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The Tournament
Scarlet & White
For 7th Circle (French Credits)

Original idea and system design by Florrent and Neko

Line Developer: Neko

For Cubicle 7 Entertainment

Written by: Nimrod Jones

Screen Art by: Marc Simonetti
Cover Design by: Aleksi Briclot and Florrent
Interior Illustrations by: Marc Simonetti, Yann Valeani,
and Xavier Collette (Acerb)
Edited by: Sarah Newton
Cubicle 7 Line Developer: Sarah Newton
Layout by: Edel Ryder-Hanrahan
Production Manager: Dominic McDowall-Thomas
Publishers: Angus Abranson and
Dominic McDowall-Thomas

2 Qin is published by le 7ème Cercle™ SARL

© 2005 Le 7ème Cercle, all rights reserved.
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The Tournament of Scarlet and White is published by

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4 History
6 The Tournament
10 Rewards
10 The Plot—the Mysterious Chen She
11 Player-character Participants
13 Meeting Dong Buwei
14 The Missing Champion
14 Chen She’s Last Bout
14 The Night of the Leaping Dead
16 Incident at the Manor
17 Meng Yu’s Last Stand
18 Concluding the Scenario
19 Alternative Outcome
19 Expanding the Scenario
20 Appendix 1: Pre-generated Characters
Introduction & History

Introduction but Qi Xiang presumed he would perish and did not

consider him a threat.
Welcome once more to the world of Qin, the fantasy
roleplaying game set in the Warring States period of Every year Governor Qi Xiang holds a tournament to
4 ancient China. The legend continues! which the mightiest warriors from the surrounding
regions travel to compete, attracting merchants and
The Tournament of Scarlet and White artisans for the business the tournament brings.
a series of short, PDF-based adventures designed
to provide you, the Qin games master, with ready-
to-use and inexpensive supplementary material to Qi Xiang’s Ambition
complement your Qin games. Designed to provide
a party of beginning or relatively inexperienced While others provided the might, Qi Xiang was
adventurers with a session or two of intrigue, always the brains. While the rest of his men may
combat, and adventure, The Tournament of Scarlet have been happy living and dying out in the Jiang
and White Hu, Qi Xiang set his ambitions elsewhere. When
campaign, or played as a one-off. Pre-generated Governor Meng hired his company for a number of
characters are provided so you can get started right covert missions, Qi Xiang astutely saw that none
away! would miss Meng, and carefully planned a coup
that made him a hero to the Yingshan townsfolk,
While The Tournament of Scarlet and White getting close to the Meng family and making his
is intended as a standalone scenario, it will be move when the time was right.
followed by The Song of Bamboo Tears, which
chronologically takes place following the events Qi Xiang’s company knows of his ambitions,
presented here. supporting him fully without question. Although
ten years have passed since the coup, Qi Xiang
has been waiting like a spider in a web, building
In the state of Chu, nestled at the foot of the Haiyang connections and watching for just the right
Mountains, near the source of the mighty Xiang River, moment to take his lust for power even further.
is the small town of Yingshan. Sixteen years ago, a That moment is almost here: only an unexpected
mercenary band led by Qi Xiang overthrew the weak quest for vengeance stands in his way.
but tyrannical Governor Meng, slaying his whole
family. Neither King Kaolie of Chu nor the people of The Song of Bamboo Tears details the next step of
Yingshan made much protest at this shift in power, Qi Xiang’s ambitions.
Qi Xiang proving a popular replacement. A child, the

Qi Xiang’s Company
Qi Xiang’s former mercenary company are deliberately Lu Xing, the Horse
without stats. Players should get the sense that they are far
above their own characters’ skill, representing the authority
pieces in an L-shape, but easily blocked by any piece
them. All part of the coup, they reap the rewards for their
complicity. They have whatever traits are appropriate to set it is that he focuses on a single target at a time, a weakness
them above the player-characters’ own abilities should they in anything but one-on-one combat. Driven to defeat
the opponent immediately before him, he neglects the
surrounding battle until his opponent has fallen. However,
Qi Xiang has a reputation for cunning and a well-known he rarely chooses his opponents arbitrarily, often seeking
love of Chinese chess, xiangqi. Those close to him always out the biggest threats. In the tournament, he is worthy
say the Governor treats his retainers as though they were competition for Shang Long and Dong Buwei.
chess pieces themselves. Renown: 75

Dong Buwei, the Catapult Yun Tian, the Mandarin

The Catapult is the only chess piece capable of capturing The Mandarin is one of the names used for the Guards
another piece from the outset of the game. Nearly always or Advisors on the chessboard. They, like the General,
never leave the Palace. Yun Tian rarely leaves Qi Xiang’s
entire defence obliterated by these powerful pieces, near manor, much of his time taken up with Yingshan’s daily
helpless to stop the rampage. Perhaps the most feared man administration, relaxing his ever-calculating mind. Many
in all of Yingshan; Dong Buwei is to martial might what whisper of the inventive war-engines he designs in his spare
Qi Xiang is to cunning. The townsfolk know not to cross time. Some fear he designs them not for idle amusement but
him, well aware of his reputation for being short-tempered some other secret purpose; those aware of his adventuring
and disagreeable when drunk; there is a hushed and uneasy past know that he devised creative mechanisms for many 5
reverence for this hero. He regards nearly all but his
friends as little more than trembling vermin, none a worthy the tournaments, concentrating on overseeing them and
challenge, barely meriting the effort of courtesy. Recently conceiving devious obstacle courses and challenges.
he has grown impatient, quietly anticipating the execution Renown: 50
of Qi Xiang’s secret plots. Dong Buwei almost never shows
any sign of weakness; reputation being important to him; he
views himself as the immovable mountain from which Qi Fa Chou, the Elephant
Xiang surveys his destiny. He is Commander of the Guard The Elephant is a strategic but defensive chess piece
and Qi Xiang’s right-hand man. protecting the General, as it can never cross the river (the
Renown: 100 xiangqi board’s midsection). None would question Dong
Buwei’s loyalty and devotion to Qi Xiang, but while Dong
Buwei charges out to confront the enemy, it is through Fa
Shang Long, the Chariot Chou that the enemy must pass to get close to Qi Xiang. A
The second-most powerful chess piece is the Chariot, man of broad build, Fa Chou is as movable as a wall in both
capable of threatening pieces at great distances; like the combat and attitude.
Catapult, but moving differently. Catapults and Chariots Renown: 50
often work together to secure a checkmate; likewise, many

However, where his companion relies on intimidation, fear, Li Yuan, the Minister
and brutish might, the more slender Shang Long relies on The Minister is another name used for the Guards or Advisors
speed, ever the shrewder of the two. While Dong Buwei on the chessboard. Much like Yun Tian, this fangshi rarely
charges in to beat down his opponent, Shang Long hangs ventures out now. He has entered the tournament many
times, but his primary concern is for matters supernatural.
the right moment to either bring down the enemy himself or He has grown complacent by settling in Yingshan, absorbing
himself in research, writing a compendium of his own
the two unstoppable when working together. For the last supernatural experiences.
Renown: 50
been Dong Buwei and either Shang Long or Lu Xing.
Renown: 75
The Tournament

