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Application and Usage Inhalation + Difse your choieof ols for hou every 46 howe ordi, Puc 2-3 drops of your choren olin your hands nd rab cher tgeer, cup your hands oer your ‘ose and inhale thoughout the day a5 needed Pa 8-10 drops ofl on a cotton bl sae and pucit in an ae vencin your house, vehicle, hotel rom, et ising we seeping, ce your time for he esd length of tine for automate shu of. ‘Tpcal ou may apply single cil or blends neat or dined, depending on thee o ile Being used. Please see ‘he insretons ache beginning ofthis chapter for ‘mote informacion on applying ols to che skin 1 Apply 2-4 deop neat o died 50350 on afoted auctor join 3-5 tines daly o ar needed ro soothe pain + Apply a cold compress atound afc joint 1-3 ties daly Ingestion The amoune of ingested varie with dient ils ‘Whether puting the alsin caple dining ‘hem in liquid, please reer othe insane st ‘he begining ofthis chap, 1 Take I capsule with desired il 2 times daly, + Puc2.3 dops of lin a spoonflof Bue Agave, acon Syup, maple syrup, coconut ol, mil, ee + Pucthedesied amount ofl in a glass of rice milk, almond mill, goat milk, car jue, NingXia Red or een water and then drink ic CANCER ‘Cancer among the mos comple and dic of any haman diet eae. A pane diagnosed wih ‘ance should lays dee vo his her pian foe rimary cae. Kerping shin mid, mmr of individ have achive succes emis by felling natal protocol and some ofthe principles ovslned in this section, Teisimporaneso nee that many natu teaps— especially thom using even eis be in theca ages ofc In fc alll wal ae showing that Frankincense the number ane inhibitor of many canes. Ceol high in dimonene, ining Orage, Grapefruit, and Tangerine, work beer a can preventatves thn cance ements, alhough dey have ben teed to have powerful, anccancer properties inal sages of ance, A study at Chasing Cross Hospi in London, England, pushed in 1998 achieved cose 3 15 percent remision rt in pacents with advanced colon and breast cace sing doses fom I 0 15 grams of ‘limonene fom Orange oil thei only eaten. In ptlens wih only weeks or months live, limonene ‘teatmencexendd patient lives by up o 18 months ‘The Foundation of Natural Cancer Treatment Natura weatnent of cancer or any ils i highly lbated topic bur when you ae faced with anes, Finding solucons becomes important Emotions and Cancer Cancer should always be tated ist by discovering ‘he undelying emotions chat conte to te nse ofthe das. In many ses, negative emotions and eaurma no only egg the begoning of cancer but ca farther ies metas, Any kindof regi emodon anger, feat, ae, helpless, ahundonment-—can cause the cancer o spread fe. When een ls ate we at dhe bass fn emotional ear program, they can have powesuly postive elfen improving the atid and ‘motional we-bing and potential outcome of the iscase Essential ol lends such 5 White Angelic, Release, Grouading, Inner Child, Tuma Lie Fogveness, Joy, Common Sense, Hope, Bleve, Peace {8 Calming, Valor and SARA can form the center oF any emovonl care regen (See the chapter on emotional suport. Cleansing and Removing Toxins Indus pllarans such as benzene an ead along, ‘vith fie eine such a cigar ole, chem hetroeyeic amines fom oereooked mest, and iay overs conuebue to a vat major of ences Even dhl radiation from computes cll phone, and avast number ofeeccl appliances may contibue wo a toxic overload within the boy. Toy’ fist fod indus isa major eu in seling so much nutonally deficient food thar we ‘xt, Processed food i fat and convenient, but sit ‘woth che threat to our helt? Cosmetics, Bar sprays ‘yes soaps pats, and household cleaners add co amends li of plutant in. our environment and toxic to which we are subjected To help lower thesis of cancer tis imporane ro reduce the expose to these chemicals and change out die andthe produce that we use in ou enironment The chemical should be avoided a all cos, schey an damage DNA, decree inmuniny, prom oncogenes (genes hat ca en normal als into cancer cell), and secteate cancer developmen. Cleansing and Chelation “The foundation oF any cancer program should begin with period of eleasing, Cleansing and chelacion {an help remove some ofthe roxin- and petochemica buiklp shat may have rggered the cance nly Fasting cam be ne ofthe single, most powerful anvicance aos avaible, pails in dhe exly Stages, Anyone who tin advanced ages of cancer must cleanse very slowly ose how dhe body respond Going without fod and denking only juices mined ould be desimental ca sick body. ‘Common sense es 0 be wed inal tuacions sent is chat improve ive ancion and promote htathione can form dhe enero Akeoxieaton program. Leman and Orange ol, in studies at Johns Hopkins Universi, hae shown 0 Subscancally increte glutathione eels in the Liver and Colon, which have beneficial fe in detosifeaion. Chelation can be particulary important in remaning carcinogenic metals fom the body. Studs in Germany have shown that ransion mec uch iron, metry lead 200 nickel, and adrium can accumulate 1o high levee mors, parla in