in private collections England, France, USA, Italy, Switzerland, India, Hon Kong, Russia,
Germany, Latvia.
International Exhibitions:
Member of Art Council Latvia
• 2014 “My World―, Prague, Czech Republic.
• 2015 „ArtExpoSpb―, St. Petersburg, Russia.
• 2016 ITALIART exhibition “MY ITALY― “Clean ponds―, Moscow.
• 2016 „Russian Art Week― winner, spring 2016, 2nd place in nomination “conceptual painting―,
Moscow, Russia
• 2016― Rotterdam Art Fair― winner, 2nd place (Arts Council Latvia), St. Lawrence Church, Rotterdam,
• 2016 International Festival-competition „Ethno Art Fest―, London.
• 2017 Russian Art Week winner, spring 2017, 2nd place in International competition of avant-garde art in the
nomination “Expressionism―, Moscow, Russia
• 2017 ITALIART Exhibition “VOX ANIMAE – art the voice of soul―, Milan, Italy.
• 2017 Art Week in Franc, “Visiting Pierre Cardin―, Lacoste, France.
• 2017 ITALIART winner – 3rd place “My Italy―, Central House of Artist in Moscow on the Kuznetsk bridge
• 2017 winner- 3rd place in International Exhibition of Animalistic Arts "ZOO ARTS / Portrait Animals", The White
Hall of the Vernadsky State Geological Museum of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.
• 2017 Art Shopping Paris Carrousel du Louvre, Exhibition in Musée du Louvre, The Louvre Museum, Paris,
• 2017 Winner- 3rd place “Art Week in Italy―, competition “ART-GEOGRAPHY OF ITALY―, Town Hall of
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
• 2017 Exhibition "RUART 2017" in Art gallery “Spazio M7―, Milan, Italy.
• 2018 Art Shopping Paris Carrousel du Louvre, Exhibition in Musée du Louvre, The Louvre Museum, Paris,


Artwork 1 Title: Golden time
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80X80
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: 2018
Autumn time in Riga city park
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1678
Artist ID: 1678

Artist Name: Eleanor Kidd

IG: eleanorkiddart

Artist Statement: Looking at relationships between nature and farming, my work observes the cyclical patterns of
energy within the land. As the daughter of a farmer in rural Wales, I have watched throughout my life the vital
balance between agriculture and nature.

The energy cycles within the land are supportive of this relationship, everything is so interconnected that almost all
of nature is reliant on these energy webs. The way that the sun and the rain ensure the growth of grass, which feeds
the ewe, which in turn nurtures her foetus with the placenta until the gestation period is over, and it is left on the
field after birth. Then it will either feed other predators, or, if ignored, it will seep back into the ground, which will
help the grass to grow, and feed another ewe.

The relationship between agriculture and nature is variously subtle and tricky, nature must take its course, but
interference is vital at times of sickness or injury. Rotational grass management is an intervention, but allows for
better, stronger grass growth, which supports the whole surrounding ecosystem.

The use of farming and natural materials in my work is vital to my process, I want to create colours and textures that
emulate nature, not an exact representation. Using oil paints, linseed oil, stand oil and turps to create a thinner
paint, and beeswax for an impasto texture, I incorporate sheep’s wool into the painting, mirroring the various
relationships in nature by bringing these different textures and substances together.


Artwork 1 Title: Cae Felyn II
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 90x90x10
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint and sheep's wool on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1679
Artist ID: 1679

Artist Name: Dawn Dare


Artist Statement: Dawn is an emerging Bristol-based artist. She has strong observational skills and primarily draws in
graphite, but painting and colour work is also undertaken. Following a BA from UWE, and recently a Masters from
Bath Spa University, she makes work which defines Life and the human condition. She has studied her own sub-
cultural inclusion as a biker and uses much of this knowledge to create work in a variety of media from drawing to
installation. Her curiosity about the world which we inhabit has lent itself to abstract interpretation. This curiosity,
together with a myriad of interests, supports notions for future work which play with juxtaposed materials and
media, intention and narrative.


Artwork 1 Title: Autumn
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x48x1.5
Artwork 1 Medium: soft pastel on untreated canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Autumn, when the colours change with the light and the darkness, with winter coming,
covers the sleeping earth.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1682
Artist ID: 1682

Artist Name: Alexander Fox-Robinson

IG: @afoxrobinson

Artist Statement: My work focuses on the betrayal of reason in the post-modern age, it does this primarily by
presenting simple and commonplace things in contrast with absurd things. For this I use a Rubens underpainting
style to draw Hogarthian foibles: Faustian foibles of temptation and real arrogance, jealousy and terror.


Artwork 1 Title: Audience 3
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 121x182x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on polycotton bedsheet (William Morris print)
Artwork 1 Commentary: My work explores the relationship between pre-modern and post-modern art. Through a
focus on storytelling, this takes the shape of large monochromatic crowds, involving many commonplace activities
and interactions.
The loose plot of this series of works is an excerpt from Dostoevsky’s “Notes from the Underground―, a
book primarily about the bitter, spiteful feeling that an unfair world conjures up in people.
I have filled this series with references to the jokes and fallacies of art education and institutional art and in a bid to
juxtapose practical modern and uncertain post-modern philosophy I present absurd relationships like cartoon "little
my" to Saint Martin sharing his cigarettes.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1683
Artist ID: 1683

Artist Name: Georgina Lowbridge

IG: @georginaishere

Artist Statement: Through my current work I seek to capture observational moments of my own experience of
everyday British family life, which I often find amusing. As a result, the people in my current paintings are only
friends and family. This allows me to really depict the world I live in and to convey a sense of affection which is lost
when painting strangers. It is very important for me to have a connection with the sitters and the environment in
which I am observing them due to the intimate nature of the paintings.
These are scenes to which many may be able to relate and perhaps the viewer can chuckle at the familiarity.
Painting the domestic interior, I capture the relationships between people, as well as the relationship between the
people and their environment. Large in size, the viewer can feel they are part of the scene. The titles, often ironic,
emphasise the humour I find in the scene, as well as reflecting my own sense of humour.


Artwork 1 Title: The Present Thief
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 106 x 160 x 3 cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Aluminium
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1684
Artist ID: 1684

Artist Name: Jean-Erick Chery


Artist Statement: I enjoy drawing, painting, and do photography.

My passion and enthusiasm as a designer is that my work has always been my first concern.
I like challenges to power my ambition. I have a strong, competitive desire for success
and I combine my artistic skills with design process to create my best works.


Artwork 1 Title: Masquerade
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 24x20in
Artwork 1 Medium: sic in my Mind
Artwork 1 Commentary: The masquerade is an example of the hidden face of our modern society, the painting is
presented in close-up depicting a face covered by a mask without eyelashes, with mocking eyes and smiling lips.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1685
Artist ID: 1685

Artist Name: Allan J. Robertson


Artist Statement: My aim is to create atmospheric, emotional and engaging images, to offer the viewer a space to
daydream or evoke a distant memory.


Artwork 1 Title: The Game
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 81x67x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic & Water based Medium on Heavy Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1687
Artist ID: 1687

Artist Name: Jahanzeb Haroon


Artist Statement: My work mainly derives from the interplay of fact and fiction, photographic documentation and
memory. I work from multiple photographic references but, through the act of painting, introduce the
hues and influences of my memory into the moments photographed. Any one moment, despite the
meaning of the word, is not stand-alone but an amalgamation of occurrences and experiences that have
led to the moment and that, afterwards, continue to change and distort the memory of that moment in
our minds. Painting allows me to revisit and edit these moments – captured neutrally by a camera but
open to imaginative hypothesizing on a viewer’s part – to bring out the many invisible narratives that
usually underpin the guardedness of a photograph.


Artwork 1 Title: A pitiful dance of joy
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 121.92 x 66.04 x 3.81
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I was looking into the archaic familial structures and antiquated thinking which persist in the
subcontinent. These modes of existing are entrenched in our roots and despite the outward progression, such
outmoded thinking tends to seep out at high strung moments. Choosing weddings as the basis for depicting a
moment where a range of emotions is at play, I have tried to condense the hierarchal play into a single image, trying
to the highlight the little nuances of power at play

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1688
Artist ID: 1688

Artist Name: Javaid Iqbal Mughal


Artist Statement: Personally I like to work realistically but I keep on experimenting that help me variate each of my
work from the first one. I Have been effected by time itself the process of growing up. My interest in figurative
paintings, concept are my motivator and subject of my work are all inspired from my personal experiences. My work
is based on the incidents or happenings around me especially are about male towards male genders and their
relations to one another, their identities, identity crises, imperfections, struggles, passions and about the
achievement of ultimate goals. Sometimes it is something I see during travelling or while talking to anybody and
sometimes it is something I observe while reading anything. I try to paint what I feel.
Thusly, the underlining inspiration of my creativity comes from the culture of my surroundings. I enjoy the city
culture and the diversity of people influenced by it. I am trying to study new perspectives of human interaction and
portraiture and explore new ways to capture their identity.


Artwork 1 Title: Hegemony
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 114.3 X 83.82 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Silent conversations between the male genders in society and studies the unbalanced
nature of the hierarchy amongst men. These hierarchies, which in my opinion are questionable, have become norms
accepted and followed by society. I unpack these muted conversations by using facial expressions and hand
gestures, which are considered masculine and at times, aggressive. Compositional elements such as chiaroscuro and
the use of forms that appear obscured or unrevealed are employed to heighten the mystery and sinister mood
within the works.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1690
Artist ID: 1690

Artist Name: Mh Sarkis

IG: @sarkisartist

Artist Statement: MH Sarkis (b. 1990) weaves together ideas of female subjectivities, the Dyad, and religion, through
multimedia-activated textiles and video. Most recently she explores these themes within frameworks of potential
techno-utopias (or dystopias).
Sarkis is a Lagos-raised, London-born Lebanese artist; her work continually crosses borders and has been exhibited
across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. She is based in London and is currently on the Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art
She has taken part in the 2018 Shape Open (supported by Yinka Shonibare MBE) and has been featured on the
Saatchi Art platform. Recent shows include "2068" at SPACE in Hackney, London.

Vimeo =

Artwork 1 Title: Module1_[Sprout]
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200 x 270 x 50
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed new media installation
Artwork 1 Commentary: Please also consider this artwork for the New Media Art Award 2019. A link to a video demo
of the piece is here:

"Module1_[Sprout]" is a mixed new media installation comprised of hand-tufted material (carpet), touch-responsive
technology, robotics, and steel. Inspired by the physiology of a Venus Flytrap, the work explores themes such as soft
power and control, artificial life as both living and failing, and post-human feminisms that materialise in a mirroring
or mimicry of organic matter. Here, there is also consideration of Rosi Braidotti's concept of agency based on 'zoe',
where both human and non-human matter is capable of self-organising and possessing intelligence.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1691
Artist ID: 1691

Artist Name: Shivangi Ladha


Artist Statement: This project is a series of 10 large scale Unique Prints called Self – Portraits. It asks a simple
question, what is the true identity of our beloved human race? The self-portrait in my works is not just aÂ
depiction of my being or my sole experiences, but is the collective voice of the crowd.

The crowd that does not stand as an individual entity but a collective measure, to illustrate the struggle
between form and formlessness, abstraction and representation. It asks an important question to all of humanity:
why do we restrict ourselves so much to our bodies and mind, that we don’t think of anything that can exist
beyond matter? Forcing us to differentiate between gender, sexuality, race, caste, creed, disability and class. Even if,
at the end of the day we are all the same and ‘one’ from within.

I mostly uses drawing and printmaking in my art. In doing so, my intention is to challenge the conventions of
drawing. I am also interested to see how my drawings get reproduced through the action of printing across a
different surface. I feel this creates a tension between the hand drawn and mechanically reproduced and lends itself
to different experiences of the image.


Artwork 1 Title: Unique Print - Self Portrait
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 102 x 143 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Drawing, Screen Print, Masking Tape, Japanese Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: Unique Screen Print from the series of 10 Unique Prints.

Screen Print, Drawing, Masking Tape on Japanese Paper.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1692
Artist ID: 1692

Artist Name: Alfred Hebing


Artist Statement: Not the biggest talker, more an observer. How to communicate?

Observations led me to critique the reluctance to be open to new ideas in society, health and the economy.

Through my work I would like to show that there is always more than one point of view.


Artwork 1 Title: Over(k)pill.
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 37 x 16 x 16 cm.
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed materials.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Aren't we fighting symptoms?