The Tournament
The Yingshan Tournament (sometimes called the Three There are different types of tournament in the Warring
Champions Tournament) has been running for over ten States, many of which are non-competitive in that they do
years, a popular feature on the calendars of martial artists not extol winners, but are rather performed ritualistically as
and merchants alike. To the chagrin of other dignitaries in a ceremony for good luck, good harvests, in honour of their
the Zhongguo, Governor Qi Xiang is not particular about

who attends; any may participate with good intent, so long poems depicted, for example, archery contests as highly
as they do not cause trouble or have not caused Yingshan ritualised, the archers dancing to music with painted bows
harm. It has earned something of a reputation for attracting and arrows, the participants afterwards seated according


barbarians and outlaws by those who do not attend; those to their skill and given wine and food. While such events
occur concurrently, this tournament is very much about
dubious deals happening behind closed doors. competing to prove one’s prowess over others, rather than
merely oneself.

Dates for the Tournament The ancient Chinese mindset of competing with oneself is
still prevalent—a desire to be better and stronger, to improve
Precisely when the tournament occurs is deliberately one’s own skills. Failure in the competition is therefore not
vague to allow the Games Master freedom framing a source of shame, but simply an acknowledgement of one’s
it, especially within an expanded campaign. limits and a marker for improvement. Not every competitor
Suggested dates include: spring, in the hope of a remembers this.
good season; just before harvest or just after; or
before the start of winter. What implications this Militia presence increases during the tournament—there
has on the scenario is an exercise for the Games
Master’s own imagination.
displays of skill, and the tournament becomes a hub of addition to archery and military strategy. Like most
commerce as merchants recognise the trading opportunities, martial arts, it is performed on a raised platform.
The Qin Dynasty elevated this to a public sport
with prizes including becoming bodyguards to the
Changing Details Any character with at minimum the Hand-to-Hand
Although set in the state of Chu, any remote corner Combat Technique: Throwing may participate,
of the Zhongguo can be adapted as the setting but they look unsophisticated and untrained. To
for this scenario, as long as it’s not considered advance further as a true jiao li wrestler, they need
strategically important enough to create concern to develop their own jiao li skill, with its own
when a mercenary seizes control but offers fealty techniques, as described below.
and tributes to the king. The Song of Bamboo Tears
details these tributes, so it is worth reading through Jiao Li (formal wrestling)
the important parts of that scenario before changing Level 1: Throw, Body Grapple*
locations. Level 2: Direct Hit, Double Block, Arm Grapple*
Level 3: Double Blow, Total Block, Leg Grapple*
Even the motive for the villain can change. However, Level 4: Combination, Whirlwind Block
the back-story presented here illustrates much of *These do not deal damage.
Qi Xiang’s character and ambitions, putting it into
perspective for The Song of Bamboo Tears.
Body Grapple
This is a formal form of wrestling grapple, usually
followed by throwing the opponent down or off the
Structure of the Tournament platform to win the bout. The grappled opponent
may try to break free with an Opposed Water Test,
or attempt to counter-grapple seeking to gain the 7
sequentially for Champion of the West (lower bracket), superior position, or Throw with an ST increase
Champion of the East (middle bracket) and Jade Champion equal to the Success Margin of the Body Grapple
Test. Whoever occupies the superior position can
based on successes gained over several tournaments. attempt a Throw at ST+1.

the next bracket. Serious competitors typically begin at

the lowest grade competing for Champion of the West, Arm Grapple
though the tournament administrators sometimes take into When locked in an Arm Grapple, the target cannot
consideration successes at other tournaments. Rarely within attempt to counter-grapple nor Throw, and must
any bracket does someone advance from the lowest grade escape it with an Opposed Water Test. The character
to the highest within a single tournament, though it does maintaining the Arm Grapple may attempt to Throw
occasionally happen. the opponent off the platform and win the bout.
When performing any kind of Block, a Critical
Success allows the defender to immediately counter
with an Arm Grapple at ST+2.
Jiao Li
This unarmed martial art developed from jiao di, a Leg Grapple
horn-butting sport where competitors wore horned This move attempts to hook the opponent’s leg and
headgear. During the Zhou Dynasty, this developed trip him. The opponent can attempt to escape it as
into a grappling sport, in which the aim was to throw per other grapples, but their counter-Throw Test is at
the opponent, later supplemented with strikes, an ST increase of half the Success Margin (rounded
blocks, joint-locks and pressure-point attacks. up). They cannot attempt a counter-grapple. The
combatant in the superior position can immediately
martial arts, and the origin of today’s Chinese and attempt a Throw with a Critical Success on a Leg
Mongolian wrestling, shuai jiao. Soldiers across Grapple.
the Warring States often learn and practice jiao li in
Competitors are graded across multiple disciplines;
typically, unarmed (usually jiao li or boxing), archery, short
weapons, and long weapons. A master in a single discipline
may still advance through the grades if his form and ability In presenting the structure of the Yingshan
are superior to those around him, compensating for the tournament, a certain amount of authenticity
points lost by not competing in other categories.

The Champion of the West may compete in the Eastern

bracket, though the thought of doing so against so many

against Qi Xiang’s own men. Of the last eight tournaments,

one man has held that title seven times—Dong Buwei.
While theoretically possible for a single participant to win
all three titles within a single tournament, this has never
happened in its entire history.
jiao li
Participants score on points and elimination. It is not a full-
contact sport (excepting wrestling and boxing): bladed or
tipped weapons require special sheaths or caps to make them
safe (or as safe as deadly weapons can be). Causing any form

8 as clearly avoidable or deliberate. Though rare, deaths have

occurred; only a few have not been accidents.

