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Manzanillo LNG Terminal Project

T-201 TANK: Civil Works
PCGN000010 Soil Investigation
PCTG000010 Site Stripping, Excavation & Compaction
PCTG000020 Pile Work
Outer Wall
PCTG000070 Wall #1 Lift construction
PCTG000080 Wall #2 Lift construction
PCTG000090 Wall #3 Lift construction
PCTG000100 Wall #4 Lift construction
PCTG000110 Wall #5 Lift construction
PCTG000120 Wall #6 Lift construction
PCTG000130 Wall #7 Lift construction
PCTG000140 Wall #8 Lift construction
PCTG000160 Wall Ring Beam
PCTG000170 Wall Opening Close (Small)
PCTG000190 Step 1 (Roof Ringbeam)
PCTG000200 Step 2 (Vertical Tendons)
PCTG000210 Step 3 (Horizontal Tendons)
Roof Concrete
PCTG000220 Concrete 1
PCTG000230 Concrete 2
T-201 TANK: Mechanical Works
Steel Roof Fabrication
PCTG000280 Temporary Support
PCTG000290 Center Ring
PCTG000300 Roof Rafter
PCTG000320 Nozzle & Manhole
PCTG000330 Top Corner Plate
Steel Roof Assembly
PCTG000340 Temporary Support
PCTG000350 Center Ring
PCTG000360 Roof Rafter
PCTG000380 Roof Plate
PCTG000390 Nozzle & Manhole
PCTG000400 Top Corner Plate
Suspended Deck Fabrication
PCTG000410 Hanger & Rod
PCTG000420 Deck Frame, Deck Plate
Suspended Deck Installation
PCTG000430 Hanger Rod
PCTG000450 Suspended Deck Plate
Air Rasing Fabrication
PCTG000460 Wall Opening Closing Device
Air Rasing Installation
PCTG000470 Preparation of Air Raising
PCTG000490 Air Raising
PCTG000500 Top Corner Plate Welding
Dismentling & Monorail Installation
PCTG000510 Balance wire & Seal
PCTG000520 Wall Opening Closing Device
PCTG000530 Mono Rail Hoist Installation
Vapor Barrier Installation
PCTG000540 Bottom Plate
PCTG000550 Wall plate to Comer Protection
PCTG000560 Wall plate
Vapor Barrier Welding
PCTG000570 Bottom plate
PCTG000580 Wall plate to Corner Protection
PCTG000590 Wall plate
Bottom Insulation (Lower)
PCTG000630 Level Concrete of 100thickness for Inner Annular
PCTG000640 Laying of 1st Dry Sand for Inner Place
PCTG000650 Installation of Cellular Foam Glass
PCTG000660 Installation of PreCast Perlite Conc'e Ring Beam
PCTG000670 Laying of 2nd Dry Sand
PCTG000680 100thickness Concrete Screed
PCTG000690 Laying of Gravel
Secondary Bottom Plate
PCTG000700 Secondary Bottom Plate
Corner Protection
PCTG000710 Top Plate
PCTG000720 Wall Cellular Glass
PCTG000730 Knuckle Plate
PCTG000740 Secondary Bottom Annular Plate
PCTG000750 Wall Plate
Bottom Insulation (Upper)
PCTG000760 50thickness Concrete Screed
PCTG000770 Laying of 50TH'k Dry Sand
Inner Bottom Annular Plate