My view on how we treat aging and sickness in today's world and that we should look into changing this way.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1694
Artist ID: 1694

Artist Name: Olayanju Dada


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: The triumphant entry
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 190x193x5
Artwork 1 Medium: •Materials:Sand ,wood veneer, Aso-Oke (Loom woven textile), coins, plastics and seeds
•Medium:Tempera-gouache, Oil bars and Oil paint on wood panel
Artwork 1 Commentary: The triumphant entry 2019
•Materials: Sand, wood veneer, Aso-Oke (Loom woven textile), coins, plastics, and seeds
•Medium: Tempera-gouache, Oil bars and Oil paint on wood panel

In this instance, I have tried to mix and transpose two profound legendary and spiritual narratives to create a
phantasmagoric version parallel to the two. The two narratives are the triumphant entry of Jesus to Jerusalem and
Alice in Wonderland. The idea of penetrating or crossing one narrative with the other struck me as rather irresistible
largely because I wanted to experience the actors in the stories in other narratives in equally subliminal
circumstances. Furthermore, I also wanted to explore the transitory development of the stories as a whole in the
face of changing cultural narratives, perceptions, and codes. How do they play out and engage with the present
consciousness of the cultural mind in relation to other narratives, shifting paradigms and values?

I work mostly with found materials on my surfaces. My narratives are inspired by the poetics of congregating these
dissimilar textures and materials. I can describe my work as an experimental collage involving a range of in-between
processes and methods. And I love employing humor and absurdities in my narratives. The focus in my Art is on
translating displaced objects to a further state of meaning and symbolic essence thereby creating a 're-entry' into
the flow of cultural transactions. I consider my work to be a sort of storytelling but one grounded in narratives and
real social endemic tensions.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1695
Artist ID: 1695

Artist Name: Brandon Stewart

IG: Seattlecoast_dreamer

Artist Statement: Just a Seattle Dreamer and storyteller


Artwork 1 Title: The Journey Continues
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 16x20 / 30x24
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: You can pretend to be just about anyone in this full time focused chaos !!! 10 hrs of
dreaming of being in space !
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1697
Artist ID: 1697

Artist Name: Sing Hang Tam


Artist Statement: Art, for me, is practical philosophy. Art can reveal the philosophy that we barely can convey by
languages. Moreover, art has the power to skip the critical filtration of human beings and directly hit the deep
consciousness. I have a deep interest in human nature. Through my works, I reveal human natures, such as freedom,
craziness, loneliness, happiness, and love.

Human beings are hateful creatures. They are eager to grow, and then lament the loss of childhood. They exchange
health for money, and then want to resume health with money. They have endless anxiety for the future, but ignore
the current happiness. Therefore, they neither live in this moment, nor live in the future. They act like they will never
die when they are alive, but seem to have never lived before their deaths. However, human beings, at the same
time, are lovely creatures. Despite all the limitations of human beings, they still live their lives with enthusiasm. This
contradiction is exactly what I want to put forward to audiences with my art.


Artwork 1 Title: Ordinary Human
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20x13x9cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Flocked Polyurethane
Artwork 1 Commentary: A replica of an unborn fetus. The shape resembles a 3 months old unborn fetus in the
womb. The texture and colour present a surreal creepiness and cuteness of a known but unfamiliar figure.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1698
Artist ID: 1698

Artist Name: Alex Unsworth

IG: alexaltiair

Artist Statement: I am a first year fine art student at Cambridge school of art seeking to expose my works to a wider
audience. I have a specific interest in framing violence within my work following my current project on the aesthetics
of boxing. My work is best described as a space between realism and abstraction through the figure. I have a keen
interest in merging contemporary concept with traditional skill within painting and drawing.


Artwork 1 Title: Performance of the night.
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150x150 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on board
Artwork 1 Commentary: A study of notorious fighter and spectacle of violence Conor McGregor. Expressing our
human desire to view and spectate in destruction.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1699
Artist ID: 1699

Artist Name: Anne-Laure Cano

IG: @annelaureceramics

Artist Statement: I am an artist making abstract sculptures in clay. My current body of work investigates the subjects
of exile and loss of continuity with a collective past.

Displacement have been a recurring trait in my family. Currently living abroad, I'm often exposed to the challenges
to connect with a place I wasn’t born into and the difficulty to express this experience. My legacy and current
life make me particularly sensitive to these experiences we keep silent, the unspoken negotiations with our past that
make us who we are.

My work tries to give form to something that is not tangible in the first place. I needed a material that would allow
me to create a variety of forms in order to give a shape to the subjects I explore. Ceramics is the material of choice
for me as its fluidity gives me the freedom I need.

In response to being interested in memories, loss, sense of belonging, I am fascinated by objects or any tangible
marks that bear the traces of existence and define our human identities. I am drawn into the beauty of the details,
the remnants of the past, any trace that can be used to voice the silence.

In the studio, I surround myself with bric-Ã -brac, pieces I make and break, found objects, metal. Those fragmented
stories constitute the vocabulary I use to create my work. The final pieces look like debris of something gone,
intriguing objects found on the archaeological site of our memories.


Artwork 1 Title: Fading Signals
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 32cmx36cmx23
Artwork 1 Medium: Ceramics
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1700
Artist ID: 1700

Artist Name: Rob Miller


Artist Statement: Rob Miller is a sculptor, and since September 2016 has been focusing on practice full time. He
gained a Sculpture Degree from the Wimbledon School of Art in 1993, followed by an MA in Graphic Media [UAL] in
2007, and works primarily using sand-cast lead. Interests include the illusive status of objects & things, the condition
of repetition, temporal anxiety, and the Anthropocene dilemma.

[ ]… but what have we done? We have become the material of age and wear, the greyness of weariness, the
expulsion of everyday kindness. Our time now is that of the Chthulucene , an epoch of greyness for our days of
indifference – our dying together. A time too heavy to bear in that grey gap of time we call our lived experience,
before we sit and sit forever in darkness. Our anxious being, a place where cupids lead-tipped arrows of hatred and
loathing are forged…Â


Artwork 1 Title: Mourning Boat [undisclosed payload]
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 7.5 x 19.5 x 39 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Sand & RTV cast lead / lead-alloy, lead solder & steel, from modified & appropriated plastic (toy)
Artwork 1 Commentary: Work produced for the Grey Planet series reflects the incalculable absurdity of a global
economy fundamentally at odds with our shared ecology – the [im]material flows of commerce, a fiction of
progress constructed from pure exceptionalism. We the first of the last men trade more than futures; these
transactions create a terminal velocity in which we attempt to live a myth not yet even imagined. We are faced then
with a new and inescapable reality, in which the world-wide blindness of our impact is matched only by the eco-
anxiousness of the few. Willingness alone simply produces an artifice of meaning and self-indulgent virtue signalling
– conflicted anxieties of which I am equally guilty.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1701
Artist ID: 1701

Artist Name: Hannah Murray

IG: hannah_murray_artist

Artist Statement: This work aims to present the beauty of flesh. Multiple colours and layers of oil paint help build up
to form an intricate lattice of veins, blood and skin. This has helped me create a raw, poignant and honest painting,
that attempts to get to some essence of what it is to be human. I strive for the portrait to confront the viewer with
this honesty and allow them to reflect on their feelings toward the human body whilst scrutinising one. By placing
the figure in an undefined space, void of background objects, forces the viewer to focus on the subject.


Artwork 1 Title: Alicia
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 52x32x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1702
Artist ID: 1702

Artist Name: Felicity Meachem

IG: @felicitymeachempainting

Artist Statement: Burgeoning with an overload of pattern, initially my work explores whether the decorative has a
place within contemporary Fine Art Painting. While pattern can still signify twee, kitsch, the degenerate and the
feminine, all of the old disparagements imposed against it, with the right use of decoration in painting I believe it can
be evocative, multivalent, and empowering.

Images sourced or appropriated from different cultures define the subject matter in my paintings. Such as Parisian
tile patterns, Japanese Kimono and iconic African Dutch wax prints. This is in order to create a utopian world where
all cultures can live in harmony. My work highlights the unavoidability of politics. I’m aware that by contrasting
and balancing different cultural iconographies, from western to non-western patterning, it can be quite contentious.
Especially with its relation to ‘Orientalism’. However, in opposition to this I wish to investigate the complexity
of cross-cultural fertilization. And I strongly believe that internationalism of pattern work is a cultural fabric that

Homi K Bhabha’s central idea of ‘hybridity’, an emergence of new cultural forms from multiculturalism,
is a central theme in this painting. This term presents a creative way of expressing cosmopolitanism and
eclecticism. In postcolonial discourse, the notion that any culture or identity is pure or essential is disputable.
Bhabha argues that all forms of culture are continually in a process of hybridity. This I have learnt from my own
encounter with an individual who felt strongly that a pattern within my painting was Islamic and from their culture,
when in fact it was of Chinese origin. This shows that through the scope of someone living in the 21st century,
authorship is lost in translation.


Artwork 1 Title: Rock Away The Idle Night
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 cm x 150 cm x 5 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1703
Artist ID: 1703

Artist Name: Al Hani Ramirez Bettez


Artist Statement: Soy ingeniera Ambiental y yogui con experiencia Ambiente Sociedad y sensibilización. Mis obras
de arte son una experiencia que pretende elevar la conciencia del ser humano con el fin de generar un espacio de
introspección en función de lo esencial para el hombre humano, de la energÃ-a no visible a través de lo visible,
del medio ambiente fÃ-sico y la apreciación de la belleza.

Para ser observada con luz UV. (teniendo precaución de la sobre exposición a esta luz)


Artwork 1 Title: El Jardin
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70 cm x 50 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: acrilico sobre lienzo
Artwork 1 Commentary: Esta obra de arte fue inspirada en la mente, en su infinita capacidad de moldearse y de
nutrirse para vibrar alto.

Medio de la obra:
AcrÃ-lico neón
Resina AcrÃ-lica
AcrÃ-lico foto luminiscente
Para ser observada con luz UV.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1704
Artist ID: 1704

Artist Name: Mackenzie Scott Clowes


Artist Statement: Mackenzie is an artist and actor with a visual practice background largely in two- dimensional
work. Now based in London, he was born in Australia, beginning his undergraduate degree in Fine Art at The
Queensland College of Art in 2000. He completed this on scholarship at The Exeter College of Art in 2002. In 2005 he
completed a Masters in Acting at East 15 Acting School. His CV includes two solo shows and work as technical staff at
The Queensland College of Art. Mackenzie's quirky and often allegorical work draws as much from the history of
landscape painting as it does from carnival and protest and propaganda. With a practice grounded in drawing
Mackenzie has explored social phenomena and repression within the suburban, body politics and pop culture. Artists
of influence have always been idiosyncratic contemporary painters of the Asia Pacific and key figures in Australian
landscape painting and the more idiosyncratic European masters.


Artwork 1 Title: Billboard
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120x90x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: One of a series exploring repression and the urban experience in the context of London.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1706
Artist ID: 1706

Artist Name: Sun Lee

IG: sunleex

Artist Statement: I am currently in the midst of a body of work based around the practice of meditation within the
Buddhist context which is a combination of digital printing, sculpture and installation. My inspiration for working in
this context stems from my personal chronic disease caused by anxiety. I aim to create a sensory experience which
stimulates all human senses. In an intimate sense, I realized the value of the present moment for spiritual oneness
and I become interested in how to concentrate on the moment and stillness. My artistic process is made up of
various methods which all aim to gain harmony between mind and body.

I have built on my research and interest around remedy and the body, particularly in relation to balance and well-
being. The sculpture and installation in terms of the resolution of my ideas, and I casted my own body as a medium.
This surreal human figure sculpture is a self-portrait. Through this work, I intend to represent the physiological states
about unstable mental states and alienation caused from imbalanced relation with external factors. I am interested
in the concept of Chinese medicine, which is based on the idea that the cause of all diseases is imbalance. If various
events that people will experience in their life and force from the outside break the balance of emotion, one
emotion become heavily and the flow of energy is changed. The basin in my work has two taps, one is for hot water
and the other one is for cold water. For me those two taps have different temperature could be juxtaposed meaning
of balance or Imbalance.Â


Artwork 1 Title: Melting Point
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 20x63x53cm
Artwork 1 Medium: wax, sink, 2018
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1707
Artist ID: 1707

Artist Name: Chloe Wells

IG: @chloemaiwells

Artist Statement: Chloe Wells is a London based Artist who graduated from University of the Arts London in 2018
with First Class Honours in Technical Arts and Special Effects. Her work has been powered by a curiosity in grieving
conventions and contemporary attitudes towards death since her eldest sister’s death in 2010. Emily died at the
age of 18 having lived with complex health complications since birth. Witnessing someone with such vitality, a
marked presence and influence in Chloe’s life, become so suddenly and permanently absent from it, altered her
perception of life and death entirely.