Treat cancer tise, A sri of chelation to eliminate these metals can produce tremendous benef inthe caer nage of cancer" Rice brane god chelator of meas and contains enone phyenustions ur goons orranal and ‘othe compounds, Iisa ich in immune simalting Sbinonlans thar increase cancer cell death. “The Ningaa wollberys ich in polysaccharides thar similar amplify iui. A amber finial esa shave shown shat wolfbery compounds fan dramaccalynsrove cancer remisio,pacclaly ‘when combined with immne-smulating therapies Cleansing Products Suitable for Most Cancers Many procs suppor the body in es deansing pro ces You wll not be able akeall che cleansing rod ‘0s decide which one you want take an how smc you want o tke ofeach product. Wie down our progam so you canfolow i consent, Sart Slowly 0 your body an sllus and begin ease (Cleansing: Esenilsyne, Dewxryme, ‘Essentnzymee, vaPower,uvaTone, ComforTone, DiGi, GLE JinaCleanse JovaFlex, Ning Red Emotional Support Scr Fankineens, Frankincense Lavender, Palo Sant, Rose, Ylang, Ylang Amazonian Ylang Ying, Accepance, Bele, Bran Power,Camaman Sense, Dre Caches, Gathering, Eason, Forgiven, CGattae, Harman, Hop, Joy Live with Pasion, Maivacon Present Time, Peace 8 (Gaming, RucVaL, RuaVaRoll-On, The Gi Tragformation, Vibe, White Angelica Enzymes Ramping Protocol Esentlayme was formulated in 1984 with this prowooa for someone serng fom 2 degenerative disci, Phase 1: Toke 3 ables 3 dimes diy. Increase by 1 ‘able every day unl you become nauszous and then discontinue Exensialyme for 24 to 36 hours Phase 2'Tke 4 tables 3 times daly. Increase daly by 1 table uni you become nauseous, Rest (disconcine) agnor 24-36 hous Phase 3 Take 5 tables 3 imes daly Incease dally by 1 eablet unl yu become nauseous. Res for 24.36 hous Phase 4 Siac gui withthe amount that you were taking before the sus ecured the sid time For example If you were taking 18 tablets you ‘would hive bec king @ alt 3 mes daily hen you became auseous, “Therefor, tare Phe 4 agin with 6 ables 3 ‘ime dally and continue with ths amoune for 6 weeks WU UURURERONUURURERBROUNUOEDD) Phat 5 Inthe 7th week, stat the enzyme-rarmping [program al over again. This means to begia phase 1 agai and increase the amount by 1 each day tnt nase oF vomiking nat agsin. Repeat and continue for 6 weeks as previously described, your doctor determines that you rein ‘emission, you can mains wth 5-10 cables Ahly for one year 6 days a week Maimenances Take 5-10 Essenalyme tablets 3 tes day Caution Tis sa very sigorous program 50 you should consult with your doco of beath-are profesional before sarcing and have char person ‘monitor your progres during the program, Why Fasting Works [New research has uncovered tha insulin receptors rma cancer cls erent fom normal cll Cancer calls have over 10 times the number of receptors for Inline 2 normal cell. Exces insulin can simulate ‘he exadol ex hormones suchas estradiol, estrone, and esol. The ovaries produce primarily exradil, Mast fe citcatng estrone stems fom a conversion of eiio inthe liver, eventhough the ovaries produce smllamounsof estrone “The ive plys.a major role as che chemisey laboratory o he body cause the live ithe bxys largest ft oing organ icwill hold pewochercals now a senocstogens that are cancer-causing gens enoestogen: disape the covension of etradil and ‘ie adivisien ofthe ron “his von willbe ther negative or pose. If sseadia cones IGalpha-hyrompestone, cancer: causing agent, ths estrone wl then bind to the esogen recepor in female and male eprdutive organs. Ifesadiol corer to 2-hydoxyesone 2 cancer- _prenting seo hor, it wl bind o sick to he reeepeos, proscting chem from the harm eszone “Thr ha caused oof controversy among dhe acral Ihe ad allopathic practioner for yt. [Natural homones produced in the body are refered tw assteoid hormones. Synthetic hormones ae called ronsteroid hormones. Most people do aot understand hae pine homones are nether seroid nor nonsteroid hormones. ‘They ae natural phytohormones that encourage che production of -hydroxyestone, the cancer prevenive hormone that does nor bind or stick the receptor sites contrary othe nonseroid hormones tha case iaflammaton and cyto the “Theresa vdence that phytohormonts will sximulaeetogen-sestve cance. Phyzohornones are the same athe hormone-supporting chemical compounds found inthe seni ls of Fennel, Clary Sag, Melisa, Lemongrass, Sage, ce “Thee isalse no aso wo be concer about food unless ict a GMO food like oy. Hebs like black cahosh do norarimulate estrogen-sensive cancer, ‘Quite simply they are neither seid nor nonsterid simulating hormones. Another cone iso understand that metabolic cnaymes ate required to help flat steroid hormone conversion. When the body and live ate toc, this becomes serous problem. erating a mesic cnayme deficiency. In the absence of metabolic enzymes and ato lve, estado is converted 0 1Galphae |ydronyestone he canoer casing hormones ‘Tae hormores hat nzuraly occur in mil require smetbelichomones to ensure they ae converted to ‘Sin Eotion | Essential Os Desk Retarence | 849