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3 relevant ArchiCAD versions
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||Creation Date: || <<Date(2010-06-04T11:23:17Z)>> ||
||[[ArchiCAD versions]]||• ArchiCAD 14||
||Platform: ||• Mac OS X <<BR>> • Windows ||
||Audience: ||• newcomers <<BR>> • average users <<BR>> • power users <<BR>> • CAD manag
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= ArchiCAD 14 =
ArchiCAD 14 was [[
|released on 14 June, 2010]]. The main theme of ArchiCAD 14 is "[[http://www.gra|Open Design Collaboration]
]". Besides this, it also features [[
/productivity_improvements.html|productivity improvements]] and [[http://www.gra|Teamwork enhancements]]. A major tec
hnology advancement is that ArchiCAD 14 on Mac is now based on the Cocoa API.
* [[
architosh/|ArchiCAD 14 product review on architosh]]
* [[|ArchiCAD 14
product review in AEC Magazine]]
* [[
d-14-eases-model-sharing-and-updating-between-arc|ArchiCAD 14 product review in
= Compatibility =
'''ArchiCAD 14 supports the following operating systems:'''
* [[Windows XP]] - 32 and 64-bit versions
* [[Windows Vista]] - 32 and 64-bit versions
* [[Windows 7]] - 32 and 64-bit versions
* Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard
* [[SnowLeopard|Mac OSX 10.6 Snow leopard]]
* The [[Teamwork|BIM Server]] also supports Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and O
SX 10.5 or 10.6 Server operating systems.
* Find [[VideoCardsForArchiCAD14|Recommended Video Cards for ARchiCAD 14]]
'''ArchiCAD 14 can open or import the following file formats:'''
* ArchiCAD projects (.pln, .pla, .mod, .tpl, .plc, .pca) from ArchiCAD 8.1 or n
* ArchiCAD objects (.gsm) from ArchiCAD 4.55 or newer
* PlotMaker layout Book (.LBK) and drawing (.PMK) files
* IFC 2x3, IFC 2x3 compressed, IFC 2x3 XML, IFC 2x3 XML compressed - 2D and 3D
* IFC 2x2 through Goodie tool - 3D content
* DWF - 2D content
* DWG (2000 to 2011) - 2D and 3D content
* DGN (Microstation Design file) v7 - 2D content
* 3DS (through the "3D Studio In" goodie tool) - 3D content
* SKP and KMZ (Sketchup files through the [[
archicad/addons/google_earth/|Google earth Connection add-on]], on 32-bit Window
s OS only) - 3D content
* C4D (Cinema4D v 11/11.5 files through the [[
s/archicad/addons/cinema_4d/|Cinema 4D add-On]]) - 2D and 3D content
* PICT vector images
* various raster image file formats (.JPG, .PNG, .BMP etc...)
'''ArchiCAD 14 can save or export the following file formats:'''
* ArchiCAD 14 Solo Project file (.PLN), Project archive (.PLA), and template (.
* ArchiCAD 13 Project (.PLN) file
* ArchiCAD object (.gsm) version 27 (ArchiCAD 14- equivalent)
* ArchiCAD object (.gsm) version 25 (ArchiCAD 13-equivalent), through saving a
PLN with embedded library to ArchiCAD 13 format
* ArchiCAD object script (.GDL)
* ArchiCAD drawing file (.PMK) through the publisher when publishing Views
* DWG (2000-2011 format, 2D and 3D)
* IFC 2x3, IFC 2x3 compressed, IFC 2x3 XML, IFC 2x3 XML compressed
* IFC 2x2 through Goodie tool
* 3DS 3D studio file
* SKP and KMZ (through the [[
/google_earth/|Google earth Connection add-on]], on 32-bit Windows OS only)
* C4D (Cinema4D v 11/11.5 files through the [[
s/archicad/addons/cinema_4d/|Cinema 4D add-On]]) - 2D and 3D content
* OBJ Wavefront file (3D)
* EPX Piranesi File (3D)
* FACT ElectricImage file (3D)
* WRL VRML file (3D)
* ATL ArtLantis Render Studion file 2.0 and 3.0 (3D)
* U3D file (3D)
* various image formats (SGI, PSD, BMP, JPG, JP2, PNG, PCT, TIF, TGA, QTIF)
= License Types =
ArchiCAD 14 comes with several license types:
* '''Commercial''' license requires a WibuKey or CodeMeter hardware protection
* '''Trial''' is a fully functional 30-day license that can be downloaded from
[[]] and comes with a license number
* '''Demo''' license does not require neither a hardware key nor a license numb