Anatomical and medical research has also shaped the way in which Chloe looks to create work. The artist herself has
Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and spends time in the hospitals she grew accustomed to with her sister.

Sculpture has been a storytelling device and coping mechanism for Chloe, and allows her to transform her grief into
something more universally understood. She hopes that her work enables people to start conversations about death
and their own experiences of grieving.


Artwork 1 Title: In Memoriam
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 167x100x50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Jesmonite
Artwork 1 Commentary: IN MEMORIAM - Finding solace in grief through art.

Artist Chloe Wells’ latest work, a lifesize Jesmonite sculpture of a woman entitled In Memoriam, is a project
which started with Chloe’s own exploration of grief and mourning following the death of her sister Emily. Yet as
In Memoriam grew, and the story of the project became public, so too did the sculpture’s connection to others
with similar experiences of grief.

Chloe’s ambition is for In Memoriam to provide a public space for those in mourning to remember those they
have loved and lost in an environment separate from their daily lives. Although inspired in her work by the Victorian
memorials in West Norwood cemetery, it is not bound by religion or tradition and acts as a visual starting point in
the discussion of death in the modern day.

Speaking of the inspiration for her work, Chloe observes that, “something which struck me in particular, was how
everyone felt the impact of her death except for Emily herself ― her death belonged to everyone but her, yet it
was something that isolated me from my peers and the outside world.―

In Memoriam is available for purchase, POA.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1708
Artist ID: 1708

Artist Name: Christian Kabuãÿ


Artist Statement: To work slow and intense, as honest as possible towards an imagery embedded in a life world
sound in itself. Aiming at insight.


Artwork 1 Title: Regio Colli from a Phenomenological Point of View
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 130 H x 190 W x 2.8 D cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Wood/Fiberboard
Artwork 1 Commentary: Body and Mind.

For my work artistic research is an important matter. By trying to transcend body experience and -awareness into
imagery I presently pursue a physical aspect of drawing and painting. I try to ground it on studies of medical
anatomy and phenomenological philosophy. It is all very promising and very exciting.

The work is real panel painting. It's support consists of an 8 mm MDF-board backed by a pine wood frame.

Considering light, the painting can cope with or appears even more beautiful in demanding conditions of
presentation — it's beautiful in candle light or places with not too much direct light. This enhances it's mysterious
but positive bluish darkness.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1709
Artist ID: 1709

Artist Name: Thomas Guenot


Artist Statement: My interest in graphic design stems from my passion and enjoyment of visuals and aesthetics. I
studied literature and philosophy back in France before to begin art studies in Advertising at London College of
Communication, followed by a BA with Honours at Central Saint Martins. Working with the dynamic nature of art,
following international trends, technological innovation and generating creative ideas are what make me passionate
about the industry.


Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50cm x 500cm
Artwork 1 Medium: screenprint on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: A photographic documentation of the last London prefabs post WWII. Testimony of the
history that unfortunately is going to be completely erased by the end of this year. This project aims to experiment
with digital tools and analog processes to engender a unique way to enhance tactility with the users and their
interaction towards the information and content of the artwork. The processes used for this artwork emulates the
degradation of this environment through spaces and times.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1714
Artist ID: 1714

Artist Name: Rosa Ben Arie


Artist Statement: My work is a continuous search for the connection between the natural and the artificial, between
the outburst of the unexpected against the organized and disciplined. I should state that my background in biology
(MSc) has affected my observations of nature and is the source of my inspiration and of my research on the
interaction between the different materials that I use in my work.
The process is an experimental and intuitive exploration of the intermingling of materials, such as plastic glue, paper,
ink, salt, nylon etc., bearing many possibilities for “mistakes― and loss of control. Although my work is abstract
(without image or story), the result always appears recognizable and natural. I produce a fragile and flimsy world of
imaginary objects and landscapes. I got close to nature at the microscopic level and reformulates it from a distant
perspective. After the creations go through a procedure of drying and crystallization, they appear to have originated
in nature, like lacey and delicate sea corrals.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 270X270X270
Artwork 1 Medium: Glue, pigments, salt, paper, thread
Artwork 1 Commentary: Installation view, consisting of two individual parts, as presented in a recent exhibition:
The one on the right is composed of glue, pigments, salt, paper, etc. (275X120 cm)
The one on the left is composed of interwoven glue and pigments (800X300 cm when fully open)
Each work can be exhibited separately and in different arrangements.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1716
Artist ID: 1716

Artist Name: Jo Perkins

IG: joperkinscreative

Artist Statement: Scotland is renowned for its majestic, ancient scenery but I’m exploring its transience. The
weather wrings changes from the landscape moment to moment – light, warmth then shadow deepens and
suddenly a gust of wind makes you turn away and it is changed. My current work is using mark making and texture
to convey sweeping vistas with pockets of detail to dally over.

I started painting with oils at the age of 12 and spent many of my younger years using that medium in a more
traditional way. Now, many years later I find myself back at the easel, and acrylics, collage and other mixed drawing
media are helping me find that immediacy I want in my work.

I was at art school in the late 1990s and somehow, we fell out of love with each other. I spent the years between
then and now throwing my creativity at whatever job I found myself in, travelling the world, satisfying my
wanderlust. Now I find I am settled, a mother, a southerner come north to Scotland and have fallen for its beauty.


Artwork 1 Title: Low Tide
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61x81.2x0.3
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media on Board
Artwork 1 Commentary: Low Tide is of the beach at Cramond in Edinburgh looking across the Firth of Forth to Fife on
the far coast. The tide recedes and leaves a large swathe of seaweed topped rocks that stand between you and the
smooth stretches of sand that lead to Cramond Island. Seagulls paddle, the wind gusts and the sun peeks out to
highlight barnacles and limpets.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1717
Artist ID: 1717

Artist Name: Michael Askew


Artist Statement: When I remember, I usually take my camera with me wherever I go. I will photograph anything that
captures my attention and I consider to be interesting, striking or beautiful. This can apply to landscapes,situations
or objects.
I use this library to create collages in the computer with Photoshop. I will only use the image once, and probably only
5% of the pictures I take, are used.
All the work I render will have at least three different components (levels), at most forty , even fifty.


Artwork 1 Title: G M Flowers
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 36.35 X 71.12 X5 (?)
Artwork 1 Medium: Print. Can be enlarged to A0
Artwork 1 Commentary: The token flower on the pub table, which after a couple of glasses of wine looked good. The
view from the top of Glastonbury Tor, and an unplanned play on the computer, produced this remarkable image.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1718
Artist ID: 1718

Artist Name: Elaine Ford


Artist Statement: "My current work is an amalgamation of drama, imagination, and memory. The sea is my initial
starting point and touch stone. The interaction with materials is the way I engage myself with the
unconscious/subconscious and actual sea and the concepts of sea, I can use in whichever direction I choose. The
physical act of pouring and pushing paint around is an intrinsic part of my practice, whereby I lose myself in the
materiality of the painting process. Strong colour, an impression of movement and energy characterises my
An important value within my life has been 'the dramatic' and is a central thread in everything I become involved
with. Subsequently, these qualities that I value, have been my guideline for the constituents of my art making within
the last few years. My paintings involve the application of a wide range of mixed media and materials, which
continues to develop my practice further, whilst pushing the boundaries with new methods and ideas".


Artwork 1 Title: Siren Song
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 x 120 cms
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: When I am filming on location as a stunt Co-ordinator/Performer, the landscape then
becomes a film-set - a place that doesn't really exist. This painting was inspired by the switch between fantasy and
reality, combined with memory and imagination.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1719
Artist ID: 1719

Artist Name: Dawn Thornhill

IG: dawns_papercut_lightboxes

Artist Statement: Since I was a child, I have been fascinated by the simplicity and endless potential of paper.
Hand-cutting pages, layering and lighting to create 3-dimensional structures that capture the beauty of the natural
world is my passion.
Watching a piece evolve from sketch to design, adapting as I cut and seeing the delicacy of the shadows creating
contrast on the layers, will always be magical to me.


Artwork 1 Title: Sanctuary
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 25 x 19 x 7
Artwork 1 Medium: Paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: I have always loved the romanticism of abandoned places - the stories the walls hold and
their faded glory. A once treasured glasshouse growing beloved plants, tendered gently, now left but still offering
protection to beautiful wild flowers and wildlife. I like to think that the fox finds peace here, quietly listening to the
birdsong and enjoying the shelter it provides.

These pieces are difficult to photograph - the essence of the piece is the depth and shadows created by the layering
and lighting which can only be really shown when you see the piece itself. I hope if you like it, that when you see it in
the flesh, you will love it.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1720
Artist ID: 1720

Artist Name: Gloria Sulli


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: BloomingPlanet
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 100 cm unframed
Artwork 1 Medium: drawing on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Blooming drawing series has been inspired by the concepts of Alan Watts’ lectures
on the inception of the Universe, The Nature of Consciousness (1989)

I will provide a frame to it, if selected

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1721
Artist ID: 1721

Artist Name: Georgie Andrews

IG: @georgieandrews_

Artist Statement: The functional object has become invisible, through its close connections the everyday due to
frequent use and modern mass production it has vanished from thought. The tool is symbolic of the ignored
everyday but through decontextulisation these ideas are being challenged, when a tool has its functionality removed
it can be reconsidered, recognised once again, it can be explored in new ways and it gains a power that is previously
hard to identify or acknowledge. Within my own practise I have been exploring these questions and ideas, using
everyday tools that are regularly ignored such as screws and handrails as inspiration, casting these objects in plaster
and removing them from there expected context exploring a style of utilitarian uselessness, mocking each objects
intended functionality.


Artwork 1 Title: 30cm Handrail
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30cmx170cmx20cm
Artwork 1 Medium: cast plaster
Artwork 1 Commentary: A work cast directly from a handrail found within the everyday, an object solely created for
function but too short to be of any use, containing a humour within its contradictions.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1724
Artist ID: 1724

Artist Name: Leeroy Chapman

IG: Leeroychapman

Artist Statement: Leeroy Chapman b.1997 is an emerging artist residing in Newcastle, Australia. He has just recently
completed his Bachelors of Fine Art at the University of Newcastle where he took part in an international residency
program in Architectual Drawing in Rome, Italy. And is now practicing as an artist while studying in the Sydney studio
of past Australian Sculptor Tom Bass AM.
His work is explored through a multidisciplinary approach to art, which he uses to express ideas around materiality
and process. This use of material process is a way for the artist to reflect upon post modern ideas around
architecture, social organisation and daily activities drawn from personal experiences.
Chapman’s work has been exhibited through out the Hunter Region in numerous group exhibitions such as
Sculpture on the Farm, a public outdoor sculpture exhibition in Nsw. As well as being the recipient of the Brenda
Clouten Memorial Scholarship at Maitland Regional Art Gallery, which enables a young artist to travel internationally
in which he ihas chosen to undertake study in London in 2019. His work has also be shown at the Royal Art Society of
NSW for their annual young artist prize.


Artwork 1 Title: Comfortable
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100cm x 27cm x 30cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic plaster, poly nylon bag on cinder blocks.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Consolidation is a contemporary play on materiality which is a result of experimenting with
the casting process. In which objects are cast through new methods mold making and the filling of void spaces such
as bags and other fabric based materials.

This process results in these forms that visually act as a comfy soft object, where they look inflated, and relaxed, but
yet there is evidence of physical tension. When painted mimic saftey devices such a life vest, rubber boat or hi vis
workwear, which conforms and contrasts with the presentation under the support of construction blocks.

The contrasting nature of this soft relaxed form in sitting upon a hard rigid material is used as a metaphorical way to
express current ideas around the social aspects of human settlement. When thinking of the work in relation to these
ideas it is then reinforced through the support of the concrete construction blocks, that act as an analogy, as a
foundation. As a way to represent the development of our built environment to accomodate the needs of human

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1726
Artist ID: 1726

Artist Name: Briar Tucker

IG: briar_tucker

Artist Statement: Patience; a virtue which is lost in a world of instant gratification.