The events are broken down into competitive and non-

competitive events. For the purposes of the Three
Champions, only competitive events count. Both count for

Competitive Events
For anyone seeking to become one of the Three Champions,
these are the only events that matter. They are broken
down into three broad categories: Unarmed, Archery, and

points and victory for throwing an opponent down to or

from the platform. Accidentally falling or being knocked
unconscious also awards victory to his opponent. Losing a
match eliminates the contestant from the category, but he
retains any points gained thus far.
Archery is a non-elimination category. The archer gains Games Master may use a more authentic format
points for how close to the centre of the target he hits with
each of his four arrows, losing points missing. Competitors
generally participate in three sets with the target moving
farther away, their points carrying forward to the overall
tournament. Competitive archery is not a ritualised affair Prestige Bouts
as with non-competitive archery (see below). It is nearly Throughout the tournament, many popular contestants
impossible to become a Champion through archery alone, so partake in ‘prestige bouts’. These are ritualistic duels
competitors rarely compete solely in this category. Though intended not so much to defeat the opponent as to display 9
acknowledged as weapons of war, crossbows are not worthy one’s own abilities to the fullest. While there is some degree
of competition. of ceremony to the main bouts, prestige bouts are highly
ritualised, with contenders more likely taking their time,
allowing each other opportunities to display their skill and
Weapons even Taos rather than seek a swift defeat. Solo displays of
This category is often divided into Short and Long Weapons, techniques and moves intended to impress the crowd and
which are then further sub-divided into Short (Daoshu, intimidate opponents often precede engagements. Fighters
Jianshu), and Long (Bangshu, Qiangshu, Chuishu). awaiting the start of their own brackets often perform
Generally, a competitor only competes in one of these prestige bouts, building anticipation for the actual contests
categories, though matching competitors from different themselves.
categories (usually Short with Short, Long with Long) does

decide on an overall winner. Losing any bout here results in Archery Ceremonies
elimination from the Weapons category, but the competitor The bow (not crossbow) holds great ceremonial importance,
retains any points accumulated thus far. While victory often often regarded as a sacred weapon. Ceremonial archery
goes to whoever has displayed the most skill, forcing your often occurs at the start of a tournament, and the start of
opponent from the platform also earns victory. In this case, each day. In prominently horse-riding states such as Zhao, it
the competitor who fell automatically forfeits the bout. may involve horseback archery; otherwise, it is performed
Once each category has a single winner, the one with the
most points in total is determined the overall winner of the
Weapons category (and typically the bracket). is a sign of good fortune and skill to strike the target (usually
thin squares of wood that shatter upon clean impact). The
greatest fortune comes from hitting all of them. These rituals
Non-Competitive Events are strictly a male activity; a successful Etiquette Test (ST
5 – 9 based on region and likelihood of the archer knowing
These events, while not contributing to the championships, the ritual) is required to correctly perform the ritual.
are still very important. They are competitions against one’s
own abilities and for prestige, ceremony, good fortune, or
pure entertainment.

With a successful Dance Test, the archer may attempt a

Gongshu Test at ST 6; otherwise it is ST 9. Critical Success
means hitting dead centre. Hitting all targets grants the
One way in which Governor Qi Xiang has won favour with
archer good luck for that day, and the ability to re-roll any the people is with the generosity of his prizes. In some
one Test and choose between the two results. tournaments, being champion is enough of an honour,
while others give prizes, either monetary or occupational
positions, to the champions alone. Qi Xiang’s generosity is
Foot Racing so well known that sometimes there are rumours he must be
Foot races tend to be impromptu affairs, organised as gaining his wealth illicitly, though none dare suggest that
too loudly.

obstacles; wagers are made, spectators make side-bets, and

to the winner the spoils. Participation
given two wooden tokens (roughly 6x2 inches), each with
Games a hole in the top through which a paper loop is threaded.
Many games of go and xiangqi (Chinese chess) are played Worn about the neck on a leather thong, the paper loops
in the taverns and wherever two people are seeking to allow them to be easily pulled away without unfastening
kill time. In addition, games of chance are everywhere, the thong. There are two types of tokens, meal tokens and
usually involving gambling. While these games are played drink tokens, of which each entrant gains one of each. These
are redeemable at any place (including merchant stalls) that
serves food and/or drink.
physical prowess in the tournament proper.
At the end of the tournament, a vendor can trade these in
for their cash equivalent. In theory, each token only has a
Duels certain value, therefore not all food and drink is applicable.
Tempers often fray amongst the more hot-headed, and the In practice, very few vendors argue with a competent
10 tournament often sees bitter rivals shouting insults at each competitor: the publicity gained and increase in regular
other. Fighting within Yingshan, outside of the tournament, trade usually outweighs any loss.
is strictly frowned upon, and often punishable by expulsion
Each Meal and Drink Token is valued at around 10 yibi (the
Qi Xiang’s reputation for exacting harsh punishments upon currency of Chu), but is otherwise good for only one meal
those who break his laws is well known. or drink respectively. This is generally enough to cover one
high quality basic meal or one average feast with a glass of
Formal duels, however, are permitted if overseen by the high quality liquor or a whole bottle of low quality liquor
organisers. Participants may challenge each other, outside — or lots of tea.
of the normal tournament lists, to a formal duel. Often,
this simply means standing upon an empty platform and
issuing the challenge, though sometimes it is by letter or in
the heat of the moment. The organisers then schedule these
events for as soon as possible and decide the rules. These After the initial complimentary tokens, participants gain one
duels are usually full contact but rarely to the death, though Meal Token and three Drink Tokens for each bout they win
duels to the death have taken place in the past between the (with the exception of archery, where only those who hit all
the targets gain this reward).
permitted such duels.
The Champion of the West wins the Champion’s Belt
If the challenger is of inferior grading, the person challenged (passed from Champion to Champion), a specially made
loses no face for refusing (especially if the challenger has low-quality metal cup, and 1000 yibi.
already been eliminated from the tournament, the duel
immediately considered forfeit), unless the challenge has The Champion of the East wins the Champion’s Belt (passed
exceptionally good grounds. If the challenger is of superior from Champion to Champion), a specially made average-
grading, the person challenged may offer immediate forfeit, quality metal cup, and 3000 yibi.

Most of the time, challenges from a superior participant are The Jade Champion wins the Champion’s Belt (passed from
considered unbalanced and unpopular, and the challenger is Champion to Champion), a green tunic, a specially made
expected to accept forfeit when offered. high-quality metal cup, and 5000 yibi.
The Mysterious Chen She
The Plot—The Mysterious Chen She
The sole survivor of the family of the former governor The following night, Meng Yu sends a jiang shi to bite Shang
murdered by Qi Xiang, Meng Yu has since trained hard in Long, the next on his list. Even if Shang Long does not
martial arts and the darker sorceries of the Zhongguo, driven immediately die from the encounter, curing him of infection
by the desire for vengeance. He has spent the past month takes up much of Li Yuan’s time, and slowly uses up his
learning and performing rituals to create jiang shi, investing ingredients. Whatever the case, it’s likely that Shang Long is
out of commission for some time. In the meantime, that same
(allowing the Games Master to accelerate, for dramatic night, Meng Yu’s other jiang shi kills Lu Xing, and Qi Xiang’s
purposes, a victim’s transformation into one of the jiang shi). concubine, Chang Ji.
He has now arrived at the Yingshan tournament, determined
to wreak revenge on Qi Xiang at last.
Meng Yu will have eliminated those he believes to be the
Meng Yu has entered the tournament under the alias “Chen greatest threat to him winning the Jade Championship. By
She”. At the start of the adventure, he has already proven killing Qi Xiang’s concubine, Meng Yu hopes to morally
the talk of the tournament: an unknown looking ready to weaken him and break his spirit; he then needs to spend the
rest of the night meditating to recoup his Chi for the following
ever attendance at the Three Champions Tournament! If day.
player-characters ask after Chen She, they learn little about
this young man: he seems to have come from nowhere, and
‘experts’ disagree about which other tournaments he may have Western Bracket, Qi Xiang does not cancel the tournament,
competed in, or whether he has even competed in any before, although he no longer openly presides over anything. Instead,
he sets about seeking the source of the evil at large in Yingshan.
to gain a superior grading. Meng Yu (as Chen She) easily wins the title of Champion of
the West, and continues to compete for the title of Champion
Meng Yu plans to compete fairly, but to eliminate serious of the East, and causing a stir throughout the tournament.