PCTG000780 Inner Bottom Annular Plate
Inner Bottom Plate
PCTG000790 Inner Bottom Plate
Inner Tank Shell & Stiffener Plate Shop Fabrict
PCTG000800 Shell & Stiffener Plate
Inner Tank Shell & Stiffener Plate Ins & Welding
PCTG000810 #1 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000820 #2 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000830 #3 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000840 #4 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000850 #5 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000860 #6 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000880 #7 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000890 #8 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000900 #9 Shell Vertical Welding
PCTG000950 #1 Stiffener Installation & Welding
PCTG000960 #2 Stiffener Installation & Welding
PCTG000970 #3 Stiffener Installation & Welding
PCTG000980 Top Ring Stiffener
Inner Tank Shell Opening Close
PCTG000990 Small Opening
PCTG001000 Large Opening
Internal Pipe & Nozzle Fabrication
PCTG001010 Support, platform & Ladder
PCTG001020 Pipe & Nozzle
Internal Pipe & Nozzle Installation
PCTG001030 Pump Column etc
PCTG001040 Support
PCTG001050 Platform & Ladder
Hydro Test & Pneumatic Test
PCTG001070 Water Filling & Hydrostatic Test
PCTG001080 Water Hold & Drain
PCTG001090 Cleaning
PCTG001100 Pneumatic Test
Wall & Shell Insulation
PCTG001120 Anchor Pin & Resilient Fiber Glass Blanket
PCTG001130 Loose Fill Expanded Perlite Filling
Suspended Deck Insulation
PCTG001140 Glass Fiber Deck Insulation Blanket
Associated Items Steel/Str. Fabrication
PCTG001150 Column, Girder
PCTG001160 Stair, Ladder & Handrails
Associated Items Steel/Str. Installation
PCTG001170 Column, Girder
PCTG001180 Stair, Ladder & Handrails
PCTG001190 Gratings
Associated Items with Piping
PCTG001200 Fabrication
PCTG001210 Installation
PCTG001220 Pressure Test
Fire Fighting Piping
PCTG001230 Fabrication
PCTG001240 Installation
PCTG001250 Pressure Test
Associated Items with Insulation for Piping
PCTG001260 Associated Items with Insulation for Piping
Associated Items with Equipment
PCTG001270 LP Pump in LNG Tank
PCTG001280 Local Instrument Air Receiver
PCTG001290 Over Head Crane on Tank Roof
PCTG001300 Fire-Fighting
T-201 TANK: Electrical Works
PCTG001310 Ground Cabling
PCTG001320 Cable Tray & Conduit Pipe
PCTG001330 Cable Pulling
PCTG001340 Lighting Fixture
PCTG001350 Communication Fixture
PCTG001360 Panel Installation
PCTG001370 Fire Alarm System
PCTG001380 Security System