I was not a naturally patient person, however I am a perfectionist. Unfortunately one cannot live without the
other, so my drawing presented itself as a unique kind of personal challenge for me, as each piece takes countless
hours I had to go against my desire for immediate results and learn to be patient; with myself and my drawing.
Patience guides me to make each mark, tiny and precise. Patience compels me to fill in each detail as if it were to
be seen, but goes unnoticed often overlooked by the bigger picture. Patience is my counsel reminding me that all
practice is progress. And yes, I have progressed. In the last two and a half years from the first time I used soft pastels
and returned to a realist style - having been inspired by the incredible work of Zaria Forman, I have developed my
eye for detail, fine-tuned my technique, and evolved in persistence.
The paradox of this new found patience is that I have overcome my need for perfection and have simply fallen in
love with the process, not as a means to an end but as a means to creation. A means to creating a world captured in
the eyes of a child, a watery ambition or the beauty of light reflecting on water.
As my proficiency grows I continue to pursue work that challenges my nature, while portraying my unique
perspective of reality.


Artwork 1 Title: Emergence
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120cmx85cmx5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Soft pastel on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop―
- Confucius

Emergence is a self portrait representing the pursuit of dreams, rising up to the challenge; persistently and
courageously moving upwards in the direction of one’s aspirations. To break through the self imposed limitations
that keeps the reality of those dreams looking like a hazy illusion.

It was not the first large scale drawing I started; it was the first I finished. In the spirit of Confucius with over three
hundred and twenty hours of work it was one of my greatest lessons in persistence. There were frustrations, there
was doubt, then there was the commitment I made to myself. The commitment I made to pursuing my dreams and
the hard work it takes to see them through.

So will my final exhale be the next breath of a new life towards a limitless sky or drown in complacency and return to
a life of ‘normality’?

Well, judging by the face turned towards the sky,

and the determination in the eyes,
I see each obstacle as a blessing in disguise,
because I know;
reaching beyond our limits is what makes us grow.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1727
Artist ID: 1727

Artist Name: Natasha Edens


Artist Statement: The work is primarily photographic, touching on uncanny themes. It is a series entitled ‘The
Void.’ The subject is focused on male and female figures isolated in dark locations. The photos are digital,
composed of cold and neutral colour palettes. The void series is candid as if there is no staging involved. It is difficult
to distinguish if the subject is floating or falling, this idea is left open to interpretation. The images describe a
personal contrast of feelings such as; anxiety, euphoria.


Artwork 1 Title: Elky
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 121.92cmX182.88cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Digital
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1728
Artist ID: 1728

Artist Name: Gabriel Di Mauro

IG: @gabrieldimauro_art

Artist Statement: Born in Manchester, 1996, Gabriel Di Mauro graduated from the University of Brighton in 2018
after completing his BA in Fine Art Painting. Melding different philosophies and schools of abstract painting, Di
Mauro contrasts the hard edge with ‘expressive’ brush strokes, block colour with translucency and additive
with subtractive colour mixing.

Working with iridescent paints his paintings react to their surroundings, shifting tonally depending on the quality of
light and position of the viewer. This is important as it highlights the feedback loop that occurs between viewer and
painting. As they move around the painting it responds by presenting different layers of grids within the palimpsest.

Grids often appear in Di Mauro’s work. This is not only an acknowledgement of its rich history in abstract
painting but also a response to its use in scientific media, where the grid has been used to depict the fabric of space-
time and atomic structures. These paintings act as a mediator between this macro and micro, an attempting to
reveal the network between them.


Artwork 1 Title: Foundation
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150X150X5
Artwork 1 Medium: Iridescent acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1729
Artist ID: 1729

Artist Name: Lucy Ellis

IG: @lucyellisart

Artist Statement: I am an 18 year old artist from London. In my work I enjoy making a comment on political and
geopolitical topics which create controversy and discussion for the viewer. I also like to criticise events and people in
my work in order to create a reaction for the viewer. I like to combine both abstract marks with realism to create
contrast within my work.


Artwork 1 Title: Portrait Of Brexit
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200X150
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic, spray paint
Artwork 1 Commentary: In my work I wanted to portray Brexit as a form of chaos and isolation. Overall the image is
an isolated face presenting the idea of the desire to want to confine Britain. However, within this desire there is also
the reality of chaos and disarray, which Brexit has brought. The unpredictable outcome of the pouring of paint
relates to the unpredictable future of Brexit as currently there is no deal. The overall shape of these marks also acts
like the shape of Britain however a distorted and “pear shaped― one. The integration of realism with these
abstract marks comments on the human side of Brexit and the idea of the natural segregation of people. People
tend to favour those they view as equal to them and those with a different culture and way of life are viewed as less
by some. This is also reflected through the layer of the spray-painted Norman mask. Normans and Romans are two
examples of immigration in history. However, these two groups were invaders, which diminished a culture that
already existed before. This same idea of invaders is how Brexiter’s view migrants. They see them as people who
will impose their culture onto others as opposed to integrating into the already adapted British culture.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1731
Artist ID: 1731

Artist Name: Emre Celali


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: sardes ancient city
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 24x30cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: The structures as a result of being out of use turn into random compositions. This
metamorphosis makes you feel a post-chaos serenity. The uncanny silence of these formations that still maintain the
atmosphere of the past is a harbinger of a new storm in the same time. The forms of object that have become the
same as each other has gradually been getting "nowhere" which has losing their soul. Nowhere can be seen as a
self-portrait of us.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1734
Artist ID: 1734

Artist Name: Tatiana Ivchenkova


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Portrait 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42x30 (62x52 matted and framed)
Artwork 1 Medium: oil and oil pastel on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: The first portrait from the series 'Neither Here Nor There' (5 of them for the moment, to be
continued). The Human Face between abstract and figurative, appearance and disappearance, gravity and levity,
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1736
Artist ID: 1736

Artist Name: Yu Soo Park

IG: @yusoo_park

Artist Statement: I am a South Korean artist who mainly produces film and narrative within the concept of cultures
and relationships. My artworks ponder upon the issues such as the change in generations, perspectives on life,
acceptance of differences, connecting her own intercultural experiences and current issues.

PDF Book =

Artwork 1 Title: You Shine Brightest When You Are Nothing
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29.7 x 42.0cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Print book (paper, digital)
Artwork 1 Commentary: This book illustrates the story of the artist herself, looking back at her own memory and
experiences to figure out her true self.

This work is to be also considered for the Ashurst Emerging New Media Prize 2019.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1737
Artist ID: 1737

Artist Name: Adriana Desiderio


Artist Statement: I am a multifaceted artist, obsessed with colors and their composition. I love delicate and natural
shapes, always focusing on the importance of color. From the illustration to the works on canvas, a game between
abstract and figurative, also working in the streets I painted on the walls and renovated the design of the playground
for children. Actually I work with an Italian magazine called "Street Book magazine" as an illustrator.
Over the years in Tuscany, the natural forms of the landscapes have influenced my art and in a few years I have
explored the importance of color within interior and exterior spaces. I believe in the power of balance, as a concept
applied in all aspects of life, form the arts in everyday life.


Artwork 1 Title: land-sea-wind
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x70cm
Artwork 1 Medium: polish and acrilyc on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: In the attempt not to lose anything of what I see, it seems that all the beauties around me
unite and merge with each other. and so everything becomes simpler but more complex. joining becomes one, but
one can be everything.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1738
Artist ID: 1738

Artist Name: Gabriele Hã¶Hne


Artist Statement: “Art takes your senses away―

“Art goes beyond―

As concepts & feeling and meaning drives her work. Art is a place where she can explore freely.

“Art is raw and individual - while design thrives on creativity in boundaries―

I want to challenge these boundaries

My approach is driven by personal experiences and emotions connecting with

real & fictional stories.


Artwork 1 Title: Night out
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50 x 40
Artwork 1 Medium: ink & acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Nights of Shoreditch - Who do you meet? Who else or yourself?
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1740
Artist ID: 1740

Artist Name: Jacqueline Pearson

IG: Jack_p_shaw

Artist Statement: I have been an artist all my life, drawing marks from a very early age. I still use the emotional use of
marks with visual imagery to portray my feelings and unconscious thoughts that I only see once created.
Pen and oil paint are my preferred medium as I can control and over work them until I feel my being has been
My subject matter is always portraiture looking at dark and light tones with texture creating a composition of


Artwork 1 Title: Self portrait
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 127 x 102 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil paint on wood
Artwork 1 Commentary: When starting this painting like all my oil paintings, how I imagine it will look at the end is
not the same as at the start.
I go through many artistic processes such as marks, layers, rubbing away using emotions and feelings through using
colour to create a portrait.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1741
Artist ID: 1741

Artist Name: Lara Cavagna (In Art Kavanagh)


Artist Statement: Lara Kavanagh

I question through my work the relation of classic painting ,with an interest in anatomy, to
contemporary culture and how does it fit a new purpose. In my practice I tackle an array of aspects as proposing
dramatic lighting and brush stroke in a contemporary discourse. 'Haunting, nostalgic and beautiful' my signature
collection Kurenai takes you through an enchanting journey into the eerie. Tied by a recurring thread of beauty
versus brutality, work in the series feature high detail soft brushstrokes contrasted by distressed or defaced figures.
The collection is proposed in strong crimsons, creating a theatrical narrative of romantic events, dim scenes and
empty grounds. The term kurenai comes from the Japanese language and it means crimson. I chose kurenai, the
shade of red, for being vibrant and timeless, thus reflecting the aesthetic qualities behind the work.


Artwork 1 Title: Antique in the Future (center detail)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 48x38x10
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on canvas board
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1743
Artist ID: 1743

Artist Name: Dagmara Bugaj


Artist Statement: Since my assumptions are based on the conviction that all work that I create must be linked to the
reality around me, I constructed this series on the basis of the connections between man and nature.
My passion is widely understood of relationships between human and nature, bond with living matter. Looking for
the best forms renders the nature of the newly created work, I realized that my interests run toward objects and
installations. Pinhole self-portraits combined with organic tissues embedded in resin, will manifest transience and
relativity of the existence of things.
In the central point of my investigation was a man - physical, mental and spiritual existence, whose presence,
recorded on the photosensitive material is juxtaposed with organic elements, which are integral components of
almost all the work. Combined with the image of my body, embedded in chemical preparations, closed in geometric
forms, will suggest another viewer-intimate landscape. This body of work will attempt to understand nature as a
force shaping human.


Artwork 1 Title: Selfnature_#1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 12x12x2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary: pinhole photography, roots, epoxy resin
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1744
Artist ID: 1744

Artist Name: Abbie Mcmurray


Artist Statement: Having studied Fine Art at both Central Saint Martins and Chelsea School of Art, I now work part-
time managing a tattoo studio and devoting the rest of my time to making art. My interest in paint, painting and "the
painting" is vast. In particular, what I find most visually and emotively satisfying to paint is endangered species.
I find the desire to make and own images of endangered species is a much healthier need than the aim to own the
actual animals (their fur, ivory, scales etc), that sadly so much of the world shares. This is something I wish to
promote with my art.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled100
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150X100X10
Artwork 1 Medium: Spray Paint, Acrylic Paint & Oil Pastel
Artwork 1 Commentary: I am particularly interested in showing a physical confluence between the skin and form of
the animal, and the situated or abstracted background.

In this piece, I was attempting to make the 'seams' of the elephant indistinguishable from the dark background. I
think this offers an interesting contrast and therefore commentary on the solidity of this gargantuan animal and the
fragility of it's existence.