er. All save/export options are disabled, but printing is possible.
* '''Educational''' license is available through [[]]. A 1
-year license number is available upon approval
* '''Pay-Per-use''' (PPU) license requires a hardware key. PPU license lets you
run ArchiCAD for the number of hours purchased
* '''Rental''' license requires a hardware protection key. A Rental license let
s you run ArchiCAd for 1,3, or 12 calendar months.
* '''License Borrowing''' - ArchiCAD 14 supports License Borrowing - when a tem
porary ArchiCAD Commercial license is borrowed from a multi-license CodeMeter pr
otection key.
= Add-Ons for ArchiCAD 14 =
* EcoDesigner has been significantly improved for ArchiCAD 14. EcoDesigner for
ArchiCAD 14 is a free upgrade for EcoDesigner for ArchiCAD 13 users.
* [[MEP|MEP Modeler]] for ArchiCAD 14 is a free upgrade MEP Modeler for ArchiCA
D 13 users. The feature set has not changed.
* [[Virtual Building Explorer]] for ArchiCAD 14 now uses hardware-key protectio
n: serial numbers are no longer used, instead the license is loaded into the Arc
hiCAD protection key. VBE for ArchiCAD 14 is a free upgrade from VBE for ARchiCA
D 13 with global illumination. VBE is no longer available without global illumin
ation. Users who had the non-global illumination version have to upgrade.
* [[|Cinema 4D]] A
dd-On for ArchiCAD is a free Add-On that provides bi-directional connection betw
een ArchiCAD and Cinema 4D version 11/11.5
* [[|Google Ear
th Connections for ArchiCAD]] is a free Add-on available on the 32-bit Windows p
latform only. It provides connection to Google earth and the Google 3D warehouse
= New Features =
'''Find a detailed list in the New Features Guide (PDF format):'''
[[attachment:New Features.pdf]]
== Open Design Collaboration ==
ArchiCAD 14 introduces workflow solutions that help bridge the different require
ments for BIM models between architects and the various engineering disciplines
of the AEC industry. Model mapping, element classification, IFC reference model
version tracking and change management support help the coordination between arc
hitects and engineers become a smooth and automatic process.
'''Find more information about interoperability on ArchicadWiki's [[IFC]] page''
* '''Refined Model Mapping''' - Building Element Classification extends ArchiCA
D construction element data by adding new properties such as "IFC Element Type,"
and "Structural Function" to provide the foundation for model mapping with engi
neering BIM models.
* '''Model-based IFC Reference Model Version Tracking''' - For best-in-class co
ordination workflow with Engineers, ArchiCAD 14 allows architects to compare IFC
model versions and to import only differences, displaying design changes with c
olor codes in the architectural model context.
* '''Direct Link to Structural and MEP Applications''' - IFC translators optimi
zed for exporting model data to various structural and MEP applications - includ
ing Revit Structure and Revit MEP - offer best-in-class coordination workflow wi
th leading engineering solutions worldwide.
* '''ArchiCAD, TEKLA Structures: Complete Workflow Integration''' - ArchiCAD 14
bridges the different requirements for BIM models between architects and engine
ers regardless of the name and version of the application they prefer working wi
th. ArchiCAD 14's "Open BIM" approach greatly broadens designers' options for re
al Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
* '''Streamlined Autodesk AutoCAD 2010 DWG I/O''' - Despite increased reliance
on model-based workflows, architects still need to coordinate their designs with
engineers using traditional 2D workflows. ArchiCAD 14 introduces streamlined DW
G/DXF 2010 Import-Export and support for DWG formats used by all Autocad® 2010-bas
ed applications.

