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President, Susan King, called the meeting to order at 6:32 pm.

Representing the management company, Presidio Realty, Inc. were Steve Rodeiro, Assistant to the CEO, C.A.M. and Sheila Ullmann, C.A.M., property manager. The new Board Member, Joseph Kalinowski was introduced.

Steve Rodeiro introduced the new Board Members. Steve Rodeiro explained there were 3 positions available for the Board of Directors and since only 3 members applied, there would be no election. Their official tenure starts at the adjournment of this meeting.

Patti Place made a motion to waive the reading of the previous minutes. Susan King seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Susan King spoke about the importance of changing the air conditioner filters. There was Key Royal mugs and can holders for everyone in attendance. Key Royal shirts and base hats were available for sale. The shirts are 2 for $25 and the hats are $10 each.

A twenty minutes question and answer period was held.

#1412 Sharon Stites questioned the form that was to be filled out by all the residents. Susan King responded that name, address and phone numbers would be needed in case of emergency.

#1011 Chuck Cannon asked Sheila Ullmann about guest passes. He didn’t feel there were enough spaces near building #10.

#531 Kristen Farrar thanked the board for the palm trees that were planted near the front entrance at the circle to avoid accidents. Patti Place explained that some kids almost go hit by vehicles going the wrong way. A new speed bump would be placed on Key Royal Lane.

#1631 Al LaFemina had an estimate done which would include an island. He felt the palms are a hazard, especially during hurricanes.

#1011 Patti Cannon asked if the owners received financial reports. Her husband said that he had it.

#311 Charlie Miller mentioned the rooster that was in Bldg. #1. Susan King explained what had happened. He also said there was a party at the pool with many children.

Susan told him that there was no permission given by the Board for this party. The guard was not doing his job. Cameras are on order. Patti explained that they had found out after the fact.

Al LaFemina asked about the arrears. John Goede explained the procedure which a

claim of lien after 45 days.

There are 5 units in foreclosure.

#111 Al Spina complained about the noise in the unit above. Tile installed with no permission and no quiet walk. Steve Rodeiro stated that the owner would be contacted.

#1631 Al LaFemina would like shrubs by the recycling containers.

Sharon Stites asked about a schedule to paint the buildings. Susan King explained the bids received were for $262,000 which would mean a $1000 assessment per unit. Steve pointed out that funding of reserves has a line item for painting. At this time there is no way we will paint. We have to wait until the reserves are built up in 3 to 5 years.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:14 pm by Susan King.

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