This comment is further explored by the stylized use of spray paint; intended to evoke the naivety and ritual of
ancient cave paintings, which depict now extinct relics of the past - the mammoth etc. Bringing this into modernity
by obviously referencing the current preferred medium of street artists is intentional to force a narrative between
cave painting and it's present day counter-part; street art. That it is depicting an elephant is intended to inspire
correlation between the people of the past drawing on the walls what is now extinct, and this present day homage
acting as a premonition that these creatures could well face the same fate as the mammoth.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1747
Artist ID: 1747

Artist Name: Marcin Szymielewicz


Artist Statement: Marcin Szymielewicz born April 25, 1978 in IÅ‚awa. Studies at the Faculty of Graphic Arts at the
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. He deals with drawing, painting, graphic workshop and graphic design. Member
of the Union of Polish Visual Artists.
1998- Scholarship of the Minister of Culture and Art
2003 - Prorector Award of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
2008 - Honorable Mention International Drawing Biennale in Pilzno
2012- Second Prize - International Contemporary Painting Contest Pejzaż Współczesny Częstochowa
2014- Honorable Mention International Biennial of Miniature of Częstochowa
2016- Third Award of the Triennial of Small Painting Form Toruń
2016- Honorable Mention The International Biennale of Miniature of Częstochowa
Selected Individual exhibitions:
2000 'Cities' Gallery Place for Art Wrocław
2007 "Wrocław" Gallery Plus Forum Wrocław
2007, Warsaw, GalleryVV Warsaw
2008, Warsaw-Paris. Rondo 1 Gallery Warsaw
2010, "Espana mi sueno" Center for the Promotion of Culture Warsaw
2012 r ,, Metropolie "Fabryka Trzciny Warsaw
2015 r ,, Topos "Apteka Sztuki Warsaw
A participant of over one hundred exhibitions and collective shows in the field of drawing, painting, graphic design,
poster and photography at home and abroad.
From 2018 in the Encyclopedia of the Personality of the Republic of Poland


Artwork 1 Title: KOD 1006584
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 150/80
Artwork 1 Medium: prepared canvas, oil
Artwork 1 Commentary: The image is an automatic record of the time in which the creative process takes place on a
scale of one to one. The process is measured by the second hand and during it nothing else takes place except the
pictorial record of time. The creative act is a kind of contemplation of time and its materialization on the surface of
the image, creating the structure of an abstract map, lace, composed automatically, ad hoc of the simplest graphic
elements resembling archaic language or a coded message. The recording takes place quickly, deliberately rejecting
the general concept of the painting, composition and corrections, making the most of the case of composition lines
and plans. The title of the painting indicates the time dimension of the creative process of becoming a work which
arises in a precisely measured period of time, thus the image beyond its own painting layer is also an exact fragment,
a reflection of the artist's duration in the work. You can literally say it looks like it or it is 1006584 seconds of the
artist's life, which in this way stops time and allows him to continue in a new dimension.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1748
Artist ID: 1748

Artist Name: Esra Bahman

IG: isarochan

Artist Statement: My artwork takes a critical view of integral Humanism in this world. My work explores the varying
relationships between order and freedom of choice. Having engaged subjects as law, order, creativity, freedom of
speech, rules, architecture, art, constructions, and landscape environment, my work reproduces familiar visuals and
tactile sense, arranging them into conceptually layered sculptural pieces. While I use a variety of materials and
process in each project my methodology is consistent. Although there may not always be material similarities
between the projects they are linked through the subject matter. Each body of work determines the materials and
the forms of the work. During research in new area of interest arise leads me to the next body of work.


Artwork 1 Title: Order and Freedom of Movement
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x120x9.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Plywood, clay, ink, cork, steel nail
Artwork 1 Commentary: My design process made me express my feelings of this world through different
characteristics of architecture and environment through my daily life. That’s the reason why I use organic shapes
with harsh lines because of our humanity living in this harsh law and order versus our freedom of choice. Using my
piece as an escape environment am in for a period of time. As Klemens von Metternich quote “ The word
‘freedom’ means for me not point of departure but a genuine point of arrival. The point of departure is
defined by the word ‘order.’ Freedom cannot exist without the concept of order.―
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1749
Artist ID: 1749

Artist Name: Janice Tsui


Artist Statement: My work “LET ME OUT― is an autobiography to situations, where many individuals have
become the victim, due to technology evolution. The evolution of technology has provided us with decades of
advanced lifestyle, and yet, the physical and mental consequences to humankind have only begun to show. These
consequences affect both our body and mind, where we showed addictive behaviours and responses. These
responses are repetitive cycles of apprehensive confrontation and resisting to compromise reality.

“LET ME OUT― is aimed to place the viewer in a situation that we typically ignore. In this particular painting, I
am in the underground elevator with a group of strangers, an enclosed atmosphere. Meanwhile, I was intimidated of
being observed and judged by the same group.

I found the situation overwhelming and felt anxious with them surrounding me. Therefore, the perfect protection is
wearing headphones, to become alienated from the awkward situation. It allows people to escape direct
interactions. Hence the people on the painting is ghostly painted, this emphasises that the technology we use on a
daily basis is not just to avoid public interaction. It is also a repeated effort to not face our own inner dialogue.

The artwork is presented in a multimedia form, where a soundtrack is played through headphones, to re-enact the
pressing sensation that gives by the headphone. The expressive photographic painting provided a vision of my
perspective. This presentation allows audiences to experience my past in an altered version of the event.


Artwork 1 Title: LET ME OUT
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 80x120 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: acrylic paint, polyester sheet
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1753
Artist ID: 1753

Artist Name: Gemma Holder


Artist Statement: My work stems from an obsession with collecting pre-used and pre-existing items and moulding
them to create something new and different. The materials used in the work are collected from a variety of sources
such as skips, car boot sales and items thrown out or left on the street.

My work will primarily start with a discovery of how these collected items can be assembled and manipulated into
new forms to create one off light sculptures.

The chosen function for a lot of my current work is light, which I am fascinated by due to its ability to alter shapes,
colours and create patterns.As well as creating an atmospheric environment.

All of my works are created in a free-form nature and so naturally evolve in the creation process.

My work is primarily about taking something pre-used or pre-existing and giving it a new lease of life and a new


Artwork 1 Title: "This Boot Was Made For Walking"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 42cmx38cmx16cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece as many of my pieces was not planned in its conception it evolved.
with all of the elements used being repurposed items collected from a multitude of locations and at separate times

All of the materials are objects that have had a previous life and use.

The piece is lit internally with a colour changing light which adds another level of enjoyment .

In addition I have used exterior neon lighting to further enhance the reflective metal pins used.

This piece can be enjoyed twofold in the light of day and then takes on another life in the dark.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1755
Artist ID: 1755

Artist Name: Guy Oliver Aufenacker

IG: GuyoliverZH

Artist Statement: In my view, the most expressive story telling thing is a human face.


Artwork 1 Title: Woman in winter
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 140x120
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed media ( eyeliners on acrylic )
Artwork 1 Commentary: This work is drawn on paper. The base and foundation of the art is acrylic. The face is drawn
with eyeliner ( I needed to use 12 pens of Maybelline).
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1756
Artist ID: 1756

Artist Name: Avis Wu


Artist Statement: My focus is working with a poetic link between the visual and psychological, a sensational
combination within the internal and external world, something elusive, it’s beauty is hidden under the
surface. It is not subject to aesthetic constraints, it goes beyond aesthetic imagination and expectations. Just like
love, it is beautiful. However, there is no specific form of expression for it. How beautiful is it? or why is it that it’s
beautiful? It has gone beyond the scope of traditional aesthetics.
My intention is to provide a link or a space which allows viewers to experience the existence of oneself from seeing
and feeling, lost and found. I think that is the beauty of humanity, an emotion or a psychological state that can only
be experienced by themselves. Therefore, I have no intention to show some form of beauty, or to create a sense of
beauty in everyone's expectations in my work, because aesthetics is a matter of personal preference. My work is
not an expression of a presentation of results, but a moment I find in my creative process.Â
There are relationships subtle but ubiquitous in our lives.
At times your attention is held, other times it may leave you confused or lost.
It appears in a gaze, a casual moment, then disappears again.
I see my work as a window, everyone who looks at it might see perhaps that once existed and disappeared
experience of beauty or a viewer's own imagination.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled 1828
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 38.2x38.2cm
Artwork 1 Medium: pencil, pastel on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: Between empty and form
Light and shadowÂ
Seeing and feelingÂ
Experience and existence
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1757
Artist ID: 1757

Artist Name: Dä•Vis Paulis

IG: daavispaulis

Artist Statement: Hi, My name is Davis Paulis, I'm 27 and I live in Latvia, Skriveri.

My path as an artist started right after i graduated local art school. Since then i work with different kind of designs
for costumers (portraits, tattoo designs and other work). Art is a hobby, that's taking over my life.

My daily job requires working with light calculations for interior design, so naturally, drawing light and exploring
reflection, shadow and many more aspects of light, is something, i include in my artwork. It's my passion.


Artwork 1 Title: "LEAVE"
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x160x2
Artwork 1 Medium: ink/graphite/lacquer on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: 1. Go away from 2. Allow or cause to remain

Two meanings, taken from dictionary, under the name "Leave".

Giving a simple question - "Is she staying, or going?" - the work shows opposite sides in every direction.

There is no simple answer to any given question.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1759
Artist ID: 1759

Artist Name: Lily Kemp


Artist Statement: My work explores the representation of women in visual culture, in particular the representation
of those from a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic background.

I recognise the importance of representation in visual culture, and the effect negative and limiting stereotypes
towards minorities has.

Collage plays a central role in my work process, the figures in my work are sourced from mass media. When
collecting images, I am considering factors such as their ethnicity, clothes and body language.

I work from fashion magazines because I am interested in pattern, how fabric sits on the body and the surreal
compositions that can be found in editorial spreads.

I enjoy creating multiple visual layers in my work and by doing so constructing multiple worlds within each painting.

By having figures from a range of ethnic backgrounds present in my work I hope to normalise the presence of
minorities within visual culture.

The fantastical worlds my figures live in carry the feeling that anything is possible - they are free from the limitations
of stereotypes, they can be who and what they want to be. I would like the viewing public to take that same belief
away with them.


Artwork 1 Title: Vertigo
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100 x 120 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: I wanted to create a sense of organised chaos in this painting by playing with the interaction
my figures have with the space around them, and the interaction my figures have with one another.

There are recognisable objects and scenes but they have been collaged together to form a new unfamiliar world.

Previously my figures have been traditionally feminine in their appearance and of a caucasian background.

This painting has marked the start of me making considered choices when it comes to the women I choose to paint.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1761
Artist ID: 1761

Artist Name: Valentina Iannazzone

IG: materialtaste

Artist Statement: "Materials matters"

I am an architect working with materials in an artistic way.

I am doing 3d collages enjoying this more than my career as interior designer.
Thinking to go for full time material artist job.


Artwork 1 Title: Petrolio
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 3.5x50x40
Artwork 1 Medium: Wood, tiles, glue, paint, black tape on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Each of my artwork is a process, starting from adding layers of materials and then adding
glue and paint to reach the final mold.
I've started putting pieces of wood on the canvas, working as an interior designer I collect samples that I recycle in
my artwork.
This artwork to me looks like a city with movements and the black is the oil and the yellow is the sun.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1763
Artist ID: 1763

Artist Name: Andre Phillips


Artist Statement: Based in East London, Andre is an emerging self-taught artist who has spent the past few years
developing his work.  Andre is influenced and inspired by movie art, street art, fantasy, and comic art as well as
photography. He is driven by the need to capture the essence of the individuals in his work, which, he feels best
conveys the issues or themes of human emotions and the environments that affect them. Andre's use of ballpoint
pens as his main medium adds a narrative and depth to the images in the absence of words.


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61x43cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Ball point on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1764
Artist ID: 1764

Artist Name: Maisa Tenhunen


Artist Statement: I like the whole process of painting on a big canvas; assembling the wooden frame, stretching the
fabric, applying the gesso, even waiting for it to dry and finally starting to paint by mixing colours. I paint without any
strict plans – I like exploring details as well as moving freely across the whole canvas using large brush strokes
while working with my whole body.

Having grown up near forests and lakes in Finland, I often miss that proximity now that I live in a big city. Sometimes
the crowded, busy rhythm of the metropolis, and the disconnection from nature can all become a bit overwhelming.
To find some peace, I like to escape to my inner world. I record my dreams and memories and try to approach
painting with a child-like, open mind. When I paint, the best moments happen when I forget the passing of time. For
me, that’s how I find harmony and peace within my environment.