consider Qi Xiang’s accomplices as true rivals requiring such Whether or not Shang Long lives or dies, Li Yuan spends the 11
“elimination”. day preparing to track down the source of the jiang shi (as
Meng Yu has anticipated). While Meng Yu’s two jiang shi
Meng Yu’s plan, then, is to murder the members of Qi Xiang’s attack Yun Tian and Fa Chou, Meng Yu himself attacks Li
company, and if possible to transform them into jiang shi, Yuan together with the fresh jiang shi he has made from Dong
using them to further his nefarious plans. He believes this Buwei, thus removing the last of Qi Xiang’s men.
will demoralise Qi Xiang, and at the same time enable him to
win the tournament. Once he has won the tournament, Meng Now with fewer competitors for the title of Champion of the
Yu intends to use the rules of the tournament to challenge Qi
Xiang to a duel, something that he would otherwise not have quickly. With his fangshi and his companions dead or
the right to do. Meng Yu’s desire for vengeance is so great otherwise incapacipated, he hopes that Qi Xiang will have
that even if he is eliminated from the competition, he will stop been thrown into demoralized confusion. By now, word has
at nothing to kill Qi Xiang, targeting whoever was unlucky begun to spread of the strange attacks, and some of the less
enough to get in his way. heroic competitors leave town—simplifying Meng Yu’s task
even further.
It’s assumed that the player-characters will not stand idly by
while this deadly intrigue unfolds. The following summary Meng Yu now sizes up the remaining competition. He sends
details the events which will happen if the player-characters out his jiang shi during the night, including Dong Buwei,
do nothing; Games Masters can extrapolate subsequent events Shang Long (if not cured), and any of the other jiang shi
once the player-characters become aware of Meng Yu’s plan, he has created, with orders to decimate the opposition, and
and start to interfere. so distract suspicion away from Qi Xiang being the only
target of the attacks. As the entire tournament full of heroic
On the opening night of the scenario, Meng Yu and two of his
jiang shi confronts Dong Buwei when he is alone, defeating the attacks of the jiang shi
him and beginning his transformation into a jiang shi. All the fray, exploiting his control over the jiang shi to portray
night and into the following morning, Meng Yu magically
hastens Dong Buwei’s transformation. He turns up late for his trust. At this point, Meng Yu believes that when the Jade

of Jade Champion, and at that point reveal his true identity and
challenge the demoralised Qi Xiang.
Player-Character Participants

Player-Character Participants
Simplified Contests
Newly generated characters (including the pre-generated It can get potentially boring for players to sit around
characters presented on page 20) can be considered to watching one or two characters engage in single combat.
have been attending the Yingshan tournament for several Consequently, the scenario should focus on the core storyline,
years, and therefore often gravitate towards one another to with tournament bouts occurring in the background as the
socialise, catch up on the latest news, and sometimes place events keeping the player-characters in town. The Games
wagers on their own matches and those of others. Although Master may use the following system to speedily resolve
they don’t adventure together (yet!), they know each other bouts involving player-characters.
well enough to consider themselves friends.
Make an Attack Test against Passive Defence without using
If you are playing with an established troupe, then assume Taos or Combat Techniques (ignore damage and armour)
they have attended this tournament before, outside of their
actual adventures. However, if you wish to introduce the
characters to the tournament by some other means, then a slightly longer bout. Count Critical Successes as two
provide plenty of NPCs (competitors, townsfolk, merchants, strikes and a Critical Fumble as two against; alternatively,
etc) to converse with and communicate all the necessary a Critical Fumble may indicate a fall from the platform and
gossip over a drink or any number of tavern games. instant victory for the opponent, if you want a quicker bout.
Players and the Games Master should provide colourful
If none of the players have any desire to compete in the
tournament, this does not mean they can’t participate in sample opponents from scratch, or re-use any appropriate
the scenario. The assumption however is that competent statistics from the Qin books or any unused pre-generated
combat-oriented characters are likely to compete, while characters.
others either spectate or (more likely) peddle their trades as
12 merchants, healers, and so on.

If matching a player-character in a tournament bout against

Elaborate Contests
Chen She following Dong Buwei’s disappearance, the If you’re not pressed for time, and your players do not mind
Games Master should choose whoever has taken the most spectating, or if they particularly want the opportunity to
interest in Chen She, or alternatively whoever would be test their characters’ skills properly, then you can play out
most dramatic.
Meeting Dong Buwei

the tournament structure and the guidance in Expanding the these provide great opportunities for fun using Taos for
Scenario, below.

For example, you can devise elaborate arenas or challenges It also provides opportunities for players to cheer and shout
support in character, as their comrades pull off daring feats
with pits, wooden walls, large poles, high platforms, ropes, and impressive combat displays.
rotating sticks, rope nets, and other uneven surfaces. All

Meeting Dong Buwei

Whether running this scenario over a number of sessions
or as written, the characters should ideally run into Dong
Buwei early on. If you’re following the guidelines in My Players Are So
Expanding the Scenario, and your players have already met
Dong Buwei and antagonised him, then skip this scene, or Well Behaved!
use it at any point to introduce Dong Buwei with or without
preceding player-character bouts. It’s not vital that the player-characters get on
the wrong side of Dong Buwei—it’s merely an
Begin by running bouts for two characters, or one if entertaining hook, engaging them in the story
you’re playing with less than four players or are pacing right from the outset. If the players aren’t setting
the tournament over extended sessions. After the bouts, a foot wrong, are completely respectful and not
the characters will be either toasting their victories or afraid to be humbled before such a hero, despite
commiserating their losses (or both!) at a local tavern. It
is, predictably, busy and popular, bustling with laughter, the player characters for doing so. In this case, the 13
music, shouts for food and drink, and various games of Go guards won’t overzealously hound the characters
and Xiangqi (Chinese chess) and dice and dominos. as suspects, and they can simply enjoy the fun of
the tournament. They’ll hear the same rumours,
This scene serves to introduce Dong Buwei, and provides and witness Chen She’s late arrival if they go to
an opportunity to get on his wrong side, drawing the player- his bout—after which they may well get curious
characters into the adventure as possible suspects for what anyway. Even if they do not, their nocturnal
happens later... encounter with the jiang shi will draw them into
the adventure if they are not already.Qi Xiang’s
Any characters who are a bit reckless (in speech or deed) will character and ambitions, putting it into perspective
try Dong Buwei’s patience—and he’s a man not particularly for The Song of Bamboo Tears.
known for having any. Maybe they end up spreading
rumours to Qi Xiang’s detriment (or any of Dong Buwei’s
companions); or bump into Dong Buwei’s table, spilling his guard, and can easily arrest the characters or throw them out
drink or upsetting his game of Go of town if they refuse to back down.
treat him with respect he considers his due. We’ll refer to the
player-character who incurs Dong Buwei’s wrath as the sap, Try not to let things get this far without an opportunity for
though there may be more than one. a sympathetic guard to let the character off with a warning,
and a suggestion to wait till morning to see whether Dong
If the sap angers Dong Buwei unintentionally, failure to Buwei still feels the same when sober.
make appropriate apologies (such as immediately prostrating
themselves before him, or at least offering to buy him a Ideally, at least one player-character should come away
drink) further fuels his wrath. Though quick to anger, Dong from an encounter with Dong Buwei publicly humiliated, or
at least humbled in some way. If the players are particularly
he may resort to physical threats if angered enough. He’s cautious and don’t provoke the situation, Dong Buwei
unlikely to consider any challenge against him worthy of may overreact to something simple, exacerbating matters
attention, and will not stoop to issue challenges himself, himself, highlighting his infamously disagreeable nature.
although he might invite the offender to issue a challenge Try to encourage the player-characters to despise and
himself, and then deliberately refuse it to humiliate the
character. Remember Dong Buwei commands the town satisfying at the same time.
The Missing Champion