T-201 TANK: Instrument Works
PCTG001390 Cable Tray & Conduit Pipe
PCTG001400 Cable Pulling
PCTG001410 Piping, Tubing & Control Valve
PCTG001420 Field Instrument Installation
PCTG001430 Support Installation
PCTG001440 Calibration
PCTG001450 Loop Test
T-201 TANK: Paint & Fire Protection Works
PCTG001460 Fire Protection of Pipe Rack around LNG Tank
PCTG001470 Painting of Steel Structure
Original Duration Start Finish BL Project Start BL Project Finish
1140 16-Apr-08 30-May-11 16-Apr-08 30-May-11
1140 16-Apr-08 30-May-11 16-Apr-08 30-May-11
1140 16-Apr-08 30-May-11 16-Apr-08 30-May-11
1097 16-Apr-08 17-Apr-11 16-Apr-08 17-Apr-11
303 16-Apr-08 12-Feb-09 16-Apr-08 12-Feb-09
98 16-Apr-08 22-Jul-08 16-Apr-08 22-Jul-08
90 24-Jun-08 21-Sep-08 24-Jun-08 21-Sep-08
59 16-Dec-08 12-Feb-09 16-Dec-08 12-Feb-09
596 10-Jun-09 26-Jan-11 10-Jun-09 26-Jan-11
30 10-Jun-09 9-Jul-09 10-Jun-09 9-Jul-09
31 10-Jul-09 9-Aug-09 10-Jul-09 9-Aug-09
26 10-Aug-09 4-Sep-09 10-Aug-09 4-Sep-09
17 5-Sep-09 21-Sep-09 5-Sep-09 21-Sep-09
16 22-Sep-09 7-Oct-09 22-Sep-09 7-Oct-09
17 8-Oct-09 24-Oct-09 8-Oct-09 24-Oct-09
16 25-Oct-09 9-Nov-09 25-Oct-09 9-Nov-09
17 10-Nov-09 26-Nov-09 10-Nov-09 26-Nov-09
48 27-Nov-09 13-Jan-10 27-Nov-09 13-Jan-10
10 17-Jan-11 26-Jan-11 17-Jan-11 26-Jan-11
459 14-Jan-10 17-Apr-11 14-Jan-10 17-Apr-11
9 14-Jan-10 22-Jan-10 14-Jan-10 22-Jan-10
50 17-Apr-10 5-Jun-10 17-Apr-10 5-Jun-10
91 17-Jan-11 17-Apr-11 17-Jan-11 17-Apr-11
30 18-Mar-10 16-Apr-10 18-Mar-10 16-Apr-10
15 18-Mar-10 1-Apr-10 18-Mar-10 1-Apr-10
15 2-Apr-10 16-Apr-10 2-Apr-10 16-Apr-10
791 20-Mar-09 19-May-11 20-Mar-09 19-May-11
128 20-Mar-09 25-Jul-09 20-Mar-09 25-Jul-09
25 20-Mar-09 13-Apr-09 20-Mar-09 13-Apr-09
13 14-Apr-09 26-Apr-09 14-Apr-09 26-Apr-09
50 27-Apr-09 15-Jun-09 27-Apr-09 15-Jun-09
30 26-Jun-09 25-Jul-09 26-Jun-09 25-Jul-09
30 26-Jun-09 25-Jul-09 26-Jun-09 25-Jul-09
137 29-Jul-09 12-Dec-09 29-Jul-09 12-Dec-09
13 29-Jul-09 10-Aug-09 29-Jul-09 10-Aug-09
14 6-Aug-09 19-Aug-09 6-Aug-09 19-Aug-09
56 20-Aug-09 14-Oct-09 20-Aug-09 14-Oct-09
59 15-Oct-09 12-Dec-09 15-Oct-09 12-Dec-09
15 28-Nov-09 12-Dec-09 28-Nov-09 12-Dec-09
14 11-Nov-09 24-Nov-09 11-Nov-09 24-Nov-09
60 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09
60 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09
60 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09 14-Oct-09 12-Dec-09
41 4-Dec-09 13-Jan-10 4-Dec-09 13-Jan-10
30 4-Dec-09 2-Jan-10 4-Dec-09 2-Jan-10
41 4-Dec-09 13-Jan-10 4-Dec-09 13-Jan-10
20 1-Jan-10 20-Jan-10 1-Jan-10 20-Jan-10