Artwork 1 Title: Us, by the lake
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 110x125x2.5cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1765
Artist ID: 1765

Artist Name: Henrietta Paine

IG: henriettapaineart

Artist Statement: We live in divisive times where in increasingly large parts of this extraordinary planet war, racial
hatred and inequality are promoted. As a consequence thousands of people have been injured and displaced.
Separation and ostracisation is a very lonely place to reside. However, ultimately those seeking devision loose out.
These are times when we need, above all else to connect to one another, our planet and ultimately ourselves as part
of this exquisite whole.
My paintings stand as responses to the investigation, research and enquiry into human connection and interaction,
incorporating relationship with self and other. As a antidote to abstract expressionist post war machismo, this
exploration has taken me to the study of homasociality, in particular, interactions between men.
Information and material has been gathered through facilitating and filming of workshops on the theme of an
enquiry into human connection through movement based practices, primarily contact improvisation. This has acted
as an intelligent metaphor for the shapes and interface of sometimes awkward contact, sometimes heart-felt open
connection. Subsequently the movement and application of paint becomes the mirror of artist in connection, with
subject, paint with canvas.


Artwork 1 Title: Two Men Connecting
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Two Men Connecting is the response to a moment of connection between two men in a
contact improvisation workshop. The original material was from film taken of a reflection in a window. It was chosen
on account of the ambiguity, depicting movement and enquiry by both parties. Afterwards both men spoke of the
need for men to connect with tenderness, gentleness and much more openness.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1766
Artist ID: 1766

Artist Name: Oriane Pierrepoint


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Matriarch
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70 cm by 50 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Pastel and pastel pencil on pastelmat
Artwork 1 Commentary: Portrait of a woman; a mother, a wife and midwife, wearing her Sunday best before
attending her local church in Cardiff.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1767
Artist ID: 1767

Artist Name: Iris R


Artist Statement: My artwork is mainly focused on Feng Shui ideology, according of which the decoration and
organization of the living spaces has a direct energetic influence in our lives.
As a follower of this theory, my initial idea approaching a painting is to make it increase a positive energic
environment in the living spaces. So in my artwork themes can have allusions to archetypes, or esoteric symbolic
elements, and tend to always represent moments of uplifting and inspiring stories.
I explore imaginary characters, on a figurative and realistic style and blend them on abstract backgrounds where
multiple colors emerge from canvas.


Artwork 1 Title: Sagittarius
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 120 x 70 x 4 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Inspired by archetypes and astrology, “Sagittarius― is an acrylic on canvas painting.
with deep edges (4cm), matching the continuity of abstract background, where color explosions allows a magical
effect of perception.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1773
Artist ID: 1773

Artist Name: Alison Stirling

IG: Stirling.alison

Artist Statement: My work explores the conflict and complicity between nature/rural environments and
For the last few years I have painted and photographed Brutalist architecture. I am interested in the simplicity and
uniformity but also the awe inspiring nature of structures as imposing iconic monuments.
The series 'Power Station' is a continuation of that investigation. I am particularly struck by the sight of cooling
towers in rural settings on the verges of cities; both the aesthetic incongruity of how they must have been seen
when first built but also the fluid way in which the bellowing smoke creates cloud formations. The structures,
although imposing can often be paradoxically lost by their place in the industrial landscape, by the familiarity. By
introducing vivid colour I have added an element of chaos, furthering the incongruity. The process involves heating
the surface, the medium becomes fluid and shifts of it's own accord.
Although the structures appear imposing and strong they can also be fragile, for example, one of the cooling tower
structures of Fiddlers Ferry collapsed in 1984. There is a life span to the cooling towers in that they depend on the
longevity of the industry they serve.


Artwork 1 Title: Power Station
Artwork 1 Dimensions: A4
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil pastel on laminted paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: This is part of a series of work which investigates the place of iconic industrial structures
within the landscape.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1775
Artist ID: 1775

Artist Name: Jacklyn Gratzfeld


Artist Statement: My goal is to combine Art with the preservation of Nature. I want to create and celebrate beauty
and emotion and give a voice to the part of nature that cannot speak.


Artwork 1 Title: Conversation
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 57.5x75x2
Artwork 1 Medium: Pastel
Artwork 1 Commentary: I chose pastel for this work to show the fragility of nature. Observing these birds they
seemed to exhibit the group dymanics of a group of people. "Conversation" shows the interaction of the individuals
in this group of birds. I imagine that they are really having a conversation, and that each individual has his or her
place in their social hierarchy. It is my hope to motivate people to love and understand these birds, and the natural
world. I believe that if they are loved and understood, then we will do more to protect them and their habitat.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1776
Artist ID: 1776

Artist Name: Mohamed Rahatwilkar

IG: _ace_of_arts

Artist Statement: I was working on a project revolving around the fragility of organic constructions, specifically bones
as I have always been fascinated with fossils, x-rays and bones when I visited museums. Although bones are normally
seen as a strong organic structure, this project aimed to subvert that and instead bring to light how fragile they are -
despite their perceived strength, they often snap, break, chip or fracture. Particularly I wanted to focus on their
gradual decay, becoming more and more fragile over time and continuously breaking down on their own.

Although initially I wanted to imitate objects – such as a bowl or a leaf – after several experiments, I decided this
project would be more powerful I thought of the objects as living. Drawing the focus of my work towards creating
animate entities rather than inanimate objects, I discovered it gave the structures a more powerful presence and a
sense of purpose. Deciding to explore this further, my work began to delve more and more into the world of
palaeontology, recently I have started touching upon elements of the mythical – such as dragons.


Artwork 1 Title: Decay of the Bone
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60cm Diameter & 30cm Height
Artwork 1 Medium: Plaster
Artwork 1 Commentary: ‘Decay of the Bone’ is a figurative 9 legged entity I made using plaster, combing
elements of living motion I contrast with the resemblance of a deteriorated skeletal structure. The use of plaster
came in to being from the results of previous experiments with other materials, which lead to the conclusion that
plaster had the best quality for portraying decayed bones. The natural colour is quite bone-like, also even though it
can be quite tough it is still breakable under a fair amount of pressure and it rubs off like an aged bone. The piece
was filed down to show a structural resemblance to fingers, however I retained the roughness that I had made while
chipping parts away to act as aesthetically pleasing carvings and reductions from the bones, which gave it an ancient
feel like a fossil. The armature of certain fingers were lifted to depict a sense of motion from the piece for it to
resemble something that was living.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1779
Artist ID: 1779

Artist Name: Zoya Tavakoli

IG: Zoyatavakoli

Artist Statement: I always aim to get a pure feeling like haiku poems in my paintings And my works wont get under
the influence of structures which is leading me to freedom. After years of hard work and effort, I managed to find
the technique in my work, I got to the point where painting take me with itself and I found my ideas in unfinished


Artwork 1 Title: Untitled
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100*70
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic & ink
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1781
Artist ID: 1781

Artist Name: Ammar Syed


Artist Statement: Ammar Syed is a London based visual artist working with photography, drawing and illustration. His
practice focuses on the 'Banal' and the 'Everyday.' His works seek to unpack different narratives of the 'everyday'
and discarded objects on the streets of London. He likes to create an idea of doubt in his work by defamiliarisation
and through placement in a different context. Ammar holds a BA in Graphic Design from the National College of Arts,
Lahore. A PGdip in Communication Design from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design, London and an
MA in Photography from the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London.


Artwork 1 Title: After Van Gogh (Edition of 8)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 114cm x 76cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Giclée print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag
Artwork 1 Commentary: The artwork is a photograph which reminded me of the brush strokes of Van Gogh's
paintings and also since i have done drawing for numerous years it reminded me also of the japanese prints in
monochrome. But on the bottom there is a street view for it to seem contemporary paying tribute to an older time
as well.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1786
Artist ID: 1786

Artist Name: Vivienne Gibbon

IG: viviennegibbon

Artist Statement: Movement and the body’s relationship to created forms are presently the focus of my practice.
Currently utilising predominantly metal sculptural structures combined with the physicality of my body as a basis for
this exploration, I further alter these initial forms by directly interacting with them in live interventions, therefore
both challenging the idea of finite sculpture and seeking an ongoing dialog between myself and the materials.
Thoughts of the balance between revealing and concealing- the need to be seen by the Other and the need to be
hidden - are also explored in these interventions, through which dialogues between interior and exterior worlds are
expressed via the manipulation of physical objects.
As well as integrating my body into these constructed pieces, other sensorial elements offered by the materials are
foregrounded to further enhance immersive and interpretive qualities. Sounds made by ‘playing’ the
sculptural elements in various locations are recorded and edited, then subsequently played back in situ while the live
interventions take place. The recorded sounds are at times dissonant and out of step with the live physical
interactions, yet via responding to the recorded elements with layering of improvised live sound I seek to create a
balanced tension between the creation/destruction process of the performed interventions. The siting of my
sculptures is a further core element I am developing; seeking to respond to specific locales which influence and
blend with the materials and performative elements of the work.


Artwork 1 Title: malleable friendship
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: scrap metal rebar
Artwork 1 Commentary: Made as a result of the kindness of strangers providing the materials, this scrap metal has
been bent through the weight of destruction and cleared away for a new structure. Using the history of the materials
this piece examines the sweetness and tension of connection and relationships, how they are built on many things,
how they can be fragile, ever changing enduring structures within our lives- things we can push a pull against.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1787
Artist ID: 1787

Artist Name: Annabelle Shelton


Artist Statement: Annabelle Shelton was born in London. She studied BA Hons Fine Art at Staffordshire University
and Post Grad. Diploma & MA Fine Art, at Birmingham City University in 2001.
Currently based Sanctuary studios, Northampton.
Shelton’s work focuses on painting, drawing and photography; painting large scale beach scenes on aluminium in
watercolour and graphite pencil. Landlocked in the centre of the UK, Shelton has a fascination for the coastline, not
in the sense of natural phenomena but characterised by the impact of capitalism and the modern condition
investigating the effects and influences of migration to ‘a coastline’, in the context of a social geography.
Shelton draws figures floating in a white space often creating semi abstracted circles, clusters and lines of figures
bunched together. The work also reveals the negative space and the space between, often creating conversations
about the seen and the unseen.
Shelton regularly shows and exhibits nationally and internationally and work is in many collections.


Artwork 1 Title: Cola Beach
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 110cm x 110cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Watercolour on Aluminium
Artwork 1 Commentary: Part of an ongoing collection of painting works that looks to the Beach Place.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1788
Artist ID: 1788

Artist Name: Natalia Glinoer

IG: painternataliaglinoer

Artist Statement: As a portrait painter, people’s emotions and idiosyncrasies compel me to paint. I am often
drawn to human vulnerability and intensity. I like to delve and dig deep, to really capture an honest portrayal of
people. I often paint my family and people I have a strong emotional connection with because I feel that in many
ways its most honest and often revealing, but also comforting. Feelings are the driving force behind my paintings and
I hope that they reveal a sensitive portrayal of the people who are close to me in my life, and I hope I can share this
with my viewers. I’m drawn to naturalism, alongside a painterly approach, to express some intimacy with the
people I paint. I am working to try to establish a deeper connection through my process. I continuously paint with
oils on linen because the feel and texture have a strong rhythm of conveying my visual language clearly. Since
studying at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, I have learnt to scrutinize my own work and have been driven to
develop an ongoing portfolio that I feel really highlights the type of painter I wish to become. My inspiration also
stems from my RBA Rome Scholarship Award that I won in 2017, which enabled me to study in Rome for a month;
Artemisia Gentileschi, Michelangelo and Caravaggio have played a huge part in influencing my current practice and
allowing me to disclose a narrative on relationships with myself and my sitters.


Artwork 1 Title: Lana
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 51 x 39 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: oil on linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: Here is a friend of mine, I wanted to showcase her vulnerability as well as expressing a
sense of empowerment,
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1790
Artist ID: 1790

Artist Name: Joan Syckelmoore

IG: Joan Syckelmoore

Artist Statement: My sculpture represents the ‘circle of life’. It would be placed where local landscape can
reflect within it.

It has evolved from my childhood memories, inspired by the East coast of Scotland within the 1960’s. Where
fishing, coal mining & steel foundries were prominent.

The first section is my interpretation of Fallopian tubes, moving through the womb and curves of the ribs as
protection, to the rugged coastline and visible hills and mining shafts. While the dramatic light and rapidly changing
weather reflects within the piece as people use the sculpture to converge, reflect and contemplate.

The curves also symbolising moving through life and transitioning from life to death, the two figures reflecting as
they succumb and genuflect to the sea as fishermen and to the coal mines as miners.


Artwork 1 Title: Memories
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H 200cm W 250cm L 275cm
Artwork 1 Medium: 1 piece of cut steel
Artwork 1 Commentary: “ Memories, “. steel sculpture. Inspired by East Coast of Scotland
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1791
Artist ID: 1791

Artist Name: David Hanley


Artist Statement: My figurative abstract style of work is my way of trying to connect creativity and mental health. My
work is addressing the development of young people trying understand the new world that they are entering. I feel
there is more pressure than ever on young people.. when there is less and less support, and lack of education and
funding in helping the mental health outbreak.