The Missing Champion

sparking considerable controversy: Dong Buwei has never
which of them are scheduled to compete that day, or pursue missed a bout in his life. Characters with good investigation
avenues of investigation or personal interest during the day, skills discovers that Dong Buwei once even competed while
exploring the tournament area and market. If the Games
Master wishes to match a player-character in a bout against until the fever weakened him so much he lost his title to
Chen She, they may do so at any point after the events of Shang Long—the one year out of the past eight that Dong
this scene have taken place. Buewi was not the Jade Champion.

Dong Buwei is scheduled to appear in a prestige bout If the ‘sap’ (if there is one) has drawn particular attention
against Fa Zhou. The player-characters hear of this, and to himself, he becomes a suspect, and the town guards turn
may choose to attend—it promises to be quite a show!
If they do not, then they learn of what transpires through to explain what they are looking for. In fact they’re simply
gossip. When Dong Buwei fails to show up for the bout, he giving the character (or characters, if they’re sharing
forfeits the contest, and Fa Zhou begins to look concerned.
Observant characters notice Qi Xiang is also absent from something incriminating. If anyone is foolish enough to
the tournament. Under a cloud of murmurs from the crowd, confront them physically, give them a short spell in the cells
Fa Zhou looks around before hurrying back to the manor, to cool off.

Chen She’s Last Bout
Whether Chen She is matched against a player-character or Chen She wins his bout and continues to the next stage of
not, anyone paying attention to his bout that day learns that
he was so late to attend that he almost forfeited the contest. character, however, the character becomes the main target
In fact, Meng Yu had been busy with his rituals, creating of the jiang shi
the very special jiang shi from Dong Buwei as detailed no coincidence that it landed outside their window!
above. If matched against a player-character, let the bout
play out fairly (see page 18 for Chen She’s stats); otherwise,

The Night of the Leaping Dead

Play out the rest of the day for as much entertainment as monster descends to the ground immediately outside the
it provides, and use it to lead into the night’s activities. characters’ inn, Shang Long collapses to the ground.
Whether the player-characters are in bed or up late drinking,
playing games, or otherwise carousing, a screaming yell Any player failing his Resistance Test against the jiang
from down the street disturbs their nocturnal activities. shi’s Terror incurs a penalty to all his actions equal to the
Any character looking out of the window sees a terrifying margin of failure. For those who succeed, on a successful
Perception Test (ST 8) they also notice that the jiang shi
ground some distance down the street, before immediately has a bamboo sheet nailed to its forehead hanging over its
face. On a critical success, or if they succeed in defeating
air with each bound. Pursuing the corpse is the source of the jiang shi, a character notices red ink marking out
the yell—Shang Long, bleeding heavily down one side and indistinguishable (in the night) characters on the bamboo
wildly waving his sword after the terrifying creature. As the sheet—anyone succeeding in an Exorcism (ST 9) or
The Night of the Leaping Dead

Jiang Shi he dies from his wounds, although a successful Wood +

Medicine Test (ST 11) stabilises him enough to save his life
Metal: 4 Water: 2 Earth: 2 Wood: 1 Fire: 0 (but not, alas, cure the infection).
4 when
If the player-characters allow the jiang shi to escape, anyone
Skills Clawing or Biting 4 wishing to follow it can make a Wood + Investigation Test
Jump 3 (ST 13) to realise that it’s heading to either Qi Xiang’s manor
Dodging 2 or the Western Quarter of Yingshan (both lie in the same
direction). Anyone trying to follow the jiang shi must make
Powers Natural Weapon 3 Opposed Water Tests to keep it in sight. Three consecutive
Claws and Teeth failures, a critical failure by the player-character, or a critical
Natural Armour 3 success by the jiang shi results in the characters losing track
of the creature; on a success, it’s up to the Games Master
Terror 9
whether it leads them to Qi Xiang’s manor, or straight to the
Contamination showdown with Meng Yu. If the player-characters do not
pursue the jiang shi, they should probably head to the manor
Chi: 0 Breath of Life: 40/0
anyway to report the incident to the Governor, possibly
Passive Defence: 5 taking Shang Long with them.

Legends (ST 11) Test knows that this means the creature is
under the control of a sorcerer (at least competent, possibly Jiang Shi Infection
a master). On a critical success on the Exorcism or Legends
Test, the character knows that removing the bamboo sheet Contagiousness 9
will break the sorcerer’s control, but also returns the jiang shi
to its natural, mindless state. If the characters are examining Virulence 9 15
the jiang shi out of combat, an Exorcist need only pass an
Exorcism (ST 6) Test to recognise the bamboo sheet as a Interval One day
talisman of control. (or as the GM feels is dramatic)

jiang shi Effects: For every failed Resistance Test, the victim
is currently only interested in retreat, although it retaliates loses four boxes of Breath of Life as he watches
against anyone who attacks it. However, if one of the player- his body slowly turn into a corpse: his skin turns
characters defeated Chen She in a tournament bout earlier blue, his teeth and nails lengthen and an insatiable
that day, the jiang shi does not retreat at all—it’s here to bite
that character, too, and then retreat. Breath of Life is lost, the victim becomes a jiang
The jiang shi mostly uses its claws when defending itself, this infection, but a Taoist can perform a curing
but the Games Master should make a note of anyone bitten;
either for the Interval stated for jiang shi infection, or as
dramatically appropriate, a bitten player-character should On a successful Earth + Exorcism Test (ST 9), a
make a Resistance Test. The Games Master may decrease the Taoist may apply his Success Margin as a bonus

which Meng Yu’s sorcery has made to the deadliness of the

jiang shi infection.