20 1-Jan-10 20-Jan-10 1-Jan-10 20-Jan-10
31 14-Jan-10 13-Feb-10 14-Jan-10 13-Feb-10
15 14-Jan-10 28-Jan-10 14-Jan-10 28-Jan-10
1 29-Jan-10 29-Jan-10 29-Jan-10 29-Jan-10
15 30-Jan-10 13-Feb-10 30-Jan-10 13-Feb-10
7 14-Jan-10 20-Jan-10 14-Jan-10 20-Jan-10
3 14-Jan-10 16-Jan-10 14-Jan-10 16-Jan-10
7 14-Jan-10 20-Jan-10 14-Jan-10 20-Jan-10
3 18-Jan-10 20-Jan-10 18-Jan-10 20-Jan-10
39 14-Feb-10 24-Mar-10 14-Feb-10 24-Mar-10
18 14-Feb-10 3-Mar-10 14-Feb-10 3-Mar-10
7 4-Mar-10 10-Mar-10 4-Mar-10 10-Mar-10
19 6-Mar-10 24-Mar-10 6-Mar-10 24-Mar-10
122 22-Feb-10 23-Jun-10 22-Feb-10 23-Jun-10
31 22-Feb-10 24-Mar-10 22-Feb-10 24-Mar-10
30 4-Apr-10 3-May-10 4-Apr-10 3-May-10
76 9-Apr-10 23-Jun-10 9-Apr-10 23-Jun-10
66 4-Mar-10 8-May-10 4-Mar-10 8-May-10
10 4-Mar-10 13-Mar-10 4-Mar-10 13-Mar-10
5 4-Apr-10 8-Apr-10 4-Apr-10 8-Apr-10
12 9-Apr-10 20-Apr-10 9-Apr-10 20-Apr-10
13 9-Apr-10 21-Apr-10 9-Apr-10 21-Apr-10
8 21-Apr-10 28-Apr-10 21-Apr-10 28-Apr-10
14 23-Apr-10 6-May-10 23-Apr-10 6-May-10
10 29-Apr-10 8-May-10 29-Apr-10 8-May-10
28 9-May-10 5-Jun-10 9-May-10 5-Jun-10
28 9-May-10 5-Jun-10 9-May-10 5-Jun-10
41 14-May-10 23-Jun-10 14-May-10 23-Jun-10
8 14-May-10 21-May-10 14-May-10 21-May-10
9 22-May-10 30-May-10 22-May-10 30-May-10
10 31-May-10 9-Jun-10 31-May-10 9-Jun-10
11 10-Jun-10 20-Jun-10 10-Jun-10 20-Jun-10
11 13-Jun-10 23-Jun-10 13-Jun-10 23-Jun-10
21 9-Jun-10 29-Jun-10 9-Jun-10 29-Jun-10
15 9-Jun-10 23-Jun-10 9-Jun-10 23-Jun-10
6 24-Jun-10 29-Jun-10 24-Jun-10 29-Jun-10
14 24-Jun-10 7-Jul-10 24-Jun-10 7-Jul-10
14 24-Jun-10 7-Jul-10 24-Jun-10 7-Jul-10
86 30-Jun-10 23-Sep-10 30-Jun-10 23-Sep-10
86 30-Jun-10 23-Sep-10 30-Jun-10 23-Sep-10
150 9-May-10 5-Oct-10 9-May-10 5-Oct-10
150 9-May-10 5-Oct-10 9-May-10 5-Oct-10
181 8-Jul-10 4-Jan-11 8-Jul-10 4-Jan-11
7 8-Jul-10 14-Jul-10 8-Jul-10 14-Jul-10
9 24-Jul-10 1-Aug-10 24-Jul-10 1-Aug-10
10 13-Aug-10 22-Aug-10 13-Aug-10 22-Aug-10
9 3-Sep-10 11-Sep-10 3-Sep-10 11-Sep-10
9 23-Sep-10 1-Oct-10 23-Sep-10 1-Oct-10
10 13-Oct-10 22-Oct-10 13-Oct-10 22-Oct-10
7 3-Nov-10 9-Nov-10 3-Nov-10 9-Nov-10
7 18-Nov-10 24-Nov-10 18-Nov-10 24-Nov-10
14 3-Dec-10 16-Dec-10 3-Dec-10 16-Dec-10
14 17-Nov-10 30-Nov-10 17-Nov-10 30-Nov-10
14 2-Dec-10 15-Dec-10 2-Dec-10 15-Dec-10
11 12-Dec-10 22-Dec-10 12-Dec-10 22-Dec-10
18 18-Dec-10 4-Jan-11 18-Dec-10 4-Jan-11
18 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11
18 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11
18 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11 30-Dec-10 16-Jan-11
56 6-Aug-10 30-Sep-10 6-Aug-10 30-Sep-10