Artwork 1 Title: Monday Blues
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 76x102 (cm)
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic om canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: This piece is expressing the development of youth when entering the very manic adulthood
world of work. The figures are blurred and colliding with a background that resembles the need to stand out when
you feel that nothing is going your way. The harsh background links to the peoples past, holding in the subconscious
and sculpting the future paths, regardless of trying to break free.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1792
Artist ID: 1792

Artist Name: Helen Ireland

IG: helenire2017

Artist Statement: Though my work I am considering the connections and links to memory which may be triggered by
our senses particularly in relation to object and/or place. These memories are for the main part personal but may
also be collective as much of the subject matter I choose to use surrounds ideas of home and family.
I am also interested in exploring the constant cycles of loss, decay and renewal - a continuum of which everything is
a part, and seeing beauty in imperfection (Wabi-Sabi).

The process of making, experimentation and pushing materials plays an important role in my practice. I chose to be
as environmentally friendly in my making as possible.


Artwork 1 Title: Evoke
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 3x42x29.7
Artwork 1 Medium: Japanese tissue paper and rice glue.
Artwork 1 Commentary: The making of these paper casts was triggered upon finding a long forgotten box of old
family cutlery, hand- me- downs with strong links to personal, particularly childhood, memory.
I am attempting to create casts using only Japanese tissue paper and homemade rice glue. These are as thin as
possible, almost to the point of disintegration, but at the same time they are still able to hold their shape. My aim is
for them to be powerful a powerful and evocative despite their fragility.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1793
Artist ID: 1793

Artist Name: Cameron Duke

IG: camerondukeart

Artist Statement: There is a constant interest in how abstraction is a main factor that impacts my work. Currently, I
am initially looking at tapestries, ranging from the 1700 to the current day. I am constantly trying to create paintings
that turn the figurative subject matter into abstracted painting. The paintings are being created with the mind set of
creating a composition that tells a story through figurative qualities, through editing interesting shapes that I take
from the tapestry to my paintings.

Colour is an important element to the work. I think the colours that are always mixed from primary colours are what
make the work have the abstract quality that it does. I enjoy the combination of creating synthetic colours with more
natural colours. There is a fun and playful quality to how I am trying to represent tapestries.

The materiality of the work is vital in how it is perceived. There are works that have been painted with the mind-set
of the paintings being wall hangings, however there are also paintings that through using plastic and muslin, both
slightly transparent materials, allow me to layer to create a depth to the work.

There is a confidence I have within how I work from painting on the wall, to the paintings being cut up into sections I
find successful, which are later stretched for some of the works. The experimentation of paintings and not fearing
how a painting will turn out is something that truly excites me.


Artwork 1 Title: The double layered tap
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 78
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic paint and oil pastel on muslin and plastic
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1796
Artist ID: 1796

Artist Name: Christopher Mulray


Artist Statement: My work is personal by nature, a recollection of interests, hopes and fears, each a landscape of the
psyche as I explore human nature from the perspective off someone who was diagnosed with Schizophrenia.
Capturing the erratic nature off the illness and how it effects my life and hopefully it can reach out to other people.


Artwork 1 Title: Mind (Self Portrait)
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 23x28cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Mixed Media
Artwork 1 Commentary: This small mix media piece is a continuation of exploring mental health, using mark making
to represent movement in which the mind is constantly active in both a positive and negative way. A new element I
introduced to this piece is hand stitching the paper with needle and thread which represents the desire to fix your
mind and keeping it together.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1798
Artist ID: 1798

Artist Name: Luis Filipe Rodrigues


Artist Statement: I was born in 1971 in Portugal, I did a course in Fine Arts from the University of Porto (Portugal), I
did an MA in Art Education in Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon (Portugal), I have an Architecture Doctorate
(PhD) in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (Portugal), with thesis on drawing. My residence is in
Santo Tirso (22 Km from Oporto) and I am working where I live. I am married and I have two children. I play tennis
and my preferred philosopher is Immanuel Kant, my preferred scientist is António Damásio, my preferred painter
is Wassily Kandinsky; my preferred sculptor is Tony Cragg, my preferrend singer is Tom Waits; my preferred architect
is Frank Gehry; my preferred writer is Milan Kundera; my preferred movie director is Peter Greenway; my preferred
actor is Robin Williams.
I am making drawings with a regular frequency since 2010, but I have a fascination about drawing mainly since 1986
when I was 15 years old. I have several projects running at the same time, but I chose this project because is the
longer one.


Artwork 1 Title: memories of shapes
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: pen on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary: In this drawing I try to find out several shapes having in mind implicit ideas about the
shadows that compositions of objects can creat.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1800
Artist ID: 1800

Artist Name: Fiwart Fiwart

IG: fiwartfiwart

Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: She...
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 145 x 125 x 120
Artwork 1 Medium: Sculpture
Artwork 1 Commentary: A large consensus indicates that childhood trauma is significantly involved in the
development of depression. It has shown to be a high cause affliction in adulthood.

Psychologists define memory as the mental process of encoding, storing and retrieving different sorts of
information. We often unconsciously create and recall our memories. Our brains store memories but sometimes we
lose them.

Clouds: the idea of clear thinking and emotional purity. They are also a symbol of secrets, mystery, and emotions.
They come in many shapes and forms.

Clouds can never be touched. The human form can be embedded in clouds, or the clouds themselves can take on a
human form.

She looked around for a way out but was surrounded by a cage. What we should think about now is whether the
cage is protecting her, or is she looking for ways to protect herself?
The cage looks so strong, the clouds look so invisible, and it is not difficult to escape.

What happened in childhood has a large impact on the psychological state of an adult. When terrible memories have
been repeated in my mind, the strength to break away from those memories has long since faded away.

For children who are insecure or even think that they can protect themselves, the desire to seek security and a safe
haven cannot be ignored and cannot be eliminated.

And this desire will create contradictory ideas. I need a person to give a sense of security, but at the same time, I
want to build a wall of my own to avoid being hurt.

After a while, I fail to find someone who can provide me that security that I yearn. Then, I give up briefly and tell
myself that I am the only one that can provide my own sense of security.

When I finally succumb to the desire of having people appear in my life again, I find myself once again looking for
that person….

Dependence and security are often frustrating, they seem to be linked but they can also be disconnected.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1802
Artist ID: 1802

Artist Name: Alon Talmi


Artist Statement: Hello.

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Alon Talmi. I was born and raised in a village in the north of Israel. Ever
since I remember myself, I was attracted to nature and hiking, in the beginning with my father and later in life with
my kids. While hiking, I was always on the look on the marvel of nature, noticing various images that are portrayed
by nature and the wild. My imagination took me on imaginary trips filling them up with stories.
My passion for art exposed me to certain specific artists whose works exhibit a strong connection between art,
nature, and the human feelings. One of the artists, whose work influenced me the most, is Antoni Pitxot.
During the creation of my own work, I feel how the materials from nature communicate with me and guide me
through the process. The emotions I experience during the work and the hidden feelings of the materials influence
the whole process. Hence, the mix of nature and man-made creation are expressed in my works.
The most important stage in creating the work is photographing. The reflection of the light creates an imagery,
freezing a moment into a single frame. This frame manifests nature and presents the hidden feelings in it, including
all of the human strengths and weaknesses.


Artwork 1 Title: Broken
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 70/50/3
Artwork 1 Medium: Photo Direct Print behind Acrylic Glass
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1803
Artist ID: 1803

Artist Name: Linda Love


Artist Statement: I like the lonliness of my piece the emptiness of corrosion


Artwork 1 Title: Lonliness
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 720x540
Artwork 1 Medium: Camera
Artwork 1 Commentary: Emptiness has a lonliness to it a chasm to scream in
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1804
Artist ID: 1804

Artist Name: Peter Young


Artist Statement: I was greatly encouraged by the response to my 2018 entry on social media, receiving positive
comments from around the world. My main work is in oils, but I also use acrylics and do graphite drawings for a
variety of subject matter including portrait, landscape and cityscape. I particularly enjoy capturing people in


Artwork 1 Title: Brian Unplugged
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50x60x1.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on linen
Artwork 1 Commentary: Everyone has dreams and aspirations, and although Brian's vocation as an electrician, and
the need to support a family, made it difficult to pursue a career in music, he has nevertheless been able to express
himself in a touring rock band, and build up a respectable collection of fine instruments. He agreed to sit for me
whilst jamming on his pride and joy Rickenbacker guitar.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1806
Artist ID: 1806

Artist Name: Joseph O'Neill


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Wing
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 48 x 33 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Photography
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1807
Artist ID: 1807

Artist Name: Jenwei Huang


Artist Statement: JenWei Huang is an Taiwan TDU design cooperation center a artist and graphic designer, senior
creative. Design cooperation center located on the side of Shigeo Fukuda Design Museum. He focuses on
commercial art, typography, branding, and poster art.


Artwork 1 Title: Heart
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x140x0cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Heart
Artwork 1 Commentary: The motifs are composed of 525 characters layered on top of each other, each character
visibly containing either of the two “xin― radicals. “Xin― means “heart― in Chinese and, in the
series, it represents the emotional aspect of writing, since even individual ideographic Chinese characters can
express moods, traits and aspirations. Although a common human experience, this form of expression is uniquely
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1808
Artist ID: 1808

Artist Name: Jennie Barcikowski


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Java
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 38 x 50
Artwork 1 Medium: Reduction Relief Print
Artwork 1 Commentary: Java is a three color reduction relief print depicting a Javan rhinoceros swimming through
the waters of a river in their homeland. The work is simple, with intentions to just showcase this gentle giant to the
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1809
Artist ID: 1809

Artist Name: Christina Straub


Artist Statement: I am new to painting, I have taken a few classes since relocating to the UK from Florida. At first I
could not work because I did not have my residence card, so I bought some used oil paints off eBay and started self
teaching, then signed up for a few classes and I was hooked. I fell in love with Portrait painting. This painting is of
or maintenance man's daughter. She loves dance like my daughter so I offered to paint her for free. ( I wanted to
practice younger children)
Her father loved the picture and is going to surprise his wife with it as a Christmas gift. He agreed I could submit my
work and if it made it into the competition I could send the painting in.


Artwork 1 Title: Young ballerina
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 24in X 48in
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: New painter, new ballerina, both love the arts.
Canvas from "The Works", Oil paints from eBay, Paint brushes from "Wish". Nothing posh, but love created this
painting, and the gift was received with joy. In the end....this painting won.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1810
Artist ID: 1810

Artist Name: Shannon Marinko


Artist Statement: My work history is primarily in short film and television.

But whatever the form, the majority of my work comes from an unfortunately-regular impulse of "Well, it's too silly
NOT to do..."
This piece fits well into that category.


Artwork 1 Title: The Book Of Life, By Index
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 30x40x20
Artwork 1 Medium: Ink on paper, on metal frame
Artwork 1 Commentary: An index of The Book of Life.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1812
Artist ID: 1812

Artist Name: Zofia Nowakowska


Artist Statement: My art is about our capacity to physically harm another human being. During Second World War
we were ripping out gold teeth from dead bodies, changing human's fat into soap, producing lampshades from
tattooed skin. There's a new generation in a modern world which doesn't know what hunger, poverty, and hate are.
In the 21st century, we forgot what a real war means. I believe that remembering that pain and history can save us
from the Third World War.