At each Interval, the infected character must succeed in

a Resistance Test or suffer the stated penalty for failure.
Without the Taoist ritual known by Li Yuan, the Virulence
of the Infection does not decrease as normal.
Incident at the Manor

Incident at the Manor

A wall and guards surround Qi Xiang’s manor. Characters
bringing along Shang Long (dead or alive) are admitted Xiang’s quarters, with part of his face eaten off.
straight away and asked to explain themselves; otherwise
a Fire + Eloquence Test is needed to get them through. The Another scream (this time female) quickly follows from
Games Master should set the ST based on how convincing inside the room. Entering, the characters interrupt another
she feels the player’s argument was, though should they (or the same) jiang shi
completely fail to get past the guards, spotting a jiang shi of Qi Xiang’s concubine, Chang Ji. Interrupted, the jiang
hopping across the rooftops of the manor is excuse enough shi quickly leaps for the window (one combat action) to
for the guards, and the action can skip straight to the second
jiang shi encounter below. here is to pursue the jiang shi and discover its destination;
the Games Master may wish to waive the dice rolls for any
Meeting Qi Xiang character with the proper Taos (Tao of the Six Directions
and / or Tao of the Light Step) and Chi to spend, to ensure
The characters are brought to a waiting area and moments an exciting rooftop chase; likewise, if the characters leave
later Qi Xiang meets them, a little displeased at being immediately, a generous Games Master may let them keep
woken up. However, if they have brought Shang Long he sight of the jiang shi from street level as it leaps across the
immediately forgives them the interruption. rooftops, or use the chase mechanics given above.

Unless the characters noticed (or suspect) that the jiang If the player characters do not pursue the jiang shi, or
shi was operating under the direction of a sorcerer, then Qi
Xiang dismisses the event as an isolated incident, though a Exorcist with the appropriate spells may use the Exorcism
successful Earth + Empathy Test (ST 11) indicates he does Techniques “The Compass of the Spirits” and “Sense of the
not fully believe this himself. If pressed (and on a successful
Eloquence Test), he reveals that Li Yuan recently gave him a jiang shi was heading
bad omen—a waiting serpent from his past—and Qi Xiang to the Western Quarter; once there, an Exorcist can use the
16 fears the encounter with the jiang shi may somehow be it,
although he honestly cannot think who might do such a Sense of the Yin to locate the exact building in which Meng
thing. He cannot think (or will not tell) of anyone who might Yu is hiding.
wish him harm: “I have many enemies,” he says, “but none
I can think of that would use sorcery rather than deal with
me fairly”. By fairly, of course, he simply means “without Zombie Movie Horror
magic” (as the sequel adventure The Song of Bamboo Tears If the Games Master is so inclined (and ‘Chen
will reveal). She’ has been eliminated), she may choose to have
a mass of jiang shi attack the Western Quarter or
If none of the player-characters recognised the jiang shi even the entire town, all under the control of Meng
for what it is, Qi Xiang explains that he has experienced Yu, tirelessly working to raise as many undead as he
such creatures before; he summons Li Yuan, who knows the can since his elimination from the tournament. This
correct rituals to diagnose and deal with jiang shi infection. turns the rest of the adventure into something more
akin to a zombie movie, as the characters struggle
Qi Xiang thanks the characters for bringing this matter to against seemingly unstoppable foes. However,
his attention, and for their actions. He is more favourable the Games Master should be careful with this
towards them if they have also saved Shang Long. However, approach, as it may well cause players to lose focus
as he dismisses them, he asks for their discretion in not if the “zombie invasion” becomes anything other
mentioning the attack, saying that he will instruct his own than background, and may render the Exorcism
people to deal with the matter: Yun Tian, his administrator, Techniques above void.
will contact them in the morning to see to their rewards. Li
Yuan urges any character who was bitten by the jiang shi to
return in the morning for him to tend their wounds; he intends If the players don’t have an Exorcist with the above
to work through the night to prepare the appropriate rituals, techniques, or they lose track of the jiang shi and don’t
even if they are not currently displaying any symptoms.

Before the characters leave, or while they are trying to may also be able to assist in tracking Meng Yu, although he
convince Qi Xiang to accept their offers of help, the sound
of a man screaming resounds through the manor. Racing
Meng Yu’s Last Stand

Meng Yu’s Last Stand

Meng Yu is working out of an unassuming, derelict building Getting to the upper front room’s window is an easy task
on the edge of the Western Quarter, charged with Yin from the outside for anyone with the Tao of Six Directions 17
energy. From the street, the only visible light shines from Level 2 or higher. Within the upper front room is the jiang
the upstairs window. The building has a single front door. shi Dong Buwei, blocking the way to the door to the upper
back room, the chamber of Meng Yu in it. While Dong
Buwei is a formidable opponent, he now lacks the skills

From the front door, an entrance corridor leads to a staircase realise this.

to the downstairs front room. The downstairs front room has

a door into the downstairs back room, from which the cellar Dong Buwei (jiang shi)
can be accessed.
Metal: 5 Water: 3 Earth: 3 Wood: 1 Fire: 1
5 when
The cellar is where Meng Yu keeps the rest of his jiang shi, jumping
subdued by talismans until needed. Characters entering
Skills Scratching or Biting 4
Jump 5
partially collapsed roof prevents access to the upstairs front Dodging 3
room, while the other door leads into the back room, which
has a door to the front room. The Tao of Destructive Breath Powers Natural Weapon 4
Level 2 may clear enough away to gain access to the front Claws and Teeth
room from the corridor, but this destabilises the structure of Natural Armour 5
Terror 13
combat turn, making them impassable, while the ceiling of Contamination

Chi: 0 Breath of Life: 60/0

Before even getting to the staircase, however, the characters
confront the jiang shi standing guard at the foot of the stairs, Passive Defence: 7
Concluding the Scenario

Concluding the
Yu / Chen She, he is in the middle of a ritual at an altar in
the upper back room; disrupting the altar and the ritual robs
Meng Yu of his remaining Chi; killing him also instantly
destroys his jiang shi.
If the scenario ends with the discovery and destruction of
Meng Yu, Qi Xiang rewards the characters with employment,
Meng Yu (aka Chen She) offering to house them and pay quite competitive rates. If
the players wish to continue on to play The Song of Bamboo
Metal: 3 Water: 3 Earth: 5 Wood: 3 Fire: 4 Tears, the Games Master can encourage them to accept this
offer; if they choose not to accept, The Song of Bamboo
Gift & Sense of the Tao (Exorcism) / Tears can still be played with a little adaptation.
Weakness Curse of the Zhu Rong