32 6-Aug-10 6-Sep-10 6-Aug-10 6-Sep-10
56 6-Aug-10 30-Sep-10 6-Aug-10 30-Sep-10
89 21-Oct-10 17-Jan-11 21-Oct-10 17-Jan-11
51 21-Oct-10 10-Dec-10 21-Oct-10 10-Dec-10
24 11-Dec-10 3-Jan-11 11-Dec-10 3-Jan-11
14 4-Jan-11 17-Jan-11 4-Jan-11 17-Jan-11
51 18-Jan-11 9-Mar-11 18-Jan-11 9-Mar-11
22 18-Jan-11 8-Feb-11 18-Jan-11 8-Feb-11
24 9-Feb-11 4-Mar-11 9-Feb-11 4-Mar-11
20 13-Feb-11 4-Mar-11 13-Feb-11 4-Mar-11
5 5-Mar-11 9-Mar-11 5-Mar-11 9-Mar-11
71 10-Mar-11 19-May-11 10-Mar-11 19-May-11
36 10-Mar-11 14-Apr-11 10-Mar-11 14-Apr-11
35 15-Apr-11 19-May-11 15-Apr-11 19-May-11
61 20-Mar-11 19-May-11 20-Mar-11 19-May-11
61 20-Mar-11 19-May-11 20-Mar-11 19-May-11
180 25-Jun-10 21-Dec-10 25-Jun-10 21-Dec-10
180 25-Jun-10 21-Dec-10 25-Jun-10 21-Dec-10
98 25-Jun-10 30-Sep-10 25-Jun-10 30-Sep-10
180 24-Aug-10 19-Feb-11 24-Aug-10 19-Feb-11
180 24-Aug-10 19-Feb-11 24-Aug-10 19-Feb-11
90 22-Nov-10 19-Feb-11 22-Nov-10 19-Feb-11
56 26-Dec-10 19-Feb-11 26-Dec-10 19-Feb-11
182 21-Sep-10 21-Mar-11 21-Sep-10 21-Mar-11
92 21-Sep-10 21-Dec-10 21-Sep-10 21-Dec-10
120 23-Oct-10 19-Feb-11 23-Oct-10 19-Feb-11
30 20-Feb-11 21-Mar-11 20-Feb-11 21-Mar-11
284 22-Jul-10 1-May-11 22-Jul-10 1-May-11
77 22-Jul-10 6-Oct-10 22-Jul-10 6-Oct-10
180 7-Oct-10 4-Apr-11 7-Oct-10 4-Apr-11
27 5-Apr-11 1-May-11 5-Apr-11 1-May-11
135 22-Dec-10 5-May-11 22-Dec-10 5-May-11
135 22-Dec-10 5-May-11 22-Dec-10 5-May-11
92 3-Jan-11 4-Apr-11 3-Jan-11 4-Apr-11
10 10-Mar-11 19-Mar-11 10-Mar-11 19-Mar-11
8 12-Feb-11 19-Feb-11 12-Feb-11 19-Feb-11
20 20-Feb-11 11-Mar-11 20-Feb-11 11-Mar-11
92 3-Jan-11 4-Apr-11 3-Jan-11 4-Apr-11
360 28-Mar-10 22-Mar-11 28-Mar-10 22-Mar-11
90 28-Mar-10 25-Jun-10 28-Mar-10 25-Jun-10
90 26-Jun-10 23-Sep-10 26-Jun-10 23-Sep-10
30 25-Aug-10 23-Sep-10 25-Aug-10 23-Sep-10
83 24-Sep-10 15-Dec-10 24-Sep-10 15-Dec-10
83 24-Sep-10 15-Dec-10 24-Sep-10 15-Dec-10
150 25-Aug-10 21-Jan-11 25-Aug-10 21-Jan-11
60 22-Jan-11 22-Mar-11 22-Jan-11 22-Mar-11
60 22-Jan-11 22-Mar-11 22-Jan-11 22-Mar-11
339 26-Jun-10 30-May-11 26-Jun-10 30-May-11
90 26-Jun-10 23-Sep-10 26-Jun-10 23-Sep-10
62 23-Aug-10 23-Oct-10 23-Aug-10 23-Oct-10
55 22-Sep-10 15-Nov-10 22-Sep-10 15-Nov-10
61 22-Oct-10 21-Dec-10 22-Oct-10 21-Dec-10
89 22-Oct-10 18-Jan-11 22-Oct-10 18-Jan-11
62 1-Dec-10 31-Jan-11 1-Dec-10 31-Jan-11
70 22-Mar-11 30-May-11 22-Mar-11 30-May-11
145 23-Sep-10 14-Feb-11 23-Sep-10 14-Feb-11
55 23-Sep-10 16-Nov-10 23-Sep-10 16-Nov-10
90 17-Nov-10 14-Feb-11 17-Nov-10 14-Feb-11

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