Artwork 1 Title: Genocide No. 1
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 60cm x 95 cm x 60 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Plaster
Artwork 1 Commentary: A heap of gold teeth presents what one person is able to do to another human being. I hark
back to the Second World War when humans' destruction was highly mechanized in the concentration camps.
Despite the sacral attitude towards the dead body, it was very common that time to see people ripping out gold
teeth on request or just to get rich. In the book "Golden Harvest" Jan Tomasz Gross claims that it's always too soon
or too late to "talk about it". I believe that we can't forget about what was happening during the First World War,
Second, and the rest of them. We live in a very peaceful and comfortable world at first glance. However, it doesn't
take much to change everything. Many countries have got bombs which can destroy even our whole planet. Wars
are bad. Everyone knows it, but not many of us really understand what does it mean to live during that time. In my
art I want to present how cruel and brutal we can be- not in a survival situation but when we are blinded by idea,
belief, obsession.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1813
Artist ID: 1813

Artist Name: Friederike Bak


Artist Statement: born in 63, studies design and design management, works in publicity since 20 years, lives and
works in France and Germany


Artwork 1 Title: long-lasting-landscape
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 200cmx50cm
Artwork 1 Medium: digital-painting
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1814
Artist ID: 1814

Artist Name: Star Aylott-Martin


Artist Statement: I enjoyed watching The Blue Planet, but i was shocked to see what we are doing to our world. My
main love is Art, so i came up with the idea of using all the plastic bags we are throwing away to make the sea. I used
one of old toys to express what this will means for me when i have grown up. I also used plastic straws and a melted
crisp packet to add to the waste. My sky is stormy and dark to show the planet is unhappy and my fish are drowning
in the plastic sea.
I'm am entering this artwork for my daughter Star age 12 years.
Julian Martin


Artwork 1 Title: Plastic Sea
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 40x50x5
Artwork 1 Medium: Paint and Plastic
Artwork 1 Commentary: I use a plywood board , painted it off white, used acrylic paints for the sky and fish, then
glued on plastic bags ,a plastic toy, straws and a crisp packet.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1815
Artist ID: 1815

Artist Name: Louise Edwards


Artist Statement: I have worked as a solicitor for many years and have painted in my spare time. I paint portraits in
oil, mainly from my imagination. I am just about to embark on 12 months sabbatical to see how far I can get in the
painting world.

I am an expressive painter with many of the portraits completed in one sitting. I aim to portray inner feelings that I
observe on the faces of people I meet day to day. The faces I paint inevitably have distortions which I feel enhances
the emotion that I am attempting to paint. Additionally most of my portraits are painted with thick impasto paint
and are brightly coloured which will either add to or conflict with the nature of the portrait.


Artwork 1 Title: 'The steak is underdone!'
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 83cm x 65 cm X 2 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Board
Artwork 1 Commentary: This painting was completed rapidly in one sitting using quick light brushwork. The paint
seemed to drag from my brush and I liked the scraping effect that it left, particularly on the face. Although I usually
try to depict strong inner emotions, and am often drawn to inner turmoil, this chef just seems to look very cross that
someone has returned one of his meals and I wouldn't like to be in their shoes!
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1816
Artist ID: 1816

Artist Name: Udo Rutschmann


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Oscillator
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 180 x 90 x 55
Artwork 1 Medium: spring steel rods
Artwork 1 Commentary: The Oscillator is comprised of spring steel rods less than half a millimeter in diameter
and suspended from a metal frame,

The frame forms a seemingly stereo metrical superstructure, but at a closer glance one recognizes that the frame is
contorted and unsymmetrical in shape. 

The spring steel rods are held together by brittle soldering spots which clearly mark intersections and create spatial

A structural system is used to embody an omnipresent human condition

– Fragility and interdependency -
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1817
Artist ID: 1817

Artist Name: Behnaz Abdollahi


Artist Statement:


Artwork 1 Title: Cyclone
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x140 cm
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1818
Artist ID: 1818

Artist Name: Tasja Lennox

IG: Tasjalennox

Artist Statement: I like too paint people on canvas using oils. I aim too capture their expressions, revealing their
emotions. I am beginning too work on producing portraits of many people around the world which capture emotion.
My interest in psychology has inspired me too paint these portraits.


Artwork 1 Title: The Crying Boy
Artwork 1 Dimensions: H90 W90 D4.5
Artwork 1 Medium: Oils paints on cotton canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1822
Artist ID: 1822

Artist Name: Janet Terry


Artist Statement: As a landscape painter I strive to capture the essence of the landscape and to connect people with
it. I work in both oils and acrylics, making images through direct observation and en plein air.
I use colour definitively to emphasise form, shape and composition and to impart a feeling of positivity to the
observer. My mark making is achieved with palette knives or brushes and I like to experiment using both.
I often under paint to give the canvas a stability and allow me more freedom to add texture and intensity of colour.
Overall I try to share my life experiences through my art, use of colour and my interaction with the environment.


Artwork 1 Title: Are we drowning?
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 77x 51 x 1
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Fields, horizons and skies intertwined with water are a fascination. I wanted to depict these
particular features within the conceptual framework of environmental concerns and climate change asking the
question , are we in flood or drought? The looming skies and rising waters would seem to suggest flood. But it is not
fixed. There are many answers!
I used predominantly palette knives which give the mark making a free flow of colour and expression linked to the
original idea for the painting.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1824
Artist ID: 1824

Artist Name: Andrew Ruffle


Artist Statement: Resident of Kent-specializing in oil on canvas-Amateur status-Still honing my stylistic preferences
and inclinations, which I feel this painting closely represents.


Artwork 1 Title: The Watering Hole
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 61 x 76.2 x 2
Artwork 1 Medium: Oil on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: Oil on canvass depiction of an African water hole scene in an abstract realist style.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1825
Artist ID: 1825

Artist Name: Yichiao Chen


Artist Statement: Artist Statement

My journey of self-exploration towards an artistic life.

For my art practice, exploring the five elements as the starting point, which is from Chinese theory. I interested in
the theory regarding circle, balancing, generating, influence each other of this world. I observe the elements of
nature in the natural world (gold, wood, water, fire, earth), through the five elements, observing the different
intersections between elements and people, and explore the different natural stimuli, discovering in our world.

The Five Elements is a systematic view of Taoism since ancient times in China. It is widely used in traditional Chinese
medicine, numerology, art and divination.

If yin and yang are an ancient theory of the unity of opposites, the theory of the five elements can be said to be a
primitive system theory. According to the Five Elements Theory, the phenomenon of nature is summarized by the
changes of the five kinds of gas: wood, fire, earth, gold, and water. It not only affects the destiny of the human being
but also causes the universe to circulate; it emphasizes the overall concept and depicts The structural relationship
and form of movement of things.

For me, as a mother, in the process from pregnancy to the upbringing of two children, I have felt the fragility and
preciousness of human life. Therefore, I want to explore the changes in people in different phases of growth, who
have been experiencing changes in the natural environment. My art practice is aimed to explore the different
changes in the relationship between people and the natural environment between the five elements, and those in
people facing different stimuli. In order to create sculptures, installation art and video works by combining different
materials of natural elements.

Yi-Chiao, Chen
Artist, based in London
Wimbledon College of Art, MFA Fine Art


Artwork 1 Title: gold with childold with child
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 162X112X4.5 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: oil painting
Artwork 1 Commentary: The golden elements of nature give birth to an infinite imagination.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1826
Artist ID: 1826

Artist Name: Felix Obermaier

IG: @felix_obermaier

Artist Statement: My life project ‘Life Forms Of Universe’ is painted with black marker and acrylic paint on
paper. These forms all have their open soul holes to look through them on a mirror. Therefore, we can see us in this
mirror realising that we are these ‘Life Forms Of Universe’. This is our life getting shown in colorful and various

The black lines are an essential part of my art which I need in order for these ‘Life Forms Of Universe’ to feel
right and to see them, see us, when creating and painting them, as well as looking at and inside them after
completion. It’s the awareness of being part of every single ‘Life Form Of Universe’, of every living being on
earth, which I see when looking into the mirrors of my artworks. This realization is more important than anything
else to me and ultimately makes me happy.

My artworks are created with the ease of living my gay life as a young adult and world citizen, someone of a kind
nature, a positive outlook on life and inspired by nature. A warm and loving feeling towards the universe, myself and
my environment, as well as a feeling connected and being friends with every ‘Life Form Of Universe’ are
always in my consciousness.


Artwork 1 Title: Life Form Of Universe No. 5
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 59,4 x 84,1cm
Artwork 1 Medium: black marker and acrylic paint on paper
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1827
Artist ID: 1827

Artist Name: Robin Palma


Artist Statement: "Ash trees" is a mixed media work on mirror.

When you see yourself in the mirror -behind the trees- your image become part of the artwork and you can interact
with it, but if you loose yourself into it -leaving behind your ego- you'll see only the trees and their beautiful shining

At night, the shadow on the ground will reveal the trees curvy silhouette and add to the artwork another dimension.

"Ash trees" is entirely done by hand at the back of the mirror, first I sandblasted the areas created with a single curvy
line then I painted the exposed glass. I also added wood to the trunks and foil to the foliage.


Artwork 1 Title: Ash trees
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 100x90x2
Artwork 1 Medium: mixed media on mirror
Artwork 1 Commentary: In order to show the artwork more clearly, all the mirror reflections have been intentionally

The shadow is projected by a light at the top (removable and battery powered), it is only visible in the dark and I
used image editing to give you a clear and accurate representation of it.

"Ash trees" is part of a new line of work titled "Trees on mirror" and I've recently completed 13 artworks.

Size: 100x90x2 Cm Weight: 9 Kg

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1829
Artist ID: 1829

Artist Name: Katie Cross


Artist Statement: ‘Sea at Night’

Katie graduated from the prestigious Falmouth College of Arts in 2006 with a BA Hons. degree in Interior

While studying Katie fell in love with the natural, rugged and romantic coastline of Cornwall. Her imagination and
love of nature inspired her to create abstract paintings of the sea.

Katie studied Interior Architecture and is also interested in the psychology of art. How a single piece or series of
pieces can have an effect on a person within a space. Katie wanted to create an intense, emotional feeling from
creating moody abstract pieces inspired from the Romanticism period.


Artwork 1 Title: Sea at Night
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 1000 (L) x 500 (W) x 35 (D)
Artwork 1 Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artwork 1 Commentary: ‘Sea at Night’

Inspired by nature and the rugged coastline of Cornwall.

Abstract modern art inspired by The Romanticism Period and Art Psychology.

Intense, emotional pieces creating an atmosphere within an Interior Space.

Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1830
Artist ID: 1830

Artist Name: Aidan Tagg


Artist Statement: Aidan Tagg was born in Maidstone, Kent in 1971. Having lived in New Zealand, Germany, Norway,
London and Worcestershire, he is now settled in Long Buckby, Northamptonshire.
Despite leaving school with no qualifications, he went on to gain a degree and an MA in English literature, politics
and philosophy.
By day, Aidan is the sole gardener on a 700 acre private estate in Fawsley, Northamptonshire.
Artistically he is a painter in oil paints and an RHS award winning garden designer. He takes inspiration first from
human emotions and sexual identity, then the landscape or the subject itself, combining both to create inspiring
pieces of art for people to think about and hopefully enjoy.
The unique colours and impasto produced by mixing oil paint make this his preferred medium.


Artwork 1 Title: Mr Blue
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 168x61x3
Artwork 1 Medium: Michael Harding oil paint on canvas.
Artwork 1 Commentary: Mr Blue was a hunting horse I chose to paint through my work as the head gardener on a
private estate in Northamptonshire.
He came across as steely and masculine, but his pink nose always needed suncream.
After six months, I gained his trust. Then I realised his masculinity was meerly a front for fearing the unknown.
As an artist exploring identity, Mr Blue says as much to me about vulnerability as being male.
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1831
Artist ID: 1831

Artist Name: Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou


Artist Statement: Paris is a five year old boy who draws with great passion and creativity from two years old.He has
an astonishing love for animals.He strongly believes that all animals must be loved and protected.He is mostly
fascinated by strong wild animals especially tigers and hyenas .He would gladly move to the jungle and become a
part of it.For the time being he draws for many hours mostly his favorite subject.


Artwork 1 Title: Hayna
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 29,7x42
Artwork 1 Medium: Charcoal and marker
Artwork 1 Commentary: Hayna is a powerful wild animal that it’s not widely loved..Paris adores hayna and
believes that they are truly magnificent creatures.This hayna would be Paris friend
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1832
Artist ID: 1832

Artist Name: Laurent Hoff


Artist Statement: Nothing


Artwork 1 Title: LABORATORY
Artwork 1 Dimensions: 50X50X12 CM
Artwork 1 Medium: SCULPTURE
Artwork 1 Commentary:
Artwork 1 Image:

Catalogue1 ID1834
Artist ID: 1834

Artist Name: Angele Gulbinaite


Artist Statement: Finding beauty in simple everyday life or even in ugly parts of it is the biggest creative drive.

My paintings reflect the contrast of beauty and horror, life and death, pretentious exterior and 'rotten' interior.

Presented painting is created using acrylic paint, which allowed me to add desired details and depth. It is one of my
favourite mediums.