Skills Acting 3 Legends 2

Experience Points
Calligraphy 2 Meditation 3 On top of whatever the Games Master feels is an appropriate
Herbalist 2 Theology 1 Experience Point award, the player-characters may have
earned the following additional points:
Perception 2 Hand-to-Hand 1
Intimidation 2 Jianshu 3
Languages 2 Gongshu 2
Seduction 1 Stealth 1 Accomplishments EP Earned
Divination 2 Dodging 2
Exorcism 4 Theft 2
Figuring out the jiang shi 1
Techniques Jianshu had a master
(Direct Hit, Blind, Disarm)
18 Gongshu Saving Shang Long 1
(Snapshot, Long Shot)
Confronting jiang shi 1
Taos Tao of the Breath of Power 1 Dong Buwei
Tao of the Sudden Lightning 2
Tao of the Invisible Shield 2 Defeating jiang shi Dong Buwei 1
Tao of the Serene Presence 2
Convincing Qi Xiang to let them 1
Divination Deadly Omens help before the second attack
Cracking of the Gods
The Book of the Stars
Feel the Energy of the World Renown
Exorcism Talisman of Control of Lost Spirit Saving Qi Xiang and the town from the scourge of Meng Yu
and the terror of his jiang shi is a Deed worthy of 4 Renown
The Evil Curse
points, with a Publicity of 2 (Publicity 0 if they do not go
Vengeance of the Gods to the manor at all, even afterwards) for a total Renown of
Defy the Verdict of Death 8 Points. Therefore, completion of this adventure normally
Chi: 45 (Currently Breath of Life: 21/0
23) (7/0, 5/0, 4/-1, 3/-3, 2/-5)

Passive Defence: 8 Renown: -

Alternative Outcome

Alternative Outcome
From Meng Yu’s perspective, his father was faultless and
kind (even though this was not the case, though more through Qi Xiang (reduced stats)
apathy and neglect than malice). While he is not particularly
keen to make friends or socialise, ever busy with his rituals, Metal: 2 Water: 3 Earth: 3 Wood: 5 Fire: 5
persistent players (especially in an expanded game) might Audacity of the Phoenix /
pursue him seeking to earn his trust. If they roleplay well Gift &
Weakness Obsession
in them his real identity, though he is unlikely to reveal his
connection with the jiang shi. Skills Jianshu 4
Gongshu 3
If the characters ally themselves with Meng Yu, use the
timetable of events above for inspiration, though let the Techniques Jianshu (any six)
characters concoct other plans to suggest to him. He may Gongshu (any three)
still turn against them (or vice versa) if they disagree too
strongly with his methods. Whether they succeed is another Skills Tao of Yin and Yang 5
matter, though failure likely results in their execution and a Tao of the Serene Presence 5
bitter end to the tale. Tao of the Clear Mind 5
Tao of the Six Directions 5
Success means that any further scenarios, such as The Song
of Bamboo Tears Chi: 50 Breath of Life: 17 (6/5/3/2/1)
without Qi Xiang. This is not impossible, but it does require
work. Passive Defence: 10 Renown: 100


Expanding the Scenario

As written, this scenario is playable in a single session. the anticipated tournament, perhaps even seeking out other
tournaments to try and improve their grading.
showdown. If you prefer, you may expand the premise of
the story over multiple sessions, or even as the basis for a
campaign. The tournament itself has no end of potential for Tournament Story Seeds
side-stories, providing opportunities to run into Dong Buwei You could extend the tournament to last for as long as
and the other big names of Qi Xiang’s retinue. The opening you like, perhaps even a whole month! Inn prices become
scene can also occur earlier in the tournament to establish extortionate, with visitors too numerous to accommodate,
Dong Buwei before building more of a history between him and a whole shantytown of tents appearing outside the town
wall, many visitors even bringing their families. With such
may be more reason for suspicion falling upon them. a bustling place, even expulsion from town affords plenty of
opportunities to sneak back in.
Prequel Adventures
For a longer campaign, instead of having the characters A Stranger
only know each other from the tournament, you could run A strange old man enters a tavern and challenges all to a
a few sessions set in the Yingshan region. The reputations game of xiangqi. To anyone who defeats him he promises
of Qi Xiang’s men are well known in the region, helping to a great treasure. Undefeated after so many games, can any
establish a sense of awe about them beforehand. Characters of the player-characters win? What is the great treasure, and
may also seek to hone their skills and train in preparation for what troubles does it bring? Who is the old man, and why is
Li Yuan so troubled by his presence?
Expanding the Scenario
Bad Loser
A defeated opponent of one of the player-characters takes many events take place each day and who the participants are,
it personally and causes trouble for the characters. If they so characters can engage with them, follow their progress,
and gauge their prowess. This extra work pays dividends if

wants. This is a great opportunity to run into Dong Buwei Use contests as detailed above; participants should still pull
and maybe Yun Tian. their blows, but tournaments like these can be real tests of
their Tao masteries, with obstacle courses or unusual combat
conditions staged for the spectators’ entertainment.
An Old Foe
An old foe or rival of the characters from a previous
adventure is at the tournament, the ‘friendly’ rivalry styles, perhaps even giving better odds for gambling; the
providing great roleplaying opportunities. How out of hand exact length of the tournament should be structured around
will this rivalry get? Do the rivals face each other in a bout? the number of competitors and bouts held each day. Players
Will they even wait that long before one of them challenges
the other to a duel? If it’s a deeper hatred, to what lengths through the ranks.
will one stoop to seek revenge upon the other?
With this stricter timetable, be careful to time the adventure
Detailed Tournament Lists
If you’re expanding the adventure to several sessions, you
can create colourful, detailed NPCs to interact with the still competing, yet to be matched against any of the player-
characters. The number of participants and the tournament characters.

Pre-generated Characters
These pre-generated characters are provided for use
with The Tournament of Scarlet and White. Jing Jiu-
Ling is recommended as an essential character for the
scenario (though the players should not know this), as it
makes tracking Meng Yu’s base of operations a lot easier.
Otherwise, any of the characters work together.
Pre-generated Characters

Jing Jiu-Ling

Anyone who knows you knows that trouble follows you

everywhere—your insatiable curiosity has landed you in
the thick of it on several occasions. Thankfully you often Fangshi
a fangshi Metal: 2 Water: 3 Earth: 4 Wood: 2 Fire: 3
low martial skills make some people view you as less
Gift & Acuity of the Kilin /
running to you when they need a healing salve or some Weakness Curiosity of the Rat
other potion, though—although you don’t mind. You
know your strengths; it’s only their ignorance that blinds Skills Calligraphy 1 Herbalism 1
them. Daoshu 1 Legends 1
Dodging 1 Meditation 1
The friends you’ve made in Yingshan don’t know all Exorcism 1 Taoism 1 21
this about you—they think you’re a peddler of healing External
potions and a friendly non-combatant who takes an Alchemy 2
interest in the Three Champions Tournament. Perhaps
they think you’re a fan—let them. One day, they’ll be Techniques Daoshu (Direct Hit, Two Weapons)
thankful they know you.
Taos Tao of Yin and Yang 2