== Teamwork and BIM Server Enhancements ==

* '''Next Generation Teamwork'''- ArchiCAD 13 introduced the GRAPHISOFT BIM Ser
ver – a first of its kind solution for model based team collaboration. ArchiCAD 14
also moves forward with developments to its revolutionary BIM Server based Team
work solution, further optimizing the management of design teams working on shar
ed BIM projects. All Teamwork functionality is free of charge and available out-
* '''BIM Server Performance Monitor'''- The BIM Server performance monitor func
tion provides project leaders and CAD/BIM managers with powerful management tool
s to get all the information necessary for the decisions required for an optimal
Teamwork project workflow.
* '''Teamwork "Pack & Go"''' - Teamwork "Pack & Go" enables designers to take T
eamwork projects anywhere as a transportable data package. Additional work can b
e done without the need for physical access to the BIM Server from any remote co
* '''Teamwork "Solo" Mode''' - Teamwork "solo" mode helps solo practitioners ut
ilize the full potential of the powerful BIM Server infrastructure on solo proje
cts as well as provides a significantly streamlined workflow for project leaders
at the early phases of large team projects.

About the migration of a Teamwork project from Archicad 13 or from older Archica
d Versions you can reed in the attached PDF.
[[attachment:Migration Guide.pdf]]
== General Productivity Improvements ==
* '''Shadows in Open GL 3D View''' - ArchiCAD 14 greatly improves in-model visu
alization with shadow casting in 3D OpenGL views. Live 3D views of the BIM model
in addition to being work-views also become a standard basis for communicating
the design intent with clients.
* '''Extended Options for Doors & Windows''' - ArchiCAD 14 offers users increas
ed control over model-based sections and details of doors and windows. An extend
ed set of Reveal and Wall Closure setting options make creation of refined detai
ls a fully automatic process.
* '''Dimension Text Prefix & Suffix''' - Model-based annotation is key to an ef
fective BIM workflow. Custom prefixes & suffixes added to associative dimensions
- while keeping their real measured values - can boost documentation productivi
ty by an order of magnitude.
* '''Improved Handling of Schedules''' - ArchiCAD 14 introduces standard spread
sheet editing techniques to improve productivity in Schedule and Index windows.
Quantity take-offs can now be exported to Excel with graphical information inclu
ded for WYSIWYG results.
* '''Direct Import of Site-Survey Data''' - Site survey data coming directly fr
om theodolites can now be imported into ArchiCAD with a single click. XYZ coordi
nates automatically convert into an ArchiCAD Mesh element providing an accurate
3D model of the environment.
* '''Performance Optimizations''' - ArchiCAD 14 delivers improvements to speed
in various operations depending on project size and complexity. In addition to f
aster IFC model import/export, interactive element schedule updates, and library
handling, the GRAPHISOFT BIM Server takes full advantage of 64-bit computing on
the Mac OS X platform.

== New Features on Mac ==

ArchiCAD 14 is now a Cocoa application. The transition from the Carbon API to th
e Cocoa API was a major development achievement which secures the future of Arch
iCAD on the Mac platform and opens new possibilities for development. In itself,
however, it brings little visible benefit for the user. Some minor benefits are
visible in ArchiCAD 14, though, such as:
* Magic mouse support: for more details visit our MagicMouse article.
* Searchable attribute menus: The names which contain the typed characters are
highlighted in menus.
* Hierarchical font menus: ArchiCAD now supports hierarchical font menus.
* Animated tabs in dialogs: Tabs are animated in settings dialogs.
* Dialog live resize: The window's content is shown while resizing it.
* Full keyboard access in modal dialogs
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