Exorcism Power of the Sun

Compass of Spirits
Sense of the Yin

External Feed the Clay Warrior

Alchemy Arouse the Winds of Heaven
and Earth

Chi: 32 Breath of Life: 21 (7/5/4/3/2)

Passive Defence: 7 Resistance: 6

Renown: 2 Equipment: Bishou

Guang Bei

You were drafted young into military life and, frankly,

you don’t like it much. You pride yourself on your
martial skill, but things could have been so much better
State Soldier
for you. You have a somewhat lacklustre approach to life: Metal: 3 Water: 5 Earth: 2 Wood: 2 Fire: 2
you may as well drink, it makes the days go faster—and
what’s the point of being afraid? If you die, you die. If Gift & Courage of the Tiger /
you don’t, you drink. Any day’s a good day that ends Weakness Alcoholic
with a drink in your hands.
Skills Art of War 1 Meditation 1
Each year you manage to convince your commander to Heraldry 2 Nushu 2
let you attend the Three Champions Tournament. Only a Horsemanship 1 Qiangshu 2
few other soldiers from your unit bother, and you don’t
22 associate with them, preferring to meet with a group of Techniques Qiangshu (Double Blow)
friends from different walks of life. One day, you might
win a tournament and be able to afford to leave the army. Taos Tao of the Light Step 1
Until then—where’s that wine? Tao of the Strengthened Body 3
Tao of the Six Directions 1

Chi: 8 Breath of Life: 22


Passive Defence: 9 Resistance: 5

Renown: 2 Equipment: Yue, Nu,

Leather breastplate
(Protection: 3 Resilience: 9)
Mi Qing-Lai

No worries, be happy—that’s the best lesson you’ve

learned in life. Everything works out in the end, one way
or another. Some might say your optimism is unnatural, Happy-go-lucky Wanderer
but if you can’t laugh at life, then what’s the point? Your
father died of disease when you were young, and your Metal: 3 Water: 4 Earth: 3 Wood: 1 Fire: 3
mother died when bandits attacked your village when you
were in your teens. You were married once, but she tried Gift & Feline Grace /
to kill you: maybe she was evil—it doesn’t matter. You Weakness Naïve
drift through life, moving from place to place, seeking
out new experiences and living life to the full. Skills Acrobatics 2 Improvisation 2
Bangshu 2 Stealth 1
The Three Champions Tournament has become a fast Dodging 1 Theft 1
your thing, and they don’t really have a category for Techniques Bangshu (Double Blow)

improving your skills any way you can. The company is Taos Tao of the Breath of Power 2
always great and the mountains are so beautiful here. So Tao of the Thousand Bees 2
peaceful. Tao of the Light Step 1
Tao of the Ten Thousand Hands 1
Tao of the Six Directions 2

Chi: 18 Breath of Life: 19 (7/5/4/2/1)

Passive Defence: 7 Resistance: 6

Renown: 3 Equipment: Xiao bang (x2)

Wu Zhong-Qi

You were the best in your village! You know you were,

Then an old blind man came to your village and took

Hot-head out to prove himself
an interest in your plight. He showed you the ways of Metal: 5 Water: 3 Earth: 2 Wood: 2 Fire: 2
patience, biding your time, training to perfect your skills
Gift & Strength of the Ox /
the bullies and build your character and self-worth. Weakness Impetuousness of the Horse
He gave up. You simply wouldn’t sit still long enough to Skills Chuishu 3
listen, and you kept scrapping with the bullies regardless Qiangshu 1
at every opportunity. On the plus side, you’re pretty Intimidation 2
24 repeatedly. Techniques Chuishu (Knock-out, Charge)
The Three Champions Tournament is where it’s at. You’re Taos Tao of the Destructive Breath 2
going to show everyone that you’re the best! There are Tao of the Strengthened Body 2
to talk to some of them, you’re bound to impress them... Chi: 12 Breath of Life: 21

Passive Defence: 7 Resistance: 7

Renown: 3 Equipment: Chui,Qiang

Yan Wei

You’re the eldest in your family, but your father paid you
no attention. He spent his time showering his sons—your
brothers—with his love and affection. He did not want
Incognito woman out to prove herself
daughters, and after you he did not have any more. For Metal: 3 Water: 3 Earth: 4 Wood: 1 Fire: 3
this he was always eternally grateful—much to your
dismay. One night you ran away and took with you one of Gift & Feline Grace /
your brothers’ sets of clothes. You found that, incredibly, Weakness Ascetic (Chastity)
you could pass for a young boy, so long as nobody got
too close to you—or saw you bathe! Skills Bangshu 2 Empathy 1
Acrobatics 2 Learning
You’re fairly sure your friends at the Three Champions Acting 2 (Disguises) 1
Tournament don’t suspect you’re really a girl, but you
Meditation 1 25
the way. Should your true nature be uncovered here, Techniques Bangshu
the shame is less likely to reach your father—but if you
could win the tournament, surely that would be a great (Double Blow, Whirlwind Block)
deed with which to prove to your father that you’re the
Taos Tao of Yin and Yang 3
equal of any of your brothers!
Tao of the Serene Presence 1

Chi: 24 Breath of Life: 19 (7/5/4/2/1)

Passive Defence: 7 Resistance: 7

Renown: 2 Equipment: Bang

Bian Chong

win it. Unfortunately. It turned out the man you killed

in self-defence was the brother of the town’s magistrate, Outlaw
who then came after you and your family. He had your
Metal: 3 Water: 3 Earth: 2 Wood: 3 Fire: 3
father publicly decapitated, and the rest of your family
Gift & Breastplate of Bronze /
your life, your family held hostage.
Weakness Wanted
You’ve been coming to the Three Champions Tournament Skills Bianshu 2* Music (Flute) 2
Gongshu 2 Perception 1
you free your family—though you’ve no desire to tell
Horsemanship 1 Survival
26 (forests) 1
as your weapon of choice so that one day you may use
Techniques Bianshu (Hold at Bay; Strangle)*
removed your father’s. Gongshu (Snapshot)

Taos Tao of the Destructive Breath 2

Tao of the Strengthened Body 2
Tao of the Six Directions 2

Chi: 16 Breath of Life: 21 (7/5/4/3/2)

Passive Defence: 8 Resistance: 5

Renown: 2 Equipment: Flying

Guillotine*, Gong
(longbow), Dagger, Flute

can be found in Qin Legends.

Welcome once more to the world of Qin, the
fantasy roleplaying game set in the Warring States
period of ancient China. The legend continues!

The Tournament of Scarlet and White

of a series of short, PDF-based adventures
designed to provide you, the Qin games master,
with ready-to-use and inexpensive supplementary
material to complement your Qin games.

Designed to provide a party of beginning or

relatively inexperienced adventurers with a
session or two of intrigue, combat, and adventure,
The Tournament of Scarlet and White can be

played as a one-off. Pre-generated characters are

provided so you can get started right away!

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